Movement Lifestyle choreographers in South Korea

Hey VIPs!  It’s JT (BBfan13) again.  Being a dancer, I can’t let the hard work of Movement Lifestyle go unnoticed.

Also, be sure to check out the ringtones page too so go check that out for ringtones from GD&TOP Vol 1 and VVIP!


First of all, Big Bang has got some support from Twitch.  He’s the choreographer that worked with BB in the early years, and the one who got Shaun Evaristo to choreograph for Big Bang.  You can see him in some of the Se7en + GDYB trainee vids.


So back in late January/early February, Shaun Evaristo was in South Korea with YG.  Even when Big Bang was here in the US (mostly Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV) to film the music video for their comeback, Shaun was in South Korea.

Shaun had to come back to the US to teach a dance workshop on 2/13.  The next day, another mL choreographer, Lyle Beniga, headed off to South Korea along with newer mL artist, Vinh Nguyen.

There is no confirmation that Lyle and Vinh are with YG Entertainment, but since they are both mL artists, and Shaun was just there, it is pretty safe to assume so.  Also, if you keep up with Movement Lifestyle and their “Adventures with YG Entertainment” Youtube videoes, the YG artists learn the choreography the week of or days before they perform them.  Since Big Bang is going to have their Big Show 2011 Concert this week, this further increases the possibility.

With all that being said, you can assume that Big Bang’s comeback is going to be HUGE!


~ by bbfan13 on February 21, 2011.

9 Responses to “Movement Lifestyle choreographers in South Korea”

  1. That’s awesome=)
    “Their comeback is going to be HUGE” Totally agree:P

  2. I love you big bang and Shaun Evaristo

  3. Thanks for the update JT 🙂
    And thanks for the NEW ringtones!!

  4. Hey
    Plz come and visit or Thx 😉

  5. I love love love love Movement Lifestyle, especially Shaun
    and Lyle Beniga <33 Everyone in that industry is an
    amazement to me and never let my inspirations down at all. I am
    blessed to have known of them & I knew that Shaun tweeted about
    Twitch introducing Big Bang to Shaun but NEVER have I believed
    Twitch danced and worked with Big Bang, no offense. I find it so
    hard to believe cause he was on So You Think You Can Dance<33

    Man small world, I am dancing on the inside while typing this
    because I am one fascinated fan & dancer 😀

  6. Hey…

  7. hi we are from germany and we love japaneseeeeeeeeeee

  8. Yes. I do agree but I guess it’s best if we don’t compare them.

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