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-New Stories-

A Tale Of Two lovers

Bohyun! [completed]

Do I need to Smile?

Hyung? Oppa?

I was nothing to him

It All Started With One Nickname

It started when I was late for school

Love Across The Sea

Love Me, But Leave Me

Miracle Bliss

My First Love Story

My Noona, His Snow White

My Regret [oneshot-completed]

My road to love [completed]

No way to Escape

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-Chapter Update-

1 Minute, 1 Second ch.Β  32

Big Bang: A Yaoi Love Story ch.48

Blind and Forgotten Love ch.5

Call Me, Text Me ch.22

Can’t lovers be together? ch.42

Chagi-ya Saranghae ch.17

Colors of my Feelings ch.12

Colors of the Heart ch.7

Dear Master, I Love You [R] ch.21

Diary of An ex-Stalker Fan ch.14

Dirty Little Secret ch.8

Dreaming ch.20

Enduring Devotion ch.19

Far Away From Fate ch.13

Fickle ch.8

FOOL (Babo) ch.13

Forgive Me ch.31

G-Dragon and Seungri [yaoi] ch.10

Grown Apart ch.8

hobo fried rice ch.16

I Hate Players and that includes you, Kwon Jiyong ch.5

I miss you ch.35

Indulge ch.8

Just Another Wonderbang ch.37

Let’s Party Tonight! ch.17

M i N D Blowing ch.31

Me or My Body ch.41

Men and Flowers ch.3

My Girlfriend Is A Cleaner ch.4

My Lovely Lee Seung Hyun ch.14

No matter what, it leads to him ch.15

Nobody Wins ch.14

Nuguseyo? ch.4

On a Same Roof With a Devil ch.4

Our New House [horror] ch.8

Pink Moon ch.22

Players World ch.36

Remembered By You ch.17

Rivals [yaoi-NC17] ch.17

Sanity’s Doorstep ch.14

Saranghaeyo... ch.22

Secrets in my Heart ch.6

Secrets Within Secrets ch.14

Sinful Lies ch.8

Slave to the Rhythm ch.14

Stolen ch.8

Stop Teasing, We’re just Friends! ch.11

The Devil’s Toy [R] ch.34

The minute I met you ch.17

The Simple Things ch.13

There Will Be Boundaries [R] ch.12

This Love [R-yaoi] ch.10

To Define Marriage ch.7


Unrequited Love ch.15

We Met in a Chat Room ch.40

We’re Addicted to Her ch.4

What Can I Do? ch.56

What Happens Next? ch.12

White and Fluffy ch.12

Wrong Kiss! ch.41

You’re Famous? So Am I! ch.36



captured [R]

chocolate fondue [R]

Just Another Korean Drama

Look at Only Me

Love Me The Way I Am

My Regret [one-shot]

My road to love

When We Were Young


4 In The Morning

Angel Beside Me


I Hate Players and that includes you, Kwon Jiyong

Is This What You Call Love??

Love Me The Way I Am


rambunctous rhapsodies [R]

Saying Goodbye

The Melody of Summer

The Real World Korea. [R]

The T O P Stalker

-Deleted Stories-
















































































































































































































































































































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  1. wow sounds good idea! i wanna post up bout bb short stories but i doubt i can’t now.. i hav to make the line.. lol
    bytheway.. whos this? wats the subject dat i can post up? just a story?

  2. how do we post our stories?btw sounds kool

  3. e-mail me if you wanna post up your story! ^^
    there’s my e-mail
    just a story, bout Bigbang or a member or the members! ^^
    can be anything, comedy, romance, horror, anything! ^^
    it’s ok, waiting for your stories! ^^
    hope this will be full of crowd! ^^
    hope to hear from u soon!

  4. the forewords were good!
    make a story then.. lol
    i’ll try to make one..

  5. Here is my story starring bigbang and kara……read it and leave comments.

  6. just click on my name and you go straight to the stroy

  7. OOHhh….nice story Kim….[adeline]
    Thankx for sharing..!!!
    hmm…lookin forward for next Chapter

  8. Hey are you guys making a movie about this. This story is pretty good i whish you guys could a make a movie about this hahaha

  9. 0.0 I like th story alot!Nice nice!

  10. hurm…

    nice story…

    i cant wait 4 d next story…


  11. whens chapter 2 coming out?

  12. so cool i luv seng ri hes so cute hes my fav next to T.O.P

  13. lol this was about his performance trying to make it into battle shinwha aye lol
    i saw his auditon

    he sound so much cooler now ^—^

  14. this page should be broken down into sections for different stories or something. ;p just to make it organized, you know? lol, it’s only a suggestion.

    uh, yea .. i made a fanfic because you said i should ;p i’ll email it you to kim chan! ❀ but i’m still coming up with the title so yea, it’ll be a while. ;x

    what’s your email, btw? i forgot to ask you before you left. ;x

    that’s my mail ^^
    eah i am waiting for ur mail ^^
    hmm,, i’ll try to do that, … somehow! haha..

  16. oh yea, the title is called “youshou memories”. you can add that in if you want and youshou means childhood, so the title is called childhood memories ;D

  17. whahahaha…
    nice stories everyone…
    well guess wat…
    im making a fan fic too…
    since unnie’s [ annie ] fan fic influenced me to write a story about BB..
    i didnt want stories that are sad…
    after i read unnie’s fan fic…
    i cried…
    thats all..
    lolzx >___<

  18. Aww.Annie’s Fanfic Is Sad.LOL.But Nice!I like(((:

  19. whoa…nice story… πŸ™‚
    i like “I’ve always luv you” by HaNeul-Saem…
    i nearly cried when i read de story…
    y all de stories about Seungri?
    i’m gonna post one for my beloved Bongie too…lol
    but i need to find sum time to do it…
    n my grammar is terrible… πŸ˜›

  20. btw,DongWook???
    is it Se7en??
    noooo!!!! i like Se7en!!!!
    he’s a nice boy……
    but i still luv GD more…lol πŸ˜›

  21. Hello πŸ˜€ I’m sending you my almost complete fantic it has 19 chapters so far.
    Quick question :O how are you gonna fit like everyones chapters? ;X
    cause it would be ALOT & kinda confusing x_x

  22. nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ji Yong with Sohee?????????????????
    no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    although i dun like de coupling,i’ll still anticipate to read ur story… πŸ™‚

  23. se7enn! hihi so beautifulll
    BUT DAE SUNG is the best for me this the man of my lifee!!

  24. Hahaha i hadn’t notice dat he was SE7EN! but when i looking back and read a comments..ahhh~ yes,he was. Jae Rin is GD’s ex,isn’t it? i’m not sure but i thought she is. waaa WG plays in da part story,keep make it then.. XD nice stories..

  25. ahah yeah, it’s Se7en .
    did my story make people cry ?
    didn’t mean to make it that sad =[

  26. @HaNeul-Saem,
    yeah,ur story was very sad…
    i nearly cried when i read it…
    but it’s really a great story…
    at first,i misunderstand de main character as Top cos u use de name as Seung Hyun…
    i was confused between top n Maknae…lol
    anyway,thankz 4 ur story…great job…
    i wanted to create a story about ji yong too but i’m terrible at story telling…hahaha

  27. crystal199187 !
    you should make one if that so! XD
    nah, don’t be pessimistic okay!
    i know you can make a good story!
    well, e-mail me if you want to post okies! XD
    oh, and people. I’m ,sorry for not updating the fics.
    FYI, for the big house of bang one.
    i will delete that and replace it with a new one..
    it’s because I’m not continuing it..
    well, hope will post soooon!
    see yaaa!!!!

  28. @kim bunnie,
    i’ll try to make one n send it to you…
    it will take me some time since i’m currently working…
    i onli have time on weekends… 😦
    i’ll try anyway,thanks… πŸ™‚

  29. @ crystal199187:
    yeah, i thouqht that would happen, but i didn’t want to use their staqe names .
    sorrie, and thanks !

  30. HOHOOOOOO.. I think I should put all fanfics from winglin here and ask for
    their permissions first. so there would be awesome stories flooding! XD

  31. Saem, your story really made me wanna cry. If I was that main character, I would really thank to God coz I have someone who really loves me for such a long time.
    Its like: ‘My best friend is my love’
    Is it based on a real story? Hahaha….^_^

  32. hey kim bunnie, i jus got ur comment on my fanfic /withU
    ure gonna put my fic up here?! waaa thankyou!!

    big bang hwait’ing<3

  33. WOOOOOOT!! ^^ you reply pretty fast! XD yay!! one ahead!! WEEPEE!! finally I updated
    though.. PHIUHH.. I hope this will go wellll. XD

  34. calling for BUNZBUNnzzzz.
    saw your comment on winglin too.
    i know of this fansite but never knew this page existed. hahahha. or do i ?!
    I FORGOT BUT ANYWAY, if you’re going to do it, of course i’m glad! πŸ˜€

    —OH and your loooooong comment is toooo hilarious it actually got me laughing and smiling like some retards in front of the monitor. WILL REPLY TO IT ON FRIDAYYYYY!!

  35. I have a question
    wer is d story
    by elaine nguyen
    i want to read itt
    it sound good so far
    but she said she have 19 chap already
    but i dont c it???

  36. hey Queenie ^^
    nice Q cause; I haven’t received any e-mails for her updates, so
    probably I will contact her after this ^^
    oh and OMO, thanks for the comments in the big house of bang
    after I decided to stop it, at least temporarily. some people start
    to give me this urge to continue, so thanks to you. I’m not stopping
    it, I’d probably update it, but not anytime soon, so don’t be sad okies? ^^
    thanks again anyways!
    hope you enjoy the fics. X3

  37. Awesome story ^^ Can’t wait for the next update πŸ™‚

  38. @ chi-cita:

    ahah no, it’s not a real story .
    simply came from my head .
    yeah, the whole “in love with my best friend” thinq was what i was aiminq for .

  39. me gonna update later!
    fics are going to flood, hopefully ^^
    please comment them and enjoy

  40. Hey Kim Bunnie!!!
    I got your comment on winglin!
    Yea its okay with me if you want to put my fanfic here
    I actually should thank you!

  41. HEY πŸ˜€
    it’s me from winglin! [author of Home Run]
    I got your comment & it would be awesomee if you put my fanfic here!
    But before that, I have a question. Are you putting up chapters here too?
    Just wondering πŸ˜€ & thanks again! I’ll try to update soon;
    Homework is soo time-consuing =//

  42. kimvipbunnie

    hii~ i was checking out the fanfics on winglin and i saw this great once called dance off~ today. i think that would be a GREAT addition to the collection of fanfics here (:
    its written by a girl named Angela, and she updates like twice a day~
    but anywayss heres a link

    if theres no recommendations allowed on the page feel free to delete ._.

  43. advertising is definitely okay here! LOL! XD
    I know, I’m going to put the fic too XD
    I think all BIGBANG fics in winglin are going to flood out here. lmao!
    well, as soon as I updated!
    I’m going to post up, I guess.
    I hope this will go okay

  44. OMG!
    Angela writes really good!
    Her fanfic is really interesting!
    how are you doing twin?

  45. hey ya’ll!!!!! i luv reading fanfics!!! it’s juz da best way to kill time!!! hehe… well, can i suggest a fanfic then? it’s called HYPNOTIC

    its juz da best!!!!! seriously!!! u guyz havta read it!!!! its about the boyz of corz!!!! πŸ˜€

  46. yay
    Kim Bunnie update
    sooooo hppyy
    cnt wait to
    up date sooonnnnnnn

  47. I gotta say, “I’ve always loved you” was really good. The plot was interesting and it all weaved together nicely.

    I know how much time and work it takes to make a fanfic so I’m defnitely gonna spend all day reading each and every fanfic here and look for more haha. Everyone’s has a unique side to it though so I’ll never get bored!


  48. hey i was just wondering if my fanfic could be posted up on here? its not done, but its coming out well! lol well, if it can be posted, here is the link:

    thank you ^_^

  49. OF COURSE!! πŸ™‚

  50. i will update this as soon as I finished my final exams πŸ™‚
    which is 3 days later. please wait~! XD

  51. awww
    cnt wait kimmy
    good luck on ur exammm
    BB will b with ya

  52. i shall wait, good luck on your exam and did you know, my name’s kim as well! lol =]

  53. @ orangyoranges:
    thanks soooo much !

  54. hey Paulexie
    wt is hiatus??
    update soonnn
    storyy is gettin goooddd

  55. o my goshh
    i saw this fan fic on winglin
    i havent read it yet but the foreword sound really interestin
    n it about all of big bang member AND
    hope ya lik it
    ok let me go read it now

  56. Heey!! :] it’s SooJin, author of Living Our Destiny~
    I just wanted to ttell you I have updated 2 chapters! :]
    chapters 5 &&6.
    and good luck in your exams!! :]

  57. o love that story “I always Love You”
    it cute
    i felt sry for the girl but anyway
    lovee the endinnnn


    This is another BB fanfic πŸ™‚
    It has 13 chapters so far.
    They’re all very long chapters too πŸ˜€

  59. Here’s the URL to my story. I just started it and will update, or try to update everyday. I don’t know how long it will be, but yeah. Hope you like it.

  60. @ Queenie:
    ahah, thanks soo much !
    yeah … i don’t know why i made it so sad, but that’s what made it a qood story =]

    what would you quys think if i made another fanfic ?
    i’ve been thinkinq about it since i qot some really qood feedback .
    thanks !

  61. kimvipbunnie~

    Woah, finally, a place to post fanfics.
    Well I was just scrolling around winglin, and I found a pretty nice one.
    Its written by some girl named Sun Jung or i think her sn is like justbbelievex3

    I like it so far, but if we can’t do recommendations, just ignore this.

  62. hey kimvipbunnie!

    thnx for your comment in winglin
    heres my reply haha i codnt find your profle lol

    haha i talk alot so i understand i shod type alot! xD
    yeah i warned you at the start didnt i? xDDDD
    haha thnk you for your comment
    your from
    OMG i luv tht site it keeps me so updated with bigbang you post really interesting, and useful info ^-^
    i go on it everyday hehe
    anyways thnk you for commenting!
    and theres a new chap up take a look!

  63. i luv evrywuns story
    i got one to
    so how do i write it
    pls help me thank yu so much

  64. okay i only read “I’ve Always Loved You” so far because that was the first one i saw that Seungri was the main character of ^^ anyway, that is .. the best fanfic i have ever read. it was amazing!!!! it was sooo cute, but slighty corny at the end. but it doesn’t matter, cause it made it awesome!!! hahaa i even tried to make believe that i was the girl.. but at the end when she was yelling at Seungri, i was like man.. but i would never yell at Seungri like that. so then it didn’t sound like what i would do anymore, but it was still amazing! thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

  65. hey hey
    i was wondering cud yuu put mine of here…
    like yuu sed yuu wud.. =]
    but i sorta changed it.. =[
    the link is..
    i update nearly everydayy
    soo i hope yuu enjoy my new updations =]
    will chek this page out soon

  66. for some reason
    4rm 5/12-5/16
    i cnt read anything on
    i mean i cnt even log into the site??
    does anyone no wat’s wrong???

  67. meeee tooo i can’t even go to winglin its says site not found

  68. yea….
    somthing is wrong
    GAH i wanted to finish reading this really good story tho…

    WHAT HAPPENED?? please help!!!!!

  69. wow, me too! there was an error in winglin, I guess
    but now, it’s recovered you can go there =)
    sorry for the trouble! =D

  70. ooh thank you!!

  71. actually..
    it’s still not working..


  72. Not Found
    The requested URL /fanfic was not found on this server.


    Apache Server at Port 80

    That’s what keeps coming on
    does anyone know what this means??

  73. its still not working -__-

  74. yea CoOKiEx3 is right

    blehhh i wonder whats wrong with it

    what if it got… deleted..?!!!

  75. I have it in my favorites. I clicked into it just now and it came up. Here’s the link I copy out of my address bar. Hopefully it works for you guys too…

  76. @sammi

    thanks(: but it didn’t work..

  77. omg b4 it waz wrkin but now it wnt let me go on ahhh jeeez mi jeziz

  78. does anyone have a clue what this means:

    404 Error
    Not Found
    The requested URL /fanfic was not found on this server.


    Apache Server at Port 80

  79. ooh
    peoples it is working.

  80. i guess it hasn’t been working for a while, maybe if it’s still not working try

    maybe it will work, if not, sorry~ i’m not sure what is wrong either….

  81. i love it! i love the idea so much now i dont need to search up for big bang fanfiction! Thank you!! i was wondering if you have inlovewithagangster story in here too because i heard it was really good and big bang is in it but i can’t find the site for it? PLEASE HELP ME. i’m dying to read that story plus i love all the stories post here!!

  82. hey
    just to let the reader of “I cant fall for You” know that the author just update
    the comebak story is sooooooo goood n funny
    so go read it
    ok n
    the website for your story “In Love With A Gangster” is

  83. thank you Queenie you’re the best!!! have you read that story yet??? is it good??

  84. To all the people reading my story, I will update sometime today. Just wanted to let everyone know in case they thought I forgot or something! πŸ™‚


  85. i read it
    n the story doesnt really have a SUPER good endin about GD
    so i didnt lik it much
    but the plot of te story and stuff is reallyyy good


    I was surfing winglin moments ago and i found a fic about top and rising singer min hyo rin (luxurious nose hyo lyn)

    quite a catch, really… it’s so good.. i recommend it. very funny and witty..

    3 degrees of engagement

  87. i just happen to stumble upon a big bang fanfic
    the main lead is seungri but the other members are included as well
    and it’s a cute story >.<

  88. i love big bang so much reading the stories that people write about BB i’m falling more into them. you guys should read

    it’s the second part of in love with a gangster it’s good the first part was kinda sad and had a bad ending but this part is funny because top is fat in this story but he’s changing… it’s really good i recommend it to those who likes big bang.

  89. Please sarpork my fanfic!

    i could really use the comments and drive !

  90. heyyy you guys
    i made a fanfic called Love Ain’t Fair
    i’m korean so you guys could comment me in korean(:
    so support me
    and i’m taking requests with pairing in my story
    like who wants to be with whoo
    so hurry!

  91. Ohh! I updated another chapter!!
    :]]] chapter 8

  92. to hollaoranged, you can add your link too,
    and hey! =D you’re korean! that’s great! =D
    and mianhae I haven’t been updating this page lately!!
    please keep waiting and be patient~!
    oh and I have updated my fic =) you can click my name to check it out XD

  93. […] juz da best way to kill time!!! hehe?? well, can i suggest a fanfic then? it??s called HYPNOTIC … Bestest Fanfic- Chapter 2Team Rocket47&aposs Bestest Fanfic Chapter 2: Enter The Jads A […]

  94. hello!! I posted chapter NINE! :]]

  95. hi!!
    I just started writing a fanfic starring the one and only
    BIG BANG!!!!
    anyways here’s the link

    it might not be that good since its my first time but i really hope that you could read it anyways

  96. @kimvipbunnie

    i don’t know if you got my comment but i said that i’d be great if you put my fanfic here

    i think people r getting annoyed that i haven’t updated in awhile (hehe)

    i’m getting annoyed myself XP

  97. mian, but i haven’t had a good time to update this page. MAN!
    Im such a lame person, but please be patient for a moment
    and to xjelooz of course dear =)

  98. hey kimvipbunnie
    why u stop writin the story “The Big House of Bang” ??? it really lik it
    hope u’ll update soon
    i havent come bak in here for a while
    i just found this GREATTT fanfic about bigbang
    it realllyy good
    evryone haveee to read it

  99. hey quennie XD I didn’t stop writing it LOL i’m still continuing it but it’s on a long
    hiatus, so LMAO I’m a slooooooooow updater too LOL

  100. […] click here to visit the page!! […]

  101. hey thought i might help you add stories to your collection

    Keys to my heart

    A New Life

    both of them are by jiyonglover.

  102. thanks a lot! i will ask permissions to the author! =D

  103. THANKS!!

  104. omg-soooooo many fanfics. i cant til my exams are over-i know this summer is gonna be a blast. VIPS-YOU ALL ROCK!

  105. CANT WAIT! sorry

  106. Hi! i’m pretty new here, but I would still like to participate and share some of the BB fanfics that I know of, there are communities on LJ that has lots of BB one-shots and fics. But there are too much so I can’t just put them all here, for myself I am currently writting a G-RI fanfic, I wonder if I can share and be added to here, it would be great, here is the link
    “” please let me know if u have any questions, regarding the fanfics. Thank you

  107. kimvipbunnie

    cnt wait till u update
    n btw
    i think it’ll b great u separate BB fan fic that are complete n some that are not separatly
    cuz idk about other reader but me
    i hateee waiting
    so i only read the one that are complete
    n i think it’ll b a big help if u separate them
    n if u need any help
    i cn help u
    cuz it summer n i dont work
    so i have nothign to do at home

  108. hey, Queniie, why don’t you become one of the manager of this page? XD
    cause I’m a little busy with all my fanfics, my school projects, SOB ..
    do you want tooo? =D e-mail or YM me okies! love ya!

  109. kimvipbunnie

    i would loveee too
    but just to let u noo
    u have to teach me how to do EVERYTHINGGG
    since idk how to do anything

  110. hurm….

    i’ve a request….

    would sum1 make the story bout g-ri love….

    im a g-ri lover….haha

  111. Dis page needs upd8 !

    I read all ov the bb fic listed here nd I need more plz !

  112. LOL i can’t update for the next 5 days cause Im going on my last farewell party
    which means no com and no internet! Xo but Queniie is handling the updates as
    long as i know, Im counting on you girl!! XD and sorry for the reposting ot big house of
    bang! x0


    That story is really good! I love how she put the characters outta the element, you should post this up so she can get more comments and write more! =D

  114. OKIES !! =D

  115. i have a really cute fanfic i started yesterday. if you think it’s good, put it up. if not, i understand.
    enjoy :D~

  116. Queenie, I finished One Simple Kiss Can Change Everything (:

  117. I KNOW

    PS: im soo sry for not updatin the page wen i say i will
    imma do it rite nowwww
    hope u lik my update

  118. excuse me but for the compete fanfiction story column for in love with a gangster link isn’t the story? can someone please give me the link?

  119. heyy you guys
    my friend made this fanfic and she updates pretty regularly
    it’s a big bang fanfic
    come support her

    go bigbang~

  120. @Crystal

    hey girl
    sry about that
    i was kinda in a rush wen i update this page in the morning so sryy
    but it fix now
    thx for tellin

  121. @quincinera
    i hope my update help
    im tryin my best to find more big bang fanfic
    but u no
    some author they write about 4 or 5 chap n just stop completly n not tell anyone that they will delet the fanfic or not
    so i have to make sure that the author is continuos (spell check) update

  122. @Allison

    thx for share the fanfic
    i post the fanfic u ask up
    but i didnt have a chance to read it yet :P… i will l8r

  123. hi πŸ™‚
    well i started this fanfic about .. 2 weeks ago? and i update everyday so i hope you decide to put it up ^^

  124. @Queenie
    thank you so much!
    didn’t think it would actually be there.
    when you read it, i hope you like it as well as others πŸ˜€

  125. quennie! excellent update!! XD THANKS FOR HELPING! LOVE YA!! XD

  126. wow..
    i just saw my fanfic up there
    thank you xD

  127. thank you Queenie xD

  128. Aaaaaaaiiiiiyyyyyyooooo~~~~~!
    I’ve read at least two haptes o each story and i love them all.
    ‘One kiss can change everything’~! was one of he best i’ve read so far and ‘I can’t fall for you’ too!
    they’re all good an i give props to hose who contributed.
    Such colorful minds =3 Great job to all the writers.
    can’t wait to finish da rest of da stories =D
    planning 2 do so over summer =]
    n write one of my on *]

  129. dere is anotha fic by da girl that did the limelight. she iz so good at bb fanfic, her specialty iz seung ri but she gvs a fair go at the otha memberz 2. shes gd mate XXX
    its called thnx XXX

  130. @buhbuhkin
    thx for sharin
    if u find any other big bang fanfic.. dont forget to tell me πŸ˜›
    PS: hope u lik my update

    the author finish the story already
    good endin too
    PS: hope you lik my update

    @MrsDongYoungBae x
    you welcome
    dont forget too tell me if u find any new fanfic about bigbang
    PS: hope u lik my update

    it not easy as it look
    at first it sooo confusin
    but i think i got the hang of it now πŸ˜›

    thx for sharin
    the story sound interestin
    imma read it l8r wen im not busy updatin this page
    PS: hope u lik my update

  131. such a great update Quennz! =) sorry for the trouble! I will try to update anytime soon X)
    wow, I’m glad everyone have such a good time with the page and the fanfics! =)
    read along guys! XD

  132. yay, Queenie!!
    thanks for putting up my story!! πŸ˜€
    and just a reminder, i have been updating everyday since the day i started writing my fanfic ^^
    thanks again!

  133. Queenie,
    of course its okay my story
    is up here. i love it πŸ˜€ ahaha.
    you commented me asking
    if it is okay. so yeee ^^
    i also emailed you but then
    i felt like telling you here too ^^

  134. @seungrix3love
    !ur welcome!
    PS: if u know anyother website that have big bang fanfic pls tell me
    cuz all i do is look for story on winglin
    thx for helpin πŸ˜›

    @Romina[RoMeeNah] x3 GD+T.O.P
    thx for lettin my share ur story
    dont forget to tell me if u know any other website that have bigbang fanfic
    i dont want to look for it on winglin anymore
    bcuz i think i have alll the fanfic out of there already

  135. Oh mann I read Two Different Worlds, One Love
    a while ago && just noticed it was up here.
    That story was really good ^^

    Anyways, ahh Queenie
    well hmm in winglin.
    I really dont go to any other
    sites that has fanfics but winglin xD

    && Well i see new ones
    in winglin about BB.
    [including my sequel πŸ˜€ mwuahahaha]

  136. && you can just call me Romina ^^

  137. Well hmmm. Here is the link to my sequel
    to ‘One Simple Kiss Can Change Everything.’

    Title’s ‘Wonderful Life’ && it currently has 6 chapters [[:

  138. @ Romina

    where did you read Two Different Worlds, One Love?
    can i have the link to that…please
    i really want to read it

  139. @Romina
    cn u give me the link to ‘2 diff world, one kiss” bcuz i dont have it n idk how to contact the author
    thx for sharin a new fanfic
    n yes i will post the sequel of One Kiss Can Change Everything up πŸ˜›

  140. Queenie,
    well I read the fanfic in the YGBB forums
    so there might be a problem.
    People will have to sign up first
    and post at the threads before
    they can see the fanfic section
    in there.

  141. && it seems like the author doesnt go on that much.
    She already finished that fanfic.
    “Two Different Worlds, One Love”

    For YGBB forum members, you can go here to read it

    &&well she is already starting another one called
    ” About A Girl” ft Ya Tou and BB. Her last update
    was May 26. Ch1 is only posted. So idk,

  142. Err. How do I read the story “Two Different Worlds, One Love”?
    It seems like a really good story but I can’t exactly access it.

  143. hey i’m so happy to see my story up there
    lol thnx queenie ^_^!!!
    oh yea have you guys read this awesome story?
    it called: When Da Girls meet Da Boys

    and another one:
    it called: 3 of a kind
    you should read it, so funny!!!

  144. Cool my stories is in here.. .THANKS!!! please read my stories… c[:

  145. @Rawrminax3Jiyongiee
    thx for helpin out
    cn u send a message for that author n tell her to post it somewer eles so other ppl cn read it too
    if u cnt then it ok

    thx for sharin
    i will post those up

    u welcome

  146. Queenie,
    I’ll send her a msg about it (:

  147. thx Rawrminax3Jiyongiee
    dont 4get to tell me if she reply u

  148. wow, i found a lot of new fics out there, hopefully I will update today or anytime soon =)
    thanks for the help and excitement ! xxD

  149. aye there i dont mind actually i would love it if my story was post in here…

  150. For the IN LOVE WITH A GANGSTER the site is
    i found out after reading the
    story that you guys post up in here and than
    read the part 2 MY LADY but it didnt make any sense so i asked and found out that
    you guys put the wrong link for IN LOVE WITH A GANGSTER.

  151. hey, I’m making a new fanfic, it’s a one shot, hopefully it will end up being a one shot
    OR ELSE. lol.
    it’s YAOi xp GD x seungri x YB. yes a threesome xp
    would be great if you check it out and leave comments,. =)

  152. I’m currently on ch 12 now for Wonderful Life (:

  153. Of course you can put my story.
    I’d be honored actually
    Thank you!

  154. @kimvipbunnie
    i put ur fanfic up already #33 πŸ˜›
    plz update offten n dont make ur wait. it a horible feelin. and u always stop at a good part too

    i put ur fanfic up alreadyy
    see it. #32
    keep updatinnn

    thx for tellin. no wonder wen i look at the layout of the page look soo “unremember-able” lol is dat a word
    anyway thx

    thx for tellin
    if u dont tell me, i wouldnt know. imma wait until u write alot alot, that’s wen I start readin
    greety ha?

    @miso soup xD
    thx for sharinnn
    i post ur story up already. see it? #34. if u cn .. cn u tell me wen u update so i cn update ur story info πŸ˜›
    u dont have to though πŸ˜›
    n keep updatin

  155. Queenie,
    I updated again today xD

    And ahh still no reply from
    Elaine :[ I think she barely goes online.

  156. Thanks for putting mine up!
    I just wanted to let you know that I finished Chapter 13 and I’ll start working on Chapter 14 soon!
    Thank you!

  157. Hey, I just wrote my first story. Can you please put it up? It’s about Big Bang, mostly G-Dragon and a fictional girl who inspires to be an actress.

  158. i finished my first fanfic!
    and i’m making a sequel called You STILL love me?
    my first fanfic is Loveless (for now…)

  159. Alas, there is another one for you. This one’s quite different though. It’s a collection of one-shot’s put together by Roxy the author of “The Limelight & Classifieds” & myself, Kim the author of “Inevitable”. If you could put it up, we’d be highly appreciated. Thanks a bunches!

  160. hi there i wrote a fanfic about
    and i would like it if you post it in here too….
    Tell me if you like it, it’s call
    2 men plus 1 woman equal 1 baby..

  161. sry for not updatin the page for the last couple days
    i doesnt have a “fast” cp to use at my grandny house so i didnt update the page
    but i will wen i finish cleanin my room πŸ˜›

  162. hi
    its asianglamgal
    the author of
    “A Laugh At Love”
    I am going to delete my story
    then edit and maybe re-write parts of it
    and finally post it up again
    so could you remove my story until I repost it again??

  163. hi
    i’m a new reader i love BB
    especially SR! he’s so
    adorable! anyways i’ve been
    reading alot of fanfic that is post
    in here and i have to say they are good
    i’m reading “2menplus1womanequal1baby”
    it’s so funny and good! thanks to the one who
    made this page! and to the writters!

  164. @Rawrminax3Jiyongiee
    aww too bad
    so u think i should take her story off the page is should i keep it up until she reply??

    @miso soup
    u welcome
    n thx for tellin me ur updates
    it helps alot

    thx for sharin.
    i post ur story upalready. see it? #6
    im a BIG fan of GD so i might read ur story so KEEP updatin

    wow u finish already
    i just post ur story up see it??
    *Loveless (for now…) = # 18
    *You STILL Love Me = # 8

    thx for sharin
    n i just post ur story up. see it? #7
    i think it a great idea to put all short story into one

    i just post ur story upp
    see it? #23
    thx for sharin n keep updatinn

    awww why u want to delet it??
    well anywya
    i just took ur story down
    hope u gonna re-write it soon

    glad that u lik the page n it help u
    im tyin to update it everyday (since i have nothing to do exceot sleep my summer away) so dont 4get it check this page out often

  165. i just started a fanfic. it’s called ‘meant to be more’

    bb main characters: Top & GD
    about: two childhood best friends Top & Jaehee. (more on the overall summary in the link)

    hope you`ll post it up =)

  166. @queenie
    thx for taking it out for now
    I wanted to delete it because it wasn’t going as I planned
    so I will rewrite my chaps and repost πŸ™‚
    anyways thx

  167. @ KellylovesSeungri
    you’re welcome =) actually thanks for balloonz who allowed me to make it and lots of thanks to quennie who has been helping me =) she’s been updating for weeks, I’m just
    too busy and stuff so mian guys I can’t update for a long time. I have actually found quite
    a lot of good new fics. x[ i’m glad people are enjoying this page, THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORTS! =)

  168. Aloha! I’ve just started my Fan Fic. I think it was called “Confessions of a teenage girl’. Haha. I can’t change the title. The T and G are supposed to be capital but I realized that after I clicked submit. Stupid me~ I guess I have alot to learn!

    I hope you guys enjoy my story because I just wrote it for fun. I’m just worried I will offend people *scared* Don’t burn me on a stake – I tried – =] lol. Here’s my link:

    Dunno How to make it blue and clickable..still got a lot to learn….Have a nice day everybody =] SMILE. GO BIG BANG!

  169. Oh…its blue after I post it….God I seem stupid…

  170. You asked if you could put my fanfic on your site and the answer is yes. Thanks 4 reading.

  171. Queenie,
    hmmm I dont know.
    She still hasnt replied to me :[

  172. cullen4ever, you can change the tittle here =)
    then choose main account, and change the tittle =)
    anyways, I just got back from my trip, I will update TODAY! =)

  173. aaa, my internet is so friggin slow, I’m trying to save the updates, but it won’t work . T.T please bare with it ! xP
    ahh, so many new fics, I hope I remembered to book mark them all so I can put them ALL here x)

  174. AIIIIISH, my internet is soooooo slow ……
    I’m afraid i won’t be able to update,
    so I will save it in word then I will out it here when the internet’s fast enough x(
    MIANHAE people!! it took a LONG time for me just to comment here too! x(
    GOSHHHHHHHHHH.. oh anyways, I’m arranging the fanfics by letters.
    i will finish it ASAP hopefully and I will split between straight and YAOI, cause
    there are many YAOI fics lately xp including mine too, but I had this in mind way before I made mine though x) thanks and sorry people!

  175. Haha…Yeah, I figured it out…FINALLY. Yesh, technology these days. tsk tsk tsk . Well break a leg~ I don’t want to jinx your internet any further lol.

  176. Oh Yeah….How do people create their own pictures and put it on their stories…-_-. It looks so cool but I dunno how to do it lol.

  177. it’s easy to make that in winglin =)
    you just make the poster and make a link to it and you’ll just have to add the link there. done, my difficulty is, it’s so slow to make links, due my extreme slow internet! LMAO!
    yeah, forgive me and my slow internet LOL

  178. HEY! thanks for makin this page!
    i read almost 8 story in here!
    i’m currently reading
    2 men plus 1 woman = baby!
    you should read it! it’s a really
    good story of G-Ri

  179. aww sad story about ur internet..
    i was thinkin of putting the story in some time of other so the reader cn find it easier..
    but hey ABC order is a great idea…
    u want me to help??
    or u want to do it ur way???
    anyway.. hope ur internet will catch on soon..

    new fanfic..
    well it not new to u kimmie
    cuzz u already ask the author to put it here n she say yes
    but since i never see it b4 so i new to me

  181. yes, you can of course help me! XD
    I’m soo so struggling with this internet dumbness! argh! LOL!!
    so, you can make it then when my internet fastens a bit I will re-save mine
    well, if you’re not troubled! xD thanks a lot!
    xD i will try to login and make it now, IF my internet’s on my side now LMAO! xD

  182. I don’t know is it only me or what. but recently my access to often be bothered, it got error regularly when I was reading the fanfics, it really get on my nerves.. I want to enjoy reading the fanfic, but it often showed “page cannot be displayed” although my internet is well connected and it acts fine to the other websites, it just occur to winglin 😦

  183. My Completed Story of Bigbang

  184. The winglin thingy works for me~

    Ok Ok Ok, I sound completely idiotic because I know nothing about technology…
    How exactly do you create a URL for your picture….=.=

    Sorrrryyyyyyyyy, -stupidity- =]

  185. The best fanfic I’ve read so far : 2 Men + 1 Women = 1 Baby!
    Really nice, xD But it’s not completedddddddd ):

  186. AYE! i finished my story, it’s completed
    2 Men + 1 Woman = 1 Baby….
    Bye :]

  187. Aye again i forgot to tell you about my new
    fanfic. it’s call Angel Beside Me.
    here’s the link
    Thanks… :]

  188. mina: i love your 2 men+ 1 woman=1 baby story!!!
    it made me cry so much!!! (:
    can’t wait to read your new fanfic!

  189. gosh!!!! internet is getting slower and slower and slower each second!!
    I am trying to save but nothing works GEEZ
    maybe I’ll try again this midnight, when no people are using
    geez, this is why I hate sharing..

  190. hi i updated my story.
    dare you to move – chapter 9.

  191. @Tasia
    mine work fine… maybe it ur internet

    i Just update ur story in the “Complete” column
    and i put ur new fanfic up too
    it is ABC order if u want to look for it

    go to and click in “Brownse” to select ur pic
    then click “Upload”.. wen u finish… look in the “Tool Box” n copy the link that say “Direct Link”
    and that’s ur pic URL

    I KNOW!! soo happy..
    sad story about the girl that stole ur story.. but anyway
    Im a reader of ur story and …. ur story make me CRY hic hci hci
    but it really good
    – i post ur complete story in the complete collumn so if u want to look for it.. it in ABC order
    – i post ur new story up too.. n it also in ABC order if u want to look for it

    thx for tellin..
    it really helps

  192. here is my brand new story.
    please read!

  193. Roxy has done it again! She’s come back with another story.

    This is soooo much easier than photobucket…YAY!!!
    thank you thank you thank you….THANK YOU…

    I hope you have a nice day =]

    PS. The posting comment thing changed…woahhh

  195. @yuen193
    i just post ur story up.. u see (it in ABC order)
    KEEP UPDATING… if u cn… can u tell me everytime u update.. u dont have to.. but it’ll b easier for me

    thx for sharin
    i just post it up
    see it?… (ABC order)

    @Song My aka Cullen4ever
    u sooo welcome…i was surprise that u understand what im saying.. but anyway
    if u look up at my “Update” i have ur story up there
    well im pretty sure ur the author (Confessions of a teenage girl).. but idk you did ask me to put it up for u…i put it up anyway. hihiihih… but if u dont want to.. i dont mind takin it down.. so tell me if u want it up or not.

  196. lol…yesshh i did understand what you said =]
    Oahhhh…and I did look at the update lol….Weelll I dont really mind it being up hahaha. but my story is rather weird compared to other stories T.T lol.

    It’s so kewl though…the idea of making fan fictionsssssssssss…reading fan ficts is a nice way of spending the summer vacation when u hav nowhere 2 go haha =]

  197. i finished my fanfic, You STILL love me?!!!
    i started a new one that is a spin off my first two. it’s called, Unforgettable.

  198. Hey! I just saw this website and I have a BB & WG fanfic in progress right now [Well it’s more of a Toobin fanfic]

    It’s called What’s Fate Got To Do With Love?

  199. i’m writing another fanfic called: Forever With You

    i hope you decide to put it up here :]

  200. just update with a MUST READ

    He’s the Devil

  201. I AGREE WITH VICKY! Its my second favorite bb fanfic E.V.E.R!

  202. Hey guys! sorry about the lag on my fanfic ;P
    apparently my editor(sheproofreads everything for me)
    sent my fanfic in xD
    but never really did send it ;P
    so yeah i just sent in chapters 0-2. xD
    i’ll send 3-4 tmm


  204. i read it! “Our love” is good! G-dragon is the main
    character but all the other big bang member is also in the story too.
    i love this page! thanks for creating such
    a wonderful page!

  205. @Song My aka Cullen4ever
    “fan ficts is a nice way of spending the summer vacation when u hav nowhere 2 go haha =] ” that’s what i use to think too but instead i find a better hooby,,,, eating a sleepin… to my friends n family.. they think that i just sleep my summer away..hihi N IT FUN TOO

    thx for sharin.. and GIRL u been writin alot ha?.. it ur new story n yep.. ur on chap 26 already

    thx for sharin ur fanfic
    hope u’ll get bak fun at ur “so-call-Camp”

    @seungrix3love (tiffany)
    anouther fanfic already
    thx for sharin

    @Vicky and 7samira7
    i would love to put it up
    but u need to have a user name in order to read it
    n i dont have an account on there so i cnt view it..
    does the author post the story anywer else?

    thx for updatin us.. but (dumb Question) wat is the title of ur story.. or wat is the link to ur story.. i looked but i cnt find it

    i just post the story up.. see it
    it in ABC order if u want to look for it

    thx for tellin.. n yes i just post it up there
    i really want to read it but the author doesnt upload many chap yet.. n i HATE WAITIN
    so i might have to wait until she update alot then ill read it
    n thx soo much that u lik this page..
    it is kimmie idea so u should thx her for comin up with is column

  206. >>>>>>@Queenie
    sorry, the author hasnt posted the story anywhere else. mhhh, but you know what, how about i message Vicky on her youtube page and ask her to get in contact with the author? maybe she has psoted afterall-i’m unsure yet! HOWEVER,if worst comes to worst, then how about just makiong a soompi acount-it literally takes 20 seconds to make one!
    >>>>honestly hon, the story is mind-blowing-my second favourite after hypnotic! it really is SMASHING!! ^_^

  207. hello Queenie :]
    the author of two diff world, one love
    messaged me back a couple of days
    ago and said she doesnt remember
    anything about posting here :[
    but she says she’ll check this site out
    l8r on so yeah :]

    && i updated Wonderful Life again [:

  208. yay thanks for putting up my stories =D

  209. sorry I have been SO busy these days, PLUS my brother won’t let me use the computer for the whole 2 weeks now, and I have no time to update or do anything else with the computer, it’s not that I’m lazy or I don’t want to, it’s just like that, so I thank quennie who have been helping and updating =)
    oh that’s weird .. cause I remember she sent me the e-mail of her fanfic so I could post it here =) and I never get continuations from her, so that explains why, I guess she forgets
    YES. indeed. I read that fanfic like a year ago, and if I’m not wrong she was 14 back then
    she might be 15 now, that’s an amazing fanfic, I think it’s the BEST x) yes, when I have
    time I will put it here, or perhaps quennie will =)
    I recommend you guys to read, “MOCHA FLAVOR BURST” =)
    and What Fate Got to Do with Love? so far, it’s one of the best too =)
    and you know, the author of TIMING and HOME RUN, sharon, she writes the best
    bigbang fics, unfortunately she has deleted her previous works =(
    I hoped I could save them so I could read them =( but well, her current works are
    just magnificent, so yes you have to read em x)
    the others are also great, I’m just happy that BIGBANG fanfics are flooding nowadays
    back when I started my first one, they were kind of rare =)

    and hey, I deeply apologize for my incapability to update for you guys ,,,,
    I really am sorry, I promise I will make it up, I hope soon =)
    THANKYOU FOR THE SUPPORTS and keep readin. =)
    my special thanks for Quennie x)

    I won’t be able to be online due school business and “THE DICTATOR” invasion.
    lol. I hope you understand, sorry and THANKYOU =) see you soon guys!

  210. hey
    does anyone know why is down right now?
    is this happening to anyone else?

  211. Hey ! Umm i’m an author on winglin , and a few weeks ago you asked me if you could put my fanfic on this site.
    but I guess I was supposed to reply the answer on here , soo haha yeah I would totally let you do that (= that’s an awesome thing ! ❀

  212. can I help you guys with this fanfic page? I’m pretty much on winglin everyday so yeah, I think I could do something useful.

    I planned to fill the form in the help the site page, but the reply box is nowhere to be found, so I think I’m just gonna reply here.

    here’s my email:

  213. Hey guys, I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for an update. I’m off work tomorrow and promise at least 2 more chapters. πŸ™‚


  214. i finished my third fanfic already ^^
    i’m just starting on my third one called Sent From Heaven.

  215. oops, i mean my fourth one….

  216. Hey
    That fanfic’s pretty good. its called “one week”
    love this page by the way!

  217. sry for not updatin
    but i will soon
    n yes anyone wants to help can help… (if kimmie say yes)
    ill email u wen i have feel tiem

  218. hey! here’s a g-dragon and seung hyun story!
    another detxenyang story it’s completed
    but on the process of posting it…
    thanks πŸ™‚ come leave a comment on what you think
    of the story

  219. hi. May I suggest a few things?
    First I was wondering if there was a yaoi section.

    I think the front page looks a bit messy with all the forewords. To me, it would look cleaner with an index with all the titles and then people would click to go the forewords or summary

    And also, I’m the author of Hypnotic, thank you for putting my story in here.

  220. just wanted to let you know, inevitable is officially complete! =]

  221. OMG thanks ka for telling me such a good story i read it and i have to say SUPER GOOD it made me cry so much…BIG BANG rock! gotta say i love this site! thanks for having such a nice site i probably read most of all the bb story posted in here

  222. this is just great. i love ready these stories. there is always something in store. oh boy oh boy. this made my day.

  223. wow so many good stories πŸ˜€
    i’ve just started one would it be possible to post it here??
    ^^ i love reading fanfics and writting them too,
    i also made my first ever trailer for the story lol
    please let me know if i can post mine here thank you ^^
    x x

  224. TODAY :: AUGUST 17 2008

    kimvipbunnie speaking!

    GEEZ it’s been a VERY LONG TIME since I last showed my ass here xp Oh and we’ve gotten a new helper here! please give a warm welcome for kandie. xD

    since I can’t update I’ll just comment here
    hope you guys sp0t this!


  226. hei hei, it’s kandie here!
    Hope I’ll be able to update soon..
    I’m still learning to manage the page, so maybe it’ll take sm time.

    dah! XD.

  227. @patra86
    thanks for your suggestion, we’ll try our best!

    oya, for those who wants to give suggestion/advice, just put comment here..
    we’re really appreciate it!

    dah! ^^ -kandie.

  228. @leslie232
    of course you can! πŸ˜€
    just put the URL here.

    yours will be added once the page updated, so please wait for it kay?
    dah! ^^ -kandie.

  229. thanks ^^ well heres the url πŸ˜›
    thanks in advance hehe its not finish but theres 10 chapters πŸ˜€

  230. I want to (against my will) post a story here (demanded by a friend).
    I’ve been working on it for bit over a year, but it’s still not done, but I have no idea how to post the story here ._.
    SO. What should I do when I do finish it? πŸ™‚ Put the story first on and send the url? ._.

  231. hey just to let you know…. two differnt world has 16 chapters now πŸ˜€ i’ve updated 2 more chapters πŸ˜›

  232. @senri

    you can put the story on winglin first, then put the link here.

  233. Ooooh okay x]
    Thanks ^___^

  234. hey just to let you guys know…. two different world… is completed πŸ˜€ thanks πŸ˜›

  235. can anyone tell me where can i get the story for “Living our destiny”?


  237. ctineh0
    HEY!! i just UPDATE the page and YES i just put ur story up there. i1s in ABC order n in the COMPLETE column!!!!

    Hey Sammi!! i just update the PAGE!!! n i just up story up there so other ppl so read it
    hihihi.. n dont be lazy like me so UPDATE!!!!

    u got to be one of my best writer. u write soooo much!! n gosh u on ur 4th one already!!!!!wow! anyway i post ur story up so check it out!!

    hey girly
    i post ur fan fic up so every one cn read it so UPDATE n dont delet this story like ur other one

    thx for the advice
    i tryied to do that since day one wen i join this help crew. i dont really know all the writer so i can ask them for premission to relocated it somewhere else that’s why it look lik that
    we will do wt we cn to make this page more organize
    thx for the advice

    thx for liking our page!!
    i hope this site realll help u out
    if u find any story that this site doesnt have
    dont 4get to tell us

    hey i move ur story to the COMPLETE column. check it out

    sooo glad u LOVEEEE that story. dont 4get to credit the writer!!

  238. for ‘this fool’s love,’ i changed the prologue for new readers to have a better understanding of my fanfic. so if it’s not too much trouble, could you change it on here to the one i have posted up now?
    thankssssss :]

  239. heyy guys me n ma frend r writin dis big bang comedy fanfic plz read n tell us wat u tink heres da link.x

  240. @seungrix3love
    i changed ur prologue yesterday.. did u see it?

    yay we have a comedy story
    cn i read it first b4 post it cuz it look interestin. n i want to be the first one to read it b4 post it up

  241. yeh sure it doesnt rlly hav a plotline its jst brainstorms:P

  242. Uhm for some reason it wouldn’t let me post a comment from my account.
    but here ya go.
    Hi guys…errr. girls! ^_^

    Kandie told me I could post my stories on here so, here you go.
    hope you post them up! ^_^

    I don’t love you because you’re famous. (Big Bang + 5 fic. girls)

    ~Fatal Attraction~ (TOP & Taeyang & Fict.)


  243. Hey, its Sharon from winglin. You can put my fanfic here, i’ve been to this site before. haha here’s the url
    Author Sharon

  244. hi this is sara
    that is the site for my fanfic

  245. yumyumSUSHI here, yeah you can post my story here . go right ahead lol !

  246. Hi (:
    I got a message from Kandie about putting my FF here and I’m totally cool with it. ^ ^
    Here’s the URL:

    Author: Sennie_xo

    Thanks (:

  247. Kandie,
    Uhmm, I don’t mind you putting my fic here πŸ™‚ so yeh. xD But uhmm
    I have this posted on Soompi too and I have a different username there so uhmm, I don’t know if I should post both links but heres the winglin URL…
    Author: jiGy

  248. Kandie,
    This is Haewon from winglin.
    Sure, you can post my fic here.

  249. i just finished writing a fanfic so post it up when you have time πŸ™‚
    thanks πŸ˜€

  250. i also have another ongoing fanfic that i forgot to add to my other comment.
    thank you again, kandie πŸ™‚

  251. i was wondering if you guys know where i can find really good G-ri stories i found a few but they’re so hard to find!

  252. hi i was told to go here and post up my fanfic. How do you do that?
    I will do do it but don’t know how
    Its about GD and Sohee

  253. the website is

  254. Thanx to all my readers. Just wanted to let y’all know that I will be adding another chapter to my story tomorrow when I get off work. I believe it will be the final chapter, and I will be starting another Big Bang story soon!

  255. just finished a oneshot πŸ™‚


    I just change everything so just telling you.

    Here’s anothe rBb fanific I made

  258. hey it’s kandie!
    I’ve updated the page, so take a look!

    will reply to comments later, gotta go!

    bye! ^^

  259. heya its me agen lol
    is it alright if i put a collab fanfic here,
    it’s called Evanesce by me and Allison
    here’s the link
    thanks in advance πŸ˜›

  260. hey all! i’ve posted your stories up there
    check it out πŸ™‚


    I found two stories,

    I’m not really into YAOI stuffs so yea you could go on check yourself! ^^

    collab story? sounds great! ^^
    we’ll post it on the next update..

  261. thanks kandie πŸ˜€ ^^
    i really appreciate your help πŸ˜›

  262. hi kandie!!! can i call you unnie?
    haha sure you can post my story here^^
    it’s an honor you know:D
    auhor’s name: pia<3
    title: ‘Who Would Accept A Sl.ut Like Me?’
    note: i don’t really have a dot in between the word sl.ut
    i just used that so it won’t be that vulgar or something^^

  263. Hey Kandie!
    It’s an honor for my story to be posted in here^^
    If you wouldn’t mind I too have already 2 BB stories completed
    and 2 BB short stories^^
    Ima post the links here^^
    Author’s name:msz.sam πŸ™‚

    Title:Love Between Mr.HOTguy & Ms.QueenBee[COMPLETED]

    Title:The Thug in my life[SHORT STORY=COMPLETED]

    Title:The Pain of One-sided Love[SHORT STORY=COMPLETED]

    Title:Music Brought Us Together[COMPLETED]

    Thank You again and I hope readers would like it^^

  264. thanks for reading!
    of course i want out fanfic to be up there!
    so its
    please read!

  265. oh, yeah, by the way the title of our story is:
    also our name is

  266. WHOA! a whole chunk of the new stories at the top of the page disappeared O_O
    also, here’s my story:
    Author: Allison
    Title: Unbreakable

  267. I don’t mind if you put my fanfic here.
    I would appreciate it actually [:

    Author: i4GD
    Title: Unpredictable

  268. I love everybody’s stories :D.

  269. Hey I’m sorry for responding late.

    Author: Pseudonym
    Title: 4 In the Morning

  270. i m soo tire
    but i finally TOTALY update the page

    i put all those story in ABC order so u have to look for it if you want to see it
    YES I PUT ALL THE FANFIC the u guys request up there already
    alot of hard work but finnaly finish

    PS: Keep on commenting bcuz comment make ud feel like u guys really like this page so PLZ COMMENT!!!!

    PSS: i just finish reading the story Dance Off.. n i SUGGEST that u guys go n read it (jiyong fans)
    it a GREAT!!!! story!!!!

  271. ooohhh!!!thanks so much for putting my stories up^^
    It’s a great honor and I would like to acknowlegde ur hard work for arranging all the fics in ABC w/c makes it easier for us and other readers^^

    thanks again!!

    <333 ;]


  272. yay
    thx Kandie for updating cuz i was too lazy to do it wen i got the time.
    and wen i want to do it.. im busy
    so thx

    u welcome.. thx you for letting us put ur fan fic up there… hope u like our page

  273. heya just to let u know…… two different worlds ll is completed πŸ˜€ thanks for adding my stories in hehe πŸ˜€ and also just to let you kno im going on holiday in 2 days so the silence of love would be on hold for 2 weeks
    well yeah
    thanks for ure help ^^:D

  274. Heyy. I came by to check if my story
    is up & it is. Thnks .<

    Just like to let you know ..

  275. quennie, if you’re lazy than I’m a BUM!! LMAO!!!
    anyways, I’m trying to update now =)


  277. yay! welcome back Kimmie!! XD

    I’m gonna email u nao..

  278. lolll
    i miss u too girl
    now i have to go n look for ur email address so
    see ya there

    hey queenz kandie!! xDDDDDD

  280. omo, the page has beocme even more amazing.

    i thinkusing the poster/pictures really brightened it up more.

    so cool.

    okii, well kimmie (hope u dont mind me calling u that) ^_^

    i’ve finally posted my snap-shot.

    here’s the link

    wow i cant beleive i actually dared post it up. (gulps) writing in itself is nerve-racking. *laughs awkwardly*

    anyhooo, i think thats enough babbling from me.
    hope u can post it in the gallery.

    take care. ^_^

  281. omo, the page has beocme even more amazing.

    i think using the poster/pictures really brightened it up more.

    so cool.

    okii, well kimmie (hope u dont mind me calling u that) ^_^ i’ve finally posted my snap-shot.

    here’s the link

    wow i cant believe i actually dared to post it. (gulps) writing in itself is nerve-racking. *laughs awkwardly*

    anyhooo, i think thats enough babbling from me.
    hope u can post it in the gallery.

    take care. ^_^

  282. HEY HEY HEY. πŸ™‚

    I started a new fanfic. XD

  283. great job of putting everything together~!! i see myself up there too HEHE, do u think if we ever have a chance to change our posters?

  284. wow
    hu idea was this??
    i feel kinda dumb for NOT giving a idea like that….
    lovee that page even more now!!
    need any help..then dont 4get to ask Queenie to come to the rescues

  285. @queens LOL x)) thanks queenz! xDD SURE! anyways I’m gonna send you e-mails about tutorials in adding the posters and stuff so you could update when I’m not able to xDDD LOVE YAAAAAAA
    OF COURSE, if you change your poster just tell us and we’ll update for ya =))

  286. hey it looks much more organized now ^^
    I’m the author of Hypnotic and I see that my CC is not showing.Is it because it’s in .png and not jpg? I have another poster too. Just let me know if you want the link to it.

    well since the yaoi stories are in a separate section now, I came to advertise for myself. πŸ˜€ I know there ain’t a lot of GDYB lovers but still:

    here my collection of yaoi oneshots:

    My chaptered fic GDYB centric but there’s also ToDae and other pairings from the first generation of the YG family

    And do mention the rating goes from R to NC-17…I try to tell myself that I do my part of the job if I warn the young minds that this is a very rated story, they read at their own risk, right?

    Another short story on going. just PG-13. Still GDYB centric
    Summary:After 20 years, Kwon JiYong(38), a famous fashion designer, comes back to Korea. Dong YoungBae, a successful business man, doesn’t know what to think of the return of his first love. Why did JiYong leave without telling me? Why did he come back? Will they get back together?

    I think that I’ve listed all my stories πŸ˜€ thank you

  287. im back with some links:
    for hypnotic, I rather have the CC up because the poster doesn’t show how many characters there are.

    I put it in jpg. So it should work now.

    I forgot to post a link but since I’m doing a lot of things at the same time. Still yaoi, still GDYB centric.
    Love lessons(I forgot to post it but since I’m posting it with in a new thread):

    thanks again πŸ™‚

  288. hey .. I didn’t know if this was okay to write it here or not lol XD but i’m okay with you putting my story on ur site it’s actually really cool lol

  289. Yeah I’m fine with you putting my story on ur site
    it’s real cool lol

  290. No, I don’t mind! ^^

  291. whoa!!!
    there’s a huge improvement I see here!! XDDDD
    your idea to add posters are just great! πŸ˜€

    and and new stories are starting to flood againn \^^/
    can I add some updates later too, Kimmie?

    love this page even more nao!! hehe. :DD

  292. Hi.can u promote my fanfic too?
    title: look at only me.

  293. woww we have alot of comment everyday!!
    wat an improvement hihi
    all thx to Kimmie’s poster
    n suree i dont mind helpin u update wen ur lazy (but not now cuz ur in ur UPDATING Zone) hihi anyway if u want me to help u gotta teach me how to make the lil poster..
    ONLY wen u lazy to update and want me to help u

  294. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…BIG BANG IS SO HOT. T.O.P IS THE HOTEST, DAE-SUNG, G-DRAGON, SREUNG-RI, THEN TAE-YANG…SO HOT

  295. i am going crazy



  298. hey guys it’s Kandie, here’s another update for yall!! ^^

    @Shakerian114, Mimie, sweet_candii, Hae-Gi
    I’ve put ur story up, dont forget to update y? ^^

    bbye,, πŸ˜€

  299. I’m interested in Fanfic challenge !

  300. yay, people are getting interested, great! =))
    we’re gonna put it up ASAP, xDD

  301. Yaaay~! I will be waiting with baited breath. x3

  302. i like the story ‘his heartbeat is my favourite song’

  303. i like the story ‘his heartbeat is my favourite song’ beacuse its very sad

  304. hello. I just wanted to say that I have a poster for Runaway Love(yaoi fic). Here’s the link to the poster

    πŸ™‚ thanks

  305. hello I like the challange Idea! but u know that last time I joined a challange and got kicked out just b/c people don’t understand what I wrote (yeah i write really different) but that kick out thing discourage me a little *maybe a lot* LOL i don’t know, maybe i will do this one, since people here are nice people~
    HOPE SO~
    kimvipbunnie : I need to change the status of my fic, I’ve updated CH6 to This Love YAOI, and I want to change my poster here is the link

    plz change them for me, thank you

  306. [kandie — 26 September 2008 at 4:19 a.m.

    hey, I’m kandie from BigBang Fansite,
    umm, in BBFansite we have a section called Fanfics gallery, where we put up all the fanfics with Bigbang as the Main cast.
    do you mind if we put up your story there?
    here’s the link if you wanna see the site:
    let us know by replying in the Fanfics Gallery
    section, or you can send me an email to
    note: please include the URl and author’s name.
    thank you! ^^ ]

    i receive this comment on and my answer was YES! i would love to share my story here in this site ^^v

    here’s the link for my work:


  307. HI! I recieved the same message and I have no problem with my fan fiction on this website πŸ™‚

  308. Eeek…I dunno if I sent the link or not because my computer is a bit weird…so I’ll just post it again :\

  309. I don’t mind you posting my story here. ^.^

  310. i love the fan fiction page but its soo hard to find stories. it would be great if you guys would put them in catergories by genre and by couples and main characters! πŸ™‚

  311. Hey this is Queenie here bring u guys anouther update
    i surely will post ur pic up today

    ok.. i’ll change the posture for u

    thx for lettin us post ur fanfic up

    thx for lettin us post ur story up

    thx for lettin us post ur story up

    if u havent notice, we put the story in ABC order so if u want to lok for a story. just go by the alphabet. and if u dont know wt story to read but want ot read about umm idk Jiyong then u could just scoll down and look at the poster and see which one have a big picture of jiyong then u would know that jiyong is the mian character

  312. Thanks for the comment XD
    Don’t really mind if you post my story up.
    But I have two of them O___o
    If that’s okay with you.

    Uno –
    Title: What Happens Next?
    Author: i4GD

    Title: Unpredictable
    Author: i4GD

  313. Title: 1 Minute, 1 Second
    Author: baybeexsteph


  314. Thanks to everyone who read my story. It is now COMPLETE. I will be starting a new story soon.

    Here is the completed fic.

    “The Different One”

  315. hey its kandie, I’ve updated the page!! πŸ˜€

  316. over here it says our current chapter is 9
    its currently 12
    the author is BIGBANGloverr and the title is LADY
    and the picture changed too

  317. Hi Hi.
    My story.
    I don’t love you because you’re famous.
    I changed the banner on it.
    and thanks for adding my other story to the list.
    here’s the new banner tho.

  318. Story Title: Phantoms
    Author: zhiruo
    XD go ahead~ the more the merrier~

  319. hey..yea sure you can add my story πŸ™‚
    the story is called Pinky Promise
    the URL is
    and my name on winglin is : jay-ee-nn-nn
    but my name on this website is: jenna’dore

    you can use either…doesn’t matter.

  320. Of course, you can add my storyyy :]
    The storyy : Miss Independent
    The URL :
    The authorrr : Blu Real

    kay-kayyy, thanks for addinggg πŸ™‚

  321. Hey Hey.
    I’m collabing with Island_Diva in a story.

    Title: My Everything
    author(s): Island_Diva & Babyshak


  322. hi im from winglin! xD
    and it would be an honor to put up my story here XDDDDDDD

    title: my VIP.
    author: μ΅œνƒ‘λ‚΄κΊΌλΌκ³ 


  323. hey for the fanfic challenge can it be yaoi or does it have to be staright?? =]

  324. it can be YAOI =D

  325. i want to post a story im a silent visitor here

  326. YAY thnak you >.<, ill get right to it!! haha

    well, another update!! sorry it took so long ^^”

    @ writers
    all of the stories have been posted! check it out!! XD
    uh, and the posters update will be done later kay?

    u want to post a story? sure, just give the link then! =)

  328. Stupidity,
    Sanity’s Doorstep

  329. Of course, you can put up my story. :]]
    Story title: Live Y O U R Life
    Author’s name: iihmong


  330. anyways, there are a lot of entries that don’t qualify to make it through the challenge, for example it’s a one shot challenge but a lot of people make chaptered stories.. my fault for not making it clear, you can separate them into parts, but don’t make it like chapter-ed stories and also, no applying stories.. LOL, well, exception for this first challenge since I didn’t make it clear. =D

  331. sure, go right on ahead =)=)

  332. hi! i hope i got this right…anyway, the title is RIGHT KIND OF WRONG …author is tikka & teriyaki18

  333. of course! =DDDDD
    YAOI of TOP x jaejoong story =DD

  334. IS NC17 allowed?

  335. @Sandy
    For the challenge? Yeah sure, no probs! But make sure u read the regulations clearly kay?

    Good luck on ur story! πŸ˜€

  336. yeah i don’t mind if you put my story up. Sorry for the late reply i just saw the comment today…. (

  337. how many people submitted their entries for the challenge? i’m excited to see what people came up with =)

  338. hi, kandie! i didn’t see my fic in the list…

  339. KANDIE HERE!!
    as usual, the page updated!! will try to update once a week, so please wait for it!! πŸ˜€

    all your stories are up! don’t forget to update y?

    right now, there are already more than 10 people applied for the challenge, we’ll post the link here later for you guys to see, wait for it okay? ^^

    yes yes, your story is up now! sry for waiting.. ^^”

  340. asian_ Message for sandy
    HIHI! thanks for inviting me.
    YEAH! sure i’ll love for you to post my story up. ^^
    Anything else? just email me:
    Storytitle: Say What?
    Author: asian_

  341. ^^
    story title: One Night Stand
    author: baybeexsteph

  342. hi. And thanks, I’d love to put my story up here

    title: You Can’t Have it Both Ways
    author: iBite:]

  343. Story Title: Life Is Full Of Regrets.
    Author: mickeyyyxD
    URL :


  344. Title : Who Will I Be
    Author : Queenie
    URL :

  345. Hye there..i would love to put my story here.

    Title:My Girlfriends Is A Cleaner

  346. Author: miss lalala me
    Title: It Tells Me You Love Me

  347. Author: Ahn EunJoo

  348. Title: Remodeled
    Author: Ahn EunJoo

    Sorry if this is double posted…

  349. Hey…
    This is fallen angel lol XD
    I really think this website is pretty cool
    Sure, you can put my website up!

  350. just to let u kno tht the invincible has 5 chapters on there, and remember has 6 chapters πŸ˜€
    thanks ^^

  351. heya kimvipbunnie

    heres my link for the oneshot fan fiction fandome challenge:


  352. ooooooooommmmmmmmggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love love love love love love love love love love love love love love the story “in love with a gangster” and “my lady”. love love love love love love!!!!!!!!!!! XD ❀

  353. kjhdslfia

  354. title: DIARY OF AN EX-STALKER
    author: teriyaki18 & tikka

  355. Hello everyone!

    First I want to say, that I’m really sorry if this is the wrong place to post it. I just couldn’t find the right thread :-/ Sorry.

    A friend of me and myself created a new international asian music forum. There you can find musicgroups like:

    Big Bang
    Bi – Rain
    Dong Bang Shin Ki – Tohoshinki
    f.t. Island
    SNSD-girls generation
    Super Junior
    Super Junior M
    The TRAX
    U Kiss
    Wonder girls
    2PM + 2AM

    Golf – Mike
    K Otic

    (Fahrenheit – Fei Lun Hai)
    K One
    Lollipop – BΓ ng BΓ ng TΓ‘ng

    Alice Nine
    An Cafe – Antic Cafe
    (Hey! Say! JUMP)
    thE GazettE

    We would be thankful if you like to join πŸ˜‰ We’ll try to make this forum as famous as possible πŸ˜‰
    We’re also searching for translators (korean, chinese, thai, english and japanese into english) & moderators (for each band).

  356. haiiiii, i sent you a email but i’m posting this in a comment just in case. πŸ™‚

    title: We’re Addicted to Her
    author: Leannetots


    soo fiinally another update anddd… FFF Challenge stories!!! click, read, and comment!! tell us ur opinion about them πŸ™‚

    all stories are up!! srry for waiting ^^”

    it’s okay, keep promoting! i’m gonna check it out XD

    i think thats all, buhbye!! \^^/

  358. Hehehe, cooooooool. My stories are up there. x)

  359. awww am i the only one who put Yaoi oneshot lmao im Engraved_16 lmao i thought at least another person would put Yaoi up there hahahah

  360. i know my story is up there but sorry because i already delete it… mianhe!!

  361. Thanks QUEENS for updating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you so much~
    okay now, time for the judging, isn’t it?

  362. hello. i received your comment. sure no prob. πŸ™‚

    Title: More than friends, less than lovers
    by: crazyfangirl

  363. Title: Grown Apart
    Author: baybeexsteph


  364. Hey, it’s fallen angel from
    It’ll be nice to put fanfic up here…

  365. You guys got such a busy job! I feel bad asking you all to do stuff for me. But please when u have time change the status of my fic. This Love[yaoi] by Whitefoxbuns, to updated chapter 7, and a new poster is made here

    please change it for me when you can, thank you a lot

  366. @Kimmie
    ahh i love all the fan fic
    but i do have a couple in mind right now
    soo hard to pick one!!!!!

    sure ill change it for u
    but just not rite now
    mayby l8r
    im at school rite now so cnt do that here

  367. STORY TITLE: When We Were Young
    AUTHOR’S NAME: saranghaeDS

    ps. one of my other stories is on here, and so is this one,
    so i give you guys permission to just put all my Big Bang
    stories on here. well only if you want to, that is!

  368. is there going to be another fanfic challenge soon?

  369. STORY TITLE: Do,Re,Mi,U… & HER?!
    Author’s Name: Gr4c13KiM1214

  370. Hey!

    I really love this page… so I decided to put your link on our forum. It would be great if you could put our link to your site too. We try to make it international as famous as possible. πŸ˜‰

  371. hey!! as i was saying i have deleted my story… anyway, is there any new challenge?? i was thinking of joining it.

  372. Uh yeah my story? I don’t know how to post it on ur website so im guessing you’ll do it??
    “Love me the way I am” fanfic…

  373. hmm, so many fics to choose from. Are there any fics that you guys would recommend for me?

  374. this is kimvipbunnie speaking
    geez, I’m so sorry for not updating
    and informing who wins yet
    queenie was busy with midterms
    and please I ask for your patience once more..
    thankyou a lot =) and once again, choseohamnida…

  375. STORY NAME: Indulge


  376. if it’s okay to put my story up here ^_^

  377. hiiii!!! πŸ˜€
    finally, THE PAGE UPDATED!! πŸ˜€
    exams are such pain in the butt, i say :p

    all stories are up!!

    @Angela, miss lalala me
    another challenge? hmm, just wait for it okay? πŸ˜‰

    wah, thank you much! um, about linking ur site, you can ask for it to gdluvzmc in the contact staff page, she’s the admin here,,

    hi! yes there are tons of fics here.. why don’t you read the completed one first then?
    I personally love “A new Life” and “Dance Off”
    happy reading! πŸ˜€

    yess, I added it already!

  378. Title: Enemy
    Author: 4Eyez

    Is it okay if I submit my story? Thank you πŸ™‚

  379. Title: Wrong Kiss
    Author: Miss Ahn

  380. Title : What Can I Do ?
    Autor: MireTo

    Here it is πŸ™‚

  381. Lol thank god finals are over ;] I can’t wait for the next challenge!

  382. whats the next challenge?

  383. Yeah, I can’t wait for the next challenge, and it should be something like…that deals with the boys current situation (coming to the US) or another song title!

  384. Hi! This is Tipsianna again. I wouldn’t mind if you guys put ‘Men and Flowers’ up here.
    I would be totally honored ;]


  385. Hii. This is PandaEyesツ
    You can put my story, ‘Accidently In Love’ up there.
    Thanks a lot xDD

  386. title: I Love My Neighbor…He Is the One
    author: Lalala me

  387. Title: Slave to the Rhythm
    Author: Island_Diva

  388. Title: Haru Haru
    Author: LiZ is V.I.P.

  389. Title: Far Away From Fate
    Author: Tinee

  390. Title : Stolen
    URL :
    Author : saywho_

  391. oh yeah, please and thank you for posting my story up :]

  392. Pleas post my story!
    AUTHOR: MissChrissy


  394. Hello (: you wanted my story up right ? here you go

    URL :

  395. ToT dudes you better update soon i’ve got 4 chapters up and no one’s been reading sob sob…

  396. i have a question.. When the others have put up other chapters of their fanfics . .is it you that uploads them or them?XD haha … I hope that u will update soon .. and the others to (A) tihihh:D:D thanks~~~~~~~~…….

  397. I’m the author of ‘You Know You Love Me’ and i have some important news. If you like my fanfic, please goto chapter 33 and read a new update. I really need your help, i will be grateful if u help me^^

  398. hi,
    i was wondering why some of the heaven one-shots are chapters long rather than just a chapter; isnt it suppose to be a one-shot? not a fanfic story? i just think it seems unfair that some of them are allowed to write chapters for their heaven stories while others were required to write only one that is chapter lengthed.

  399. are there going to be anymore one shot challenges? and who won the last one?

  400. do an author have to mention when they update here?
    Well, yeh, just a question cause yeh, I’ve updated “Let’s Party Tonight!” . So yeh, are we suppose to? Sorry, I wasn’t sure where to ask.

  401. heyyy, this is my stories….

    Title : On a Same Roof With a devil
    URL :
    Author : xander

    #2 : one shot story
    Title : Sunrise sunset
    URL :
    Author : xander

  402. Winglin has been iffy with new accounts. DO we still use winglin??

  403. New Chapters for Colors of the heart by AOKI!!!! check it out

  404. @Authors
    all stories are up, dont forget to update! πŸ™‚

    @Ly, jiGy
    yes, we are keeping track of the stories in order to update this page, but if you come here and tell us that you’re updating, we’d be thankful then!

    @Ming Ming
    ok, I’ve include urs in the chapter update

    actually, we’ve already said that in the rules, but maybe it’s not clear enough to be understood, and since this is the first time we held the challenge, we’ll make the next time better and not to repeat this mistake again..
    thank you for asking ^^

    um yea, I’ve seen in some fics the author is complaining about this too.
    I think it’s because too many people who trying to access it, so it became a bit jammed? i don’t rly know, but maybe you could ask in the Winglin Forum about this..

  405. u didn’t answer my questions =*(

  406. @mitchipoo
    aw, sorry ^^”
    well, we do plan to make another challenge after announcing the winner of the first one, so please wait for it ok?!
    thank you for asking! ^^

  407. Hey, You might want to take off Perfect Combo..I deleted it but will write it when I gather my thoughts. I am now currently working on this one.

  408. Is anyone else experiencing problems with Winglin. I’ve been trying to create a new account to post a new story but the damn website when I hit submit says I didn’t complete a valid username, password, email, title, and characters. I’ve tried different user names, passwords, emails…It’s not going through…

  409. @Sammi
    here, i found this:

    i hope it’ll help, seeing that there are many authors with the same problem as you,,

  410. congratulations ^^ i’ll read your stories now =D

  411. i don’t mean to be a hater or anything, but i think jiyonglover deserve first place instead of second. I just reread 1st and 2nd place and i didn’t feel anything for Angela’s story where as i felt all giddy and “warm” when i read jiyonglover’s piece. also there were some mistakes and some explaining in parenthesis. maybe it’s a pet peeve of mine, but i don’t an author should explain herself in parenthesis…just my 2 cents

  412. kimvipbunnie :
    to “i speak the truth”, I really respect your opinion, thankyou for speaking up πŸ™‚ We also count people’s feedbacks, many people read both of their stories the most, but after a few discussions and re-discussions, we have decided. But we are not saying that this piece is better than that piece.. It’s just about numbers, actually, as I said everybody’s a winner but we only get to choose 1.. And sorry if we dissatisfy you.. πŸ™‚ thankyou..

  413. sorry, but i thought the whole purpose of a FAN FIC Challenge is to actually challenge the author’s writing skills and not rely on numbers.

  414. what I meant about numbers was not the numbers of readers or anything like that, but the orders of winning, it’s just about numbers, so getting second place doesn’t practically mean the first one is better, the three mentioned are the ones with the highest scores, but since we can only choose one first winner.. maybe I should change it into the three winners and not number them so that no one misunderstand, sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re only humans.. thank you for the mention, so we could improve and do better next time πŸ™‚

  415. kim bunnie
    ehehehe thanks for being the first to comment my new story =)=)
    and its all good, you can put the story here =)=)

  416. hey!:D I’ve updated for the story ‘Indulge’ — Chapter 7. I’ve also just got a poster for the story πŸ˜€

    Have a nice day.

  417. Hello! how are you? this place is really growing, please help me change the poster of my fic [This Love-yaoi] to this

    and chapter 9 is posted, thank you so much

  418. Author: (S)andy
    Title: Fickle [Partly R]

  419. erk, I had problem with making an account there, I try to make an account of mine there. Can someone help me?

  420. ^
    um, u could check the comments above, i’ve already suggest a link to go..
    Hope it’ll help! πŸ˜€

  421. I got a suggestion. Again to make it look cleaner (and b/c the page takes hours to load sometimes), the complete fanfics should be listed on another page where you could have only completed fanfics…And you can place a big banner on the top of this page to direct people toward the complete section.

    Now my request would be to take down 3 yaoi stories.”Living dreams”, “Love Lessons” and “Rivals”. Thank you. ^^

  422. Hey~. I was wondering if you could feature one of my big bang stories here? Or do you pick the one you want here?

  423. Well this sucks. Been trying for about a week to create a new account so I can start my 2nd Big Bang story, and Winglin isn’t letting me. It’s saying I haven’t entered anything valid in, when I have…Oh well…Had a story lined up and everything… 😦

  424. Yeah, I had that problem too. How many accounts do you have on there? That could also be the reason, too many accounts…[?]

  425. patra86
    ahh, thank you for the ideas!! we’re gonna upgrade this page soon πŸ˜€
    oh and yes, will fulfill your request,, wait for the next update kay?!

    of course we can! πŸ™‚ that’s why we made this page..
    any story with BB as the main char are accepted πŸ˜€
    spread the Big Bang love!! ❀

    aw, that’s sucks bad.. D:
    have you tried the link I gave above? or go to Winglin Forum? Cause I dont have any idea why this happen either :/
    I hope that’ll help, and then you could post the story here πŸ™‚

  426. Yoojin
    it could be.. seeing there are TONS of authors and not to mention the stories itselves, no wonder the site is overloaded.

  427. I only have one account there and it was for my story “The Different One”, and that has been completed. I’ve posted a message at the forum to see what I can do…Thanks! πŸ™‚

  428. im not sure if somebody already asked this or if its too hard…but is it possible to organize this page based on authors or on the featured characters of the stories?
    i understand if this is too hard to do but i think doing it will make the page much better
    but thank you anyway because this website is already amazing!!

  429. heyy-thks for your comment :]
    its fine with me if youu wanna post my story(:

    title:miracle bliss
    author: waytwee

  430. Update
    Fickle Chapt 4 is out
    Chapter 5 should be up Within the next three days
    Author: SandySsi

  431. Hello~

    Title: It started when I was late for school.
    Author: DinosaysRAWR

  432. Title: Do I need to Smile
    Author: RJPC

  433. Hello there:D

    Title: Do I need to Smile?
    Author: RJPC

  434. UPDATE
    CHAPTER 14’s been updated for Let’s Party Tonight!
    (SOrry it says there’s 16 but that’s
    only because some of my chapter halfies.) So yehp.

    AUTHOR: jiGy

  435. Hi.. this is my first fanfic
    Hope eveyone can give support and comment to help me improve

    Title:Love Across the Sea

  436. Hi I’m writing another Big Bang fic.

    Title: A Tale Of Two Lovers
    Author:Sharon kim

  437. Hi, I’m in the process of writing a BigBang fanfic. please comment and tell me what you like and don’t like to help me improve! ^^

    Title: My First Love Story
    Author: Verna (whY Be? it’s Vee)

    If people like this one, then I will post my first one. thanks! πŸ˜€

  438. Hello!

    Title: La Dolce Malattia [His Snow White]
    Author: RJPC

  439. What do I do if i want to post up my story ?

  440. Sorry I’m new at this ! 😦
    how do I make a fanfic ?
    someone wanna tell me the basics ? LOL

  441. aaaaahhhhh.. i need the story “top stalker” to update n ” no matter what leads to him”..

  442. Do we have to make a movie poster with the story that we are writting?

  443. do any of you have the stories called “brokenman”
    the main characters are youngbae and yoo bin???
    if do so can you send it to me by this email

  444. @camtuvu
    you could try
    go to the end of the page, then click β€œCreate Account”
    follow the instructions and tada! you can start post the story! πŸ˜€

    @Yuki Xiong
    poster? yes you may, it’d be good to give people insight of the story πŸ™‚

  445. ohhh okay. thanks, also how do you then post it on here ?

  446. @camtuvu
    just give us the link and we’ll gonna post it for you πŸ˜€


    here you go, the title is called FALSE

  448. hi^_^ i just wanna share my fanfic^^

    the title is My Mistake Lady and it’s still on its Chapter 13..


  449. How come when I click or search Aoki’s Colors of the Heart it says page not found?? Ugh!! I really wanted to read that story too!


  450. @JustJenny
    well there’s a chance tat the author has deleted the story or changed the link..
    but I searched it in winglin and the page is not found too.
    you could always read another story if you want πŸ˜€

  451. it seems some other stories are deleted aswell, we’ll post up the deleted stories list in the next update, thx for reminding! πŸ™‚

  452. hello, I just want to let you know that This Love [R-Yaoi] updated the Prologue and it is completed, thank you so much for helping me out all this time

  453. Hi we want to share our stories πŸ˜›

  454. hey guys!! I’d love it if you can read my story and leave a comment!

    It’s a combination of big bang and 2PM… but I’m not getting much love 😦 I’d appreciate if you guys can read it..

    Title: STRANDED!

  455. It’s me again

  456. hi! i would like to share my story but i’m still unsure of how… could anyone help me please and thank you?

  457. @Trixie
    hi ^^
    um, do you mean you want to post a story or do you want your story to be posted here?

  458. @kandie
    if it’s possible… i want to do both =]

  459. Wait a sec I forgot to put the names!!!

    The Dirty Maid[R]:

    Stealing Innocence:

    I Make Them Good Girls Go Bad:

    I Want You:

    Trying To Survive*HORROR*:

    but I really dont know how?


    awesome fanfic…..*random* taeyang’s a hottie!

  461. Lol thisb in cute but what is this exactly?

  462. @Trixie
    to make/post a story pls refer to my prev comment abt winglin.
    and to be posted here, you may left the story link like everyone else. if we update the page ur story will be up then ^^

  463. I have one im making right now!! =)) but i write it, not type it, i’ll try to type it…SOON!! when i have my free’s called BLOOD CONTRACT..=))

  464. i know most of you guys might not believe me.. BUT
    i had to stop writing my story and remake the plot.
    i was saddened to find out that my story’s plot is very similar to IRIS. TOP is my main character, and in Temporary Insanity he is also an assassin. =[[
    the show is amazing, and imagining my story coming to life like that is very pleasing BUT it is not MINE. =[[
    so i guess for now, my story is on hold again.

    i LOVE the show.
    i’m not hating ^^


  467. Hi…My story’s been up in winglin for awhile now…but i guess it’s hard to get readers…so, just wanted to share my story here…Hope you could post it here…Thanks

  468. Hey, I’ve just started a BigBang fanfic on winglin.
    Here it is.
    Author: Queenie

  469. check out my story,


  470. Hey! Could you put my fanfic up, sorry but one of you guys requested to put up my fic up along time ago and I frogot to reply back but you can put my story up…

    that sotry is alrready completed and finish!
    there is a sequel to it and its called THIS LOVE 2

    You could put both up, and yeah (: just for the big bang community πŸ˜‰

  471. Hi, I guess you could say I’m a new author?? Not really.
    But I have two FFs that feature Big Bang. (: I wouldn’t mind if these were put up in here. I’d be delighted.

    Until Whenever, Friend:

    Let Me Hear Your Voice:

    Hope to receive lots of support?? x:

  472. Hey Guys! it’s me detxenyang, author of
    “In love with a gangster”
    “love and pain”
    “2 men plus 1 woman = baby”
    and many more… anyhow i started writing
    again after a few years of break and the story
    is call “The Tunnel Of Love” featuring Big Bang, 2ne1
    here’s the site

    thanks : )

  473. I say you add Jiyong’s Bloodlust on winglin i really like that one πŸ™‚

  474. where can i read “rivals” beside winglin…since the author put it down…please…i really want to read it!!

  475. hello everyone! i’d appreciate it if you looked into my story entitled Signed Sealed Delivered starring the ever hot TOP. =)
    here’s the link:

    thanks a lot!

  476. I have got to come to an agreement together with the above commenter, the inescapable fact that information and suggestions such as you present is now widely avaliable does imply we all find ourselves that much more influenced as compared to a few years previously.

  477. WIsh thier was some blasian stories i only found one but its hard to find others to >< no offence i like other stories but I would love to see blasin to even Mexi-asian D<

  478. Your blog is really interesting to me and your subject matter is very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of site managers are doing these 5 mistakes”. You will be suprised how simple they are to fix.

  479. how do i post a story?

  480. how do i read the not completed fics?

  481. does anyone know where i can read 4 in the morning still, finished or unfinished!!

  482. Hi, i’ve written a TODAE fanfic, it’s still in the early stages of development but i still hope you would take time out to read mine and give me pointers on it! thank you!

    Here is the link :

  483. You can write gri fanfiction? I love them so much.

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