on behalf of Bruneian VIP


Brunei’s First Fan Meeting

Date : 21st June 2009 during school’s holidays…

Venue : Foodcourt @ The Mall,Gadong BSB.

Time : Start at 2pm

Activities : Since this is just our first meeting,we will Introducing ourselves and decide who is in what position.

Hosted by :

Dress Code : BLACK or YELLOW

For those other Brunei’s VIP who want to join this fan meeting,please contact us first by emailing to our email 🙂



~ by Momo on June 3, 2009.

42 Responses to “BRUNEI MEET!”

  1. Hi..I’m zeezah from brunei.I really 2 join u.Bt when will held dis fans meeting.Y dnt u add my email sakura33_kawaii@hotmail.Com n we’ll talk more bout dis.Hehe plz~i’m waiting 4 dis 4 a long time..

  2. I’m zeezah again..Sori the 1st comment really a mess coz i’m 2 excited bout dis.Bt plz add my email k..2 waney & farah..Really(1000x) like 2 join dis event.Hehe VIP RULEZ..

  3. @Bblover33; you’ll need to send an email to the hosts in order to get more info. BBfansite is merely the mediator for this project. emails are stated above.

  4. Dang you girls actually meet? Nice. If you girls ever meet in the USA specificly California. I would like to joiN! Will I be the first GUY?!

  5. YES, i will come too!! im going back brunei soon!!
    i will email u soon. =)

  6. i wanna attend!! ^^

  7. Momo,thank you soo much once again.. 🙂

  8. I guess BB fans really are everywhere cuz I never heard of Brunei…

  9. wow ill try to make it! i love big bang! its such a coincidence you guys have a meeting the time ill be in cali! 😀

  10. Momoo, You know I love you for doing this.
    Thanks to Waney also for this.
    I havent had time to email momo or melly.
    I’m sorryyyyyyy

  11. Momo, please can you put the dress code either BLACK or YELLOW please.
    oh right, if you are wondering, I’m Farah ^^

  12. do you mind if I join? I just know about this, I’ll try to come, if I’m not busy . . . does the dress code mean that, we can only wear black or yellow?. . . oh and, pleased to meet all of you (reading your texts seems that all of you seems really nice) . . .n sorry if this is jumping to conclusions . . . will we only do introducing ourselves? . . . i’m not good at that, i’m quite shy (the truth) . . . (^-^) . . . k then, bye bye bb’s

  13. oh yeah. . . n what does “deside who in what position.” means?

  14. sorry . . . i know i type to much, i just thought of this uh. . . oh yeah, i don’t usually like texting in my e-mails . . . i don’t like opening them, so you don’t mind if I just attend the meeting (if I have time) (^-^) . . . sorry that you have a lot to read on mt reply T-T . . .

  15. qilah,just add our email if you have anything to ask.. 🙂

  16. Whoo! I didnt know that some bruneian love big bang! Haha. Anyway, i already add your waney. But, i didnt saw you on. So please, every night active your email. Oke ^-^ anyway, im bell

  17. Qilah, the dress code….yah either black or yellow.
    Cause we dont know each other yet, so it will be a great help with the dress code so that it wouldnt fall for confussion.
    Anyway, just email either two of us if you have any question, alright?
    <333 YJ

  18. am I gonna be the only chinese attending this event? HAHA but i’m looking forward to it.

  19. Hai. Im new at this. and im just very very curious to know, is it true big bang is coming to brunei? And will be held at the mall, gadong? where are they staying at and how long? Can i become one the people who can greet and meet them?

  20. Lina..i think theres some misunderstanding here.. its not Big Bang whos gonna come to Brunei… this is just a gathering for Big Bang’s fan.. not the member of Big Bang..

  21. @ aileen: my friend is coming too and shes chinese. dont worries! vips are all same =)))

  22. I’ve heard this BB fans gathering before. Wow.. this is kinda cool. Maybe I should attend too.;D

  23. GILA.@LINA=HAHAH.I THINK I WOULD DIE IF THEY’RE COMING HERE.OMG… kai hitam and kuning saja lah tu.buat apa saja kami tu.and what you mean position?and di foodcourt,kamu duduk di seat mana?hampir arcade atu kah?hmm.datng kah inda ah……if ada bini2 mua nya mcm c GD or teddy of 1tym,that’s me alright!=D

  24. Position…I think, we shouldn forget about that k ^^
    Let just have fun there alright?
    So if you guys have any idea, then let share it k.
    I know it will be our first time meet, but lets have fun there k?
    Lets make the first meet success.

    I know I’ll be shy at first meeting all of you, but yea…we are all VIP, so yeah.

    And about the seat at the foodcourt, where should it be?

    And LOL fah real? You look like GD or Teddy?
    Ahaha funny girl you are.
    So come yeah “SAYA MANUSIA” and everyone also ^^

  25. And guys, if you have any question, just email either me or Waney k.
    And I also will be

  26. wow? is this for real?? OMG! OMG! I’m so exited! but what do you mean by ‘position’?

  27. Hello chicas, my name is Maria. 🙂 A BIG BANG VIP! Since ever, but have not been active lately. I was quite surprised that there’s a BIG BANG meet for the Bruneians. I guess, in other words I AM IN! I’ve added both Waney and Farah, I hope I type-d that right thru my hotmail. It’s

    Other can add to! If you need a fan to crazy with, ofcoure KPOP related. I am taking Korean language classes too, so it’ll be nice if we get along in Hanggul!!

  28. WOW I totally had no idea, I was so shocked to see a Brunei meet! it’s too bad I won’t be touching down Brunei yettttt, but have a great one guys! I’m sooo surprised! 🙂

  29. Ahh I wish I can be there :(..I’m still in Uk right now.. going back to Brunei in July..

  30. Wow.. this is cool! can’t believe there’s quite a number of Bruneians are BB VIPs *LOL* too bad I won’t be in Brunei by then huhu~

  31. I’ve tried adding the e-mails provided on my MSN. But none seem to be online. 😦 Anyways, I was not able to make it that day, sorry for that. I hope I can talk this over with the Bruneian VIP’s.

    Thanks and cheers!

  32. omo..i just missed the date! AAAAAHH!!
    oh well, i’ll come next time~ =)

  33. oh dang! i just missed the date. i would lovelove to join man. im in kaybee area. i hope there will be one next time. big bang rules!

  34. ??they reli came here bfore?i missed it too man!if nt..why there is no news of them??

  35. @ picky, they didn’t come. It’s just a fan to fan meeting. Chill! =)

  36. haha..icic my badd!XD anyway,still missed sad.!XD

  37. Nice website^^, i am bruneian and a big fan of Suju, Dbsk and big bang^^, hahaha… Take care.

  38. ahh shoot. i missed it. I’m a VIP! 😀 Love BB. Spread the love~

  39. im a vip !!

  40. vip !!!!

  41. when is the next meeting? i missed the last one. please make a new one, i would like to join.

  42. when is the next meeting? (:

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