Spring Message to Big Bang Official Fanclub VIP2


VIP2 is the second BigBang Official Fanclub!  When they first launched the First Official BB Fanclub (VIP1), those who went to BigBang first debut concert, they will received a special serial number for them to register as an official members. Not to say that the first fanclub was full, but since BigBang became popular day by day, their fanbase have grown up till now. Despite the difficulties resgistering at VIP1, YG had decided to open the Second Official BB Fanclub (VIP2) for fans who didnt get to register earlier / didnt obtain the serial number from the concert and especially for the “last minute fans”. So the purpose of having the second fanclub is none other to accomodate fans who wants to be apart of the fanclub which of course indirectly increase Bigbang fanbase throughout the nation. 

The VIP2 is somewhat different from VIP1. I have mentioned this on Vicky’s old post. I guess it would be impossible for you to go thru the archives. Anyway, when YG announced about the launched of the new Official Fanclub VIP2, some of the current VIPs werent too happy about the new club as the rules and regulations to become a member was much more easier than the first one. They offered positions to anyone who wanted to become VIP2 Staff (FAN STAFF) for kvipz. But to be apart of the team was not easy. You have to sit for exams and there were in fact so many procedures that u will need to go thru with and whatnot.

International VIPs will not be able to register as members at BigBang Official Fanclub for now. I have asked YG Ent about this and they are considering of having it official for Overseas fans. There are a few things they have to consider and will inform as soon as they can. Mind you, that setting up official club isnt easy. It involves money, time, manpower etc. So now, all we need to do is just wait.


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Translated by: tanc_18@soompi ||  CREDITS: tanc_18 @ soompi
Post taken from: chau@VIPz Overseas

~ by Momo on April 19, 2009.

43 Responses to “Spring Message to Big Bang Official Fanclub VIP2”

  1. xD Bae’s handwriting is so neat. Oh those boys. :3 Big Bang Hwaiting!

  2. They’re so cute , i love what they said ^_^.
    btw ,please excuse my ignorance but what’s this vip2?

  3. Omg They all have so cute handwritings mostly baby!!~

  4. LOL Bong said plz love 2NE1 more ,but I love Big Bang more than them they are cuter and more well better! 🙂

  5. what’s vip2 exactly? ^^”

  6. haha does it say “TOP SHI”? he wrote it so bigggg!

    TOP’s handwriting is freaking neat.
    Seungri’s handwriting .. haha WOOSH.

    i like how GD is advertising for 2NE1 love 😀

  7. wahh..kawaii~~^^

    so cute of jiyongi to advertised and support 2NE1!!!

    yes GD, I’ll give 2NE1 chance to prove themselves more,,and I ❤ them already^^

    their handwriting sOOO cute!

    maknae’s O.O
    TOPshi? haha..
    Tae yang so neat..T.T
    Daesungi.. 🙂
    G^^D 😀
    ❤ it 😀

  8. Awwwwwwww, GD; Please love 2NE1 more..
    GD sounds so sweeeet, feels like want to cuddle him up, but no? Yes? ehe.
    Wee, Tae Yang handwritting is soooo to the eyes, it mean neat…
    Aww, I love Tae Yang hanwritting.
    Hehe, Seung Ri-ah, hehehe.

    I hope it will be in English and foreign VIPz that is non-Korean can join. 😀
    I really want to be in that fanclub, heheh.

  9. yes everyone; its spring!
    these boys really know how to make the atmosphere good huh?
    LOL baby’s so funny, “let’s have fun with me!” YESS DaeDae we will make 2009 a nice year together =P
    *seeing our boys write mean a lot doesn’t it? humm maybe we should make a group project, and write to them?

  10. Aw they’re so cute!!! Seungri’s handwriting…..O_O 😀 Our Maknae (or rather my oppa. >_<) has such cute and messy handwriting!! 😀 And that etched out D on Daesungie’s autograph, was that a mistake or part of his signature? (I feel really stupid for not being able to recognize my favorite member’s autograph…DDx)

  11. Aww, so sweet. ^^

    And that’s cool of GD to mention 2NE1! ❤

    I like SeungRi’s round, curvy signature. xD

  12. How cute of GD to say that ^.^
    Haha, Seung Ri’s like: Lets have fun with me!
    Top..SHI. Haha how big O_O
    Yeah DS, lets make 09′ a wonderful year XD
    Tae Yang’s handwriting so neat!
    Haha, Happy Spring BB & Everyone!

  13. awww they are all so cute.
    and there writing is so .. wow!

  14. But I don’t get why they need a second fan club? Is the first one too full or something? xD

  15. hehehe SR: have fun with me ~~lol!

    They’re all very cute ^^ writing those messages ^^

  16. “please someone explain why they said VIP2″…

    well…i love jiyongie’s message^^…i will love 2ne1 oppa..don’t worry^^…

    big bang is ❤ ^_^

  17. oh no i get it…but why do they need to have ‘second vip”..haha! sorry for being..you know^^

  18. Fellow Non-Korean VIPs, Please check out my channel (click my name)
    Subscribe now!
    to the all English Big Bang Channel
    English Dubbed, Annotation-Subbed & High Quality. On Every Video!
    Olivia please reply to my email..

  19. we all just have to drool over this^^
    i can imagine how hard it is to become fanstaff~
    it is every vip’s dream position.
    YG gotta play hard-to-get~

    ah bae ah so cute

  20. VIP2 is the new fansite. They’re wishing all the new members of VIP2 a good day and spring. 😀 they’re having a new site because of the people not being able to join the first fansite. does that clear things up for ya?

  21. aww
    can i join the fansite??
    or is it restricted?

  22. awww~~~jiyong oppa massage so sweetz…i love it!!!~~~XD
    yeahzzz…we will love 2ne1 more and support them…^-^…ajaaaaa!!!!~~~
    lolzzz…seungri massage…’let’s have fun with me’…XD
    waaa…i also hope that they can open fanclub for foreign fanss too…XD…i really wan join it…^-^

  23. OMG, did you all noticed how complicated Sheung Ri’s signature??
    I wonder how is he going to sign if there are 1000 fans (or more and more) waiting for him to sign…Ha ha..!
    I think even to sign for 50 fans will make him really tire! =)
    By the way, GD have the cutest and special signature, love it so much!

  24. i hope they’ll open official iVIP fanclub if it’s any possible… love GD he is the best leader…

  25. awwwww, the fanclub is not for foregin fans (like from canada) ?
    ): and i really wanted to join x[

    can anyone email me telling me how to join the fanclub? sorry…but i really dont get it ^^”

    my email is : uniz_4ever@hotmail.com
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  26. wow that’s intense ,hope international VIPS could be official too 🙂

  27. Ri’s signature is soo… amazing looking lol…

    I like how GD writes his 2s XD

  28. wootwoot!
    their signatures are so crazy.
    and will do GD- love 2NE1 already<3

  29. OMG yay. USA fans can sign up right?
    Aww G-Dragon. i won’t like 2EN1 more b/c
    Big Bang is always my Number 1. But don’t
    worry, i will still like 2EN1 too.
    Lols okay. wow, exciting!

  30. woah 0.0
    signing up to be a vip is more…intense than i thought.ahaha
    sitting through exams?what do they get tested on?0.0
    sorry for the ignorance…lol

  31. International VIPs will not be able to register as members at BigBang Official Fanclub for now. I have asked YG Ent about this and they are considering of having it official for Overseas fans. There are a few things they have to consider and will inform as soon as they can. Mind you, that setting up official club isnt easy. It involves money, time, manpower etc. So now, all we need to do is just wait.

  32. LMFAO NOTICE BABY’S MSG. it says please have fun with ME. ROFL<3 that over confident cutieee ;D

    as for the VIP official fan club, goshh it IS SO intense lol.
    but if they DO consider making one for overseas fans that would be AMAZING<3 and i would try my best to become a member xD but looking at the requirements and process to become a member idk if i’ll make it O_________O ..but also an official club will yes..be difficult with the things it takes to setting it up Dx
    i hope we can all someday contribute as much though..so that we can finally have an official fan club for the many that want to show their love for big bang ;D it would just be..greatt xD<333

  33. So what exactly IS an official fan club? What, they do certain things or something, or have some sort of privileges? When I thought of fan club I just thought your a fan…so you are joined like other fans in a “club”. They actually do something?

  34. Haha, I’m not criticizing them or anything but there hand writing looks so cute and a little girl type

    And VIP2 is another fanclub for Big Bang just like the other one

  35. Vip2?? Forget it! I don’t think i can’t join that! Last time, just all fans came to the first concert!! And you know, someone can’t go to Korea, hello? So make me hurt!!!

  36. iam a new big bang fanclub

  37. pls go to PHILIPPINES i love BIG BANG

    BIG BANG is more fan in PHILIPPINES

  38. hi i love big bang ang mongolian girls. you guys can you here . i like wedding dress

  39. i really love BIG BANG but why cant i join the fanclub!!!

  40. hai,,, i big bang fan from malaysia… love u all…..

  41. Bigbang yaa…im very proud of all of u all…this summer i hope u all can spend all the time together n hope u all alwys be there for the all fan of all the world…im sarawakian women i proud to support bigbang for my whole life and i hope gd will alwys doing a deabak song for every single years..hwaiting oppa…i hope u all will get married soon..😂😂😂😂

  42. 9/8/2016 @ 16:09:44 In my opinion, https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com does a excellent job of covering issues of this sort. Even if ofttimes deliberately polemic, the information is generally thoughtful and thought-provoking.

  43. Hi I want to be member of this group

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