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“How to become a VIP?”
– we do not facilitate an official VIP fanlisting here @ BBFansite. that is through bb’s official sites. as of now, they do not have an international VIP fanlisting, only koreans can join (need a korean SSN).  BBFansite maintains an unofficial fanlisting that acts more as a guestbook for frequent visitors to the site. you can check that out here.

“Where To Order Big Bang Stuff?”
– from personal experience, i have ordered from YesAsia, & they are definitely reliable & “friendly” when you want to cancel your order. all in all, it’s trustworthy. as for ordering elsewhere, i would take caution, but that’s b/c i never ordered from there. Soompi members? at your discretion. there are many things we can’t buy b/c it involves korean ssn (YG eShop is hard to access). also, many sites are in korean, & it’s best you have korean friends willing to spot you. check out our sidebar for the YESASIA//DVDHEAVEN BB merch listings.

“Are Big Bang members fluent in —?”
having a worldwide fanbase, they have to have some knowledge of a few languages down, but that doesn’t mean they speak it fluently. GD & YB being YG trainees for a long time would know the most English. all members were required to take language lessons, but you can bet that they are not fluent in it. Languages they can “interact” in besides Korean – English, Japanese, a lil Mandarin.
i noticed jiyong learns English from Kanye – not good! lol

“What Instruments do Big Bang members play?”
– being musicians, they should be familiar w/ a few instruments. it’s known YB/SR can play the piano. but the most overlooked is GD (*GDBIAS STRIKES AGAIN!), not that i am making it up, but why wouldn’t Mr. Composer of the Year NOT know how to play piano? DAE can play the drums as well.

“How do you watch the shows Big Bang are on?”
TVANTS is a very good streaming program. you must download the program so you can watch the shows. look for what station specific shows are on & type it in the search bar. You can visit HERE for some schedules.

WordPress Stuff
ON LAYOUTS: WordPress is a free blog. BBFansite is a free blog. if you want to change your style sheet, you have to pay membership to wordpress, then after, can you edit your style sheet. there’s also people who make templates for you. i suggest you search around WordPress if you have more questions about it.

“How do you/What do you use to make banners/graphics?”
there’s this spiffy thing called PHOTOSHOP. google it.

“Can you affiliate with us?”
-i’m actually pretty picky when it comes to affiliations b/c we don’t just affiliate with anyone & everyone. if i find that your site is useful & has potential, then we can link you on our site. otherwise you can check out our FANSITE BRANCHES PAGE where anything goes (as in it’s where you could spam your website url). but as for legit affiliations:

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  • you have to affiliate us first before we affiliate you. thanks.

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123 Responses to “FAQ Page”

  1. BB info
    Can the Big Bang members speak english??
    We all know that they can all sing in english, but are they able to have a conversation with someone in english??


    how do you play soft sub downloads w/ the videos? o.o is there anyway to sync it onto my ipod w/ the subs if its not hardsubbed? o.o

  3. Can you put more mp4 video….becuz most of the video are awesome but i cant download them…so please….thank you =)

  4. BB Info

    Are the members fluent in mandarin?

    And how come Taeyang is barely/ever in any variety shows by himself?

    Thank you 😉

  5. @ wonder_jay: can speak and understand basic English. Not fluent. Taeyang can converse a lil english.So does GD.

    @jenliosis: Mandarin, not really. Just the basic greetings in Mandarin. But no, they arent fluent in mandarin. Even in Thailand, there were scripts prepared for them to say the basic greetings in Thai. Taeyang, will be in the variety show when time permits him to be in. For now, he’s busy with his 2nd solo album. so do the rest.

  6. BB info

    I know that GD entered YG entertainment at a young age, and that he had an interview with the YG president. But I want to know, how did GD even applied for the interview? Was he called to come or did he submit a letter or did he went through some auditions ?

  7. [site-related]

    How do you change the layout for your wordpress?
    Our stylesheet won’t let me save our wordpress’
    code for the layout. It says: You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes. See the Codex for more information.

  8. @YoungBae.No.1.VIP

    from what i can recall(and even double checked with kvipz) he was handpicked by President Yang himself. He meet President Yang for the first time when he came to Yg Office to sign the contract.

    In Sangsang Plus, GD did mention how President Yang really wanted GD. He even asked GD to convince his mum so that he could become Yg trainee at that time.

  9. BB Info
    Does G-Dragon have a tongue piercing/ used to have a tongue piercing??
    because in one of the pictures I have of him, it looked liked he had a tongue piercing

  10. @wonder_jay:

    am not too sure about GD’s tongue piercing tho. however, the only piercing BB members had other than their ears was TaeYang which is on his eyebrow….

  11. BB info

    How many endorsements have Big Bang has done so far ?

  12. BB info

    Since Taeyang, G-Dragon & Daesung have their own version of Look Only At Me. Then does TOP & Seungri have own version too ?

  13. BB info

    1 more thing, wad instruments do the respective BB players play ?

  14. [bb info] (i think :/)

    umm i never really orderd anything online so idont know how it works but i wanted to order the FILA bag from big bang collection i found it in yesasia but is it really ok to order it from there or is there another place for that? :/ (long question sorry ><)

  15. @YoungBae.No.1.VIP

    Baskin Robbins
    LG Cyon (ice-cream and edge)
    iStation (PMP)
    Sk Telecom (Ting)

    its okay to order from YesAsia. i get most of my stuff from there. Very convenient for International Fans. Unless Yg has decided to open Ygeshop to IVIps, my next best stop would definitely be YesAsia.

  16. chayo..


  18. ok thanks ^^ I’m off to order now 😀

  19. [site related]

    Can you tell me wad is the program used to make the banner ?
    I’d like to make 1 but I’m not sure wad program or website to use

  20. t.o.p plays what instrument? mouth right:-/
    thanks 4 shring this

  21. [bb info]
    Hello! I hope you can help me, but it is okay if you cant’t
    I am an American girl living in Japan, and I am a huge Big Bang fan!! Anyways, with the release of a new album in Japan, I am hoping they will be performing some concerts here soon. And I am freaking out, because I can’t understand the Japanese Big Bang website, and I really want to know how one goes about getting concert tickets!

  22. @ Kri-Chan:

    Sorry for the late response. i had to do some checking with VIP Japan in regards to ur question.

    usually the concert ticket will be sold to the official VIP Japan Fanclub. Also, the ticket can also be purchased via online or telephone.

    Indeed a language barrier is an issue here. therefore, what i can suggest here is that you may need to get VIP Japan to help you to purchase the ticket. However, its difficult to purchase a large number of tickets in one go. They can only purchase 2 or 4 tickets the least.

  23. @kri-chan
    bb will be going back to japan to do some promotions, so you might get lucky & get to em, somehow.
    good luck.

  24. BB Info
    Just wondering, do you know all the songs that are gonna appear in GD’s solo album. Just wanted to know. *hehehe*

  25. @lena

    WOW! such an advance thot u have there. sorry, i dont have any info about GD’s solo and songs as of yet.

  26. BB info
    why did tae yag get laser eye surgery?? someone please explain?? i read about it in the Behind the scenes of Nii photoshoot. TY 😀

  27. BB info

    Why is G-Dragon also called “Bong”?

  28. @bigbangfreeak :

    you can read this old post from Vicky. she explained the whole Bong thing: https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/why-bong/

  29. In the “Are Big Bang members fluent in—?”
    Question, you answered, “*GDBIAS: i noticed jiyong learns English from Kanye – not good! lol”

    Kekeke, where did you learn this? From a show or interview or…? ^^
    Really curious~ ^^

  30. @q:

    I am not sure about Melly’s answer. Maybe she can answer that for you later!

    But to know who speaks better English, please refer to Aimee Lee’s blog on Myspace:
    “all of them can hold a conversation pretty well even if i have to speak slow, throw some sign language in there, and they respond in broken english. :p but i think GD has the one of the best english skills since he has the least korean accent. yes sometimes his words come out funny “hurt (heart)” but it happens for all them. sometimes i don’t understand them right away. YB! is taking english classes which the stylist told me they take together i think three times a week? and i liked that. it’s encouraging me to earn a=some korean. i enjoy talking to him the most because it’s really cute when he gets stumped. he starts running to his cellphone for the translation. VI has good english too since he is always talking to shaun and i. i remember one of the last conversations we had was about chris brown and rihanna. LOL! DS and TOP are the quietest but i know they understand. we always have danny around to translate when shaun’s teaching and when i see the corrections on TOP i know he understood. I guess he is still working on the English thing.”

  31. Okay, thank you very much momo!

  32. Hi, i’ve got a question. I noticed you upload stuff from korean website, called DC Inside Gallery (eg. DCGD / DCVI ). But DC gallery banned foreign users. how did you manage to get in? It would be really nice of you if you share this information.

  33. @Kara :

    Most of the posts are taken from other websites. Hence why i or others would likely to write “post taken from: name and original site”.

  34. I was wondering does anyone plan on subbing the second part of Intimate Note


    But what I do want to know the most is, is G-Dragon still releasing he’s solo album this month?
    And when is Tae Yang releasing his second album?

    I mean if they’re going to Japan to promote another Japanese Album how can they fit these 2 solo albums in? And I’m guessing Tae Yang will wait atleast a month after GD’s done with his solo right?


  35. @kalok88

    that one u need to check with Melly and VIP Translators if they’re doing the subbing. if not, if there’s any video in YT, i will post it accordingly.

    About GD/TY’s solo, well there are many speculations from different sources that they might come up with the respective albums eithet this month or next month. However, since they’ll be in Japan by end of May till July, its unlikely. Again, the albums could be postponed until YG has made confirmation on the official release.

    The reason of going to Japan as Yg said, is to concentrate more on the Japanese market, hence making the Japanese Album.

    Again, i say that once there’s any official news/notice from YG availble on the net, will post for ur info.

  36. [BB info]

    I’m curious. How do you get to be a official VIP? i know you have to live in Korea to do so. But how exactly is the process like? And how many members are there in the 2 VIP clubs? Coz DBSK have over 800 000 members and that’s freakin huge.

  37. @universe:question answered.

  38. I cannot watch any videos here..i have adobe flash and shockwave and java but its just blank..what should i do?

  39. This is kind of a general question, but do you guys know how to attend music show recordings? I’ve seen a guide to Inkigayo but not to the rest.

    Also, I’m going to Japan and Korea next week and I’d love to raid the ygeshop!!! 😀 Do you know if their cdshops in general are cheaper than yesasia etc?

  40. jus wanna ask sumting . do u know why big bang is not like thinking on going on a world tour ?(:

  41. another question ! sorry , forget to ask tis on dhe previous comment . do u noe dhe website of big ban’s blog which they had just opened on dhe february?(:

  42. i mean big bang , not big ban . sori again !((:

  43. @supergirl:
    no world tour yet.
    february blog?
    i’m guessing it’d be the BANGS blog.
    hope that helps. they rarely do their own blogs anymore.

    things seem cheaper on korean sites b/c you haven’t factored in the shipping yet.
    it almost comes out the same in the end.
    ygeshop hasn’t opened up for international shoppers yet. you either have a friend in korea that can buy u the stuff (b/c it involves korean ssn) or shop thru yesasia. refer to the merchandise question on FAQ above.
    your other question: momo will look into it?

    might be something wrong w/ your browser. look into it. otherwise you should have no problems playing youtubes. if that’s the case, doublecheck if you can watch youtubes… otherwise, idk wat’s the problem.

    this is a problem that we as admins encounter, & that’s due to leechers who don’t pay attn to other admins’ requests.
    we cannot answer your question like you would want us to answer b/c i personally do not like leeching.
    it demotes the purpose of having multiple fansites & forums.
    basically all the sites you see out there come from the same source ultimately; yet, people want to claim it for themselves. it continues to be a problem i have w/ other people wanting to call themselves “the first; the original” when it’s a lie.

    i called it gdbias b/c it is my personal opinion. it’s lil things you notice, & that’s what i personally have noticed. it’s not a stated fact. but using logic & reasoning you can safely say kanye has an impact on gd, gramatically/english-wise or musically, whether we want him to or not.

    NOTE: please label what sort of question you are asking. i don’t read thru all of these, just the ones that stand out.

    help us help you.

  44. oh , tanx for dhe info . btw , is gdragon’s hair now perm or the center-parting ?(:

  45. btw , the comment is about BB info .

  46. hi, im new to this site and was wondering if big bang was having any concerts anywhere in june or july. thanks soo much. im traveling to some asian countries in this months and would die to see big bang

  47. this is about BB info .
    (anw , dont care bout wat i said previously . its not that important .)
    i want to know if big bang is having any kind of online shopping website ? sumthing like eshop .

  48. @meltedd: Ygeshop is done thru online. Its not a physical shop per se. But if you’re going to Korea, then it would be easy for you to buy BB stuff at any shops particularly in MyeonDong. if you like Banc, its there alright.

    @ supergirl: more of centre parting. he’s keeping his long locks for real this time. YGeshop is the main YG shopping mall for all YG goodies.

    @Cindy : its pretty vague. June, BB will be concentrating on the Japanese market. But they will be organizing a fan meeting at Yoyogi Park in conjunction of their official Mainstream Debut in Japanese Market on July 8th.

  49. thanks momo & melly! (: you guys are very helpful. it’s kind of surreal being here. i met a salesgirl today who found out that i liked big bang and starting going on about taeyang!!

  50. thanks alot for dhe info ! if i have any questions , i will just post it here ! again , tanx a lot(:

  51. this is supergirl , just change my name , lol .

    BB info
    i was just wondering if Big bang will ever come to Singapore ?(:

  52. @ girlbangbang; sorry thats pretty vague. we are unsure if they’ll be coming anytime soon at the moment. but please dont feel sad and always keep an open mind, coz one day they might. But if they’re coming to Malaysia, you can always stop by. We’re neigbours.

  53. i wont feel sad , mayb if they were to go to malaysia , dhen i could go there too , its near .((:
    tanx for dhe info Momo((:

  54. How come on the ON-Going Stories page some of the stories u can’t get to?? I really wanted 2 read one, but I can’t….i tried searchin it and I found, but still can’t get 2 it. Ahh!

  55. TOP fansite


    We post updates and information about TOP like you guys do, you post updates of big bang.

  56. BB info

    just wan to ask sumting , does Big Bang have any NEW songs ?

  57. @ girlbangbang : latest song up till now is My Heaven, japanese single

  58. @ Momo : I would like to join BB chat. Are u the moderator too? 🙂

  59. Do you know where i could download Big Show Concert? Or even possible, High Quality and Subbed? Thankyou.

  60. Hey I was jus wondering are any of the members dating someone?? I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard anything about any of the members dating….(not that i want them to date….i want them all to myself lol)….or are they too busy to date?

  61. whoever wants to enter the chat, we need to approve of you. plz email me & let me know when u’ll be on the chat, & i’ll try my best to go online around that time & allow u access to the chat.

  62. i commented this on the ygmessage post, but i guess i should’ve done it here… but was just wondering why you’re not posting any of the boys’ japan activities on here… i heard they’ve had a couple of live performances and are featured on tv shows etc. just wondered why they are not up on here, that’s all. thaaanks

  63. Hi, pls allow me to link your site on my blog.If you allow pls email me at gheldictions@gmail.com. Thanks a lot.

  64. i’m sorry it’s anothergheldictions@gmail.com

  65. [bb info]

    yeahh.. i’d like to know the fan chant before bb does Lie and Last Farewell..

    i know they’re saying their names, but theres a little part at the end that i cant make out..

  66. @TPhiz: https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2008/08/10/lyrics-fan-cheer-for-big-bang-lies-last-farewell-haru-haru/

    I have posted this a while ago

    @iLUVmyBAE: we are very very very busy with our schedules..thats why..

  67. [bb info]
    is there a list on this site with all the songs Big Bang members have been featured on? i checked the BB info page, but i’m not sure if it’s been updated recently. thanks!!

  68. [bb info]

    I’ve been trying to search for the GQ Korea page of Big Bang and their discussion about shoes and have failed. Would you happen to have a link that I could see?

    Also, I want to buy shoes for all the boys, but need to know their sizes. I haven’t watched enough videos to know for sure if they’ve mentioned their sizes or not. But if so I would really like to know. Please and thank you!

  69. [bb info]
    if you order GD’s album from YESASIA, do you get the full set with the posters ?

  70. @tgdlove

    no, you buy it separately.

    everyone else: sorry i can’t answer ur questions atm =\

  71. I think you post makes the powerful point that in a age when people are using their brains to do all sorts of wonderfully useful things, appealing to subjective reality is no longer good enough. ,

  72. i wanted to u for the ringtone of emotion and how do i sign up
    thanks for ur help 🙂

  73. hey… does the solo of TOP like nothing happened dont have a music video yet??? coz im a big fan of that song esp. TOP
    bernadeth of Philippines!!! and hope BB will launch also album here in Philippines! just like 2ne1… tnx

  74. [BB Info]

    I wonder, dae said that he’s the only one in Big Bang who possessed driving license. But, i saw tabi was driving a car in IRIS. So, did tabi get a driving license either or it’s just camera trick?

    Thank for supporting this site, finally i have a place to ask about BB =D

  75. i love bb i looking for wallpaper i wanted to ask can i download
    from here thank u for help 🙂

  76. DO you guys like american girls?

  77. Hi I would like to know where or who would contact to ask why fans outsides korea cant’t join the fan club?
    I’m not korean, I live in London but I would love to be part of the official fan club, obviously I understand that it easier if you are korean citizen so that you can give (SSN) but I would still like an official answer from someone within big bang staff/company.
    I know they are not at fault but right it sucks to be non-korean fan! But I still love them

  78. Hey I just wanted to say thank you for posting up Big Bang 2010 concert detail on your site, I was able to go and it was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have some really good picture of the concert and wondering if u wanted some of it to post on the site?

    Thanks again!

  79. Hi~ I’d like to know, what’s the Big Bang fandom color?

  80. I just want to meet BB in real life<3

  81. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to see BB in real life sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. Bad

  82. Many thanks for the terrific information and facts included throughout your website, what follows is a small test for your weblog viewers. Who actually stated the following quote? . . . .Diligence is the mother of good luck.

  83. bb info

    – i have this present kinda thing for GD’s birthday, and i kinda have others for the other bandmembers’ birthdays, but since GD’s is coming up soon, i wanted to get this over with ^^. i was just wondering.. where can i ship stuff/personally give stuff to him ? since i’m from canada (going to vacation in korea next year) i’m not familiar with korea o_o.

  84. okay so i heard that it was top’s b day on november 2 and i really wanted to send u something but my silly mother wouldn’t let me send a stranger a gift. anyway i just wanted to let you know that no matter how old u get u will always be my favorite korean rapper and the most good looking smoking hot man alive (thanks for reading and if you want to contact here’s me e-mail address (besttokyodrawer@yahoo.com) bye 😉

  85. Which member in BIGBANG have drivers license?

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  94. Heey! Just curious but do any of the members have any religious views?

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