It’s Almost Time

Wassup VIP’s!  It’s your boy, JT, here.

I’m sure a lot of you know there’s been a timer on the YG-Life blog since last week.  Well, the countdown is over and starting December 15, IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

As GD says,

Party people, listen up!
Hey! Do you know what time it is?
Everybody put your hands up in the air like that

December 15

The party starts with G-Dragon and TOP will release two title tracks of their album, “High, High” and “Oh Yeah”

See YG-Life post here.

December 24

The party gets better with the release of the GD/TOP album with 11 songs!

See YG-Life post here.

January 3

SeungRi comes out with a digital solo single!

See YG-Life post here.

February 1 – BIG BANG Comeback!!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – our boys are back!

See YG-Life post here.


That’s right, I’m using big fonts, caps, and exclamation points!  You know why?  BECAUSE I’M EXCITED!!!  It’s a double party for me because December 15 is the week my first college final exams are over.

Btw, if you can name the song I quoted, I’ll give you free cookies.

~ by bbfan13 on November 28, 2010.

24 Responses to “It’s Almost Time”

  1. Hey! Isn’t the song u quoted “Emotion” from there Japanese album? If it is, then YAY!!!!! i’m so excited for their comeback! I can’t wait to buy it! Big Bang! Fighting! And SARANGHAE!!!! XD

  2. kj’alkd’fkHF’LKFH’LSDKh;glkahf’
    *dies from excitement*


  3. And its from Top of the World…

    I love that song…

  4. Grace gets free cookies!

  5. i’m glad the dates have finally been released…it’s been such a long wait…it’s a great bonus to their kick ass performance at the MAMAs last night…and the lines are from ‘Top of the World’…


  7. dang it i was gonna say emotion!! someone always beats me to it D:

    but YES i can’t wait for their comeback! it’s been too long ;-;

  8. I’ve been waiting for so long>_<
    I'm gonna scream it out''big bang is back!''<3

  9. […] 10asia (source) + YG Life + JT | Shared by ©HOTSPICYKIMCHI | Please copy complete credits. Don’t hotlink anything. – […]

  10. @ bigbangninja the quote is from top of the world. It’s the very first part of the song which gd and top say. 🙂 And that’s whats up BigBang is back I can’t wait……. =]

  11. hey you guys should check out this chick she put up a vid for the MBC audition, there’s other good ones but i voted her (haha ok I’m her friend so Im promoting) but anyhow,


  12. oops that was a huge vid!

    this is a better link 🙂

  13. oops that was a huge vid!

    this is a better link 🙂

  14. omg she’s good! I like her rap…

    ur vid was real big.. but i managed to find her youtube channel

    haha she did heaps of bigbang piano covers as well?

  15. hey u guys!
    im soo excited for my smexxy TOP!!!cant wait!

    I also auditioned for MBC..
    please comment and feel free to like,

  16. @gAbbY
    omg your voice is awesome! Great job! Your voice reminds me of big mama’s voices 🙂

  17. @.@

    Free cookies?

    And I like the way TOP says:
    ‘Hey! Do you know what time it is?
    Everybody put your hands in the air like that!~
    First verse, come on!’

  18. @Grace: Haha, yes! You get free cookies! Top of the World a nice, chill party song. I think the intro the best part.

  19. Take a look at articles insulting Big Bang and K-pop artists:

  20. While we are waiting for this exciting news to happen, let’s get their bars up starting to Taeyang’s vids:

  21. The song’s from Top of The World, right? :))

  22. @ rielle: yes!

  23. Thank you so much!!!

  24. it’s Top of the world from BIGBANG Japanese album

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