Information about YG Entertainment Audition

I posted the information about YG Audition for those who are interested to send in their demo and to be apart of the family. I know most of you out there has the potential and talent to be train as an artist, therefore i think you should go for it. As long as you have passion, persistence and sincerity in what you are doing, anything is possible. Harrison Rules! Fate. Destiny. Love .One!

Quote: “Music is oxygen. If you don’t have oxygen you can’t breathe. To me music is something that’s always there, wherever I go it’s a part of me, without it I can’t live. It breathes with me.” ~Kwon Ji Yong

PS: This is not an announcement. Strictly Information Only!!

Answers to your questions:

1. No Deadline–> therefore you can send in your demo tape at anytime you like

2. If you got the TALENT, YG Personnel will contact you for further instructions! And you dont have to be a Korean to go for an audition. As long as you have the talent, thats all that matters regardless where UR FROM!

3. For SM and JYP–> you can google it and all the information regarding the audition are stated in the website respectively and they have English translation [ am sorry i cant post the info here]

4. Note–> u don’t have to fly all the way to Seoul just to go for the audition. Do things step by step. Send in your demo with the application form and we just wait and see how it goes from there on. And if you’re wondering if they can converse in English, the answer is YES. I understand that some of YG Representatives can speak English very fluently. So you don’t have to worry on that part.


YG audition
Sangsu-dong 349-10 Hoseong Building 4F
Mapo-Gu, Seoul
South Korea, ZIP 121-829

KOREAN application form
ENGLISH application form REMEMBER: do not use this form. only use it to figure out the meaning of the sections in Korean form.

1. when is the YG online audition?
-we currently have no plans for an online audition. we accept mail auditions and for those whose mailed audition qualifies, that person will go through the online audition. for korean online auditions, for the auditioners, the time & date are given

2. is there an age limit to audition? do you guys have a preference of gender?
-we have no age limit . those with potential and talent are considered and we do not discriminate against neither males nor females

3. can only those with good singing voices audition?
-YG considers everyone with a talent, whether it be rapping, singing, etc. your singing probably hasn’t been evaluated, but don’t be afraid, and audition thinking that your talents are going to be evaluated. also, for those who have unrefined talents, we can adapt, so don’t worry and audition.

4. what kind of song do we have to sing?what kind of genre do we have to sing to qualify? do we have to sing a YG song or hiphop or R&B?
-there are no specific genres to qualify. hiphop/r&b/dance/ballad/rock..just send in what you are most comfortable in. also, you can sing songs other than YG’s songs. whatever the song may be, please choose what you are most confident in. and liven the emotions when singing. we prefer singers with emotion rather than a good voice

5. what kind of pictures do you need?
-when uploading your pictures, pictures taken by “camcamera”[t/n: i dont know what that is], cellphones, photoshop, or anything image-altered is not acceptable. you don’t need to go to a studio to take it, we just need a picture where your face is clearly shown.

6.?how do we make a demo file? is it okay to record something at the noraebang/karaoke? what do we do when we no instrumentals?.
– there are several ways to make a demo tape
1. recording at a studio
2. using your computer to record
3. recording at a noraebang/karaoke
4. using an MP3 with a recording feature, and etc
you dont necessarily need to spend a lot of money to record at a studio. if it is too difficult to get an instrumental, it is alright to sing a capella. however, if you end up recording over an instrumental, please make sure your voice is clear we have to be good dancers? i really can’t dance(momchee). if we dance badly, does that count against me? i’m an average singer but i dance well. is that an advantange?
-at the YG audition, you don’t necessarily need to be a good dancer. even if you cannot dance one bit, it will not be counted against you. however, if you are a good singer, you will be held in a higher favor. nonetheless, the voice comes before the dance, so the advantage won’t be a big one

8. can we audition as a team with friends?
-it is alright to audition as a team with friends. however, you have to make sure to send in separate applications.

9. is the online audition only at seoul?if we qualify through the mail audition, do we have to go to korea to audition in person?
what about those who live far from there?
-YG entertainment is stationed in seoul, the online audition [t/n: i think that means an audition in person..literally translated, it means “online audition”] is going to take place in seoul only. for online auditions outside of seoul, the specifics are going to be sent to you after.

10. what happens if we pass the online audition? after making the audition, do we have to pay fees for the training?after making the audition, how long do we usually train?after making the audition, do we have to come live with the entertainment?
-for the people who pass the online audition, they will officially become trainees and begin training. at that time, the trainees don’t need to prepare anything, like a training fee or an entrance fee [t/n: like a down-payment..kinda thing]. all fees are to be paid by the entertainment.
there is no set length a person has to train. depending on that person’s talents, training can be either long or short. also, not everyone has to come live at the entertainment. those who need to come live at the entertainment (and maybe their parent or guardian) will be decided.

Credit to:
Eng. Trans credit to loveablekrnstar


FAQs from soompiers
1.Can I send demo by email or do I have to send it by mail?
– I recommend you NOT send your demo by email. You can but it’s not a good idea. As for now, they don’t have online audition or email anymore so the only way is MAILING DEMO.

2. Can I just send in an audio or just video? Do I have to dance? Can I just sing?
– You can send either audio OR video file but BOTH RECOMMENDED. I do not have to dance. You can either sing or dance or do both. It’s up to you.

3. Would they care if I’m not Korean? Do you have to know how to speak Korean?
– YG doesn’t care if you’re Korean or not. You don’t have to be fluent in Korean but at least be fluent enough to not pronounce a word wrong in your songs. Try to take some lessons before auditioning. They would wanna hear you speak a lil bit of Korean.

4. Do I have to sing a Korean song?
– You don’t have to if you’re Korean. Korean and English songs are top choices. If you’re not Korean, I highly recommend you chose one Korean song to include in your demo.

5. Can I send in a tape or does it have to be CD/DVD?
– It can be whatever, as long as they can hear you clearly.

Credits: / jsm@soompi / lovablekrnstar for translating.

~ by Momo on May 1, 2008.

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  1. i’m going to read the full thing right now but you know xDD i still didn’t audition for YG because I’m in spain (and i’m not even korean…just mixed…irish/basque/japanese) finishing university and I’m already a bit old …it doesn’t mean i’m not going to try later, but I’m not going to leave university just for a 1 % chance of actually making it and becoming a trainee….you know, i’m more intelligent than that so meanwhile I try improve on my own cuz i don’t even have money to pay for classes. Music has always been there for me but I still think I’ve many flaws and things I need to become better at. I hate cameras, for instance. In any case… I can recall saying the same words jiyong said a lot times xDDDDD…it’s funny. I find myself and him very alike.

    Thanks for the post. Will comment later.

  2. there…i read all of it xDD As i said…I can’t afford to try right now. Even if i send a demo by mail bleh… if they contact me they are just going to tell me to stay dunno what day for the seoul auditions they held privately beside the open ones…I know a few girls the same as me but they are at least american. I just need to finish university and go there myself but I still got two more years of it.

  3. just a thought of sharing the information to anyone who is interested.
    Again, good luck in everything you do.
    PS: You don’t have to be a Korean to go for the audition. As you as you got talent, thats all that matters.

  4. i can’t sing n i can’t dance…
    so,good luck to those who’s gonna join… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. momovip: I know ^^… but it’s always a plus being korean, you know… cuz It’s easier that way. Language is not a problem, really, I’m good picking up languages by ear (I speak 4 languages fluently, 2 of them picked by ear) so I think I could actually become fluent at korean in few months but it’s not the same. I even got some contacts inside JYP or related but erg… don’t want to use them. I wanna make it by myself.

  6. I think m going to audition… but first I should practice my korean :S

  7. woo~ cool^^ i hope to hear some1 from here been in YG familly someday~ *proud*

  8. I would like to audition. It’s my goal to just let YG hear my voice. I know that there’s a less likely chance of my getting in, but hey, why not give it a try, right? So, over the summer, I’m gonna give it a try. Why not? Again, it’s free. You just have to mail it. It’s awesome. I want to know what I need to improve, or whatever. So, before I even do that, I’m gonna ask for your guys’ advice or suggestion. ^^

  9. momo thanks for the info…hahaha!! now, bb girls are going to take this oppurtunity maybe…go girls fighting!!!

  10. i’mm soo inn! goood luck everyone! so they’re making the BB girlband? im kind of confused..

  11. OMO….
    this is cool!! I WANNA DO IT!! BUT T__T not that talented…

  12. OMO….
    this is cool!! I WANNA DO IT!! BUT T__T not that talented…

  13. OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    THAXZ MOMO I think m going to audition ^___^

  14. do you think they’re looking for stylist nunas? LOLZ i seriously cannot dance or sing for my life but i can dress people pretty well =)…also if it gives me an oppurtunity to touch the boyz, im willing to move to korea LOLZ……just kidding =P good luck to all those auditioning…and if u make it, remember us ivips!

  15. wait!!!!!
    if anyone really made it,plz REMEMBER to inform BIG BANG about dis website!!!!
    then,our wish for BB visiting dis website will come true!!!
    lol…i think i’m gonna get crazy…hahahaha… ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Sooo coolieee…..BUT I don;t have any talent —- [well can dance] but my voice is EWWW Ewww……

    Well, whoever gunnaa audition for it

    GOOD LUCK ~~~

  17. woa…
    audition season hehe….
    well good luck to people who will be going to the audition..

  18. So me, living in America, can’t speak Korean can audition? Mail a DVD and be hopeful? Is this correct?

  19. When is the deadline for sending the demos?

  20. as far as i know, no deadline

  21. @momo:
    erm…..when’s the deadline by the way ???

  22. OMG i wanna do it

  23. O wow…i think I may audition…I always want to be in YG!…and I love singing and dancing!Thnx for the info Momo<3!!!

  24. wow…good luck for all those auditioning…
    when u’r e in the YG family, don’t forget to say hello to BB and se7en for us~~

  25. good luck to those who are auditioning ! =] and i love gd’s quote. music is everything and everywhere to me as well. =]

  26. hahah i have no musical talent watsoever.
    but good luck to all those auditioning!
    best wishes :]

  27. id audition but i know my parents would be against it -____-” and im vietnamese + cant speak korean.

  28. oh godd!!!!!!
    i would love to audition.
    but sadly i cant!

  29. O MA GAWD!
    this is cool.. . but i can’t sign up because i dont live in korea,seoul
    i live in the us!

  30. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ wahhhhh

  31. @ bananax —>3. Would they care if Iโ€™m not Korean? Do you have to know how to speak Korean?
    – YG doesnโ€™t care if youโ€™re Korean or not. You donโ€™t have to be fluent in Korean but at least be fluent enough to not pronounce a word wrong in your songs. Try to take some lessons before auditioning. They would wanna hear you speak a lil bit of Korean.


    9. is the online audition only at seoul?if we qualify through the mail audition, do we have to go to korea to audition in person?
    what about those who live far from there?
    -YG entertainment is stationed in seoul, the online audition [t/n: i think that means an audition in person..literally translated, it means “online audition”] is going to take place in seoul only. for online auditions outside of seoul, the specifics are going to be sent to you after.

    i don’ tthink you have to live in korea, but I just still ASKING if I can audition if I’m from the USA? These questions make it seem like I can be from the US…

  32. can`t sing
    can`t dance
    can`t speak korean
    can`t go to seoul but even if those ppl come , i doubt they`ll come to where i live

    hmmm …
    I`M PATHETIC !!!! lmao

    are they lookin for any photgraphers ?
    how about make – up artists ?
    psychology maybe ? help them w. any problems they might have ? depression ?

    lols GAWD i wanna be in the fambam ]:<

  33. No Way!

    We can just mail in out audtitions anytime???
    If I knew that I would’ve sent an audtition LONG ago!

    I’ve always wanted to sing and get into YG even though I’m not Korean but I can learn!! >.<

  34. OMBB!!!
    when’s the deadline?? >..<
    can we still sign up??

  35. Really so if I wanted to make a fool out of myself (ahahaha! I suck at singing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I could audition even though I’m German/French/Dutch aka NOT ASIAN?!? SWEET!

  36. okay, i’m korean/american. but i do not speak korea that much, and can’t speak well.
    does the Yg ENTertianment understand american?


    when is the audition date and when is the deadline to send these videos, audios, and suchas ?

    thank you

  37. i wanna try ..but i’m not very good at singing only dancing..

  38. More than anything right now, I really want to try. I’m not Korean. I speak no Korean. I live in the US. My parents will never let me go to Korea just for auditioning for singing. They rather have me in school.

  39. what if u can dance? but not sing. woo. haha!

  40. so wait.. reading all these comments.. you have to go to Seoul to audition???

  41. @ lidoxlinda

    naww.. i don`t think so.
    i mean, if you got talent, you got talent.
    they can`t just let you not audition,
    just cuhs you`re nowhere near Seoul.
    they`re prolly just gonna make an arrangement with you..
    if you make the cuts and all that.

    .::. 9. is the online audition only at seoul?if we qualify through the mail audition, do we have to go to korea to audition in person?
    what about those who live far from there?
    -YG entertainment is stationed in seoul, the online audition [t/n: i think that means an audition in person..literally translated, it means “online audition”] is going to take place in seoul only. for online auditions outside of seoul, the specifics are going to be sent to you after.

  42. Momovip~~~~ can u go to BB fansite chat sometimes~~ i just want to ask u something XD is that okay???

  43. this is really cool. i wanted to audition but online audition is very hard ๐Ÿ˜ก
    and i am really quite shy. i hope the ones that are gonna audition. wish you guys luck LOL ;P

  44. hi…. i absolutely want to thank you for this application… but i was wondering if you can get the same information for SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment… because i want to try out for all of them… im srry if its rude to ask

  45. wow!
    momo do u think they accept strangers?
    if yes, dang, im taking a plan right now for seoul!
    it would be great if they had created an international section for their auditions!!!

    aniway, good luck to those who are goin to audition!!!

  46. i think i read somewhere in the yg audition site that you should send two songs one r and b and one pop..
    i think.
    is that true???

  47. B_I_G_B_A_N_G// i dont go there always on msn. if you need to talk, please add me :

    brokenfruit// an not too sure about that..but if you got the infor from Yg audition site, then its must be true.

  48. cool! i wanna audition but i got no talent at all.. how sad… but i might try it for fun??

  49. wow this is a golden opportunity! i hv a friend who really can dance well!

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    there are 8 contestants in dat round…
    Yunho,Top,Hero,Siwon,Gdragon,Wonbin,Taeyang and Xiah…
    de polls are currently dominated by DBSK’s members…
    Hero is first,Top is second while Yunho is third…
    Gdragon is currently losing badly… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    TOP,TAEYANG & GDRAGON lovers,go vote for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if u LUV Big Bang,go vote for them!!!

    p/s : i better warn u all early… is a sarcastic website who loves to bash Big Bang…
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    just dun care n dun reply de comments…prove dat VIPs are not crazy fans… ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. I am planning to audition but I don’t no korean at all.
    Is that a problem?

  52. Big Bang Girl// they will judge you by your very own talent> thats all..try if u can!

  53. WHOA!
    i wanna tryout.
    Hmmmm. Wow. Awesome.

  54. Wowww.
    I wanna try out.
    Thats awesome.
    But can you send this to me:
    Please?? Thnks. Im at schooll lookin’ at this.
    Oh Dang. Well, thnks!

  55. Question:

    Where do we mail the audition to? I know there’s an address at the top but on the English form there is a Cali. address. I live the USA btw.

  56. I was about to ask that question too Reina.
    There’s an address on the top right hand corner of the English form.
    & It says to send it there… =/

    There’s a YG USA?

    Anyways, just wanted to know if we should send it to South Korea, or Long Beach, Cali.

  57. iDOLLY& Reina // yes i know but am not too sure about it..for now what i know for certain is the Seoul’s address..until i know for sure, will let u know soon k..i need to ask people from korea to get the info for me..

  58. so we could tobe YG trainees or artist or some like those?? oh really? they won’t to look at the age will they?

  59. ohya til when we could do the online audition? how about this,we made 2 section of that like 1st its rapping and 2nd its dancing??

  60. @momovip—
    okay, thank you. =]

    another question, it asks for our korean name & english name. what if we don’t have a korean name?
    & also, at the top it says “audition material”
    do we check those little boxes so they know what’s included, or do we have to include all three of those things?

  61. So all u have to do is record urself singing in video and audio form onto a disk and then have ur photo taken at a studio?
    does the pic have to be taken at a studio? are there any other options?
    what kind of disk do we use to send in? whats demo???
    do we send the application form with the ‘audition materials’?


    deicide to give it a try after i undrerstand all this stuff better….

  62. ooo that’s so cool, but why is YG taking auditions alla sudden? i wanna be in the entertainment industry, but i don’t know a bit of korean except for “hello” (im chinese) and i can’t sing D:

    good luck to anyone who’s auditioning though :]


    does anybody know if there is some kind of audition for songwriters??
    if you know what i mean… like sending my songs over to YG? or maybe someone singin my songs and send them to YG… anyone please help.
    thanks (i dunno if im a good singer though, just a shower singer perhaps)

  64. wHEn Is the deadline..??

  65. ^There isn’t one. ^^

  66. where can i get the audtion form or do we need audtion form???

  67. wow… this is nice……

    yo! momovip…… can i have ur email add…. i really want to ask you something……….

  68. I’m wondering about one thing. I’m not Korean but I’m wondering if I can send my application if I’m white? Being Korean or Asian in general is a big difference for me, You know XD e.x. SM don’t want white nor black to go to auditions, only Asians, and it is no required to be Korean neither @@ Someone can tell me?^^

  69. Kamila// i dont know what to say..but to me as long as u have the talent to be a performer, i think that matters the most despite ur enthicity. thats all i can say for now

  70. Wow, Eider “irish/basque/japanese”??? That is an AWESOME mix =D
    but i don’t sing, i can sorta rap and beatbox and I play 3 instruments but YG seems to focus more on singers =/ *sigh*

  71. i dont speak Korean!!!
    i want to try but cant!!!!!!
    OMG! some1 teach me Korean!! hehehe

  72. i dont think you need to know korean to audition because im not korean and im going to audition

  73. Wait, So You Have To Sing At Least One Korean Song Right?

  74. @ big Love—Yes, if you’re not Korean, I think you should so they know you are able to pronounce words correctly?

    Is there any news on which address to send the audition to?

    Also, if we don’t have a Korean name, do we leave it blank or~~~?

  75. @Reina–Thanks Renia We Owe You.Thanks Alot:)
    Love Yang

  76. I already have a demo cd, and cannot afford to record at a studio again. I will try to record somewhere else a Korean song, (or English) but the songs on my CD are in Japanese. Is that okay?

    And 2nd, if I’m unable to record a song in Korean, but will do so upon request from the company (for example, on the phone or something) is that acceptable?

  77. how many songs can we put in the demo cd

  78. Damn i wanna try but how can you record your voice, where do you get the microphone from?? cusz when i record my voice on the phone, it sounds funny XP

  79. okay after reading all the info i was wondering so if we get chosen we have to fly to seoul right? are they gonna pay for us to get to seoul or would we have to pay ourselves? and if we get chosen and we’re not korean are they going to try and promote us in korea or in america?

  80. wait when your a trainee and you have finished the years you did for training do u debut in korea??

  81. can you still audition right now ?
    & we send a demo tape to them by mail right?
    please answer because i really wanna try out .

  82. Oh and one more thing,
    what ifyou also wanna show
    your dance move how do we do that?
    do we send them a tape of us dancing too ?

  83. well I can’t sing or dance so
    best of luck to all who’s going to try out..!!

  84. oh and yeah I can’t speak korean 2..
    so anyways best of luck again 2 all who’s
    going to try out..!!!!!

  85. demi// yes i think..preferably in DVD format. there are few hiccups with the Ygaudition website right now.

  86. it says on the english translation form to send it to LA. do we send it there or to Korea?

  87. jin//

    ENGLISH application form: REMEMBER: do not use this form. only use it to figure out the meaning of the sections in Korean form.

    please use the Korean form and send it to Korea address.


  89. yes, i know to only use it as a translation. it was just confusing how it had an LA address on one form but not on the other.
    thank you for clarifying.

    I’m only 14. This would surprise my parents, if I actually made it in and had to skip school and go to Korea!
    Omggg! I cant sing but I can dance.
    Woo! Good Luck You Guyys! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค

  91. Um…I’m planning on singing all songs in Korean, but would it be a bad idea to sing *one* Japanese song?

  92. OKAY~~

    What if we don’t have a Korean name? -.-
    Do we leave the spot blank or write, “N/A” or…?

  93. reina// yes..u may leave it blank

  94. Im just wondering… Do they have some privacy policy where they say that they’ll keep your personal details private? Thanx =P

  95. โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โค Yun// am not a Yg rep..but what i can tell you that any company do keep all things under confidentiality and its within their policy to keep it that way

  96. Sorry, another question~

    When it asks for talents, does it mean entertainment talents like, dancing, singing, rapping, ect.
    or does it mean other talents besides that?

  97. This may seem alittle out of question but ive heard that there’s an ent. company callet brothers? And it has some sort of connection with YG. Is it true?

  98. I was thinking of joining but i have a question. Can we use a digital or video camera to record the demo? Cuz i dont have enough money to like use a studio or something. so yea plz answer!

  99. erm i know this might sound silly but i might aswell ask. i know that you dont have to be korean to apply for this but do you have to be asian as i know that sm entertainment only allows asian people to be part of their company and i just wondered if this is the same for YG because my friend would love to apply for this but she is not asian.

  100. I’m planning on auditioning this year or next year. I still need to work on my voice before i send anything in. TOT

    MY friends dont’ give me encouragement, instead, they laugh. HMPH.

  101. hmmmmmm.

    Maybe I should start taking singing lessons again.


  102. When it asks for talents, does it mean entertainment talents like, dancing, singing, rapping, ect.
    or does it mean other talents besides that?

  103. arhhhhh im only 14 yrs old and i want to do this audition but i can’t speak korean but i can sing korean songs though. Am i toooooo young for this audition???????? T_T (really want to try) what do you do if you have no experience about audition ?

  104. @ kiki- no age limit. ๐Ÿ™‚
    you’re at a good age to start training.

  105. thank you SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR THE INFOMATION~!! can i send in a video of dance only?? or do i HAVE to sing??

  106. hey Um on the sheet it says ‘Education’ what exactly does that mean?? do you write down exactly what school/college your currently in or talk about your grades and standard behaviour and such in education someone help me please =)

  107. @xiaayezi—I think, if you are auditiong to be a DANCER, then no singing necessary. =P

    @kareezsa—I think when they say “Education” they just want to know all the schools you have been in.

  108. Can someone please answer this ?
    Well, I’m asian / vietnamese.
    But don’t know korean what so ever.
    Would it be fine to just …sing a song in korean just reading the lyrics how they have it youtube ?
    ..and will they train you korean once you made it ?
    I think everyone should give it a try.

  109. where it says AUDITION MATERIAL
    oon the english form , what do you put there ?

  110. ~ WOOT
    I’m so going for this.
    Except, however If I make it ( Which I highly doubt it )
    I don’t think my parents are going to accept it.
    I mean, I’m 14 ^ ^
    Skipping the rest of school and go train at seoul.
    But anyways, I’ma try (:

  111. @michelle-for your audition video or even the audition in person (if you make it that far) I think it’s best to MEMORIZE the lyrics, and not read off a sheet. I don’t know korean, but I’ve worked hard and listened to songs (even slowed down music videos in GOM) to memorize and get the correct pronouncian.


    the english form is ONLY to help you figure out what to write in the KOREAN form. Fill out ONLY THE KOREAN form.
    As for what to do in that section…I’ve been wondering myself. I think you check them off, but I’m NOT SURE. It’s only a guess.

  112. Do they also pay for college as well?

  113. goshh. i wish i could do this…
    i cant sing to save my life and i dont rly dance either..
    lol my korean pronounciation isnt 100%. lol
    besides, my parents would never let me do this.. im only 14.
    lol im goingg to korea and becoming a star one day tho!

  114. momvip

    I downloaded both the English and the Korean application form.
    On the Korean form, can I writhe in English?
    Because I think that they got a translator or something…
    I can’t write in Korean because I don’t know korean.

  115. do you have to move to korea if you make it in?
    like, what if you dont want to give up your education…
    is it possible to stay where you are, go to school and train at the same time?

  116. @miroo4ka—I can answer that for you!
    On the Korean version, yes, you can write in English. =)

  117. So if I’m not korean but can sing and speak three four langugae including fluent in english, its okay? Alright, i been waiting for this moment. Singing is what i do best. You know what i should. Start my demo. I’m asian, but I have the voice of Nichole from the Pussy Cat Doll. Trust me you guys. I really do. I haven’t been heard yet, but there are alot of who said i need to go to American Idol. Since I’m asian but sing like an american.

  118. @shany—yeah, that’s perfectly okay!

    i have a question…
    on the evelope…for the address.
    do we write it in korean or konglish?

  119. are .mov video files okay?

  120. hi everyone I just one of many people love bigbang too
    I’d like you(VIP)toassist me something that I think you already know
    I’d like to get the location of YG entertainment because I can’t find it by myself
    could you please reply me about address of YG
    I’m so greatful!!!
    this’s my E mail:

  121. which address to we send the audition to… the USA one or Korean one??? I’m from America n i dont kno which address to send the auditions to…

  122. ^Korean one.

  123. Uhm…what if we qualify through the mail audition,do we really have to travel all the way to seoul to take part the online audition??
    i am not a korean and dont really know how to sing korea song,
    can i choose english song?can i sing cover with the original song?

  124. I can’t tell if this has been asked before, I didn’t see it, but I’m african american, and I’ve lived in america all my life, but I am currently learning korean and pretty good at it, but do they allow you to audition if you’re not Asian?? I love Korea and it’s my dream to be able to live there and maybe become a singer/dancer there.

  125. @Confused Girl, for the first part of the audition (the mail in audition) you need at least one ENGLISH song and one KOREAN song. If you pass the 1st audition they will contact you for the 2nd and details will be worked out.

    @Rei, YG (quite unlike SM) does not care what race you are. As long as you have talent. If YG Entertainment likes you and thinks you have talent, then that’s good enough. YG=Big on TALENT. Care of race? No, he does not. ๐Ÿ˜€

  126. this is a huge relief ( I’m an African American female) I think I have a good chance-I see auditioning for YG as one of many doors in breaking into the entertainment buisness-in a different part of the world lol-anyone know any good korean songs?

  127. thanks ssooooo much for clearing that up =D

  128. and a merry christmas to all-…well-the ten minutes left of it! lol

  129. hello!
    did anyone already try out for YG???
    i wanna know, i curious..

  130. hey did anyone from YG make it in?

  131. I mean…did anyone who said they were going to audition, make it in?

  132. can a Mexican whom knows no korean whatsoever.. whom speaks only spanish and English have a chacne at being part of yg entertainment??

    (im mexican)

    i really doubt it.. but who knows.. maybe i can try out go ahead and make yg the label a more international diverse label.. that would be so cool.. id be like a pioneer for korea.. yeah..



  133. thanks for posting this.. this is helpful.. i’m from phils but i’ll still try.. i want to acieve no matter what.. well i can say i’m good at dancing but not gurantee to sing but I can rap a bit.. I’ll do my best.. thanks again.. I’ll try to audition to at SM enetertainment and JYP entertainment.. Big thanks to you for posting this..

  134. @gilberto- Your race doesn’t matter at all. If you don’t know Korean, if you get through, you’ll learn Korean while you are training.
    But you have to be MEGA talented and “fit in” with YG. If hip-hop music is what you like, if hip-hop is what you can sing, if you have good fashion sense…

    But anyone who wants to audition must PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. You have to be worth all the money they will be spending on you/worth the investment.

  135. Well I’m from Brazil and I will train for the auditions that starts on the 2ยบ semester. I’m taking vocal lessons, dance lessons and korean lessons…I mean, is a dream I want to try to achieve…
    I know it’s almost impossible but I wanna give it a try…and I won’t regret it if I try, this will help me avoid those “IF” in the future…like What IF I had auditioned? etc…
    Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I should have english lessons too >< .
    Anyway.Good Luck for everyone.
    Long comment Sorry ^^

  136. I’m going to send some of my rapping videos in. I want to test the waters. I also want to see if I have any advantages, living in America and all. I speak Korean as well. So I hope everything works out.

  137. im so close yet so far but because my somewhat deep voice is holding me back i can dance and stuff

  138. where do i put the picture

  139. iam going to do an audition for YG but iam not korean iam an african girl but i do speak very fleuntlky english so is that okay

  140. hi

  141. wow…really!well i like to audition with my friends..well guyz can you add me up with my YM jo0_yo0_rin and y.xiangqin..thnx a lot

  142. well one of my dream is to become an actress n korea..why?..

    coz i rilly love how to act and do you know joseph cheng ..lee dong wook and rain bi..gosh their so cute..

    i will make up to my self that i can reach my dreams..


  143. there’s no deadline?

    does that mean i could send this in now?

  144. annyonghasayo!..

    im so excited..

  145. erms, my mother would slap me if she finds out that I wanna go to korea.
    But you have to live in Soeul in order to audition uplive ?
    What i’m on the moon aka confused,
    can someone e mail me to tell me the process ?
    and how do you record your thinggyy ?
    not a bright person by the way ^.^

  146. Ohyea, i for got to add my e-mail, it’s

  147. can audition even if your not in the korea..



  150. pls help me…

  151. help us….

  152. chayo joo yu rin!..


  154. uhm may i ask what’s the address to send in the application?
    please email me, thanks!

  155. So , you don’t have to be Korean ?
    Are you sure because in YG Entertainment ,
    there’s only Koreans and
    i can’t play any instruments ad I have a difficult time composing music

  156. I Just wanna Say thanks for uploading this!!
    it really helped me!!

    i’m so glad you don’t have to be asian.. or is it just that you don’t have to be Korean??
    well… most people around me say i have dance talent.. well i don’t know if it is that good ^^
    and my singing suckz… but still ther will be a chanse right?!

    well good luck to all the others!
    hope someone’s dream ~mine too~ will come true!!!

    BIGBANG โค

  157. uhm, on the form thing. can we fill out the stuff about us in english?

  158. wait ,
    can anyone e mail me
    i know this may seem really random, but
    do they pay for your ticket and everything ?
    or do we pay for it ?
    I’m just wondering because I may have to fly back and forth….
    you know ,
    i just wonder how much that would cost…
    any ways ,
    just e mail me please ?
    anyone ?

  159. who will audition?..

  160. this is just awesome. QUESTION: if i’m not Korean and I pass the online audition, do i have to go over to seoul for training?

  161. oo i want to do this..not bragging.. but i can dance and rap.. hehe.. ๐Ÿ™‚ and i guess sing.. but i need more training.. i really want to do this but i’m in the UK and i’m half british and half indonesian, can i still do this?

  162. hi grace…..

    my name is grace 2…

    its ok even if you are a british and half indonesia

    as long you have the talent..

    well i”m thinking to.. if i will join because my parents are


    maybe they will not allow me..

  163. ANY WAY…






  165. @gracearrozal

    the form is on this post. Korean Aplication(look up)

    it did not say on where u can upload it. but possible just to make a demo out of it. burn it into a dvd and mail it to Yg as per above. everything is stated in the post.

    @ judify :

    If you qualify for the training, and yes you might have to go to Korea for the training and whatnot

  166. when’s the audition?

  167. oh, also, i want to send in some rapping demos. am i allowed to include japanese songs, or only korean or english? thanks!

  168. Why isn’t it a good idea to send by email? Is it because of the quality of the audio/video ?
    Also, does that mean they’ll accept people from all over the world? I live in Australia, if I pass, will they pay for the ticket to get to Seoul?
    Will they pay for the parents too? Where am i suppose to live? Is there a specific school in Korea for foreigners?

    Sorry I’m asking too many questions ==”
    just really curious…

  169. ilovebigbang(i love big bang too ! ^.^)
    I think they do pay for your ticket ,
    IDKK if they’re going to pay for the parents ,
    I guess that if the parents go , then
    you’d have to pay for your own ticket .
    But they’re going to pay for your living fees .
    Once they accpeted you for the online training ,
    they expect you to come to the following rounds to become their official trainee

  170. Do you sing a WHOLE song? Or just part of it?

    Are you allowed to have lyrics in front of you?

    I’m not able to record my voice with instrumental, but i read on this site that you are not to do acapella:
    It should be written in read.

    And also for the form, are you suppose to just print it out in English [since i can’t speak/write Korean], fill it out, and put it in a large envelope along with a CD and send it?

    Also, can I still audition even if i live in Australia?

  171. hey I got a question do the YG trainees get paid since some people have to move to go to korea and train or do they pay for your airplane and stuff?

  172. I think they pay for you until you are no longer a trainee or you have enough money for housing, education and stuff like that.

  173. hay i wanted to ask is there a way i can send a letter to Big Bang for example GD ?

  174. should we fill the application form all in korean language?

  175. YG has Perry whom is Japanese and White. He is a rapper, but mostly a producer. So YG doesn’t have only Korean. It’s just mostly Korean. ๐Ÿ™‚ But really I think if you have what YG is looking for then they choose you regardless of race. It just that for non-koreans or non-asians it harder to break into the Korean music industry so therefore they have to have a lot of talent. So work hard and always reach for your dreams!

  176. erm~~~if been choose~~~have they pay the fees for air tickets??
    i very intrest in this audition~~~but i scared my parents not welly like me to take part~~~

  177. if i’m vietnamses and i can’t speak korean but i can pronounce a word wrong in my songs (only word in my song). so can i audition ? and how can i do to send my demo ??
    pleas answer my qestion !!!
    thank you so much !!!!

  178. @h.van

    You can still audition. I’m half viet and chinese and I’m still going for an audition. They’ll teach you korean when you become a trainee.

  179. @BB_vip
    They pay everything for you. You don’t have to pay anything once you become a trainee I think, but once you are no longer a trainee, I think you have to pay an amount.

  180. oic~~~thx~~~til last of tis year just can mail d demo~~~cze october nidda have a big exam for form3 student~~~nidda concentrated for tis exam~~~after exam den can be free~~~
    hope can get a great result n hope my parents let me go for the audition~~~

  181. sorry my fren was using my account~~~

  182. thanks julie !!!and 1 question,pleas answer for me !! !! if i pass the 1st audition they’ll contact me for the 2nd. what’s 2nd ??? and if i pass 2nd. how can i konw that ??? and how can i miss them???
    pleas answer my wuestion !!!
    thank you so so so so much !!! i already want audition……

  183. and i must send my demo to YG audition
    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F
    Mapo-Gu, Seoul
    South Korea, ZIP 121-829 ??????
    ……or where…?????

  184. @ h.van: YEs!

  185. @h.van
    Don’t know a lot about the YG auditions. But every time you pass a round they’ll email you. If you don’t get an email with something months (I think it’s 3?) then you wouldn’t have passed. Try finding videos on youtube of users that have auditioned for YG. I’m sure their personal experience should help a lot

  186. Just noticed that this post was in 2008. But does all this information also refer to 2009 auditions?

  187. @Julie:

    you can send in your demo. they still accept as there isnt any specific deadline for the audition.

    I dont have the experience when comes to Yg Audition. but wat i can tell you is that the information given here are relevant.

  188. we have to sing the songs in korean or any other languange will do?
    from the text above, it sounds like even though we dont know korean we still have to sing some koreans songs for the auditions?

  189. shinikyz:
    you have to sing one GAYO song – korean song ,
    a pop song of your choice .
    your welcome

  190. my advice is a mixture of both korean and other laguage

  191. Does the Korean song have to be sung by an artist in YG, do you have more of a chance in getting in if you do?
    I don’t know much about YGs artists at all. I’m more of a SM entertainment fan. I’m just not auditioning for SM because I live in Australia and auditioning by email doesn’t give you a good chance at all to get in.

  192. i have a question.

    if i want to audition, do i need to fill out the application in korean? or in english? : (

    thanks in advance.

  193. @KiwiAnna
    You can fill it out in English, just as you use the Korean version Form.

  194. uhm. how long should the song we’re singing be?
    the whole song or just the chorus?

  195. do you have to be korean?

  196. @cynthia

    Doesn’t matter what nationality you are. Just as long as you’re asian.

  197. On the form for the SELF-INTRODUCTION part, what are you suppose to write? Is it like ‘My name is ….’ ‘I’m ….. years old’ ‘My hobbies are….’ ?

    And for the FUTURE HOPES & GOALS part, are they asking what occupation you want in the future?

  198. More problems on the form::
    Where it says EDUCATION, are they asking what year level you are in?
    Also, for the age, since Koreans calculate the age differently, do we write what our age is in our country, or the korean way?

  199. PHEWWWW! im an “average” singer ๐Ÿ™‚
    and i dance terrible!!!!

  200. buuuuut…
    nobody in my family knows about me wanting to become a trainee….
    ive been wanting this for like… several months.
    thanks for the info ๐Ÿ™‚
    but what if you dont have like… a “pretty” face?

  201. annnd my parents are like… dont move to korea… saying americas betther…?
    im 100% korean… and its sad to say… but ive never been to korean in my life!!!
    i want to goo sooo bad…
    and i wanna audition.
    it would be the coolest thing if somebody (who replied to this) actually became a trainee and they met somebody who also replied this. just bein randommm ๐Ÿ™‚
    but seriously… this is a problem for me……….

  202. i might join it be so cool
    i can sing but i can kinda dance at the same time

  203. does YG only has singer auditions? or also lyricist can apply

  204. QUESTION!
    -after an ONLINE AUD, they’ll contact you. when they contact you, does it mean u’ve made it pass the ‘ONLINE AUDITIONS’?
    -does it mean ur and OFFICIAL TRAINEE?(and would have to fly to SEOUL)
    -after the ONLINE AUDS, they’ll tell you to come to SEOUL?(and it’s not official that you’re a trainee yet)
    -once in Seoul, you’ll have to make ANOTHER(in person)AUDITION?

    if ur not and OFFICIAL trainee&ur requested to come to SEOUL would you have to pay for everything?(since ur not w/ the comp. yet?)

  205. WOW ๐Ÿ˜€ seriously a great opportunity !!
    but i have no talent LOL. this is really cool though, good luck to any of those who are going to try!! ;D i’ll definitely be a supporter loll<3 YG FAMILYYYY<3333

  206. @KimChiii
    I don’t think they’ll call you, since it sometimes costs a lot to call overseas, instead they’ll email you within 3 months.
    It doesn’t mean you’re officially a trainee, in the email they send you, they’ll give you more information about the next online audition, so in other words the next round.

    Though not sure if the second round is in person or still by mail.

  207. I can sing, i can dance, but then there’s the problem of the typical expectations of your parents, and the loss of a normal life if you actually make it. i’m so confused right now, but i think i’ll still try. thank you so much for the post, will comment again later.

  208. what about acting? what would you show for that?

  209. wow i wish i would do this..but i have no knowledge of korean at all so i think it would be VERY hard….

  210. umms i kinda get it.. u send it but u mean by mail right?

    does that count as paying? sorry im kinda sloww

  211. wait i have aquestion i see the english location but not the seoul one

  212. For the address, do we write it in Korean or English?

  213. wow..this is so cool
    i can kind of sing..but maybe i should wait after done high skool
    or somthing
    i hope in the future they can get YG models haha
    cuz i’m planning on being a model in korea and i read somewhere
    that they need foreign models..from ANY country!! even if u dont know korean!

  214. Whoaa
    Coooool xDD
    My littl sister should try it. ^.^

  215. i will really try this one x] goodluck to me^^, but hmm. can anyone tell me my korean name?? my full name is mikee m. gabriel please help me vip’s.. it is a requirement in the YG audition form.. send it to my email add — i would really appreciate if u will give me the right “korean name” big bang && vip’s hwaiting =]]

    (p.s. send it to me in hangul && the way how u pronounce it (example: anneyong haseyo) hangul example (๋น…๋ฑ…)

    please i really need it..

    i LOVE BIG BANG โค

  216. this is totally awesome…
    but i just need to look for a song then..
    the only problem is the ticket..
    man.. that suck..

  217. @potav
    If you talking about the airplane ticket, YG pays everything for you. So you won’t need to worry about anything. Except if your family wants to come, they need to pay themselves.

  218. i just need to clear this.. the application form requires two (2) names.. english name && korean name.. and i don’t have a korean name.. what am i suppose to do??

  219. @m s . l o l l i p o p [ v i p ]
    I don’t think you have to have a korean name. Just put in your english name, and they’ll understand since some staff in YG can speak english.

  220. i want to do it….
    i want to do it….
    it’s getting me nervous…
    people out there who one to audition…
    hwaiting~~!!good luck and all the best…

  221. @Julie
    owh hihi thank you for answering it..
    another thing.. what if u don’t make the cut??
    can try to audition over and over again??

  222. @m s . l o l l i p o p [ v i p ]
    Yeah you can audition as much as you like (:

  223. umm got a question, wen u audition, how many songs do u have to sing?? is it as many as u like?? or only one?? =]=]

  224. how do i send the video ?
    and where do i send it .

  225. @Bellz
    If you can’t speak Korean, they suggest you to sing one english and one korean.

  226. @lindynguyenn
    Send it by mail. The address should be supplied in the information above.

  227. On the letter, do we write the address in kroean or english?

  228. @ julie, i can see the address but can we send it by email ?
    do you know what theyre email ?
    is it olredy there ? cause i cant see lol.

  229. @lindynguyenn
    They currently aren’t accepting auditions by email.

  230. @ julie, oh ohk thanks btw (:

  231. for the korean application form, there is nothing written on it , help please ?

  232. and for filling out an application form, are we allowed to fill it in english ?

  233. @ashley
    Can you Word read korean writing?

    And i think you can fill it out in English, I don’t see why not since YG artists can speak english and translate it.

  234. me and my litle sister are from europe and we are going to try for audition but my question is we are from europe but we are black is that going to be a problem

  235. @jessi
    You have to be Asian to audition.

  236. i have a question:
    when u said u have to be asian..does that mean a country from the asia continent??
    or u just have to be from countries like malaysia,china,japan,philiphines etc.

  237. @afg_gurl_luvs_bb
    You have to be countries from like Malaysia, China, Japan etc. They won’t accept Indians even though they are included as an Asian country.

  238. Hi, erm it’s quite a lot later than this was posted, and I wanted to make sure that there’s still no deadline??
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  239. oh btw um, do they tell you if you made it in straight away?
    or does it take weeks to see if you made it in or not

  240. @julie
    ohhh i c..kay thanx

  241. @julie, thanks for replying to me , no my word cant read korean, how do i change it so that it could read korean ?

  242. a friend of mine that lives in korea said to me that YG doesnt care were you are from as long as you have talend so I know that anyone can try for the audition no matter were you are from

  243. does anyone knows till date is there any update for the dateline??

  244. umm does any one have the application for it?
    does anyone know where i can get it?

  245. is there an audition for acting anywhere in korea?

  246. I can’t read the korea application form as in my computer cannot load it, which other source can I get the application form from?

  247. ok, this is gonna sound really complex but someone please answer!
    ive got both the english form and korean form, but if i want to write on the korean form on my computer can i use english? coz i cant write korean at all, so yeahh…
    If like i write on the korean application form in english, will they like be able to read it?
    lol, peace!

  248. @sabby, i dont think there is a deadline if youre talking about the applications

    @alyssa, the application is near the top of the page

    @ihero! im pretty sure youre allowed to write in english on the korean form

  249. Thank you very much! I just sent in my audition demo.

  250. Wait, so do we print out the form and fill it out?
    Then fill in English or Korean?
    And send the DVD-Demo to The Yg place in Kr?

    And for English speakers/Non-Korean Speakers, we sing one English and One Korean?

    [Sorry for all the questions. xD]

  251. briar~ did u sing a korean song?

  252. can we sing chinese and korean?
    rather than english and korean.. ??

  253. sorry but are you sure this is true? if i really apply and its not true then i’ll be really really disappointed. Im really sorry for doubting u but i just wanna re check.

  254. ok now im really confused about the nationality thing…can someone give me the exact answer!!! can u be from any nationality or JUST any asian country???

  255. what are you supposed to write in the activities/ awards section if you don’t have any?

  256. one more..
    what will happen to school if you’re still in high school in the US?

  257. actually i thought of being an actor and singer but can i do 2 at one time or only after i get in to showbiz then i can become an actor if i choose to be a singer?

    and my studies is super duper bad, then can i still audition?

  258. hi. so i have a question.. in the above information, it says we mail our auditions to

    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F
    Mapo-Gu, Seoul
    South Korea, ZIP 121-829

    but when i opened up the english-translated version of the application, i saw on the top right corner that it says to mail to

    YG USA AUdition
    1250 Long Beach Ave. studio 210
    Los Angeles, CA 90021

    so… where should i mail my audition to????
    haha, and still no deadlines yet, right? xD


  259. hey….
    i really felt happy when i saw dis info…n i really believed dat i can do dis n dat i’ll get through but da only problem is dat i live in scotland(but i’m 4rm bhutan) n my parents won’t allow it!!!
    i really really know i can do it!!!!
    please please give me sum advice!!!(p.s i know abit of korean…so i would hav to learn more!!!)

  260. lol, nomi, a fellow britain ^^
    at least you have the guts to tell your parents… O_O
    I’m still scared mine will just laugh at me…
    I’d say go for it anyway… if you get in THEN see if they stop you… if you dont… they never have to know ๐Ÿ˜›

  261. hey umms i seen to bother u alot sorry!!!

    but when you fill the aplication, do you write english on the korea application? its okay to mail it ?

  262. thanks molly!!!
    but rite now i hav to concentrate on my education!!!!
    do u really want 2 do it???

  263. hey, nomi how bout you give me your email, so we dont block up this page with comments lmao
    and yeah i do really want to ๐Ÿ˜›

  264. does it need to be hand writtem in form or can it be computerized???

  265. I know you send in your stuff to the korean address provided, but does the it need to be in the original korean characters or do we just leave it as is :
    YG audition
    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F
    Mapo-Gu, Seoul
    South Korea, ZIP 121-829

    Please and thank you:D

  266. Erhm, does anyone know where i can get the korean application form?
    i cant seem to be ale to open it!

  267. ohh i got it via downloading!
    Also, for korean name, can we write our English name translated into korean?
    For example; Anna – ์•ˆ๋‚˜?

  268. Do we have to sing a WHOLE Korean song?
    Can’t we just sing the song for like a minute or two?

  269. if you’re a Singaporean, can you still audition?

  270. can i ask if you are overweight but you still can dance and sing? can you still audition?

  271. please answer this question: how many songs do you have to have on your demo cd?

  272. where’s the real form you can use in sending demos to YG?

    thank you for answering (in advance). ^^

  273. Hey I want to try out but I don’t know how to speak Korean at all I can sing R&B and can dance hip hop, I am also half Asian.

  274. Hi im fan of Big Bang and like G-Dragon so much

    and thia’s my hi5mail

    love love Namtan from thailand

  275. yeah!!!!

  276. i really want to audition but i donยดt understand how it is im peruvian so how do i do to audition and how i send my demo please help

  277. im so happy !!! i hope it can be

  278. if im short that counts? ._.
    im 1 55 and 16 years
    im really nervous

  279. please help me

    my friends and my family just laught about it and thats hurt a little bit but anyway i just keep going
    im so happy to found this page i hope to found more info in this page

  280. do i have to fill the korean form with hangul letters?

  281. hii there:) i also wana try at YG online audition…but i’m not asian or american..I’m romanian from europe…and I think is a problem..i can speak verry good english..spanish..and i can sing in korean or japan if the lyrics ar in romanji..I’ve tried to learn korean and japan and i know some how to introduce my self..hello,.somebody can answer me? I realy want to try..i can sing very well and dance,,i can’t.if i learn no problem..I wait ur answer..heere or on my YM BB FAN XD…

  282. I’m auditioning :]
    I’m a decent singer, and I’m very talented in the dancing area.
    I could also speak multiple languages.
    haha, I hope i make it in , Its a dream come true for me then :]

  283. do we have to fill out the application form by hand? Or can we just fill it out using Microsoft Word?

  284. is yg willing to train people that are not actually korean? not even asian or mixed with an asian?
    i know you’ve already posted :”you dont have to be a Korean to go for an audition”, but i am a little scared and not confident.
    i would really like, what the hack? i would love to be an yg trainee, because i do have voice skills,hope and stuff, but i really want the auditions to be open for all kinds of ppl: black, caucasian or asian.i really really hope from the bottom of my heart that the nature of our skin doesn’t matter.
    yg hwaiting!

  285. I have something regarding the trainee situation :
    Erm do you have to stay in KOREA to train ?
    I live in the U.S and i want to continnue studying
    can i just go over to korea during the breaks ?

  286. can i still auditon.?

  287. Alright. everyone’s like asking the same Questions! haha
    You don’t have to be asian. Maybe better? As long as you got the talent. AND be able to speak korean. If you can’t speak korean…GO LEARN IT! (:
    School isn’t a problem. You choose. You either drop out. Or continue with school in Korea.
    To GDragonlovexx I think it’s better if you go to korea to train. they would think your more intrested. and I guess we would be able to see your debut sooner.
    To EJ fill out form on WORD or by hand. as long as the application is readable.
    alrite i don’t remember anymore names but questions i remember:
    Q: Does it matter if your overweight?:
    A:No YG doesnt mind if your overweight. They might train you to become fit though.
    Q: How many songs do you sing for your demo CD?:
    A: It doesn’t matter just make sure you sing loud and clear. I don’t think it hurts to sing more songs for your demo tape (:
    Q: Does it have to be R&B or Hip Hop?
    A: No, but I think its better if it you sing R%B or hip hop. If it’s pop or something maybe audition for JYP or SM? Since this is BIG BANG fan site, even if you make YG, you wouldnt be able to date people from same company. If your tryna meet them…GOOD LUCK! (:haha
    TO EVERYONE: I’m just going to say this again but even though your not korean, you can audition! AND don’t be scared! just step up and show them what you got ๐Ÿ˜‰

  288. As you can see, auditioning for YG is a big dedication. So don’t do it just for the heck of it. If being a big star is something that you really want, then audition. and REALLY wanting to be a star looks something like DAESUNG. He was able to leave his family to become a star. His parents didn’t like it. But he did. He left his family. But currently his parents are supporting him. So to be in YG, you have to be able to give up your education, family, friends, social life etc.. If you want to sing but still continue with studies in the US. and such, come here to Maryland cause thats where brothers entertainment is at. Taebin was discovered by YG through brohers entertainment. anywhooo. GOOD LUCK TO ALL AUDITIONERS!! and don’t be scared to audition! just DO IT! ๐Ÿ˜€

  289. I want to audition because I believe I have enough singing and dance talent to be developed but… I’m just afraid because I’m foreign I won’t make it after all. And even if I would… I’m not like the typical all American looking girl. Dunno, but I think race does matter.

  290. what is the email adrees to send the aply?

  291. hey laura thanks for making it clear.
    but still when can we start sending applications?as i can see yg auditions are “comming soon” when?
    and another thing..[i don’t know if you are able to answer all these Q’s but i’ll try anyway]: i’m willing to leave home if i become a trainee and i want to continue school in korea. but what about the place where we will live? [us, the foreigns]we have to look for a place to live, right?

  292. The audition website is sayying that the Website is going to be coming soon. I’m pretty sure you could still send in tapes and stuff to the address on this site.I was told the website was supposed to be opened by late june/early july. but i guess not!
    hmmm…and I’m not sure about your other Question. but It’s just the same as if your are moving to korea. And yes if you are under 18 (i think. but it’s a certain age) you need a parent/guardian living with you. Good luck!

  293. i was given this adress and i dont know where to send my demo:1250 Long Beach Ave. studio 210. Los Angeles, CA 90021 ?
    what is this adress, please answer, thank you

  294. oh, so i can start sending a demo [wich, btw, it doesn’t necesarlly need to be recorded on a stdio, right? you just have to clear] and find someone who is willing to live my hometown in order to come to korea with me =))
    oh sorry, i have another Q: do i have to send a demo[ singing 2 songs, one korean and one in english-here: do i hace to sing an american song or stuff or can i sing a korean one but in english?,]and aaaa aaam one CD with me dancing or stuff? along with the korean application form -witch again has to be written in korean or is it possible in english?
    thanks again. ^^”

  295. im a little confused bout this.. i rlly wana audition even tho im not korean and all. i can speak a lil korean and i can easily pick up at it too. but where do i send my CD/resume/photos??? do i just send it to the address on the application?????
    plz reply bak or answer my ques. in a comment bc i REALLY wna knw ^^ im just rlly happy that u dont have to be korean

  296. srry i have another question which application do we send to the long beach, la address?????

  297. I did a little screw up with the application form.
    I forgot to cross out which type of audition material I would send & what my gender is.

    Is that big of a deal?
    Btw, I just sent an audition tape ๐Ÿ˜€ wish me luck ppl

  298. Hey everyone,

    I have actually been taking vocal lessons and been dancing hip hop and taught hip hop dancing for at least 6 years now i also compose my own music…i didn’t know anything about YG until my friend referred them to me. I actually feel relieved that they have a music company that excepts any ethnicity with talent. I am Korean, Japanese and half Filipino, but i am more Japanese. The funny thing is i have always said to look like a Korean singer but i just brushed that off and the fact that i can sing. I have been doing various performances at underground clubs and done krump to synced hip hop dancing at competitions i always stuck out to the crowd cause of my style and the fact that i was the only asian in the dance crew (every one was african american).I am going to go for YG and hopefully perform my talents to vast crowds and inspire many to work just as hard. It’s never about the fame, its about the comfort of being on stage and inspiring others…now that’s home. Wish me good luck and i pray and wish everyone else good luck as well…keep working hard.

    Jade Lionheart

  299. hi!!^^if i already have my demo whaT i have to do then?

  300. well..i actually want to..

    for instance i am now a talent of yg entertainment and im a filipino is it possible that youll come and get me to go there at korea and be an artist there..??

    i need answers..pllsss..

    thank you so much..

  301. i wish i could but my voice isnt good and idk how to dance

  302. plss..
    answer my question..!!
    its me again..


  303. i wanted to try this thing out but i dont live in korea..maybe wen im older..^_^ and i hav a question..wat if i decided to audition and i pass,Erm do you have to stay in KOREA to train ?
    I live in canada and i want to continnue studying
    can i just go over to korea during the breaks ?

  304. I think it takes more then talent to be accepted to YG. You need a foundation, a history of hard work and commitment. It’s something that every artist needs to have. A dream can’t not be fulfilled without it’s foundation.Im flying to seoul this year to meet with YG in person. I am going through training here at America, my progression will be posted in you tube as well as my music. O and Stay tuned to my version to Tae yang’s Make Love, in post production.

    Keep working hard every one…ba ba bum! ^.^

  305. @ Jade Lionheart

    So you made it in YG Entertainment?? :O

    What’s your youtube username btw?

  306. if we are under age…. do we have to be escort by an adult… or can we just run away….please answer me back…. please answer me back at….
    -do you have to be really pretty

  307. congratulations !!i going to audition too but im scare
    but i want it so much

  308. well if your under age and you make it yes you need an adult but in my honest opinion it takes time to become a real artist. I know how a lot of you want it so bad, that’s a start, but beggars can’t be choosers. You yourself need to find your own unique taste of your artistic value. YG trains you for your foundation of music and their genre which is hip hop and R&B, that don’t make your creativity nor your unique value. If your still growing up and haven’t found that yet, give it some time. If your mature for your age, give it a try. I have been training for almost 5 years now and I am now 20 years old i recorded my first demo when i was 16 and it isn’t today that i get to start working on making my own music and tracks. Hip hop dancing to vocal training is a must and self responsibility is great to build character. I believe in all of you , if you dream big and work hard you will eventually get it.Don’t be scared if you love the stage and entertaining their isn’t anything you should be scared of. i was scared before ,but when i get on that stage i feel so at home, so comfortable. A music artist is like a caterpillar, work hard ,be humble, and love the genre your working for and eventually you will grow into a beautiful butterfly.

    Love you all and work hard….Ba Ba Bum!!!!

  309. O stay tune to my music, keep in touch with me at facebook, i have yet to build. O for encase some of you are wondering what is my ethnicity, I am Half Japanese Half Filipino from Korean decent and i am a guy, don’t let the name fool you. So you could send me messages. In Japanese, Filipino, or Korean cause i speak all three fluently. Thank You…..Ba Ba Bum! ^.^

  310. ii wonder wad is the standard ?
    i hear a good cover of some korea songs by some ppl ..
    can they make it ?
    cos i thought they were quite good!

  311. wow i found out that you;re a guy XD lmo
    anyway, what you are sharing here is really helps alot!
    i am kind of scared now, about that “foundation” you were talkin’ about.what exactly does it suppose?and wait, are you an yg trainee?how? wow..when? can i hear you sing? an youtube url smthhh..?

  312. so the final question is you dont have to be asian to try out? i dont even speak korean. or anything, and i tried singing a korean song and my korean friend siad that i killed it ๐Ÿ˜ก
    so mean.
    help. please.

  313. to answer the last questions…o im usually on here to help those aspiring singers. To tell you the truth i didn’t start off that good like Se7en, he was not much of a singer until all the practice he had. The “foundation” is the basics of the music business, singing, the genre, the ability to perform, expression, music, etc.Music showed be seen as if it was a sport, you have to practice and go through obstacles to become better. I have a team assembling my videos as well as a music video i am going to be shooting on september. I will let you guys know once they let me know. You don;t have to be Asian , but you do have to have talent. If you sang in Korean that is far more of an accomplishment then your friend saying you killed it.This is your dream not his/hers, take passion in it and never give up. Practice and learn various songs, korean shows that you are dedicated to their company and shows you can diversify. In my words, make sure you are in good health, no drugs, exercise (do not lift weights if you plan on becoming a great singer) light aerobics like jogging or push ups are fine. Vocal train and challenge your singing potential. I was first taught gospel, really hard, now i picked up with bliss. Be good all around: Dance, sing, and in health. You would be an unstoppable singing machine. trust me good health means good everything^___^

    i pray for you guys don’t hesitate to ask me any questions. Thank you and i hope you guys support me in my music journey.

    Jade Lionheart ….Ba Ba BUM!

  314. thanks jade! and good good luck into this wonderful journey.i hope one day i will be right where you are standing now.^^;;

  315. @Jade Lionheart

    Are you a YG Trainee?? You seem to know a lot about the YG stuff.

  316. omg! i was listening to a song called come bird sing and i was wondering who that might be. My friend says that she knew you personally and you released a demo cd along time ago. Did you write that song..and you are too cute!!!! XD

    P.S i am so excited ..i wonder how you look now…hehe XD

  317. I sorry that last message was for jade lionheart….i thought you were a girl at first but i gotta make you my tae yang numba 2!!!

  318. hi am spanish mixed with chinese do you think they might want someone like me. I can sing alittle bit but i only sing pop music, jade lionheart do you think you can help me . I wanna know your biography.

  319. Hi, I’ve learned a couple Korean songs that I can sing pretty well, as well as some RnB songs in english. The only things keeping me from recording myself and sending it in are that I don’t have any money, I’m a black male, and I’m chubby. Most people say I’m pretty handsome, and I think I’m smart enough to learn a new language. Everybody I’ve ever sung to has said I have a really good voice. I’m not much of a dancer, although I can pick dances up pretty fast and I’ve been practicing. I’m really just scared that I’m gonna put myself on the line and waste a bunch of money to send a tape to Korea that’s gonna be rejected. I don’t wanna go to Korea for an easy way into the music biz, I want to be trained. There are so many better singers in Korea than America that it’s ridiculous. I just want to become the best that I can be at what I do. I just need to know for sure that if I do send the tape to Korea I might have a chance, or If it will just be tossed aside. And if that’s the case…does that Brothers entertainment place take black people?

  320. hello guys, @mellisa thank you for actually taking your time to acknowledge my music. Yes i wrote come bird sing, I wrote and sang that song when i was only 16. Who might that friend be you speak of? and Tae Yang, yeah im honored to actually be compared to him. I was told i sing like him when i sing in Korean, but try not to match my voice with any singer. @dahlia, its all about the talent. @Kuy, it doesnt hurt to try, like most strong artist we start at ground zero. This is not an easy career. I started with nothing, trust me, i took risks in throwing myself to every opportunity that i have seen. I did not write to them nor did i pay them anything. I went there and said,”I am Jade lionheart and i want to become a singer, let me show you my Hip hop and my R&B” (I cant release any more info).
    but work hard, i like to be three steps ahead, not two, but three.

    Jade Lionheart

  321. well i recorded my demo i hope they would like it do i need to send a dance video too? hi jade, well my friends name is Katlyn she told me u guys go back. I dont believe her though, did you know her? im sorry if i offended you if i tried to compare u with tae yang, i love your voice.your such a nice person to people who want to become singers. You remind me of tae yang the way u talk, like all nice and comforting. that’s why i call you tae yang numba 2!!! can i contact you? wish me luck…moi!

  322. I had heard a rumor that there is already a black trainee at YG. If your not allowed to tell me then don’t compromise yourself, but if there is, I could use the boost of hope. I’ve honestly grown up with pretty much nothing, so finding something to record myself on is one dilemma, next is actually sending it. I doubt I have the opportunity to fly to Korea and tell YG himself “I want to be a singer.” Singing has been my passion for so long, but I know I’m still limited in some areas, which is why I feel like I need to be trained. I’m not even concerned about becoming a superstar, I just want to be the best I can at what I do.

  323. this is my last message here i dont want to interfere with the websites purpose. @mellisa: I don’t know any Katlyn, i don’t have many friends to tell you the truth. I have been working on my singing and dancing that i hadn’t had the time to meet or talk to anyone. It’s pretty sad ,but soon enough i’ll work with “brothers” close to me. Tae yang again…lol.. tae yang is a cool guy we both have the same style in music and in beliefs, but I have a darker skin tone then him and much muscular so i would win if we fought…lol jk, love him to death^___^

    @Kuy: Everyone has so many alternatives in terms of their destiny. You find something you really love doing and you have passion for it your instincts will guide you.When I started music i wanted to only become independent but i want everyone to know my music. My friend told me about a company and i took one glance and said,” i want this company” I had butterflies in my stomach every time i heard or saw that company and always made me smile or so jolly (i guess that”s a good word) . Everything i did from working out, to vocal practice, to taking dance classes from afro hasian, krump, hip hop, street dancing, jazz, i also did ballet. In vocal i did, gospel, rap, R&B ,pop, and i was also in a rock band called Space monkeys. I took acting classes for 5 years and have been on our local newspaper 4 times based on my acting naming me that years actor. Everything i did was for that company I am now again training in rap, R&B, and hip hop dancing because those are my main fields. I believe that if you keep your dream goal in your mind, destiny will give you obstacles and it is for you to embrace that obstacles. Those obstacles are the key to your ultimate goal. I always say i feel at home when im on stage performing my music, i will feel at home when I feel that i am able to fully express my true existence and that is with that company and through music. The obstacles and my knowledge is the key to that home.
    In conclusion…lol..follow your instincts. Don’t loose hope there are many companies that are willing to take in people with talent.This is one of many. To let you know i first recorded a small little song i did when i was 14 years old, my mother gave me a piano that i come to cherish and still use to these day. I was able to record my song through a very old radio recorder from like the 90’s. I kept that song until my brother’s band came across one day and listened to the tape. At first i was made fun of because it was a tape,but they couldn’t deny the passion and my piano playing. They gave me access to their recording studio. Music is like art, draw it and keep it, no matter what utensil you use. Some one will find it interesting and give you a opportunity. Having something is better then having nothing.

    God bless and take care, ill see you guess in the future.

    Jade Lionheart

  324. I might audition this year but don’t know if it’s in YG or others. I’m learning and practicing dance to some of korean songs for my audition. Haha! Actually I don’t have any formal lessons when it comes to dancing and singing but I will still try! Wah! I’m turning 22 this year and btw, I’m pure filipino hehe. Am I too old for being a trainee?!?! hehehe., good luck to us guys!!! I’ll post some videos of mine in youtube sometime this month!

  325. Really interested. But are we suppose to fill the form out in korean too? because i cant speak/write/type korean, so doing the self introduction and future plan parts would be nearly impossible. Also wanted to ask if for the awards and achievement part, are we only suppose to write achievements solely for singing? or are other things ok? and cuz i’m chinese, would i need to write my chinese name in the korean name part, cuz technically all korean names can be written in chinese characters.

  326. Ive thought about it a lot. and i really want to try it out. and i just wanted to ask if. just say you make the online audition is it any way possible. to not go to Korean forever. like live there. and stay in the current country your in. and train there. because im still young. and i need to go to high school. because my parents wouldn’t let me drop out. is there any way possible. to have training in the current country and to still go to school. with all the training.

  327. if you audition do they email or call you and tell you if you made it or not?
    Because i reaally want to try out but i’m from canada!
    And what about school? would you continuee in korea?
    And is this still going on!
    Please Answer :]

  328. And do you need to sing the full song ?
    or just like a verse?

  329. And if anyone answers
    What if you cant understand ONE LITTLE bit of korean
    or even speak it?
    do you have to learn korean just to try out?

  330. to BigBang L O V E
    yes u should sing a full matter if is in korean english or japanes..but try one in korean.
    school u quit it…
    korean u learn on the trainy days
    and they will call you if u did it

  331. But what happens if you didnt make it?
    How do you know if they are thinking about it or not?

  332. to Big Bang L O V E

    iff u dont make it..they wont call you..
    and i dont know..try to send a demo…
    and wait for them to call you..
    and iff they dont call you it means you didnt make it^^

  333. hi i have this question!!:D
    What form should I fill?
    and where do i send it?

  334. to crying!
    here is the adrees
    YG audition
    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F
    Mapo-Gu, Seoul
    South Korea, ZIP 121-829

    and the form u fiind it up

  335. thanks!!!
    hey someone can traduce this
    it says something about the audition too
    but i can traduce everything
    pls help me!!

  336. the sending is for mail right??
    or for internet

    sorry i dont understand ^-^

  337. is for mail..
    i dont know if the on9 audition is started..

    and about that website im sorry i cant translate..
    send a email to the owner of this blog^^..

  338. How many times can you try out?
    Do they mind if you send one like every monthh?

    Im not going to send one in once a month
    Im just askiiing
    So Please Answer
    ~BigBang L o v e

  339. And does anyone know
    If a 12-14 year old
    auditioned and got in?
    Or like more of a 12 year old auditioned?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  340. to Big Bang LOVE
    it dosen’t matter the age if u have talent do it..

    i dont know..but is kinda annoyng to send every month
    and u can try as many time u want

  341. LOL
    I’m not going to
    I was just wondering if you can try as many times as you want
    But Thaank you!
    So Much help!
    I think im going to try out next month!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  342. yes u can try as many time you want..
    and ur welcome^^ and goodluck^^

  343. hi!!:]
    i was filling the form
    and i dont know wath to put in audition material!! ._.!
    pls answr

  344. to Mada!!

  345. i really want to audition but i can’t print the application.when i click on both links, it says internet can’t open the webpage.what should i do?can any of you guys email me the application?

  346. i really can’t download the application.can i send the demo and just tell them to email me the application or email me if they have any questions?is that not a good idea?

  347. for those people who are in america check out this website

  348. to cryng^^
    ur welcome^^

  349. Sorry But i’ve got onee more question

    Does anyone have any videos of the audition tapes?
    I really want to compare my voice with other peoples
    But i searched YG Audition on youtube
    and all of them are Park Bom!
    But i know she is reaeaaally good
    So I want to see other people who have made it!
    Please Message Baack!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  350. check on youtube

  351. I Tried and all that showed up was park bom
    There must of been other people who auditioned!
    But i can’t find there Audition tape.
    Help Mee!
    ~BigBang L o v e


    try here:)

  353. Hey you guys….WHY!!?? 2 jade lionheart why is it your last message. I would think that we all would like you to keep in touch with everyone and your progress with your training. I KNEW IT MY FRIEND WAS LYING!!! don’t mind her. I hope you get to see this message. keep in touch jade lionheart!!!! good luck to everyone else.^___^;

  354. I believe i have talent. but if you make it can you continue your studies AFTER the training? or ever. and also. issert possible for a trainee to be trained at their current country? or do you have to permanently live in Korea? and for the form. where it says. “Activities and Awards” what do you put down ?
    REPLY PLEASE :] โค

  355. @ mellisa : of course i will keep in touch with everyone…i do keep track of this page because i am currently looking for aspiring artists, Im usually on this time or later like 3 or 4 due to my training i have been really tired and busy lately.
    @Cynthia: If you want to continue your studies, you can if that’s what you want BUT you are missing the point of becoming a YG artist. There are many artist in YG who dropped everything to become singers and rappers because they dedicated their PASSION for music. There are some companies that actually need you to at least graduate high school, but if going to Korea and staying there permanently for your career is an issue ,then YG is not the company for you. Im not trying to put you down or anything like that because i do believe in keeping up with your studies.YG has it’s YG values and work ethics so it would not be possible to be trained in another country. If your taking singing lessons and dance, that is fine, but that doesn’t meet the YG vision. YG is a family not like most music companies, once your in your “blood” (family). You stick with it and you put all your efforts in your music, your performance, and your projects. But school in Korea is never a bad idea, trust me i had a hard time but i eventually knew that is what it took to become “blood”. J.A.D.E out

  356. Thanks for the advice. :]
    i think. id probably. drop out of school & studies.

  357. @ Cynthia: How old are you cynthia?

  358. i think u read about MINJI from 2NE1…she quit highschool for her hard to have school and a singer carrer..
    1st u should finish ur highschool on ur country..and then try at YG YG the age donsent matter..u just need tallent^^
    I am Right jade lionheart?

  359. @ jade: are you filipino? i’m filipino too.

  360. @ Cynthia: you should go for never know unless you can always go back to school later on.we have the same situation.i couldn’t decide at first because of college.i kept going back and forth.i do want to graduate but school is not my is my passion.i luv singing and performing.there is not a day goes by that i don’t listen to music.i finally decided to go for it because i don’t want to look back later on in life and wonder what it would have been like if i actually made it and did what i luv to do.

  361. hi!!^-^
    if ai dont have a korean name
    what do i put on korean name
    or i should traslate my name!!._.!?

  362. to faith!!
    wau!! iยดm agree whit u
    im at he university but my pasion is music a love sing dance every day i cant stop!
    thas way i want to audition
    good luck!!:D

  363. you translate your name

  364. do we have to fill out the form in korean?

  365. ONE QUESTION. Do we have to know how to speak Korean?

  366. @Faith : I am Filipino quarter japanese and quarter korean my father is half japanese and korean, my mother is Filipino with a german decent.
    @Mada: Yes you are right, talent is what you need. People are mistaken that talent means to “Have” or was “Natrually” born with it. WRONG. Talent means this: Want to have, work hard to have, and have passion to have. This is one of YG’s philosophy,”To become beautiful you MUST endure PAIN and STRUGGLES”. I dropped college once i was scouted, I had many experience in my belt and what they saw in me was a hard working individual. I am being sent to Korea to only train for 6 months based on the language. Although I am shooting a music video this september and have almost finished my mini album, they will not open it to korea until I have finished those 6 months in language training and with the company. I started training at the age of 14, and i am 20 now. But like what i said, follow your instincts, this career isn’t for the faint of heart, you gotta act strong and be strong, but be really humble about it.

    J.A.D.E out. enrich yourself with philosophy “My sun has not risen yet” -older brother Dong Young Bae

  367. What do you put for activity and awards?
    What if you dont do any or have any awards?
    And for self introduction?
    and last onee
    What do you put for future hopes and goals?

    Sorry for asking so many questions!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  368. @jade: Thanks for being an inspiration first of all ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really think i have the passion and the talent, and im not bad at dancing, but i have trouble with choreography. Is it okay to have someone else choreograph for you?
    And about how long do we have to wait if we passed the mailing audition?

  369. @ jade: how did you get scouted?did you also send them a demo through the mail?do they actually look at all the demos cuz i’m sure they recieve a lot?once they pick you to be a trainee, does that mean that you will diff debut?

  370. @ jade: are you going to debut alone or with other people?

  371. hey you guys
    @ Brandy Jin: Your welcome I will work hard to help those aspiring talents out there as well as work hard in my music/performance. It is fine to have someone have choreograph for you, but take the time to dance on your own. I usually practice when ever i can. When i go out grocery shopping I always have my ipod with me dancing in the isles..I studied all kinds of dance ever since I was 11. I started folk, then I eventually moved onto street hip hop, if you check my biography coming soon you’ll see all my backgrounds. Have fun with music, feel it in your body. P.S I also did ballet, really hard.

    @Faith: I did not send any demo, I sent my mini album . They do receive tons of mail, now a days they really look at the major experiences you have done AND if you know these three languages, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese. Korean is a major. More experience less to worry about, they only like to worry about helping you as an artist express yourself to the fullest. Singers are not singers unless they know themselves and their true emotions. If the chosen you as a trainee, you are still on the chopping block. There are some who progress and there are some who don’t, YG is like boot camp, no pain no gain.
    I am actually going to debut alone for my mini album, but I am working with two other members who also rap,sing, and dance. Each of us are actually coming out with our own mini albums then once we get everything started we start working with each other. Like bigbang ,but the other way around.

    J.A.D.E out. P.S. but we are given the choice to actually find other singers or dancers to Feature in our mini album. So if interested let me know.

  372. I knew you would come back Jade Lionheart!!!! =D
    Yea you are an inspiration. Are you going to post up pictures soon?
    Is J.A.D.E your artist name thing? Okay so I sing and dance too, can I be in your mini album!!! Pllzzz ….. your ethnicity is so interesting, i never heard that kinda of mixture. Well i wish everyone luck…moi.

  373. @ jade: i’m interested

  374. YG has a secret, not suppose to say ,but I hope people would look forward to it. We got two new dongsengs and they are too cute. They are so young.

    J.A.D.E out o those interested, the only way we as a team can view you is through youtube. It is one of the major american rescources we can review things easier. Trust me, we found a couple already. But they are only candidates not official.

    Thank you

  375. many repliess XD..hhhaha..
    to JADE…
    Jade..i will wait for ur mini album^^ and also ur music video^^
    i hope u will be like YongBae^^ and also like BigBang^^
    dont forget about us^^ to tell us everything.about ur mini album^^ soo we can search for it^^

  376. I am defitely interested!!!
    Jade, when I post a video of me singing, can you help judge me?
    Im looking for constructive criticism,but since its summer, there arent a lot of people to help me out with that :/

    I cant wait until your mini album!! Im already a fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  377. @ jade: i’m going to make a seperate youtube account for this.i will let you know once i upload a couple many singers and dancers do you guys need and when do you have to choose by?when is the deadline?

  378. I have a few Questions. What if you just got braces? I was going to wait until next week after swim team is completly over to make a Demo but now I wonder about because of my braces.
    And for the application, for my name, could Korean be ํ‚ค๋ฏธ but my real name is Kimberly.
    Oh, and would it be better to sing a BB song and a 2NE1 song or MJ and 2NE1.. ๐Ÿ˜›

    [Sorry if it doesnt make sense.]

  379. about ur korean name i dont know what to say^^ maybe Jade will know..and about the song..u can sing what song u dosent matter if is BB 2ne1.dbsk.suju FTI..or korean japanes or english..
    but one in korean u should..bcz u need to know how to sing in korean..i mean if u can pronunce thwe words clear^^

  380. HEY JADE IS MINE!!! =D of course his like Tae Yang. I heard the music he produces is similar to tae yangs. With all the training he said he been through ever since he probably have the body too. JADE!! look at my video in youtube. Im working on one=D
    Who are the other two members? What is their name? are they named after stones too? okay then, bye tae yang numba 2 =D moi

  381. mellisa..u have Jade song’s?or his youtube account?

  382. I guess everyone writing in this thread will be a fan…well, i guess we’re already fans ๐Ÿ˜€
    What kinds of activitie and awards should we put? related to music, or just anything?

    If ANYONE knows a good song for girl with a mezzo soprano voice, ENGLISH or KOREAN. Itd be very appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jade rocks!!

  383. hey jade! your back wow!
    i can see that you have many ppl asking questions and idk if i shoukd ask or not.
    i have a few songs that i written myself and also i have the lyricks music. can i send it to yg as one of my special talents?cause they ask you to sing 2 songs[a korean one and one in enlish] and to present one special talent.Can this be one of my “special talents” or should i forget about it?
    Oh, and if you could visit my youtube account [as soon as i upload a song that deserves to be heard] it would be more than awsome.but i guess i ask too much, lol.
    anyway i hope to hear at least one of your songs as soon as possinle.i am soo curious how exactly your voice sounds.
    bye and thanks! J.A.D.E fighting!

  384. @JADE
    ohhhh, please, please check out my youtube account, as soon as i upload my videos, please considered them!!! and please give some feedback on it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  385. @SH
    omg! you can compose?!?!? That is so cool!! i wanna hear one of your songs, i cant compose anything no matter how hard i try -_-
    Good luck to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jade you didnt even answer my questions….I thought you would be on every probably was busy practicing or something.
    Let’s all support jade i know he is trying his best to suppot everyone else. I luv you J.A.D.E. moi.

  387. Hi, thank you guys for your support. I will make sure to work hard to give out good music as well as performance. I will definitely check those accounts on youtube, if you are interested. Just let me know when you have and I will check on them. Im actually busy right now and Ill get to the qustions as soon as I can.

    Luv u guys and keep working hard.
    J.A.D.E out …ba ba BUM!!!

  388. Dude I don’t think acting counts either does it really.LOL.Well I might give this thing a try.First Imma sign up for some dance lessons or something.LOL.

  389. @Brandy Jin
    i’ve been composing since i was 12.=)) now i’m better.
    i will post one of them on my youtube account and you’ll be able to check it out.
    And JADE we ppl who are here, will surley support you! Keep on with the hard work and you will get great results. you know that!
    J.A.D.E hwaiting! GO GO GO!!

  390. Hi you guys, its 3 in the morning and I just finished practice, really tired. @SH and @ toplovevip: both of questions are quite similar, wither what talents you should submit. @SH: sending in your original songs you composed is considered a strong asset. It shows your passion in music and your own individual expression for music. YG and like other music companies, dislike musicians who are afraid of expressing themselves. When Young Bae (Tae Yang) started ,he was not much of a singer nor was se7en. His voice was very out of tuned or lacked the expression. Until he grew out of it. He fell out of his comfort zone. Quote,” Feeling comfortable means being in a state of being no one”. This rounds to acting. Singing has needs, like football has needs. Football needs a field, a ball, and etc. Singing needs, acting, performance, etc. Acting helps you get out of your comfort zone as well. A song is a play, think of it that way. @SH, I can tell your very humble, i really like that.

    Thank you guys, i will help as much as possible. I am going to be really busy starting this august 17th, (secret ^__^) and I will open a facebook soon ,so instead of blogging here you can actually chat with me personally on facebook and keep up with music. I will also be on me2day.

    love you guys, work hard, J.A.D.E ba bum!

  391. @jade
    thank you so very much and waiting anctiously for your me2day [lol, cuz i have one too]! work hard, and try to become the best!even though i never heard one of your songs nor any song of you singing, i trust you and hope the best for your debut and singing carrier! SH fully trust J.A.D.E!
    J.A.D.E fighting! GO GO GO!

  392. Ill ad you on facebook jade!!!
    Im sorry tht youre so busy, just go on hwenevr youfeel like it ๐Ÿ™‚
    One big question for me, what do i need to prpare for in the auditions?
    @SH: WOW!! I envy you so much!! I hope you do well forthe auditions!
    Jade you seem like an amazing person and i bet you are gonna be a GREAT singer! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill support you always~

    I have been keeping up with J.A.D.E and there has been a blog that has been posted up about J.A.D.E. It is a interview and it is titled. Jade vs Tae Yang. check this website out:

    thank u..J.A.D.E FIGHTING!!

  394. ouu i really wanna join yg entertainment because i can sing dance rap really well but then im only 11 lol . i love yg ent . and plus i want to be a singer really badly but im afraid i might drop out of school .


  396. wow..i read it alrready…what can i say?i wana hear JADE MINIAlbum soon XD…FIGHTING JADE^^

  397. to JADE^^..
    dont forget to tell us ur facebook..and when ur mimialbum is out^^

  398. for ‘activities and awards’ what do you put down? activities – like experience? and awards… ive been doing acting for fun so i dont really have awards or anything… can you put down academic or sport awards? do they count?

    please help! :s

    cheers ๐Ÿ˜€

  399. @lina: You should try out anyways. Youve already got the talent and you seem pretty passionate, so trying to make it into yg wont do you any harm. I heard that some people can still continue school if you want to.
    JADE is always fighting!!
    Oh by the way, thanks melissa ๐Ÿ™‚

  400. Oh and one more question for you JADE, is korean you second language and english is first? Because im still a bit hesitant on auditioning because im mostly fluent in english and i know bits and pieces of korean.
    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    this really helped me to
    be more determined & work hard..
    = 3Li0R4 n PLEASE LEAVE ME A
    COMMENT.. so that i’ll know what
    i need to improve on.
    n to JADE .. SALAMAT! =D

    — 3Li0R4 โค

  402. @ 3LiOR4: is 3lior4 your youtube account?i can’t find your channel.

  403. Hi you guys,
    @ melissa: Yes I remember that interview it was very crazy that day because I was out recording my songs up late and was too stubborn to go to bed. But I actually managed, I had went back to the studio the same day to complete a new song. Thank You for your support.

    @SH: You Warm my heart. Thank You
    @Brandy jin :Korean is my third language. I do speak fluent english because my father moved to America. Like CL from 2ne1 she speaks fluent english. I understand fluent tagalog ,but speak little. Same as korean I understand it ,but speak little .Right now I am studying Japanese and Fluent Korean.My Words get rambled up so much.Learn the language as much as possible. Communication with the with company is the key to their success.

    @3LioR4: Your welcome, i actually took the time to review some of your videos, I am impressed. Although I can tell there are some aspects missing for example: I can feel you’re holding back a little a year or two (or even sooner) of practice or training you are definitely ready to perform professionally, but remember grasp those emotions, believe in your words, and nothing will come in your way of singing. Like what my vocal coach says,”Love it, breath it, and sing it, but always never forget to listen, listen to your voice and the words. They are the only ones that know how you truly feel, no one else”

    Work hard, and practice hard, throw yourself in the most uncomfortable position that involves your dreams.For Example: I started dancing street hip hop when I was 14 years old. I was always afraid of joining or dancing because ; everyone was african-american and I was not, I didn’t know how they would judge my dancing, and was not emotionally strong at the time, But I threw myself anyways. Like what I expected I got truly picked on. Though That was what I wanted to become good in dancing, the way they expressed their attitude while performing their dance moves. The way they hit every move like they cracked the air. I was going to give up because I was scared and uncomfortable,but I didn’t. A month later, I was part of two dance crews and became a good dancer. Every time we performed everyone wanted to know who I was because I stood out so much.
    “Your strongest asset as a performer is never say never” J.A.D.E

    J.A.D.E out…ba ba bum!!!

  404. Wow jade, your accomplishments inspire me to do this!! Im pretty good at singing and dancing but i only know basic korean words. I did however learn how to read Korean by myself in a day =).

  405. hey jade,

    read your comments and i just wanna say as a fellow filipino you really inspire me. i really wanna debute as an actress in korea and since im nearly 20 years old im worried that im starting to get too old……. anyways yeh you inspire me and im gonna work hard to make it one day.

    all the best to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  406. hey you guys I thought I post up J.A.D.E’s interview yet again. I commented on the interview check it out! Jade Fighting.
    here;s the link site:

  407. @Faith – yeah that is my YOUTUBE ACC.

    .. didn’t really have any
    VOCAL TRAINING .. that’s why i’m not
    that good yet.. HAHA.. but i practice whenever i can
    to improve.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  408. Thanks jade!!!!
    I can understand korean pretty well, but i have trouble with speaking it too. I can read very welll though. Thats most of the reason why i am holding up.
    By the way, nice quote ๐Ÿ™‚

  409. I can act and sing.That’ll be good for me.But then I’m not a dancer.Didn’t take any lessons.I’m as stiff as a board.I’ve never relaly tried to dance.

  410. You dont have to know how to dance. TOP cant dance well but hes still there ๐Ÿ™‚
    At least thats what I heard

    Oh and i have 2 english songs memorised and 2 korean ones too. Is that good enough?

  411. hi!jade lionheart thanks for all i have a question i dont fluent in korean but i know the basics!:D
    u think its good?!
    damn im scare!this is my dream my family doesnt know that i going to audition just my mom they think is just a joke they dont heard me. but anyway i going to audition

  412. @Faith – in 3Li0R4… the 0 is zero.. =D

  413. New interview:

  414. @Brandy Jin
    thank you very much! i hope i’ll do well too.however hoping isn’t gonna get me pass the auditions.i have to work really hard and only think about music.breathe and live through music.i woukd really love to be able to make music all my life.Working hard every day, singing with such passion that my heart explodes of joy whenever i hear a song, training my voice and always wanting to become the best, this is me now! In the future i would love to be the same, but being able to share this love for music with evryone.To share my music..
    all that i said [and i didn’t said too much] was from the heart! you seem to be a really nice guy, a wonderful and very passionate singer. As i said before and i will keep saying it, i hope the best for you! I hope that all this hard work that you put into your first minialbum, will make your music more sensitive, more easy to feel!
    i already know that once i will hear you sing i will fall in love with your voice and your passion for singing [i’m lame i know]! Hope to hear soon from you,and hope to learn from you.And if i will have some further question i [again] hope that i’ll not bother you ^^;;
    thank you and keep it up!SH ^.^;
    J.A.D.E fighting! GO GO GO!!!

  415. happy birthday GD!!

  416. His album seems really cool~~
    I love you GD~~~<3 I send my love to Korea~

  417. Jade, I’m a singaporean and looks like a singaporean, i wish to audition in YG but i didn’t ever saw any other countries people get in ? Do they accept people even from singapore?

  418. Yeah I think they would by the way:)
    Isn’t Dara form the Phillipenes?
    Hope it helps!!

  419. to Brandy
    yes Dara is from philipines but she is full korean who move to philipines bcz of her father^^

  420. im peruvian and i dont fluent i just know a little bit but i know i can do it maybe we can change that u could be the first singaporean !!:D and i hope and i know that i could be the firts peruvian ^-^!!! i would try and try and try because this is what i want !!good luck

  421. Oh… I guess it would be hard right ? hahas.

  422. JOANNA yes is hard^^ but try to learn or koean or japanes..i know a little korean and japanes.i know how to read in korean^^ is easy^^..i also i wana but not now.i wana finish my highschool…
    and if they accept me..i will be the 1st romanian who join a korean company^^
    soo Good luck to all of u who try^^

  423. i want to take take audition!! where do you think guys can i get a form?hehe!!

  424. by the way im filipino!i can rap and also dance!!

  425. @ 3Li0R4: i found your channel.i kept typing letter O instead of zero

    @ jade: i uploaded a video on my new channel.i will upload more in the next couple of weeks.let me know what you think.

  426. Hi there, I’m also trying to be the first from my country to join a korean company ^.^…I’m studying korean.

    MADA: Yes, I think that it’s really easy to read korean too…

    Good Lucky to all!!!!

    I’m brazilian by the way ^^

  427. guys answer me please!! where can i find a form for yg entertainment?

  428. to buffyo^^ yea is hard to know what it meaning XD.
    good luck to u too^^

    to lean:up u can fiind a form for yg ent

  429. huh?it means i need to go first in korea to get a form?

  430. lean:in the top of this page ^ were is writen:

    KOREAN application form
    ENGLISH application form

  431. ah so i just open it yhen i can find?

  432. lean:Yes, and then you download it.

    PS:I forgot I had already post a comment by the name of Coffee…

  433. and to fill up the form is it need to answer it in korean language?

  434. MADA:The meaning will requery a lot of effort from me…right now i’m learning some verbs…and…Aigooo that’s hard >.<…

  435. and ahm pilipino ,is pilipino frm philippines of!course! is pilipino allow to take audition?

  436. to hard XD..but if we put enought effort we can do it^^

    to lean..yes u are allow to take audittion

  437. thanks but mada will i need to fiil up the form by a answering it in a korean language?

  438. ur welcome..i think u can complete the english form 2..and send them in english^^

  439. MADA:I think that too.I’m buying a keyboard and a drum machine(one that look like Teddy’s from the episode of YGTV when he explains how he compose ‘Fire’), cause I write my songs too and I like to compose the beat for it.Besides that I’m fell that my voice is improving, SO EVERYBODY FIGHTING!!!! o/

  440. do you think i can pss the audition?hehe!! i can rap and dance!!

  441. and what do you think can spend if i mail it from philippines to korea?

  442. Coffe:ohh realy?wow…is cool…i hope u can make greta music like Teddy XD..
    Lean:I dont know if u pass..iff they will like u rapp and dance yes..I also can rapp and sing in korean and japan..
    and about how much u spend i dont from i dont know** im sorryy

  443. MADA:I hope too, Teddy is very talented.I write my lyrics in english that’s why I’m having korean lessons so that I can compose them in korean…^.^…that’s the way I decided to take to achieve my dream \o/

  444. Coffe:cool^^ soo good luck..i hope we will meet in YG in a few years^^

  445. MADA:Yes and maybe you will sing one the songs I compose \o/.

    MADA Fighting ^^

  446. Coffe^^ yeahh i wil sing XD hahah tnkss..
    Coffe Fighting^.^

  447. hi I have a question,
    it will been asked a lot, but it is a little creasy to read all the other comments ^^
    so here the question:
    what do they mean by Activities & awards
    and how do I fill in the: Education?


  448. But can we sing a song like in japanese too ??

  449. yes u can

  450. hi can i song only one song for the demo?? but not full!! i cut the song!! is it allow?

  451. i mean can i sing?hehe

  452. to lean: yes u can..but u should try to sing a full song..try to fiind a song that u know and sing it..

  453. @ Jade Lionheart
    uhmm. im only 13 xD !
    sorry for my late reply. =[

  454. @ Faith
    sorry i wasnt able to rpely so quickly
    i hope you get this.
    thanks for the advie. :]
    ill be auditioning sometime next year.
    when in fluent in my japanese + korean ^^

  455. how many songs do you have to sing tho ??

  456. so if you sing a japanese song , do we still have to sing a song in korean too && english ? and sorry for asking so much questions XD

  457. Oooh && do we have to fill out to korean application , not the english one ? && help me step by step on filling it out too

  458. to laura: yes..bcz i think they wana hear how u pronunce the korean words..

  459. to laura: and if u are not korean u should sing in korea..and one in english..u need to know english better..and in korean if u can pronunce the wordss clar in song’s..
    and is okay^^..u can ask how many u want:)

  460. again to laura..sorry i didnt answer all the question in one comm..i didnt see all ur question’s..
    u can sing as many u want..

  461. awsomee (: haha thaanks . its ok doesnt really matter atleast you still answered them . XD

  462. to laura: ur welcome:)..

    I’m 5am..i need some sleep..

    Laura iff have other question’s u can ask me on my YM.. and i will answer at all ur question’s^^. here is my Ym:

    bye bye now^^ sleep sleep..see you in 6 hours XD…

  463. Hmmm…jade must be busy…well still good lcuk and I also wanna know how many song I need to prepare… I memorised about 5. 2 korean and 3 english is that good??
    Also for the demo, do we have to actually memorize it??
    By he way its Brandy Jin, but im gonna use this instead ๐Ÿ˜›
    Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!

  464. hahah okok gooodnite mada (:
    kay thaanks alot . haah yeeha 6 hours .

  465. hey, i was wondering if anyone here has actually sent in an audition form, tape, etc and gotten a reply?
    i’ve had my heart set on joining yg for a couple years now but i’ve never heard of someone who got any form of reply.
    if yes then i have a couple questions.

  466. yo Teddy Bear:How i said to laura and to other’s..u can sing as many u want…i dosent matter if u have one korean one english 2 dosent matter..but one in korean yes..

  467. uhm…
    sorry to bother again.
    but if we DO make it in.
    & we have to live there & all, can we visit
    our families back in out home country ?
    or no ..

  468. to Cynthia:yes u need to live there..if u dont have a place in korea u live in YG building…and i dont know..iff u ask MRS YONG permision to visit ur familly and he allow u yes u can..

  469. @ Mada
    Thanks alot.
    i just was wonderingg :L ^^
    would you need an adult to come with you ?

  470. Hey you guys!
    I see Mada is helping out with the info…Thanx MADA! I wonder what Jade is up to? He did say he was going to be busy. Hope to hear from you Jade. When are you leaving to Korea?

  471. Thanks Mada!! youre helping a lot! When I post my vid on youtube I want you to see it ๐Ÿ™‚

  472. Lol.This is just soo tempting I just keep coming back with soo many questions.So you have to either be a good singer,rapper,or beat boxer right?And dacing is just an extra.But who will watch the videos to see if we will make it or not?So you don’t have to fly out to Seoul until they accepted you as a traniee right?

  473. Hey if anyone can email me an explination of what to put for each box could they email me?
    Pleaaase and thank yoou! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  474. And is there anyone that made it into YG thats from Canada?
    Never heard anyone that got in … xD
    Please Help!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  475. if i have to drop out
    of my school..
    i think that’s okay for me..
    i just have to fulfill
    my dreams.. well..
    hopefully my mom would
    agree to that.. HAHA..
    she supports me..
    but i don’t know
    about dropping out
    of school.. =P

  476. well to say this to 3Li0R1 i dnt think you will drop out from school . they will get you a private teacher that well teach at certain times of the day i guess , so you wont be droping out pf school .

  477. not sure if this is true..
    but i heard that..
    minzy from 2NE1..
    dropped out of school..
    if they do get a private
    teacher.. then that’s fine.. =D

  478. well thats up to them ,
    if you want a private teacher
    just ask or maybe your
    parents will ask for a private teacher
    to have you guys educated
    well singing and stuff

  479. to Cynthiaa.Mellisa and Teddy..ur welcome..^^ i just try to help you guys who want to be in YG XD..
    and i saw u still asking the same question’s..
    about school..yes u drop school iff u are allready in YG Traine.bcz u cant be at school in ur country and in YG as a trainy..
    for them dosent matter if u can rapp or beatsboxing..iff u can sing is good enought for them…
    and Iff you dont have 18 years old and ur are more younger u need a parrent to be with you in Koreaa.:)

    and Teddy Bear…yes when you put ur vid on utube tell me^^

  480. for the people who are still in high school i think you should at least finish high guys are still young.i’m doing this now cuz i’m already in college.i wish i had known about this audition thing when i was still in high school.if you guys want this really bad and this is your dream then you should take voice lessons,dance lessons,and learn korean now while still in high school.then go for the audition after you graduate.the more experience you have the better chance you will get in.

  481. thats a good idea. But if i did make it in. i would prefer to learn earlier so i could be more experienced
    and practice for as long as i can.
    my friend tried out. and hes VERY VERY VERY VERY good singer.
    and i thought he would DEFIANTLY make it in,
    but he didnt. im not sure what he couldve done wrong. becuz hes so good at singing.
    do you have any ideas ??

  482. @madaL are you the same mada from romania? turnu severin?and stuff?

  483. SH:da eu sunt:))

  484. mada: is amalia.
    heeey ce faci? dai explicatii aici la toata lumea! punete pe treaba ca vreau sa am o prietena romanaca cu mine la YG :))
    lol dragut din partea ta sa oferi info. lumea apreciaza ^^;;

  485. haha stiam k esti u de prima data:D
    pai da.ce sa fac dau explicati la lume:)) acelasi intrebari imi pun=))..
    nu-ti face maine incep iar sa cant sa lucrez.:> sh o sa fim impreuna la YG:D..

    pai da:>..daca ii ajut:>..

  486. So there is no dead line right?None at all?I can send in my sdemo anytime I want to.But how many songs do I needa sing for my demo?

  487. toplovevip: how i said many time’s..i think u didnt read all my com;s here..
    so how i dosent matter how many song’s u sing..if u wana make ur own album do it..13 10 song..or 2-3-4 or just 1..u can..but make sure one is in korean.

  488. haha so if i make a demo now , can i send it to them the next day ?

  489. lauratep: yes you can girl ^^;;

  490. hi! can i ask?! IF I MAIL MY DEMO AND THE form,is it directly send to the company???

  491. yes

  492. really?b/coz i talked to the employee of post office!! she said if no people in company get it ,my demo will come back to me!! are you sure??that if they give my demo to the company they will get it??

  493. and is it not fake??hehe!! is it real??hehe!! because i only waste my money if not!! hehe!! will they like my demo if i sing a korean song??!!

  494. lean:i dont know if ur demo will come back if in the company is nobody..i didnt try yet ..i dont u say if you talk with the post office in YG maybe shes rith..i dont know..
    fake?no the adrees is real..i dont know if they will like..they reccive everyday demo from many ppl..i dont know..if u have tallent they will like..

  495. oh?? do you think many pilipino take audition?? hehe!!

  496. i dont not a philipino:P

  497. and ahhm!! do i need to mail it directly in korea??hehe!! like what you said many people take audition!! do you think they really watch the demo ?? hehe!!because if everyday ,i think they just throw it!! hhe!as what i think!!

  498. yes..or wait for the online audition…i dont know..maybe MRS YONG watch..and also Teddy And Kushh Oppa^^..

  499. wow they are so patient hehe!! hope i can!!hehe!! is Yg AUDITION belong to the address??hehe!!hope i succesfully mail my demo!!

  500. i wnat to know if mailing is effective???

  501. yes and yes.

  502. and example if someone pass the audition is the bill for the airplane is her own money??not from the company?

  503. i think from the company

  504. wow!1is it true that the YG is choosy?? they care for the physical?

  505. i dont know…ask Jade this^^..he is in YG

  506. really??wow!! please ask her about it!!hehe!!and please inform me!!haha!!

  507. and you??why you not try to take audition?

  508. you sure that they take a look for the demo huh!! b’coz if not i stop making demo haha!!

  509. i will ask him (hes a boy) i wana finish high school:).

  510. thanks!! how will i know the answer?

  511. maybe they will email u or call you

  512. haha!no,the answer for my question hehe!! i said if they really take a look for the demo??hehe!! i want to sure it!!

  513. and is all auditioner sang a korean song for their demo??hehe!!

  514. i dont know if they take a look at ur demo..i never was in YG..or in Korea..
    not realy..if u are not a korean u should sing one in korean..if u are korean u sing in what language u want

  515. .

  516. Anyyyoonee!
    Email me the Explanations of what to put on the audition sheet!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  517. do you have to send in the form with the demo also . cuz i dnt know wat form

  518. yes..form demo photos

  519. Can anybody tell me what I need to prepare if somehow i make it through the mail audition?

  520. but wat form ????

  521. to teddy Bear:what do u need iff u pass it trought the mail aud?..ur clothe’s:)).and go to Seoul:)..

    to Laura:the form u fiind on the top of this webpage

  522. do you have to print it out ?

  523. ooh && do we have to fill out the korean form one ?? ++ do we type it and than print or print it out and just write it ?

  524. @laura: You have to use the korean one, and you can do either

    @MADA: No, I meant like songs\dances\etc…

  525. Also Id just like to say that I miss JADE ๐Ÿ™‚
    Come Back whenyou have time!! Ill always support you!!

  526. @teddy bear^^..ohh..then how i will see?on ur utube account?

  527. Hey you guys, I was busy starting august 16th on my mini album as well as planning the music video. I have another project that has came up as well. Unfortunately one of our members has dropped out do to a lost of his mother and pursued to stay in college. I am truly sadden by this, but people make their own decisions. I have been told that i will only be working as a solo artist for now. The other member decided to work solo as well. I have wanted to have musical brothers to create a group and make music together,but unfortunate events occurred. Although this is happening , I still put my head up high and work hard in my music and my career.

    Never put your head down, and never doubt your passion. I had moments when projects occurred and people did not want to do it because they felt it as too much to handle. If you have the time and if you have the will, there should never be an excuse to not do it. Time is wasting, although some people are uncertain about who they are,remember, apply those unanswered questions to our passion. Why do I feel the way I do? Why I go through these problems? why do I say what I say? ETC…because you have a certain passion that creates that for you. I am learning Japanese right now and my tutor asks me, “why do you want to sing, i mean why can’t you just be like everyone else and go to college and become a doctor or something?” I was not mad but I answered,” Why do you want to teach me Japanese, you could of said no, but you didn’t. I sing, you teach Japanese. Your words are just as beautiful and inspiring as much as my voice.” she nodded and told me I had a strong heart, she told me I knew were my path was and that I was ready for the world.

    Remember this, the world is cruel. Some will love you and some will hate you. Music shows how you feel and not everyone will agree with you, but do not let that stop you from making true music. I was told at the beginning of my career from my good friend,”J.A.D.E keep your head up because you are going to go through hell. People WILL say nasty things about you, but do not let that get to your head. You know who you are”
    It hurts ,but it’s true.

    keep your head up high and I am willing to answer any questions for anyone….when I have the time. Im off to practice. I pray for you guys and god bless. J.A.D.E out…ba ba BUM!

  528. hahahah okok MADA (:

  529. hi!! jade can i ask??or to anyone plzz!! is Yg really take a look for all demo???

  530. please

  531. Jade…hiii u come back^^..ahh im sorry about ur partener who left..
    bdw Jade..what is ur real name?bcz i didnt sau your name on internet on YG ENT WIKIpedie^^


  532. mada please ask her and inform me! b’coz im hesitating hehe!! ask her if YG take a look a demo!!

  533. lean:Jade is a boy:)).i dont have his YM or hotmail..wait for him to come back and he will answer at ur question

  534. sori!! boy??hehe!! sorry again!! tsk! wait to him to comeback?hehe!! but for you do YG take a look of it??

  535. @JADE:uuuh you’re back! seems like you had alot to deal with lately.
    I’m very sorry for your friend and i regret his decision.Even though you are not gonna have 2 other memners always with you, you know you’ll always have the music.Music will never run when hard times are coming, when things are changing.Music is there for you when you are colapsing.It holds you and if you belive in it you’ll always find support.Another place you can come searching for support is here =)) i think i’ll always find time to read these comments[especially yours].Your words are always refreshing and full of meaning.I feel confident after reading one of your comments because i realise that all the hard work that i’m putting in right now, will mean smth in the near future.Just like in your case.
    And yes! The world is cruel and full of bad ppl who will only try to put breaks in front of our dreams.But we gotta stay strong and always belive in us!Fight for our dreams!
    And now comes the question for J.A.D.E: If i choose not to send a minni album like you did, but 2 songs i have to sing one in english and one in korean or/and japanese? can i sing a male’s song, or a band song?i know the song has to fit my voice and i shoukd feel comfortable singing it.It’s just one of my friends told me i shouldn’t make the mistake and sing a male’s song.
    Another thing, do you think a video recording is better than an audio one?Wich one, in your opinion, will please YG better?
    Aaam, i don’t know how, when, to whom you’ve send your auddition minni album, but i was wondering if you made a video of you dancing, rapping and stuff [special talent] or just the fact that you’ve succeded on making a minni album is already a special talent..
    i think it’s enough for now. i will be so so so very grateful!
    J.A.D.E fighting! GO Go GO
    SH supports you! ^.^;;

  536. i will be so so so very grateful![lol=))] if you respond to my que.

  537. lean:i think yes^^..:).. cata recitalul ai scris:>..

  538. MADA: =)) lol da! acuma mi-am dat seama.

  539. Apperently it’s harder to go through the audition then to just be found on the streets singing…

    As in when you Audition its tough
    But when you try out for a contest and don’t make it but YG likes you
    Then its less work!

    So Good Luck to everyone out there! :]
    And if anyone could answer my question Waay up there Please! ^.^
    ~BigBang L o v e

  540. SH::))imi lua 10 min sa citesc:)))

    BigBangg Love: what question’s?

  541. JADE!!! Yay youre back!!
    But with terrible news…and wow…you and SH are really emotional…it takes a lot of courage to speak out aboutthings like that. I know because i wuld if i was courageous…
    Best of luck to your album JADE and good luck on the audition SH!

    Music is my life too :))

  542. teddy bear:first of all, a big thank you is comming from the heart! i really apreciatte.
    2nd, it takes courage to admit that you love and want to live through music.My words come from my heart but i wasn’t always able to do this. I was afraid ppl would laugh at my aspirations, my dreams. Sadly, so it was.I confessed once [i was like 12] to one of my mom’s friends that i want to be a singer.She asked me to sing smth in front of her and all my mom’s guests [at a friend meeting] and so i did.But after my tiny performance she told me:” You do have skills, even you have to work hard.But dear you need money, lots of money! A singer needs to make himself known.And how do you that? How do you succed? By HAVING MONEY.”
    That answer shuddered my world.The world i was just begging to built.For a while i belived in her words but hearing music everyday, writing lyrics and composing [crap 12 year songs] made me realise she knew nothing about selftrust.
    I kept on singing and practicing because i have the trust that one day i will get to sing in front of more than 10 ppl.
    I hope you trust yourself too and work hard to get what you want!
    OH i almost forgot, J.A.D.E inpired me to write all these “emotional” things.If he wouldnt had commented on this page i don’t think i would have had the courage. I would’ve kept everything for myself. Soo thanks J.A.D.E!
    Support and care for him, he seems to be a nice guy, and a very emotional artist! J.A.D.E fighting!
    SH >.<;;

  543. Like if anyone can email me the explainations of what to put for each Box on the form
    I’m not sure what to put
    and i don’t want to mess up the Form ๐Ÿ˜›
    Please :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  544. well, i love to rap but i don’t know… i want to audition but.. ;/
    im not confident

  545. SH: seem like the kind of person Id REALLY like to be friends with. By the way, how old are you now? If you dont want to answer, you dont have to.Im 14 and ill be 15 next year in July. Will you be auditioning soon? Because Id like to cheer you on, and support your dream.
    Its obvious that youre passionate about singing, so the hard work will follow through. You will make mistakes, but you seem like youll just work harder and harder at your dream. Make that dream a goal. The hard work pays off, because thats just how life is ๐Ÿ™‚
    FIGHTING!! I also think that this has really helped me improve and see others love for passion.
    People tell me that im good…Id rather be something diffferent. I strive for something way beyon that. What I want to hear is that I am someone who can reach out to people. I live by an important quote I found while browsing through the internet.
    “I want to be known as the girl who aways smiles, even if shes down, and can broghten your day, even if she cant brighten her own”
    It seems like I dont care about myself, but I just would lik to please thers with what I can do. Sorry that its so long ๐Ÿ˜›
    Thanks again!! I cant say it enough times!!

  546. Wassup Everyone โค
    I finally was introduced to a rapper who will be featuring in my mini album, He goes by the name of L.J . I am going to be doing a photo shoot for the concept of my mini album which is, Destiny and Phoenix. Meaning : my rebirth.

    @ lean: YG does look at your demo , but you have to know that you have to be the best at it and versatility. YG is a hip hop company, think Def Jam. ( a hip hop company that consist of various rappers) YG help raise groups like stony skunk , Lexy, and Se7en. All in the area of R&B to heavy hip hop. If you have the "SWAG" then your most likely to get in as a trainee. Give something YG has never heard before, I know I would be amazed.

    @ SH: Your words warm my heart. I know people like you are going to go really far. I believe there are many stages in a career. I feel if you keep it up you will find your strongest emotions as an artist. Do you know what I like to do? I hide all of my trophies and awards. I never put them up or show it to no one. Do you know why? I feel that if I have no trophies or awards around, I don't level myself. Meaning, I won't become arrogant and show off, then eventually become a bad artist. I would act like i never received an award in my life and I will work so hard just to get one, then start the cycle over. There are many artist that go bad. They receive so much awards and they start to flaunt their fame and achievements that they really forget their roots as an artist. What made them special in the first place.
    Never forget the position you are at. This is the happiest moment that is unseen today. There is no wrong to any rights, but a right can not be a right unless it is done. Nothing can stop you. J.A.D.E

    What I sent was a mini album of my own composed music.
    I guess someone asked for my real name. It's J.A.D.E. ^_^secret

    God bless..J.A.D.E out…ba ba BUM!!!

  547. NGAWW !
    @SH : your so sweet & nice.
    i really wish you luck in your auditions
    when ever you do them. xD !
    @ J.A.D.E : aww ! your so โค
    your personality will be noticed.
    and im sure it brings out the best in you guys!
    i now know. that. NOTHING can stop me from chasingg my dreams ! ^^ YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME !
    KEEP IT UP <33 ^^

  548. thanks J.A.D.E!! but is YG encounter a pilipino that send a DEMO??hehe!!

  549. but what YG never heard before??!!

  550. @Teddy Bear:Again thank you very very much! Thank you for wishing me good luck, for supporting me and writting such beautiul things. I am very happy that you’ve opened your heart in front of us. I also wish you good luck on your audditions, and please always fight for your beliefs!I am very touched that you want to become friends with me.You are very sweet and i think you’re a great friend too.
    About my age.I am 17, and i’ll be 17 till the day i’ll be 18 =)) I don’t like to say that I’m 17 but i’ll be 18 in 12 months.I like to enjoy my age till the end.Auditions..i will audition when i will fell that my voice is prepared enough. For now i’ll still work on getting better and better, until i fell that alone i’ve done all i could to train that point i’ll send my audition to YG and hope for the best.
    Oh, i really like your motto!It shows how sensitive and sweet you are!Keep on fighting!

    @Cynthiaa:Thank you very much!And never stop beliving in your dreams!

    @J.A.D.E: Whaa! The concept of your minni album is so awesome!And that featuring with the rapper, i’m sure it will only bring you more and more refreshing powers! Work hard, i can’t wait to hear you sing!I’m dying of curiosity.
    Thank you for believing in me and my strong love for music.Hearing that i will get far from someone who is already standing right where i wanna stand gives me more strenght than you could belive.I hope one day i will meet you and thank you in person for all your kind words!
    Another aspect. I really like how you think.Hidding your awards and prises so the “i am a big artist and i’m the best” issue doesn’t catch you too in her canvans.I always told myself: If God will help me and i’ll succeed with my dream, i’ll not change into a bad artist who thinks everything belongs to him!I hope to succeed as an artist and a human too!
    J.A.D.E keep on working hard and come soon to give us some other wisdome words!
    J.A.D.E fighting! GO GO GO!
    SH >.<;;

  551. JADE:..ahh ur back hhhehe^^..i ask about ur real name^^.
    ahh i cant wait to hear ur mini album Stony Stunk was Kussh Oppa right? ^^..Jade u are also philipino right?..i made a cover with a philipino song..”dadalhin”.i think u know it^^ is one of my fav song..
    Jade Fighting^^ XD..

    SH:amaaliaaa>:D..lasi oameni fara cuv pe aici;)) te vad pe mess dar te vad aici:>..romane intregi scrii:>.

  552. @Teddy Bear:
    Heh, I’m 14 since this july. XD Haha. What day? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Do you know anything about the online audition? Because I don’t think my mom likes sending mail across continents. o-o
    She doesn’t believe that I can get in though cauz she thinks I’m too shy. T.T

  553. wow! jade is a pilipino??

  554. who know here the pop lock and drop it??is it popular in YG??b’coz that song i choose!!

  555. is YG empressed for those who can sing a KOREAN song??but right pronounciation!! like pilipino??hehe!!

  556. Lean:..yes JADE is phil and japanes^^

    and yes YG are empresssed if u can sing in korean^^bcz is a korean company^^

  557. how’d you get all this information ?

  558. kelsey: i just read all this info^^ on the top of this webpage

  559. did you like get it from the and translated it ? the person who posted this up, did they get it from the yg site?

  560. i didnt..i read on this website^^
    i dont know if the person who own this website maybe take from yg site^^

  561. hey guys :]
    im try hard to be a rapper.
    i just started practicing my rapping a month ago ๐Ÿ˜€
    hope i can be like DA GREAT CL! xD
    btw, i just learnt english. its kinda hard for me to rap in english but anyway, i’ll keep moving forward like evernone else.
    i’ll try to improve my rapping until somebody will take me as their trainee ๐Ÿ˜€
    i’ll keep my head high no mather what happen.
    and maybe i’ll send my form & demo at the end of this year..
    i can’t send it now because i know im not good enough & i have to finish my high school first. i’ll be graduating high school soon! yay! then i have to attend national service for about 3 months which is so not cool… after im out from the national service, i’ll be concentrating on yg’s audition xD
    i’ll try my best till the end! xD

  562. hey guys, if you got some time, please check out my rapping…
    well its in malay, maybe most of you don’t know malay but just listen to my rap :]

    theres also another vid, the rap is in english ๐Ÿ˜€
    listen to it :]

    comments will be much appreciateeed :]

  563. Wassup you guys,
    @SH : I have no doubt that anything will break you. If I had the power to make you a trainee I would in a second, but unfortunately it’s not my decision. You got a golden heart, don’t forget that.

    @lean: In my opinion, pop lock and drop it, is not the song you want to choose. Pop, Lock and drop it, is just a trend song. It shows no talent what so ever. Believe me, I trained in many areas in hip hop dancing and in singing/rapping. YG expects diversity in vocal to complications of YOUR standards. Try something you would not normally sing or dance in the hip hop area. Remember YG expects new flavor, and aggression to their passion.

    @Sascha: I took the time to look at your videos. Remember as an audition process, especially to YG, they would like to see your face. You got rhythm ,but I didn’t feel any emotion from your voice or words. CL from 2ne1 got huge attitude especially when she raps, she got an attitude left and right, but the good kind.I guess. When I rap for my music I think this,” Everyone shut the H*LL up and listen to what I HAVE TO SAY!”. and everything comes out. Young Bae (Tae Yang) likes to think the same way except , like me he says it in his head. That is why he progresses the way he wants to progress. Forget everything around, it’s just you and the music, now break it down. YAY!!!

    God Bless, and take care, work hard ,dream hard.
    J.A.D.E out…ba ba bum!

  564. thank you Jade. i really appreciate your comment. alright then, i’ll try to improveee. thanks once again! :]

  565. waahh!! please give me a song!1 ahah!! rapping!!omg..!! jade what song they want??hahah!!!

  566. how about the song of black eyed peas?? whwre is the love/?? i really want to send a demo!! i doont know what song!! haha! but i really know how to rap!! most to sing a fast song!! haha!! also in dancing!! and singing R&b like take a bow!! t-shirt!! please HELP me!! what rap!! haha!! that YG will like!!

  567. damn man.
    everyones rapping.
    & i cant do that.
    sigh~ its so hard to rap in korean ! D: !
    English is ohk :]
    but korean is a big NO on rapping.
    Would you guys know any techniques to help you reach higher notes ?
    takecare. โค

  568. no! it will be easy to rap a korean! if you practce hard to sing it!! hehe!!

  569. ei! how about the ITS MY PARTY of brandy?? haha!!

  570. how about the LOOSE CONTROL of missy elliot?

  571. haha !
    ive tried to rapp.
    but its like tongue twisters !
    its so hard ! ><" !
    ill practice but, its so hard. :L

  572. Hello! I’ve been reading these comments for a while now. I’m not sure if I’ll audition for YG or SM, but I’m going to send a demo tape by the end of this year. I went to one of the SM weekly auditions in Korea, but couldn’t actually audition. -_-

    So for YG, you can only send a tape? I heard that for SM you have a higher chance of getting in if you audition in person. If I upload videos of my singing later on youtube, can you listen to them for me Jade? (Is it okay for me to call you that?) XD

    It’s so difficult to get into an entertainment company…I’m amazed that you got in. @_@ Are you going to debut soon?

  573. What songs does J.A.D.E sing?
    Tried searching him on youtube
    but couldn’t find any.
    ~BigBang L o v e

  574. JADE made his own mini album
    u must wait for his debut:)

  575. I was really curious, Who is J.A.D.E & SH ?

  576. JADE is a trainer in YG ENT..and he is making his debut this year^^

  577. So that means he knows many things? If a person can’t sing well, then they cannot audition? (meaning, if they do audition, there’s still no chance in getting in)

  578. @ J.A.D.E

    I live all the way in the US, and I love singing, but i’ve been discouraged for years until now, I’m 14 & i have figured out that I love to sing, but when i record myself, I feel that i am not good enough because i can’t hit the high notes or low notes. I really want to audition for YG entertainment, but I’m not a good singer, is there enough time for me to improve?

  579. if you pass the yg audition and move to korea do you have to drop out of school or will they provide education for you ??

  580. if you have the passion, but you can’t sing very good, would you still make it?

  581. do you have to be like at a young age in order to audition? like around 11-13 or something? Or can you be like 16 and still make it in? Does YG like younger kids? or as loong as you have the passion for it and the will to give up anything for it?

  582. the age doesnt matter so you still can audition

  583. Wassup guys,

    @lean: The first song I practice was Boys 2 men , How do I say goodbye to yesterday. It has a wide range of vocal use and Vibratos that make things complicated. First rap song I did was Outkast, B.O.B, really fast. If anything, any song, especially gospel, that will define your vocal range and your vocal style. Open your mind to new music around you, some underground stuff. YG is impressed with the new . Just a reminder, be humble and cautious.

    @ J.K: sure ill listen to them. let me know. I do debut this year. But it is not an official. It is more an introduction. Before J.A.D.E becomes J.A.D.E.

    @Kesley: I have been through heck with my trainers. They tell me all the time that they are tired of working for me cause they don’t see improvement. Or it seems that I don’t care. True fully they only said those things to push me, so I can do what is beyond better. I don’t want to stress this on you, but if you cannot song, practice. Everyone can sing, trust me, but everyone as their own unique tone. Never compare yourself with other singers. You will never become better like that. The younger you are, the more passion you have to present. I started at nearly 14, I knew how to make music, dance, sing, at that age. Then I opened my mind at such a young age to variety of music and dance. I was considered really mature for my age. I even composed music for a hip hop musical contributed to def jam and Universal when I was only 17 years old. Passion is the key, but what has your passion driven you to do. It’s all about what your going to do about it then feeling it.

    @lauratep: At that point education, is on you. Most likely they require you to finish high school. Remember even if you made the audition, it doesn’t mean you are already a part of the family. A contract is involved. There are stages being in YG. They could like you at the begginning then eventually dislike. things happen. I was able to finish school before I started my debut then I eventually attend a community college that didn’t work out because my passion for the music and time was consuming.
    I encourage that you don not drop out, unless they ask you too. If you drop out on your own, it shows that you won’t be able to finish anything, and YG hates people who do not finish what they started. YG contracts are 15 years , put that in mind, are you ready for 15 years.

    Work hard dream hard, god bless

    J.A.D.E out…ba ba bum!!!

  584. what is a demo again ?

  585. wait so if yu pass the mail audition, then do yu become a traniee ?

  586. @J.A.D.E: Your words made my heart explode of joy!From now on i will work harder than i used to work! I’ll train myslef harder and hopfully i will send my aplicatin. Maybe if i have enough courage i will send in one of songs.As for the highschool, i will finish it for sure. Unless they don;t ask me to drop out.
    I am curious, and really don’t know if you’re gonna answer, but at what age did you became an YG trainee? And, did they train you in US? And WOW, YG contract are 15 years? I used to belive they’re shorter than SM’s.
    That doesn’t really matter anyway, i was just surprized.I truly hope that one chance is given to me. I hope one of these days i’ll be where you’re standing, because, daamn, i envy you so much right now.I envy you, but i good way! You are one of my determinations to become a singer at YG.You talk so beautifully about music that i wish i could alway be between ppl like you!
    Again thank you for your kind words, and good luck for your first mini album! Remember that we’re your first fans.J.A.D.E fighting! GO GO GO!
    SH ^.^;;

  587. awww !
    SH ><" !
    so caring & thoughtful of others.
    man, i just wnna give you a hug !
    OMG ! 15 years ! :O
    i thought it was only 7 years.
    & what do you put down for awards ?

    takecare. โค

  588. j.a.d.e HEHE!! yg IMPRESSED IN NEW??what new?? new SONG of RAP?? how about SAY GOODBYE by chris brown and take a bow by rihanna and ! korean song!!?!!hehe!!

  589. j.A.D.e thank you!! but i always feel i can pass the audition !!haha!! j.a.d.e help!! haha!! is there many auditioners?? why YG ignore the other??what are they dont like?hehe!!

  590. J.A.D.E… is YG only RnB company? sO the demo should sing RnB song or can sing any song?
    I want to try send my demo but i am not really confident and also about my age..I’m already it OK??
    i just think why I start to think about audition in my age..because i’ve just realize that I want to be on the stage..just now..>.<

  591. J.A.D.E how about BEST THING I EVER HAD by DRAKE?? have u heard that?? is it ok??

  592. J.A.D.E ;; wait but do you have to finish school to audition ??
    what if you really wanna audition for yg but have to drop out ?

  593. Do you need a vocal teacher to help you improve, or can you on your own? Wouldn’t it be harder though to do it on your own?

  594. i mean to ask this to J.A.D.E

    @ J.A.D.E Do you need a vocal teacher to help you improve, or can you on your own? Wouldnโ€™t it be harder though to do it on your own?

  595. @ J.A.D.E

    What tools would you need to buy to help improve your singing?
    Meaning like, what kind of microphone, machine, or electronic devices you could record yourself with that is high quality and doesnt make scratchy noises like regular headphones & like sound recorder on your computer?
    I’ve been reading some of these comments, and it seems like J.A.D.E knows alot about these things,
    What would you reccomend ?

  596. you can on yourself!! haha!! me only myself!!haha!!

  597. is auditioners of YG sing a korean song in their DEMO???

  598. and i there FILIpino that took audition in YG?haha!

  599. Hey people!! Right now Im exhausted. I just finished a marching band game outside for about 7 hours. I even had a figh with my older sister and felt depressed for a whie, but im back on my feet!!!
    @SH: I know when you wrote up there, you didnt write much but you just made my day seem bright again. I be God ploanned this for me so I would be much more happier than I was bfore the drama ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really truly would like to be friends because, I have had bad experiences of friends who I thought would understand me, but dont. You seem like someone Id open up to and a person that would listen to what I have to say AND understand my point. You are an angel, and i wish you the best of luck!! By the way, you are really mature compared to my sister whos the same age!
    @J.A.D.E: Im really glad about what you said about th commitment thing!! I try telling that to my sister, but she doesnt really lisen!! (I bring her up to often insulting her…ill stop) Id like to really sress that I have SO MUCH commitment!! They all have to do with music too! Ive been doing piano for 10 years, but my teacher is oving so im looking for anothr because i really love it!! In school, I do the flute im on my fourth year, and i alo am doing choir since last year. Marching band is hard, but i know that im goingto continue just to prove my love and my passion. Its especially harder because of choir.
    Last year, I made region choir (yay :D), but i had to miss the performance to try out for region band. Miraculously, I made it into region band too!! So I never regretted my choice!! I am also going to continue choir since i find it so wonderful!
    To everybody else, I hope you dont see it the wrong way, but even if youre asking J.A.D.E all your questions he might not be able to answer because hes so busy. If you can, ask it toeverybody, but if its a sppecific question, you can ask him, but Im just trying to help him since hes busy, PLEASE, just try to be thoughtful of him :)(dont take my word for it, its his choice, not mine if he wants to answer)

  600. Jade!
    What song did you sing for your auditiooon for YG?
    And has YG ever taken someone that came from Canada?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  601. Hi everyone(:
    @Jade & everyone:
    I’ve been reading your comments for a while now, and they’re so inspiring. This is my first time posting on a blog like this so there’s a bit of a nervous feeling while I’m typing this..haha. This is also my first time opening up like this about what I want to do. I know you’re all really busy and I was hoping if you have the time you would be able to read this and give me your feedback. I’ve been wanting to get into YG for almost a year now, and during that time, I’ve been studying the company. I just turned 14 this month and I’ve wanted to be a producer since 4th grade and a singer/rapper since 6th grade. Since then, I’ve tried to think of lyrics, beats, in my head. I’ve watched the Big Bang Documentary and other stuff to see how YG thinks, and I think I’ve got a bit of a glimpse of how he thinks and what he likes to see in artists. Honestly, I really ONLY want to get into YG. I believe that you should look for the company that fits you and your personality, your interests etc. And whenever I hear about “YG” or anything about it, I get this happy feeling, and it just makes me happy everytime someone recognizes them. To be honest, I have never stood on a real stage before (..unless you count countless band performances LOL) and I’ve never taken any vocal lessons or dance lessons. I’ve been practicing by myself at home..and can say I’m pretty much starting off with nothing. To me, talent isn’t something that you’re born with, or your good at something. But instead, I look at it as your passion and your determination toward something and how hard you work at it. Singing is something that anyone can do, everyone can sing, but I look at real singers as people who sing music. There are a lot of people who want to be singers out there, but they’re all just people you can learn from. I have a very different way of wearing my clothes and my personality isn’t much a girly girl..LOL..I like to stick out a lot and try new things. My dream was to make a difference in Korea with my music and style. I wanted to show everyone a more “tougher image” of a girl singer, but when 2NE1 came, I was a bit discouraged. But now, I’ve gotten my confidence back, and my passion is burning for music is burning as harder as ever. I’ve been practicing my raps and I’ve chosen about 2 songs to do so far for the demo. I’m full Korean but I was born in the States and still in the States, by the way(:
    I donโ€™t know what you would call โ€œmusical strengthsโ€ or something but Iโ€™ve discovered some things about me that help me with music. I can memorize stuff really fast..and I have a very.. โ€œpickyโ€ ear? LOL I donโ€™t how to say it, but when I listento music, I can pick out most of whatโ€™s in the backgrounds. Whether itโ€™s the bass beats, snare, little things that all go into the making of the songs. Music has been with me all my life, I loved dancing to songs on TV when I was little, I took piano lessons since I was 6 (but quit in 6th grade), I played violin just for 4th, and I’ve been playing the oboe since 5th (itโ€™s really hard, I suggest you to not ever play it for band LOL). I listened to different kinds of music, from rock to rap, hiphop, electronic, r&b, most of that stuff. I used to listen to lots of rock music in 6th grade, and when I saw a group play on stage, they looked so happy and looked like they had so much fun. I thought to myself, that I wanted to be like that. To have fun on stage with audiences and since then, I wanted to be a singer. Last year, Big Bang hit me with their big beats and everything, and I got to be interested in YG and YG the man himself. The more I looked up on YG, the more I wanted to get in there. When I meet someone who has the same dream to become a singer, I can’t help but to hope that they can be able to fulfill their dream too. I can really connect with them because people try to put me down a lot too. Parents, grandparents, friends, they all laugh and think Iโ€™m joking, but I’m not. I want to send in my demo by the end of the year..originally, I wanted to send it in during the summer, but I learned I’m still far from where I thought I was. I was wondering, does YG himself look at all the demos? I know they have a lot of demos coming in everyday, and to look at all of themโ€ฆthat would be a lot. Wow, this was really long, but I just wanted to thank everyone for opening up to what their goals and dreams were, and for posting up such inspiring and touching comments(:
    Thanks again and I hope that all of you guys will be able to achieve your goals&dreams !!

  602. whats a good song to sing for a yg audition ? korean & eeenglish ?

  603. @Erin;
    You remind me of myself. A LOT.
    I have the same exact feelings/thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜
    Really similar but I turned 14 in July and I’m viet/chinese/german. And I only Play piano. ๐Ÿ˜›
    heh, if you and I get accepted into YG, should work together? Haha. Jk, kinda. I was on my school dance team for 2 years. Then the dance teacher quit. So now I learn on my own.
    [Woops, I’m sorry for rambling on about nothing. Heh. I’m going to practice my voice for four more years(when HS is over) and then audition. :D]

  604. guys can i join??hehe!!

  605. Lmfao. XD
    From what I said? Or what. Haha.

  606. @SH: I like to call you J.A.D.E I guess your all VIP in my world of music. Ill make sure once my mini album is out Ill send you a personal one. You got heart , with heart you got soul. and with soul you got music. Keep me up on your progression.

    @lean: Yes I know Drake. I actually performed a cover of his song not too long ago. BEST I EVER HAD, is a pretty good song ,but make sure put your own flavor in it. YG likes covers, but hates it when people try to sound like the artist. You got to be unique with it.

    @J.O: Don’t worry about age, T.O.P started his training at 20. Im 20.

    @teddy bear: Thank you. I am glad to hear that you haven’t given up since. Choir is a great way to exercise your vocals. Make sure you drink a lot of water. To all singer: drink a lot of water. I drink about 8 8fl oz. a day. Large amount put helps a lot with the singing.Oh, and thank you for you consideration on how busy I am.

    @erin: You sound like YG trainee candidate. I was highly impressed of the fact that you was discourage at first when 2ne1 came out but you still kept your ground. You truly remind me of me when I was young before I got into the music career, except I am a guy. Erin, family is important, but they do not make your career or your individual prosperity. When I began the music career, I told every one I wrote a song and I was ready to performed it. Everyone laughed, because number one I was only 15 year old and two I did not fit what a typical singer looks in america, but I performed that song during a poetry night event and audiences were impressed. It made me happy just to perform MY song. My mother told me,” I know I can not always make you happy, so I support you in any of your decisions that make you happy”. My brothers and my sisters and my mom are close to me, they never discriminate my dreams or goals because it puts a smile on my face. Even if it is tiring. I do have other family members who are truly discouraging telling me that I should be a doctor instead then a singer. That it is not a career at all. But im here and im happy making music and now I am working on my debut mini album. They are not involved with my career what so ever. In my life, yes, but in my career , no. Keep it up sooner or later, YG himself WILL may just take a look at you.

    Work hard Dream hard….and do not smoke cigarettes…bad for you voice and health.

    J.A.D.E ba bum!!!

  607. J.A.D.E thank you!!hihi!! so i BEST I EVER HAD hehe!! is it ok if i cut the rap?? to be my own cover??haha!!

  608. at first i hear the drake song best i ever had i fell inlove on that song hehe!! thats why i choose it!! J.A.D.E thanks for all of your advice! mwaaahhxxzz!!

  609. can i ask??is there filipino that YG had encounter?? that take audition?? and is many auditioner send demo with their korean song??

  610. @Everyone

    everyone is so determined to get in.
    im feeling weak at the knees.
    You guys seem to have SO SO SO much
    talent and potential, im not sure if i could level up to you guys.
    Hope you guy’s progress in singing/rapping/dancing etc.
    improve ^^
    Cynthiaa โค

  611. @ cynthia
    why dont you try.??

  612. j.a.d.e is YG only in RnB?

  613. rap

  614. Rap only? so YG not producing Pop singer? ic..
    BTW..anyone know how to practice our voice our self..because here I can’t take a course..TT
    How to make our range wider and breathing one..thx

  615. @Lean
    i was planning to
    but i think i still
    have alot to areas where i can improve :]
    & also, seeing everyone.
    im not sure if i can sing like everyone else can.
    also theres ALOT of people auditioning.

  616. @ J.O
    yg is a r@b,hiphop,rap,pop ebtertainment!!hehe

  617. @ cynthiaa
    believe in yourself!!haha! me?? im just teach myself how to aing hahaha!! also a rap i love it!! i dance very very well haha!! we can do it!!hehe!!

  618. @Lean
    thanks alot ! ^^
    LMAO! :L
    VERY well, ayyy ? :O
    can i see some of your moves or somthing?
    haha. i would like to compare my dancing style to others.
    cause my dance style, isnt something you see evryday HAHA!
    its weird. :L xD !
    & im sure you can rapp VERY well!
    When you audition.
    i hope your get in ! ^^ โค

  619. thx lean for the answer..^^
    aarrgghh,.I want to improve my singing skill but i don’t know how..because I never have official course in singing before..I don’t know how to use good technique etc..
    may i should take a singing course..

  620. @Erin: I’m 13 right now, (turning 14 in September) and…I’M KOREAN TOO!!! XD I read your entire post, and it was interesting to see a full account of a person who also wants to make it into YG. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’ve talked to my parents about me wanting to become a singer, but they seem to think that it’s just a “phase” and that it’ll pass. They have no idea how wrong they are. They CONTINUOUSLY nag me about college and becoming a surgeon even though I’ve told them countless times that I first want to become a singer. I’ve looked at music videos and learned a bit of hip hop that way for 1/2 years, but now I’m going to actually start a class soon! XD

    I made a clip of my singing on youtube. XD I sang “So Sick” by Ne Yo. It’s pretty bad, since it’s my 2nd time singing it, but I wanted to try because I heard CL of 2NE1 do it before she debuted. I still have a lot of trouble on singing low notes and I’m not a rapper. XD

    I admit that it’s really bad, I look terrible in it, and the video/sound quality’s low, but will you guys still look at it and comment? I hope to post more videos of myself singing other songs, too. Please help me? XD


    (PS> I know I’m not a top-notch singer. I’m not trying to show off with a video. And once you see it, you’ll also see that I need a LOT of improvement…that’s why I need help. XD)

    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  621. @J.K
    awww, your so veryy cute !
    i think you sound (Y)
    im in no place to judge though.
    haha ! i think your were pretty good !
    keep up the good work ! ^^ !!!
    takecare. โค

  622. @ cynthiaa
    of!! course you can!! i will upload to the youtube the dance moves i will make and to my demo hehe!!badtrip my friends didnt take video when me and my group dancing in a program hehe!! thanks!! hope i pass the audition!!

  623. @ J.O.
    ur welcome! but you can teach yourself in your own!! hehe!!

  624. j.A.D.e marunong ka magtagalog ryt,/??

  625. really?? how? would you like to share with me? Now i just downloading some video in YT for exercising it help? I just lost my way..hahahaha..

  626. like what J.A.D.E said!! make our own style in singing!!hehe!! be creative!! you dont need to copy the style of other the way they sing!!

  627. @ Lean
    what do you mean by OWN style ?
    cuz, i have NO idea. :] xD !

    Takecare. โค

  628. @J.A.D.E:I kind of feel like crying right now.Thank you very much, and can i honestly say that i am one proud J.A.D.E VIP.You sending me one of your minialbums, it’s just too much for my heart and i think it’s gonna being so kind, cuz i’ll start loving you for your kind golden heart!Don’t get me wrong though, at this moment i apreciate your kind words and i see you as my mentor.Even more, i think you’re my: “how to become a golden heart artist” trainer!But the more you write such wonderful words about music and life, the more i start realising that i’ve never actually met a person this great, this kind and this devoted , not only to music but to life too!J.A.D.E you are definitly gonna be one of the worlds greatest artist!Your passion and love will change many ppl.How do i know that? Well, you’re already changing me!Thank you and keep on fighting!
    J.A.D.E Go Go Go! SH ^.^;;, your VIP fan.
    @Cynthiaa:thank you for your sweet words!i think i wanna give you a hug too!just remember, keep on fighting for your dreams!
    As for the awards, well i have no award, i only participated on some school small-tiny concerts, and i’ve sang in a choir.I have no real awards because i’m no real artist.Deep inside i dream and fight to become an artist, but for now i cannot call an “ARTIST”.
    @Teddy Bear:You are just too sweet and cute and everything else!Right now i woukd love to be friends with you!I am very sorry and it’s really a shame that your friends did what they did to you.Not being able to listen to somebody when they need to, doesn’t mean that you’re a friend, nor will in a million years!
    Teddy Bear you are now my officialy cute friend!
    @Erin:Why do i find myself in every little detail that you wrote?I feel so weird right now!It’s like your my twin sister, a clone of the real SH, only younger and korean!
    Never being on a real stage[big fancy stage], never taking vocal or dancing lessons, just training yourself,wanting to get the YG auditions, beliving in yourself even though your family doesn;t, being a big bang fan,lol all of that represents me.
    Though, i think my family supports me, they just don;t belive that i’ll get too far.I think that all these parents who put breakes in front of thier children dreams are wrong, SO wrong!They should always support us and trust us, no matter what!So keep your head straight up and close your heart to these bad comments!Always belive in you, because you do have a heart, a big heart!A heart full of passion, full of music!
    Erin i hope one day we’ll meet, maybe at YG comapany, because you sure are a girl that i’ll want to be friends with and share my feelings about music to!Keep on fighting and dreaming!

  629. @J.A.D.E:I’ll make a youtube account so you can hear me sing, and criticize and give me addvices whenever you have the time or when you feel like giving addvices!I have a proposal: would you like to be my trainer?=)) kidding right now but if you accept i’ll be as serious i can be.

  630. SH:..Amaaaliaa>:D<..cmf??..omg cat sa vb pe aiki:)))..ce rau e sa fi plecata caetva zile:))..
    app de contu d epe utube:-??parca aveai:-?…

  631. @MADA:altul! unul mai matur! da stiu si eu am fost plecata.

  632. @SH:..hello helllo:>…sa mil dai:X…

  633. after reading this I’m really suprised , ahah , i gotta admit, i thought most people who wanted to audition and become one of the “yg” family was only because they wanted to meet big bang or those bands you know? But I guess I’m wrong on this one because you guys seem to really be determined to become a musician because it’s what you love to do! Anyways, hope you guys don’t mind, I’d like to join in your conversations too (= .

  634. @susan:u are welcome to join in this conversasion^^,maybe one of us wana become part of Yg bcz of BIGBANG or 2NE1..^^..
    but for others is their dream to become singer;s

  635. I see, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to put this in a bad way, but if they’re in it because of big bang or 2NE1, why bother to? I mean, their only goal is to meet them, not to be able to express themselves with their music you know? And as for the people whos’ dreams are to become actual singers, then thats greeeat.

  636. Anyways, I was really curious, are you guys all from another country? Or from the U.S ?

  637. hehe ^^ maybe ur right..^^
    I am from Europe-Romania..^^

  638. Oh, that is far away. haha, is it really late over there? because over here, in the the US, its morninng. well in my part. haha

  639. Oh, sorry, but I wanted to ask another question, Is that your goal to also become a singer?

  640. here is 8pm:)..
    no my goal is not to become a singer bcz i wana meet Bigbang or 2ne1 or other singer’s..
    i wanted to become singer always..from a young age till now^^ and i need to train 1st and then i will fullfile my dream

  641. how old are you? Sorry for throwing so many questions at you, I’m new to this kind of “expressing your feelings” thing to others on like a website, so I decided to talk. ahha.

  642. 17 years:) no is okay^^

  643. Does YG expect a certain age to become a trainee? You know like how people say SM entertainment doesn’t like it if you’re like 16 or something because apparently, you’re too old, and they like it if you’re young, ahha

  644. no in YG dosent matter the age..
    as long u have talent and passion u can go to Yg Audition

  645. hey you guys
    i’ve been reading your comments for awhile now
    although im young enough to call you guys unnies and oppas i still support you guys
    there was one point where i wanted to join YG but youu know it didnt work out that well and i gave the dream
    i was waiting for that day until one of the commenters got in YG .
    if only you got in earlier then i wouldn’t have given up the dream LOL
    but i know that everyone of you guys can make it in ! ^_^
    good luck
    i thought that i can half school and half train at YG but then when you think about it. MY SCHOOL schedule keeps me really busy and i dont think i’d have the time to do both since as a trainee you’re to train for an excessive amount of timeee
    i hope to see you guys on YG LIVE a few years from now ~ !

  646. @susan and MADA
    that was kinda myy pointt
    but then there was another part of me that was there for music

  647. @GDragonlovexx:u are young u can train and make it in YG^^..
    if is ur dream to become a singer u can^^

  648. @Dgradonglovexx ; Was that your dream to become a singer? or even before that,a trainee? I mean, if it is, why give up now? If you give up, doesn’t that just prove you don’t have the will to do whatever you can for your dream? You know, school is school, music is music, would you give up music for school?

  649. @Jade; Your words just made my whole day, even though I read it at like 8am, they really just put a whole other level of confidence in me(: Yeahh, I was a bit discouraged from even reading news about YG releasing them. And when I saw them perform, it really shocked me. But I knew I couldnโ€™t just keep sitting there with my mouth hanging, so I just did what I did with everything else. I studied them, see YGโ€™s reaction and everything. And now, I admire them and I see their passion for music like any other. Iโ€™ve also learned a few things from them too (: My parents just want me to go to a good college and then they said that I could do whatever I want. They want me to have tons of open opportunities for when I get older. My personality is a bit of a stubborn-head. I donโ€™t really like to stop in the middle of things I began and that little part of me kicks in to play a little role in my goal to get into YG. I have to sayโ€ฆeven if I donโ€™t pass the audition, Iโ€™ll keep trying. Iโ€™ll keep trying to show YG a new side of me, put my own attitude into the songs Iโ€™ll sing, and just try to show him my passion through the demo. The only thing I can really hope for when I send my demo is for YG to just at least listen/watch my demo from the first second to the last.
    Jade, the way you share your own stories, the way you describe music, and how you say them, it all just finds a way to boost my confidence, determination, and passion. I want to thank you so much for that(:
    I really do hope Iโ€™ll get to see you in person someday and be able to thank you in person..
    Always know that Iโ€™ll also be supporting you & I wish you success for your minialbum and further activities! ๐Ÿ˜€
    @J.K.;Haha my parents thought it was a phase too when I told them in 7th grade I wanted to be a singer. But this year, they asked me again and I told them the same thing. A producer/singer. They accepted the fact that I love music, but they just want me to finish up school.. My mom also says stuff about college too, but just know that they just want a lot of opportunities open for you later in life. (:
    @SH; Hahaha! Iโ€™ve read a lot of your comments and you seem really nice and so enthusiastic about your passion and to others. I really like that(: Haha much in common yes? Ahh I donโ€™t think my parents hate the fact that I wanted to be a producer/singer, but they just wanted me to finish education first. Of course, Iโ€™m pretty sure that they donโ€™t really love the fact I want to be a singer either. My dad wants me to go to UPenn and my momโ€ฆshe wants hardcore ivy league LOL. But, my dad told me that he would support me whatever choice I make. I think they got the point that I love music when I dragged them into buying me dr.dre headphones for my birthdayโ€ฆbut I still do have doubts in my mind whether my parents will accept it if I tell them Iโ€™m going to audition for YG. But I mean, I want to audition when I have the opportunity, when my passion is burning so much. I donโ€™t want to look back even a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years, and ask myself why I just didnโ€™t go for it. If I donโ€™t pass, thatโ€™s okay, even if I might feel a bit of disappointment. Iโ€™ll analyze myself, look for my weak points, and try again. Yeah!! I hope we do meet someday too! I have no doubt that we will be friends(:

  650. Hey, can you guys critique me. ^^
    I really want to be a singer.
    Since I was young, I always sing karaoke with my cousins.
    We love to sing, but I need advice.

    Comment for what I need to improve please. ๐Ÿ˜€

  651. hat I can give on constructive critcism:
    So basically, strong baby is a guys song and its harder for girls like us to sing it because guys have higher vocal range than girls. You see like youre straining to sing it. Find one that fits your voice.
    Secondly you sing with a high pitched nasal voice, try hardr to breathe and sing from your diaphragm.
    I hope it helps ๐Ÿ˜€

  652. oh. hehe. tyty. ^^
    um. well, srry but how about this one.

    i could rlly use the help. =P

  653. @Thy:..u should practice more ur rapp skill^^

  654. i try. hehe. but gd is too good. he’s pro. realllly fast.
    i hope that I can get good like him someday. ^^

  655. @Thy: iff u practice more u can^^..try also CL rapp or MinJi or also T.O.P ..try the rapp from GRARA GARA GOO!!..its easy^^

  656. hehe. my cousin does that rap.
    hmm. maybe i will giv a try. ๐Ÿ˜€

  657. try it^^ it easy^^
    bdw sorry for asking..u are korean?or phil?

  658. viet/chinese/mexi/japanese/korean^^

  659. wow cool^^..

  660. I wish I was a mix!!!
    SO basicaly i think that you need to practice and memorise the lyrics more and try saying a lot of tongue twisters because it helps get fast raps out. Also dont forget about the tempo, you need to the words where they go. Mostly I think you justned to learn the song more ๐Ÿ™‚
    I bet youll get really good!!

  661. When you audition for yg, how exactly would you send your audition tape/cd/ect to them? Do you like have to go to a post office?

  662. I guess so. But all I know is that you have to mail them

  663. @Thy !
    you dance moves are like (Y) !
    haha ! i think you would be a good SINGER ! :]
    ^^ <33

    @SH !
    if i ever meet you,
    im going to hugg you !
    you have so so so much heart
    man. <333 ^^


  664. =D there’s like SOO MUCCH LOVE HERE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  665. I think one other encouraging force for all of us to get into an entertainment is so that we can tell it to each other on here. ๐Ÿ™‚ We can all be proud of that person together, right?

  666. @ cynthiaa
    ur always welcome hehe!! own style.?? meaning to say that haha!! dont copy what others style we need to have our own!! be creative!! lik in voice styling hehe!

  667. i choose BECAUSE IM STUPID for my korean song!! hehe!! and take a bow ! and best i ever had!!

  668. @Thy: o.O You sing very well.You’re voice it’s really pleasant to be heard.About the rap it’s just a matter of practice.

  669. Ahaha. “Thy” is my cousin. XD
    She WAS in a company for 2 years but the company went bankrupt or something. So now she’s free again. Haha.

  670. oh thats so cool! too bad that the company went cad…was it a korean one??
    Everyone should tell us!! youre right J.K.! i wanna people who made it!
    And there is so much love here because this is a forum about our hopes and goals, and we just all share it ๐Ÿ™‚

  671. hey guys, whats the comparison between SM & YG entertainment? the bad, and the goods, you know what I mean, like which would you rather audition for ?

  672. Haha. It was an American company.

  673. cant remember but, how long do the demo songs have to be? like 1-2 minutes or do you have to sing the entire song???

  674. i auditioned for SM last year.. it was a little scary.. just because it was my very first audition.. n that day i was just not in the mood, cause my mom kept bugging me.. HAHA.. so i was kind of discouraged a bit.. n when i got there.. it took almost 2 hours till they asked my group to go to “THE ROOM” n i don’t know it just felt like .. they were rushing the people to audition. it was a scary audition but i had a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ ohh… n i did not get in.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. but it’s okay.. maybe it’s just not for me.. or not the time yet.. but since i wanted it so much.. and did not get in.. i was very disappointed.

  675. @THY: i โค how you sang WE BELONG TOGETHER – BIG BANG.. VERY CUTE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  676. Aren’t you guys glad that YG would actually take you in at like even 20? I mean, some entertainment companys expect young people. lmaaao.

  677. @J.A.D.E
    What song did you sing for audition?

  678. @ Lean
    haha. yes, my very “UNIQUE” dancingg :L
    & what do you guys mean by a unique voice ?
    cuz i have absolutly no idea what that ACTUALLY means :L
    xD !

    TAKECARE ! <33

  679. @ cynthiaa
    hehe!! are you hiphop.?

  680. Hey you guys,

    I was able to to work on my new song which I titled, Her Secret. It’s a song about a girl who hides her true side from the public. It’s more of an encouraging hip hop/ R&B song to those who have hidden their inner beauty and well, sexiness. I believe women as well as men should feel confident no matter what shape or size you they are.

    I’m sorry if I am not able to answer everything, I have just been awfully tired. I have been forced to wear a back brace for a couple of weeks due to long practices. I have been deprived from sleep and also working on the diet I have been going through has not given me the right energy. It is really tough to make it in the music scene. It’s funny cause I sleep during my Japanese and Korean studies, I really shouldn’t but I just can’t seem to not fall asleep. I get scolded all the time. But I have to work harder. Back pain or not, I have to do what I have to do.

    @SH: I am glad to be such a mentor to you. I feel flattered. I wish to help I know that can be the best. I know everyone here can be the best, it just takes hard work and the will. I actually mentor a Japanese artist right now, I teach him vocals at my spare time, but he doesn’t really take music serious. His a pain. But remember, do not push yourself too fast. Not too long ago I did a dance performance. I asked some of my friends to actually dance with me for that performance. They asked what the event was for and I said it was just a college performance. They had blank faces and said that, it was not up to their hype, meaning, it did not FEEL professional to them so they did not dance with me. I was able to find two other amateur dancers that I worked hard with. The day when We performed, we was finished with high recognition and asked to back up dance for local music artist Saturn.My friends regret not dancing with me.

    In conclusion, no matter how small your experience is, it WILL be big in the future. Never expect the good quality work just yet. I worked on my very first song on a regular 8-track. No fancy studio. Until now did my small work that I was enthusiastic about pay off. I know people who spend so much money on fancy studios because they WANT to sound like professional singers. The truth is When you become Professional they will give you a studio to work at.It’s what a singer needs, not WANT. Always build a base first before you root out to stronger aspects, meaning have a foundation of your own hard working personal experience, when you do the more people are interested to know your story, that they offer to hear more from you. ” It is better to be asked then to boast about it” J.A.D.E

    work hard dream hard….god bless..J.A.D.E ba bum!

  681. J.A.D.E go!! go!! go!! hehe! me??hope i pass the audition!!hehe!!

  682. @ J.A.D.E
    your words have so much meaningg to it
    so much inspiration!
    ^^ <33 MUCH LOVE!

    @ Lean
    uhhh… my dancing is a wide variety
    but the styles i do are ; Tut , krump , hip hop , break dancing , jazz ballet & Freestyle.
    i mainly just put it all together . But it looks weird :L HAHA !
    what about you ?
    whats your dance style ?


  683. @BigBang L o v e: J.A.D.E has sent in his minialbum.As you can see he is very busy and we must support him.Like he said he will be responding to our questions whenever he has the time, but i belive this is a rough period for him.He’s working very hard on his first minialbum and his debut.I personally think that thne better we can do is cheer him and hope the best for him!
    between friends: God im so anctious!I just want to hear him sing.i have no doubt that his voice is amazing, his songs full of passion and love.I wish him the best and J.A.D.E debut come quuuuuiiick!

  684. haha!! hiphop and break dancE!! i do some moves of break dance in my demo and i hope YG will like it!1
    @ J.A.D.E
    yahh cynthia is right!! thank you for all advice!!

  685. And look whos back:))
    @J.A.D.E:you shouldn’t do this to us! tell us name’s of your songs and stuff, when we actually couldnt hear them!I’m sooo dying of curiosity!
    And again thank you and thank you for your dose of wisdome words!Everything you say.. i will take consideration of it!Thank you for being a mentor and goodluck with the japanese artist.dang i wish i was him.some ppl don’t know when to cherrish smth!!
    J.A.D.E fight! GO GO GO!!

  686. guys hope i pass the audition!!

  687. ask!! is YG will get you if they like the way you rap and dance.??hehe!!

  688. J.A.D.E you only a solo career.??not as a group.??

  689. Good Luck Lean!
    Hope you make it!

    hmm I was trying to search for a jade song on youtube
    Buut i couldn’t find anything!

  690. than you!! hope i make it hehe!! thanks!gamsahamnida haha!!
    yaah me too!!

  691. hehe.
    we all love J.A.D.E !
    cuz you give us hope & help us through EVERYTHING !
    you tend to our needs & questions.
    so naturally.
    when were down, you tell us theres always a chance
    of us getting in and helping us become self-confident!
    & for that we are greatful
    & i think i speak on behalf of everyone
    when i say thank you ! :]

  692. in training in yg ??do you need to make youre moves.??

  693. if yg observe that you have a talent that can be improve if you become their trainee,will they get you/?

  694. OhMyGod.I’m so gonna join this.But have to wait till my exams are over.
    I have a BIG question.My friend and i are going to join,as a group,but we can’t sing K-songs.So can we still join?

  695. JADE IS BACK~!~!yay1!!
    wow, its been a lng time since ive been on . This is why im trying to not ask him so many questions because iknow hed be really busy. Im just sa curios to har about hi album though!!!
    Im pretty busy right now, but im gonna try andget my video up on youtube on Labor Day becuse of the holiday, I hop that youll get to watch it JADE and SH and all of you that are writing on this post here. I really love this poat, and I hope ilgto meyou SH and ill get to know you sound JADE!!! Thanks to everyone whos answred my questions!! Im pretty nervous but im more comfroted when I write here. Also Im gonna support you JADE! Fighting forever!!~

  696. Also, id like to add. Some people tell me that I brag too much or am too confident. So if i seem like it im really sorry, thats not the kind of peson Im trying to be :(. Also, Im honestly not very confident at all, so Im sorry!! Im trying to be good at music and my mannersand kindness, and school is also a huge part of it. Sorry again if I gave you the wrnog kind of image. One more thingis that im very dependent and i copy eople a lot, I apologize again(yes i apologize a lot!!) if i gave you that impression, or if i do it in the future. For those who are trying out, good luck!! Remember to work hard on your dreams tomake it a goal!! โค

  697. @ Teddy Bear
    haha, dw bout it.
    everyones gotta talk about them selves
    LOL ! :L
    cant wait for your vidd ! ;O

  698. hi..can anyone give me feed back in my recording??

    i know it’s a mess..i still learning and if you have time please listen to it and give feedback so i can improve..thank you so muchh..^^

  699. im so thankful that im so talented thats what other say to me!! they say i can dance very well a hiphop!!and also sing a rap!! and i hope i make the demo very nice to impress the YG!!

  700. WOW lean!! Im not sure that J.A.D.E would be impressed of the act you boast about yourself nor would YG. That’s alittle too confident to actually say that here cause everyone is going to have eyes on you and want to know your talent. Who knows you might prove me wrong, but I havent heard anything from you so my answer stays with me. J.A.D.E fighting!!!!

  701. @ J.A.D.E

    I plan to audition very soon and sing one korean and english song. I haven’t decided on the korean song, but for the english, is Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson alright?

  702. @ melissa
    boast.??hehe!! i dont know!! maybe im going crazy haha!joke!! i want to share my talent.!! and i hope i imrove it!! ok!! sorry..!~!
    you misinterpret!!hehe!!

  703. Wow i โค this thread ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for understanding Cynthiaa~~~~
    and melissa and lan, youre acting so mature and reasonable!! People here have really good personalities!!
    I bet all o you are talented, but, who am i to say? good luck for you guys!

  704. @ Teddy Bear
    although it is ohk to talk bout yourself.
    just dont get carried away.
    dont ever think your the best.
    cuz then you would stop trying your best
    & wont give it your all 100%
    so dont forget whats most important. :]

    take that into mind.
    talking about yourself will get you no-where.
    only down the road to unhappiness.

    Takecare. โค ^^
    hope this helpss.

  705. @ Teddy Bear
    lan.??or lean.??sorry i want to clear!hehe!! bTW thank you..!!mwahh!!tc.!!

  706. anyone going to audition ? anyone from from other country got in [ other than china]

  707. @Cynthia: Oh I DEFINITELY know im not the best!! I know Park Bom is awesomely talented and I cant compare to her! But thank you for the advice ^_^
    @ lean: Sorry, my keyboard is really hard to type on, so i make a lot of typos ๐Ÿ˜› You welcome!

  708. Can someone suggest a song that YG
    Might like to hear a female sing?
    Please and Thank you! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  709. any of you guys know on what days you can audition at the yg building in korea?i’m going back to the philippines next month for two weeks and i’m planning on staying in korea for two or three days so i can audition.

  710. @Faith
    I’m pretty sure they’re there almost everyday
    you just drop in and see if they’re available

  711. faith are you pilipino.??

  712. @ teddy bear
    haha!! thats ok!!hehe!!

  713. @ lean: yes i’m filipino.i was born in the philippines but i came to america when i was 9.

    is the yg building near jyp building?i want to audition for both.

    @ bigbanglove:i hope they r there everyday cuz in jyp they only do it on the first and third sunday

  714. so you understand tagalog?

  715. i can speak and understand tagalog and ilonggo.i learned tagalog by watching tfc.when i came to america i didn’t know tagalog but since i was young when i started watching tfc i learned pretty quickly

  716. hm! so faith!when you take audition.??

  717. hope YG notice us!haha!!

  718. @Lean
    Lmaao Yes
    All you need is a unique voice and your in! :]

  719. i’m going to audition october.i wonder what the weather is like in korea.i hope it’s not cold yet.what am i going to do cuz i don’t know anybody in korea and i’m going there by myself.

  720. hola!! Im feeling good today ๐Ÿ™‚
    I was planning on puttng the vid up tomorrow, but my friendsaid she couldnt make it which means the vid is postponed ><
    I reeally wanna show you guys the vid, but im not really good with all these technical stuff,so yeah…not good. remember the best of luck to you all and practice hard!!!!!!!

  721. @BigBang L o v e
    hehe!!unique voice!!waah!!what kind of unique.??ehehe!!a style.??hehe!!thanks!! hope i made it!!

  722. @ faith
    ahh!!me im planning next week!!

  723. @ teddy bear
    ohh!!what was that.??video for dancing or singing.??can i see?hehe!!

  724. is it ok if i sing a BEST I EVER HAD for RAP and TAKE A BOW or I WILL TAKE YOU FOREVER,and BECAUSE IM STUPID for korean song!!

  725. singing!! omg i reall ywanna ing!! im singing my song i was gonna sing right now!!!!!!!
    i REALLY wanna show you guys cuz i realy tink of

  726. think of you guys as family*

  727. @ lean: where r u right now?r u in the philippines?is it going to be your first time going to korea?

  728. @ faith
    yah im in philippines! no,im just send my demo!!hehe!!

  729. @ Teddy Bear
    NGAWW ! you think of us as a family ! ^^
    thats so sweet !!

  730. wondering!!is YG will get you if they watch that you are a good dancer?

  731. am i the only malaysian who really fired up for this audition? hehe

  732. hmm!! dunno know hehe!!

  733. hey immma send in my demo soon , even tho its gonna cause me alotta trouble from my parents and stuff and not finishing middle school but i dnt really care tho .

  734. oopps!! obey your parents!! parents knows best!! and try to explain to them!!

  735. to all off you who wana quit middleschool or highschool for audition dont!!! DONT Quit school…1st finish the middle school and highschool..and then audition…or send your demo and if you are accepted and YG say to go to Korea for traine then YES…
    Dont forget school is important..
    I also wanted to quit highschool for this.and i say “iff I’m not accepted?what I will do?”…
    Study 1st..and then do what you want..Middle school and Highschool are the most important…

    and btw…YG release a New Girl Group called” Ladies Colection”

  736. o-o
    New Girl Group?
    Who, what, when? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I also thought about the school thing.
    Tomorow, I start Highschool.. So I want to finish so I can have a chance to go to college later if I don’t get accepted by Yg. But I am hoping that I will. :] But Need to practice a lot an train. ๐Ÿ˜›

  737. i read on allkpop…they will debut soon..3 members..^^

    yea..u need to finish study and then go to more better..till then u practice and practice till u know u are good enought^^

  738. Hehe. I like odd numbers. XD
    Ty. ^ ^

  739. And I have 4 years to practice my voice and stretch it. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Too bad my school doesnt have class like that.
    Oh well, can do at home. ^ ^

  740. u can do at home easy^^

    good luck ^^

  741. Hehe, you too. ^ ^

  742. @Lean
    I’m not sure of what type of unique is to them.
    But i know that alot of asians have the same voice when they sing
    thats why YG has more guy groups then Girl groups
    ^^From what i heard
    And i also think you’re suppose to put your own style and own kinda rhythm in the song you sing ^But this is what i heard!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  743. OOOOOOOOHHH! A new girl group!! Excited!
    Youre welcome ๐Ÿ™‚ you really are like family!

  744. @ KimiDiep: thank you!
    @ Teddy Bear: sorry for asking XD…but who u are refering at this”you really are like family!”

    and about the new girl dont realy like..bcz this year was GIRLS YEAR XD..we have T-iara,4minutes,F(x).Kara(new members) 2NE1.and also DSP ENt release a new girl group called”SECRET” 7 memebers…so many girls….

  745. @MADA: Everybody!! ๐Ÿ™‚ โค
    true…there are a lt of girl groups this year for some reason…

  746. @teddy Bear: yeaaa last year was Boys band year XD..i wonder next year what will be,,

  747. Ok so imma send my demo if i pass im dropping out . so i wont drop out yet maybe . i just cant wait 6 years tho [tooo long]

  748. well, on allkpop. they said that Jae Beom was quitting 2PM !
    & i was REALLY upset at that fact. so i posted a “note” on my site.
    & i think that i shouldnt audition anymore.
    because if i DO audition. & make it & someone manages to gets their hands on this post.
    OTHER THAN my friends. i will end up with ALOT of antis.
    & i would have NO idea what to do.
    so… im not sure anymore. i mean. i only wanted to EXPRESS the way i TRUELY felt towards the issue. =/

    so idunno about auditioning anymore.
    takecare ! ^^

  749. @ bigbang l o v e
    hehe! i know what you mean!!like r&b hehe!! i know it!! i have an idea now!!

  750. hope someday all of us have a GROUP in YG haha!!

  751. @Cynthiaa: We all are upset about JaeBeom leaving 2pm [well actually he already left 2pm and Korea as well!].
    JaeBeom, in my oppinion was weak! He didn’t even tried to do the best of him to clear things up! Antifans were over the top this time though. Making that petition where they asked him to commit suicide! Well that was waaaaay out of proportion!Netizens need to calm down and give the man a chance to explain!
    I belive that every one of you, everyone who listens to 2pm has written smth on their blogs or whatever. This thing is not smth to pass’s pretty serious and harsh!JaeBeom had actually LEFT 2pm! 2pm will not be the same!
    Now, regardless to your audition..cynthiaa i think you are being as weak as JaeBeom was!ONly didn’t even tried.How can you know what will happen in the future?You gotta have faith in your talent and your dreams.You CANNOT let fear take over you.It’s too shouldn’t be even thinking about these things.You should only focus on your audition, on becoming better and better, day by day!
    Again DO NOT let fear overtake your dreams, cause you will not make it! You’ll always fear about everything! Stop thinking this way please!
    I think we should take JaeBeom as an eg! Don’t make the same mistakes he did! And i’m talking about leaving 2pm and leaving Korea, instead of staying and faceing the antifans!
    take care, work hard dream and belive!
    SH ^.^;;

  752. @SH
    i dont think he was trying to escape or anything.
    but he wanted things to be better for his other members.
    & atm, i really dis-like all the commotion. i dont like it.
    im sure the antis like it and all.
    but theyre so cruel. their hearts are like. pure black
    evil and darkness all mixed together. i was really upset about the fact. ive lost alot of hope and courage.
    i am still going to fight for a my dreams. but im not sure
    if i can. i feel really really down.
    cuz no-one will be seeing him for a while.
    its devastating and scares me.
    ill still try out for YG but i need to build up my strengths.
    cuz my dream was to become a singer since year 3.
    i would like to keep it my dream. but its really hardd.
    i really am trying my best. but with what been going on.
    i cant sing like i used to. cuz im sure that
    everyone sings better when theyre happy.

    thanks for your kind words and advice
    much much much much love
    cynthia โค
    takecare. โค

  753. I am gonna try out when I get really good in Dancing, Singing, Fluent in Korean, and good at playing the piano.

    And I hope to get accepted by them.
    It is my dream, and my BIG GOAL and my wish is to accomplish it.
    I don’t want to be apart of it just for the fame.
    I want to be apart of there family, because I want to help out everyone who has helped me out in my life, and i want to repay them back somehow.
    and i want to be closer with my Inspiration, which is Big Bang. also Selena Quintanilla Perez.
    If i make it. I will defiantly tell Big Bang about this site. :]

    I believe in my dream, and i believe that it will come true.
    I have passion. I have pride in my-self. :]

    I also have a QUESTION, how many songs can we use?
    and how long must they be?

  754. hi!!long time ๐Ÿ˜€ i like to reade all your coments make feel good like keep goin i believe too i know we can make it!!!
    its my dream i wont give up!!!
    i will do it
    i know
    i been practicin my korean my dance and also i write my firts rap im so happy
    i hope i make it im a little bit scare ๐Ÿ˜ฆ btw i wont give up ^^
    good luck!!

  755. Jade oh Jade, where r u Jade lol xDxD
    my vid. my english still need to improve tho but anyway, just check it out :]

  756. Hi, I’m just curious…is being in shape one of the requirements?
    I’m not the best in shape..not super fat but not skinny either. Also, if we have acne (yes, I admit I do have a little), does it bother them?
    Hope to get back soon! :]

  757. Appearance doesn’t matter to YG
    If they think you have the passion and the voice for YG
    They’ll deeefinitly call you
    They don’t like to judge people by there appearance
    So Basically it doesn’t matter :]
    Hope that helps!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  758. Ah. Thanks very much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  759. Sorry to bother you, but I have another question.
    Say you get accepted, what’s the next step? Because the school year has started, wouldn’t it be inconvinient to travel to the California YG place? (I live in New Jersey)
    Or would they wait until it’s summer break or something?

  760. I think they pull you out from school
    and you basically drop out
    But I’m not entirely sure
    And I’m also not sure if you go to Korea or the USA YG place
    I’ll try and find out though!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  761. Oh. >< I see.
    But even if you get chosen, you might not have a chance to debut, right?
    Thanks for your help!

    please help i cant stand seeing a talented leader like 2PM leave!

  763. @Anna
    thats correct
    work hard.improve.debut
    simple steps

  764. boom!!

  765. haay!! we really hope to pass the audition!!haha!!

  766. O.M.G who here know HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL?hehe! gosh i can the role of sharpay!!haha!! guys!! for those who will taking audition!! DONT LOSE hope!! we fighting!!hehe!1 im starting doing my demo!!gosh!

  767. oopss i mean hope i can play the role of sharpay!!b’coz i really hate her moves!! so girlish haha!!

  768. Well I read something on this site
    and they said that when you audition
    sing a song that suits your voice
    and that you think your voice sways with
    Not the song thats your favorite
    Just trying to help out thouugh!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  769. yyaahh bigbang l o v e ur ryt!!

  770. at cynthia: your message was pretty reasonable but i think that you need to stop dreamin. this is the real world. The only way youll make it into the real world is with a goal. Are you ready to take that dream into a goal? I know tha it practically seems the same but its not!! a goal you work really hard for, a dream you just wish for. Only a handful can make it and that means REALLY hard work. I wish the best of luck!! And all the hope a can give ๐Ÿ™‚

  771. oh and sascha: you seem like you can improve a bit on your pronunciaton. I know you said your enlish isnt perfect, but try to sound confident for every word you say, no matter what, or you can jus sing a song thats easier for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  772. @TeddyBear
    You’re right !
    The people who make it in start off with a big dream
    Then they make it a goal
    Then the dreams become reality?
    But right now my hugest goal is YG! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyone have any advice for me maybe?

  773. @BigBang L o v e
    Steps. When you create a goal, always create a plan. :]
    You need to plan out how you will do it. So probably could start out with making time to pracitce your vocals. ๐Ÿ˜› “do re mi fa sol,, etc.” And well yah, just plan it out. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Start with Baby steps and up to Goals to achieve your dream. If I learned anything in my Avid class last year, it’s how to achieve goals and dreams. ๐Ÿ˜›

    [Wow, I talk tฦก much about nothing. XD]

  774. @TeddyBear
    It could be a dream. It could be a goal.
    of cause theyre not the same.
    its possible to have more than ONE goal.
    Dreams and Goals come and go.
    one day you want to do this the next day
    you want to do another thing.
    until your passionate about something.
    & are willing to give up everything
    and go for it. THEN you can call it a goal.
    Dreams can often be mistaken as a goal, of cause.
    Im still young. So i might not understand cause im stupid. LOL
    But my passion is music, ill say getting into
    YG is my GOAL in life, but there are still so many
    other options left. So, getting into YG could be
    a DREAM if not though carefuly about.
    & yes, i do try as hard as possible to help Jaebeom in anyway.
    because, even though the things i do are small
    they’ll still count. & Who knows.
    he might decide to come back for all his fans.
    But i undertsnad where your coming from ^^

    @Bigbang LOVE
    Thats very true.

    haha. yes, they help :L
    they help warm up your voice thus helping you
    improve your singing. So dont worry.
    its some helpful information for those who dont know. ^^
    so, its not nothing. ROFLMAO! :L :]

    TAKECARE !! <3333

  775. @KimiDiep
    Hahaa !
    Thank yoou!
    I think it will work so you train your voice to match the pitch
    And if you play the song on piano you can match your pitch right?
    That would be cool if i could play piano well xD
    Thaank yoou! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  776. @BigBang L o v e;
    Yeah. :]
    I practice my voice on piano actually. ^ ^
    You can help ‘perfect’ the pitch. Hehe. It really helps playing songs on piano. ๐Ÿ˜€

  777. @KimiDiep
    Thats good :]
    hmm okaay
    I think im going to try it out :]
    So what song do you recommend a girl to sing?
    ~Big Bang L o v e

  778. What you did say is true Cynthiaa :)These days people around me use incorrect grammar, and they jus dont say the right words and put those two things in the same category. I see YG a the big picture. Find some kind of way to get in. But everybody here at least must have a back-up plan, but i really wouldnt consider that a goal of some sort. I think that if its a goal, you would be persisent and always try to get in. A back-up plan is just there to catch you whn you fall. Sometime later you should stand back up and get on your feet. Unless youre too old for their liking ๐Ÿ˜›
    J.A.D.E must be busy cuase he hasnt written in a while…well its already September, so he should be. Good luck to you in a harsh world this is!!! Remember we support you!

  779. @BigBang L o v e
    Mmm. Well,, I suggest whatever feels good for you to sing. ^ ^
    It could even be a guy song. ๐Ÿ˜› Like Down by Jay Sean. I wanna practice that cauz it sounds nice on piano and feels nice to sing. ^ ^

  780. @KimiDiep
    Yeah but I’m not exactly sure what goes well with my voice
    So I’ll keep Looking for a good song!
    Oooh i like that song ! :]
    Lmao yeeah
    I was thinking of singing Nobody by wonder girls because
    I think it would sound nice if it was played on piano or something :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  781. how much of the criteria is the looks? i don’t think i’m at an advantage in that particular department. I can sing and dance though. I think I do pretty well.

  782. I hope everyone is working hard.

  783. wow!! J.A.D.E we miss you hehe!! thank you jade!

  784. my birthday is on SEPT.28 you all guys are invited hehe!! hope the gift of me is to pass the audition!!
    @ yghopeful
    wow!!hope so!1 hehe! fighting!! we can do it!!
    @ J.A.D.E
    fighting too!! you so kind!!

  785. @J.A.D.E

    you seem a little bit down. =/
    is something wrong ???
    We’ll stick by you. ^^ โค


  786. @J.A.D.E
    Heey your back!
    Hows your CD gooing?
    DIEING to hear it!

    I’m pretty sure they do noot base things on looks
    They say that talent comes first!

  787. @lean

    hehe yeah.. i’m really taking this stuff into consideration.. seriously! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @bigbang love

    really! wow! i’m already practicing right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  788. @J.A.D.E: You’re just like our big brother.
    I hope everything works well for you, but just like cynthia said you seem a bit down.Are you ok?If you have smth on your heart please spill it out! I am, we all are here to help you.Maybe we’re not there by your side, but we think about you and if [hope not] smth is wrong we will support you.
    I hope it’s all this is just a bad feeling, and everything is ok.
    But i can’t seem to get the feeling are either busy either stressed either i’m lame.
    Please tell us, me the reason.
    PS: I also want to wish everyone here good luck, love you all and i wish you the best! Work hard, dream and sing pleople SING!Sing with your hearts and souls!
    Love you, SH.

  789. yaahh!!
    @ J.A.D.E
    hope you ok!! we all worrying! but always take cre!! and be tight!!

  790. i can’t find the INSTRUMENTAL version to the song i want to try out for… is it ok if i just use the original song?

  791. guys i need your advice.i really want to go to korea next month to audition.i do have the money but should i go there or try sending a demo first?i’ve never been to korea and i don’t know anybody there.if the next global audition is next year and it’s before or exactly april then i’m not going to korea next month.

  792. simply WOW.
    what if you make it in mail audition
    & then they want to see you upfront, in Seoul .
    Do i pay for my airplane fees?
    or do they pay for me?

  793. does it matter how many videos you send in? because i was think of doing a eng and korean song, rap track, and dance, which is 5 videos. any problem with that?
    thanks in advance =)

  794. @Faith
    I say you bring the demo tape to Korea
    and give it to them personally if possible

  795. Well, remember that sometimes artists can’t say everything that’s happening in their life….Hope you’re doing fine, J.A.D.E. :(\

    There are so many people that are determined to become singers, so there would be a high elimination rate after you get accepted as a trainee too, wouldn’t there?

    So after you get accepted by tape, do you have to fly to Korea and sing in front of a panel of judges and THEN become a trainee?

    I’m aiming for SM more than YG, because they apparently base their acceptance 20% on talent because they believe you can improve, but YG is definitely another choice for me. Can you listen to a short clip of me singing? It’s only 2 minutes, and the actual part that counts is 30 seconds.

    I’m not going to use it for my audition, but I think it shows off my voice kinda(?) well. I can’t sing Jason Mraz’s parts or where they sing together very well. XD I’m mainly focused on just Colbie Calliat’s solo, so please ignore the first few seconds of my singing in the video. XD

    I was singing “Lucky” by Colbie Calliat and Jason Mraz. Please comment with helpful criticism or with some suggestions. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really need to improve. XD I’m not the best singer, as you can see…

    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  796. hmm i hesitate

  797. I’m gonna Audition after i had lots and Lots of Practice. :]
    And like people said T.O.P didn’t get training with YG untill he was 20 years old. and I will be about 20 or 21 when I graduate from my college so Imma audition.

    And pray and keep dreaming that They will accept me :]
    I can rap more than i can sing.

    I wish you all the best of luck and if you make it there, and if I (I know i will if i keep working hard) make it there, hope to see you there. :]

    โค KK

  798. @JK:that link is broken รง.รง

  799. Yeeah I just realized that if there are many people trying out
    I don’t think they have that many trainees
    And im pretty sure if they call you get in
    I think thats how it works! :]
    @KK Yees we all hope to make it! :]
    Hope to see maany people there! xD

    ~BigBang L o v e

  800. being a YG family is one of my goal! i promise! hehe!!

  801. happy early birthday lean!!! woohoo!! no arching this weekend so i get to be here for the weekend~
    J.A.D.E is back~~but i guess hes too busy to write much or something…. Please make more links because i love listening to other people singing!!!, as long as you work hard and long to get better!! I wish the best of luck to all of you guys~~~ and i also support J.A.D.E on his solo album being a success!!


  803. dun we all..

  804. I have known that YG has move to a new office. I want to send gift to G-Dragon but I do not konw the neww adress. Plz help me. Thank yous o much :*

  805. @ teddy bear
    thank you very much hehe!! is it real that YG moved?

  806. I thought they were still in the same building?
    Aren’t they…?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  807. I hope not…

  808. if Yg moved waahh! its my problem haha!! new address!!

  809. there is a new yg building but they are still going to use the old one.

  810. did it happen already where a non-korean got accepted at yg?

    just wondering.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  811. just to tell you, my cousin tried out and they never replied. when they did, they said they dont look at your tape if youre under 5’7′ wtf..

  812. That can’t be true
    CL tried out and she was 5’3
    Is your cousin a guy?

  813. Any judge mee pleasee?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  814. Anyone*

  815. does it matter about that age

  816. D: ! SERIOUS !
    but im like. very short.
    does that mean..
    if your not tall you cant get in ?

    TAKECARE ! ^^

  817. of all the things they dont discriminate against, height ends up being the expection. im fricking 4″11! T_T

  818. they care about HEIGHT??hmm

    answer please hehe!!gosh!

  819. but butt …
    im no where near 5’7′ D: !
    its time for me to grow taller !
    if i can .. =D

  820. I think all of the big bang members are like 5’7
    but the girls of YG are all under it … xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  821. hmmm!! if YG care about height i have no chance to pass hehe!!

  822. @BigBang L o v e – I really liked your video(or audio ^.^)
    Your voice is good.I think you just have to pratice a little more.You’re rap was good, you have the voice to do it.

  823. @Coffe
    Ahaa Thank yoou! :]
    Yes i will keep trying! :]

  824. when we audition are we suppose to send it the south korea thing?
    cuz me and my friend we’re going to do this and i was wondering

  825. bigbanglove: i think you have a nice voice. i think you might wanna choose a solo song and one soft smooth one. you seemed a bit rushed ๐Ÿ˜› Itll sound so much sweeter!! and i just wanna know if you play a instrument or something to do with music. ๐Ÿ™‚ good job, and you seem really nice!

    youre welcome lean ๐Ÿ™‚ i wonder where SH went…

  826. @Kris
    Yeah the address upp theere ^^ Not the US one

    @Teddy Bear
    Ahhaa Thank you :]
    xD Yes i was before my family came in and ruin the tape xD thats why i was rushing xD
    Yeah I can play Piano maybee I will for my next cover :]

  827. gaaah i read EVERYONE’s post in this forum lol, i started at like 8pm n now its almost 2am lol ^^ ..anyways, everyone here really has passion (: .. i really look up to everyone :DD ..

    J.A.D.E~ i searched everywhere for you but found nothing hehe, well wish you all the best! n hope you’re healthy (= ..

    lean~ advance happy bday! how old are you going to be? n did you really send YG a demo? thats tight, n you’re filipino right? ^^

    BigBanglove~ i listened to your voice on youtube n ilove it! but it sounded like you and big bang were on a race hehe, still love your voice though lol, upload more videos! =)

    oh n is it alright if i join in the conversation? lol (:

  828. @aiki
    haha ! sure you can join :L
    LOLOLOL ! :L
    its free for anyone to join =D
    ^^ we all help out each other
    hoping for everyone’s success ! =D

    its abit lonely without SH & J.A.D.E =/

    TAKECARE ! ^^ โค

  829. @aiki
    Haaha, Thank you! :]
    xD Yes i was rushing because that was like the first time i ever recorded xD
    So i was also nervous
    Yeees I will! :]
    Btw are you trying out for YG?
    If you are make a cover and post it on youtube!

  830. Cynthia:Yeah they had the most passion in this convo ..

    bigbanglove: no problem! the piano will probably help ecause it can tune you and that means you hae a knowledge o music! i havea problem with pitch so it helps to play piano ๐Ÿ˜€

  831. @Cynthiaa
    Yeah everyone misses theem
    They also answered all of our questions :]

    @Teddy Bear
    Yeeah xD
    I tried it a couple times but its hard to play alot of songs on piano xD
    so i try and stick with one song and try it :]
    Right now im working on Lies !

  832. .cynthia- (: ok.. so are you auditioning?

    .bigbanglove- oh :] ..yep im planning on sending them a demo but i should wait ’til im done with high school ๐Ÿ˜€ and im still learning the korean language lol ..and practicing on singin’ different types of music and dancing n playing instruments ^^ ..btw, i added you on youtube (:

    .teddy bear- can you play the piano? =D

  833. @aiki
    ooh Yeeah thats a good idea
    I think that getting into YG is a very hard thing to do
    because Big Bangs documentary they had a very rough time during training but had a really good skills later
    xD Thaats cool :] Make a cover though i wanna hear you sing!
    OH Okay i was wondering who that person was xD

  834. bigbanglove: Thats so cool!! i can play haru haru ๐Ÿ™‚
    aika: well, yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ i can also play flute ๐Ÿ™‚
    What instrument do you play?

  835. .bigbanglove- yah you have to be commited to it n its going to be worth it anyway (: .. in other countries, they just do workshops in like a couple of weeks lol. alright i’ll upload one sometime this week or the next ^^ if im not busy .. ill send you the link here ^^

    .teddy bear- really? so are you on band or something? im trying to learn the piano ‘cuz its recommended for our upper class choir :]] n i have a guitar but i dont practice at all lol..

    so what countries are you guys from? hehe ( :

  836. @Teddy Bear
    do you play by eaar?
    cause if you have the sheet music then can you send me the link or something?
    I’ve been looking for Haru Haru for EVEER!
    Yeaaa I’ve been singing my whole life and im also commited
    yeah but with korean entertainment they train you preetty much your whoole life!

  837. aaand Im from Canada :]
    what about you?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  838. .bigbanglove- so have i ! but im still not the best lol .. yah its like the army lol but its still pretty amaziing. so you’re canadian then? im living here in the UnitedStates but im not american though =DD .. btw, i have a music sheet for haru haru :]

  839. @aiki
    Lmao yeah same, im just trying my hardest to make it into something :]
    xD yeah look boot camp except more though and you can get cut anytime !
    Thats the part im pretty sure that everyones scared of
    you’re noot? where you from?
    OH MY GOOSH! can you send it to mee? please and thaank you!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  840. .bigbanglove- lol yeaah ! .. well im filipino-chinese-spanish-italian hahha =D .. ohh ilove canadian accent ^^ .. i sent it to yoou just now :] i hope its the one you want, you can read music notes right? =D i can but i still had a hard time trying to play it lol =) ..

    so where is everyone? ( :

  841. haha.
    yeah… ill auditionn . :L
    im not quite sure when.
    but yeahh :L

  842. @aiki
    xD Yes its quite cool :]
    Thank you!
    Yes it is xD
    I can read notes but sometimes it takes me a long time

    I think everyone is busy with school .. hmm
    ~BigBang L o v e

  843. .cynthiaa- oh why not? how old are you? hehe.

    .bigbanglove- so its the right one then?! ^^ usually i would go through the music sheet n write down what letter every note is lol ..are you in college or high school? ๐Ÿ˜€

    do you u guys watch YGtv? :]]

  844. @aiki
    Yeeap I’m preetty sure its the right one! :]
    xD That takes soo long!
    LMAO Neither :]
    I’m in middle school :] Grade 7 xD

    I do did they cut big bang TV and 2ne1 Tv?
    or is the season just ending?

  845. .bigbanglove- lol it does but it helps ^^ .. really?! wow so you’re only like 12-14? you soundd older when i listened to you on youtube x]] ..but i think thats a good thing :]

    yah i think sept9 was the last episode. idk ‘cuz ive only seen episode 1-8 ‘cuz the english subber is taking awhile to sub the rest :\ lmaao.

  846. im well …
    yyoungg. haha ! :L

    in high school. :]
    year 8 ^^

  847. @aiki
    xD yeah
    Lmaao really?
    Never thought that xD buut thaank yoou :]
    Awww That sucks i wanted to see more of Big Bang TV!
    LMAO Yeah I have to get it subbed to xD

  848. Are the yg auditions still accepting? because there website says coming soon.

  849. .cynthia- year 8? what country are u fr? ^^

    .bigbanglove- lol yaah, i think its a good thing ‘cuz in my high school choir they want us to get rid of our soft airy gradeschool voice and to sound more of an adult lol idk. .. i love watching 2NE1tv but ya like i said, the english subber still hasnt uploaded the rest lol but ive watched all of BingBangtv ๐Ÿ˜€ have u practiced playing haru haru? ^^ mm i really want to send them a demo now lol, can’t wait ’til im done with high school lmaao

    .alex- yepp :]

  850. @Alexx
    Yes, YG people’s are still accepting things XD
    I think It just keeps going ! :]

    ooh I see XD
    Samee! I tried to watch all the big bang things. How many episodes are theere?
    Im going to try soon cause i’m still playing Lies xD
    Its haard ! : [
    Hahaa you should just audition and if they dont call you then you know you have to do something to change your voice or you have to try harder :]

    ~BigBang L o v e

  851. I really want to try the audition but i am not sure. i have a video of myself singing on youtube. i practice almost everyday. i donno if its good or not. i have been singing for a while. i was in a rock band as a lead vocalist, it was only for about 2 years the band split. Things, didn’t turn out well, because most of the members listen to different genres. i have a link on youtube. mostly big bang cover song. check it out and tell me what you think.

  852. @khavyboo
    WOAH ! your really good at riffs !
    i think it was really good !! (Y)
    it was good to see that it wasnt the exact
    same as the original. haha ! GOOD WORK !

    Australia … LOL
    youu ?

  853. holy crap audition for YG ENTERTAINMENT ?!
    i kinda wanna join but what im lacking is confidence ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    when im infront of people i just totally lose it,
    i remember singing infront of 30 people with my band and my mouth was just open nothing came out lol embarrasing really :S

    question: so how long is this audition for ? no deadline right ?

    but GOODLUCK for people who auditioned for it ๐Ÿ˜€

  854. @Khavyboo
    Haha you’re preetty good :]

    Yeeap Noo deadline!
    You should just sing infront of one person and then two and three and so on :]
    It helps that way xD

    ~BigBang L o v e

  855. at BIGBANG love:
    lol yea i guess so ๐Ÿ˜€
    and one more i cant really dance hahaha for example if you cant dance are they not gonna accept you ? :S

  856. .bigbanglove- there’s like 11 or 12 episodes ..oh that’s cool ! .. ya prolly the end of this yr i will.. ^^

    .khavyboo- lol you’re good ^^ the KARA ones you did were cute lol (:

    .msceelo- they will train you if u can’t dance, they’re more into you singing/rapping ^^ n i bet you can toooo danncce ! everyone can =DD ..aaaww so u pretty much just froze and didnt perform? i think its more scary when there’s just a few people watching you perform than over a 1000 lol ^^ i’ve performed infront of like more than 200 people before, well i think more than a 1000 ‘cuz it was live on tv lol n well i wasnt scared at all but i think ’twas ‘cuz i couldnt see anyone ‘cuz of all the lights haha ^^ ..well anyways, just do what bigbang love said or just pretend that you’re by yourself and no one is watching lol idk =]]

  857. @Msceelo
    Lmaao Yea :]
    Ahhaa I can’t dance too :]
    But if you send in a tape of you dancing if you’re trying really hard then that will probably boost your chances of getting in I think. But you dont have to send in a tape of your dancing Your chances will probably be normal <– Train and wwatch performances and try to copy them helps too
    Oooh! Thats cool :]
    Tell me when you send it!
    And I don't think I've ever heard a cover of anything! Make Onee! :]

    ~BigBang L o v e

  858. you guys are really want to take audition huh!! hope we can do it!! me??maybe i make audition next year because guys PHILIPPINES have a BIG problem!! many houses,family are destroy because of STORM ONDOY!! you know guys MANY hollywood care for us and also KIM BUM of boys over flower visited philippines!! i want to share! guys dont give up if we really want to reach our ambition and our goal!!


  859. at aika: oh really ? lol wow well in that case im feeling much better now then hahaha ๐Ÿ˜› lol nah i still performed but my voice wasnt that strong anymore when i was performing koz i was sooooo scaredddd lol koz when i get nervous my voice gets affected as well ๐Ÿ˜ฆ gahhh i dont like that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ lol but yea oh man really ?! then youre a real performer then ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe yea i guess so ill just try hahaha youre trying out as well yea ?

    at BIGBANG love: lol yea i cant dance for crap haha but ill really try my very hardest for the sake of BIGBANG koz i love them and all hahaha ๐Ÿ˜›

  860. at aika: oh just letting you know i cant rap HAHAHA but i can TRY lol ๐Ÿ˜›

    at BIGBANG love: sorry another question hahaha ๐Ÿ˜› it says that 4. Do I have to sing a Korean song?
    – You donโ€™t have to if youโ€™re Korean. Korean and English songs are top choices. If youโ€™re not Korean, I highly recommend you chose one Korean song to include in your demo.

    OMG i cant really speak it lol im filo (filipino) im scared that if i start singing it, it wont turn out well ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it might turn out to be like HASOIEYHFOHSWGIUWHLIWU to them hahah you know what i mean lol

  861. Hey guys! I’m so damn sorry that i never came back to this site to talk, give and recive advices from my soul friends.
    The fact is..well school has already started and i feel burdened.i stoped exercising my voice all the time,i stoped reading all your comments[oh god im so sorry for that,promise ill read everyones comments] and i have also taken a brake from learning korean.I am still practicing every day an hour, 2..ok 3-4h aday, but im so tired after school, i guess you all are.
    I really miss talkin to teddy, cyntia big bang love and all of those who wrote me a word.But mostly i miss J.A.D.E..I have this feeling, i don’t know how to describe it though..I miss him even though i don’t know him.
    Oh nonsense, i know him!I could recognise just know his passion and love for music.His words still have a little place in my heart.Whenever he will come back, he must know that i, that we missed him and prayed for him.J.A.D.E we love you!
    i hope everyone is working hard,dreaming and learning!School’s important even though it lacks the life out of you.Teddy, Chyntia,lean, our new aiki and msceela i hope the best for you!
    Hope God i will see you one day at YG, and we will all be trainees and of course friends.Fight for your dreams and please SING your heart out of you chests!Always keep the passion even if others will try to kill it!

    PS:This month, 30 october, me and “my girls”[my band called MITC**N *] will perform i don’t care at a event.Wish us luck!^^;;
    SH **^.^**

  862. @Msceelo
    Lmaao Yeah just try and copy the Things that other people do. It’s quite easy if you keep watching! :]
    Lmaao Well If you don’t speak korean then try an easier song like Lollipop Lmao You can always search english lyrics on Google :] <- My Friend recommended that as an easy song xD
    YAY You're back :]
    Lmao it was lonely without you But now all we need it J.A.D.E
    I think there is something wrong too ๐Ÿ˜›
    He didnt seem happy with the last comment and never answered back.
    Whiich event?
    And Good Luuck! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  863. .bigbanglove- sure sure .. what song and who sings it? :]

    .lean- zomg i knoww! are you and your family alright there tho? im glad my family is, well they’re far from where the flood happened lol ^^ really? kim bum went to the philippines? that’s nice. and wonder girls posted on their twitter pages about them praying for all the filipinos who were affected by the storm (: ..well i hope you’re doing fine (:

    .msceelo- oh i know, just practice on pretending that you’re not really scared lol. most of the time im always freaking out inside and just wuna scream n run off the stage lmaao but in the end it feels good that you did it ^^ ..just keep listening to rap/hip hop music and try to learn the songs, just talk fast and give some attitude lol .. i can’t speak korean either so rapping in korean is really hard right, start practicin w/ slow korean songs and eventually practice to some rap ones :]]

    .SH- i think everyone is really busy w/ school. so am i ‘cuz it’s homecoming week but i still manage to visit this site lol.. after i reply to everyone im going to a variety show at my school ^^ .. yes i hope i’ll see everyone at YG someday and maybe we’ll be in a group lol ^^ ..well thank yooouu fer yar words SH ! (= and GOOD LUCK at the event, you should have someone record it and show us ! :]]

  864. SH!!!! YOURE BACK~~~~~ โค thanks for the shout out and i miss jade too ๐Ÿ™‚ Also send us a vid of the performance and good luck!!
    Yeah im inband…the reason whyi dont checkthis as often, and im also in choir and play piano ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way Bigbanglove, i sometimes play by ear because music was and still is a huge part of my life. I have learned to train my ear totell which note is being played without looking ๐Ÿ˜€
    i hope you guys will work really hard!!! and i will post a vid for you guys soon, my friend and I need to find an appointment time where we can both make it:P
    By the way homeoming is in 2 days for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Homecoming game tomorrow too, so i gotsta march. Be missin yall then!!
    Also, im a full Korean and can read fluently, but not converseor understand well. but i still am learning. I live in america too ๐Ÿ˜›

  865. @khavybou: you have a nice tone to your sound :). One thing you can practice is keeping in tempo. The other thing is that you need towork on the many breaths you take. If you take too many, it soundschoppy. But dont hold it so longthat youre straing to get a sound out. Basically, stagger breathe ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope this gets you closer to your dream~~Fighting!!

  866. at SH:
    aww i really do hope we will all get accepted and be as good as our beloved BIGBANG ๐Ÿ˜€ ill really try my hardest and i know we’ll all support each other ๐Ÿ˜€

    at BIGBANG love: hahaha yea im definitely gonna do that lol thanks for your infos good luck with your one ๐Ÿ˜€

    at aika: lol yea ive been practising lil by lil until it improves lol wish me luck ๐Ÿ˜€


  867. @aiki
    Lmaao Im not sure
    Its up to yoou :]
    Like choose a song that fits well with your voice :]
    @Teddy Bear
    Aha Thats cool :]
    No probleem :]
    Aha thank you Im still trying to practice using garage band on my computer but i cant seem to get the right pitch in things xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  868. @ SH
    OMG ! WELCOME BACK ! ^^ so good to hear from you ! =D
    i miss you too. =DD
    sadd … you dont train much .
    i dont either. school is very hard work, haha ! :L
    keeps you up at night & all. :L
    but, your right. its important ! ^^
    @ J.A.D.E
    waitingg… ^^
    hope you come back to visit soon ! :]
    must be funn . ANYWAYS !

    <33 & takecare โค

  869. at BIGBANG love:
    aww really your lucky you have the whole garage to practice lol im just stuck here in my room recording songs hahaha same here somehow i cant get the right pitch :S lol need more practiceeee lol haha ๐Ÿ˜› what songs are you tryna learn ? if you dont mind me asking ๐Ÿ˜€

  870. @msceelo
    Lmaao yeaap ๐Ÿ˜›
    If you have a piano try and use that
    Maybe get a really easy song on piano and try to make your voice go with the pitch.
    On Piano or in korean?
    xD I’m not sure which one to answer to xP
    ~BigBang L o v e

  871. .teddy bear- oh that’s cool. i was guna be in band too n play the drums lmfao but i dont have time to because of choir and other more important classes i could take ^^ yah this week is really busy, yesterday we had our variety show at school and today is the parade and homecoming game and tomorrow is homecoming ! are you going ? :] .. oh so does your parents speak to you in korean or tries to teach you? ^^ ..and i agree with you lol, khavybou does take a lot of breaths but he can improve that easily hehe

    .bigbang love- oh i thought you wanted me to sing a specific song or w.e lol, i didnt understand what you said. but ya im just going to make a vid with me singing different types of songs ‘cuz idk where my voice really fits lmaoo.

    msceelo- you should put up a vid on utube yaa? ( :

  872. @aiki
    Lmao ooh
    Just choose a song that fits your voice :]
    Is it a smooth voice or like a rough voice?

  873. .bigbang love- it’s not rough at all. i can sing high and low, rnb to death metal lmao .. im not really sure what fits me lol. i think it’s ‘cuz i listen to everything [except fer country lol].. u’ll see/hear maybe this weekanndd. :]

  874. @aiki
    Well try sing a big bang song
    they have like singing and rapping and others :]
    Thats why i like big bang :]
    Mm kaay!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  875. Hey guys~~ Just got back from the game…andwe WOONNN~~~!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    teehee i had to let it out>< But you guys seem sodetermined to make i, nd im so proud ๐Ÿ˜€
    @aiki: Awwww, band is really fun and i do summer school so i ca finish my classes really easily. Also bad is a P.E credit so i dont have to take P.E~ I an probably gonna finish my credits early ๐Ÿ™‚ Also i am going to homecoming tomorrow, no date, but i got friends, and im a freshman so i really wanna go!! I tell my parent to only talk to me in Korean now. Its working okay. But hey dont have time to teach me, and i dont have time to get a tutor :/ But Some people say i long as i can memorize korean for songs and do it well….i actually sound fluent in korean, so its a plus and i can memorize korean sogs too…but it might take a while ๐Ÿ˜› Remember to work hard! ํž˜๋‚ด!!

  876. at BIGBANG love:
    hahaha oh gosh i cant play piano for shizz lmao i still have alot of catching up to do when it comes to playing instruments ๐Ÿ˜ฆ LOL aww woops haha uhmmm both in english and korean ๐Ÿ˜€

    at aika:
    lol im still thinking about what song to sing haha ive recorded too much haha and i dont think it meets the level SATISFACTORY yet :S lol can i have a look at your videos on youtube ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  877. guys please listen to my rap and tell me what will i need to improve? hehe!! embarassing hehe!!

  878. @msceelo
    LMAO It’s not that confusing :]
    its pretty much notes and More notes to remember ;D
    Lmaao, I’m singing Make Love by Big bang :] Working on it English
    and For Korea I think im doing Lollipop? or Lies.
    And for Piano im trying Lies or last farewell ๐Ÿ˜€
    ~BigBang L o v e

  879. .BigBangLove- i will or i’ll do a 2ne1 one lol .. oh btw i sent u an email ๐Ÿ˜€

    .TeddyBear- omg we LOST ! lmaao. oh well this year i was goin to do color guard instead which is also part of the band but i had to go out of the country over the summer so i couldnt go to band camp lol. in my school you don’t take p.e if your in band but somehow you have to make up your p.e credits n it sucks even more when you’re taking driver’s ed lol .. yah i went with just friends my freshmn yr ^^ .. oh well that’s cool. at least u can read in korean.. at first i was trying to learn the korean alphabet lol and when i read it i was like is this right? lol i forgot that i have to translate it. so i was like ya i should learn how to speak it first then learn to read it lol. ^^

    .msceelo- oh lol .. what kind of songs have u been recording? mm ive deleted my vids ov me singing but i think i have like 2 vids on there that im singing with a group lol idk. im putting up a vid maybe tomorrow or next week ^^ .. just type in aikaconui :]

    .lean- what song are u rapping to? (:

  880. @lean
    AAH MY GOSH! I love your raap! :]
    So proo!
    Lmao okaay xD
    Yeeap i got it! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  881. @ bigbang love
    thank you!hehe!!
    @ aika
    i dont what is tre title eh!!hehe!! but the second that i sang is WHAT by ymca??hehe!!

  882. i upload my rap with music background hehe!!

  883. I think you should rap more lean :]
    Its such a good voice!

  884. thank you again bigbang love!! really??hehe!!

  885. Thank you very much for posting this… but can I have a direct contact with YG Entertainment?

  886. Can I audition again if ever (God-forbid) YG Entertainment rejected me? will that be okay? How long will the training be? will it take years? If ever I’ll be accepted, will I know whether I belong to a group or solo? Can you answer my questions? And I’m sorry if they’re too many…^^

  887. @Hope
    YG entertainment can let you audition as many times as you want.
    Park Bom auditioned probably 3-4 times till she got in.
    Lmao it’s hard to get direct contact with YG entertainment but like you can always look on the YG website and see if there is a way to contact them :]
    You wont know if you are suppose to be in a group or not untill YG tells you If you get it :]
    Yeah! :]
    I wish i could rap xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  888. @bigbang love
    i know you can !! hehe!!

  889. .BigBangLove- thank yoouu :]

    .lean- oh alright i knew part of it was ‘what’ but i was like, was there other parts to it? lol so ya i get it now. mm you did really goooodd.. at first i thought you were really CL ! ( : .. btw, do you speak tagalog?

  890. @lean
    Lmaao not really I tried to rap to this love <- FAIL!

    No probleem :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  891. @lean: wow youre definitely talented!! Just watch out when you ssy “we got the ________” because youre dragging it just a little bit. Other than that though, youre pure gold ๐Ÿ˜€
    @aika: Oooooooohhh, that sucks to lose a homecoming game!! Color guard is cool too:D Why would youhave to make the pe credits up :/
    And whats drivers ed like?? By the way, homecoming was really fun!! I saw a lot of my friends from other schools there, the only thing is that all my pretty make up got messed up while i danced and i think i wnt partially deaf ๐Ÿ˜› I learned he alphabet when i was small, and once ou know some basic rules, its really easy to read. Seaking is just plain memorization, so its more tough. I think its like that in most languages. Why would you have to translate it?
    Mkay well remember to be good to others, stay n school, eat your veggies, and WORK HARD FOR YG!!!! โค โค
    ~I'm out!~

  892. @ aika
    thank you!! wow at first you thought im cL?hehe!!yaah i can speak tagalog
    @bigbang l o v e
    you sang great
    @ teddy bear
    hehe!thank you!! ok i will watch out!! hehe!!pure gold???hehe!!

  893. @lean
    My friends said i dont give the sound they need to hear or something

    @Teddy Bear
    We’re all working Hard ! :]
    Are you traininng too?
    you havent been talking to much xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  894. .BigBangLove- lol everyday ive been practicin on the songs that im going to do but i have no time to record at all ๐Ÿ˜€ .. i prolly will by the end of this week but im not so sure ‘cuz i have to stay after school all week for our play ^^ ..the whole weekandd i worked on this balloon powered car project lol ..mine doesnt even look like a car, it’s more like a rocket lol ^^

    .TeddyBear- ya it suckedd n ‘cuz i think twas because of the rain lol but ’twas fun though ^^ ..idk why we have to make up our p.e credits lol. uhg driver’s ed is so so boring :] i would almost fall asleep in that class but its really important though, now im like really aware when mi mom is driving, lol im always like uuhh that’s not how our teacher taught us to drive haha. aaaww that’s good that you had a blast on your first homecoming (: .. oh other schools could go to your homecoming? ya it was pretty fun, esp the dinner after ^^ .. ‘cuz its like when you change the korean letters or w.e to english letters, you can now read the words right but u still don’t know what you’re reading ‘cuz it’s in korean so you have to translate it =] ..oh i always eat my veggies haha, you too ! lol :]

    .lean- yep i seriously did ! oh can you speak any other language? i can only understand tagalog, if i try to speak it, it’s really hard for me to make up sentences lol. but i can speak bisaya/cebuano (:

  895. @aiki
    Haha thats good
    Ive been recording things but i havent been practicing my Piano lately T-T
    I think i should start play piano more xD
    Lmaao You can always practice and while practicing record so you can hear yourself improve on things :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  896. I have 3 a question.
    1: Is there any way you can audition in US because I live here and I want to audition in person, so I was wonder if they hold audition in US?
    2: If I made it, can I trains in US until when I’m done with my training and move to Korea?
    3: YG entertainment is mostly for Hip-hop singer, but I want to be a pop singer, so can I still audition for there company?

    please answer me thanks.

  897. @Linda
    1.Im preetty sure you have to send a tape to them in korea
    Because the US might not have the right people.
    as in they might have only trainers and no one that can judge
    2.I think you can train in the US but they might tell you to move to Korea
    3.YG entertainment takes in anyone with talent :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  898. @ aika
    hehe!! hmm yaah i can but i dont know how to speak cebuano or bisaya hehe!! hmm a little of korean!!
    @ bigbang lo v e
    hmm maybe they want you to improve!! me??i think i need to improve my rap hehe!!

  899. Hello..
    I have one Question.

    1) Will YG Entertainment notify you (Phone, Email, Mail, etc…) That you didn’t pass the audition?

    I had another question but i kinda forgot :[
    But if i remember i’ll come back and ask. ๐Ÿ˜€


  900. @KK
    They will not contact you if you didn’t pass. They will only contact you if you pass. ๐Ÿ˜€

  901. @Aimi
    Ah! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ˜€
    So how long do you think we should wait before thinking we didn’t pass. I was toldd a few times from other sources about 1-2 months or even more. :/

    I still can’t remember my other question. lol.

  902. @lean
    Maaybee xD
    My friend is korean and shes trying to help me speak and pronounce it xD

    I’ve been told it takes 3Months top’s to get a notification If you made it.

  903. @BigBang Love

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€
    If I have anymore Questions I will be back to ask.
    Or i will pop up from time to time.
    I have to much class homework. >[


  904. .BigBangLove- ya that’s what i usually do, but i only record myself when no one is home lol ..but everyday when i get home from school, i would like lay on my bed n get my ipod out n just start singing lol, usually i end up not doin moi homework ^^ lol. oh, i need to start practicin on the guitar, lol i feel bad fer my guitar ‘cuz i never touch it haha. :]]

    1. you have to send them a demo to SouthKorea and they will call you if they want to meet you in person and decide if they really want you, if they wont call within like 3months then you didnt make it but you can always send them another demo cd :] ..
    2. im thinking if i get in that i would train here in the US until i finish high school then move to Korea and continue training or whatever they want me to do.. if i do get in ^^
    3. YG takes anyone with talent (:

    .lean- oh so you live around luzon then? ^^ lol. are u learning korean by yourself? i have this program lol.. so you know 3 languages then or no? (:

  905. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I would just go to Korea and train there.
    Since this is my last year of hih school.
    and i was going to audition after I graduate. so i have nothing to worry.
    but i should audition now. just to see. lol.


  906. @aiki
    Cause i hear my family in the back talking xD when My family speaks chinese there voices get louder xD!
    Yeah I like to do that too But i fall asleep xD I think if you play a instrument for the audition it will boost up your chances because you are already aware of things and like you might be able to make up a song or somethiing :]
    You should Audition!
    And If they accept go if they dont then you know you’ve gotta change something or include something ! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e
    What program are you learning Korean?

  907. @ BigBang Love
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks :]

    I will try to audition by the end of December.
    Cause I am still taking singing lesson’s from my mom’s friend.
    and I am still learning Korean from my other friend.
    And i have Dance practice right now. lol.

    I just need to get my other friend to teach my the piano. lol. xD


  908. @KK
    No probleem :]
    Yeah i want to audition soon too xP
    Oh Well thats good :] you should record and put it on youtube! :]
    Aha Thats soo cool! I want to get help from people for singing and dancing except a lot of my friends don’t know what to do when it comes to dancing and sometimes singing xD
    LMAO aha you have so many resources! I’m taking piano/keyboard at school and im just singing to whatever song i hear! xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  909. @BigBang L o v e

    ๐Ÿ˜€ Lol, I will be recording soon. and then i will put it up on youtube. but it’ll be a while. But when i do. I will give you all my music youtube name. ๐Ÿ˜€ so you can look it up.

    Lol awsome. I was going to be in PCCA but i wanted to do JROTC.
    i should have done PCCA instead. they could have helped me with my Singing, Piano and Dancing better. lol.

    Lol. whenever i listen to a Big Bang song, I always sing to it. xDD or any other Asian song that i love.
    I rarely listen to American music..
    >…< lol


  910. @KK
    Lmao Okay I wanna hear everyone sing ! :]
    If you already have a Youtube add mee! J4Won :]
    ooh xD Thats cool :]
    LMAO Yeah i “attempt” too xD I don’t speak korean so I just mumble most of the words XD
    ~BigBang L o v e


    JYP Is coming to the USA for people who cant audition for YG JYP might come where yoou aree!
    I think i might try out!
    GO FOR IT! ~
    ~BigBang L o v e

  912. @ BigBang L o v e

    OMG! THANK YOU! i think imma audition.. there coming to VANCOUVER! =D … do u know by any chance if SM is having any audition this year??

  913. @Teddy Bear
    Yeah i have been practicing with the breathing. i learned some breathing techniques on youtube.

    @Cynthiaa- Yeah, when i sang “Last Farewell” i want to sing it in my own style when i sang the song.

    @Akia- lol. yea my friends said the same thing about the KARA video.

    @BigBang L o v e- Thanks, I appreciated. I have been practicing everyday. when i’m ready i am going to audition.

    well, since i read something about the JYP audition tour. I was quite disappointed. I’m from Atlanta and when i read where the tour is going to be held at. the tour is no where in Atlanta. I feel that A.T.L is being left out cuz there are alot of great talented people in Atlanta. I wish the tour is in Atlanta then i would defiantly try to audition for it. hmmmm why not the A.T.L? =( sad sad.

  914. jyp and sm are coming to new york next month.i’m so excited!!!OMG!!i’m difinitely going to audition!i really want to get in to yg but i’m still going to audition for jyp and sm.anybody know if yg is coming to the US next month?

  915. why cant they come to Australia on their way?
    sigh sigh sigh.

  916. I’m from Australia, but I plan to audition by email ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ faith, Where did you hear about SM coming to US next month? Didn’t SM 2009 Global audition happen earlier this year?

  917. @BigBang L o v e

    Lol. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Yes Yes. I’ll try to get some videos up so.
    but sometimes my pronunciation is kinda iffy right now.
    But imma keep going over my Korean notes, and get back up.
    i’ll probably do the chorus part of Haru Haru first.
    Because to me that one is really easy lol.
    (Except for at some parts lol xDD )
    I will add you right now ๐Ÿ˜€

    o.o I thought JYP was only accepting Asians.
    if they aren’t then i should try out too. lol.
    But i could have sworn that i read some wheres that they only accepted Asian’s oh well xD


  918. @ julie: it says it on their global audition is from nov. 15 to 28.

  919. wow!! you all are very lucky for those who live in new york because you can take audition in personal!!

  920. Ahha I think I might audition to JYP
    But im afraid if i do then i wont sing or do anything and ill just stand there T_T
    Okaay ! :]
    Lmao Im not sure they have a USA company thing in the US he just bought it not to long ago so maybe there taking anyone with talent ! ;D
    I thought SM only let people who live in Korea Apply to it ?

  921. @ lean
    i agree, so lucky.
    Australia’s a cool country ! =D

  922. @BigBang L o v e
    Ah i see. :]
    I would try out for JYP but i live in Florida >….<
    Oh well.
    Maybe it was SM entertainment that i was thinking of.
    Hmmm…Lol I am losing my mind today. xDD
    I wish that JYP would come to florida. my Asian friend Somlith aka. Brandon. i'm sure he would have tried out for it. lol.
    Rain is his idol. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and GL to people auditioning for JYP. :]
    and YG


  923. I got one question. can the application still be used? it says 2005?

  924. Also i notice that on the English application do you have to send it to California or Korea?


  925. @Khavyboo

    You send it to the Korean Address.

  926. @KK

    Thanks KK! =)

  927. @KK
    ahha that suucks xP
    SM bases it on looks like 20% is talent xD
    aww xD
    Ahaa! Really?
    I asked my parents and they said they would think about it! :] -crosses Fingers-
    ~BigBang L o v e

  928. .KK- yeh you should send them a demo cd/dvd now ^^ n aaaww lucky your graduatingg, i still have two more yrs to go lol, but at the philippines im suppose to be a senior lol.

    .BigBangLove- haha same here :] n ya before the end of this month, im gunaa start learning again lol .. i know right, esp when we have filipino visitors, theyre always loud ^^ .. the korean program? i downloaded it from this website, it’s really easy and fun, and if you want to learn more complicated stuff then you can buy it but its not a demo or anything (: .. zomg JYP coming here in chicago at nov. 15 ! but ! im not auditioning lol ^^

    .Khavybou- oh lol. ya that’s weird that JYP is not going to atlanta ;] i know a lot of people from there that would love to audition..

  929. @BigBang L o v e
    -wow. I would never audition out for SM entertainment. >….<
    that's kinda stupid.
    They shouldn't base it off if you are pretty or Asian or whatever.
    but what your talent is.

    That's why i love YG entertainment. they don't care what you look like or what your ethnicity is…They just want talent.
    I โค YG!

    -Lol I would love to send in my demo now.
    But i wanna keep practicing my korean first lol.
    I will Audition hopefully by the end of november or december ๐Ÿ˜€
    as long as i can pronounce the words right in the song i would audition.
    if i can't speak full sentences i will still audition.
    would they teach you Korean, if you are not fluent in it?
    hmmm. i wonder. lol.
    Awww. Well High School is fun. :]
    but i can't wait till its over with. xDD

    -No problem


  930. @KK
    Yeah i know SM does it because they are like a HUGE entertainment for like hmm.. showing things AHH i forgot what it was called xP
    But Yeah i knoow! Their homepage said Only people who live in korea can audition for SM
    Yah i knoow! YG โค YG and JYP are probably the best entertainment peoples eveeer

    And they teach you Korean if you get in.
    ~BigBang L o v e

  931. @BigBang L o v e
    -Wow. I totally love YG and JYP. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Cool! So i think imma audition at the end of december ๐Ÿ˜€
    or the beginning. lol.


  932. .KK- ya n SM’s contract is to like 13years ! .. yea same here, i need to try to at least know some basic sentences rather than just words lol ๐Ÿ˜€ .. i can pronounce the words right but when singing it, idk if im saying it right lol, esp. when rapping. n the spellings are all weird so i would change it so that i can read it easily lol ^^ ..yea they’ll teach you korean, chinese, and japanese .. high school is fun, just not the work (: .. are you going to college after? ๐Ÿ˜€

  933. @KK
    Yeah i knooow! :] xD

    ahh Lucky I still have to improve my voice
    My mom said she doesnt care but shes not driving me to the audition (JYP)
    And now its up to my dad xD Its on a tuesday so i might have to skip school ๐Ÿ˜›
    ~BigBang L o v e

  934. @Aika
    -Yeah and isn’t YG’a till 15 years?
    I was planning on to.
    but if i get accepted into YG then i may wait.

    @BigBang L o v e
    -lol i do too a little bit.
    Lol amazing, she doesn’t care. but you have to basically find a ride. lol. Awesome.
    Hopefully your dad will do it! ๐Ÿ˜€


  935. should i audition for JYP? yes? no? no? yes? lmaao (: .. i want to stick with YG and DSP .. but JYP himself is really hardworking lol

  936. .KK- no YG is only 5yrs .. same here (:

  937. @KK
    Lmao yeaap! :]
    xD yeah And does anyone know who you are auditioning infront of for JYP ?
    and if the singers also have to dance?
    you should toootally go for it!
    JYP and YG entertainment are like the TOP Producing companys!
    I want to but i cant audition infront of people i know Auditions are waay different!
    YG is only 5 years? i thought it was 10?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  938. @aika – Yeah i know. I was like why J.Y.P why? lol =( Why not Atlanta? It’s nice hot southern weather and we got Usher and Ludacris! lol. Well,since JYP is not coming to Atlanta. I am going to try to send in a demo to YG. I already bought my bubble envelope and all i need is to finish up my application and have my friend to record my vocals. my friend knows more about music recording production more than me. He went 2 years of art school college.

  939. @Aika
    -Awww! Really? Will they renew your contract when it expires?
    Cause I’d hate to see no more Big Bang. :[
    I love Big Bang.
    I hope they renew the contracts. ๐Ÿ˜€

    @BigBang L o v e
    I wish i knew who you would have to audition in front of.
    Lol what if the Wondergirls were there. lol


  940. .BigBangLove- yea i know .. id rather send them a demo then meet them in person lol. and its scary ‘cuz you dont know who’s going to be there, like is other artist going to be there? lol’s only 5yrs. Big Bang and 2NE1 has 5 years contract and there is someone, i forgot who, that has no contract thats in YG lol idkk

    .khabybou- i knoow, there’s a lot of artists there .. oh cool, my friend has a recording studio but i know way more stuff than he does haha .. well good luckk and dont evr forget abt us lol

    .KK- they prolly will renew it, and ya i knooow :\ ..

  941. @KK
    Yeah i knooow!
    LMAO that would be so scaary!~
    Yeah samee
    Instead of auditioning it said post the singing clip on youtube
    then email them the link
    and thats an audition!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  942. @Aika
    -That would be amazing if they did renew it.
    Isn’t Seven on his like 7th year of being in YG?
    or something like that?
    Cause It seems like he has been in YG for more than 5 years

    @BigBang L o v e
    -xDDDD ๐Ÿ˜€
    If i audition i would be happy if Rain was there.
    I love him.
    I’m just not that much of a fan of Wonder Girls. xD


  943. @Akia-Yep, i won’t forget you guys but at least i have video of myself on youtube either if i do or don’t make it.

    I got more questions. On the Y.G application how big do they want the Photo? 6 X 8? regular size? I’m planning to go to walmart to print my photo and also do i have to fill out the “date registry?”


  944. how many people do yg accept at a time?
    because if it took park bom 3-4 times before she was accepted…
    and she’s a power singer too

  945. @KK
    LMAO Yeah I love him too! :]
    AHA My sister is a huge fan of the wondergirrls!
    It doesnt matter what type of picture size it is
    Just as long as they can see your whole face very clearly With no edits or anything :]
    YG accepts as many people as they want who have talent that they are looking for :]
    Park Bom did take alot of time but they saw that as she kept auditioning her voice got even more powerful then the first time she auditioned
    So I think she had the voice in the beginning but then they needed her to give it her all
    So She trained for the next audition :]
    ~BigBang L o v e
    Hopee i answered your question amy~ :]

  946. but its sucks cuz they dnt let you go to school , you end up dropping out of school . why’s that ?

  947. Not really
    G-dragon i think he went to school his whole life thiing
    he just didnt go to university and stuff
    He just finished high school

  948. @BigBang Love- Cool, Thank you! =)

    -1 dollar for the bubble envelope at the dollar store
    -my friend gonna help me record the vocal and I’m still thinking what song should sing.
    -still need finish the application
    -then i have to drive 30 min to walmart to get my photo and wait 1 hr.
    -_- too much stuff to do and too much money to spend. still have time though.

  949. @Khavybou
    Lmao Sing a song that fits your voice! :]
    Just take a picture on your camera or something
    and then print it
    Its better than going to walmart and waiting
    I have no time my parents arent really helping me audition for it T_T

  950. @BigBang L o v e
    yeah, it did! thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  951. Everyone is getting ready for auditions.
    but me, im getting ready for tests T^T !
    oh, do you need to hand write the appliction or can we just type it ? haha . xD !
    & what do you write for Activities & Awards ? O_O


  952. @BigBangLove-
    cool! thanks. i take your advice. I don’t know if they want a full song? I going to sing a verse and a chorus but i am going to sing it in Acapella. After i send everything my application form and song. Do you think they will contact me? if i do or don’t make it. I wonder if they will give ya a response.

    right now i don’t have photo paper. photo paper is expensive and i dont have color ink. I ran out of color ink because of a stupid college project i had to do >_<. Well, Walmart 4 x 6 picture print out is only 0.09 cent each. I went and got my photos there before. i took alot of photos from my trip to France and Germany. I got relatives from France. Don't know much French words just only Bonjour,Au Revoir, allemende, and J'aime Poulet which means "I love chicken! or I like Chicken!" lol. It was pretty sweet and nice 4 weeks trip! i chilled with the family, eat good food, and going to cafe. For the first time, i actually had a real Croissant but with Chocolate chip in it. It was sooo good. Okay, i need stop talking about food. lol =]

  953. @BigBang L o v e
    Yesssss A song that fits the voice would be good. :]
    Khavybou, do you know what song you have in mind of doing?

    The only problem i have with that is that i don’t know what song to do. lol.
    i don’t know which one would fit my voice. lol

  954. guys listen and judge!!hehe!! i put music background!! tnx!!

  955. 2nd i will record is SAY Goodbye

  956. @Khavybou
    You have to sing the whole song for YG
    They will call you if you make it
    but they will not call you to tell you you didnt make it
    and My sister said they probably chose like 10 a day to watch and leave the rest out
    so maybe yours didnt get watcheed!!

    Ahaa thats cool! :]
    Yeeap ! :]
    You have to get other peoples opinion for it sing different types maybe sing some rap and then sing a smooth song and ask which is best?
    this is better than the other one :]
    And iadded yooou!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  957. @BigBang L o v e

    okay! Imma try to record some songs this weekend then ๐Ÿ˜€
    And i’ll give you guys the link so i can have your opinon. :]

    And what do you mean liek they only watch like 10 a day?
    like they choose 10 to watch one day then choose another 10 the next day? or just 10 and thats it?


  958. .BigBangLove- email them the url of the vid thats on youtube? really? for YG?

    .KK- idunnoo, it also seem like big bang has been at YG fer more than 5yrs lol

    .khavybou- aaaaww i wish i have the time to make a demo cd. do they want a dvd or a cd? or both? like a cd of us singing different songs and a dvd of us like in front of the camera just singing and.. dancing? lol ..yea we’ll still see you on youtube lol ^^ ohmy now you’re making me hungryy ! :]

    .cynthiaa- i know rightt?! i think the only months that im going to be free is feb and march lol ^^ ..for the awards, i’ll prolly write down everything ! honor rolls, volunteers, sports, etc. (:

    .lean- thumbs up ! lolll.

    for the demo cd, im definitely doing a rap, sing an rnb and a slow song, andd a korean song ^^ .. and maybe add other stuff.. it doesnt matter how many songs right? ..and for the photo, it doesnt matter the angle right? lol, it just needs to show my face clearly ^^ and should i smile or just a lil or naww? HAHAHA .. anyways, let’s say i get accepted, can i traine here in the US so that i can finish high school and i guess go to korea after? and finish training or w.e ? ^__^

  959. @KK
    Lmao Okay!
    xD :]
    Like they choose ten random ones then judge them and they toss the other ones aside
    My sister said they probably dont have enough time to look at them all
    its for JYP it said on there website thiingy
    you can put as many as you want!
    Just an angle that can see your face nice and clearly
    After training you go to korea to finish up training i think then you debut soon
    IF they think you are ready because if they think your not ready then they cut you like so-1 T_T
    ~BigBang L o v e

  960. can i sing along with a song? or can i just sing one of my won songs that i wrote?

  961. @Akia- lol. Sorry, i made you hungry. i am hungry too.=] I miss eating chocolate chip croissant in France. I’m gonna end up like cookie monster.

    @BigBanglove- I don’t know if i want to sing along song. I guess have to though. Cuz you start singing Verse, Chorus, Verse, then solo comes up, then chorus again and verse at the end. the song is long. LOL. i don’t want to bore the judges singing a long song. lol. but i guess have no choice. I thought its going to be like American Idol audition where you sing for like 40 second of the song.

  962. @ bigbang lo v e
    haha! thank you!1thank you!! hehe!1 and thanks hehe!!
    @aika!! wow! thumbs up>!!hehe

  963. @lean: You’re really talented ^^

    I’ve just commented you’re video…I’m UtenaSK

    Good Luck

  964. @Tasha
    I recommend you to sing a song thats one of yours and ones thats already been made :]

    It said that you should xD
    for JYP you sing waht part you want but only one minute
    Ahha No probleem! :]
    Keep woorking! :]

  965. .BigBangLove- oh alright, and yea i know. do you know so muchh abt YG? lol (:

    .Khavybou- haha mee too! .. i eat lk 2 cookies a day ‘cuz we always have different kinds everyday at school lol .. what is chocolate chip croissant made out of? it sounds goooodd lmaao :]]

    .lean- yeh keep it upp (:

  966. @coffe
    hehe!!thank you!! gudluck to me!!hehe!!
    @bigbang l o v e
    yaah keep working hehe!!
    thanks again!! i continue doin this hehe!!

  967. i upload nexttime my dance video!! thank you all!!

  968. @aika- lol. go on google images and type in the search “french chocolate chip croissant” its a flakey bread with chocolate chip filling inside. you can eat it anytime of the day whether its breakfast, lunch, snack time or dinner. sometimes i make my own cause they don’t have it in the STATES. the only best croissant made is in France. So if you have a chance to go to France i recommend you get the chocolate croissant.

    @BigBangLove- Hmmm i didn’t know that you have to sing the whole song cause it didn’t even mention on the FAQS. but it’s alright, singing the whole song is not that bad. I just still don’t want to bore the judges if they heard my track. I’m just gonna practice for a while then when i’m ready. I will record my vocals at my friend house. At his mini studio. well it’s not actually his mini studio though. it’s his basement. lol.

  969. @aiki
    Ive been asking maany people about this for quiite some time :]
    this is why I want to try out for YG so bad ! Alot of my time is just singing :]
    Are you going to send in your aduition tape soon?
    Lmao Yeeah i know
    But I asked other people and they said you should sing the whole song
    Lmaao My basement is like it too xD
    cause I use my computeer! :]
    Ahah I need to get something to help my voice
    ~BigBang L o v e

  970. @BigBang L o v e

    Heyyy I should be uploading on sunday or saturday a video on youtube. It’d be in english though. xDD
    But i’d let you know when i upload it ๐Ÿ˜€

    I just wanna warn you guys though.
    I have a really bad sore throat right now. so my voice may sound kinda ughhhh xDDD lol.


  971. @KK
    aha okaay! :]
    What song are you going to cover?
    when i had a sore throat I was like singing the most xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  972. Hey guys!!! Missed you s much over the week!! Gosh, I seem like I missed so much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Well lets see now…
    @leam: Hey you sound really good!! Youve been practicing, and I admire you for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Youre awesome!!!
    @Big Bang love: Yeah, Ive been pretty busy with band ๐Ÿ˜› Im trying to practice whenever I get the chance, Im trying to get my frien to upload the vid on monday, but shes still really busy, so she doesnt know yet :((((((((((((((((((
    @aika: Hope you survive through drivers ed ๐Ÿ˜› Yeah hmecoming was awesome!!! You know, reading the romanization of korean is actually harder for me to read, whenerver I look for lyrics to a korean song, I prefer it in korean ๐Ÿ™‚ Good thing you eat your veggies ๐Ÿ˜€
    @Khavybou: Welcome back~~~ Nice to see youre training hard!!
    @KK: Nice to meet ya!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Okay, Ive been thinking about the JYP entertainment audition tour, but theyre not coming to Houston…or even close to Texas even!! But honestly, YG is my big picture ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a contest tomorrow, so see ya!!

  973. @bigbang l o v e
    no! i think i need to choose other rap song!!hehe!!
    @ taddy bear
    hmmm!! wow awesome??and you admire me??hehe!1thanks !!

  974. Is it hard to audition in YG Entertainment? I’m scared… I’m now gaining a lot of confidence just for this audition… I’m really desperate to pass, are they kind? Will my nationality matters? Will they judge my physical appearance? How about weight? Is there a minimum or a maximum? ^^ I’m again for my questions… (I’m waiting…^^)


  975. @BigBang L o v e
    -Lol I may to the english version of Heaven from Big Bang ๐Ÿ˜€
    anddddd Maybe english version’s of Wonderful, and Haru Haru also by Big Bang.
    (And the English Translation of Lies)
    I have to choose xDDD
    but i know i am def. doing English version of Heaven. lol.

    Ughhh, My sore throat is ugh. its hard to swallow my drinks lol. xDD

    -Ooooooooo Hi ๐Ÿ˜€
    nice to meet you too! ๐Ÿ™‚


  976. I really hope that everyone will get a chance at YG. It’s sad how sometimes the world is not fair.
    Work, dream, sing..and never cry!

  977. anybody know when yg is going to update their audition website?it says coming’s been like that for over a year now.i like how jyp and sm are all organized.they tell you everything you need to know.

  978. @Teddy Bear- Thanks Teddy Bear, i gotta train hard and practice. it’s like before a boxing match fight. i remember from a quote that i read some where off of a website. “fly like the butterfly bite like a mosquito”. something like that.

    @KK- dang, that sucks you got a sore throat. i hope you feel better. =) when i have a sore throat what i do is i cut up slices of lemon or squeeze lemon juice and put in either hot, warm or cold water. that is sort of a thing i do before i sing or i feelin a bit sick. i drink alot of water with lemon in it. i have been drinking it everyday now cause fall season is kicking in and people are getting sick. having more vitamin C is good!

    @BigBangLove- I got another question. Can the song be a korean song with english translation. Either it is written by me or anyone else? Cause, i probably want to sing that song maybe for my demo-track. i don’t know if it’s acceptable?

  979. .lean- i cant wait to see you dance (:

    .Khavybou- oooh so this is what it looks like lol, i think ive had this before.. lol i just told mi mom to make it haha

    .BigBangLove- oh i just read forums n stuff n people’s questions and answers lol ^^ .. well im learning a lot fr yooou (:

    .KK- aaaaww im excitedd :]]

    .TeddyBear- oh im trying ! yesterday and the other day, we watched this video of people getting into car accidents and it showed the surgery or w.e, lk they had to drill the skull or staple it and blaah, twas so grosss! .. yea ‘cuz you know how to read in korean ! (: i just change the spellings on the romanization so that i can read it easier lol ..really? theyre not going to texas? the places they should go should be at texas, atlanta, LA, new york, chicago, fl., tn, and etc lol ..contest for what?? well g.luck ! ^^

    .Hope- i think 99.5% they will only care about your talent. for your weight, that’s what training is for (:

  980. @Teddy Bear
    Ohh okay!
    can you tell me when the video is up?
    I wanna see! :]
    @lean lmao okaay :]
    Aha Yea alot of people are :]
    They dont really care that much bout apperence’s :]
    They’ve had the same audition for a while
    I think they just keep it like that … Hmm xD not sure now ..
    Sing one english and one korean
    Because they are a korean company so they want to know if you can handle singing Korean too.
    Or you can sing 1 korean and like 3englishes but at least 1 korean and 1 english
    Lmaao yeahh xD
    aha Yay :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  981. @Aika
    -Lol i can’t wait to finish recording.
    I just wanna see how bad its gonna sound with my voice like this. lol.

    -Ooooo Awsome. I should try that.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh yeah, i’ll probably have the videos up tomorrow or maybe late late tonight ๐Ÿ˜€

  982. @ aika
    hehe!! as a matter of fact dancing is my real talent!!hehe!! im a dancer here!! hiphop!! i started getting addicted in rap when i knew that yg is a hiphop and rap company!! heeh!!
    BIGbang l o v e
    kkk hehehe!!

  983. So you mean I don’t have to worry that much about my physical appearance? I think I’m only good in singing… in dancing, I know how to execute move but I don’t know how to freestyle… will that matter? will it count against me?

  984. @lean
    OH you’re more of a danceer?!
    You should also send in a dance tape of yourself to YG with your singing!
    Your appearance doesn’t matter to them Well Im not sure if it matters because YG just looks for talent riight?
    And a good reason for you to be there as in if you can always improve “No limit” :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  985. .BigBangLove- ahah, so when are u putting up a new vid? i recorded some today woot lol

    .KK- lol aaaaw you should wait ’til the sore throat is gone !

    .lean- oh tight, well hurry n put up a vid of u dancing lmaao. im in dance so i guess i can dance? lol idkk, i can only freestyle fer a lk a few seconds then i would give up ahahh (:

  986. @aiki
    Lmao I’m not sure when
    I havent gotten alot of views on my other ones xD
    But I’ll definitly find one when i find one that matches my voice :]

  987. @ bigbang love
    yaah more on dancing hehe! and rap!! ok! i will try hehe!!
    @ aika
    your excited??hehe!

  988. .BigBangLove- lol alright

    .lean- loll.

  989. @lean
    aha Yeeap :]
    I just wish i could dance.
    If i could dance I would go to the JYP auditions and the SM auditions T_T

  990. Aika- yeah you should tell your mom to make it. i think easy to make. While i was in france for 2 weeks. my older cousin bought some at the bakery right next to his home. awww so good… lol! ahhhh i gotta stop talking about food! i am making everybody hungry lol

    KK-No problem. =) i drink lemon juice with warm water almost everday! sometimes, i go extreme with the lemon juice. it gives you a good wake up.

    BigBanglove- I am trying to learn korean but i am not good at it. =( I wish someone could actually teach me. i joined a group on USA cyworld but it didn’t really help at all. the group isn’t very active now. so, i donno… if i sing a song in korean. i am so gonna mess up with the pronunciation. So i guess doing two songs/1 english and 1 korean for the demo-tape. I still need more practice and time.

  991. @Khavybou
    well You can just look up the english way of saying the korean words ?
    And try to pronounce them
    and listen to the song aloot
    IT actually helps
    and when you sing if you understand a little bit of the pronunciation then they think you can sing in korean ! :]
    Yeah samee T_T~
    ~BigBang L o v e

  992. @Khavybou
    -:D Imma try that later today, after i get back from school. xDDD

    @Whoever wants to read.
    -I was working on my over songs for youtube since Friday night.
    and i am still working on it.
    the program i am using kinda wants to be a poophead to me right now. lol.
    So imma work on it and hopefully have some songs up by wednesday!! ๐Ÿ˜€


  993. @ aika hehe! lmaooo hehe!
    @bigbang love
    why?in jyp?and sm??if you know how to dance??why??

  994. @KK
    ooh On Wednesdaay! okaay :]
    Yeah I would try out
    But they need you to dance in front of EVERYONE
    And since i dont now anything about dancing ill make myself look like a fool! T_T
    ~BigBang L o v e

  995. thank you for posting this up!
    haha, me and my friend are so excited.
    we want to audition together for yg (:
    thank you soooo much!

  996. Guess what people ๐Ÿ™‚ No, i didnt post it up yet cuz my friend is in too many clubs and school stuff to help me put my vid on youtube cuz i fail at anything tech. But my mom is thinking about sending me to Denver (cuz its close to Houston) IF she thinks im ready. So I basically have to show her my singing in front of her as a judge and not a mom (totally easy) and show her that im really this passionate for singing. If I pass, then shell buy me a plane ticket to and from Denver and abck here. Im so excited!!!!! One thing is that i need to find out where the audition is in Denver ๐Ÿ˜› If you can help, itll be 100% and more appreciated~~~
    @lean: Of course I envy you!! No problem!!
    @KK: You seem like youre really into YG! So are you going to audition soon, or just trsining your voice? ๐Ÿ™‚
    @SH: dont forget about us~~ โค ๐Ÿ˜›
    @Khavybou: Oh my god, that quote is amazing~~~
    @aika: Ewwww, how could you stand that vid??!?!? It sounds gross!! And I guess romanization does help for some extent, just learn as fast as possible!~ ๐Ÿ˜€ Yeah so if JYP cant come to me, Ill go to them ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a marching band contest on Saturday, and we did pretty good, I messed up I think 2 times in 75 sets, so I think I did pretty well :)))
    @BigBangLove: Im so sorry the vid is STILL postponed!! Kudos to your amazing patience because I think youve been waitning the longest time ever!! I promise I will get it up one way or another!!!!!

    Okay, well I just wanna say that everytime I see a vid of live concerts by performers, I always try to see myself in their place, just to see if Id feel the way they feel on stage. And I do. I really do. In my future, I can see myself singing in front of a crowd, it doesnt really matter the size, but I can just imagine such a picture, and I feel on top of the clouds!! Its an amazing feeling. Even as I write this now, I cant help but smile having the thought of my biggest dream and goal and hope being accomplished. I hope you feel the same way ๐Ÿ™‚

  997. it asks for korean name……BUT WAT IF I DONT HAVE A KOERAN NAME???? IS IT MANDATORY????? AHHHH :S

  998. im a bit scared…… parents would KILL me if they found out lool

  999. EVERYONE ! if you’re interested or auditioning for JYP or SM .. info here.. .. GOOD LUCK everyone ! (:

    .lean- lol you’re so cute aha

    .khavybou- yea my stomach is lk growlingg! maybe this weekand mi mom will make it lol, n ill take a picture or something n show it to you lmaao ^^ .. so have you decided what songs you’re going to be singing ??

    .TeddyBear- omgee luckky ! well goooood luck !! and give them your best :] ..ya so gross but twas hilarious at the same time ‘cuz the teenagers that got into the accidents were drunk n they were just blabbin about stuff ^^ .. aaaaww our marching band had a competition saturday n was the grand champions, woot twice in a row =D .. mm you really work hard ๐Ÿ˜€ keep it upp (:

    .D-MON- just leave it blank :]

  1000. @Teddy Bear
    I am so into YG, it has been my dream since the beginning of my Junior year of high school. I’m a Senior now. and i’ve been practicing ever since.
    I am not ready to audition yet. but hopefully i will be by the end of December ๐Ÿ˜€

    So for right now i am just testing my voice.
    lol I started recording some songs but stopped in the middle of them because i got lost, and started other songs. but im hoping to finish them all.

    The first one i started was Big Bang’s Lollipop. xDD
    I should Do T.O.P’s rap song. lol.

  1001. @Teddy Bear
    Ahaa Stiill?!
    Sometimes I do! :]
    I know it takes time to do things though ;D
    Just message us when its up! :]
    Thank yoou! But do you know if they also want the singers to siing?
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1002. @aika:Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill work hard. Well you should learn something from those drunk drivers.Congrats to your marching band ๐Ÿ™‚ There were no real places in the contest, its just to see which band is doing well.
    @KK:Thats so cool!! Im just started going for YG last year too! But I dreamed of being a singer since i was really little!! I want to be ready to audition, but ill wait and see how others think. Let us hear you after youre done recording, I want to help :))!!!
    @bigbanglove: I know -_- I need to find out how to post ivds on youtube ๐Ÿ˜› Youre so nice :)))

  1003. @Teddy Bear
    -Awww! Whenever i heard Selena Quintanilla’s Music back in 1997 about 2 years after she was killed in 1995. i was in Kindergarden. and i fell in-love with the spanish music. And like you, you wanted to be a singer since you were young. So did i.

    She had so many people look up to her, and I wanted people to look up to me also. She is my idol!
    She inspires me to d a lot of things, and when i am really down i either listen to Big Bang or Selena’s Music.
    She was a wonderful person. and too bad she is gone :[

    So long story short (lol) I wanted to be just like her.
    A singer ๐Ÿ˜€ I just never practiced a lot back then until when i was in about 8th grade. but then when i heard about the YG entertainment audition in my junior year of high school. I was like Cooooool. so i practiced even more. lol.

    Oooooo I wrote a lot this time. lol.


  1004. @Teddy Bear
    Aha :]
    You just click upload video when you go to “my videos” and uploaad :]

  1005. hey guys!sorry..again it has been too long since i posted something.As i told you before i’m preparing for my live perfa nd i also have a coreography to learn [a mj one, wich is actually a collage so it’d kinda hard] and GOD school is killing me.I have this project and the deadline is thursday, and as you may think i have done nothing T^T.
    i see eberyone here is very passionate about YG,music, singing..this actually make me wheep.It’s been a rough period for me and at one point i thought i would better give up, because the world seem to be against me and my stupid little dream.I was down, really down[problems] but i managed to pass through that period.and i did it singing..i mean i was very sad because everything was upside down in my world.i thought that i was silly kid who wanted to sing but who didn’t realised that there were 10000000 of ppl that wanted the same as me.though i couldn’t stop on singing.everyday, every single minute i was thinking about musc, lyriks, songs, everything and i realised that im stronger than i thought and that singing wasn;t just a stupid small dream.this is what i want to do!
    teddy bear: i miss talkin to you.i will never forget you or anyone i’ve talked to.
    maybe you should give me your msn or hotmail or whateva..
    you should all give me your adressed, this way i will definitly talk to you easier.
    Teddy i miss you, lean too! cyntiaa where are you?!big bang love hope you’re reharsing!
    aika love you’re passion! KK very nice to meet you!
    and to everyone: fight for your dream and dream about music cuz music is love and love is singing your own music! so fight for it!
    SH sends big kisses and hugs to everyone! ^.^*
    ** especially to someone who seems to have alot of work to do!FIGHT J.

  1006. @Akia- yeah, you should send a picture. if you want to send the picture. you can go on to my youtube channel and i have my Social network website. twitter, cyworld and facebook. hmmm, i probably do a rap and singing. i think i’m going to choose “I’ll be missing you” by p-diddy ft Faith evan. I think its a good song because i know alot of people in my life that passed away. about the Korean song i donno lol. I’m not good with the language yet. still learning the language.

    @TeddyBear- lol. that is my favorite quote. i forgot where i got the quote from. lol. I saw your last post and you mentioned about in the future you will sing in front of a crowd and it is a goal that you want to accomplish. i tell you my storie. I have done it before singing on stage in front of more than 300 crowds.

    It was at my High School graduation. it was on June 12 of 2008 Saturday. I think it was on the 12 of Saturday. 4 weeks before the graduation, i got honored as a front singer and this classmate name “Shawn” that i knew was chosen to be a background singer and playing guitar for the graduation ceremony. Before the graduation, I had to learn a song that the teachers wanted me to sing in 2 weeks. i never heard the song before and in that time my computer crashed. so i don’t know what the song sounds like. For 2 weeks practicing, i was upset at my classmate cause he was slacking off and he didn’t do anything much. all he did is he made out with his G.F. and watch a movie. while i was at his house it was only did 2 hours practice, didn’t get anything much. i sang for 2 weeks to get the song memorize. the song was called “LEAN ON ME”. I was in a big stress and i know that i am going to sing in front of a big crowd of more than 300. On the day Before Graduation Ceremony, on the 12. i called my classmate at 9 am and i left him a message on his phone “that rehearsal starts at 11 am”. the teachers, the principal and I waited for him for 2 hours. He didn’t show up for graduation practice and the singing rehearsal. the teacher, principal and I were upset, disappointed that he didn’t show up. I stayed for rehearsal for 3 hours. one of my teacher help me get the rhythm right to the song. cause i never heard the song before and it took alot of time. she actually help me alot. After 3 hours the day at graduation start. I was at home preparing and had a BIG BIG STRESS. I got all dressed up. got my cap and gown on. I started humming and memorize my lines. When i got everything ready went back to the school. I was still upset, disappointed that my singing partner didn’t show up for graduation. I called him the 2nd time. he didn’t answer. I was at the cafeteria with the classmate and alot of classmate gave me support and they said to me ” you can do it! you can sing without him! “he is scared and he is big douche that he can’t sing or play guitar in front the crowds and you have lots of guts and confidence to do it.” I waited for 7’o clock pm this is the time when the ceremony starts. I was in line alphabetical order by last name. I started shaking for a while but i calm myself down. I know that i am going to sing by myself with no music in front of more than 300 crowds,my classmate, superintendent, military Sargent. the ceremony started and When 5 of my classmate gave there long speeches. it is my turn to go. i was nervous and i picked up the microphone and mic stand in the center. i paused for 10 secs. in my head i was like “OMG! i can’t believe i’m doing this! without the music and singing by myself in front of everyone”. after that 10 second pause. i started singing there was no music because my partner didn’t show up for graduation and rehearsal. he was suppose to play the song in guitar. i sang the verse and the chorus. one of my teacher notice that i made a mistake on the rhythm. so she came up on the stage and she also sang with me. my classmate also got on stage, so did the teachers and the principal too. they gave me support and we all sang the song together. i felt very relieve and at the end of the graduation. I received flowers from my parents and from other people. Alot of people were happy and gave big smiles too me and they came up too me and said you did great job! you are sound awesome! I love your voice! etc. i got really good feedbacks from people. When I went back to the auditorium to get my cap that i threw out and doing my victory dancing after receiving my diploma. my principal and my teachers came up to me and said to me “we felt bad for you because you took alot of hard work, lots of guts and hard time practicing. We didn’t want you to feel scared on stage. we wanted to help pick you up from the hard time”. this is why the teachers and classmate want to sing on stage is because they felt bad for me because my partner didn’t show up for graduation and they wanted to help me. when i sang in front of the crowds it changed my life. Sing on stage is a big first time experience for me. cause i was in a band and i didn’t get a chance to sing in front of a big crowd cause the i was in band failed to get a venue spots and the band i was in only lasted for 2 years. Being on stage at my graduation ceremony is an amazing feeling to get really good feedbacks from people and support from friends. being on stage felt very good and i would actually really like to do it again. maybe one day i will in the future… this is another goal i want to accomplish. is too sing again on stage and i want to make people happy and have smiles on there faces. Sorry about the long storie.

    @Big Bang Love- >_< ooo im scared to sing a song in Korean. I don't know if i can sing a whole full song in Korean. My nationality is cambodian/5% Chinese ancestry and i have a cambodian mix with North Virginian accent. I was from Northern V.A and i lived there for 14 years before i moved to the ATL. Now, for 5 years living in the south. i was a little close to having a southern accent -_- Everytime, i say the word "naked" i say "necked". lol

  1007. .BigBangLove- yes of course ๐Ÿ˜€ .. i would do everything hehe

    .TeddyBear- oh n thank youu :] ..n yes ill never drink while driving haha ^^

    .SH- aaaaww thankss =D totally just made my day. all day ive been so stressed out ‘cuz i have so many things to do, need to work on a speech, project for MPS, work on mi vid for broadcasting, project on photography, n etc and its the end of the grading period this week ! :[[ and also i have to do other things outside of school ๐Ÿ˜ well anyways, same here ! every second there is always a song thats stuck in my head, the beat would just keep going on n on.. sometimes i just want to lk smack my head to the wall lmaao jkk .. and when i have extra time in class, im always writing some songs or trying to memorise a song lol :] .. well you’re really amazzing SH .. do what you have to do and come back again n tell us more inspiring words (= hwaiting ! loll xoxo ^^

    .Khavybou- just added you onn facebook (: .. aaaww thats a good song.. ya same here, im trying to learn this rap thats in korean and i think i have it down now ^^

    ! everyone, if you like, add me..
    to be easier, if you want my YahooMessenger, askk (:


  1008. @SH
    Aww You’re performing? Good Luck :]!
    And Yeaah alot of people want thiis but only a few people get it T_T<– msn Too :]
    Hope you're doing well with singing and dancing too!
    Im preeetty sure I'm going to try out for JYP! :]
    Hopefully Maybee, and hope things get easier for you!
    Aha I am too :]
    xD im 100% chineese Wish i was korean too! xP
    Aww Well you just need to practice thats bout it
    And Maybe pick some songs that don't have certain words or certain songs that only have Easy words?
    Not sureee.. xD
    Lmaao Yeaah xD xP :] <– facebook msn add it! :]

  1009. @ aika
    ngee!! hehe!! cute??how do you say so?hehe!!
    @ bigbang l O ve
    ahh! so you mean sm and jyp are not like yg??they need you to take audition in person??

  1010. @SH
    Sorry, i was also busy with all my assignments due last term.
    ive been trying to compose a song, although it sounds really bad. haha! i havnt been able to practice lately, i feel so lacking !D:
    but, once im done. ill start talking again ^^. i really miss you ! =[ , come back & talk soon ! ^^ . uhh… i actually have a youtube acc, me and my friend share it cause we wing songs and post them up, im gunna post my vid up soon. ๐Ÿ˜›
    So look for “Lynthiar” thats my acc name. haha ! MISS YOU HEAPS !
    You’ll either see vids of my friend or me. We just started it. so yeah. haha ! GOODLUCK TO ALL AUDITIONERS ! ^^ i wish i knew you in person. sigh. โค MUCH LOVE & TAKECARE !

  1011. @lean
    But JYP also takes auditions from Links you send them or sending them a demo CD :]
    and SM you preetty much need to audition in person xP
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1012. Aika-Just add ya. Hopefully u got some pictures. i think i got one picture of my Fried Rice. i took that picture 3 years ago. lol. I donno for some reason i like to cook. One time, i was making Macaroni Casserole and it turned out great.! some how after eating my awesome casserole. I started feelin sleepy. the mac n cheese made me sleepy. i donno i didnt put anything jus a little salt and sugar. lol

    @BigBangLove- last year in the summer, My family got invited to a BBQ at my mom friend house. one of my mother friend said too me “you look Korean” i was like huh? lol. no joke, she said that too me for real. haha. I think its because of my hair. for the last 5 years my hair changes alot. lol i started from short to long then now medium. when i look back through my old photos i was like DANG! lol. maybe that is why people think i look korean i think it was my hairstyle. lol well, I just started practicing on a korean song and the song i picked is “Look Only At Me” by Tae Yang. I went on youtube to look for english/korean lyrics. the video was made by “RealVipSubs” but i had to write the lyrics down on notepad. lol taken me forever to write. Since i dont have a good microphone and my friend recording equipment got screwed up. I have to sell my electric guitar so i can get a good USB condenser microphone. hopefully, someone will buy my electric guitar. selling it on Graigslist.

  1013. @Khavybou
    aww Hopefulyl someone will! :]
    Ahaa Yeah alot of different haircuts xD

  1014. .BigBangLove- your pure chinese ? lol im half, i guess. kayy i added u.

    .lean- ngee kjn lmaao. mm idkk lol c:

    .cynthiaa- added you (:

    .Khavybou- what kind of fried rice is it? lol we just keep talking abt food ^^ .. i think ive had macaroni casserole before, idkk.. is it like macaroni n cheese ? ‘cuz i dont like mac n cheese ๐Ÿ˜€ haha maybe you were just tired of cookin it lol. well thats cool that you can cook, i cant at all. i just know how to make ramen noodles lol, n sometimes i still miss the egg when i crack it to the pan lmaao ^^ .. one day ill learn haha :]] .. omg people always ask me if im korean n also if im latina, italian, japanese, etc .. they never get it right mff ^^ .. aaaww well i hope someone will buy your electric guitar, i tried lookin fer it, can you send me a link ?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  1015. @aiki
    xD yeeap 100% xP

  1016. Thanks for the info. Ive been searching for ways to audition for YG. Maybe turning in a video sometime next year after Im satisfied with my standard of rapping/singing and popping/locking.

    I wonder if being able to play a few instruments is an advantage. I used to play the bass guitar/drum/electric guitar.

    I have abit of experience in MCing & Acting as well.

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  1018. whoa its been ages since ive posted something here lol anyways hello everyone ๐Ÿ˜€
    hows your singing/dancing/rapping etc going ? ๐Ÿ˜€ lol well as for me i havent had the time to record a song, been too busy with uni stuff lol hopefully i get to record a song and send it asap before the audition date closes :S although it says it doesnt have a deadline lol


  1019. @msceelo
    Aha My mom refuses to let me audition for SM unless my other friend auditions xD
    How’s your singing?
    Hopee its doing well! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1020. where would i send my audition again..?

  1021. @aika
    nagtagalaog haha!1

  1022. Hey guys. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sorry i havent been on for quite some time.
    I had gotten really sick. :[
    and i just stayed in bed trying to record songs.
    But when i was bored i was just stand up and practice some dances. xDDD i’d get real tired easily and just be like blah.

    But, I am still feeling a little uneasy.
    i just wanted to let BigBang L o v e that i posted i think two songs up on my Youtube page.
    But they are not that good because thats when i had my bad sore throat and look where it got me lol. sick xDD


  1023. .BigBangLove- so you can speak chinese then ? (:

    .apiring YG trainee- if you send ’em a vid, you should include a video of you playing the guitar or w.e :]

    .lean- oo yeh but i cant speak it all the way tho haha

    .KK- aaaaww get better (: ..everyone is getting sick. ive been recording a lot of songs but then now i got a sore throat too ๐Ÿ˜ .. i wuna check out your youtube, what is it ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  1024. at BigBang Love:
    hahaha aww really ? aww man but is your friend gonna audition tho ? i hope he/she auditions so you can too ๐Ÿ˜€
    lol well my singing’s going alright im getting there hahaha ๐Ÿ˜›
    i kept changing songs tho haha i just cant make up my mind *sigh* lol
    hows yours going ?

  1025. @Aika:
    -awwww. I fell asleep real early last night because of it. I think imma wear one of those mask to school xDD
    And my boyfriend got really mad because i didn’t say happy anniversary back yesterday. >…< I am about over with him…
    He hurt me to many times….

    Oh and my Youtube name is….


  1026. .KK- oh do u live in the US ? ..the whole week last week, everyone was just talking about how the schools by us are getting the H1N1 n they were sayin that someone fr our school has one loll. i want a mask that has designs on it haha, i saw a lot when i went to japan =D .. aaaww really ? if someone keeps hurting you over n over, they dont deserve you. let them go. why waste energy on someone who hurt you ? but it depends howw they hurt you tho lol ! (: .. “im not that girl” is knd of airy ๐Ÿ˜€ ..idk how the “SutekiDaNe” goes but its nice n i like how you recorded the song n went back n recorded over it ^^ .. so ya. record more when you get better ! rest your voice :]

  1027. @Aika
    -Yep i live in the US
    Nah, I don’t have the H1N1 flu. I know that for a fact. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I know we’ve been dating for like 11 months now. and i am sick and tired of him. >….<
    Lol, when i recorded "I'm not that girl" i messed up a lot. xDD
    WHen i finished recording it because i had to keep deleting and starting over and crap. and it was finally finished, it sounded weird but i was like… "F*ck this….I'm uploading it anyways."
    lol xDDD Its for practice ya know. lol.
    Thanks a bunch. xD


  1028. Hmmmmm…lets see , where should I start ><
    First @KK: dont cuss!!!! Its a bad thing! Although I dont like YG for their cosecutive cussing, Its still bad!! Anyways, I hope you get better ๐Ÿ™‚ My school is obssing over everyone having the H1N1 thing. Theyre just like, "We have hand sanitizer, USE IT". Is crazy… Well anyways, I hope the recording goes welll~ By the way, Im so glad that you have an ido that can touch you in ways that cant be accomplished by many people, thats something thats really good to have.
    @ SH: AWWWWWW!!! youre so sweet and I hope your life besides singing will work out ๐Ÿ™‚ and I am glad you have gotten out of your stage of doubt, because no one can decide anything that your heart really wants, your life will work out ๐Ÿ˜€ I miss you an good luck with everything~~~
    @Khavybou: Wow. Just wow. That is purely amazing. Your story is like …i cant exlain it in words, but Im really touched. Your partner should regret havnig a once in a lifeetime performance with you. You made itthrough a song through the help of those who care about your feelings, and Im proud to get that story out of your memory and out here. Thank you so much. sincerely mean it too, and I hope you are very confident from that exprience no matter what ๐Ÿ™‚
    @bigbanglove: I hope everything is going well for you~~
    @aika: Oh yeah by the way,he reason Ive bee gone for so long is becaus I hav practiced like cazy off for the contest we had yesterday for band. And kinda the football game 2 days ago. Yeah, we didnt make it to the finals or gt any trophies yeserday…and I was so sad, i started to cry. I knew that we worked really hard and wanted to achieve something, and most of the band marched really well, and I thought it was my bst performance, but apparentely, the judges must have thought our show was too boring, because we stayed to watch oter bands, and they had beautiful sets and they had a lt to compliment on because they did interesting stuff on the field like have props and everything. But still I am proud that our band worked hard!!

    Just a little side note for you guys, never be afraid to tell us what happens in your life, I hope with al my soul that all the people hre are understanding, but Im pretty sure we all are. So never be afraid to show your feelings, SH pulled it out of me, and i dont regret a word that i said. So please tell us smething tha might help you with your life generally ๐Ÿ™‚ But its hnestly your choice because I cant e rude and force it out of you. So whenever you feel like it, we're pretty much here to help ๐Ÿ˜€
    YG baby~~

  1029. @Teddy Bear
    -I don’t like it either. >…….<
    its just wow. lol.
    Gibbs High School has never been great. except for my friends. :]
    I love them to death.
    Maybe its bad because its in South Saint Petersburg. xDD

    Yeah, Selena has inspired me a lot. and I'm hoping to use one of her songs for my audition when i do audition for YG. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1030. @Teddy Bear
    -I don’t like it either.
    My friends have corrupted me so bad.
    I use to be such an innocent little girl years and years ago. xDD
    They are so evil! but i love them. :]
    I’m still good. I juts have lots and lots of dreams right now and the big one is YG. :]

    Yeah Our school is “GFDFGHDBDGGdfhhDGHaet56edssf USE THE SANITIZER!” O.O and they force people to stay home if they are sick. the bad thing is if we stay home over long periods of time in a row. we miss lots and lots of work. they will yell or chew your ear out about they wont give you make up work.
    and stuff. its stupid. no wonder my high school is an F school this year. >….<
    its just wow. lol.
    Gibbs High School has never been great. except for my friends. :]
    I love them to death.
    Maybe its bad because its in South Saint Petersburg. xDD

    Yeah, Selena has inspired me a lot. and I'm hoping to use one of her songs for my audition when i do audition for YG. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1031. Something happened and it messed up my first post.
    so i re-did.
    don’t pay attention to that one.
    Read the Second one. lol.

  1032. @KK
    And i will watch them ;D
    Nope xD
    But i can understand alot :]
    Yeeah hopefully
    But her grandfather was a MBC producer
    and then her grandfather said probably not T_T
    Lmaao Yeah i do that alot
    You just have to make alot of different covers :] Thats the only way
    @Teddy Bear
    aha Yeah its pretty good :]
    Haha its kinda like we’re like a family always being by eachothers side(ish) and Tell each other alot :]
    ~BigBang L o v e ;]

  1033. at BigBang Love:
    aww wow MBC producer thats bad as ! in a good way ofcourse lol aww man foreals ? i guess her grandpa wants you guys to focus on your studies first lol.
    yea hahaha non stop covers lol

  1034. Hey guys, this is just a head up. ^^
    ill be posting a vid on my youtube acc soon.
    Bear with me … my voice isnt very … well developed … LOL!
    BUT ! doesnt stop me from singing. like, ever. HAHA! :L
    But goodluck to all & have fun while singing, dancing, rapping etc.
    TAKEECARE! โค

  1035. Good golly miss molly! I missed a big conversation ahhh! havent been on a while cause, i was working on an instrumental song. trying to work on Eun Ji Won- Dangerous lol. someone requested that song and another person also requested a song too. Big Bang- Follow me. working on instrumentals. I got good wise words and advices from my friend the other day at his house. talking about my music creation that i made showed it on my laptop and Me telling him about thinking of auditioning for Y.G. we had a long 5 hour conversation from 2pm to 7pm . He is gonna help me out with my audition.

    @Teddy Bear- No problem, I’m glad that the story touched you. this is the 2nd time i told this story. i haven’t told this story to my other friends cause my other friends go to a strict christian high school. but both them him and his sister graduated already and they are now in different college but i still talk to the Bro. he still live 5 minute away from my house. You are the 2nd person i told this story. I never saw that guy “shawn and yess, i remember his last name too “FRIAR” its Shawn Friar …was my singing partner i will never forget his name. i donno what happen to him now. i donno if he received his diploma. i remember the assistant principal said to me “he does not deserve a diploma”. exactly, in her own words after the graduation. she was mad though cause that she was the one directed the whole ceremony and even tried to call him for rehearsal. i have to say good luck to him donno if he got his diploma…but, you are right, My partner should regret having a once in a lifeetime performance with me. i still can’t believe that he chickened out. the good thing is i did learn alot from that experience. After the graduation, when i went back home i looked at myself in the mirror and i had tears of joy. i am glad that alot of my classmate and teachers cared about me. I thanked them alot. its been 2 years now. i haven’t visit my old high school but i will probably go back if the teachers are still there. the good thing is i still remember the song “Lean On me” if u have read the lyrics here it is. the chorus part to the song.
    “Lean on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on.”
    this song is true. I was not strong when my partner wasn’t there but my classmate and teachers did lean on me and help me carry on.

    In the future, I wish you best of luck! i would like to see you on stage and u can have that stage feeling experience. If you take alot of hard work like i did back then, u can make it. Right now, there is another challenge for me, and this will defiantly be a big hard work to pay off. my friend is helping me with my Y.G audition and I also thought about sending one of my own instrumental creation to a record company outside of the U.S. Since, i lost my job. i don’t have a job now. when i successfully completed both of those task. my music creation and my audition, then i am going to send both demo in the mail. I am going to keep praying and praying. hopefully if either one of them will accept me. It is hard to get a job now. my parents almost lost there job. i live outside the city of ATL but i live in a small town and a small city. the city says it’s Rich but it’s not. business not doing too well in Georgia.

    Aika- Nope not mac n chesse in box. I made the casserole from scratch. Your question about the fried rice. What kind is it? hmmmm i called it Boo fried rice. it’s homemade my own recipe. i copy the technique from my father but its in my own style. it’s different from his- i add in American smoked sausage, lots mix vegetable, 3 eggs battered, green onions, diced chicken breast, add soy sauce to have a little brown color for the rice. too cook fried rice. rice have to be chilled first. i got into cooking when i first signed up for cooking class in middle school back in 2003. i was 13, 7th grade and i was hungry. lol. yess, i am waiting for someone to buy my guitar and im selling it for $105 i had it up for 110 dollars but reduce the price. i guess no one is not going buy it yet. o here is the link
    i don’t have a picture though.

    @BigBangLove- lol. yeah, my hair changes from time to time. thinking of getting it cut again. i try to compare my hair to G-dragon. i looked at his old hair and his new hair in chronically order from his debut to now picture. hahaha. when i look at my old high school photos i have to say G-dragon hair changes more than mine. lol. i would like challenge him into a hair contest. i remember alot of classmate back high school said to me “your hair is super straight!” and I kept getting awesome compliments and good feedbacks from people. one of a classmate that i knew in world history class she kept touching my hair and she told me “Can i touch your hair? it is soft and straight and i want to braid it?” my response…. i said yess lol. she didnt finish braiding though. half braided lol. Shes black and she is really good at braiding.

  1036. @ aika
    haha lol
    why??where are you?

  1037. i’m going to give a try. i’ve been searching on how to audition in YG. thank you so much!

  1038. @Khavybou
    I like to get haircuts but i don’t wanna take a chance sometimes xD
    Because Im not sure of how it will look later on xP
    Goood Luckk! :]

  1039. @BigBangLove- Well, for me. my hair grow fast. my last haircut was 3 months ago. Now, my hair gotten medium/semi long. before i cut my hair i usually get a picture off on Google and when i go to get my haircut. i tell the barber to cut exactly whats on the picture. the barber i went to did an amazing job.

    @shinju- Cool! good luck!

  1040. heyy peoples ^0^ i was just wondering… how many songs do we need to present in the demo??

  1041. @khavybou
    Ahaa ooh well thats lucky x]
    lmaao thats cool
    You need to sing at least 1 song english and 1 song korean :]

  1042. Imma have another song up on my youtube (Maybe even two) maybe tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

    They may not be the full song though. just my favorite part of the song. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Just wanted to let you all know. (BigBang L o v e & Aika Specifically)


  1043. Lmaao Okaay KK!
    I’ll listen when it goes up! :]

  1044. .KK- aaaww do you guys go to the same school? i know so am i, im dating this guy fer 9months now, n he’s all the way on the other side of the world (philippines) ^^ its not ‘cuz of the long distance relationship thing that im knda done w/ him, i dont really know haha ((: .. lol ya i do the same thing, im trying to learn this one song and ive recorded like 40x now or more than that. my cameruh is lk full right now loll .. alright ill be checking your youtube out ๐Ÿ™‚

    .KK &+ TeddyBear- omgg so is my school. n theyre saying that 4kids fr our school has H1N1 ! ’twas funny ‘cuz in broadcasting class, our teachr was lk “lets have a sick corner” lol like people that are sick have to sit on lk the other side of the room. and we had to wipe our desks w/ these antibacterial wipes or w.e theyre called lol. its crrraazy. so everyone, STAY HEALTHY !, eat right, sleep right, take your vitamins lmaao ^^

    .TeddyBear- ohh im sorry, but still you worked hard n did your best ! is your school performing at the BOA ? (: .. mm i dont really like cheesy stuff lol or just to let my feelings out to people that i dont really know that much lmaao ^^ ..ohgosh i just typed like everything that im going through right now but i erased it lolll. maybe one day ill share to everyone (:

    .BigBang- luckkky lol. i went to a chinese school before fer like 5yrs. we had to learn chinese. writing it was pretty easy and the numbers but maan i have no idea how the teachers were trying to teach us the language, i didnt get anything. like they werent teaching it right. our books was all in chinese writing n she would tell us to write down on the sides on how the word sounds but she didnt translate it at all. idkk, most of the time we colored these pictures n like you have to really color it ’til you cant see the white paper lolll. ^^ ’twas weird.

    .Khavybou- ShawnFriar ? why does he sound so familiar ?? lol .. omgg today i had i think ’twas cheese caserole or idkk haha, it was good but it looked gross haha ^^ .. ohh nice, i just love every kind of rice lol, im eating rice right now (: .. lol ! fer sure next school yr im taking foods class ‘cuz i think i really need to know how to cook n ‘cuz my friends now are always talking about what theyre making n they get to eat it so im like uuhhhg hate you guys haha .. so its a First Act electric guitar or w.e ? looks like this ? ๐Ÿ™‚ ..oh my hair has changed a lot too, it grows really fast. there was like one week when i changed my hair color 3 times ^^ everyone always wonders what im going to do next with my hair lol. right now it’s like all the way down to my belly button lol n its scene cut, the top now is like black n when u go down it gets lighter to light brown n the long parts has blonde streaks, people always ask me if i have extensions loll. this morning i was telling everyone that im getting it cut to shoulder length n gaah they freaked out lmaao ((: is your hair naturally straight ?

    .lean- states(: i grew up here n we have TFC so ya. i can speak cebuano tho lol .. so how’s your dancing going ?? im working on this dance w/ moi friends, we made like a remix to 8 songs lol. n 2mora we’re guna dance in the cafeteria at school at breakfast loll im bringing my ipod speaker n everything haha ..we’re just doing it for fun tho but people are guna be recording ^^

  1045. @Aika:
    -Yeah, we go to the same school :[
    But its just that, the way he treats me….I don’t like it.
    He made me mad a WHOLE lot of times.
    he hurt my feelings quite a bit.
    Its so…Grrrr…Frustrating. :[
    I’m just done.

    Lol. wow. Sick corner. Sounds interesting and fun.
    but bad for the sick people. :[
    If i EVER get a cold again, imma wear a mask in school xDD
    man, I do get sick a lot during the winter.


  1046. @aiki
    I neveer went to chinese school but now i kinda regret!
    Because i always wanted to understand the chinese dramas! xD
    But yees It sucks, so can you speak fluently?

    @whoeveer xD
    I sent in my audition application for SM Entertainment! I hope i can train! T_T
    I will keep training my hardest! Wiish me luck! ;]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1047. @Aika- oh i guess, you read my storie. You know someone name Shawn Friar too? lol. well this shawn friar that i know.. was a Rocker kid that ditch me at graduation. he chickened out and didn’t show up. I had to sing in front of more than 300 crowds. I worked really hard rehearsing and practicing the song. good thing, i had alot support from the people. I am going to post the graduation invitation on facebook gonna scan the picture first and put it on my album. i found the invitation in my car. lol. my name is on it and his name but i scratched off his name cuz he didnt show up for graduation. Yep, it is a first act guitar black and white. i played it for 2 years and now i got an acoustic guitar for free. lol. a nice lady gave it too me at Barnes and noble/Starbucks. yess, my hair is a little wavy and straight. sometimes, i straighten it and style it.

    @BigBangLove- lol. yess, the barber is more as my personal hair stylist. but anyway, I just read that you just sent in your Audition application for SM. wish ya good luck! did you send it by mail or video email? As for me, i have been planning and preparing also. i’m still practicing on 2 songs and i am going to make an instrumental song that i composed. the instrumental song that i composed i will send that one to a record company in Sweden. i just found out the composers is part of RedOne team. the composer name is Jimmy Thornfeldt. when i complete both task. then i am going send 2 demo cd. one for Y.G and one for a record company in Sweden.

  1048. @khavybou
    Aha thats cool!
    Yeah i sent in the applacation but im going for the audition on november 25th! :]
    Thank yoou!
    lmao cool :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1049. .KK- is it hard to let him go ? =D .. ya the people that were absent yesterday ‘cuz they were sick, came to school today and they had to all sit at the “sick corner” lmaao. lol are you really ? so do ii, ‘cuz i never wear a coat loll. but this yr, im guna try to not get sick at all haha ^^

    .BigBangLove- i thought you said u can understand chinese ?? and nnooooo.. i dont remember anything ! i just remember my name in chinese n how to count n how to write the numbers lolll. i was like 4yrs old to 9yrs old ^^ n i think i know how to say thank you but i think its wrong. oh n i guess i know some words from watching this lil kids show ‘ni hao kai lan’ lol ‘cuz mi lil sis watches it lmfaao. :]

    .Khavybou- oh i didnt read the whole thing, when i was scrolling down i read the name lol. n nvm, its not ShawnFriar, this junior in my school is named ShaneFryer lmfaao :]] i felt so dumb this morning when i came in the class that we have together loll ^^ ..aaww thats bogishh. lol nice, i wouldve scratch his name too n change it to ShawnLoser hahaha jkk.. alright ill check it out in facebook, just msg me ๐Ÿ˜€ .. oh do you know the person that gave u the guitar ? n how many guitars do you have all ? i just have an acoustic one that i never use lol. ya my hair is naturally straight but i still straighten some parts ‘cuz some of my layers go the other way lol. so how is the YG thing going ? have you recorded ? (:

    GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK to everyone that’s auditioning fer JYP &+ SM.. ! .. and especially for YG !! (=

  1050. @Aika- lol. yea i send ya a message on facebook. click on my photo album and find “sign and random album” my graduation invitation is on there. I found the invitation in my Toyota Camry under the driver seat. lol. Yeah, the lady was generous i forgot her name. i got the guitar off on graigslist cause i was searching for an acoustic. she said her son never played it and it is still in good condition. got for 10 bucks lol. The Y.G thing. I am still practicing on the Korean songs. trying to get the pronounciation right. also, Still writing about my goals and about myself info. writing it on a notepad. its long. i gotta alot of things to say about my goals and info. before i transfer it to the application. I haven’t record yet. Gonna call my friend soon. He is busy with his job and college stuff. I tried calling him this week and left him a message. hopefully, he got some free-time.

    @BigBangLove-Nice! Good Luck! =)I gotta hear your voice BigBangLove. Do you have video? There is a question going through my mind. What happen if I don’t make the Y.G audition? is it possible to audition again?

    @Everybody,@anybody,@whoever- My Announcement Video on youtube.

    Me talking about Instrumental work and Haru Haru Piano Instrumental made by me.

    -Love and Respect (KhavyBoo)

  1051. @aiki
    Well I can but i can’t translate really well xD
    So Yeeeeeaa
    woow! LMAO Yes My friends sister watches xD
    Aha I do another recording of my voice :]
    You can adutition for YG as many times as you want
    Theres no limit

  1052. i wanna audition but i dont have talent..

  1053. @Leejaedi:
    -Awww, Everybody has talent!
    You just have to figure our what it is. ๐Ÿ˜€

    -Lol wow. Thats funny, I wish my class had a sick corner. i would purpously be in it xDDD lol.
    yeah imma try to wear warm clothes this winter and see if that helps. lol

    Here’s my myspace url if anybody wants it.

    and here’s my facebook ๐Ÿ˜€

    and my youtube :[


  1054. @leejaedi
    Oh mee goosh!
    Of course youve got talent !
    a couple years ago i found myself singing but i reilized i was no good at it
    so i stopped for a while buuut i realized I can improve and i did! :] So Just try I know you have taaleent! :]
    I’m gonna add yoou on Facebook okaay? xD
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1055. @BigBang L o v e:
    -Okay ๐Ÿ˜€ I accepted you ๐Ÿ˜€

  1056. @BigBangLove- Awesome! woot no limit! yess! I’m gonna try my hardest! Khavyboo gotta keep on FIGHTING! been practicing for a while. BigBanglove i gotta hear your voice. do u have youtube videos? myspace music or facebook?

    @Leejaedi- I know u got talent! Keep practicing like i did. I was in a rockband before and i know rock music wasn’t really my style. i was more as an Hip Hop/R&B type. i donno if u read my long storie about my graduation. on my last post. my partner ditch me and i had to learn a song in 2 weeks. u can read the whole storie. its on there.

    @anybody, everyone, whoever-
    yeah, i jus made another video again. My version of Drake-Forever Khavybou version it is my instrumental mix with the voxs.
    I am currently working on Tae Yang-Where u at? instrumental but its the khavybou version. I gotta say, i wish Teddy had a more rap lines in the song. he is an amazing producer!

    the link->

  1057. ok…kinda late to ask, but do you have to fill the form out Korean or can you fill it out in English??

  1058. @Khavybou
    Lmao Yees!
    Samee here!
    J4Won < — Thats my Nameiee thing :]
    You have to fill out the korean form. they give you the English form so you know which is which :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1059. @BigBang L o v e:
    -Hey! I wanted to let you know, that I am finishing up recording two Songs, Big Bang’s Make Love and My Heaven(Japanese Ver.)
    But I am more finished with Make love than My Heaven.
    I’m at the last chorus part for Make Love. and at T.O.P’s Rapping part for My heaven. lol.

    I’ll let you know when it’s up. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh man so much things are happening right now at my house and its really bringing my mood down a lot.


  1060. hey you guys! :]
    my friend use to go to the same church as ailee
    and even someone as good as her was.. rejected by jyp and yg
    o_O why is that? [you can search her up on youtube]
    plus, i heard that even though yg says that they won’t judge based on looks…they still do.
    @_@ i’m so confused

  1061. @amy
    But JYP And YG are looking for a certain unique voice and more like something new or something they have never heard of and its also about stage presence :]
    YG and JYP also say they dont base it on looks but i guess sometimes they do
    Because looks are also a little bit of a first impression to them right?
    So YG And JYP need something to look at Im guessing they try and put them selves in the audiences spot :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1062. @BigBang L o v e:
    -That’s so true. xDD
    That reminds me.
    When you said something about Stage Presence…
    I have my dance Recital (Some Holloween thing at my church) it’s suppose to be awsome! We dress like creepy monsters, zombies, whatever…We just have to be scary looking. lol ๐Ÿ˜€
    Maybe someone will record it for us and I’ll post it up on youtube.

    After the dance we get to go around the audience and scare people. xDDDDD because there is some play or holloween thing going on after the dance, (the dance is the opening piece) ๐Ÿ˜€
    lol. I can’t wait till Wednesday, that’s when I have the Recital.


  1063. Heyy!!!! Its been a while since i wrote, and I have lots of hw lately -_- But Ill never foget to write sometime ๐Ÿ™‚

    @KK: Yeah, I have really good friends that cuss too. Just dont give in!!!!!I always catch my tongue before I say anything bad ๐Ÿ˜›
    Some schools just overreact like that, and its really pointless. We are taking the flu WAY too seriously in america!!!
    @bigbanglove: Lucky, life is getting screwy with me :/ But im fine, I just got a lot of quizzes and test, so Im studying my butt off!!! Yup, I am a really good listener and I like helping people resolve their own problems, or at least comfort them ๐Ÿ™‚ Just like a family!!
    @Khavybou: Awwwwww.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for making me feel special!!! And of course, all of those people who have read your story of triumph ๐Ÿ˜€ Dont worry about Shawn Friar, hes just a weird jerkface who needs to be more responsible with the tasks that he is given!! I mean, the hard work pays off after you get on the stage. Also, he is a chicken for not facing you and the people that have helped you sing and apologizing for what he did wrong. He will not get far in life with that kind of attitude on him.
    But at the same time, you learned the friendship you have with your classmates and teachers, and you wouldnt have known how much they cared without Shawns stupid mistake ๐Ÿ™‚ And how weird it is that the relationship between what really happened and the lyrics to the song are really close!! Well I wish you the best of luck with YGE and the instrumental and I hope youll find a job to your liking :)~~ Take care!!
    @aika:Haha!! A corner for sick kids ๐Ÿ˜› Now thats going a little bit over the top!! And dont worry!! I take my vitamins and I eat right!!!…but I dont take vitamins XD
    And sharing your feelings isnt that cheesy!! Well its not as cheesy as like kung fu movies and nerd glasses ๐Ÿ˜› and whever you feel like sharing, share ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill wait as long as possible :DD

    Luv you guys and I cant wait to write again~~~
    YG till the end~!!!
    God gave me the gift of music. I want to share this gift, one of the most wonderful things he has given, with everyone. โค

  1064. @KK
    Thats cool!
    Lmaao Get someone to record it and post it on yooutubee! :]
    @Teddy Bear
    Heey! It’s been a whillee!
    Yeah i just got like 5 tests todaay!
    so tieringg! XD Yes! It would be cool if we all got in to a Entertainment all together as A Family! :]
    I wonder if J.A.D.E is okay?
    hasnt been writing back alot..
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1065. ~hello guys may i ask you something? is it required to be beautiful or handsome in auditioning? i can sing and dance but I’m not confident that i can pass cause i think I’m not pretty, cause my nose was not that good. but many people said that I just like a Japanese but except my nose… is there a chance that i can pass?

    thank you so much

  1066. ..Man.
    Anyone know how to get rid of the blocked nose sound.
    I can’t sing or dance.
    But I’m trying my best, just to get into YG. ;__;
    As I do have alot of time ..
    Someone help me ?

  1067. @celaij
    Im pretty sure they don’t mind anything about looks unnless its something they can’t work off of
    I think you have the breathe though your nose and then sing from your the back of your mouth
    Likee Make sure you feel a little vibrating things I used to have that in my voice but i kept singing and it went away xD :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1068. thanks for what you said… well i hope i can pass… it such a big help… may i ask you something? if i pass my mail audition, how many weeks will they respond? thanks a lot

  1069. ;o
    the back of my mouth ?
    how do i do that ?
    and i can’t feel any vibrating things ?
    T___T ………………………….

  1070. @celaij
    It takes about 3 months for them to contact you if you are in
    Or try breathing while you sing?
    If thats possible
    But g-dragon has a bit of that same thing
    And Its Cutee! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1071. Breathing while I sing.
    I tried it .. LOL
    Impossible. Lmao. ;o
    awhh mann.

  1072. @Kaytea:
    -Nawww! Kaytea! You should never say that. :[
    The Impossible is ALWAYS Possible! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Keep on trying never give up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    @BigBang L o v e:
    -Guess what! I did the dance yesterday!
    And it was amazing!
    I have a picture of me dressed up.
    I’ll post it on my Facebook to show you guys! ๐Ÿ˜€


  1073. LOL..
    If you try to breathe while you sing.
    You can’t sing properly..
    ;x !

  1074. @Big Bang love- CHYEA! I add ya as friend on Y.T and subscribe to ya. there is one question i forgot to tell ya. which YG application do i fill out and use the english or the Korean app? cause, i printed both of them. im so confused now.

    @Teddy Bear-Awww, thank you Teddy Bear! yeah, i am practicing on a korean song now. i have a cambodian accent. lol. Right now, i am working on a song with a friend who live 9 min away from me. we wrote alot rap parts and i am going to sing the chorus. hopefully, when the song is finished and already produced by me. then i am going to post it on youtube. Do you have a youtube page Teddy Bear? i would like add u as friend. i do alot updating on the bulletin.

  1075. @Kaytea
    Well maybe you can try to feel a vibrating tone on your throat and then try to feel it when singing? im not sure You can always just keep singing and see where your voice gets you to~ And sorry Im not sure what to doo xD
    ahh ive gotta see it! xD
    Did you take a videoo?
    Ahha Okaay! :]
    Fill out the Korean one, the english one is there just to tell the non korean people of what to write on each box :]
    Good Luuuck!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1076. @BigBang L o v e:
    – ๐Ÿ˜€ I just posted the pictures on my Facebook ๐Ÿ˜€
    go take a look ๐Ÿ™‚
    And…I couldn’t take video because no one from my family came to watch and i didn’t know anyone else there to record except for one person. but i didn’t bring a video camera. :[ grrrrrr…
    But there were other people recording.
    so maybe they will put it up on Youtube ๐Ÿ˜€
    I am still looking around ๐Ÿ™‚

  1077. what is their criteria in choosing if you are in? would they contact you wetheir you are in or not? thanks

  1078. @BigBang Love- Okay, i just used the english one as my draft. lol. now i downloaded the korean one already. its okay to write it english on the korean app, right? o yeah, I sent ya a comment on youtube about the Y.G address. when did they got a new building? How can i get the address? Cause, i am preparing and making plans to get things together and have everything checked out before i send it. lol.

  1079. im sorry but i dont know really get it……
    i leave in japan so idk how to go 2 audition…..T3T
    well i can dance but idk if my voice ice good or bad…

    can somebody help me …..

    im half japanese n half filipino….

  1080. @KK
    Awwiee! maybe someone has it!
    Im not suree I’ll keep looking though!
    are you going to audition in person?
    or a video tape?
    You can always send in a tape to YG but their building has changed so you might want to get that cleared
    You can always show them your dancing instead of singing?
    Or just send in a tape of dancing and singing! :] which ever works for yoou!~
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1081. @BigBanglove- Okay, cool. if you have information about the new address please let me know. cause, i’m serious about doing the audition.

  1082. hey guys. i’m only 13, my parents know about the audition, they are supportive but i’m not that confident. may i ask, is there accepted on YG, that blogs on this site? i wanna know…..thanks a lot

  1083. @BigBanglove- i actually forgot to say thanks to you….. well thank you

  1084. @khavybou
    It tried looking and the closeest i got waas … that but i can’t seem to find the address!
    There was one person
    J.A.D.E but he hasn’t been talking for a while and it seems preetty rough on him But hopefully hes doing fine!

  1085. @BigBang L o v e:
    -Imma ask when i go to dance practice on Tuesday and see if anybody recorded it and put it up on a website or something. Cause i really want you guys to see it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Oh and I’m about to upload a new song on Youtube.
    Its not “Make Love” or “Heaven” by Big Bang.
    But “Only Human” by K (Kei).

    Because that one was really easy to record and only took me like 45 min.- 1 hour to do. imma do “Konayuki” and then “9thof march”
    all three of those songs are from my FAVORITE Japanese Drama
    “1 Litre of Tears” ๐Ÿ˜€


  1086. @BigBanglove- thanks for the info…

  1087. Okay, so I haven’t asked a question on this board in a while, and I just wanna ask again in case anyone has any new input. I’m an African-American male, and I don’t want to brag on myself, but I’m a pretty good singer. I’ve had an interest in Korean music for a while and I wanted to know if there was a chance I would be accepted if I auditioned for YG. I’ve seen that YG has has black back up dancers and I’ve heard that they have black choreographers and vocal coaches. With this in mind, I figure they don’t have a racial bias. I’ve learned one Korean song that shows off my vocal ability, and I’m in the process of learning others for my audition. I just wanna ask, what do you guys think? Do you I might be considered, or simply shot down because I’m not Asian? E-mail me at If you wanna give me a private answer…thx…

  1088. @BigBanglove- Whoa! you are good at searching! =) this is going to be difficult. yeah, there is no address. it said its at Mapo-gu, Hapjung-dong. I wish there is more information. we gotta help the Y.G.- B.B community people out. Cause, i am afraid that if anybody send there audition demo to the wrong address then they won’t able to receive any feedback from the company. Do you think you can get people to get involve to help find the address? i would like too help you and other people who want to find the address. it is awesome you found some info! =)

  1089. @Kuy
    I’m pretty sure they’re not bias in any way
    You probably do have a shot at making it in :]
    Aha Thank yoou! :]
    Yeeah all the sites had the exact same information!
    lmao yeeeah I’ll try and see if i can get closer to the spot ! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1090. My thought on the race matter is that, if they weren’t biased, then wouldn’t they already have non-Asian people as part of their company? I mean as trainees and not as employees. There is the possibility that they simply haven’t found anyone that they thought was good enough, or that there just hasn’t been a black person who was qualified, since I’m sure not too many black people audition. Another thing that bothers me is the uncertanty. There MAY already be black people there, but since YG doesn’t really showcase trainees until they are soon to debut, there is no way to know until one of them is prepared…I’m just really torn up about it. Again, if anyone knows anything, don’t hesitate to tell me. Thx again

  1091. @Kuy
    Maybe but its hard to try out for YG if you don’t live in Korea Right?
    So maybe people want to try out but can’t because they don’t live near or have what they are looking for ?
    But I would still say go for it if you think you have what it takees!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1092. .Khavybou- ya i saw it (: .. wow that was nice of her .. same here, idk how many times ive written my info thing. i have so many things to write about but then i think it would be too much. ‘cuz dont they have to translate it and everything? lol. oh can we type it? ๐Ÿ˜€ .. so have you recorded now ? i need to ask my friend if i could use their studio. right now in broadcasting class, we have to make a music video of our favorite song. but me n my partner is going to record our own song lol. ‘cuz he makes music n stuff. ^^ n i have to rap! haha.

    .BigBangLove- oh alright. with my other language, i can understand it but i cant translate it lol.

    .KK- lol! why would you purposely wuna be in it ^^ ya i dont think i can stay warm in winter lol, i dont wear long sleeves =D .. well hope you’ll find someone that recorded your halloween thing, it sounds cool (: ..oh hey whats your facebook again ? :]

    TeddyBear- (: thankss. ya im suppose to take my vitamins but i would forget sometimes. ^^ so how have you been ? bet you’re really busy. there so many things going on right now, my head is about to spin lol :]

    you guys are trying to find YG’s new address right? well i tried looking for it. and this is what i found..
    MAPO Sangsu 4F hoseongbuilding 349-10
    and if you want to send a fan mail lol..
    MAPO hapjeongdong deokyangbilding 371-26 not sure if i translated it right ^^ ..ill keep searching ๐Ÿ˜€
    have a good week everyone lol (=

  1093. @jade! hey-I’m sure you are busy but if you do see this message I would great appreciate it if you responded =)
    I’m an african American female at the age of 18, and a university student! I’d really love to debut as yg artist as well! so it has been said numerous times that yg does not care about race…though as a former trainee I think that you would know first hand how realistic that claim is. Is it true? I have plenty of experience and myself would say talent and determination. will they look at these qualities over race?

    hmmmmmmm…If not I’m gonna bother the crap out of them every month till they have no choice but to see me in person lol kinda like bom =)-I’m soooooooo determined to win! lol

    thanks in advance for your feedback!

    stay blessed!
    and I’ll see you at the top! =)

  1094. @Aika:
    – You search my name:
    Katie Lynn Tergesen

    or just search for it using my email


  1095. hey guys, wass up? i hope you all are doing ok, learning really hard[cuz school is extra important] and of course practicing alot.
    Remember i’ve told you a while ago that me and my girl band were to perform i don’t care at an charity event. well due to the new flu, the AH1N1 or swine flu as it is named, the event was canceled and i was very mad. the gouvernment strictly interdicted these kind of events that have more than 100 people in one proms were also canceled.I’m so pissed..i feel like all the work that i have invested in creating lyrics in english, reaharsing every weekend with the girls and everyday by myself.I invested money and put my word for the event, but even more it was a 2 month work that went..i tell you people don’t give a damn about us.We felt ashame of ourselfs because at this charity event we were supposed to raise a fund for a orphanage.
    I’m soory.i’m so mad.i spent hours crying because of this stupidity!
    anyway..moving further.Since it’s 3 nov already i have now only 2 weeks to find 3 songs.i’ll record them, make some pictures and if im plased with the result i’ll send it to YG.
    i don;t want to wait anymore.maybe i’m not thinking clearly and maybe i am crazy but i want to belive that these 2 months of hard work have helped me somehow.I hope for the best even if the worst is possible too.
    I hope you guys have worked enough and keep working.I want to find each and one of you at YG one day!i don’t want to think that just talking and dreaming about YG are the only things we can do.
    SH ^.^

  1096. @BigBang L o v e:
    -Hey i just found out that The church that i did the dance for (It’s called TIB, the little group thingy) Karmina the lady who teaches us the dance , she said that we will be re-recording the halloween dance and putting it up on a youtube page….
    in Janurary xDDD

    We just watched the video today the one that was recorded of us doing the dance at the halloween event. we looked good! but i messed up like once or twice. xDD


  1097. Hi,

    I’m new here and I was reading all the comments so I wasn’t able to reply. XD

    I pretty much understand now how everything works regarding the audition. I just have 1 question. Did anyone already tried to audition and got a reply from YG?

    I don’t really know what “something new” they are looking for. Every person is unique but I’m sure they are looking for a certain something. Some sort of a criteria.


  1098. @BigBang L o v e- may i ask you something about jade…i read his comment in here and he said that he was only 14 when he got started and now he was 20…did he continue his high school at there? or just stop it? if he continue it, is he was in college right now or not? thanks a lot

  1099. @JoKwon- well were the same i’m new here also… well they said that someone got a reply, its jade. but i don’t know him at all. i was just waiting for his debut. about the criteria…i research about it and on many forums they said that you should have the passion for music and jade also said that… well i hope it help

  1100. Big Bang Love- alright, lets try are best to find it. i was manage to google map the headquater it gave me 4 different locations but no address. im trying to compare the map on google and the one you sent me on the link.

    Aika- I will record soon. right now i am working on a collaboaration song with an old high school buddie. Rap/Singing song. since no one haven’t bought my guitar on craigslist. imma go find a local pawn shop to sell it. i am currently looking for a mic now. I do have a recording program. imma try to save money. going to a studio is expensive cause they charge you for 100 bucks. it depends on how many hours you stay in the studio. my friend have done it before. there is a recording studio that is close where i live. i didn’t even know it existed but i found some info and it didn’t mentioned any price. so i am going to check that out later and call the person who work there. that is awesome you found some info. so the first one is MAPO Sangsu 4F hoseongbuilding 349-10 that is for fan mail. the 2nd one -MAPO hapjeongdong deokyangbilding 371-26 is that the headquater-building?

  1101. i LOVE big bang !!! if we get accepted, do we have to drop out or go on an online school? if we are going to have to meet you, must we go to korea ( p.s. we live in the U.S.). if we do have to drop out or anything like that, our parents wouldnt agree. i’ve seen a lot of stars that are in good we have to have a good shape too?

  1102. dayuuummm. what’ve i missed? XD

  1103. umm hi guys i sorta sent yg an email (asking if i could email them my audition and i brought up the language issue too) and their reply was;


    I’m YG audition manager.

    We only have an audition by post.

    Please send the audition files(CD) by post.

    We need your songs(Pop 1, Korean Pop 1, just cover), the application(introducing paper),

    some photos and something else (like dancing, beat box..).

    Address is “349-10 Hosung building 4F, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea”

    This is a first-step audition. So If you pass this audition, You have to do the seceond-step audition in Korea.

    And You have to can speak in Korean. It’s a necessary.
    Beacuse of Our Trainnig Teachers. Everyone is Korean.

    So If you want pass the audition, you need a Korean abillity.

    Thank you. Bye.

    so yeah i just thought i’d let y’all know since i’ve been sorta following you guys and trying to work up to auditioning to the big three companies too =D

  1104. @vk:
    -Okay, so you have to know how to speak Korean?
    I thought that they would teach you Korean?

    Okay now i am being very confused….
    Can someone PLEASE clarify this?


  1105. :O!
    Ahh Then I’m going for SM!
    Already sent in my app!
    Im not sure
    He just told us he got in and he is working to try to debut~
    But now someone responded^^ but you need to speak Korean T_T
    I think it depends on YG also~
    :O WOW! ahh… I’m dead now I can’t try ouut!
    But thank you for your information!
    I suggest to try out for JYP or SM!
    That sucks !
    Hopfully they can make another date! Keep Fighting! :]
    AHAH! I’ll wait then :]
    ahaa been a while since you last responded! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1106. @BigBang L o v e- thanks
    @vk- well its means that there’s a second stage. then if you pass in this stage you need to go to Korea for the final audition? or you are a trainee? and then you need to speak korean… well go vk! fighting! you can do it….

  1107. @vk: What’s the E-mail adress you used to talk to the manager…I have questions that I think only the actual manager can answer, so please email it to me at, or just post it up on here. I’m sure alot of other people wanna know too.

  1108. If I’m Indonesian and i also can sing and dance, will YG consider me? thx.

  1109. @ vk:

  1110. hey guys, cynthia is only my nickname … by the way. LOL!
    my REAL name is Serenaa.
    they call me cynthia .. cuz i look like this famous girl. haha.
    just though you should know.

  1111. I think he means you need to at least know basic hangugo and can read hangul.


    its on their site. i sorta just randomly clicked around to get to it =P

    i figure just try out anyways even if you can’t really speak korean that well. i mean, theres no real harm in that is there? =D

  1113. so, do i have to complete the korean form in korean (hangul) or just english?

  1114. @Vk- thanks for the info but i am confused as well. there is a 2nd step for the audition? i have same question as KK and celaij. so you have to know how to speak Korean?
    I thought that they would teach you Korean?-KK question.
    i donno this confusing O_o lol anyway, i’ll try it out. I like Y.G though cause they let you send in demotape whenever you want.

    @Big Bang love- hahha somebody did response. but i am learning the language though. I guess i got watch more youtube videos and hit the books in the library. its gonna take some practice. You must be exicted about the SM audition. isnt the audition around mid novemeber or something. are u ready? do u feel nervous? you got everything prepared? =)

  1115. 1st step: Send a Demo along with your audition form and pictures.

    If you pass first step they will email you and give you instructions for the 2nd step.

    2nd step: Go to Korea for a live audition.

    If you pass, then you become a trainee.

    I don’t know if YG will shoulder the expenses for the airfare and place to stay if ever you qualify for the live audition.

  1116. about the form…you need it to sign up in hangul or not?

  1117. hey guysss !
    whats new ? whats the happs ? what did i miss ? lol
    can someone please fill me in with this chaos ? LOL i read somewhere that the audition date closed already ? is this true ? and some of you said that you need to speak fluent korean if ever you get accepted ?
    please fill me in im gonna send in my demo soon ๐Ÿ˜€

    thanx ๐Ÿ™‚

  1118. P.S
    you need to speak fluent korean in order to pass the audition ?
    can someone please explain this to me thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  1119. Can I email my application? ‘Cause I could just attach the video file of my singing onto the email, right? And can I audition for both singing AND rapping? ’cause I can do both but if I can’t, that’s fine but I just wanna know.

  1120. NEVER MIND ON THE EMAIL THING. I didn’t read the WHOLE article.

  1121. @Khavybou
    So Nervous and so scared but it should be worth it in the end :]
    Im trying to sing like everymoment i havee a chance!
    And yes i think i’m prepared! :]
    Lmao alooT!
    Well you have to speak Korean to get accepted because all the trainers are korean Apperently^^
    And Theres SM and JYP auditions for people who maybe cant audition for YG but want to get into another family. annnnd YG is slowly falling behind from my point of view because they haven’t been coming out with alot of new songs or groups or things.
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1122. at bigbanglove:
    OMG really ?!
    whens the audition for SM and JYP ?.
    is it like YG ? online audition as well ?.
    hahaha sorry too much question lol.
    yea i kinda noticed that as well they dont have much new songs lately.

  1123. @msceelo
    SM =
    JYP =
    But JYP already passed a place or two
    YG their online audition is really an audition thats in person and i think that its gonna come in like a year or something im not sure… But YG might only hold the audition in korea…
    xD Yeaah But big Bang is showing their new songs in Japan! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1124. @BigBang L o v e:
    – I wonder if the whole knowing Korean thing is true.
    Now i wanna contact the Manager my-self :[
    If it is true then Imma have to put my-self together and practice real hard! :]


  1125. @KK
    Yees For SURE! :]
    I’m trying my hardest for the SM audition I feel like its so far away, but yet, so close!
    Ahh so nervous!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1126. at bigbang love:
    thanx ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    holy crap i cant read korean lol but for the JYP one can you send your CD by post as well ? like YG ?
    aww man im really keen aye but its in america ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and im like all the way here in australia ๐Ÿ˜ฆ LOL why cant they just hold an online audition lol hahaha ๐Ÿ˜›
    did you apply for those ones ?
    do you know anyone from this forum or a friend that already got in for YG audition ?
    awww really omg cant wait, is that the koe wo kikasite one ?
    i sooo cant wait for taeyangs wedding dress album ๐Ÿ˜€ should be really good ๐Ÿ˜€

  1127. @msceelo
    Yeeaap and for JYP you can just send them a youtube link!
    LMAO Yeeah
    Im going to SM audition in person :]
    YES OMG I’m tired of waiting! ;]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1128. OMGEEEEEE!! I missed a lot XP
    sorry that i havent replied in such a long time, its just that school has been a butt and im getting a 76 in geometry right now >< my mom is going to freak out when she sees my grade……
    Anyways, I only had enough time to skim through the comments that were left here after mine, and I saw in one of the comments, they mentioned that we had to know some Korean. I actually have a question for that. Is it okay to be exceptionally good at Korean??? Because I can understand it pretty well, I can read okay(but i might not even know what Im saying :P), and I can spell……moderately. But I am horrible at korean grammar and making a conversation!! I just was curious ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and I am 100% korean ๐Ÿ˜€
    Well, I just wanna say, that Im doing well right now, and band is pretty fun~. Ive been barely passing school with a B average ๐Ÿ˜›
    Im hoping to get my video on YouTube over the Thanksgiving holidays, and I hope you are doing fine in your life!!
    And apparantely, Im not the only one who is curious about where J.A.D.E went :). Im pretty sad, I wanted to get some critique from an experienced person… Well time goes on and I cant do anything about it. Ive even been fantasizing about if I make it and how my life would change. Its just soooo temptnig :DDD
    I hope you guys are striving to get closer and closer to YG!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ <3~~~

  1129. @teddy bear- can i ask you something? what grade are you now? i mean level… well good for you that you can read and speak Korean…i know you can learn more just be patient… aahhhmmm….about the application form how it be written? in hangul or english? hope you canhelp me….thanks a lot….

  1130. Wait what do you mean “REMEMBER: do not use this form. only use it to figure out the meaning of the sections in Korean form.”
    does that mean we can’t use that for app??
    Then where is the real app??
    And if I do make call backs will i ever get to see my family ever again??

  1131. so if we aduition do we send it to the long beach address or the korea address

  1132. If I’m going to to this mail audition, do I have to write Korean to them or English? Cos I only can listen and say a tiny bit of korean and I don’t know how to real, least say write. And do anyone here have a link to the application form?

  1133. @Melinda-
    You will send it to the Korean Address.
    but that address has changed. its still in Seoul though.

    You can write in English, but make sure you use the Korean Application form though.
    Only use the English form to figure out what, what says on the Korean form, (like a rough draft xDD)

    @anyone else-
    hows the auditioning going?


  1134. are you sure we can use english on the korean application?
    because they said that we have to know korean..? or do they literally mean just an “ability to speak korean”? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  1135. @amy
    It says You can
    ^^before it did
    You have to understand what the trainers are saying and you have to respond sso im preeetty sure that you need to know whatthey are saying
    But YG speaks english… I think^^
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1136. wahh emback!!
    is YG have a new address??but what is it??hehe

  1137. @lean
    YG audition
    Sangsu-dong 394-10 Hoseong Building 3F
    Mapo-Gu, Seoul
    South Korea, ZIP 121-829

  1138. what if we dont live in korea?

  1139. cause i want to try out in about three yearssss and i want to go to korea but i dont know wether to try out in america or korea?

  1140. aba!
    @bigbang l o v e
    thank yah hehe!! mwah1

  1141. @elli
    send them the audition tape if they think they like you they will ask you to see them in person in Korea and i think that they pay :]
    No probleem ^^ :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1142. hey peoples~~ ^^
    its been a while, but nothin much changed ๐Ÿ™‚
    im thinking of doing the vids on thanksgiving, but its iffy. my voice got a little damaged. In choir, there is a rehearsal every monday for a special piece we are going to sing on our big trip to carnegie hall in nYC!! but im a soprano, and there are some impossible notes above my range, and thats how my voice got damaged. now if i try to sing kinda high, i start cracking and i get into a coughing fit. I might go see a doctor soon. :/
    but my voice is good enough if i sing in my range ๐Ÿ˜€

    now lets see here….
    @celaij:hmmmm, actually in korean school, im in a beginners level, but im already way ahead, so they let me be a teachers assistant for the class because all of them are boys, and misbehaving ones too. :/ I can read pretty fluently, my accent is just fine(you cant tell that i was born in america), and i can understand pretty well. Im just bad at responses ๐Ÿ˜›
    i know i jst said this in the last post so sorry for making you read it again XD
    @bigbanglove:youre still as helpful as ever ๐Ÿ™‚ and by the way, we have to understand and respond to them? i thought it was okay for english speakers… :/
    Gooooood luck~~~~~~~~~~ :DDD

  1143. @BigBang L o v e- thanks so much but what if we dont know korean if we dont what happens do they teach us?

  1144. @Teddy Bear
    but someone said that they messaged YG and they said you must be able to speak korean I guess you can just try out for YG and see what they say?
    I dont think so
    I guess things changed
    Hmm I’m still confused xD!
    ~BigBang L o v e
    P.S I tried out for SM! :] Maybe I’ll be that one in a million

  1145. @bigbanglove: yeah, thats what im planning to do. I really truly honestly want to learn korean really badly!!!!!!! ><
    well first, i must impress them ๐Ÿ˜€

  1146. hey guys! im new to this and im so lost.. xD
    so its not too late? is it never too late to audition for yg? :DD

    and where can u get the form? :O thanks u guyss, fighting!

  1147. hi, um.. can we audition this year? is it to late?

  1148. Can I send auditions materials separately???

  1149. what is yg email address ?

  1150. @BigBang l o v e thanks keke omg good luck with everything i wish you the best

  1151. @Teddy Bear
    aha thats good :]
    Yees! I think the language is really cool ;D
    Yes hopefully You will :]
    lmao its never to late :]
    The form should be in one of the links but fill out the Korean one
    the English form is just to look at what its for/saying
    Yeaap :] Alot of entertainment companys are doing that now
    What do you mean by that?
    I think you have to check the YG website :]
    Weelcomee :]
    lmao thank yooou! :]
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1152. @BigBang l o v e welcome you have my support^^

  1153. Wait so how do we get the application??
    Do we just copy and paste the application on this website to like Microsoft word or something?? And how do we translate it to korean??? And I don’t know korean but I do know the basic stuff..its better than nothing >.> I plan on training for the audition for at least 6 months starting 2 weeks ago >.>I’m gettin lots of progress, singing is my passion and Ive been singing day and night, I wanna learn dancing too…I hope YG takes me >.> I would be soo soo soooo happy, but the thing is I would be sad because I wont get to see my family as often and I won’t get to see my friends and I’ll miss home and etc etc..
    My family doesnt even know I have a passion for singing and dancing, they have no clue about this audition thing >.> They hear me sing but they just think its something i do when i’m bored >.> I’ll tell em someday >.> *SIGH* plase take me in YGE >.> Oi, and I am Hmong American, FYI

  1154. @billy good luck with everything i wish you the best of luck ^^ your not korean either?

  1155. @ellie No I am not korean, but they said it doesnt matter what race right? as long as im asian? LOL yes I am asian. Thanks for wishing me luck, I’ll need it ๐Ÿ™‚ SIGH, I have so much to do I don’t even think I can audition but its my dream…soo I’m gonna do what it takes…

  1156. gudluck to all auditioners including me!!hha

  1157. I may wanna audition. but i feel kinda intimidated because i’m fat. when i see female stars like 2ne1 i’m like “aww.. they’re so good looking and sexy!” ahahah

  1158. @Billy
    You just click download
    You use the English application for reference
    I hope you get it!
    Well its good that you can see progress by yourself!
    Good Luck to yoou ;D!
    I just gained like 5 pounds over the past two weeks
    and before my doctor said it was unhealthy to gain to much weight to quick
    Don’t be intimidated! You can only be intimidated by your self!
    ^^if that makes sense!
    ~BigBang L o v e

  1159. @Carina.
    You may want to lose weight if you think you’re abit overweight.
    Because you can get disqualified.

  1160. @ bigbang l o v e
    thank you!! pray for us!! haha!!

  1161. OMG, I feel so bad
    Becuase what if YG doesnt take me cuz of my race??
    I am Hmong, and thats not even close to being korean >.>
    I feel like I’m betraying my culture too
    Becuase when I tell people I want to become a korean singer they tell me why not a hmong singer and I go, I don’t like hmong songs, and they would be like -.-, I feel like a disgrace to my culture >.> But this is my dream >.>

  1162. @ellie: Welcome :DDD If you got any more questions you can ask~~
    but bigbanglove gets on more often than me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    but ill try to answer as soon as possible ๐Ÿ˜›
    @billy:You seem really cool. But if youre really passionate about singing, you wont let others discourage you. I dont like american songs, and people would just look at me and say,”you havent heard it? Its all over the radio!” I would just tell them that all i listen to is kpop. I try sharing it with my other friends, and they think it is stupid!! Like seriously!! They go “oh my god what is this #$%*?” I dont care though ๐Ÿ™‚ and theyre still my best friends. It really doesnt matter about your race. If you have some asian blood in you and some passion for music in that blood, they should see it. Im glad to see that youre planning. That measns you will work hard!@!! Just one thing to keep in mind. Do you think you can audition behind your parents backs?? My dad may not support me, but I have my mom, and she is happy to help me as long as i work for it. Show your parents your love for music. They might have a diffferent taste. So what? Different music makes different people happy. you want to make people happy with kpop.Either way, its still music and it is a HUGE part of our lives. Show them that youre serious and be mature. Thats what my parents like the most ๐Ÿ˜€
    @Carina: If you truly bellieve youre fat, then it never hurts to have regular excersize and a balanced diet ๐Ÿ™‚
    i could do that, but i never have enough time. My life is already busy as it is ๐Ÿ˜›
    @Bigbanglove: I was ready to put it online!! but then my friend who was gonna do it, had a brother that got into a fight. he had to go to the hospital because he got hit in a sensitive place(no not the “guys weakness” but another fragile muscle. i hope you can forgive me. Ive been saying this for the past…4 months already. :(((((((( i feel really bad. I wont say anything unless it is up ๐Ÿ˜€

    have fun~

  1163. haha!! guys watch out!!hehe!! thats so funny!! comment please!!
    cL part in the leaders

  1164. @Teddy Bear OMG ty so much for the advice xD I do listen to American songs, but I havent heard a really good one lately -.- My dad and I talked about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I’m 14, and he asked me what my hobbies were, and I said I like to sing, dance, listen to music, write poems and make them into songs, I like to play my saxophone and thats about it. He was like “OH I s