it’s about time i got this all together for they BAY AREA kids. by the looks of it, they totally had fun, especially since they made a LIES PARODY! oh my gosh. i think i love it more cuz the editing was so freakin awesome. you go KI. lol & shout outs to BAY AREA at the end, i’m so sorry, but i ^hella love you. ROFL! i love it. & the bloopers at the end… awesome! wendi, aka “TOP” w/ her cool glasses just couldn’t stop laughing. haha. it was also funny to see random ppl walking by in the background while they were filming lol.

they did a LIES parody in that lil amount of time. silly kids.
IT’S SO FUNNY! oh i wish i was there to lend a hand… just hearing the song gives me goosebumps. freakin jiyong, it’s all your fault! i liked how angel’s hair was like tied up in a bun sometimes, but also had that bowlcut look under the that hahaha. cute. but seriously, GREAT EDITING KI! โค

11 people came to this meet, & i think they went to more places than we did lol. lots of walking. OH THEY EVEN SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JIYONG while randomly walking haha. silly.

^ funny lol. happy birthday babe! you should be happy.

i’ll leave the spazzing to wendi & ki on the pix & on the day ๐Ÿ™‚

On a bright and sunny warm day in a park in the middle of downtown San Jose, there was a BAY AREA MEET ’08! It was a fun and tiring day! I was very excited to attend the meet! Everyone LOVED Big Bang and it was nice to know that there are other people crazy like me that go insane with Big Bang’s fashion, songs, music videos, and everything related to them! I hope to see all of you guys again! I really had a lot of fun and I hope next time I get to know you guys better!
Shout outs:
-Carolyn: It was nice meeting you! Thanks for taking care of us! =]
Hello! You’re so funny!!!! I wished we had more time to chill! Hopefully next time we can!
-Wishma: You are a great cook! I loved the Lasagna![you should give me some tips on cooking!;-)]
-“Monster Girls”: I really love your gal’s monster hoodies! Especially the keychain you guys made for GD!So creative!
-Kim: Thanks for accompanying me sis! heheh…you know you love BIG BANG more!
-Christabelle: O YEA! O YEA! haha… good job playing seungri!Next time we should memorize all the music videos of Big Bang!
-Ki: Thanks for making this EVENT happen! Thanks to you and Carolyn for taking care of us! haha…[by the way, next time you should show us more of your Big Bang moves!]
-Krystal: Hey! Thanks for taking us around downtown San Jose! Without you we would be lost! haha… [remember Walgreens? hahah]
-Angel: GD! seriously I really love your hairstyle! You remind me of the girl version of GD! heheh…

I had a lot of fun meeting the bay area VIPs! They were all very awesome and outgoing. no one was really shy. haha. we started eating food that everyone brought. What Wendi and Kimberly brought were really good! Alena brought a case of rockstar (I think that made all of us outgoing and hyper). Wishma brought Lasagna, and it was really good also. Krystal and Angel brought dumplings. Tara and Nichole brought awesome cupcakes!! Carolyn brought Madelines! I brought nothing cause I’m poor. haha. we had fun playing icebreakers, it was “chill”. After that we had a singalong! and that was really awesome. not everyone know the words but as long as you know the song and you’re having fun. after that we decided to make a parody video. haha! we were trying to move really fast. so we didnt get all the scenes down. But it ended up pretty good! check it out! Thank you for all the bay area VIP for coming to this event! Hope to see you all again next year!!!

i really want to thank all the bay area vipz who came out to this meet. i hope you all had fun, & i wanna thank KI for helping me out with the organizing, as well as wendi, both of you keeping me in the loop of things. it helps! & i hope you all make friends outta this & like, meet up again ^_^
(pix are under the cut)


^ in attendance. haha courtesy of wendi.

^ Wendi’s gift to GD: cute flags & noodles for potluck. aww jiyong!!! he’d love to eat things w/ his face on it lol.

^ Made by Carolyn. a lil star patch for our shining star โค

^ she drew him! i think it’s cute how ppl came dressed in theme. like LA meet, one of em wore VIP. this meet, SAME! haha VIP & LIES haha

^ ki & carolyn

^ group pic!

^ another one!

^ a case of rockstar? that’s…. A LOT yo. lol no wonder y’all were so hyper.

^ these kids are dressed on POINT! i love her sweater โค they made a MONSTER keychain for ji’s bday. CUTE!

^ TWINS! ohmygosh, there’s 2 of em! lol, make me one of them jackets!!!

^ she was GD in the parody. haha made a good GD in my opinion. xD

^ on set w/ GIRL BIG BANG lol

^ (left) Girl Seungri (Right) Girl Daesung

^ (left) Daesung (right) Seungri

^ singalong

^ candid

^ her shirt says “LIES”

^ fun icebreaker “human knot.” you wanna untangle that up in the end to form a circle lol.

^ chatting about what makes our worlds go ’round… B I G B A N G! that’s like a perfect circle. rofl.

^ jiyong, animated form. LOL it’s his new hairdo too! lol

^ candid!

^ at quickly

^ goin home =\

IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO HAVE YOUR OWN MEET! if you are interested, please let me know if you’re willing to host one, & i will help advertise for you! you just have to have a good idea of what you wanna do & know a bunch of ppl who are interested! CLICK HERE for more information!


~ by gdluvzmc on August 29, 2008.

56 Responses to “080818 BAY AREA MEET: SUCCESS!”

  1. OMG!!!
    it seems like they had a lot of fun!!!
    hahaha loved the Lies parody it’s truly hilarious!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    I really hope we get to see more meetings from other areas and hey maybe we can do another one ourselves yay!!!! XD

  2. awww…looks like lots of fun. too bad i didn’t make it.
    i’m glad it was a success!

  3. lol. me & jeska were thinking another one in the winter… WHO KNOWS?! xD

  4. woww that’s super awesome
    looks like alot of fun
    and I loev the parody ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. really?!!cool!!!
    i’m sure more people would attend this time hahha
    I think I’m getting excited too soon XD

  6. i’m glad you all had fun!

  7. wow.
    too bad I don’t have any BB fans where I live.
    I would love to go to a MEET & GREET. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  8. oh my gak, looks like so much fun! I mean, the first one made me wanna go so bad but now I REALLY gotta move to the states where all the iVIPs are! >O< hahahah i LOVE the star JiYong plushie, I’m totally inspired to make one of my own now. and gahhhh, everyone’s style is so cool and GD-ish~ hahaha~

  9. haha u kids are so cute!

  10. wow i wanted to go but i didnt have a ride [and i kinda didnt wanna be the only non asian 0.o]

  11. OMG it was soo good! =]
    Lols; ahh GD’s style was good
    Haha it looked fun
    Good Job though (:
    Aww Kwon, Ji Yong..see how special
    you are! =D

  12. hahaha, the parody is awesome, I was smiling all along while watching it!!!Perfectly made!!!!The actresses and actor r really cute though!hahahaha

  13. haha! next year we’re gonna have a performance for sure!! its gonna be big!

  14. that monster hoody is so dope

  15. speaking of g-dragon i saw this vid. maybe you have seen it already it’s about fashion in korea and the best fashion designers in their country were talking about the best dressed stars and the worst and they mentioned g dragon…just find out what they said…

  16. here’s the link

  17. The meet was tons of fun, i’m super glad we went!

  18. oh yeah, i luv how i’m labeled monster girl… ;P

    Better organize another bay area meet again so I can go with ya’ll. ];

  20. OCTOBER 4; LOL.
    In Downtown San Jose, Japan Town.
    How that’s related to Big Bang, I don’t know, but I really want to go to a meet. u u;;;

    I’m glad you guys had fun!
    And I’m watching the parody now ya’lls~

  21. wooottt you bay areas Vips sure had lots of Fun !! love the parody !! x)

  22. nicee ! ~~ โค

  23. Oh, it looks really fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. That looks like fun! It might be a while before Florida has any meet-ups….these freakin’ hurricanes. V_V

  25. we need another bay area meet so i can come!
    i was stuck in maryland during this one!

    though it’d be nice if it was closer to the east bay. cause san jose is hard to get to if you can’t drive and no one wants to take you.

  26. that look sooo fun
    man, why cnt i live in the Bay area or LA
    hic hic hic
    but i have to live in LIL memphis?>???
    nooo fairrr

  27. LOOL! i love the parody ^^

  28. it looked like sooo much fun!! it’s too bad that i missed it :[ [you guys should have another bay area meet xD]
    the Lies parody was HILARIOUS! it showed that you guys had lots of fun :DD

  29. whoa~ that was so cool!!!
    i liked it!!
    it looks fun~

    can i ask, where did u guys made this parody??

  30. that’s cool^__^
    looks like lots of fun

  31. i am really glad that there was an another successful meeting!
    i can’t wait to see other areas making it happen ๐Ÿ˜€
    (and yes, melly and i were talking about another one in LA. we will see around that time :D)

  32. =D awesome wish i went but i was busy that day boo hoo =[

  33. oi if only the meet was in sf i could begged my cousin to drive me there T~T o well

  34. awwsome in kl!!!!! wish could go too!!!

  35. waaaaahhhhhh! can i come too? HAHAHA =.=”

  36. WWAHHH!!! OMG!
    that was in SJ?! and i go to school there! i just noticed where it was from the pictures
    how come i didnt find out about it until 2 months later after the meet? >_< aaaawwwwww….

  37. Who knows where to buy sunglasses like Jiyong/GD or T.O.P’s???

  38. I wan to go. Will be have that meet again? I will come to LA after X’mas

  39. Seems a lot of fun….Lucky You’s!!!

  40. hey how can i join this meet?? for the next one coming??

    here is my email:


    my site on imeem:


    ill gladly appreciate any info…

  41. Another meet please in the Bay Area? [ if possible, San Francisco? ]
    I missed it…can`t believe it TT-TT

    Umm, & do you have to be a certain age to go to the meet? ;o
    Ehhs, if you can please answer my question? ^^

    Um, if you can give me more info, here`s my email ^^:

    `kkays, thanks ^^

  42. LOL The Parody LOL !
    Nice XD

  43. I agree with iCandieex3. If there is another meet , please be in SF[: Ohh and same questions too.

    Any info ? Contact please~

  44. […] BAY AREA MEET -contact Ki @ bayareabigbangvip@gmail.com *been there, done that. (See SECOND MEET) […]

  45. yeahh i think SF would also be a good place ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. HOW about in new york cityyyyy !?!??!? ๐Ÿ˜€
    i would come ! toptop โค

  47. i wish there was another meet on DaeSung’s b-day April 26… then i would really want to go, cuz i want to sing Happy Birthday to him in Korean on Camera ^-^ IF THERE IS NO ONE ORGANIZING THE SAN FRANCISCO MEET THAN I WOULD WANT TO SET IT UP. i will be free March 10 to organize it (i will contact everyone on here that said SF), cuz i got work T-T i live about 25min from SF so itz good

    MY CONTACT INFO IS lilcinese4ever@yahoo.com, if anyone wants to hav a meet at SF

    or Ki can i ask u a question, was that meet u set up at Santa Clara? if so than i will set up the SF meet ^-^

  48. oops i see the MEET u guys had was a San Jose lolz i guessed it wrong,

  49. hey everyone~im new to this site.
    i wanna meet other fans:D
    are you guys gonna organize a SF meet? if so plz let me know:D

  50. Hehe, I watched the Lies parody…
    Very funny and I can’t stop in smiling…

  51. OMG!!! I can’t believe there was a Bay Area Meet and I didn’t know!!! So Bummed. Now I really wanna go to one! maybe SF? I’m down for any place as long as it’s close to SF^_^ You guys had a lot of fun! and it’s so hard to meet people outa the blue who like Big Bang. Esp. since the ones i have met are from Korea XP Contact me if anything comes up about a Meet in the Bay.

  52. pinoisoitoi@gmail.com

  53. is already a meet this year??

  54. So any person can go to a meet&greet? So just a bunch of random iVips go and they hang all day? That sounds kool. But I am only 12 and every one else will be like 16-21. D: Can I still go?

  55. aaa so funny and so cute

  56. That looks like so much fun!! Love the new Lies MV!!How can you attend one of these meet&greet??Just today i found out about this site, and i wanna attend one!!!Someone PLEASE contactt me about a meet in SF or close to SF-munoz2793@yahoo.com

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