just added! DAISY aka stardaisy212 is hosting an NYC MEET THIS WEEKEND! there’s a korean festival at flushing meadows corona park where JYP artists are performing! NYC VIPz should meet up & have some fun!!!!

you can read more about it here: Chusok, Korean Harvest and Folklore Festival in Flushing Meadows

Directions: Take the Queensbeound 7th Train to Willets Point/Shea Stadium & MEET DOWNSTAIRS
Directions to Flushing Meadows: you’ll need to take the Q48 to Roosevelt Ave. & Willets Point Station; Q66 on Northern Blvd. (Shea & Marina only). here’s a link:

Things that we are doing:
We are going to the Chusok, Korean Harvest and Folklore Festival in Flushing Meadows. The festival will have lots of Korean foods, games, performs from JYP Entrainment like Wonder Girls, J-Lim G-Soul , Min and etc. The performances start around 2:30pm and ends around 6:00pm. However you need to be early to get seats so if you wants seats tell me and i will change the time of the meet.

Please get metrocards so that you can transfer.

basically, you’re gonna meet up at Shea Stadium around 1pm, & then together, head to Flushing Meadows. another option is to head to the park on your own & meet up. since it’s a show, there’s limited seats. so we must plan ahead of time & work to find good seats & sit together. i hope this isn’t a late notice & whoever is interested should contact daisy at: or AIM: StarDaisy212

contact daisy to work out meet up plans. hope you guys have fun!


P.S: for MINNESOTA VIPz: there’s a MEET in the works planned out by TOMO (TOP B-DAY project leader) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!


~ by gdluvzmc on September 16, 2008.

28 Responses to “NYC MEET”

  1. HOLY CRAP, JYP festival!!! awesome timing!!!!
    ooooh, the bangkok VIPs should plan one the next time bigbang comes to bangkok
    have a day to prep for the concert, then like a giant sleepover and then go together to the concert =D

  2. wish they were here too..

  3. OMG!~ i’ll try to get a metro card to go there since i’m in flushing which is right next to corona! aish!~ but it sounds FUN! i want to see wonder girls the most 🙂 if only big bang came there too…

    Omg…I wanna go…I don’t really like any JYP artists (but J-Lim has a awesome voice)…but I wanna go!
    Oooh, I’ll see. =)

  5. guy this is very important.

    i wont be here on 09/17- 09/20 so if you have questions on anything feel free to im or email me today. if u do im/email me after today i wont be able to reply back till the 20/21

  6. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I cant do it >.< omfg this makes me so damn sad that i want to cry right now. if only i had more warning then i could have gotten off work. omg this seriously…my day is now ruined ;-; I want to go so badly. Well you guys better take pics for all of us.

  7. also the fest starts on sat however i though sun was a good day to do it cuz performances are on this day, so if u cant make it you can make go sat or sun its up to u

  8. OMO!
    i want to come!
    wait, im not sure yet, but ill defientely get the answer soon!
    wondergirls are coming!!<3
    but is age a problem?

  9. age isnt a problem lols unless ur a creepy guy :p jpingg

    the fest is FREE lols. u should bring money to buy food though.

  10. Wow Korean Festival :DD! sounds great U.U

  11. anyone that dont no where the shea stadium is meet me at time square the 7 train station at 12.

  12. i have limited internet access, but HUZZAH! An NYC meet! noiiiice~ ty daisy! :]]

  13. can i get your screenname or email to ask more questions?

  14. contact daisy at: or AIM: StarDaisy212
    or you can talk to me at: or AIM: MeLLYbLoOm12

  15. OMG! O:< Korean Festival 😀 aww man. but icant go D: and if only bigbang came :[

  16. wish i could go.. but i live in the south.. in TX 😦
    and i freakin love all of those performers man.. well, ill be there in the spirit XD

  17. i`m going to new york tomorrow! ohh boo.

  18. can i meet you guys IN the korean festival?
    cause i think i’ll be going there with my friend & her mom might drive so i’m not sure =T
    can i meet you VIPS IN the korean festival tomorrow?
    IM me on aim if you guys can : daesungvip
    or email?

  19. gahhh i want to go
    but i’m to late ;[

  20. Did this meet happen? cuz I dont see any updates of how it was?

  21. I wanna go but I live at west, so far T^T.

  22. Yall are so lucky……i hate the states…

    NUUUU. T^T

  24. can we hold this meeting another day since not much people were able to attend?

  25. Noooooo =[

  26. did anyone go to this meet??
    my mom wouldn’t let me yravel to nyc 😦

  27. does anyone know when the next L.A. meeting will be? i wanna go!!!
    e-mail me!

    thank you!

  28. Quite a good read. I just passed this on 9/12/2016 to a coworker who has been doing some work of their own on the topic. To show his appreciation, she just bought me a drink! So, I guess I should say: Thanks for the meal!

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