12.19.10 GD&TOP COMEBACK on Inkigayo!

12.19.10 SBS Inkigayo
GD&TOP Comeback Stage
40 MB

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The tradition of YG giving them a cake with themselves on it whenever they have a comeback stage haha

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~ by Vicky on December 18, 2010.

49 Responses to “12.19.10 GD&TOP COMEBACK on Inkigayo!”

  1. oh god it’s already starting to lag, if Bong and Tabi starts and they freeze at a shot of their feet or something, i might just have to go and break something..

  2. Support Big Bang !!!

  3. haha omfg. i remember TVants. x___x

  4. @ xblackchristmas

    YESSSS. it was blissful, until it decide to make us pay for it.
    pssssh. like. calm yo’self TVants, don’t act like you give us decent quality in the first place

  5. IU IS ON!!


  6. extreme lag on hot times?

  7. @ xblackchristmas

    apparently, and I heard this from the chatters, kpopflash did it on purpose, trolling S.M Ballad, they did it on SNSD before too ]

    but this YAYAYA song… I feel like its lyrics is questioning my intelligence..

  8. Omg Ive been having exams and the first kpop song i get back to is this YAYAYA song. … I cant even.

  9. -__- man. hot times over t-ara’s and seo in young’s song. GDTOPBOM probably performing 2nd to last or last. hmmm.

  10. OUR 2NE1 GIRLS (:

  11. @ Crystal


    I don’t even know how someone can sew these words together and make a song out of it
    more like a spell for a really bad witch flick
    music quality these days, i’m frighten.

  12. @ xblackchristmas

    in those uncomfortable outfits again, ouchhh.

  13. oh what. taeyang?!

  14. OMG!!!! GD TOP!!!!!

  15. @ xblackchristmas

    you saw the same thing that I did
    not sure why they’re mentioning Bae but uhm.. i don’t think he’s performing today, he wasn’t on the list

  16. oh noes D: false alarm xD ughh i want GDTOP already☻

  17. @ Mariale-VIP

    I thought they were gonna be on after 2NE1.. my heart literally skipped a beat

  18. I’m over here rocking to BEAST

  19. @Vicky
    Exactly. And seems to me KPop is way too focused on quantity nowadays D: I can’t even keep up with all those new groups even though they may really have talented members.


  20. @Vicky

    yha i knowww my heart too kkkk >< i want the Double Combo Stage!!!!

  21. 2NE1: CAN’T NOBODY

  22. @ Crystal

    OH MY GOD. you should see me when I see someone complaining about why Big Bang takes so long to come back, I would rather them to actually put real work in their music and release something amazing once in 3 years than to have them release 5 EPs a year and they’re all crap like all the reparative rubbish they keep producing.



  24. @Vicky totally agreeeeeee! even though its just GDTOP and not all of BB… im just waiting for a BB or YGFAM concert in the states *o*

  25. @ Mariale-VIP

    well unfortunately, we won’t be able to watch DOUBLE COMBO tonight, the haven’t release that song yet, so they will only perform the two songs already released, OH YEAH and HIGH HIGH

    but don’t worry, KNOCK OUT (double combo) is their third title song, so they will be sure to perform it




  29. GDTOP IN DA HOUSE!!!!!

  30. lol still not digging GDs hair.
    G H E T T O
    E L E C T R O


  31. anyone dance along during the high high chorus? i did. THEHEHE.


  33. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. that was awesome!!! luv how GD has so much fun on stage!! 🙂

  35. @xblackchristmas IKR FRIGGING HAWT!
    @Anna Me too. The boys really enjoy their stage. Not just plain performing.

  36. The boys sound damn good im so happy only been hearing snippets of High High due to my papers :/
    /sobbing while ranting
    Totally rejuvenated for another round of mugging later~!

  37. GD&TOP: HIGH HIGH Performance

    GD&TOP: OH YEA ft. Park Bom

  38. oh it’s time for me to do some serious uploading work. I’ll reply to all your spazzing. I need to spazz like crazy, but work first! yessss

  39. I LOVED THEIR PERFORMANCE!!! It was such a blast, I can’t wait for upcoming performances. If their first performance was this good, boy, I wonder what the upcoming ones will be like :D:D:D

  40. im south african so i don’t understand a single word of your lyrics but i still love it so much! 😛

  41. Oh my god, it is here. This is it, the start to the Big Bang revolution this year, from Bong&Bi *and yes, that will now be my version of GTOP* to Baby in January, THEN… DUN DUN DUN IT’S BIG BANG!! YESSS!! Do you know how long I’ve been waiting without complaining? yesss.


    Of course true pimps would just stand there with their hands crossed and cock their head when they start their performance, lol… oh god Bong’s afro-frizz hair… I don’t even.

    Tabi is looking FINEEEEEE. I’m sorry Bong, but can’t help a girl when she’s looking at this beautiful creature.

    HAHAHHAHA THEY’RE PLAYING ROCK PAPER SCISSORS? Bong won… so he got to dance with the dudes pilots… but then Tabi.. who lost, got to dance with hot air stewardess…. that’s fair. yea


    They’re going far with this flight concept, maybe for their congratulation present, YG can buy them a private jet with their faces on it hahaha or better! A AIRLINE ENDORSEMENT DEAL! I’ll definitely use that airline.

    Their performance is ALWAYS so full of energy, makes you feel like getting up and jam (after you make sure no one’s watching) It’s awesome to see them having so much fun onstage, they can always hype up a crowd.

    OH YEA with Bommie, AHHHHHHHHHHH! Bong is wearing his cotton candy fur hat, looking adorable.. and goddamn bangable in a white suit… okay Bong, this round you win over Tabi *wink*wink*

    Oooh Bommie. YOU GO GURLLLL… with whatever that is on your neck… she has to wear that to match Bong’s cotton candy furry-ness huh? haha

    Tabi and his outfit, not sure whether he’s going to a dinner party or war.

    OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS LIKE… WE BELONG TOGETHER PART 3. This is the O.G trio group, with Bommie featuring in their singles. We Belong Together and Forever with You…. ohhhhh those days.

    HAHAHA I LOVE THEIR CIRCLE DANCE! They do the most ridiculous and random dances, but it’s awesome, cuz of their swaggggg. yesssss.

  42. i know but its so saw i wont be a part of it 😦

  43. I saw this live and I have to admit, it was the best!!!!
    I’m so excited that bigbangkorean.wordpress is back in business!

  44. happy chriStmaS

  45. oh i’ve missed the days when i used to spazz here like a crazy fangirl. have been repeating the performance ;D they’re just TOO HOT TO HANDLEEEE. as much as i wish i could love Tabi (and his hotness) again, I STILL LOVE BONG FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Can’t help it…i love you kwon jiyong 😉

    and couldn’t agree more bout YaYaYa -______-

  46. i’m loving that cake ha. they’re always so adorable ❤

  47. OMG ,……. DG and TOP = GOOD job …… i love you all … ~

  48. GD ** i’m sorry ~

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