10.12.18 GD&TOP Interview with Entertainment Weekly

This is quite adorable, extra footage of them being themselves haha these dorks. In this duo, Tabi will be doing most of the talk from now on then, normally, when it’s Big Bang, Bae will do most of the formal talking and introducing, now it’s up to the quiet two, hmm..


When the host asked Tabi if he would like the album to reach number 1, Bong was like “I would like our album to claim victory” SeungRi’s name is Victory in english, so Tabi got all mad at how he mentioned Baby’s name when it’s their album hahahahha.


Then they finally throw out that question, every single year, “DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND TO SPEND CHRISTMAS WITH?”

of course the answer is always NO, do you think you’ll still be asking that question if they wanted to make it public. pssssh.


~ by Vicky on December 18, 2010.

8 Responses to “10.12.18 GD&TOP Interview with Entertainment Weekly”

  1. lol no idea,
    but had to laugh, those are too funny lol

  2. LOL!
    those two are great ;P
    I loved TOP’s face in the GRi moment
    he is asking for some GD love but it’s not happening
    and when they were asked about having a girlfriends they got shy
    heheheh dorks

  3. @ Jess

    haha like I said, GRI is real!!
    Tabi just had to be jealous, he wants some of Bong too I bet hahaha

  4. G-RI <3333

  5. LOL, awwwwww I miss G-Ri 🙂
    Of course, TOP & Seungri are enemies. Seungri’s the youngest though TOP acts like the youngest. Both of their names are Seunghyun.
    Where was Daesung in the MV?

  6. i’m so confused…who’s gri? and bong…and tabi? xD

  7. I’ll LOLed when I read your comments.. GRi FTW yay!!!
    But, when Tabi mentioned Seungri, why nobody think about TabiRi?!? >.<

    And dun worry bout the interview, i think that Jiyong's a chatter too

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