[Video] Big Bang Intro Teaser

I don’t think any more explanation is needed.

Right now, it’s 12:18pm on February 23 in South Korea.

In 12 more hours, Big Bang will be making their big return to the K-pop scene.

All the footage in this clip was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I haven’t been to Las Vegas in a long time, but some areas in the teaser that I could remember going to.  Most of the video were in various casinos.

0:25 – SeungRi was standing in front of the Mirage Hotel

0:30 – TOP was in Circus Circus (?)

0:32 – 0:35 – outside the Bellagio Hotel

Anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.  Also, if you can recognize anymore places, leave a comment and let everyone know! 🙂


Also, I added TOP’s and the final teaser to

2/24 The BIG [BANG] Day


JT (BBfan13)


~ by bbfan13 on February 22, 2011.

17 Responses to “[Video] Big Bang Intro Teaser”

  1. I’m… so… close… to Las Vegas…


  2. TOP was at Bally’s I believe. And when did they film this? Why wasn’t i there?? wahhh

  3. They filmed this 2 weeks ago 😛

  4. Hey big bang fans!! We’re holding a comeback event with prizes such as new albums that are autographed and a personalized shoutout from big bang!!

  5. anyone wants to get their hands on the uniqlo big bang tees but missed out? email me at believing.in.seungri@gmail.com


  6. I’m so mad. -__- I LIVE in Vegas. Why was I not there?! ):<

  7. cannot wait big bang come back…it’all about big bang..love it…

  8. IT WAS AWESOME<3 THEIR LIVE SHOW<33 GAAAH<333 I love them so much ;w; ❤

  9. thanks iste bestte

  10. lv bigbang!!!

  11. So so cool…I love this band…LOL..:-) way the go guyz…

  12. i like it:x

  13. i like it………..:x

  14. it’s GD in 0:30, not TOP… I wish they will have a concert here in the US… I would definitely go…. ❤ BB

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  16. I hate it when some people compare Big Bang to Super Junior. They maybe same in some aspects but they are way different in most things. Period.

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