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To contact BBFANSITE, site-related issues, etc.:
i will reply faster if you get my attention on twitter.

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Name: Melinda / Melly
Role: Admin / Team GD Leader

Maintenance: Everything
Creations: Everything colorful you see on the sidebar; Project Meet & Greet; Pages: Therapy Sessions / GDictionary / ‘Pick A Team’ Page / Ringtones / Wallpapers / Galleries


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VIPz know me as gdluvzmc
Friends call me melly
& everyone else calls me Melinda or ‘hey’ or ‘yo’ or straight into a question -_-

– 20; i share seungri’s bday except i’m his noona ^_^
– i go to UCLA, 3rd yr, south campus, physiological science major, classics minor. more about me on my BLOG!
owner of BBFANSITE
– my job is to provide you with BIG BANG news as i come by it, & provide a healthy environment (i hope) for you all to spazz & express your opinions. i also created & manage a lot of the pages you visit on the sidebar, including the wallpaper & ringtone pages, & all the gallery pages. oh yea, & PROJECT MEET & GREET!
TEAM GD LEADER… i hold my position very well thanks ^^
– i dig the old school hip-hop.
– addicted to sick beats & great composing/producing.
– i’m a shoe junky.
– i love my metallic gray 2010 camry SE like it’s my living child.
– my anime forte: NARUTO & BLEACH
i LOVE all my VIPz... my buddies. you guys keep me going, & i’m forever grateful to you all. believe me, i read every single one of your comments, & ppl think i’m crazy cuz i always laugh at the computer screen.
shoutouts to  momo (my anchor), jt (my lil bro haha), jeska (my korean teacher), kim (my dream weaver xD), vicky (my spazzmate AKA JERRY), gyang (my partner in crime), & whoever i missed, i still love you guyz!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming by our sites. our TEAM works really hard to spam & spazz for your entertainment & news updates on everything BIG BANG, & we hope you appreciate it all, just as much as we work on it.



Name: Momoko
Role: Editor / International VIP Correspondent
Maintenance: News / Comment Control
Creations: Various Projects
“Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”- Andy Warhol

Name: Vicky
Role: Author / Downloads Provider / Fangirl Murderer

I’m Vicky. and I like you. 😀
thissssssssssssssssssssssssssss much. ❤

responsible for spazzing and.. also known as fangirl murderer. :DDD
I’m 15 and like to have fun, don’t put responsible[sic] on me :D. <– that doesn’t make sense. but u get it!! HEHEH

Name: tam (amanda)
Role: Editor
Maintenance: Download Page
AIM: tamxd

Hi all^^ It’s tam here~ My name’s amanda, but lets stick with tam tehehe.
You might have seen me around forums before posting gifs, or maybe at ygworld.wordpress.. and soon cashewmania.wordpress xP
Umm.. I like to busy myself with random things and since I have MAJOR OCD.. I get caught up in stuff. Lol what am I saying?! Lets just say, I will try veryvery hard to help make/keep bbfansite fawesomely in shape and I hope to see you all around^^
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.. about the download page, about bb, about my gifs, about me (yeah right xP) yadayada. Okee byebye for nows~

Name: Monica / Moni
Role: Editor / Chatroom SuperMod
Maintenance: Fan Art Page
AIM: vipmonicakes

Hey there! This is monicakes, the leader of TEAM SEUNG RI !! Our team rocks! :]
i love sharing your fanarts, they’re all so lovely!! So many talented vips ^-^
i apologize for taking so long sometimes *bow* please forgive me TT3TT

Name: JT
Role: Editor / Ringtone maker / Chatroom SuperMod
Maintenance: Ringtone Page / Fansite Branches
Creations: Fansite Branches
AIM: jdragon0013
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First of all, I’m a GUY. I manage the Fansite Branches page, and I help Melly manage the Ringtones page. I don’t really make that many posts.

Some other things about me.. i’m 16. I’m 50% Filipino, 25% German, and 25% English.
I started listening to BB in February 2007. I found them while i was looking for Se7en MVs on Youtube. I saw Lalala and i thought it was pretty sweet. Then i watched Goodbye Baby and i was hooked.
My fav member is GD. He’s my idol.
Some more stuff.. I made the Fool MV that was shown on this fansite a little while ago. And my BB bandana was shown here too.

I guess that’s it for now. If u have any more questions, just ask.

Name: Jessica
Role: Author / Translator
Maintenance: News & Lyrics Translations; reply to several VIP questions
Creations: Project Meet & Greet
AIM: jessicakorea
CHECK OUT VIPtranslators!

Hello, jeska here. i’ve been working behind melly with translating articles, lyrics, and project like “Project Meet & Greet” LA Meet -melly did most though 😀
and i also did some drawings in fanart section. feel free to contact me via e-mail or instant messenger. i am online most of time.
if you need help with any translation (korean to english or the other way), i will be glad to help you. Thanks!

Name: hyunjee
Role: Translator
AIM: hyunmouse

erm…i dont have anything in particular to say..
im..13 years young..^^

Name: WINNIE or GNIE :]
Role: Author

hello, lovely ivips.
my name is Winnie. I am 18 years old. soon to be 19. not too young & not hella old. :]
i am from Oakland Californa the place that BRIAN JOO told everyone in thr crowd that is scary. teeheehee.
I’m going to school at CSUEASTBAY majoring in nursing. so i can use the needle that SEUNGRI use to check up on JIYONG :] hahaha.
i feel in love with BIGBANG in December 2006 the first time i saw GD in the a fools only tear video. believe it or not, the guy i use to talk to always send me big bang videos.
I’m the baby of the family. spoil by 1 sister and 3 other brothers. along with my parents themseleves. i get what i what. when i want. haha.
i am a FANGIRL. i love fangirling for ANY KPOP. HB08 was GREAT<3 052508 with se7en was GREAT. 072708 FLY TO THE SKY DAY was great<3 all my friends say i am lucky when it comes to concert. cause im always lucky choosen. or lucky touch.
i<3 all iVIPS. cause they are awesome. okay enough said! thank you all for coming and supporting bigbangkorean.wordpress!

Name: Olivia
Role: Author
MSN: – i’d prefer if you didnt email me on this… ^^ the one aboves better… MY HOTMAIL IS FULL OF SPAM ABOUT VIAGRA AND PAID SURVEYS

Hi, about me. I’m 13. Um i think i’m a pretty BORING person. i like big bang and dbsk but not suju, wonder girls but not snsd, jang riin but not boa, etc, etc.
at the moment, my arm hurts and i don’t know why =( feels like i got an injection and i hate injections. oh yeah i like rollerblading, but only when i don’t fall down. at the moment i’m supposed to be doing textiles and toy safety standrards but i cbf hehehe
i have a talent for rambling, am happy cos i got 95% on my history aztec essay and am trying to decide whether i should choose french or drama for my third and finall elective. oh yeah and i love twilight =)

**more updates later.


122 Responses to “Contact [BBFansite] Staff”

  1. for the downloads section, it asks for a password.
    how do we get the pw or what do we do? @_@;;; thank you

  2. Please tell me How do I get the password for the download section?

  3. how do i get the password fot the d/l section


  5. Oh Yeah, after listening to Big Bang.
    i was HOOKED onto YG and other Koreans
    but mostly Big Bang =]
    Aww does that mean we gotta wait for the
    Download password. yea i read it but okay
    i guess i’ll wait..Whoa i didn’t know
    KVIPS go on here too, i mean can they
    even read english but
    But it’s good to meet the staff, aha yes
    i go here more then i check my emails
    and stuff

  6. hello to all BBFansite Staff…well, it’s a pleasure to know more about BBFansite stuff, because all of you are my angel,XD,bcoz I know the latest news of Big Bang from this site.Thanx a million…Great to know You…

  7. @ninalee: i think they come here to see if anyone posts their stuff. well….i am pretty sure that’s for only few people like moderators. haha. but yes. i think they are happy to see non-KVIPs and like to see what we do and stuff.
    @fanny: thanks very much for staying with BBFANSITE and much love to you as well.

  8. just wanted to say hello to the staff, since i’m new.^^

  9. ahhh sweet….

  10. how 2 join?

  11. hi…how do I join and be a VIP fan also?
    I’ve liked Big Bang since they started..

  12. I guess I have the same question as the rest, how do i become a vip so i may talk to others in the free chat on xat?

  13. you don’t have to join this fansite, anyone can come by & comment on posts.

    as for xat, look for a white symbol by an sn, that’s a mod. they will usually message you to confirm you are a vip.

  14. Hi Staff,
    i just ordered 6 bb tshirts and there are a lot of other people who didnt received the t-shirts. We’ve waited like .. 3 months already? We mailed to Zaza and like 2 months ago she said she was prepairing the packages to send. Till now, we havent received anything. If we mailed her, she wouldnt reply or anything.

    Can you mayb figure it out ? .. Is something wrong with her ? ..
    I am feeling deceived right now …. We spend a lot of money together..

    please help us,

  15. are there any big bang t shirts that i can order?

  16. Im a pretty big american Big Bang fan and I would love to see Big Bang in Atlanta. Is it possible to request Big Bang coming to Atlanta? If so who could I possibly contact to request?

  17. SUE, sorry to hear that. zaza is with ygbb. i will try to talk to her if i can, but if not, send her an email again. i wouldn’t worry about being jipped, cuz i got my shirt from them. i just emailed her. so we’ll see what happens.

    bb t-shirts: sometimes we do post up fan-made merch. you can search for it in the archives, they’re also listed on soompi i believe.

    i’m not sure if bb will be coming to america for a while, & if so, i highly doubt they’ll come down south. sorry atlanta. but if you want to make a request, i suggest contacting YG staff. visit their webpage.

  18. i love big bang so much. my loves – GD, TOP.

  19. Hi Big Bang Staff,

    I was just wondering where you guys are from. I am a huge Big Bang fan and I am from North America (Canada). I wanted to know how many fans there are in North America so I can share the same interest with other people around my area. I am not Korean but I am still a huge fan. If you can give me other websites or other people to chat with regarding Big Bang, it would be greatly appreciated.



  20. i was just wondering if u guys can post this up and so people know to vote for OUR BIG BANG

  21. @BBS: i think most of us are from US but there are a lot of fans who live in Canada. it doesn’t matter if you aren’t korean or not. as long as you are VIP, we are all same. we have xat for chatroom. please check top of right menu and click on ‘BBFansite Chat’

    @Dee Dee: i think most of us registered to MNET and are voting at MNET website. melly posted instructions on how to register and vote. please check top of right menu and click on ‘VOTE FOR BIG BANG in MKMF 2008!’

  22. BBS, im from Malaysia

  23. so how do you become vip again =.=
    even though this was probably already asked?

  24. Hey, Can I join?

  25. hi im a huge big bang fan for two years and i have always wanted to be a member of this site can you please tell me how thanks you can email me at great website love it

  26. ^ bbfansite has no membership.
    it is open for any & all to see.

    thank you for your support.

  27. hi just wanna ask whether or there’s any BB fanbase in Singapore? just want to knw..

  28. Hii Im Kim sung Jnn
    and I All I have To Say Is
    I Love to Join YG Family This Year
    or These Coming Years….
    im 14 and Im asina Girl
    I Am Hmong Korean And Chinese
    I Love Big Bang And YG Family
    I Know More than i Know!
    I Would Love To Know More About Yg And Big Bang
    Here Is My E-mail If You Want To Know More About ME
    Thank You!
    Love You Big Bang And YG Family
    From You Fan Kim Sung Jun!

  29. hello to you all staff…I’m a big fan of big bang for 3 yrs now too and omg i am so happy that they’re all coming here to the u.s..During the time that big bang comes here in feb. are they here to do a concert too and what is the website to get concert tickets for them if they do do a concert?? pls let me know…thank you so much!!!


    all i can say…

    full of BB LOVE… GOD! I should call them the Beatles of Asia!!!

    -Music is my passion

  31. Hey guys, I’m part of my own fan site for SNSD and I was wondering if you guys minded adding my site to your blogroll, I’ll link you guys too (:
    thank you!


  33. hey guys!
    ive been visiting here for about a month now and just wanted to say that i love it! 😀
    u feed me daily BB goodness!
    btw.. might be interesting to you but there’s an account on youtube that subs all the interviews etc.
    just thought you might want to spread the iVip love
    her name’s BigBangxVIP

  34. i want to be a vip too…
    but how ? can someone tell/help me ?

  35. Hey Staff, i want u to permissible that i can use MV, perf, CF… which u upload.I ưill reup link at If u ok u can send me an e-mail to
    I’m looking forward to hearing from u!!!

  36. hi guys! i just want to say THANK YOU for keeping all of us updated on our favorite group-BIG BANG! you guys are truly VIP’s.
    anyways, there’s the Big Bang performances at the Kangnam NB Club on 12.25.08. I dont know if you guys posted anything up on those performances, but i just thought i’d let you guys know. their performances include Taeyang’s “Look at Me only” and “Prayer” and some of BB’s top songs.

    well, have a safe&&jolly new year. thanks once again!!


  37. Hi!
    i love this site and i visit it everyday for the past few months but i never joined! i would like to know how do i join and how do i put up my fanfictions! this is my email:

  38. hey ! guy can u help me ? i need a list of question & answer about our boys coz i want to ask big bang fan club in Laos who can help me please!!!!!!!!!

    send me e-mail:
    to jenygd13 or jenyluvbb

    thaxz u!!!!!!!!!

  39. hi guys..
    i need some help..
    i’ve been trying to register at YG ent as fan but keep failing every time.. i gave up after a while n keep coming back for the stuff here..
    but ow i’m really really really want to join as official VIP..
    can u help me?
    i’ve given everything possible but somehow they just didnt start processing the details after i clicked confirm for the 1st step..

  40. annyeong haseyo..

    im christine from philippines…

    i really like this site .. it conveys lots of information about bigbang..

    i would like to ask a question..

    is it true that big bang will be broken because they will do solo?

  41. no impossible big bang still together 4ever!!!!!!!!!!! i think !

  42. @ christine policher:
    where did you hear that from?
    that’s not true
    100% incorrect
    even if big bang members go solo, that doesn’t mean that the group will break up.
    that will never happen hehe 🙂


    i just wanna ask
    how do you join the staff?…..hehe
    just a random question that’s all 🙂

  43. yah, i wanna know too lol
    i’d lyk to help out with romanizing stuff ^^

  44. annyeong haseyo…

    kamsahamnida for your answer..

    i got that information from pops in seoul .. a tv show from arirang….

    i hope that it will never happen..

    maybe all bigbang fans would get disappointed..

    anyways .. i would like to tell all the members of bigbang to keep up the good work.. i hope they will be doing a tv series to be showed here in the philippines…

  45. annyeong haseyo..
    im lynette.. from cebu, philippines
    i am really a fan of big bang
    is there any official music video of everything by big bang?
    im hoping for your answer..

  46. hello..
    i am a fan of bigbang..especially gdragon.
    are they doing a drama series this year?

  47. hello guys..i would LiKe tO cOnfIrm iF bIgbAnG wIll Be vIsItiNg pHiliPPinEs??

  48. I subscribe to your RSS so I’ve been looking for ages but this is my first comment ^^”

    Adding a link to my links list because this is the best place for the BB news 😀

    Thanks a lot and keep it up.

  49. hellloo!
    can i request big bang haru haru wallpaper for my computer’s background??
    thnaks alot!
    keep up the good work !

  50. elow im new here! but im a avid fan of BIG BANG!
    do this fansite have sign up process to join?

  51. hello, I’m Rose from the Philippines. Is there a site where we can email or send messages to bigbang members? thanks. I’m a super big fan, and I watched one of their interviews in which they said that they were happy to know that they are also known in other countries, so I just want them to know that they really are big stars, thanks so much, keep up the good work on this site.;)

  52. hey amazing staff! this site is the best, thanks a lot!!
    but i just wanted to tell you that for a lot of the MV links on the right sidebar, the youtube vids were removed :[
    maybe you could replace the links with the ones from the YG Entertainment channel or somewhere else :]

  53. Hi bb staff !
    I wanna ask you something..
    im looking for the hat of New Era that Gdragon wore in the clip ‘We belong together’
    [img][/img] [img][/img]

    could you guys help me for finding some sites or something? (:
    thank you !!!

    gr sue

  54. annyeong haseyo..

    can i ask what is the latest music video of bigbang??

    i’ll be waiting for your reply..


  55. hye all…
    i’m from Malaysia…
    i’m one of bigbang fanatic fan(escpecially T.O.P)..hehe..i just found this i hope i can be one of the members here…:)

    and..i want to ask, where can I get bigbang school merchandise??i know in Korea they have sticker and etc..anyone here knows where i can get it??

    keep update the info ok!!!
    thank u….

  56. i want to join…
    how to? thank you very much!!!!! ^.^

  57. hi, i just want to tell that channel v had a new show called battle of the pop asia vs asia…
    and in the first round, Big Bang is up against TVXQ….
    and is currently losing… hiks…hiks… ='(
    in just one day they’re losing 170 to 291…

    so can the staff post a shout out to all iVIP
    to log on to
    and vote for our beloved Big Bang!!!
    round 1 ends on April 6th, so be sure to get our votes in now!!!

    ps: you have to log in to vote, one id per votes
    ( so if you all could have more than one id, it would be great ;p )
    and the battle of the pops is in the win stuff section

  58. hey
    i am so happy that i found your page
    i have i qustion about vickys chanel at youtube
    why is your chanel not anymore available???

  59. hey hey 🙂
    thanks for this amazin website!
    it totally helps me keep up with big baaang 😀
    tehehe and sry… but how can you become an ivip?
    thanks 😀

  60. oow…..m so glad i found dis site……thanks 4 dis coolest site……..same que. how can u become vip??????thankkkkkkksssss

  61. yo, i gotta question.
    are you guys like gonna don anything for Dae Sung’s birthday?!

  62. wahaaa , weeelll . Im a canadian/ cambodian girl (: and id like to lear KOREAN. im starting somesome ~ buut its really hard. i need help. 😦 eeh , and heeum big baang is the BEST . i am listening on repeat all of their songs all day long. AND bigbangkorean.wordpreess is the beest website ive ever seen . it have all the things that ill never search for.

    seungri is my LOOOVER ^^ ❤ hihii , and i just want to ask one question. Can i start like a VIPz canada? Because where i live Montreal/Quebec. dont really have one. and Yeeep i speak FRENCH:)
    so sometimes my english will not be the best but im tryiing ^^ .

    if you can reply me here’s my hotmail :
    thank you very much all of you , author , translaters and etc. of BIGBANGKOREAWORDPREEESS ! : ) you are THE BEEST ! : DDD ❤

    – Sojana Tran biggest fan of bigbang, SEUNNGRi and bigbangkoreanworpress.

  63. when you want to come to the indonesiA bigbang?
    I hope you can to indonesia in desember 2009. please. . . .

    HE HE HE!

    ^_^ ^_^!

  65. You guys rock ❤

  66. Excuse me,how do i join this site? Im from Malaysia and i love Big Bang.

  67. Hi, not too long ago I saw a post asking for feedback about the site. It said something similar to, “What do you want to see more? Less of?” I can’t find that post, so I’m going to comment here. I hope you understand that is meant not to offend or otherwise harm the maintainers of this site, but I’m sure you guys are mature enough to understand the difference between an attack and criticism since you have maintained this for so long.

    This website was not what I expected. I was thinking it was a place for people to bring Big Bang news in a professional manner. By that I mean in an objective, neutral way, similar to how BoAjjang runs their site. As time went on, it seemed that the opinions of those posting were tinting their entries more and more.

    I remember once, someone made a joke about the Bay Area. Another person commented on that post, unaware that what was said was merely a joke. The mature way to handle that would be to say, “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, but that was meant as a joke. Please don’t take offense to it; I really didn’t mean it in a bad way.” However, the author chose to indirectly insult the commenter, editing that post to add something to the effect of, “Anyone who doesn’t realize that was a joke must be as smart as a 12-year-old.”

    Another post I found odd was one where one author apologized for the way she always fangirls about pictures. Yet, after the apology was made, she stated that she would continue her ways. Why make a whole post saying you’re sorry only to say that you’ll never change? A truly sorry person would have at least made an effort. I’m not saying that she had to change her ways, but she should not have used a whole entry which brought more attention to it.

    I also once saw a post where the author was bashing another musical group. Later, s/he recanted and struck it out. It would have been more professional to erase it all together instead of leaving it for others to see.

    Now, let me just say that I’m not expecting (nor even asking) anyone to change anything. The original entry I was trying to reply to asked what we wanted to see less of, and those are my answers. However, I now understand why the authors write the way they do.

    This website was not what I thought it was. It was foolish of me to take this long to notice that this site is only a BLOG. A wordpress, similar to a LiveJournal community. It was not until I was in the live chat here when I saw that one of the moderators was only 16. It was not until adding some of the maintainers on Facebook when I saw that many of them have not even graduated high school, yet. If I had known that, I would have known what to expect, so it is my fault. This is your blog, so you aren’t bound by the same rules that journalists are.

    I hope I can find an English website will get Big Bang news as fast as you guys do, but in the style I expected this website to be. Maybe this was a waste of time since I’m basically only telling you my own shortcomings in figuring out what the purpose of this site is, but I do hope that I have given you some thorough feedback as opposed to the many fans of this site who will only give you their perceived positives and not any of their perceived negatives.

    Thank you.

  68. @ carol

    it’s great that you finally noticed that wordpress is a blog.
    i respect the manner you have brought up your concerns, but they all derived from your not noticing that we are not an official fansite.
    there’s plenty of kpop news sites out there, i encourage you to check them out.

    however, the reason why we have also thrived is b/c we are like a blog, & not like a forum. our site gives public access to everyone who visits it, whereas other places involve registering & validation. this is why we get more readers more so than other places.

    i would expect a person of your caliber to figure out that the post you were referring to, instead of posting it on our staff contact page, is found right on the top post; we linked it directly for you & can be clearly found if you actually read the post.

    it’s nice to know you can recall very acute details when you can’t even find the place to leave your feedback.

    our site does not compare to a live journal community. LJ communities allow all members to post whatever they want, whereas we are only maintained by a handful of people. all of us here are certainly qualified to find & provide you with the latest news on big bang. we have contacts all over the world, including kvipz. we just add our own 2 cents into it.

    not only do we provide news & updates on BB & other artists, but we have other aspects of a “fansite” to uphold, including posting up project updates, etc. that is where professionalism ends, & a community begins.

    we at BBFansite strive & have seen success in the things we do, doing it the way we have done it. maybe you should read though our replies to everyone’s feedback & understand some more. then you would understand where the hostility comes from when we deal with fans who really don’t know their facts.

    i handle things the way i always do, & i got along just fine. there would be no misunderstanding if mature people would get that some things i say are jokes. if i was serious, i would leave a disclaimer, just as i have on the replies post.

    keep in mind some of our active staff members are still in high school. we don’t get paid for what we do. if we did, things would be handled differently, & presented in a different, more professional manner. & to reiterate my comments on the replies post: if you don’t like the way we do things here, you can keep your thoughts to yourself & move on to another site that would provide you with the same info we provide here.

    mature people should be able to take harsh criticism, just as they can give harsh criticism.

    good day.

  69. @ Carol

    I just want to make a comment you said about the live chat room. We do not regularly run the chat room anymore and some of the mods are not really part of the staff.
    The mods in the chat room are chosen based on their level of maturity and their ability to uphold the responsibilities that are given to them. Also, members are made mods due to the time zone differences. So there are mods from other countries.

  70. uhmm.. Hi
    I just want you to be my partner in making TOP’s fansite

  71. hi BB fansite staff.. i’m just wondering, do you have an open position to become a staff? i’m really interested in becoming a staff in this fansite.. i’ve been a certified v.i.p. ever since. && have sufficient english.. i use computer/internet for approximately 15-18 hours per day.. and i noticed that only 5-6 staff are posting big bang updates right now.. i really want to help this fansite. if ever you could open a position for me.. i won’t let the v.i.p’s down.. i’ll post the very fresh big bang updates && i’ll be responsible enough to handle this.. && oh one thing.. i know a lot about HTML, an active member of && i have many sources.. i can also be a download provider, a video provider.. anything^^ i’m capable of doing anything for the V.I.P’s who is supporting big bang ever since.. this is my email add.. if you are interested with me please email me 🙂 i’d really appreciate to be a part of this..

    for the hardworking staff: thank you very much for making the V.i.P’s happy && thank you for posting bb updates.. && yeah thank you for the wonderful projects.. 🙂

    big bang && big bang v.i.p’s hwaiting~!

  72. hi..i want to be one of the VIP..but how to join?
    I just open this website so I can be a VIP? there’s no need to fill the form or something like that?
    hope you can anser my question..I really want to be VIP..
    thanks ^_^

  73. heello, 🙂
    i’ve been a big fan of big bang, and i have almost all their songs,
    i would like some help sorting the songs into their albums,
    would someone maybe make a list of songs and which album their from?
    i think that would also be good to post up in your site 🙂

  74. @ MC

    there’s a list of Big Bang’s discography on the “Big Bang 빅뱅” page.

  75. gdluvzmc,

    You are SO right in saying that the frequent visitors of this fansite LOVES the blog and opinionated nature of this fansite!! I mean all VIPs like to brag and spazz about Big Bang, and hearing it from other ppl just makes them feel better, lol. It’s fun to get Big Bang news from this fansite because it’s so lighthearted, like hearing it from a friend. Anyone who wants official, politically correct information about Big Bang can just read the english translations of YG messages. In fact, I’m rather envious of you “blogging” skills, lol. This site totally makes me feel connected to all those VIPs out there and to Big Bang!! Anyway, just wanted to thank you guys. Keep up the good work!!
    Also, I was wondering…is there anyway you guys can set up a way for iVIPs to share our fanmade vids?? Cuz that would be totally cool!! ^^

    Much Love,

  76. @gdluvzmc
    Where in LA did you buy your copy of GD’s album?

  77. hey .. to ol v.i.p in the Philippines ..just text me ..cos i wanna know more about bigbang ..09179159702

  78. @rosebud thanks for your nice comment
    & i bought it in ktown… the galleria?




  80. Hey!
    I wanna join BBFANSITE
    but i cant find the private chat after click ‘WELCOME’
    can u help me?
    I open BBFANSITE by my phone…T^T
    please help me!

  81. you guys are the best.
    I dunno what i do without my daily dose of big bang.
    Keep up the great work.

  82. YG always!BIG BANG FOREVER~!


    Please View ?

  84. Omgosh.I edited the picture of T.O.P holding the sign.It says I love you shaylene now.I love you too T.O.P ❤

  85. thank u so much.!!! for everything that u do..!!bigbang♥
    i´m 19 and i´m so addicted to them. sp T.O.P
    here , peru my close friend don´t like any kind of music korean T.T
    SO I WANT TO know more people who loves BB like me.i assume that this site is perfect for that.!! bye

  86. I was wondering if Big Bang can help me with something, i also know their busy, but I am not really fan of them, I listen to them but i they are role models that can help the younger generation who know them.
    I was thinkin that they can hold a fundraiser to help me get to tour Korea for some voice lessons to improve my voice to become greater cuz i dont have tha money know. I dont know if yalls can help but yea thax anyways.

  87. BIG BANG… i just can’t stop thinking about them.. especially T.O.P plus seung ri.. umm i want to join this blog.. can anyone help me???

  88. Hello, I love you’re website it’s amazing and I’m a Big fan of BB
    I’m from Saudi arabia and we have aloooooot of BB fans here !
    I have a new wordpress I just started it before 3 month
    and I want you to add it in your blogroll if you dont mind ^^
    here is the link
    and thank u

  89. WOOOOOOOOOOOW…your site is so amazing ^^
    i am a big fan of big bang to and i am from germany^^
    here in germany big bang has a lot of fans ^^
    your site is grat, and the projects are really coll.

  90. hy .I love Big Bang with all my heart.I’m from Romania.I’m not sure but I think I’m the only in my country who is a fan Big Bang.I really like your site.^__^

  91. why cant big bang do a concert in London 😦 i wish they did they have so manny fans here too. we want big bang to come to the UK !!!!!!!!!!!

  92. why can bigbang concert in Philippnes :(( i wish did have so manny fans here 2.2 aLL bIGbang PH i wish we meet all bigbang fans ^^gL

  93. u guys rock.i m big fan of big bang n im from in our country we youth like ur musics.ur site is really cool. love u boys ^^^^^^

  94. Hi, I really want to be a bigbang fan but i really don’t know how to apply in this web. Please help me.

  95. what does the author do (yes i know they write stuff) but like wat do they do on this web? do they write blogs? i really want to be part of the staff…btw, where do you get all the news about big bang?

  96. how can i join vip? and may i ask if bigbang has upcoming concert in the philippines? or when will it be?thanks

  97. Thank you! you guys are awesome! This site really gives us VIP’s that does not speak nor read the korean language a chance to keep track of bigbangs activities..thank you and im looking forward to many more updates from this would be nice to meet all of you one day..good job and you guys are awesome! 😛

  98. hey guys, may I know where are you guys from? Is it Malaysia? If you guys are from Malaysia, come and join we are a society of kpop lovers. our forum are growing fast. we have gathered 100 members in less than a month. and we really need team YG there >.<

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  100. Happy B-Day Tea Yang!
    Love Ya!




  102. Hi guys ! I’m sisca from Indonesia. Although I’m indonesian, I’d like to listen to Bigbang’s songs. And also I like the member. In indonesia there’s so many fans of Bigbang.
    as we know, Bigbang is so awesome.
    And because they are so awesome, there’s some plagiator in Indonesia. Such as 5 angles, in indonesian language they called 5 Bidadari. This girlband was do some plagiarism of Wonder Girls, which one of their MV almost same with Wonder Girls. and another plagiator is Geisha Band. This band was also do some plagarism of FT island, which one of their photo same of FT Island. Of course this activity was a crime,right?

    Nah, at the point, which one is important too, there’s a indonesian band called Mosquito Band was do plagiarism too. They do plagiarism of photos ofbigbang and DBSK. They cut off member’s head one by one and they changed with their own head. Of course all the VIPs and cassies very angry with this band. their antifans was bigger then their fans. Their antifans *included me* was bashed them. And they already make a report to SMent. About information to YGent I don’t know at all.

    So, I hope you can publish this topic. Let’s destroy them. There’s some link about this band. About the language maybe I can help you to translate it. This topic is very hot in indonesia right now. But, don’t hate Indonesia, because this isn’t indonesia’s fault or VIPs Indonesia’s fault. Please confirm if you already read this message. And please reply. Thank you very much.

  103. Is there gonna be any asian concert in Australia now? T.T

  104. hey. BB’s music is amazing. I was wondering if there would be any concerts in Canada this year? I wanted to go for my b-day x]

  105. hey guys…im jiesa from philippines…am just wanna ask favor to send my deepest congrats to bigbang…speially to taeyang i am looking forward that they will gonna visit here in our country…theyre the best ever….you rock…god bless..

  106. I have a question 🙂 How do you get like a pic for this.
    also does big bang understand any english or english words?

  107. Hey, firts I want to say that I really like your fanpage!! I LOVE Big Bang!!!
    But I have a question. I want to watch the movie nineteen with TOP and Seungri but I cant find it annywhere with englisch subs 😥 do you maybe know where i can get it???

  108. TOP&SR – 20100515 CF BSX – 1st Mission Do you have engsub??
    I’m vip VN..i leave in forumm.let’s give me.

  109. I’m in love with Big Bang! I accidently stumbled unto their songs but once I heard them I freaked out because of how good their songs are. My favorite is haru haru and lollipop!

  110. can i know how to become VIP..i want to become VIP of BIG BANG.. i love them so much!!

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  114. What is big bang’s phone nuber want to talk to them.Oh and also i’m can speak karean so just tell me their phone number!and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU TOP !

  115. i like bigbang very much,, but i can’t speak english,, so i can’t comment anything,,,

  116. hi, i love Big Bang and i can’t speak korean and i really like them. i wish that i could really meet them too! i hope u guys can come 2 america soon. i ❤ u!!!!! =)

  117. when is bigbang going to Thailand>< I hope u guys come soon

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  119. estoy muy contenta por una parte de aberlos conocido y por otra q no bienen a peru

  120. bueno tengo mucha esperanza q ustedes bendran les quelo

  121. BigBang Hwaiting! ❤

  122. Big Bang,what took you so long to come to my country?I’ve been waiting but you never came.Maybe you don’t know your fans in Sarawak..Huh how sad..:(

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