Big Bang: Making of Big Bang 2011 Calendar

Big Bang Behind the Scene
Making of Big Bang 2011 Calendar
291 MB

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If you haven’t seen this then you haven’t live haha it is so PRICELESS! First let’s start off with Bae feeding Baby… I saw that, it was dark, but you bet yo ass I saw it with my fangirl vision. AHH~ I’m just relieve that Bae and Baby are no longer awkward… now if only Dae and Baby can just get it over with, still so awkward.

Throughout the photoshoot, just look at how Bong keeps coming back to Baby no matter what, well he’s his Baby~ but nowadays, I don’t know if it’s fitting to call Ri “Baby” anymore, I don’t know what came over me and whenever I look at him now, all I see is a man, he has mature and look like a true man, even among his hyungs, he’s no longer that tiny boy I saw for the first time 3 years ago.. it’s only 3 years, why so much changes?


I look a freaking love sick fool staring at Baby doing his photoshoot, everything he does.. I just love it, doesn’t matter if it’s ridiculous or not, he wanted to have a “bad man” image, so he asked one of the stylist to grab his shoulder, to make it look like he’s a bad guy haha I don’t care how old you’re turning Baby, your fingers are still tiny and stumpy like they’ve always been, you will always be a little boy when it comes to your fingers :PP

Tabi…. I can’t describe it, Baby has worn me out, you just have to watch for yourself.. aigoo..

Bong went looking around and somehow.. found a mechanic fishing game. OH MY GOD! THAT WAS MY CHILDHOOD RIGHT THERE. Man.. those fishes were hard as fuhhhh to fish, I remember getting pissed off and pick them up one by one and stick them to my bait, hahaha I was one impatient kid, just like now =D

KING OF EXPRESSIONS: If Bong is number 2, no one dare to touch number 1.


~ by Vicky on December 29, 2010.

9 Responses to “Big Bang: Making of Big Bang 2011 Calendar”

  1. wow cant wait to get it!

  2. when big bang will visit Australia??
    i am fan from Cambodia
    but i am happy to go there for their concert..if anyone no please reply me na..Big thanks

  3. ❤ Ah man i miss T.O.P's black hair i frickin love him to death still though I CANT WAIT TO BUY THE CALENDER ❤

  4. HI All I’m Fan From Mongolian. I Like Tae Yang ! BB is Wonderful Band !!! Good Luck !

  5. I’m so in love with Seungri! I’m glad he’s just three years older than me. I’m gonna marry that man in the near future. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!

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