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  1. hi YG my name KOVIN from Cambodia how can i sent my music video and my image to you ? cause i want to be a singer .

  2. im thinking about it?im 13 i want to audition to but im not korean?
    i need a answer!!

  3. Hi YG I’m 11 and i don’t speak korean. I’m half Thai and Laos.So if you go on round 2 do u hav 2 go 2 korea?

  4. Hi YG! i’m 15 and i’m chinese-indonesian ^^;
    i dont speak korean and i’m not korean.
    i wanna be a singer!!
    please reply me~

  5. Hi My name is Pahoua. I’m 18 years old from Saint Paul Minnesota. I would lovwe to be a singer. I’m hmong. I can’t really speak korean but i’ll learn korean. Please reply back to me at my email. Thank you.

  6. hi my name is lynet. i’m 20 years old from malaysia, sabah. i’m half chinese, phillipines and kadazan (sabah native). singing and performing to people is always my passion but i just couldnt take the chance to do it. i cant speak korean but willong to learn it and currently trying to learn it. please reply back to my email. your kind consideration is highly appreciated. thank you.

  7. hi YG im hayoung sun(선하영) i am full korean and i can understand it fine im learning the writing and the reading portion and im decsent speaking korean i live in PA and i really REALLY want to be a singer! please PLEASE write back!!!!!!

  8. Im 13 and i really want to audition but how???

  9. hei YG I’m Indonesian, my nsme Aldhy and I need some training to become an kpop star. i can dance but not better for singing. I can’t speak Korean. I need some audition please? I’m 18 and I’m a dentistry faculty colleger. thanks ^^ how to got the audition for me?

  10. annyeoghaseyo…ne erumme kimchi eyo ga soo ga dueh go sip sup ni da.gamsahabnida…etangae dulugae. kimchi;)

  11. Hi YG my name is Amy and i want to be a singer.i am not korean and i dont know korean but im will ing to learn new languages all the time.please reply me at amyisfunny1234@hotmail.com Thank you soo much!!

  12. i want to audition but I’m now Korean :[ can i still audition?

  13. Same here i’m not korean but I’ll WORK AS HARD AS I CAN TO LEARN KOREAN!!!!

  14. HI YG,im 16..i’m from malaysia..male..i’m good at making jokes.i also do know how to play guitar..I can’t really speak korean but i’ll learn korean..i will work hard.please reply back to my email..THANK YOU

  15. Hello YG, my name is Phan Thi Ngoc Anh.I am a girl. I was born in Vietnam but i am living in The Czech republic at the moment. I am a student in an University there. I heard about that your company is finding a new member for YG Family. My hope is to be this member. I can speak a little English, Czech and German and fluently Vietnamese 🙂 I will be very glad if i could be a member of this happily family. My e-mail is anie.t@seznam.cz.
    Please answer me if you will welcome me to this family or not.
    I´m looking forward to your answer.
    Have a nice day
    Any Phan

  16. Hello, I just want to inquire some things about YG auditions.
    My question is, does YG Entertainment shoulders our flight ticket, dorm, food, and any other expenses? Do they also give allowance? I’ll be waiting for your reply, that’s all, thank you. 🙂

  17. Hi, I just wanted to know where do I need to send the application form to??thank you.=)

  18. How do we audition? I’m sorry to ask but I’m kinda new at this!

  19. Hi YG! may i can be a singer??? i so like singing!!! 14 years old, indonesian, n can’t speak Korean. please Reply me!! thanx

  20. Hi YG, my name is emma i really want to be a dancer and singer…i wish i can be a dancer and singer but i don’t know how 😦
    some people said i have a beautiful voice when i’m singing but i’m quite nervous when i step in front of people….
    i always dance all of Big Bang song and remember all the step 🙂 and i’m going to dance Big Bang Song for opening days for my college….

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  24. Hi, my name is Pang Chang. I’m 15 years-old. i love dancing and singing. i have a dance group for about three years now. i started dancing since i was 1 years-old. i would love to audition for YG. i’m very serious abouit this. i found myself a dance teacher and a vocalist to help me. Please i would to get information!

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  26. Anyeong hasseyo!!
    Amy imnida!! I don’t speak Korean, but im tryong my best. I want to be a singer/actor. My friends say I have a nice voice. And I hope you read this and think about it. But if you don’t choose me, it’s ok. But it there is someone who won’t work hard and won’t try their best, Choose me. Also I just wanted to tell you a little more about myself. I was born in the USA. I am Vietnamese. I speak fluent English and Vietnamese. I am currently learning Korean. FIGHTING YG!! 🙂

  27. Hi, i want to be a singer too. And i’ve been dreaming of becoming a part of YG family for so long.. I am 15. and i don’t know how to speak Korean.. Other than that, i have a pretty good voice.. i can sing in Korean, but i don’t know what i am saying.. I’m working on my Korean.. Please reply to this discussion board.. For there are many of us who really want to do this.. =D

  28. Hi, I would really love to become part of the YG family. I can’t speek Korean, but I am learning how to right now. I’m 18 years old, I can keep up with the beat of almost any song, and I have a decent voice. I’m really outgoing…… And I do all kinds of different styles with my hair and even my clothing, and I make the style look good. Not the other way around. My biggest influence is Ji Yong oppa, or should I put G-Dragon…… He is the best. I would like to hear back from you…. Thank you!

  29. Hi, I’m Ferome and i’m only 12 years old. I really love K-POP and i want to be a singer/dancer of YG…But I’m not a Korean… 😥 ..I LOVE 2NE1 AND BIG BANG!! I always watch 2ne1tv and i think it’s great working at YG 😀 I speak a bit of Korean and I can read Korean letters…I want to join this audition but I’m not a Korean?

  30. I love big bang.espessially jiyongie oppa.he is amazing.i one day wish to become first american to join yg family

  31. but i am not fully korean.i know some and am learning.i can sing very well and would never even imagine joining another record label family than YG. VIP babyy

  32. Hello YG, I’m a 13 year old (almost 14) girl living in America. I’m Chinese but I’ll learn Korean/Hanguel if I have to! One of my many dreams is to be a singer/dancer and Kpop gives me a hope of that. Please let me audition.

  33. Hello YG, i’m 14 years old, male from Indonesia. I’m indonesian but i’ll learn hangul and i’m ready for a new trainee. I was talented in dancing and singing a rap song, and i think, i should join audition. But please, register me first, because i’ll join audition not now, but 2015

  34. Hi YG!I’m 12 and I want to be singer but I’m shy.I can only sing when I’m with Big Bang..Hihi no offence!Can I join the audition?

  35. I want to do an online auditon but I don’t know where I can do it at.

  36. Hi! I’m Yi Bei, 13 years old. My friends and I want to become a band singer. We are Chinese Malaysian. We don’t speak Korean. How can we give the music video to YG?

  37. Hi , my name is Sandra , how to join to YG entertaiment ? I want to try to send my audio clip to YG , but I don’t know how to found the form . Can you email me the form? Chasandraf@yahoo.com
    Thank You

  38. Can we post a video on this website as an audition??

  39. This guy looks just like GD in real life! You have to see him in person.


  40. Annyeong ha se yo YG.
    Iam ITalian and i really wish i could have an opportunity to ake an audition online. I have a few songs prepared , where can i send them?
    I’m in love with the korean culture and music so please help me make my dream come true and b part of the family. My korean isnt so good but i can speak English d some Japanese. Pls reply to my email address

  41. hi my name is giselle i’m from yuma arizona ive been previously working on music korean and english im trying to see how to send a video audition i sing ok, but im a really good rapper i can rap about anything ,you name it .If you just send a reply back to my email i’ll be happy enough to send you one of my videos

    – to yg employees
    – from 발라지젤

  42. Annyeong YG :)) I’m from Brazil and I’m 16 years old. I’d like to know how I can audition to enter YG Entertainment?

    I don’t know if you do accept non-korean trainees.. But I got fascinated by this entertainment. And I’d really like to become a trainee.

    Also, I don’t really speak korean, but I can learn, I already speak English, French, Portuguese and I’m through Spanish and Japanese right now, also Korean. So if you can, please reply me.

    I have some singing skills and.. I can move my body to the beat, and if it’s needed I will take dance lessons too. I’m willing to do it.

    Make me debut please, it’s my aspiration, even if I wait for years!

    감사합니다 🙂

  43. HI YG entertainment my name is Rattana from Cambodia I really want to be a singer in YG entertainment and be a new member in YG Family too but for now i really dont know that how can i make my dream come true so if u can plz be kind to reply me by my email phinrattana09@gmail.com

  44. hi,my name is rico and i from Malaysia..i 17 year old,i’am good a singer but need a lil bit practice..i want to work with Yg Entertaiment..i hope so..i singing at age 15 and i also can play music instrument such as guitar and my idol is sungha jung..haha..i can speak korean,chinese,english,thailand, and many..

  45. I want to audition for yg.. im from malaysia.. i can sing and dance.. when is the audition

  46. 안녕하세요 저는 케이팝 아이돌로 오디션 싶지만 한국 아니에요 내가 14 살입니다. 나는 호주에 살고 인치 내가 할 수있는 기회가 2015 년에 가입하려는하지만 베트남 해요

  47. Im 17 years old from Philippines . I knew some basic korean language but Im more on english ang filipino . I just wanna ask if I can do any online auditions and if pure blooded filipina can do some auditions . I hope , I can get replies from you .

  48. Annyeong YG ^___^
    Im Kimberly ,17 years of age . Im from Philippines and pure blooded Filipina . Im not that really good in speaking korean though I can speak clearly in english . Im willing to learn korean language or any language I might use . I can sing and a little bit dance. I am willing to learn more techniques or ways to improve my skills . Though Im not really if your accpeting non-korean trainees or auditionees . Anyway , please regard if there are any other ways to conduct my audition online . Kamsahamnida

  49. Hi, I am Victoria. I am 13 and I am training myself to audition for YG in 2015 ^^ Fighting! ❤

  50. Hi,I am Wunna Aung from Myanmar and I am full Myanmar.
    I can speak Myanmar and English well.
    I will learn Korean starting from this year May and pratice singing and dancing so hard so that I become expert.
    Then,I will audition for YG entertainment around 2015 October.
    I will do whatever it takes to realise my dreams,to become a Kpop star.
    I could be a doctor which is the best job in Myanmar if I continue my university.
    But I will leave all those good things to become a Kpop idol.
    I will try till I die even if YG don’t accept me.
    I am 16 now and ,yeah I’ll be 17 when I get into YG family as a trainee.
    FIGHTING!!!!!!!! W

  51. Hi, my name is Sophia Moua and I am almost 14 years old. I am Hmong and dont speak any korean words. I love dancing and would like to become a dancer one day. Im not that good at dancing yet buy i’ll try my best to learn better and improve . Im not really into singing because my voice is not that good. Please reply back to my message. Thank you.

  52. hi!,I really like your writing very a lot!

    share we be in contact more approximately your article on AOL?
    I require a specialist on this space to resolve my problem.

    Maybe that’s you! Taking a look ahead to see you.

  53. Hi YG entertainment !!Where do I send my audition video to you and how do I??>_<

  54. I believe in talent having no limitations at all.
    As long as there’s passion and drive then there’s opportunity.

    I’m 18 years old and I’ve been singing since I was 8 years old. They say that I look younger for my age haha. I live in the Philippines and I’m half Chinese but my eyes are a little more bigger than usual so they compared me to “Uee” in after school. I’m not that tall but I think I’m still growing. I used to imitate the singing parts on every barbie shows, anime songs, glee and now kpop. My idol was BoA because we have similar voice since my voice is thin but whole. I also do dubbing and narration. I’m an animation student and I am also an artist. I love to listen to beats and create my own (still learning though). I want my voice to be heard in a way that people can connect to me but I also want to be an individual to which they’ll distinguish me rather than be “just another flame”.

    I found these qualities in YG entertainment.
    I’m looking for a place I can really fit in, so far, I haven’t found it yet but I’m hoping that I will.

    I plan to work in korea after I graduate next year 🙂

  55. hye,im baby,im 13 y/o,i cant speak korean,but i really want to be trainee in YG,i can sing and dance,please !!!im from malaysia

  56. Hi yg this is krisna from manipur,india. Im 18. My dream is to become a singer in kpop industry. Lots of kpop fans are here in our state.i will love to learn korean also. Please tell us about the global auditions and regarding the terms and regulations. Please help! I will try my best..thanks

  57. please i want to invite u to come to myanmar.because we love kpop and especially bigbang.and we love kpop song and movie that’s why we can speak korean well.and somepeople have dream to become a singer in korea.and me too .but there is no auditions in myanmar that are held by korea company .so please come to myanmar and we want audition.please,i really want to take audition.but there is no chance.so come to myanmar :warmly welcome

  58. i ‘m now attending anthropology at yangon university but i’m not interested in it.this is only my mom.so i take music class at another school.and i can play piano and i’m now learning guitar.i’m really want to take audition at yg.i’m now 16 and i can read ,write korea alittle and speak very well.and i can speak english too but i think my korea skill is better than english.

  59. please myanmar come to myanmar

  60. Im a 13 years old girl from Malaysia .
    I really love singing and dancing very much .
    And I really love YG entertainment bcuz I think YG entertainment is like a family . So hope u can accept me .
    Kamshahamida .

  61. Yeoboseyo YG! my name is Mae, I’m from Philippines.17 years old. I’m not a Korean but i can speak Korean ‘a little bit, I’m working for it anyways 🙂 i can sing, dance and act. I’m a fast learner. I want to be a trainee in YG entertainment, you are the one of the most popular agency here in Philippines, because you treat your artist well, i love your agency and i love 2ne1 and BigBang especially to my biased Unnie dara and Oppa G-Dragon ❤ so i hope the next audition will be held here in the Philippines. please YG entertainment this is my dream 🙂 Music is my Life.
    Kamsahamnida :*

  62. hi YG am ruth from ethiopia and am not korean my dream is to be a kpop singer i don’t think i have a good voice but i’

  63. hi
    how can i sent my song ?? 🙂

  64. Hi. My name is Gabriene and I really wanted to be an artist !! Would u support me?! I m Malaysian(chinese) i cant speak korean but i would be happy to learn it. Can i juz send d sound clip for you?? Pls reply me ASAP TQ.

  65. I’m 13 and I really want to audition for kpop next year! I’m studying 5 languages including Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Japanese! I’ve been dancing since when I was 6 and dancing is one of my passion! I’m really hoping to be a kpop star someday!

  66. annyeong haseyo!!im jianilyn jia for short i want to be a kpop and i need your help…..im hoping that you’ll reply..i can sing,dance,act and thats all thank you..!!

  67. Hi! YG my name’s CHAT from Thailand

  68. Annyeong! My name is Alaica Mariño from Philippines 🙂 14 yrs old.. I really want to be a kpop star ! I can sing, dance or even acting. Is there an available online audition in YG? Pleaseee ^__^ Just contact me at facebook
    https://www.facebook.com/alaica.marino for other details.. Kamsahamnida!!!!!

  69. When will be the audion in 2015? I really want to give it a try. Can you give me some details?

  70. 안녕하세요 YG, 저는 자스민입니다. I only speak a little but of korean and I am learning to language. I would love to audition for you. I’m patient. I want my life to begin, starting with you. You guys are one of my number 1 entertainment companies ever, and I want to be apart of it. I want to be YG family

  71. Hey YG, My name is Jaitel Vang. My date of birth is September 1st 2000. I am 14. I am 5 feet 6 inches. My nationality is Hmong and I am a female. I am not fluent in the Korean language but I am working hard to learn it. I can sing high notes pretty well and my dancing is improving as I practice as well as my acting. Is it possible for you to allow me to try and audition when I live in the US. Thanks for your help!

  72. Hello YG Ent. I’m 18 from Philippines. Is there possibility for me to be a yg artist?? I can sing. Do you have an upcoming online audition?? Please reply in my e-mail iamqueenie12@gmail.com. More power! 🙂

  73. Hello! YG I come from Thailand
    I and my friend would like
    to audition at YG so much.
    We like to dance and sing,
    we frequently practice
    together.We hope you will
    offer us for audition together.Please it’ s once
    a time of our life,Thank you.
    My e-mail

  74. hello yg im 17 from philippines and i need to audition with your company i can sing and dance but the most of my effort here is to help my family and to serve you if you have an upcoming audition please reply in my fb email

  75. hello! yg im gabriel from philippines 18 years old and i want to audition to yg im a dancer and i can sing i want to audition if i become a singer i will work hard and do my best

  76. please sent your reply on my email kentarouboss@yahoo.com 🙂

  77. Hi Mr. YG 🙂

    I know this is just a comment, and I’m not even sure , if ever you have a chance to read this .
    I have some doubts in my mind of how to share my thoughts about our dreams , I mean me and my Best friend dreams …
    We just want to sing and dance in front of many crowds , where there we will enjoy each moments of singing and dancing through taking the title as a K-pop Idol ..
    we are only two , both Girls ..
    Were from Philippines , both 16 years old, real Filipina ..
    he he 😀
    (sorry for the late introduction)
    We know how to sing and dance and rap as well , uhm, we are slims and I know and I believe ,
    that even if were are just a simple Filipino who can’t afford anything we still have a Potential for becoming a K-pop Idol (even just a trainee its alright)..
    That would be all .. I’m hoping for your feedback 🙂
    Thank you so much !
    Take care always !
    GodBless o:)


  78. hello YG . my name is B.I.M. i am from what the nothing. and i want to be the rapper definitely. i want you to remember what i’d say. in the future you’ll wonder what about me. hahaha i’m going to be one of YG FAM.

  79. Just wnna to know that are you going to have an audition in Singapore? What are the main respective for this audition?

  80. Hi YG! i’m a big fan of your entertainment agency. i am Salie, a 15 year old girl from the Philippines. i know basic Korean language. I really want to sing and dance, but the problem is i’m shy about it. i have passion for music, i even learn to play guitar. i want to enter YG family and be trained. this will help me improve me and this will help me overcome my shyness. so, please, how can i be able to audition and be a trainee? i will really work hard for it even if it takes too long. i’ll hope for our response, thank you ^_^

  81. Hello YG….I am really a fan of your agency

    I know this is just a comment and I’m not pretty sure if you will read this because there also many people who want to pursue this DREAMS..

    If I ever have a chance to pursue my dreams…well….


    I am Jeorge, a 12 year old boy from the Philippines…I am not Rich and not poor…I cannot speak Korean but I can pronounce it well.. I can Sing, Dance and also Rap but the problem is I do not have enough money to go to Korea and Audition there.

    I really have passion for Music…i want to enter YG Family and be trained for me to IMPROVE my Skills

    How can I be able to pass the Auditions and be a Trainee?I will work HARD for it even if it takes too long.

    That would be all…I’m hoping for your Feedack
    Thank you so Much !!!!!!!
    Take care always…and also to the Artists
    Godbless to all of you 🙂


  82. Dear Yg Entertainment,
    My name is Elyana and Im from Singapore.
    Im can speak a bit of korean and chinese. My age now is 12 and Im going turn 13 next year.so how can I audition and where ? Is it on korean or I can audition on Singapore or should I make a video and sent my photo too..

  83. Dear: YG Entertainment/ YG family.

    Hi. I am Noelen, Im from Philippines & im 17 year old girl.

    When i see that you’ll having a Audition,i feel so happy because I waited it for along time. I hope this is the answer to my prayers.

    Your artists inspired me a lot because of their unique talents so just like them i wanted to show my talent. I can dance a little bit & i can sing because singing is my passion but the problem is i don’t have enough money to go to Seoul-South korea & audition there.

    I want to be a trainee in your YG entertainment because you treat your artist well that’s why i want to be one of your trainee & be one of your family too. Im a fast learner that’s why it won’t be hard to you to teach me.

    How can i audition? Im hoping for your feedback. please 🙂

    i hope you will see this message & help me in my dream to be came true.

    Always take care, God bless you. Mahal ko kayo YG Ent./YG family. ❤

  84. 안녕하세요! 저는 조샨 이에요. ^^ 저는 미국 이에요. I’m not fluent in Korean yet but I can understand and speak it well along with Japanese and English. I’m 16 and I’m thinking of auditioning for YG in 2015. I’m good at singing in Korean and Japanese so I figure why not? ^^ I really hope my goal can be accomplished. I will appreciate your feedback please! 감사합니다! :3

  85. 안녕하세요! 저는 조샨 이에요. ^^ 저는 미국사람이에요. I’m not fluent in Korean yet but I can understand and speak it well along with Japanese and English. I’m 16 and I’m thinking of auditioning for YG in 2015. I’m good at singing in Korean and Japanese so I figure why not? ^^ I really hope my goal can be accomplished. I will appreciate your feedback please! 감사합니다! :3

  86. Hi! My name is Sarah I’m 17 years old and I’m french and I want to be singer. It’s my dream since I’m a little girl, I dance, sing and write songs. I learn korean and I’m ready to do all the efforts possible to realise my dream. Can you tell me what are the conditions to pass audition? If you make some auditions in Europe in 2015? And what is the age limite to participate? I hope you ll reply me soon. Have a nice day

  87. hi YG Im keshia Jenel Lanterna,im 15 years old and i am fom Philippines….. my dream is to become a singer and i do right songs….and i really want to become one of your trainee someday …….So bye-bye for now…..

  88. Hi YG! Im lisa! Im from malaysia. I want to be a singer! Im 18 years old. please give me a chance to make my dreams come true, im not korean but i really really love kpop music because it makes me happy. For me theres nothing in this world can be buy with money except the happinest. Please reply this. I will wait for your feedback 🙂 gamsahamida.

  89. Hi YG we are a duo. I am Richel Malalis and Jean Torrefranca from Philippines. We are minors 13 and 12 and are dream is to become a kpop idols. We are best of friends since we were still little kids. We started loving kpop musics since 2012. We like to audition and we need your advice on how to join. We are learning korean language and traditions. I hope you will read this reply.Please give us your feedback 😊” Salamat Po

  90. Hi YG, my name is Joeie Bock, I’m 16 (17 in Korea) and I’m from Malaysia. I want to be singer, or maybe an actor. I’m a hardcore YG stan, I adore everyone in YGENT. They changed my life. They inspired me. Their songs motivate me. I always feel weird when I see all the oppas and unnies on stage. Maybe it’s because I want to be like them. Maybe I want to change other people’s lives. I don’t know much about Hangul but I do know how to read and spell and I’m quite fluent in English, Cantonese and Chinese. I don’t know if I’m a good singer but I really really like singing and my parents encouraged me to be a singer. I know you probably won’t see this but I’m willing to do anything. I hope my dream will finally come true and my prayers were worth it. I hope I can join the YG FAMILY, thanks 😊

  91. Hi YG ! 🙂

    Im 12 🙂 Im Power Dancer
    I Can Sing And Dance 🙂
    Im From Philippines
    I Didn’t Know How To Speak Korean Only Annyeonghaseyo , Saranghe , Imnida And Waeyo ) I Want To Be Dancer 🙂 Please Choose me 🙂 Thank You 🙂

  92. Hi YG I’m Faith from Philippines and I really want to be a Kpop star do you have an online audition?
    Please do inform me if you do…..Im ,15 years old and Im studying how to speak in korean but I can sing some korean songs…please do inform me cause I really want to be a kpop star …. thank you soo much ,God bless

  93. anyong haseyo YG imnida, im catherine but you can call me cath, i want to be a singer yet also a dancer. But i dont know how to audition. By the way im from Phillipines .. Kamsahamnida 😉

  94. Hello..
    I am Pooja from india. I know Korean. I had my vocal lessons for 15 years . so I would love to become a singer under YG ent. If you are interested please do contact.

  95. annnyyyeeeeoooonnnnnggggggggg 🙂 im from ethiopia… im actually nat here to audition lol i juz want to post to get a comment haha… buh i hav a very special request to make in da name of my friends n me, jebaaalll YG-idols come to ethiopiaa *puppy eyes* IM SERIOUSLY A YG PSYCHOTIC, WILD AND YOUNG 😉 !!!

  96. anyeong haseyo 🙂
    im from the phillippines.. im a pure filipino..
    and i cant speak a korean…
    and we are building a group to cover the bangtan sonyeondan because we are the very fangirls of them.. we want to be a dancer and singer like them,, 😀 they are so coo;
    we are girls..
    if ur interested pls. txt us.. 09263728539

  97. Does YG Ent. will have there Global Auditions in Philippines? We are waiting for how many years, maybe this time, this year YG Ent. will have there Global Auditions here in the PHILIPPINES. WE ARE WAITING! THANK YOU!

  98. Hello YG, I really wanted to audition for your company. I started to love YG ENT since 2010. I love singing even though i am not professional at it but I am really good at rapping and dancing. If I get the chance to audition, I’d be so happy. Please if you seen this comment, reply back to me if you can. ^.^ thanks

  99. By the way, I am 16 years old

  100. Hello YG Ent. I really want to audition for your company.I really loved YG since 2011 and also Im 15 years this May so I am waiting thank you

  101. Hi…. I’m Alliah and I’m a Filipino but I can speak Korean. We have girl group here named Girls’ Victory… Can we audition there? Please email if we can audition there or not. THANK YOU!

  102. Hi! My name is faye, I’m 14 yrs. old. I know that I am so young but I am interested to audition in yg family.

  103. Hai,I need some advise for singing.I really enjoy listening to songs and music.I’m actually not quite brave to sing,I dont know how to dance,and I will tremble when I’m infront of many people.Will you give me some advise?I really want to improve myself.Thank you for reading my email.

  104. hello to all asian.. I’m pellma I love u big bag I love Korean language.. that’s why when I sing… Korean song’s I really can fill it.. tq k pop..

  105. hi my name is dinda, I’m 15 years old, I am from Indonesia, my hobby of singing and dancing, and sometimes I also read a book while listening to music and my dream of becoming a star, if given the opportunity I would like to audition for YG…. Thank you^^

  106. Hi! I’m Heizel from philippines I’m 19 years old. I have a good vocal in rapping and a solo dance performer I can also sing a song but not practice enought but still can do better. I am always searching for a global audition and hoping to be like of my idol someday and pursue my dream. Thank you.

  107. Hi YG my name is Abigaile im 12 years old im from Philippines i want to be Kpop Dancer 🙂
    Answer me

  108. Hello YG, I really wanted to become a star under your agency. My name is Tamla and I am 17 years old. Im really good at rapping and love dancing. PLEASE REPLY ME TO MY EMAIL IF YOU READ THIS AND THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂

  109. hi yg im irish cortez im from philippines i want to be a kpop singer/rapper/dancer i can speak korean and i wrote korean songs,its a hiphop song ,and i want to audition in your company because you are the nicest ceo in korea but we have a group named starz but we dont have a company ,our genre is hiphop we have a lead vocal,main vocal,lead dancer,lead rapper and a leader, but we want to audition in your company
    i will post in youtube our songs but we dont have a cheoreography because
    but we will make, i wish you will read this and reply me to my email thank you 🙂

  110. Hi im a filipino, 16 years old and i want to ask if you have audition for dancers i mean i can sing too but my voice was only alto and im willing to take any workshop thank you

  111. Hi YG! Im a singaporean , 16 this year and i wish to be a singer or dancer. I wish to get into auditions with my friends around the same age as me. I can speak a little korean.

  112. Annyeonghaseyo YG .. Im Cristine im not a Korean Im a Filipino I dont speak Korean but I know a few words, I really wanted to be an kpop Idol .. its my big dream and i want to be part of your family/company Sandara Park, she’s my inspiration to be kpop idol 😭 i want to be like her and the other .. also i want to show my talent even if im shy .. im willing to do anything 😞 …

  113. by the way YG Im 14 years old .. i love dancing but im not very good in singing but i can sing 😊 .. i hope you’ll read this I’m starting to learn hangul 😃 .. I LOVE YG 😘 saranghaeyo

  114. Hi…im hycinth im from philippines im girl im 12 yrs. Old now…
    I want to audition here..couz i wnt to be a kpop im good in dance lke hiphop and i can also rap… im teach my self to speak korean 🙂

    I need answer..i have a video if need

  115. Hii YG my name is azizah ,you can call me AZ ,when i can to join with YG entertainment .because my ambition is to be a singer or dancer .and just want to be a singer or dancer of YG .

  116. hi my name is Nicole Andrea im a Filipino i really want to be an artist i can sing and dance. can i audition for YG entertainment?

  117. Hi I’m gregfinnie and turning 12 years old I always like to audition in YG but I don’t know how.

  118. Hi yg I’m thai-malaysia. I wan to become a Singer or a formed group in Korea.I’m 14 years old. I could speak 6 language which are Thai, Chinese, Malay, English, hokkien, Cantonese and some Korean. I could sing very well while my dance have to improve it’s not that well..would you give me chance for auditioning? And here is my email : cky06202335@gmail.com thanks

  119. Annyenghaseyo,
    YG Entertainment Company,
    My name is Siti Rohkayah Sukemi.
    People call me ‘kayah’.
    This year, i’m 22 yrs old.
    I’m a Bruneian.
    I really do wanna be a singer really badly.
    I love singing, i just don’t know where to start. i always humming to myself.
    i wish u could help me be a singer.
    i’ll never forget it, if i got the chance to be a singer.

  120. Annyeonghaseyo,
    YG Entertainment Company,
    My name is Siti Rohkayah Sukemi.
    People call me ‘kayah’.
    This year, i’m 22 yrs old.
    I’m a Bruneian.
    I really do wanna be a singer really badly.
    I love singing, i just don’t know where to start. i always humming to myself.
    i wish u could help me be a singer.
    i’ll never forget it, if i got the chance to be a singer.

  121. Hi YG Ent. My name is Diana/Yang 17yrs of age, i am from philippines. I have a chinese blood. I really really want to audition in your Ent., & i am so very obssessed searching how could i audition. I know how to dance & sing well because its indeed my talent. Actually i’m learning korean dialect in order to communicate as well. Hope you could notice me because it is a big oppurtunity for me. Pls reply to my email Thankyou & Godbless 🙂

  122. Hi YG Ent. My name is Diana/Yang 17yrs of age, i am from philippines. I have a chinese blood. I really really want to audition in your Ent., & i am so very obssessed searching how could i audition. I know how to dance & sing well because its indeed my talent. Actually i’m learning korean dialect in order to communicate as well. Hope you could notice me because it is a big oppurtunity for me. Pls reply to my email dnjnbrrt03@gmail.com Thankyou & Godbless 🙂

  123. Hello.မဂၤလာပါ YG Entertainment.I’m Wut Yi from Myanmar.I’m 19 years old now.My biggest dream is to become singer.I can sing well and I can do rap well.And I can dance well.I can speak and write korean well.Now I’m learning chinese language.I have finished my high school and waiting for university. I want to be a good singer in korea since I was 14 .At that age,I found my ablity about kpop.I can sing very very well and I can sing korean song without any mistake. At first, I didn’t notice my ability about korean songs.After two days,I can sing that korean song fluently.But my friend who is same tution with me can’t sing.
    I didn’t understand why she can’t. I thought deeply and I knew about my ablity on languages.But I didn’t know about others kpop artist who are not korean.The years come agos, Heartstring ost is showing on our country.I alaways watch that drama series and that’s the reason why I want to be a good singer .My idol dream life start like this.
    In that drama,actress park shin hye do the musical .By watching her, I get something werid on my mind.That think enter in my mind for a shot second.But I clean that think quickly.That think is I want to be a singer in korea.And I clean my think like that..“`hey,what are you thinking about ,impossible..impossible just watch the series.´´´.I cleaned my think like that.I don’t know that there are some kpop star who are not korean.I cleaned my think but it’s too late for cleaning.That think left my mind but it left new dream on my mind Deeply.And my new dream become more extreme when channel show DreamHigh 2 Drama.Oh my god,feel going crazy .Can’t stop anything and I feel I get new life with new dream which are so big to accomplish.After watching dreamhigh drama,I dreamed myself like dreamhigh drama.Every night when I watched that drama ,I can’t even sleep.My room full with dreaming.
    I told my dream my parents and others people.My parent want me to concentrate on my studying and they didn’t sure about my dream.So they said nothing.But the years are come agos again, there is a big tree inside my heart which call To Become A Good Singer In Korea.How pretty that tree is.But..But..before I have not that dream,my life is normal and nothing feel about sad.But after being that dream inside my heart deeply,I fall many tears and pain inside my heart.I tried e mail audition but my email can’t reach where I want to send.Because of our country’s internet connection. Plz think dear,when your dream broken how do you feel?Now that is life_blood.I can die If I can’t my dream.That’s sure that if my dream disappear from my life,that’s my last day of my life.I believed that I can.Because I have talent for being Kpop kpops.Do you know that words“The work which you do can show your best talent and your best mind´´.After hearing that word,I feel that I must be a good singer in korea.Because I cam show my talent and as you know,idol work is like team work.I’m so good in team work and I have soft and good mind.My parents alaways guide me to become a good person with kind heart.So I can show my good mind like that word.Now is 2015 and the new election is start in our country .Daw Aung San Su Kyi win election. Do you know her??
    She get novel price and people from all over the world know her as The Lady.Do you know that film.??So I hope that now we can get many chance from others country because of her talents.So plz come to Myanmar to do audition and always warmly welcome from Myannmar.If you want to listen my singing,plz go to facebook and clip the search box to search YG Myanmar swaggers group.In that group ,I sung cover the song of 2NE1 Missing you as Elke Jin.I changed my facebook name from Elke jin to Wut Yi Win.And my do you want to listen my rapping skill,go to the smule app which is singing app.My smule account name is ShinJunHee .I sung we were in love by Tara with others my friend..I sung some part not chrous and all rap parts .Plz help me.I believe myself and in my dreams.I want change myself from dreamer to idol.
    Thanks much for reading and I hope you will my song as I said.This is Wut yi from Myanmar.Waiting for something for my dream………….

  124. Hi I’m 12 and I’m chinese-indonesian and I know korean a bit and my english is quite good I can sing I can rap but I can’t dance. Should I audition?

  125. Hi YG I’m Rei Anne from Philipine and I want me and my group to be a kpop cause were inspired by big bang and by 2ne1. I’m 12 (13) and the others are 13 (14). were Actually 5 and we can SING, RAP AND DANCE. We will send you of us. At first i though kpop is lame but one day when Im in outdoor i accidentally heard my bestfriend singing 2ne1 falling in love and i kinda sort of like it.Now were practicing a little of korean. Please READ my comment thank you

  126. Hi YG …. im 12 and i am not korean ..but i learn some korean langauge …. I really really want to be a singer …

  127. Hi… I’m 14 years old…. I’m actually a kpop fan.. I’m not korean so i still cant speak korean language but i can learn how to speak the language… I really want to be a singer.. and I’m a big fan of all YG artists like 2NE1, Bigbang, Winner and Ikon.. And I’m kinda confident to say that I’m good at dancing and singing oh yeah and also rapping.. Everything about kpop inspires me.. I HOPE YOU CAN NOTICE ME..
    Oh and by the way, my name is Audrey Paz and I’m from Phillipines.

    저를 통지 하십시오!!! ♥♥♥

  128. Hi!YG company
    I am Myanmar and 15 years old.I have dream
    to become a kpop star.When I told my dream to my family and friend,they laughed me.They said”Are you mad?It is impossible thing to become kpop star.Only thing to possible if you are Japan or Chinese,you can do this”.I don’t care.When I pass high school,I must learn Korea language to audition on YG company.I will come Korea and I love Korea.My facebook account name is Ar Kar.ok✌

  129. Hello my name is Lilyana and I’m 13. I want to audition but I don’t know how. Can you please let me know how to audition in California to become a Korean singer.

  130. Hello YG.My name is bay from Myanmar.
    I am a 20 years old girl. You know that I have a big dream? I really really want to be a good singer in korea. Now my age is 20 and blackpink is already debuted. But I still want to be a part of YG. I know that is hard. But givingup is more hard for me.Right now I don’t know what to do or what should I do.I akways try to get in YG. There is no kpop audition in Myanmar.Every trainees want to debut . But for me I want to be trainee.I’m not hope the others things.Being kpop idol under YG or not is my goal.Now I want is just to be trainee.
    I want to change my lifestyle.I want to live my life with many challenges. And I want to know what is the hidden treasure inside of me.So I need YG.I really want to be idol.But being just a trainee can change my life too.
    I want to dream about being idol under YG ENT only after being a person who can handle all things alone as a trainee under YG Ent.
    I want to make myself best.
    Just give me a chance.
    All I can do is not trying.
    All I can do is doing well.

  131. Hi , my name is Abbygail ! im 15 years old and im a Filipina
    Can i audition as a Kpop trainee even though im not really a good dancer , but i can sing well ?

  132. Hello everyone! My name is Andreea and I have 16 years old. Maybe I’m not so talented but I want to try my luck.
    Firstly…Although I can not sing or dance…I have other talents.
    The first would be COMPOUND. I like to write poems…Or lyrics to songs(it was nice to have voice). I started writing in 4th grade. And I wrote four books. I like to open in this way. I think it’s a pretty good talent.
    Secondly…I love playing piano and flute. It is the most beautiful talent. When you feel like you’re not able to do anything. Sit down in the chair and let yourself indulging music.
    In the third row. Massage is something simple to do.I simply love. Who knows …It can be used for something.
    I like drawing.I like to do handicrafts.I like almost everything.I hope I was helpful.I welcome even a refusal.Just answer you. 🙂

  133. Hi YG I want to become an Kpop idol but I’m black and I speak alittle boy of Korean but not enough to hold a conversation. I am 12 years old and I live in the U.S.A.

  134. I just now desired to jot down an instant word so as to say thanks to a person for anyone superb guidelines and also tips you are featuring on this website.

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