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Concert: Big Bang Galaxy Tour 2012
Location: Anaheim, CA
Date & Time: Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 8:00PM
Quantity: 2
Seat Area:  VIP GA
Price I Am Selling For: RETAIL PRICE, $315 negotiable
Preferred Payment: Paypal, bank transfer or Cash.  I am willing to do meet up around the Bay Area.

Contact: email me at j.ngo115@yahoo.com

VIP Early Entry into the venue
Exclusive access to the BIGBANG sound check party
Specially designed gift bag
Specially designed tour shirt
BIGBANG official light stick
BIGBANG sound check laminated VIP PASS

Tickets are hard copy, I can show you the proof of purchases if needed.

JT Dancing! (again)

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Hey people!  Long time no see!

I was in LA last weekend for my grandpa’s 90th birthday.  All the grandchildren had to perform for him so I did a dance performance.  Check it out!

Honestly, I’m not that happy with this performance.  I was tired from dancing in my cousin’s performance before this, and I didn’t have much time to rest.  I don’t think I did justice to the choreography.  I just thought I’d share since I got a lot of comments saying I should dance to Wedding Dress.

Tracklist for the mix I made with the choreography:
Kanye West – Power (remix) choreography by Keone Madrid
TaeYang – Wedding Dress choreography by Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga
Usher – More choreography by Keone Madrid
Se7en – Digital Bounce choreography by Keone Madrid


On top of this, I danced to Jay Park – Abandoned with my little cousin.  He was too shy to dance on his own so I offered to be in his performance with him.  Watch it here!


Hope you guys enjoy it!  😀

– BBfan13 (JT)

[Vid] Stupid Lair 30 sec Teaser

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Teaster released 3 hours ago (about 12pm EST).  Sounds like a pretty chill song.

[will edit post later…  I’m at school right now]

[Vid] Big Bang – Tonight MV

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Here it is people!  Big Bang’s official music video for Tonight! It just dropped a few hours ago.  This one is different from the one that was aired on SBS Big Bang Show.

After watching this, I just have one thing to say to DaeSung…”GET SOMEEE!

Also, if you missed SBS Big Show, you can rewatch the Tonight, What Is Right, and Cafe performances on Big Bang’s official Youtube channel.


JT’s 4th Mini-album thoughts

I’m really impressed with this mini-album.  It shows how much BB has grown in 2 years they’ve been away.  I have to say, this whole mini-album was very J-Pop influenced, well considering “Hands Up” and “Somebody to Love” were originally Japanese songs.

Yes, Cafe deserves it’s own paragraph.  Cafe is really an amazing song.  It’s like there’s a bunch of upbeat J-Pop-ish K-pop then there’s this one chill song at the end.  Just like on the “Stand Up” mini-album, all K-pop songs, then there’s “Oh My Friend.”  It’s one song that completely stands out.  Just like DaeSung said during SBS The Big Bang Show…

It is similar, but different from the songs we have been doing until now.



[Video] Big Bang Intro Teaser

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I don’t think any more explanation is needed.

Right now, it’s 12:18pm on February 23 in South Korea.

In 12 more hours, Big Bang will be making their big return to the K-pop scene.

All the footage in this clip was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I haven’t been to Las Vegas in a long time, but some areas in the teaser that I could remember going to.  Most of the video were in various casinos.

0:25 – SeungRi was standing in front of the Mirage Hotel

0:30 – TOP was in Circus Circus (?)

0:32 – 0:35 – outside the Bellagio Hotel

Anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.  Also, if you can recognize anymore places, leave a comment and let everyone know! 🙂


Also, I added TOP’s and the final teaser to

2/24 The BIG [BANG] Day


JT (BBfan13)

Movement Lifestyle choreographers in South Korea

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Hey VIPs!  It’s JT (BBfan13) again.  Being a dancer, I can’t let the hard work of Movement Lifestyle go unnoticed.

Also, be sure to check out the ringtones page too so go check that out for ringtones from GD&TOP Vol 1 and VVIP!


First of all, Big Bang has got some support from Twitch.  He’s the choreographer that worked with BB in the early years, and the one who got Shaun Evaristo to choreograph for Big Bang.  You can see him in some of the Se7en + GDYB trainee vids.


So back in late January/early February, Shaun Evaristo was in South Korea with YG.  Even when Big Bang was here in the US (mostly Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV) to film the music video for their comeback, Shaun was in South Korea.

Shaun had to come back to the US to teach a dance workshop on 2/13.  The next day, another mL choreographer, Lyle Beniga, headed off to South Korea along with newer mL artist, Vinh Nguyen.

There is no confirmation that Lyle and Vinh are with YG Entertainment, but since they are both mL artists, and Shaun was just there, it is pretty safe to assume so.  Also, if you keep up with Movement Lifestyle and their “Adventures with YG Entertainment” Youtube videoes, the YG artists learn the choreography the week of or days before they perform them.  Since Big Bang is going to have their Big Show 2011 Concert this week, this further increases the possibility.

With all that being said, you can assume that Big Bang’s comeback is going to be HUGE!

2/24 The BIG [BANG] Day

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EDIT 2—————— final teaser released

EDIT—————— TOP teaser released

Sup people!  JT (BBfan13) here.  I don’t have school today because of the snow storm so I finally have time to make a post.  I updated the ringtones page too so go check that out for ringtones from GD&TOP Vol 1 and VVIP!


Important Dates:

2/24 – Fourth Mini-album release

2/27 – SBS 1 hour special

Fourth Mini-album Track List

01. Intro (Thank You & You)
Lyrics by: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, Choice 37
Arranged by: Choice 37

02. Hands Up
Lyrics by: G-Dragon, rap by T.O.P
Composed by: G-Dragon, E. Knock
Arranged by: E. Knock

03. Tonight (Title Track)
Lyrics by: G-Dragon, rap by T.O.P
Composed by: G-Dragon, E. Knock
Arranged by: Choi Pil Gang

04. Somebody to Love
Lyrics by: G-Dragon, rap by T.O.P
Composed by: G-Dragon, Ham Seung Chun, Kang Ook Gin
Arranged by: Ham Seung Chun, Kang Ook Gin

05. What is Right
Lyrics by: G-Dragon, rap by T.O.P
Composed by: G-Dragon, D.J Murf, Peejay
Arranged by: D.J Murf, Peejay

06. Cafe
Lyrics by: G-Dragon, rap by T.O.P
Composed by: G-Dragon, D.J Murf, Peejay
Arranged by: D.J Murf, Peejay

SBS is airing a 1 hour special called “Big Bang Comeback Show” on February 27.  The only other time SBS did this was for the legendary Seo Taiji.

The mini-album is dropping in 3 days.  YG released teasers of “Tonight” starting 2/19.

5 days to go – G-Dragon

4 days to go – SeungRi

3 days to go – TaeYang

2 days to go – DaeSung

1 day to go – TOP [released 2/22 10:20 EST]


You can also check out all the concept photos from the mini-album here on their official Facebook page!

I took the liberty of combining the first 3 teasers into one track here

Download mix

DaeSung’s teaser got released a few hours after I made the mix.