GD&TOP “Knock Out” Performance at 2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT

GD&TOP Knock Out Performance
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Oh heyyy it’s my jam! Double Combo!!! LOL okay so the title is “Knock Out” omgg. the album needs to come out already!!! I’m going crazy.

There is nothing hotter than Big Bang in suits, every single damn time, they’re fresh, clean, and just plain bangable.

They said the “double combo bubble” spell and playboy bunnies appeared LOL the first thing that came to my mind was, did they just grant Justin’s wish? he finally gets to see JiHye in a bunny costume… (inside joke, that JT kid on here if you were wondering haha)

YES TABI!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOUR STEP DANCE!! now that is not a simple move to master, you gotta give Mr.Rapper there so props. .. Oh god.. these two are such pimps, if other “idols” say did all this stuff, shouldn’t the girls be tear to limps already? but nooooo us VIPs are just too cool, we’re actually fans of all those girls… well at least me haha I love the CRAZY dancers.

AHAHAHHAHAH Tabi just end it by looking at the camera like.. WUT?

I died. that is too great.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

~ by Vicky on December 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “GD&TOP “Knock Out” Performance at 2010 YG FAMILY CONCERT”

  1. OMG, I saw the screen cap and I was like “YES!!!” They did grant my wish!!! And for real, this song is siiick! I can’t wait for next week when the album drops.

    Thank you for this!!!!

    JiHye!~ ❤

  2. 😀 at first i though the white hari was a no no but now its starting to look better and bettr but the original black was ALL GOOD ❤

  3. i love the Double Combo!!!!

  4. God. TOP can work that blonde so well…

  5. OMG!! so amazing T.o.P is top all moment * i wanna know if This is the official website of the band or not ?

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