Tae Yang at Seoul Soul Festival 2010

For Bae’s performances, rather than be there to watch the performance, I would be HONORED.. to the the floor.. cuz seriously.. T^T

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~ by Vicky on October 10, 2010.

33 Responses to “Tae Yang at Seoul Soul Festival 2010”

  1. his microphone is lucky in the 4th last pic ^^
    “Kiss the mic!”
    lol haha =)

  2. @ Sundae

    he’s gotta stop leaving his DNA everywhere, if some genius of a fangirl succeed in the cloning experiment, he’s in trouble. she be selling little Baes everywhere hahaha

  3. Speechless but ^_^

  4. ahhhh he looks amazing. @vicky, i would totally buy one :0 hahah.

  5. Tae Yang! Will this be aired on TV? Oh… and…the bigbangfansite updates are back! (my dance cover of wedding dress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOrK3-Au4NA)

  6. Taeyang Taeyang Taeyang!
    the things I’d do with that microphone
    or that sweaty shirt…

  7. the floor *.*

  8. I love Tae Yang

  9. wow I really envy those who get 2 whitnesses this Angel in action, he is amazin I really LOVE THIS GUY!!

  10. omg such good pics :p

  11. Hot damn!!!! Taeyang is the sèxyest man alive!!!!! He’s my future hubby:P

  12. taeyang ,Sassy to the Maxx

  13. SMEXyy ASS! XP

  14. Sexyy MAN!!!!!

  15. am dyin 2 met ol f tem..wana c ter concert..1nc b4 i die.. TOP ROCK n da othrs 2.. i love u ol..wl cum 2 seoul soon..wait 4 me mmuah

  16. I LOVE BIG BANG!!!! =))

  17. y’all are back!! Weee!!

  18. werid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and don ever show those pictures of people not waer clothes but have fun

  19. OMG Tae Yang is so hott

  20. hottie

  21. WOw people that as this account is wired example April…..

  22. Omg I love Taeyang and I would have loved to b at tht concert but sadly the us is just alittle too far away n Korea and the rest of the world is like a distant planet for us and my bcc and I have been looking for a 2011 tour schedule for Big Bang or the guys solo but so far nothing

    Hope they come to Canada bc it’s closer then Korea

  23. He also got me wearing my rings on my right pinky finger

  24. i love BIG BANG

  25. sometimes I think that I’m a pervert, but then I think… no, it’s just YB that makes me one… ❤

  26. AHHHHH OMFG i luv Tae Yang

  27. kk he so so so cute. kkk ^ ^ love you YOUNGBAE OPPA!!

  28. Hi , I’m an Arabic Bigbang Fan there .please voto for G-dragon or TOP here http://world.kbs.co.kr/arabic/program/program_musicpoll.htm?poll_code=127

  29. AAWWWW when is there going to be soomething new on here sorry i know its not your guys fault but im dieing to see something new i checked this website everyday hopping there will be something but theres not anything ahhhh… so sad tear*

  30. i also feel that the love for this website is dieing slowly hmmm I miss you big bang!!!!

  31. OMGOSHHH!!! This guy is HOTTER than the sun.

    He shows off his body here as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEaXcHO4RMM

    Whatta passionate singer, charismatic dancer, and charming personality. This guy is rare.

  32. it’s a very nice boy band i love u

  33. OMG!!! heʻs so HOT! wish they would come to hawaii/US.

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