Registrations for Bigbang’s official VIP 3 fan club

for those wondering again how the official fanclub recruiting its members and u definitely need a Korean Social Securty for this one


Recruiting members for the official VIP 3 fan club

Hi, I’m the person in charge of Bigbang.First I want to say thank you for all of those who support Bigbang.This year the official VIP fan club is already recruiting the third generation members. We’re recruiting the members a little differently for the third generation,and we’ve tried to give you more benefits in this.I’m wishing for the best interest of the fans for this.For the more specific details please read the following.

Bigbang Official VIP Fan club Registration Guide

◆Registration period◆
July 1, 2009 (Weds) ~ July 31, 2009 (Fri)
※For people under 14 you have to go through a document process before registering.
For more details about this please read the notice for the under 14 registeration guide

◆Active Period◆
August 1, 2009 to a year after

◆Method of Registration◆
Anyone who supports Bigbang is welcome!
Register in official YG Family website -> Register in Maxcard website -> Purchase the VIP BOOK which is mandatory
If you go through those three steps your done registering for VIP 3!
※However, if you’re under 14, you have to send in a written consent from your parents.

-This is a book which only the VIP members can purchase.
This is a special book where you’ll be able to look back at your memories from being in VIP 3.
(The details and price about the VIP BOOKS will be noticed later)

◆Meaning of the VIP BOOK?
(1) An approval process that we’ve thought of after received many complaints about the VIP 2 registration method.
(2) A book that only the VIP 3 fan club members can purchase
(3) Event book during Bigbang’s album promotion periods, when you go to their live stages
(We’re not distributing the books that we did during the live stages attendance event anymore)
*what I mean by the live stages is the stages that are broadcasted such as music bank, music core and inkigayo
(4) During the VIP 3 activity period, you’ll be able to record all the fun episodes

※The only the VIP 3 members can purchase the VIP BOOK, this will not be on sale afterward, one purchase for each person.
(Not selling the book afterwards in YGeShop etc., cannot purchase without registering for fan club)

◆Fan club Benefits◆
(1) Offer fan club card with a picture of Bigbang

(2) During Bigbang’s concert, can have a chance to get the priority seats by a random draws(Korea’s first)
->A benefit for the VIPs that have failed to buy tickets in the ‘ticketing war’ for Bigbang’s concert tickets
->Goes through a process like this, online application – random draw – announce – pay for ticket price
The fan club members can get a chance to purchase the tickets before the others can
(However, there is a limited amount of the priority seats, not all the people who apply for this gets the seats)

(3) Can attend in fan club events (planning for fan club events, can change depending the circumstances)

(4) Receive news letters by Email / send SMS

(5) Use the upgraded VIP zone
->able to see Bigbang’s undisclosed videos and voice recordings
->Bigbang’s undisclosed pictures and staff journal
->can see Bigbang’s mini ‘guest/memo book’
->can attend in the various different fan club events that will be held every three months or so

(6) Priority entrance in broadcasted performances and can see the notices for these performance (larger schedules will be open to everyone)

(7) Can purchase the VIP book only the fan club can purchase

◆Fanclub Card Benefits
-Korea’s best cash-back card service, advance payment card
-Can freely use in all the stores that you can use credit cards
-Free SMS service: send your transactions with your card to your cell phone for safety reasons
-Discount at Lotte cinema: If you use the max card at Lotte cinema, can get a 2000won discount
-Tongkeun Shopping: Through Tongkeun shopping when you shop at Auction, Gmarket and thirty other different shops, you get 1.5~2.0% of your purchase as points
-1000won cash back service: If you spend 5000won of more at Baskin Robbins, Tous les Jours, Dunkin Donuts you get two cash backs a month

◆Stuff to pay attention about while registering◆

(1) You have to go through the whole process in order to finish the registration
(2) Your information at the YG Family website (social security number, name etc.) has to be identical to the information at the Maxcard website
(If not cannot use the VIP ZONE / may be impossible to identify at the live stages)
(3) Please state clearly your phone number, email, address to receive card
(We are not responsible for cards and VIP books missing because of the wrong info / also not responsible for mail & text missing)
(4) After you finish registering, if you withdraw you cannot register again
(5) You cannot ask for a refund or exchange after finishing registration
(6) You cannot give or sell the fan club card of VIP Book
If you get caught you cannot register for the VIP fan club in the future, and you’ll be forbidden from attending all the events
(7) After the registrations, the fan club card and the VIP book will be shipped on August 10
(The date for shipping can change depending on the circumstances)
(8) The date for the VIP 3 official website open will be noticed later

Translated by Beau @ bbvipz
For the original post click here


~ by Momo on June 15, 2009.

172 Responses to “Registrations for Bigbang’s official VIP 3 fan club”

  1. i wished i lived in South Korea! oh so JEALOUS!!!

  2. ahhhh too bad.. i thought this is for overseas… anyway becoming official VIP sounds fun and lots of benfits… if only they open the international VIP 😦

  3. im so jealous!!! I want to be part of their official fanclub too!!! 😦

    it sounds so fun…

  4. Selling cheap kpop cds/dvds!
    Directly imported from korea.

  5. aw man….
    im in south korea right now and i have the koran social number
    but i am going to leave in late july so i cant get my card and book?
    and my birthday is in mid july so i officially turn 14…
    but after i leave korea, i wouldnt even be able to be in club events ETC.
    and my phone number will not be the same as my current phone in korea ㅠㅠ
    should i still join just for the..OFFICIALNESS?

  6. So this is only for those living in South Korea?

  7. Owww.. if only they open the international VIP 😦
    I run a forum, and I will be awesome to me partecipatinfg..

  8. EDIT: it will be*

  9. i hate it. I wish i lived in korea. H0pe they puT up an internati0nal VIP. I really love big bang. Well I guess I can be a part of VIP by loving Big Bang. I miss them!!!

  10. ahh, is this just for those who live in Korea? /:
    aww.. why am I living in freaking Denmark? n_n
    will there be one for international fans someday ?

  11. I’m definitely going to have to read all this again but I’ll try when I can. Hopefully, I might be able to do it ^^

  12. they haveee to open a international one for us!! ughh!

  13. they really should have something for the international VIP’s. I feel so left out. -.-

  14. I really wanna join but being in the US is just evil -.-

  15. i demand International VIP!!!
    not fair….i want to become an official VIP..

    soo jealous ><
    i wished i lived in South Korea!

  16. If only I was Korean (and thus had a Korean social security number…)


  17. why it’s always like this….not fair for international fans….not fair!!!!!!! (im crying right now!!!)

  18. No love for us international fans. 😦

  19. Aaw.. I hate Sweden :/

  20. Wow….that is sooo not fair!

  21. i demand 4 international vip!!
    please let others country be vip too!!
    just love big bang.

  22. T.T sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what about the international VIPS??

  23. Wahh, international VIPs wanna be apart of the love too!
    International VIP is a must!
    International VIPs should get the chance to show our love 4 Big Bang too!
    I wonder if a letter to YG will help? Website maybe?

  24. so this is only for South Koreans??

  25. i have already asked YG staff about International FC. Not to worry, they are considering it..but yeah it may take time to have all you can do is wait.

    Now Ygeshop is open to foreigners..

    so Yg is taking the baby step…

    Yes this VIP 3 is for Koreans only

  26. thought this is for inernational VIP

  27. mann, i thought internationaly VIPs can sign up.

  28. sighh im korean but i STILLL can’t sign up cuz i dont live in south korea. that’s sooo sad

  29. dang it aww man i was waiting man hopefully we can be part of a official fan base because it sucks that we are missing out on everything.

  30. oh..dang it..i was hoping it would be open for foreigners..oh well..i guess we have to wait..^_^

  31. I agree I hope and wish for an international VIP….because the rest of us fans want to be a part of the fun to..oh well

  32. awww….TT^TT i wish the would open an international one……sad…but oh well i guess but i wanna join but i dont live in korea :cries: n im only 13 >_<+…….sigh anyways cool to those who r gonna get it!!!!!

  33. i wish there is an international one but i say
    hmm it doesnt matter if we dont get to be in it i mean
    if we are VIP and we are truly not just that you wanna be one vcaz it sounds good but you relly relly truly wanna be one from the heart
    than i mean you are
    well hmmm i say we shuld cum up with a internation VIP too….
    lets say for maybe the USA tour if big bang ever have one?
    or for people overseas who is coming to S> KOREA for one of big bang’s concert eyy?

  34. Awww… i wanna be a VIP too…. but i’m only 13 years old and i’m from the philippines….. so sad… T_T

  35. hey… im really confused…
    i am korean but im from the united states and im visiting korea for more than a month… is there a chance i can still be VIP? oh btw I LOVE BIG BANG ❤

  36. Dear all,
    Hello .I am Thai people.
    I want to be Bigbang V.I.P international fanclub too.
    Nice to meet you.
    I love <<<>>>>

  37. My mail
    come on ! ! ! V.I.P
    I am watting every body…….

  38. awww, I also want to be a VIP T^T sadly I’m not from korea T^T
    Darn it! Why is it that, only a few korean artist come to philippines?! There are bunch of koreans here!!! Waaaaaah!
    I love big bang T^T

  39. Do you know if registration only happens once a year, or every quarter or something? I missed this date, but would still definitely like to register.

  40. Shoot I missed the date.Dang it.-sigh- maybe next time.

  41. hye..can i register for vip fan?..

  42. i’m really want to join VIP too !!!!!!!!

    but i’m from indonesia………………..

  43. nuuu! they must open an international VIP T____T, ii wanna b VIP too >___<, love BIG BANG <333

  44. well, should have an internation VIP, luv BigBang so much !!! Seungri-shi fighting !!!


  46. hi … i wanna say that am not korean and i don’t live in korea so it’s kinda hard 4 me to follow up with big bang’s nwes so please can u tell me how can i be a member in big bang international fansite cuz i relay want to communicate with them so is there away to do that ? pllllllllz replay to my e-mail as soon as possiable thanx alot

  47. Is that anyway i can join Bigbang fan club??

  48. can someone tell me how i can contact TOP from big bang?I’m so obssessed with his hottness and sexy voice!We have so much in common.I really want to talk to him .so can anybody tell me how i can contact him ? does he have a facebook acount or e mail?

  49. I lovE Big Bang vO dOi
    ————–Big Bang is V.I.P————–
    G-Dragon dep trai vO dOi

  50. hi!!more power to the group!wish u can get to the Philippines

  51. thats harsh men…
    the fans of big bang isnt only from korea…
    what about us???
    selfish much???
    plz share your blessings…

  52. it’s not fear for the vip’s who dont live in south Korea..we also BB VIP…;(
    any other way????

  53. how can i register as a fan club

  54. i want to be a vip 2.

  55. Hi ummm what if we can’t buy anything or our parents don’t let us but we REALLY want to??

  56. i wish i could this my friend is a HUGE fan and this would the perfect bday gift for her!

  57. I live in Hungary, so I am not VIP 3?
    I do not sign up?

  58. i want to be a official vip! i live in philipines!

  59. Ahhh they have to give us a chance to be an international VIP!

  60. how to join VIP fans club??
    anyone can help me??
    i love bigbang so much~

  61. OMG. I’m in Australia and I can’t join the VIP club. Why can’t they make it international? ♥

  62. is it not possible to registrate anymore?

  63. gosh i wish i can be VIP *sigh* wish i lived in South Korea well i guess i can wait for when it comes international

  64. hello.i am singaporean.wondering if i can join the VIP club???

  65. hi! les habla una amix latinoamericana ^^!
    yo tmb qiero ser una VIP!! jjiji
    tengo entendido q hay VIP en Japon .. o no ?

    acaso hay en alguna otra parte???
    waaa yo qiero ser parte
    amo bigbang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Can I join it in this year 2011??cuz this is 2009 information of bi bang vip!Can I still join this?

  67. Aw man, they should make an official international fansite, too =(

  68. bigbang big show 2011

  69. i want to b one of VIP members too… T.T

  70. y my internet browser cannot connect to Of all website i’ve been surfing y they should restrict me from this one!! so unfair.

  71. I really really really wanna be a VIP member!!!! Can I somehow join to become a VIP member this year pleaseeeeeeeeeee >”””<

  72. i want to b VIP Members

  73. -falls to knees an cries out- NOOOOOOO! T_T only for people on South Korea!

    Awww maaan. >.< this is killer. Lucky fans that live there_<

    still showing our support from overseas lol.<3

  74. EDIT: in***

    not on. >_< dang it.

  75. love TOP so much :*

  76. I Love G-Dragon. I want to see u so much. What can I do to see u ? 🙂

  77. I love big bang especially GD

  78. urgh, i wish i was there in South Korea :<

  79. i wish i lived in korea toooooo…….i also hate THISSSSSSS…..:(

  80. i wish i lived in korea…….I hate thisssss:(

  81. I was wondering If I would be able to join the Official VIP fanclub as long as I lived in Korea, not as a citizen?

  82. i love korea……………

  83. i love bigbang

  84. i really want to become an official member of VIP! please open an international VIP fans club. pretty please!

  85. i want to be vip member too…. please open the vip members registration

  86. I love BIG BANG!!! I want to be VVIP!!!!!

  87. please make it over sea i love big bang but i live in Canada 😦 i want to be a VIP too D: SARANGHE!<3

  88. Does anyone know if they are going to do recruiting anytime soon?

  89. I love BIg Bang!
    but, know I leave in Indonesia 😦
    aaaa, I love BIG BANG

  90. Amo BIGBANG ❤
    Pero yo soy de Perú y tambien quiero ser una VIP 😦

  91. I really want to be vip member too please open the vip members registration I LOVE BIG BANG and really I would like to be a vip member .

  92. Sori to interrupt but guys why don’t you vote 4 big bang in mnet 20’s choice …They are in third place right now!!…..

  93. i want to be one of the Big Bang member
    not just a Fansclub member
    but the member of Big Bang

  94. Hi my name is Abril i have more interesting in the club please call me that i do

  95. hello im mocca 23y/o USA and i just joined the club and idk how i shuld react that im finally part of it..

  96. i love bigbang~~

  97. I want to be a part of vip club but cannot get the book and sad;(

  98. awwv.. unfair 😦

  99. i luv bigbang soooo muchhhh,,,

  100. How to be a vip I want to go to your 6 anniversary please send me the message to my facebook.The name is I wish I can go please

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  121. any official site of big bang for international VIPs

  122. i want to be VIP members too……………….

  123. I have 2 standing tickets to this coming 27th Oct Big Bang Concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia up for grab. Due to last minute business trip, I have to give up this 2 tickets. (RM191/tic). Buzz me if are you interested. Singapore concert was good, so don’t miss this one!

    Cheers! nic

  124. It’s 27th of Oct…I’m a malaysian and don’t evn have a chance to see my favorite band BigBang in live….got and very inportent thing to do today and it to get my scolechip…so maybe just maye I’ll got to the next Alive Galaxy Tour on December at Hong Kong~that will also be my second time going to galaxy tour,the first one was awesome~How I Love them..V.I.P for life…x)

  125. theyre really cute and fantastic :))))) so great to be a fan of them :)))

  126. DAMN!!! I wish I live in Seoul now!! Or maybe I just fly over there get to register as a Official VIP =(

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  128. I LOVE U T.O.P

  129. i want to see u T.O.P plz!!!



  132. I’m a true VIP that I didn’t find how i can meet them even in thier party
    they didn’t come to my country !! and they didin’t think even about that :”(
    i’m really sad
    i have alot of my frineds who are true VIPs !! who really love them !! who really care about them even in littel things
    we love u big bang and we care about you ❤ saragnheaaaaaaa

  133. I really wish I live in Korea right now, you’re so lucky people 😦 but not being able to be an official VIP doesn’t mean I’m not a real VIP at heart 😉 I Love bigbang from all of my heart and I’ll keep loving them forever ❤

  134. Auwww . I hope that I live in Korea . But , I still love Bigbang forever =)

  135. i love bigbang…

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  137. i love bigbang….always be sites u all..especially GD :D…

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  142. hello 🙂 i want to be a member of this fans club . i really want to be a part of VIP members because i really LOVE T.O.P and G-DRAGON . by the my name is Rodelyn Kei Callora 🙂

    내가 인증 BIGBANG (VIP) 연인 ♥ 해요

  143. i love you VG entertain ment

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  146. Please let international fans join!!!!

  147. Hi,
    I would like to know how to go about the new members registration in 2013.


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  152. ❤ u bigbanggg…

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  159. if I wanna register myself now, what should I do?

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  161. this is so not fair I can’t even join cause am not living in Korea this is so sad………

  162. It’s so not fair that you can’t join if you aren’t Korean…don’t they know how many international fans they have?!?

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  164. i wanna join to be VIP member >,< tell me, how to go about the new members registration in 2015 ? hmm~ i'm VIP since 2013 but i know, i'm so late to registration now 😦 pls help me~

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  167. […] Registrations for Bigbang’s official VIP 3 fan club | BIG … – Jun 15, 2009  · 166 Responses to “Registrations for Bigbang’s official VIP 3 fan club” i wished i lived in South Korea! oh so JEALOUS!!! a_thao said this on June 16 … […]

  168. hi…ohh we re vip.but idk i is vip or no.can we find more vip in outhere?

  169. i just wish i can take one foto..and cheer for our bigbang..

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