lol. it took me a while to get these posted, but i’m here to update our fansite on the first (& hopefully not the last) of 2008’s Project Meet & Greet.

LA is definitely a huge place, but i’d say 10 people total of LA MEET’s attendance was WAY more than enough. i was overwhelmed by the turnout & the determination of all the VIPz who made it out to the meet. from convincing parents, to taking trains & buses, to the lame traffic, & to enduring a big city to find the directions to the many places we were going, i would like to thank everyone who came out for the MEET. it’s cuz of your determination to make it, that made the LA MEET, in my opinion, a huge success. i loved meeting you all, & i’m definitely down to meet up again!

shout outs to the attendees:
JESKA of Pasadena/K-TOWN, my co-coordinator & co-host. finally got to meet you! i’ll eat with you next time so you don’t have to eat on your own next time!
PEARL of Alhambra, for hooking up w/ the ride… it was a BLAST talking to you, you’re crazier than i am! i envy all your BB-loving friends. we should definitely meet up in alhambra/monterey park.
LIZ of K-TOWN, my freakin ROOMIE of last yr & this coming yr, i love you to death, & if it wasn’t for you, i wouldn’t get my pix of all the VIPz. thanks SO MUCH for coming, you didn’t need to, but i know u wanted to meet “other Melindas” & you got it lol. i ❤ u.
SARAH & STEPHANIE of Bellflower, you sisters are the bomb! you took a train all the way down to LA, & i got to meet your MOM, who must be so freakin awesome to let you come along! haha i love ur SR dogtag sarah, & lucky you steph to get that bargain on the photobook! (your welcome for dragging you into that store lol)
SARAH of Westwood, thanks for taggin along last minute! i know you enjoyed my jiyong spazzing as much as i loved your YB spazzing.
JESSICA & YVONNE of Long Beach: OMGOSH! you sisters are hilarious! i love you for coming up from LB, you guys are hardcore! i’m sorry no LB meet was organized, but you had fun at LA no? for getting lost & whatnot, you found the place real well, even scared me in the food court lol. you 2 r awesome!
JOYCE of K-TOWN, my other jiyong spazzer (there were 3 total), you’re too silly. i’m sorry there was no other photobook for you to purchase, but you got a BB poster instead, that’s good enough!?!?

you all have my digits, so don’t be afraid to hit me up to chat or chill. ❤ you guyz!

& here’s the pix of our wonderful day. enjoy my caps & spazzing xD


^ we went to KTOWN PLAZA & took over a section of the food court, & we all tried some genuine korean food. haha taste the culture!

^ i busted out my laptop & played the GREAT DVD, everyone got their greasy hands on the DVD photobook lol. it’s pearl right up close to the laptop.

^ asian pose! lol so my batteries on my laptop were running low, & i tried to plug it in next to those kiddy rides in the back, & the security got so mad at me… lol

^ more angles. everyone’s paying attn to SR/DS solos xD

^ i think this was SR pouring his heart out. we had like 2 members of TEAM SR. it was intoxicating.

^ haha this halmoni was looking at us like weirdos, she kept walking past our table while we all screamed over those hot korean boyz on my laptop screen, & like… i saw her walk back to her husband, & i was like OMGOSH, that is SOOO ME & GD WHEN WE ARE OLD. “this goes out to ya, baby.” xD

^ one of my goals was to raid a korean music store & find the BB section, & i walk into the store, & the first thing i saw was YB’s album. then STEPH went crazy & i noticed the photobook was right there & i was like WTH & she was like OMG i’m gonna buy it! i was like TIGHT how much is it? & it was .. $40 BUX! i was SOO MAD cuz i got mine for $50. -____- well lucky steph for claiming it, & your welcome for the good deal. in fact, your welcome to BB, cuz we be buying BB stuff to no end. ❤

^ sarah, sarah, & steph by the BB goodies.

^ little did i know, there was another stash of BB stuff. CRAZY HUH! never in my life did i touch so many BB merch at once. lol

^ there it is again. damn. (pearl, the crazy girl was like hmm i have this one, this one, that one, oh i have all of em lol. darn you!)

^ my awesome roomie liz, whose mom is manager of ktown plaza decides to take us “tourists” around the plaza, & jessica & yvonne stop by a lil cute store & jessica bought this cute cell phone chain thingy. xD

^ rofl. i had to drag our whole group back to take pix w/ the BB merchandise. LOOK BOYZ! we’re advertising for you! <333

^ round 2. we totally look like noobs. the store owner looked at us funny.

^ i had to capture one of the greatest moment’s in stephanie’s life: purchasing the BIG BANG HISTORY PHOTOBOOK. hahahaha.

^ believe it or not, these critters are ERASERS! how could you use up such precious things?

^ shopping like noobs. haha.

^ i love these lil shops. you wanna touch EVERYTHING.

^ candid! it took about 5 takes lol

^ OOOH! remember the HUGE WHITE TEDDY BEAR each member hugged & made love to? well, we found the same bear (so we think) & we all were mesmerized & envious of its beauty & decided to have our own lil photoshoot w/ it.

^ pearl, or PEA-RI as she calls herself (pearl + seungri = PEA-RI lol) went & copied SR lol.

^ she was too shy to hug the big thing.

^ these sisters are too adorable. gahh. do you see sarah’s dogtag? i was like wth! lol her dogtag says SEUNGRI on one side, & SARAH on the other side. that’s mad love <333

^ HAHAHHA aiite. so as i was walking out of that store, these handmade cards caught my eye. esp this one. guess wat i was thinking? “ME & JIYONG… VERY SOON!” lol. joyce tried to convince us all that it was her & jiyong, but we all know the truth xD


^ LA MEET 2008 group. <333

^ LA MEET 2008 group, pt. 2

^ alright, we head to another mall, & went up to find some posters, & this music store, right when we strolled up, just finished playing BB’s REAL CONCERT DVD! i was like geez BB LOVE EVERYWHERE!

^ front of the store, YB’s album & GREAT LIVE CONCERT CD. <3333

^ JOYCE is the NEW OWNER of a BIG BANG POSTER. $5 bux. what a snatch.

^ chilling outside.

^ getting ready for another picture.

^ THERE IT IS! lol



^ well we got boba, & went outside to sit. i finally learned how to count to 10 in hangul. & no one else wanted to learn… well a funny moment here was that, i pulled out my cell phone & bumped BB hella loud, expecting that we all sang along, but we’re such shy group. i was more into finding some random ppl who would catch the BB craze, cuz BB is so well-known & whatnot, but the crowd sitting outside was filled w/ old ppl. but i was DETERMINED! so i played LIES first. it’s so famous. & i coulda sworn this one dude behind me wanted to sing so bad, so i kept looking back at him discreetly, & sending him subliminal messages like “YOU WANT TO DO THE NODS & SING KOH JID MAL!” but it didnt work. so i tried LAST FAREWELL, & i really thought this time would work, but i looked to another guy on my left, & all the while, the girls were laughing at me so bad… & i tried to look if INSIDE had more interesting ppl, but it was the same crowd, so uh… we gave up, & that’s when we went home lol. OH WELL =\

^ lol jeska was trying to be “artsy” with all these B&W pix.

overall, it was a fun day. 5 hrs of fun! thanks again to all those who came!

as for those now who are intrigued to join, please check out the details on the sidebar & the location updates. you can totally host one in your area, even if it’s a small one like this. i guarantee you’ll have some fun!

❤ melly.

P.S. BAY AREA MEET HAS SOME UPDATED INFO. i will post this up later in the day. gnite!


~ by gdluvzmc on July 30, 2008.

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  1. <3<3<3<3<3
    i miss you all already XD
    we shall have another meeting and go crazier! sleepover! hahahaha. well..i wish. but you knowwww. we need to hang out more.

  2. LOL wheres all the guy fans >.<. DO ONE IN AUSTRALIA ILL DEFINETLY GO

  3. I think i saw Melly!

    Omg..i did..i did…

    I did saw Melly

    And she having the best time of her life with the girls


    Bay Area… where… LOL MUST CHECK. :’D


    I’d definitely sing along to Lies.
    And Last Farewell–definitely not Baby Baby because I don’t know the lyrics.

    But yeah, I definitely would. :’D
    I do it all the time when my friends and I go out to buy boba
    or when we’re waiting for a movie. :’D


  7. you really did have fun..hope i can meet you too…hhuhuhu!

  8. WOOOOW, looks like fun!!! you guys have to do another in LA in 2010, kk? cuz that’s when i’m going back to cali =D
    hahahahah I literally laughed out loud when you said you tried to charge your laptop at the kid’s rides XXXD for real~
    man, it looks so funnnnn!!! i didn’t know there was so much BB merch in LA, ugh i am SO dragging my parents to KTOWN next time!!! >O<

  9. man,so much BB stuff . its so hard for me to find anything here in australia (TT____TT) but i agree with “lucky” up there, if there is one is australia, i’d go too !!
    it looks like so much fun !

  10. no fairz, i wanna do stuff like this so badly DX being all BB random in public & have people stare at our awesomeness of a BB posse XD it’s funny how where i live has lOtSa asians too but some of the Korean people i know at school aren’t so BB crazy (well maybe 1 but she’s probly not so crazy)(&instead they fall for stuff like suju & F.T. & whatnot) -__- oh wellz…
    if we made one here in hawaii, i’d “most definitely” gO 🙂

  11. awww looks like yall had fun. wish we could have a meet up in Dallas/Ft. Worth somewhere… i dont think there are that many of us here tho lol. and woah!! $40 for 6 songs… no mam!!

  12. aww that looks like alot of funn =) wish i could meet up with some toronto fans….too bad we dont have a ktown or anything…

  13. Which one of those girls is you?

    And I am surprised that all of you seem to be asian………

  14. bah this is not fair i culdnt go…>.<

  15. however did they have the 2nd single poster? cause i just cant find it annnnnnnnnnywhere.. i dont have no ktown here.. >.<

  16. Wow, seemed like so much fun!
    Hey! I saw that white teddy bear (except much bigger) at my K-Twon. I was gonna buy it but it was $260. LOL.
    Aww, anyways.
    Glad you guys had fun!

  17. WHAOOO so much bb stufff!! >< the koreantown in ny has like, nothing -.-
    or so i’ve heard o_o

  18. Omg that looked like uber fun! >.<
    There’s a K-town in Queens (NY) but the one in the pics looks wayyyy better XD

  19. where did you guys go? (:
    i want to go there x] lol.

  20. OMG!!!
    we look like best friends ehehe
    thanx for posting the pics
    hope we can meet again
    it was awesome!!!!XD

    Tae Yang’s and TOP’s sweethearts ^..^

  21. omg. i was so gonna get that shirt that says “Excuse me, I’m VIP.” at DEB!
    but it wouldn’t have been nice to my dryer because of the glitter ><
    i’m so jealous! i wish i lived near a mall like that!

  22. wowwww.. ^ ^
    i cant wait our (Indonesia VIP) time.. haha
    i hope Indonesia VIP can be like that.. so much have fun.. XD

  23. OMG i totally didn’t notice SARAH’s SHIRT SAID
    omgosh, i’m so sorry, i was too preoccupied in making sure everything was fun….
    haha i love that shirt! but i did remember telling myself sarah was decked out cuz she was matching pink from head to toe. ^^

  24. how cute. linda wanted to get that excuse me i’m vip shirt. but yeah .. that looked fun lol. i don’t even think they have a place where it sells korean stuff in beantown. i heard theres one in chinatown but thats it and i heard it doesnt even have a lot. but ehh . no emails yet mel. i don’t really think these BVIPs [yes B for boston lmao] want to meet me. =[ lmao

  25. WOW
    those Big Bang CDs and DVDs…
    i wanna buy them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. That looks like so much fun, VIPs uniting at a table and watch the boys on a computer! ^_^

  27. cool…!! i never know dat BB very famous in LA even d music stores complete with BB!!…i envy steph for BB History Photobook..can’t wait for mine..go BIG BANG!

  28. I forgot to mention I loved the pic where Jeska looked like she was posing for a shampoo commercial LMAO(#30)
    and the lady in the food court I didn’t notices she was looking at us lol

    Jessica and Yvonne XD

  29. OMG i never knew BB stuff and albums are in LA! i live close to it!….omg imma go get stuff hehe ^_^ and not kinda surprised when i espected asians to go along LOL!

  30. OMG u guyz LoOk awesOme n’ i love Sarah’s dogtag n’ shirt (can i have it?hehe^_^)…gotta check out Bay Area meet!!! I wanna go 2 LA now n’ check out Ktown!!! tnx 4 sharin’!!!

  31. ohh MY! there are SOOO many Big Bang stuff!? (cd’s, dvds, posters…GAHH; i’d go CRAZY!) i would totally went AND sang IF i only lived in LA =(
    looks like you girls had a BLAST! thanks for sharing…humm; maybe i should have my own BB Meet and Greet =P

  32. u are soo lucky *-* can buy BB stuff…
    here in Brazil is a dream for us T_T
    I hope one day we made a meeting here too ^^

  33. Hopefully I can go to the Bay Area meet. >.<

  34. OMG, I really hope those photobooks don’t sell out 😦 I really, really, really want one

  35. Oooh I want the sarah/seungri dog tag. XD My name’s sarah…and I like Seungri too! Hahahahaaha. XD

  36. @dreamandlove: which picture? yay! i am a shampoo model? hahahaha.

  37. i soo want to go, but am all the way in ky. hold one in january and i’ll totally be their. i gonna turn 18, in jan, so mom cant stop me.

  38. lol~~ awww, looked like that was fun~ i wish i was there!!!
    omgosh…LA sooo coool!!! soo lucky…you guyz have a korean music store…i can’t find one here in vancouver!! >..<

    i wanna do a BB meet up soo bad now~~

  39. the one with the caption “chilling outside” #30

  40. wow that’s looks like the best time ever! lol
    is there gonna be a meet-up for NYC VIPs?
    i wonder if NYC’s Korea Town has awesome shops like that…?

  41. howw fun!!
    I totally want tah go =)


  43. “sending him subliminal messages like “YOU WANT TO DO THE NODS & SING KOH JID MAL!” ”

    lmao. omg this one made me laugh so hard. totally the thing I would do. gahhhh everyone is so lucky.

    boo Toronto doesnt have anything. T___T

  44. OH MA GAD!! YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND A STORE THAT SELLS BB MERCHANDISE!! up here in Canada i have no idea where i can find some! i want to buy a cd for my Best Friend’s B-day but sadly i have no clue where i can get one )’:

  45. wow, it’s such a nice meeting for the one who was there, and the k town, you guys got me so jealous 😦 id like to touch BB’s cds too 😀 hehehe

    can i ask where is the k town? id like to know, thanks :]

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  47. Awwwww it seems you had so much fun! 😀 and you look like VERY GOOD FRIENDS :D!

  48. omgg i wish i had a store like that around here!!

  49. OMGGG! LUCKKYYY You guyss!
    Sigh. I wish I was there. I would’ve
    bought that bearr! CUTTEEE

  50. OMO lucky you guys Have KTown here in NZ NADA lol!
    and you ahve a music store where the sell Korean Music! lmao soooo lucky! hehe i wanted to so snatch tht Epik High pieces part one album lol and huddle all the Big Bang albums! haha

  51. haha
    look so happy n’ funny
    oh mah
    i’m so envious…lol

    i look horible! =/
    EWWW. take it off. T.T
    omg. lol. i hate you for posting them up & when did yu guy take that last pic ?!
    i dont remember. =/

  53. you girls sure did had a lot of fun huh..?
    i was so jealous of you guys! 😀

  54. wooo ! very nice ^__^
    wah !i didn’t do there with you together
    hope next time i will go there you guy
    soooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. what the hell theres so much merch there i’d have a field day !!
    theres absolutely nothing in RI lol

  56. what is ur name and which one are u???????

  57. which coloured clothes are u wearing?

  58. They sell Big Bang albums in the mall? You guys are lucky. I don’t know much people who are into Big Bang here in VA which sucks.

  59. wahooo that seems really fun 😀
    dude there is like no big bang merch in san jose :[
    only some albums
    and its overpriced too xp

  60. this looks like sooo much fun. a bunch of bb fanantics getting together. dang it. i wish i didnt all the way on the easy coast…

    it’s meee XD
    i look bad in all the pictures with meee in it LOL.
    i loved spazing out about youngbae i do it like everyday LOL.
    i didn’t feel lonely when you were spazzing out about gdragon.
    we shoud have another one soon XD

    people seem surprised that bigbang cds dvd and posters sell in LA.
    they like order more when it runs out all the time LOL.

  62. looks soo much funn! wish i could go 😦


  64. I’m so jealous of you LA guys! You guys have a Ktown =(( WITH SUCH NEW KOREAN CDS AND STUFF! I have nothing like that in Boston.. let only any new Chinese stuff T__T aigoo. Some Korean guy should open up a store here hahas.

    Anyways aww you guys looked like you had so much fun!

  65. waaaah! soooo jealous. im stuck in hawaii….haha we have lots of korean stores here too. =] how much money u must have spent….

  66. gawwwshhhhhhhhhh, im sooooo jealous right now.
    mang, i would go crazy if i had there cds in my very own bare hands.
    muhahahahahaha, you guys look liked you all had fun.

    Grrr, im jealous.
    Very Very Veeeerrryyy Jealous.

  67. wow u guys looked like u guys had fun!! WHAT MUSIC STORE AND WHICH MALL DID U GUYS GO INTO TO GET ALL THOSE BB GOODIES??? 😦 i must gooo

  68. @trace: go to koreantown plaza. it’s a pink building near western/olympic.

  69. thnks a bunch jeska!

  70. there needs to be a VA meet..lol.. i would go…!! -_-..

  71. Aww that looks like so much fun

  72. Wow you guys are so lucky to live near LA!! i Live really faaaar.. in Peru -_-”…here are some crazy fans of BigBang, of course Im one of them!! ^^ but in Peru dont sell anything of BigBang T_T really nothing!! buuuuu ….well good for u to have some original things of BigBang =)…

  73. ohmygosh why isn’t all the big bang stuff on sale here in finland T___T

  74. LOL IF ONLY I KNEW!.. HAHAHAHAHA Im from Paraguay, and i went for Hollywood Bowl this year (hoping BB was in it =_= ) and i stayed for 3 months!, I HAVE THE SAME FRIKING PICTURES IN MUSIC PLAZA XD! HAHAHA! The owners already knew who i was cuz i invaded them every weekend, lolz, i also bought my History Photobook from there, i was sooo happy cuz it was cheaper. I went there every weekend since the photobook came out and nobody knew “what” was i talking about.. then POW! there it was, i ran like crazy wen i saw it, i was like “MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE” hahahahaha too bad i didnt know u guyz were going to meet like a week after T_T… sucks, know im in Paraguay again, going crazy abot BB and theres “no one” too crazy fangirl spazz with T_T….if i go nextyear ILL MEET YOU 4 SURE! 😀

  75. woah. did music plaza get renovated? it looks so different the last time i went there. aww i wanna come . ahh looks like they have posters in galleria?? what’s the store called? someone tell me please 😀 it looks so fun and i wanna go there next week !

  76. this is so cute lol

  77. Awww! If I knew about this a bit earlier, I would had bought a plane ticket and fly over! You guys look like yall had tons of fun! Darn, I wish I was there. I would had bought YB’s CD and all the other goodies. How much was that teddy bear? I want it. xD
    Well, I’m glad to see that you guys had fun and yall should make another project like this again. 🙂

  78. shit i wish i went that place is walkin distants from me batman

  79. omg I’m so Jaaaay! I wish I lived in California, I want those BB goodies!!! It’s so cheap XD


  81. do one in michigan please……….theres not that much korean peeps but we should start a bb activity in michigan to help peeps get pumped up about them….please…..ill host it….and i know the perf place….email me at bigbang9539@gmail.com

  82. wow you guys should come again i want to go to LA and go to koreatown big bang rocks i really want to go to LA so badly if you guys come again to LA please tell me email me at lilsam92forever@yahoo.com i want to go shopping and have fun with you guys and talk about big bang lots of love to them

  83. wow looks funn xD
    my hometown koreatown_u<

  84. Kakaka!! I can’t WAIT to go to a MEET&GREET!!!! Hehheh I live in Chicago but it doesn’t even have to be in Illinois! As long as it’s within a hundred miles, I’m in! I’d host but there ain’t crap to do out here in the burbs and I don’t know the city, so… VIP-love all the way! They looked so adorable in these pics! I laughed so hard @ some of these bc they’re just 2 cute! I almost died when I saw this one–it’s 2 pics b4 the introduction of the giant white teddy–the store clerk’s watching them so closely, like she’s just waiting 4 them to snatch something and run! ROTFL! Sorta surprising that the LA Meet had 10 ppl. It’s in the middle of so many things yo.

  85. omg…thats my grandma and grandpa!!!

  86. omg fucking sexy ass

  87. hey i’m a one of BB big fan too(=
    for realz and i just wanna ask where could i buy a Big Bang Bandana with any price .i dunn care bouta price i just wanna ask for it right now.i lived in US and please contact to me to: ahnsandiego@yahoo.com if you know bouta it.thanks alot BB NUMBER 1

  88. and where we could get those Poster too. i lived near LA so yeah(= please contact to me..thanks like a 73927834923872..times [:

  89. Eh!?

    did any top fans go?!?!

    If not, I’ll represent next time. :]]

  90. Awww! what is that store called ?!! OMG SO JEALOUS OF YOU LA CITIZENNNS lmfao!

  91. AWWW that’s sooo COOL!

    They dont have place all with korean Albums!
    SO I tell my aunt to get it for me..
    She waits outside till it come out and she gets like the ones thats signed by them…

    BEcause of me my aunts and cousins saw them million times..
    this is so cool..

    anyweys the should have it in NEWYROK Flushing!!!
    does anyone live in flushing?

  92. Can we have another meet SOON ?! 😀


  94. when is that alhambra/monterey park meeting taking place?? im down to go.. but it should be near L.A.

    please.. whenever yall are going to dow another meeting near L.A. hit me up


  95. […] LOS ANGELES MEET -contact melly @ jiyongie@gmail.com * i’ve done it before, & me & jeska can collaborate again & bring back the original groupies. let me know if you have ideas on what you’d like to do in the next meet! (See FIRST MEET) […]

  96. where is that korean plaza at?
    i know it’s in LA but we went to ktown and couldn’t find anything like that?

  97. i really wanna join ur meeting.

    looks so funny time bout BB same heart!

    im goin stay in FL for 3 month.

    if u plan bout de second meeting, scream to me pls!

    i strongly try to join with u anyway.

    May b, u can ur mine to visit in Walt Disney ,FL instead.

    Glad to befriend all of u!


  98. Wow, you guys sure had fun, aaaaaaaaaaa and you guys go to KTown??! I am so jealous of you guys…

    I wish Brunei had KTonw itself as well, man so envy with all of those BB stuffs, feels like wanting to buy all of it XD

    You guys sure really have fun XD

  99. ohmygoshees ,
    where were you that you got a poster for 5 BUX???!!!!!

  100. Omg I wish I would have found this site earlier, I totally would have gone!

  101. Where was this?! I want to go to that place!! lol.

  102. Someone tell me pwease. =3

  103. oh my dear Rosie,…

  104. –blinks– Huh??? Something near LA, ne?

  105. *GASP* i am a new fan of BIG Bang just became one last weekend! i feel soooo slow i have nothing that is BIG Bang nad i am dying to get something! haha man i wish i could meet up with you guys so you guys can tell me all about BB! but too bad i live in Minnesota>_<

  106. omg where is this ktown? i wanna go there so babdly

  107. hi i wanted to join the group how can i sign up?

  108. omggg!
    mann i missed it,
    let me know if you ever have another la meet,
    or long beach meet (:

  109. ho i have been in korean stuff for about 2 or 3 years now and i discovered big bang in my korean friends moms car my first korean song was only look at me by young bae and now i am like tottaly obbesed with korean everything and even more big bang. but i have to buy like all of there cds and stuff on line and so i want to buy a cd after shipping and stuff its like 50 or 60 dollars which i way to expensive. so could you let me know where korea town is and when you r going to have a la or long beach meet cause i missed it but u guys look like u had so much f-ing fun!!!!- 12 year old non asian but loves asians to death big bang fan lojng live big bang!!!!!!!

  110. B to da’ I to da’ G B to da’ ANG yooooow HHaHHaHHa++++++++
    Hiii Hooo FrenDz who Love BIG BANG too…
    It’s my first letter, I luv read Ur comment, from everybody here…
    Hope BIG BANG more successFULL yooooow HHaHHaHHa++++++++. . .

  111. i wish i went
    haha awesomeness
    BB love is everywhere.! :3

  112. that’s soooo cool.

  113. omg looks like you guys had so much fun!! XD
    i want to go there! what stores did you guys
    go to? cuz i want to buy some bb merch
    so badly!!

  114. omfg i used to go there until i moved to korea! its in ktown right? xD i used to go there ALL THE TIME

  115. OOH,OOH !
    The second mall you went to, the store where Joyce bought a poster, that was the place I bought my first big bang poster…OH, and album 😀
    Great memoriessss ! I shoulda went. I live near LA :[ , oh wells, some other time. I’m 12, is that old enough to go ? x]

  116. I most definitely 100% agree with ‘yumyumSUSHI’ and ‘lucky’ who posted above me! ^^ it looks like all of you had so much fun! Let’s face it, VIPs are always fun! ^^ It is really hard to find BB stuff in Australia -_-‘ I was also wondering, the massive adorable white teddy bear you girls took photos with, does it have a name? or do you know who made it? It really is too cute to ignore- I saw it the first time hugged by Kim Bum and I couldn’t ignore after BB took turns giving it their love!! I swear I’ve seen the dog perched on top of the bear before, but for the life of me it’s manufacturer has escaped me -_-‘
    VIPs for the world! ^^ & I love your site ^^

  117. WOAH.
    THE POSTER WAS ONLY %5!?!?!?!?!
    I BOUGHT A DBSK POSTER THE SIZE OF THAT BUT IN HORIZONTAL SIZE, and it costed me freakin $15 D: ….

  118. ohh that sucks i just became i big bang fan last year and if i knew about them before i would have totally showed up to the meet if you guys host one this year i would totally go iam in the O.C area anyways i well start paying attention to the updates and see if you guys decide to do anothere meet 😀

  119. Where did u guys go in K-town? that looks so sick! my bro lives like 4 blocks for k-town but i hardly ever go.
    wow i totally wish BB would have a concert in LA soon i really want to see them in concert again.
    I plan on trying my hardest to meet them when I go back to korea whenever that is because i hear it’s really easy to meet them when in Seoul.
    hmm GD<3

  120. 다시 한국에서 하나 콘서트 빅뱅이 가장 내 달콤한 .TOP에 저는 루마니아에서 오전해도 당신을 사랑합니다오고 TOP 당신을 사랑합니다 남자, 당신은 내가 가장 좋아하는 기대하고 있습니다. 달콤한 키스 !!!!!!!

  121. I wish Michigan had more stores with Korean music and posters and such! I love BB for introducing me to Korean MUsic! >.<
    I wish they come over here or to California again so i can go!

  122. annyeoghaseyo….i love bigbang…how can i meet with u girls?pleas email me…asako5698@gmail.com

  123. Do you know the website where i can go and buy that teddy bear?

  124. hey its nina again if you ever do find the website for the teddy bear email me at ninners1999@yahoo.com

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