Minji updates her me2DAY

•December 13, 2010 • 2 Comments

Minji updated her me2DAY with pictures of the 4 men… looks like they’re missing Dae while doing their audio recording at the same Joon live studio.. for maybe their upcoming concert?

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GDragon at John Galliano Lauch Party

•December 13, 2010 • 3 Comments

When I first saw him at the launch party, my jaw dropped and i’m just like… what is air.. even… huh? but then again, it’s Bong for god’s sake, he have the rights to wear anything… even if it is.. this. burnt hair haha

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New GD&TOP Picture release

•December 13, 2010 • 1 Comment

Updates from YGLife

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GD’s me2DAY Update

•December 13, 2010 • 2 Comments

Bong updated his me2DAY with a teaser picture of him and Tabi, telling us to tune in on Big Bang’s Youtube for the world online premiere of their comeback on December 14th, 2010 5PM [KST] (13 hours away from now)


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GD & TOP Comeback Performance Date Confirmed!

•December 12, 2010 • 6 Comments

After all the drama with SBS regarding the MAMA event, looks like Bong and Tabi will continue on with their plans of making their official live broadcast performance on SBS Inkigayo on December 19th. That will be first epic day of the year. I cannot wait.

First official picture from their solo released…. oh god.. who they’re trying to kill with all this sexiness?

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It’s Almost Time

•November 28, 2010 • 24 Comments

Wassup VIP’s!  It’s your boy, JT, here.

I’m sure a lot of you know there’s been a timer on the YG-Life blog since last week.  Well, the countdown is over and starting December 15, IT’S TIME TO PARTY!!!

As GD says,

Party people, listen up!
Hey! Do you know what time it is?
Everybody put your hands up in the air like that

December 15

The party starts with G-Dragon and TOP will release two title tracks of their album, “High, High” and “Oh Yeah”

See YG-Life post here.

December 24

The party gets better with the release of the GD/TOP album with 11 songs!

See YG-Life post here.

January 3

SeungRi comes out with a digital solo single!

See YG-Life post here.

February 1 – BIG BANG Comeback!!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for – our boys are back!

See YG-Life post here.


That’s right, I’m using big fonts, caps, and exclamation points!  You know why?  BECAUSE I’M EXCITED!!!  It’s a double party for me because December 15 is the week my first college final exams are over.

Btw, if you can name the song I quoted, I’ll give you free cookies.

Tae Yang at Seoul Soul Festival 2010

•October 10, 2010 • 33 Comments

For Bae’s performances, rather than be there to watch the performance, I would be HONORED.. to the the floor.. cuz seriously.. T^T

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