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By streetpainter


By Cindy


By b1gb4ng1rl


By BaboBaBo


By Orangyoranges


By ohemqeex3


By skwon



By diemie



By Kim


By hikari


By monicakes



By marico



By kpgurl


By LavÏesVÏP


By Jeska


By Vivian Ha





By MonicaVIP




By CharlieHowGee


By Tooth


By Kimi


By ajlak_awaii


By Elegan


By widchii


By yongtori


By Tina


By Maddus


By cherry

more HERE


By Ldysilly


By gdmonday


By fortune_cuukie







Jeska, Monicakes, Gyang, Daisy

Jeska, Monicakes, Gyang, Daisy


Kim H.



255 Responses to “Fan Art Page”

  1. OMG!! tae yang n daesung one’s LOOks so REAL!! gosh!!

  2. whoa..
    they are like..
    all of them are so realistic..
    who drew these???

  3. @broken fruit: It says above each set of pictures. 1st set is by streetpainter, 2nd set is by Cindy, and 3rd set is by b1gb4ng1rl. 😉

  4. @b1gb4ng1rl: haha i thought the streetpainter thing was the name of the painting..

    and i didnt see the other names.. drew that one..
    your so cool for making this site=]

  5. @brokenfruit: uh. yeah- not without the help of balloonz. I’ve learnt quite a lot from balloonz.

  6. OMG, TY and DS pics look awesome !!! o.0

  7. those art r really good
    it look sooo real…

  8. the TY & DS one is using pencil or..?
    like the hair details xD
    nice work~

  9. To: LaviesVIP, yes i only used pencils hehe thanks!
    those pieces are kinda old though i’ve been looking foward to drawing
    YB-TY again since he’s my fave!! but with he’s new cool look!

    To: ranu, thanks!!

    To: Kinoha thank you!!

  10. Hi, b1gb4ng1rl,

    Where can I upload next drawing?

  11. @streetpainter: I’ve been having trouble sending you emails thru your yahoo account.. you sure its with the comm..( double m ?) or do you have another email/ account elsewhere that you can send the link to.. ? or I could try again using my gmail.

  12. Kyah x3~
    The FanArts are awesome *_*~. Especially the YB one *_*! Looks great x3

    Wanna show you my drawings x3, too~ (i’ve already posted them on ^^~ maybe some of you already saw them *my name there: kokoruri*)

  13. b1gb4ng1rl ..Here is my new mail account.

  14. yep, thanks..

  15. Hello b1gb4ng1rl, Check Email Please

  16. You so excellent!!

  17. They’re all so good!! wow you got talent dude!


  19. omgahh dey r sooo effin realistic (=

  20. The last uploaded drawings made me to give up to draw.It is so perfect. the best ever.

  21. woowwww
    i love young bae’s by cindy 😉

  22. cryworldddddd
    urs are amazingggggg ;p
    gud job ;))

    if top get to see it i think
    he’ll cry out of happiness ;p

  23. wao.!!! ALL THESE ARE AMAZING !!!!!!!!! very well done VIPS !!!!

  24. OMG~~~!!
    Top in I am Sam~~~~!!
    i’m speechless…*bow* >.<

  25. the TOP in I am Sam one looks so real!!

  26. Wooo..the lastest uploaded drawings made me to give up drawing.It is so fantastic.

  27. i like the tae yang one. his hair is i’m so jealous of how one can b so talented…

  28. da lass ones of t.o.p r soooooo freekinn awesum ahah

  29. wow..amazing sketches… 🙂

    the last ones of TOP are WOWWW looks so real!

  31. ahh the new ones from TOP in I am Sam are awesome!

  32. omg..they look so good gosh!! but the top pic look so real.

  33. wow! these art work are dead on. they look so much like the reall bb guys. great drawing.

  34. The 3rd last one of TOP looks so real!!!!! 🙂

  35. WOW!! yall are amazing! i bet if big bang see this..they will be so touch..big bang fighting!

  36. i love the third last one! ajhdsjds *_____*
    talented people! :3

  37. no seungri? :[

  38. can we also send some drawings…??;)

  39. Hi, to jeannierain .Of course you can send your drawings to post here.

  40. wow!!
    top in i am sam looks sooooo real!!!!! seung ri??..
    and i cant see the picture..the picture…

  41. wow it looks real isn’t it? you’re cool guys. where’s the GD’s ?

  42. Wow they’re so good!
    Haha I made a banner of TOP.

    But anyways, these are REALLY great!
    The ‘I am sam’ TOP looks REAL.
    Lols, love em all though ;D

  43. Though mine is crappy compared to all of yours esp since it’s the first time ive drawn a real person XD, i just got the sudden urge to draw =P and id like to dedicate it to jiyong <33

  44. my friend leena made this cartoon drawing of BB and i just wanted to share it (:

    CUTE HUH? ^_^

  45. omg…the last three…are so good…all of them r good though…

  46. Omg! really good work O_O i wish i could draw like that

    Top looks so real *¬*

  47. OMO!!!!! My Jaw Literally dropped.
    WOAH~! So talented!

  48. i just like to share my drawing of bigbang hope you guys will like it

  49. i just like to share my drawing of bigbang hope you guys will like it

    this is so amazing.
    you guys are great drawers.
    i have one of DAE SUNG.
    but i’ll show yall later.

  51. omg!!! that 1 with top wow!!!! nice

  52. OMG! those last 3 of TOP are amazing!!!
    captured his facial expressions perfectly!!!

  53. @hikari woah what tool did u use?



  56. HOLY DAAYYUUUUMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FANTASTIC JOB GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. i have removed SOYUN’s comment..coz its reali mean n she/he doesnt appreciate the VIP’s hard work in drawing our boys..

  58. I added a ceramics piece that I made in class but if it’s not allowed, do tell me and I’ll take it off =)

  59. wow!! orangyoranges
    how did you do that????
    carved it into the ceramic???


  60. @monicakes:
    haha in ceramics my teacher has this certain printer where we can use whatever picture we want and put it onto the clay and then we just shape and everything afterwards haha but yeah i was surprised it only came out with a few spots white spots because the rest of the ones that i made afterwards didnt come out as nice as this one! =)

  61. aw nice! must be faith then!! lol very good! i love it! 😀
    and even the white spots look perfect too :]
    is it just a rectangle thing?

    again, that is very cool
    ive never seen anything like it before

  62. for fan art, do wallpapers count too?

  63. love the last drawing^^

  64. the one drawing was like exactly like top…the one with the backpack

  65. thanks brokenfruit !
    i don’t think it’s that qood because i kind of rushed it .
    rushed because it was durinq school hours ndd i shuddn’t have been drawinq .
    but i’ll draw another picture that wudd beh wayyy better !

  66. I want to add my fanart x3~

    Having a bunch of more, but they are to old x_x (From November). If you still want to see them, feel free to ask ^^.

  67. Kyar ** The “G-Ri Daydream” picture is so damn cute x3~~

  68. thanks marico! i love yours too! its very cute! did u do the line art in paper first?

  69. @monicakes: yes, i did x3~ and then i colored the picture with photoshop |3~

  70. ah thats cool :D! ur good at coloring

    mouse or tablet? lol srry

  71. mouse XD but i so want a tablet Q__Q (well, I had one once, but yeah %D…)

  72. yeah! me too! those are so cool *–*

  73. WOW.
    i envy you guys!!
    nice picture ohemx,

  74. i want to add my painting of gd that i did for my art class

  75. hello i’m here again!
    i’d like to post this new work oi’ve done of one of Young Bae’s recent photo shoots
    i could have done better work in this is just that i just bought for the first time some special manga pen’s and wanted to try them out! so these are the results 🙂
    hope u like it!

  76. omg omg omg !!!!! you posted my drawing thank you very much !!!I I am so happy
    I am now so inspired to do another one !!bigbang is the best I posted thier picture in my room and I looked at them all the time they are soo perfectly cute! I never grew tired looking at them!!!

  77. :] im very impressed by ur drawing, hikari
    make more!

  78. haha i’m feeling to draw G-Ri last few day~♥
    well…here is it~^^

    *gosh..sry jiyong & seung ri oppa i’ve draw u both so ugly >.<*

  79. ahh…my bad my bad..>.<

    here’s another of G-Ri =P

  80. That rlly looks real lawl XD


  82. WOWERS JESKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol cant wait for Seung RI ♡

  83. @monicakes.
    fo’sho 🙂

  84. awessomeeeee jeska !!!!!!!! and lavies !!!!!!! o they are so cute !

  85. xD

  86. HEY JESKA! i heard from moni, that you just drew that on doodle !??/ juwst by clicking teh mouse !? i cant even use that to write proper alphabets…..u are so aweeeeeeeeeesomeeeeeeeeeeee.. dang, i missed it when u guys were online -_-

  87. @LubBB: i used tablet to do it 🙂 if i did mouse….i would not be able to do type right now 😉
    thanks for compliments 😀
    i am gonna do it again next time for moni. 😀

  88. yah mistress! i sayd tablet xD!!!

    yay for jeska! *0*!!!!!! i seriously cant wait! xD

  89. Jeska….i like your art…OMG so freaking good…and moni told me that u did it on DOODLE
    thats just so WOAAAHHHHH

    and yeah cant wait for the others 😀

  90. @Gdlov3r: thanks much 🙂

  91. Love U So Much……………………………

  92. WOOOOOHOOO ITS SR! MY SR! MY LOOOOVE!!!! thanks again jeska! x]

  93. omg! just noticed there’s a dot from my brush there!!! omg sorry!
    its like a fly on the soup :/

  94. @monicakes: no problem. dot isn’t that a big of deal. 😛

  95. Hello all.Can anyone help me to upload GD drawing which I uploaded it last time. But somehow the link is broken.
    So, If anyone helps, I will send it. I would really appreciate it.
    I am really happy to see next drawings posting here after me. Cool..
    All looks great.

  96. The page is so active..

  97. @streetpainter
    send me an email
    subject “bbfanart”

    thank you

  98. omg!!!!!
    i so love this….
    i wish i can draw like that…
    but i cant….
    lolzx >____<

  99. @xiaoxen: thanks much 🙂

  100. LOVE IT ALL!!!!! i wanna kno howto draw!!!!

  101. Wow the Taeyang, Daesung, and The TOP picture from I am Sam look so realistic…i draw but definetly not like that..this is amazing!!!

  102. WOW!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT DRAW!!!!!!!!!!

  103. wow
    longg time i havent look bak in here
    n goshh
    soo many new n ALWSOME DRAWIN

  104. want to share my bigbang drawing again hope you guys will like it im going to post my drawing of dg next time too

  105. […] To see more or  share yours leave a comment HERE […]

  106. jeska!! u noe u rule!! dat top pic is soooooooooo gorgeous!!!

  107. hmm…my drearest VIP artists..

    would it be possible for me to inlcude all of the drawings here in my BB and Me Project?? man, they boys are so gonna love it especially TOP..he really do appreciate artworks made by fans 🙂

    let me know ya..

    would appreciate if i can get the links for all artworks here..

  108. wowwww
    soooo beautifull
    i hate myself
    why wont my mom give me some of her drawin jean (w/e u spell d real word)
    she dont have drawin still though

  109. @#.:[ ♦iaRe딜dAe♦ ]:. : thanks 😀 ahahahaha. i was so surprised to see the link at the main page. hhaahaha.

  110. AHhHH…..JesKa….I love your drawing..!!!
    Gurl u are reallly really awsome…amazing…fanstastic !!!!

    Really envy you…xDD

  111. OMG you guys are great!!!!!!
    all of the drawings are just awesome!!!! 🙂

  112. I thought I’d commented these before but I guess not..

    Seriously, Great job everyone!
    These drawings are amazing.

    I would submit my own..but I can’t draw very well. XD hehe~

  113. Omooo! Jeska really great job! :O love it >.<

  114. they were all really good but the person who drew the 3 pics of TOP deserves tickets 2 see them, an award or something.

  115. hahah krobertz88
    im guessing that was a korean fan

  116. I drew something new =)

  117. So adorable!!!! I love them so much!!!!

    Here is my art I did wit Photoshop for greeting Dae Sung birthday, may I share it? ^^

    Hope you like ^^

  118. those Jeska one izzit done by doodle?? o.o!!

    its totally amazing!! xD

  119. @Vivian Ha:
    aww…the greeting for dae sung was fantastic~~ but i notice something! u writed “26.4.1989 – 26.4.2008″ is like….when ppl died, they write like that o.o” dont u think so ? xD sry if i’m bothering =X

  120. @Gdlov3r: ahah thanks. you can do it too. thanks for compliment 🙂
    @Mariale: thanks much.
    @LavÏesVÏP: yes, i did them on doodle while i was in fansite chatroom for VIPs 🙂

  121. oh my God…. I didn’t notice it… I actually didn’t take care of it… so sorry our DS and all of you…


  122. […] See the huge size on the fanart page.! […]

  123. wow you guys are so talented

  124. wowww..
    it is so cooll.. look so realll..!!
    im so supriseee..
    especially daesung’s pic, TOP n YB’s pic..! hahaha..
    love it all..

  125. SOOO talented!!! Im so jealous!

    HEYY why not make a photo album of Big Bang fan-art and send it to them? They’ll probably appreciate the lovely art inspired by them!!! =]

  126. I did 2 pics more for Big Bang. I really really feel envy with all of you who can draw pics of BB on your own style. What I could do was just using a pic of them and photoshopping it!!!




    More pic for Dae Sung, for his 19th birthday – I love you!


  127. Hi , i would like to add my fan art please hehe i’ll post the link below but before i do i wanna say everyone who posted their pic is soo talented and hope you all like mine, i only did a quick sketch of top. hehe

    MY Love

    TOP ❤ by me top

  128. top ❤

    please post it

  129. woooooow that i am sam’s top GREAT
    i envy kkkk

  130. i lovee the fanart!
    please post mine tooo ^_^

    & visit my page ->

  131. ohh and my fanart is a digital painting done with Painter + Wacom tablet 🙂

  132. this is not my work, but I really think that it’s really good and deserves to be up here.

    All rights reserved to KenXVII

  133. sorry, forgot the link

  134. wow i love the ones of tae yang! it looks so real!

  135. Aaahw they are so nice !
    I rly like G-ri from Monicakes, marico and LavÏesVÏP the best hihi ^^

  136. ahh i just realized my previous link didnt work T_T


  137. My drawing of them in cartoon!!!!!!!!!

  138. wow !!!

  139. WOW!!! these drawings are soooo good!~ esp. those TOP drawings! i did a graffiti thing for gdragon since i heart him so much ^.^ not sure if this counts as art..?

  140. To monicakes
    Check email please.

  141. ^ added your gd drawing streetpainter. =D

    please post : )

  143. Thank you, monicakes

  144. Thanks a lot Balloonz..
    Have a great day.

  145. WOO!!!
    Go Jeska!
    Everyone of these r soooooo cute!

  146. dae sung one =)

    tae yang one =)

    seung ri one =)

    Doesn’t look too good but i tried lol

  147. i’ve got a fanart i’d like to add too. it’s from YoungBae’s new MV! He was so hot in that video I had to draw him:

  148. oh poor.. no comment on my drawings..

  149. le243le: thank you so much!!

    athirah: thanks it’s one of my fave works too! 🙂

    meyo:Thank you!

    chellysaranghaetop : thank you!! 🙂

  150. Hey guys
    i did i knew drawing of Tae-yang or Young Bae again hope you guys like it
    sorry i had to link it from Deviantart but imageshack wasn’t working well at the time
    hope this is ok 🙂


  151. <> Good luck i love you T.o.p kiss you my love pretty boy love love

  152. Thank’ you T.o.p

  153. uhmmm, i was wondering if i could add a painting i did of TOP????

  154. oh yeah and this would be the link, i guess you need that…??? =]

  155. sooooo cool guys !!! :OO

  156. Every work is so cool.
    This is my work in class room.
    Fan Art G-Dragon >w< b

    Yong Yong so cute.
    From Thai Fanclub

  157. oh my gosh so cute some are so cool
    and high teck
    dam love those
    you guys can draw and draw cute
    like cartoon:}
    keep it up you guys:P

  158. hey i drew gd’s 2 pix. i want to add here . pls tell me how?

  159. usl_gd, just post the link here and we’ll post it up! looking forward to see your art work!

  160. WOOT! sorry for taking so long u guys :[
    so many good art work! so many well talented VIPS!!
    well all have been updated

    except for STEPHANIE’S
    please repost your link! ^^

  161. […] Hallo there VIPs! whoo, haven’t been here in a while! So, forgive me for the delay but your art work has been posted […]

  162. OMG BaboBaBo, I love your stuff!!!! >< the TOPs are gorgeous *faint*
    I’m jealous of you all! XD GOOD JOB!
    Can I put my chibi of KwonLeadah here? =3

  163. link litaaa link *0*~

  164. hahahaah sorry XD here it is:
    I hope it works this time ^^
    omg moni, did you do that Tae Yang on
    OMG JESKA XD gimme your talent and your school, pwz? =3

  165. omo~~~I didn’t know there are so many people do the drawings of BB.
    (I’d thought there would be only me who draw our boys in class LOL)
    They are really amazing~~~XDXD This page makes me wanna draw some moree~~~XD

    ^Here’s mine, It’s Seungri=D
    and I’m working with 2 more pix, if they come out ok, i will psot the links soon XD~

  166. nope, Kimi did it xD

    D: awww ur link doesnt work for me
    maybe u could upload it to
    or photobucket

    thanks widchii
    thats lovely!

  167. ahahhahaah USH’s pool party doodle is hilarious!!!

    SR: Hyungs save me!!
    GD& TOP: Its ok, he’s still HOT

    LOL hahahahaha

    gyang is drowning

    DS: save her already

    wahahah and USH dancing D.I.S.C.O

    CHATROOM ONE IS AWESOME DUDE…..we should do this again 😀

  169. thanks ming ming 😀

  170. hahahah xD

  171. another one!

  172. kk!!! THE LINK WORKS NOW *clenches fist*

  173. More to come… Hope you’s like it!!

  174. in the midst of preparing BB i would like to have a special page for Fanart in BB and me Project or i could i put some in GD..depends..

    can i use all of the artists’ works here?

    please let me know soon!

    i have b1gb4ng1rl, Mimi @Marico and Jeska’s permission..would apprecaite if i can get the rest

    Email me:

  175. Oooooo I have some of YB !!

    Tehe. 😀

  176. I love that one drawn pic of TOP … it’s soo detailed I love it! 😯

  177. I have ALOT OF YB STUFFS ! 😀

    Animations ;


  179. Omg sorry bout reposting the links 😮

    I thought it didn’t go through the first time so I kept reposting it 😆


  180. :O everyone’s soo good at drawing ><
    i feel noobie posting mine up LOL
    photoshop counts too? O_O OoOo i’ll be back with photoshopart ;D

    well here’s my drawing of seungri

  181. OMG SO MANY!! dont kill me for not being here more often
    im slowly getting there x___X

  182. I feel like such a traitor because im actually on Team GD.
    Don’t worry. GD’s coming. XD im actually contemplating drawing all the boys during the teddy bear photoshoot, i have 4 pages left in my sketchbook. o.O

  183. @gdmonday
    is that watercolor paper?
    do u watercolor?
    i heart water color xD

  184. hmmmm…good works are coming up 😀
    i will work on some watercolor paintings since i have some extra sheet if i get some time after i work on this painting that i am working on for personal project.
    i wanted to make my own YB poster 😛 but then…i want to do all 5 of them…ahhh….you will see hopefully soon 😀

  185. WOW! really nice drawings!
    i like them all!
    who all drew these??
    wlela, keep up da drawing!!

  186. cool drawings….wish i could do that aish…

  187. Hi! my name is Haidi and im 18 years old..U all have very good songs and dance moves…im your BIG BIG FAN ever…i want 2 meet ya but im not lycky girl..coz im from in viet nam and i live in finland … : ( but my first wish is i can go to Korea and meet ya all… : ) if u r friendly so u all can add my e-mail : ) >< come to finland and sing at Hartwall Arena u all have many fan in ffinland coz my friend and everybody is your big fan 2…u can go to and check my pistures…nick is |-|3iDi or go to myspace and nick is N-Heidi…ouh yeah or and write N-Heidi – Thankful for meeting you…coz im singing : )

  188. sorry if it doesnt look like watercolour. i havent watercoloured for many years so i kind of forgot how to make it look like watercolour

    and yes, i didnt finish the backround..

  189. @monicakes
    haha yeah its watercolour paper, but i don’t watercolour much anymore. i just love the paper because it’s so thick smooth. mm.

    omg new picture but not on watercolour paper. quick sketch of gd and i want the hoodie.

  190. WOW~~more arts~~XDXD This page is getting longer and longer LOL
    Emm, sorry but I think the 2nd pic of my fanart is not mine :D~

  191. mmmmm hello this is my fanart

  192. @blazinasian
    wao ur style is quite unique! :O

    @widchii lol sorry
    its been fixed!

  193. Is this for everyone to send in their pictures???

  194. Wow! The pics look so realistic and cute ^^ Good job everyone!
    I wish I could post my pics of Bigbang >///<

  195. @BiiG BaNg GuRl…^^ yap! would love to see yours!

    @NaTaLii3 ♥ BiiG BaNg…^^ go ahead! we dont bite :]

  196. HAYAH!
    i drew another one! of top cause i lurv himm!!

  197. @blazinasian
    uuh u have deviant art!!! me too!

    whats yours?

  198. @monicakes
    YEA! this ones mine!
    omg you lk KHR?!
    well thats a another subject… 😀

  199. I made this i while and i wanted to share it with all of u

  200. sorry its not clear

  201. He is! :mrgreen:

  202. o0o0o me! its not that good tho (doesnt rly look like them at all)… i was bored so i made it (the disco song was in my head at that time)



  204. some moreee! ❤

  205. For their 2 year anniversary =)

  206. two more:

  207. another one hehe

  208. LMFAO, I just …. I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I’ll colour this later.



  210. I just love YB =D


  212. heyy, here is a link to my album on facebook with my photoshop stuff and you can see my pictures i made of big bang ❤ hehe i love them 🙂 xxx

  213. the artwork on here is amazing!! monicakes, i was wondering what the song on your myspace is called/who its by, it’s really good! >.<

  214. WOWOWOWOW!! everyone have a nice arts!!
    check out this one 😀
    its mine.


  215. woot sorry
    here is the links

  216. This is my news work.
    Taeyang SD ><
    This is the link

    Thank you for staff admin.
    Hope you enjoy.

  217. Sorry for new post reply.
    This is old work but I’m hope you like it.

    Thanks for reading.

  218. omg! these are all REALLY GOOD! no joke!

    ❤ GD ❤

  219. Hey, I’m from Canada and I’m 18 years old. I drew this as a Christmas present for my friend last year.
    I hope you like it!

  220. Oh, very impressive graphics , I’m also Drawn On paper Using Pencil & Identified wood , Drawn Group big bang (L)

    I hope that is admired by all .. BYE BYE ^^*

  221. i’m still a rooky.. can someone give me some tips on drawing?!

  222. is art works accepted?!

  223. wow very very good

  224. I had a go at drawing my fav.SOL.<333!003.jpg

  225. Ouh.i tried opening it.just ignore the ‘item missing’ part.go to home page photos.=]

  226. try this link.gosh this is irritating.-_-.but i love yah.

  227. this is final.


  229. ok i give up.

  230. TOP

  231. gdragon and gaho


    hopefully you guys will like these i have so many more i am working on so if you have a deviant keep an eye out one my page 😀

  232. I have something from BANGS:

  233. yeu big bang nhiu

  234. hey my cousin drew a tae yang picture for me for my 15th birthday and i wanted to share it.

  235. Heres The Drawing of tae yang my cousin did.

  236. Hey, here’s my drawing of GD, there are a few, but onli posted one.


  237. This is my drawing of Tae Yang:

  238. Thí is my drawing, TOP and Chibi BB 😡

  239. thanx for all

  240. OMG >0< so GREAT!!! Love it! Love Tae Yang!! :X:X:X

  241. @ BaboBaBo the top crocker isss awsooome ur sooo talennteeeed bravooooo milllle fois ur awsommmmme woafff i aplausse youu and also the other pics are soock woaaah i’m realyy amazedd thank you for posting those drawning !!

  242. goooooood



  243. Hey guys.. I’ve done some fanart for GD and TOP! ^^ ..I’m not sure how to post it up here, but you can feel free and check it out on: ~~~ Thank you!! ^^ x

  244. I wanted to share with you a T.O.P fanart that I created. It is a miniature TOP, made of polymer clay.

    More photos from:

  245. Okay ~~ I really want to send this to Taeyang but it hasnt seem possible for me 😦 but hopefully he could someway see this. I worked very hard on it and want him to have it. Taeyang Oppa Hwaiting!

  246. kewl! dear Jeska, do you mind if I picking your top fanart for my twttr background? plsss i really loveit!

  247. How I send my pict here ?? 🙂

  248. Hope you like my drawing!! Check it out on deviantart

  249. hi bag bang

  250. All of my kpop draw here :


  251. how do I share my artworks? I want to share my fanart of big bang

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