FFF Challenge #1

1st place taken by ANGELA

” Simply sweet yet spell binding and entertaining. ”

2nd place taken by jiyonglover

” Very well written and sense tingling. ”

3rd place taken by Kaerlighed

” Explosive creativity, written beautifully. ”


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners! 🙂 You guys did a marvelous job!

As for those who aren’t mentioned, please don’t feel bad! We love all of your stories and it was a very difficult time for us not to choose all of them..  There are no losers here. You are all WINNERS!

And also, we are highly thankful for your participation, putting aside our lacks. 😦

And we are also currently discussing about the SECOND CHALLENGE, I hope your anticipations have not dried up yet!


here are our FFF Challenge participants’ stories!! 😀 Feel free to click on it, tell us your opinion and dont forget to give comments to the authors!! cause comments are loveee <333

FFF Challenge Stories

Heaven by Angela

Heaven by Aoki

Heaven by Mai

Heaven by Hanii

Heaven by Keepeaches

Heaven by pia<3

Heaven by Mai Li

Heaven by jiyonglover

Heaven by MAC

Heaven by son_nyul

Heaven by Iyasu

Heaven by Engraved_16

Heaven by Stupidity

Heaven by shattered teardrops

Heaven by Kaerlighed



7 Responses to “FFF Challenge #1”

  1. haaii

    quistion… what is the next challenge?? where can i find that?? and how do you participate??

    xxx loving big bang


  2. oliev
    ahh, we actually want to make another challenge, but still in prep.. later when we announce it there’ll be infos about the challenge.
    please wait for it kay?! 😀

  3. great story

  4. the first place story is so beautiful! i cried and everything!

  5. wow these are really good 🙂 It makes me happy to read them

  6. uh oh… I read the first place and then I tried reading the rest and I can’t get connected? Is something wrong with winglin.net?

  7. oh no can’t open the webpage! ):

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