IvipTown: Thank You Letter (CLOSED)



Letter Received:

  1. Aileen
  2. Ali Ahmad
  3. Alyssa
  4. Amy Zeng
  5. Anna Z
  6. Ariel
  7. Ashley M
  8. Becky Lee
  9. Betty
  10. Charlane
  11. Cherie Yeo
  12. Choi Thor
  13. Chris H
  14. Christina T
  15. Christine Han
  16. Cindy Nguyen
  17. Darya
  18. Dee R
  19. Elfira
  20. Felisha Pang
  21. Hanrietta
  22. Harrin Choi
  23. Hazwani
  24. Huda
  25. Ina L. M
  26. Izzati
  27. Jacinta
  28. Jennifer T
  29. Jenny Sum
  30. JinJin
  31. Jodie Wong
  32. John P
  33. Julie T
  34. Kathleen
  35. Kathy Lee
  36. Kathy M
  37. Katrina
  38. Keely
  39. Keemi
  40. Kelley H
  41. Kem N
  42. L. Keiko
  43. Lie Chun Sien
  44. Lola
  45. lollita
  46. Mandy
  47. MaoMao
  48. Mariale F
  49. Melanie An
  50. Melody
  51. Melody Neo
  52. Michelle Chen
  53. Mina
  54. Myly Nguyen
  55. Nadia Davis
  56. Nancy Tun
  57. Naomi
  58. Nathirah
  59. Nhi Lyn
  60. Nicole Lee
  61. Pauly
  62. Phoebe
  63. Quyen
  64. Quynh-Christine Pham
  65. Remi
  66. Rosa
  67. Rosie V
  68. Sakura H
  69. Sandy @ Sandy Duong
  70. Scarlet Grey
  71. Shandi
  72. Sharon
  73. Shaylene
  74. Simran T
  75. Stephanie
  76. Syai 037
  77. Syazwania
  78. Tasha Yb
  79. Tiffany Vo
  80. Tommy
  81. Tomoko
  82. Valentania
  83. Vanessa W
  84. Verna Diaz
  85. Victoria K
  86. Yer Xiong
  87. Yi Joyce
  88. Emma
  89. yami_tenshi1990
  90. jiyan
  91. Kristine Mae E.
  92. Ditta
  93. Megan Lee
  94. Nadhirah
  95. Green Apple
  96. Jeni G
  97. Susana B
  98. Cassandra M
  99. Dylan
  100. Kimmay Xayavong
  101. Sarah H
  102. Le’Chel Wright
  103. Olivia T
  104. Tanny
  105. Chia Vue
  106. Mariana Juarez
  107. Yun Rong
  108. Mahirah
  109. Nina Lee
  110. Jenny Wong
  111. Sammi Martinez
  112. Brenda Shaw
  113. jonathan pichon
  114. Jade Wang @ Rosa (from China, residing in US)
  115. Anisah Idris
  116. Danyale P
  117. Pauline
  118. Farah Wahida
  119. Jennifer B
  120. Jessie USA
  121. Mary Leong
  123. Adeline
  124. trix
  125. Cynthia Ni
  126. Marine Heurguier
  127. Camila B
  128. Lina Dang
  129. Karen Tang
  130. Denise Sotomayor
  131. Hany Mirza
  132. Huda Alamoudi
  133. Samira M
  134. Syan Lee
  135. Mira Germany
  136. Vivien
  137. Su Min L.
  138. Bella
  139. VipShuggah
  140. Elizabeth Sheoraj
  141. Victoria Lo
  142. Naning
  143. Mimi H
  144. Hannah Ho
  145. Sharmaine
  146. Nadrah
  147. Karina Miller
  148. Katrina Amani
  149. Izy
  150. Marcel Gailes
  151. Phyllis Gailes
  152. megan Choi
  153. Cynthia Huynh
  154. Nurul Ayuni
  155. Annice Ma
  156. Shirley Kwan
  157. Resa Redita
  158. Loritta Chi
  159. Shei Hansen
  160. Arpana

~ by Momo on May 7, 2009.

310 Responses to “IvipTown: Thank You Letter (CLOSED)”

  1. Mmh…I just might do this.

  2. thats so awesome.
    maybe i should start now ;D
    yu come up with the best ideas. πŸ˜€

  3. I shall begin testing my skills asap. lol, i still feel utterly regretful that i missed TOP’s b-day deadline present. so im definitely hoping to make up for it. ^_^
    Awesome idea btw. ^_^

  4. I better get started!!

  5. I will do this~
    Anything for Big Bang!! lol

  6. wow this is fantastic!
    yayy i cant wait to start writing! XD

  7. aww,cool. I wanna join. Yes that means i gotta get started too.
    Aww of course we’ll support. Till thee` end.

  8. will u be printing it in color or black&white?

    In any case, thanks for organizing this ! πŸ˜€

  9. awesome idea!
    i better get started!
    Omg, if BBFansite got exposed like this. XD
    BB love, always&forever! ❀
    They work hard, hope this will make them happy.
    Thankyou BB. Rest well now!

  10. wooo i’m gonna try this out too ^^
    thanks so much, momo ;D ❀

  11. Nice! I’m gonna try to do this πŸ™‚

  12. That sounds great,
    i’m going to start my letter today after school ^ ^

  13. wow brilliant idea! I’m gonna do this, however, i need more time to make my letter because we’ll never know. This might be the 1st and last time I can write to my beloved Big bang. I wanna make it really special. I don’t have time to do this during weekdays. I can start writing on Saturday. Is there a deadline for this? Can’t wait!

  14. thanks for this great idea! will get started on it soon!
    u’re the best momo! πŸ™‚

  15. @dora deee:

    it depends on the letter itself.
    will be printing it in color or black & white if needed.

  16. I have a great idea in my heads and I’m gotta do it now.
    So love this project :X

  17. You know what….. I suddenly thought of an idea of putting the letters in ‘pills’, just like what they did in the movie “A Millionaire’s first love”. But that would be too much work.

    I’m definitely joining. Count me in babyyy~!

  18. AWESOME!!!

    joined!!! πŸ˜€

  19. Nice idea, it’s always good to receive a letter. I have a little question, will you translate the letters from english to korean? Or will you leave this in original form?

  20. damn momo. damn inspired right now to freakin ace my midterm that is in 2 hrs! though i recently took a huge blow after receiving grades from my other classes =[

    gonna go for this. lol *crosses fingers that mine will get picked*

  21. @Anakh:

    I prefer to leave it as it is.

    The word I represent all of us and there’s a reason why I is in front of VIP

  22. Thanks for doing this! It’s such a great opportunity for BIG BANG to know how much we appreciate them. I’m kind of new to your fan site but thank you for keeping us all updated! You rock!

  23. yeah…this sounds like fun!!

  24. i think this is just absolutely a great way to show them how much we truly appreciate them. Other than the same old oh rest but come back soon. I do want them to come back but not until they are completely healthy, rested, and ready. If I dont hear anything new from them in a year or two years or three I will wait patiently.
    I’m a VIP not because they are popular, not because they constantly put out new stuff. I’m a vip because of their message, because of their dedication to the craft of music. I’m definately going to participate in this.

  25. this idea sounds AWESOME!!!! momo you’re GDgenious!

  26. GREAT IDEA <3!
    *grabs pen and paper*

  27. another project for me!!

  28. god u r GREAT!

    i will try it…hehe


  29. Yay, I’m gonna do it.
    Gah, I was planning on writing my 4 page paper for English now.
    Well, after reading this, I think we can all guess what I’m gonna do. =)

  30. i wanna write on (:
    but exams ……..x[
    i might find some time to write one πŸ˜€
    FO SHO xD
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❀

  31. that is such a cool idea! absolutley wicked.
    and lol, i love how you say “this is not a love letter”, nicee.
    but we can say we love them right? like a line at the bottom or something?

    and yea, i always wonder if Big Bang is aware of all the people around the world that love them…

    really really cool idea^^

  32. WOW ;] COOL.
    I’ll think about it (:

  33. sweet πŸ™‚
    i’m gonna do this..
    lemme think
    i seriously need to thank them..
    for being there for me during the depression period of mine
    i’m happy bcuz of them πŸ™‚

  34. Ok, I also want to do it but I don’t really
    know what to write them.. any ideas?

  35. YEH! i am super excited!

  36. i always read things you post and everything you post are exciting and thoughtful. me and my sisters love big bang and we will participate in this and we want to thank you for your time and patience to give all us vips the oppurtunity to help out and support big bang to the fullest. thank you.

  37. wait, how are you getting it to them?

    sounds real nice

  38. Aww Momo this a wonderful idea. ^^ I want to do this!

    …Argh my writing skills. @w@;

    And we have to include a pic? >_>

  39. i am SO doing this (:

  40. Haha, I’m trying to make it sound more sophisticated & not so love letter like.

  41. This is AWESOME! I’m SO going to do this!

  42. i will def. do this! :]
    now i just have to start writing :]

  43. super cool i will do this ^__^ cant wait. i think i’ll start now!

  44. i love this idea!!!! i’m gonna go do it…after hw

  45. can i do it on photoshop and send it to u as a jpeg?

  46. @ding ding:

    email it to me.


    To Yg: am gonna courier it to them
    To Media: email/courier copies

  47. I’ll do this too.
    Great idea.

  48. Wahaaaa ~ MOMO ;; YOU ARE AWESOOOOOME. Whaat a GREAT IDEEEEA ^_______^<3 hihiii , i’ll doo it ! : DD Sooo happpy ~~ wooot (:
    Big Baang hwaaaaiting.~


    – sojana.

  49. i definitely want to participate in this project! ^_^ please let us know when it’s due.

  50. this is probably the best opportunity I’ve ever had LOL.
    this means SO much to me and i’m sure it does to many others as well. i just wanted to say THANK YOU. for everything. this SITE is amazing<3 it’s probably just as meaningful to me as Big Bang is. really, thank you so much xD<
    but, you guys take your time to bring happiness to people’s lives xD (that sounded so cheesy lol but its the truth)
    i’m so grateful πŸ˜€ β™₯ T H A N K Y O U β™₯

    lol, i write way too long things. i’m definitely definitely doing this, but it’s going to be difficult to think up something short and meaningful xD i might never get this chance again lol.

    and i have some questions :]! :
    so..basically we can write a letter on one page..but can we design it ourselves? for example..have a background/border idk. pictures? something…? of course its not going to be too crazy lol but something simple..to “enhance” the letter? LOL xD jw..

    andd..for the picture..how big should it be? since i read it’s going to be a stamp? so that’s usually small right? o_o i’m not sure what it should exactly be xD because sometimes people have pictures of themselves with words and photoshop enhancements/design and sometimes with fansigns in the picture..(it’s possible right? xD) so..if it’s going to be a stamp should it be clear and small without any interferences on the picture or can it be a regular sized “myspace” photo type thing? LOL i’m being very specific but if it’s going to Big Bang..i’m being extra cautious..it might also be embarassing if yours is different from everybody else if you misunderstood or something lol xD
    hehe..i talk to much :]
    THANKS :P!

  51. MOMOOOOOOOOOO thx a lot for this!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been wondering how can i write a letter to Big Bang. then, you come up with a very extremly great news… thx a loooooooooooooooooot Momo..
    i’ll write it sooon..

  52. @milkydonut:

    dont worry. its good to be different from others coz thats you.

    So about designing your letter, of course you can. and a one page letter is ok.

    Pic: yup, i wanna use it as a stamp to more the envelope more unique instead of throwing it away. so a big size pic wont do.

    i dont have the specific size of the image coz it depends on your letter, that will only tell me what kind of envelope to use.

    if you wanna photoshop pic, thats fine by me.


    I know that some of u are very skeptical about sending me ur pic. As i have told Milkydonut the purpose of me wanting it at the first place.

    So again, its up to you if you want to or not.

    And i was quite surprise to see people sending me emails so soon. didnt expect. but thank you again.

  53. How convenient! I was just writing a letter to send to them earlier in class. I think this is called fate. =)

  54. So how big should the picture be? Should we resize it ourselves to a “stamp size” letter? And what kind of envelope are you using exactly? Just a standard one? Is the letter itself going to be folded? Sorry, a bit confused. πŸ™‚

  55. Oops, ignore the word “letter” after “stamp-size”

  56. @Jenny:

    Yes, the letter is going to be folded.

    will use the standard envelope.

    Just send me the pic and i see how it goes. if its too small, i will tell you. if its too big, i’ll edit for you.

    maybe not the exact stamp size, slightly bigger.

    but then just send me and i ll have a look

  57. I’m going to do this but i have a question..
    when i send a pic do i paste it on the letter or a seperate page??

  58. @ Cathy V.:

    initially, i want the pic for me to paste it on the envelope.

    so if you wanna paste another pic on ur letter, also can be done.

  59. πŸ˜€
    I gotta do this. After I finish all my old school work. T.T
    To far behind. xD
    The picture I guess I can take tonight and the letter would be in Korean. πŸ˜€ Cooooool ^ ^

  60. *It’s alright if it’s formal-ish?

  61. @ KimiDiep:


  62. I am sooo doing this!
    is the pic going to be really small?
    is the letter font and style our choice, or you’re going to change it?
    We are only sending text and you’re going to edit everything else?

  63. @ Sandy:

    am not gonna change anything if you have specific fonts and stuff.

    as i mentioned earlier, am not gonna design anything for your letter. i leave that to you.

    if the pic is too small, i’ll ask for another one.

  64. i think theres more chance of a persons letter being in “the media” or more recognized if shes from a diff country/ethnicity
    like, im korean in the U.S which is too typical so it wont be as noticed u noe? i want to do this anyways
    AFTER APS AND FINALS cuz im too stressful to write this. i want my mind to be happy wen i do~ so i hope the deadline isnt soon & will be in 2months like u mentioned
    i never got to participate in these events and i’ve been on this site for a longgg time.. SO THANK U!!
    momo, props for ur dedication<3

  65. @ candysweetz24: yeah i agree on what u said. a person from diff counrty/enthicity that would be great. But thats pretty hard as well coz everyone is everywhere.

    i have thought about that actually.

    what am feeling now is the word international and hoping that there would be something for us to be at the same par as kvipz.
    i dunno. but anyway, i am just gonna write something later..and see how it goes.

    regardless, if ur korean staying in US, but where ur at, thats international to me.

    i cant explain the things that am about to do. coz there’s so much things going on inmy head now. i will put everything into words and maybe then u’ll understand the reason am doing this.

    and good luck to you!!

    Thats why i didnt put any deadline yet coz i know some of u r having exams now..

  66. momo

    thanks, ;D!!
    and..well i just came up with a few more questions lol srry >< ahaa..so umm, if we have about one page..will you be folding it into business form and put it in the regular size envelope or using the bigger envelopes without folding the paper? :O
    and i got the impression that “short and simple” is like a sentence lmao. but..idk if it was half a page or less is that considered short/simple? i’m really paranoid since i’m the type that expresses more by writing more i guess..and since it says short and simple xD ehheh…i apologize for my incapability of comprehending the length of a letter loll. i’m getting nervous ahaaa x]

  67. @ milkydonut:

    lol. Short a simple doesnt mean, a setence or so.
    Ok, the only example i can give you is this: https://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/amazing-quotes-about-lovemusicfriendship/

    Lii wrote beautiful “Thank You” note to GD/YB.And Thats what i mean short simple. Meaningful yet symbolic.

    So the length can either be that way or one page is still ok for me.

    i dont mind if your letter is one page, but the content of it really counts. coz ppl tend to ramble “i love u” i cant live without you” ur my air to breathe..so on lol

    so to me its pointless coz what we want is to say is..our appreciation to the boys. thats why i said this is not a love letter

    However, your thank you letter can also be in the form of Love as well.

    this project really test your writing skill and ur creativity. and sorry if i make it hard this time.

    Who knows that there will the actual IvipTown for IVIPs..

  68. Thank you so much for this great project!

  69. momo

    OHHHHHHHHH, haha okay THANKSS ;D examples are good for me LOL;D now i totally understand lmao πŸ˜› ahhh, LOLL of course ;D the typical “you’re my sunshine, the air i breathe, etc” LOLL that was funny xDD so true though πŸ˜›

    hehe i’ll stop soon loll, but i’m not exactly sure what this part of the paragraph means xD :
    Selection will be based on the content and pictures will be taken individually. Not forgetting the rest of the letters, i will include them in as well but pictures will be taken as a group.

    thanks again x]<33

  70. @ milkydonut :

    ok for that part, i will choose the best 10 letters based on the content of the letter itself. And to make it more special, i will take pics each of the chose letters. hence individual picture.

    I wont be just emailing that to the press, but i will enclosed together a short story about everything. something like that.

    for other letters that didnt get picked, doesnt mean that ur letter is not good. It is and i know it eventhough i havent read it. but i know it will. so i decided to include them in. but i will only take pics as a group of Thank You Letters for BB. a whole bunch of letters. So if there are more ppl participating, so the group pics would definitely look amazing. if less, than its gonna be awkward. however, i will try make it FAB.

  71. OHHKAY, ahaa. so it’s a picture of the letter xD i get it πŸ˜€ loll
    thankss ;] β™₯!

  72. This is a great idea for a project πŸ˜€ Momo always with creative ideas that’s why i like your posts ^^ you always give opportunities to all the IVIPS. I live far (PerΓΊ) so for me i feel is very special U.U i will participate in this one too ^^ thanks again for this great opportunity β™₯β™₯β™₯

  73. wow.!
    great idea.!
    i will participate!
    go IVIPs!!!!!

  74. Momo,
    Ques: Only by writing on paper only? How about type using computer and just send it to you through email?
    Thanks ^^
    It just curiousity to me ^^

  75. good idea.. !! i’ll better start writing.

  76. Wait … can they read english ?

  77. wow…!! its great…!!fabulous idea..!
    v.i.p lets do it…!

  78. unni…is there a format?? if it has..please post^_^..if none…then none! haha!^_^

    thanks unni by the way..

    this is the first as in very very first time i will participate in a BBFansite project… cause it’s been only 2 motnhs or 3? since i join this fansite! (actually..not join..haha!^_^)

    thank you very very much unni!!!!^_^

  79. can i be linked to your site?

  80. this is my site banner

    Leave a comment on any of the comment box in my blog if u agree with this affliation!

  81. thanks very much!

    YG Entertainment is celebrating their 10th anniversary
    with a tour around the globe. well..in 10 country’s.
    and Australia has been said to tour there, but they are unsure that it will be successful
    Only Sign ONCE, because we don’t want to sign in so many different email addresses and cause YG some trouble when not enough fans show up!

  83. is it okay if i don’t put a pic of myself in the letter?

  84. Above is something we need help in xD
    so the letter has to be like half a page or something?
    or smaller? cause i’ve been writing drafts and i always think its too little or too much.
    thanks in advanced.

  85. OMG. what a nice idea! i’ll surely do this.. πŸ˜€

  86. wow~ thank you soo much~! ><

  87. Good idea.. I’m sure I’ll do it

  88. @lysaur
    for real?
    OMGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. i was just wondering that if you wrote in romanization would koreans understand it??

  90. oh, this is REALLY a great idea!!!!!!
    – but.. maybe i’m stupid but how can you get the letter if I write it with pen? should I scan it then and then send it to you as a e-mail, or? I understand it that way, but just to be sure I would ask :b

  91. ohh mayy you are great thank you so much for this awesome idea β™₯β™₯β™₯ i love you too much ^.^ im not good enough at english but i will try to…thank you thank you thank you β™₯β™₯β™₯

  92. hmm, so are you including ALL the letters that you get? Or are you just sending the top 10? D:

  93. wooo~~
    no deadline yet!
    im glad
    because i got exam coming up
    and im only free by 29th may!
    i just hope u dont think of a deadline till then yet ok?
    ima do hand writing then scan
    well its more love~

  94. omg, you are the best momo, and i am somewhat new here not really lol, but my first project that i’m going to be in.
    oh and my name is brenda lol
    so i was wondering, i can write whatever i want, like how they impacted me and stuff like that? and it could be a page long?
    so if i type this, do i email you my typed letter and a picture if i wanted to?

  95. i am def doing this!

  96. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT IDEAS MOMO !!!!!!!!!!

  97. thats soo awesum
    im soo doing this

  98. @YJ: it can be either one handwritten or type. if handwritten u need to scan and email to me.

    @YoungBae.No.1.VIP: the content should be simple, yes they can.

    @smargott: no format. its like writing a letter to a friend.

    @BEBE forever: can. no worries

    @Ivysaur: a page or half a page, can so long its understandable.

    @karlam: not really sure coz sometimes when you romanize the words, the meaning can be somewhat different from the actual ones.

    @BigBangDependent : handwritten letter, pls scan and email it to me.

    @corina: To Big Bang all letters included. To Press, i will choose the best 10 letters based on the content of the letter itself. And to make it more special, i will take pics each of the chose letters. hence individual picture.I wont be just emailing that to the press, but i will enclosed together a short story about everything. something like that.for other letters that didnt get picked, doesnt mean that ur letter is not good. It is and i know it eventhough i havent read it. but i know it will. so i decided to include them in. but i will only take pics as a group of Thank You Letters for BB. a whole bunch of letters.

    @brendaaa1329: can so long its not the mushy lovey dovey kinda stuff. of course email me the scanned letter if handwritten. pic is for me to decorate ur envelope. so its up to if u want too.

  99. Momo, this is an AWESOME idea!
    I don’t have a scanner…Is it possible to send out letters to you instead?

  100. @KTZ811: send me an email and will discuss about it k!

  101. great idea. i see a roomfull of boxes of these in my mind. lol. im sure bb will appreciate it if they see it. i will probably procrastinate. but nevertheless, i will do it.

  102. i’m just getting random ideas..so a question came up haha.

    if maybee we’d want to have a picture that is like a collage or something..or maybe even just two pictures in one. would that be okay?

  103. Do you need first AND last name? And you just need a picture of us, the ones writing the letters?

  104. my question same as milkydonut’s quest.

  105. erm,how to decorate the letter if we type using computer.?
    i’m lost.@_@

  106. @milkydonut & iluvTOP : i guess it should be alright.

    @iluvTOP : design, thats why i left that part for you either u want to do it or not. if not, u can always make it simple by just writing the letter. to me, the content is more important.

    @Sammi: up to you. pic is for the envelope.

  107. can i send two pic.?one for the envelope. and one for my letter?

  108. @iluvTOP: sure you can!

  109. Thank you so much for this.

  110. This almost seems to good to be true. If it is, i feel like i’m in heaven where there’s full of happiness only.

  111. ooo i want to participate and its a great idea cant wait to write the letter thanks and is there for all ivips

  112. WOOOT! PARTICIPATING! i shall email you a question unni ^^ WAIT, i’ll just ask here XD uhm, we send our pictures by email, right?

  113. @Moddy
    yes YG’s 10th Anniversary world tour is true
    they are unsure of asutralia
    sign that petition xD

    hahaha thanks so much :]
    sorry for asking and yu answering it like a few times.
    i just wanted to be sure.

  114. like everybody else is saying i really shuld do this.
    dnt think itll turn out cause my writing skills are lame but watever ill try anyway. short and simply. lets see how creative i can be. ill try my best.
    thnx for the opportunity anyway =]

  115. definitely gonna write something…
    even my writing skill are not good,really wanted to try…hehehe..
    so,yeah,hopefully if thre is a detelne,it not gonna be in this short time…lol…
    i’m waiting for this n now its the time…tq cause wanna do this… =)

  116. ur a genius!!!
    this is such a great idea!
    im going to do this too ^^

  117. i want to participate……..

  118. thank you so much for creating this contest!!!!!
    i’m going to work very hard ^^

  119. momo, thankz.!

  120. HELL YES.

    I’m doing this. >=D

    Thank you so much for this!!! ❀

  121. This sounds uber cool!:))
    i’m deffinatly doing it!

  122. omg i wanna do this. HAHAH.

  123. ahhh
    I wanna do this so bad!
    but i have no idea what to say
    i’ll think while i have some time
    imma do it!

  124. can we put a thanks to the bbfansite in the letter for this or something like that? xD

    andd would it make sense if there was something like VIP<3 or Big bang β™₯ or something at the end of the letter or the middle of the page? haha weird question o_o

  125. what a great idea!! =D
    i so want to do it… <33

  126. lmaO ;]]
    imma geht started on this riqht awayy rofl.
    idk. maybee i’ll be too lazyy buht do we need to post a pic of ourselves.?
    ii wOUld look like really uglyy && iht would mess the whole envelope up

  127. wow awesome ideaaa (:
    im excited ^^
    you’ll totally get a letter from me πŸ˜€

  128. Oh okay, thank Momo! I think I might send it via email instead. It’s Free! hahaha. I’ll send two pics: one for the envelope and one for the letter. Is it possible to have the letter within the picture?

  129. hey wow i might just do that

  130. Do we start sending in already? LOL~

  131. i might be interested in participating this… i’m a new fan, but really, knowing them just add another color to my music.

  132. I know this might sound really stupid but does IVIP stand for International VIP?

  133. man.. we have to send a pic of ourselves?
    anyway it looks like fun
    i wanna do it for sure~

  134. I think My question is a little bit the same as @KTZ811.. but here we go, shall I send two pictures?
    – and will you set all pictures of all of us who sending letters in on the envelope?, or just of these 10 who’s letters you are chosen?

  135. I’m not very good at writing letters but i’ll try my best to thank them ^ ^
    do i put my photo somewhere on the letter or what?

  136. @ milkydonut : sure u can!

    @ shOshana: if u want or dont want, fine by me. But leave the envelope to me.

    @ Cherie: you can as i havent decide on the dateline yet

    @ cindy: yes

    @ Ohn: up to you!

    @ BigBangDependent : 2 pics can, and yes all for the envelopes

    @ kviip: you may email the pic along with your letter.

  137. is it okay if i wrote it in english
    and translated it in korean?

  138. i sent already…
    momovip i hope you accept my email..

  139. so we CAN send more than one picture….

  140. so glad you’re doing this for us IVips.
    Be prepared for the number of the letters you’re gonna receive. hehe.
    I’m going to do this before school starts, and I need a lot of time for this.
    So you need:
    1. My real name?or nick if it’s ok?
    2. Country.
    3. mailing address (optional)
    4. picture to be used as a stamp..can be two?
    5. and of course, the thank-you letter! hehe.

  141. @ kviip: Yes

    @ Kenley :name, either one will do, 2 pics can.

  142. umm what is IVIPTOWN ??? i am really slow at this stuff and so for the letter we just thank them for anything we want rite? or is there a specified topic?

  143. I have a question does there have to be a picture?

  144. @ TopTempo; IvipTown is like UFOTown except that we cant log in to UFOTOWN and leave messages for BB. SO IvipTown is the unofficial of the oposite. Its a Thank You letter so thats ur theme. No pics, no worries!

  145. one last question maybe… lol will the letters be printed in color or will it just be black and white? Sry for asking so many questions.

  146. @ TopTempo: will print color or black&white accordingly

  147. o__o;; i don’t think my comment got through last time. I can’t find it. oh well. lol i’m not the only guy doing this right? D: .. because i love their style in music and jiyoung’s clothes D:

  148. @ Karu: if ur are, please join..it would be an honor to have u on board

  149. momovip do you get my email???

  150. @rubybigbang : all emails sent to me, i will reply back. so if u’ve received my reply, means that i have ur letter. whats ur name? so that i can check

  151. my name is lola granger
    my email lola_granger@yahoo.co.kr (incease)

  152. @rubybigbang : i have received it. and replied ur mail as well. pls check. ur malaysian?

  153. yes…i’m malaysian…

  154. [question]
    why do you need our mail address?

  155. yaay!! thanks momo

  156. @ beeloved : why i need? i dont need it really. Am just giving u guys option to include or not to include. Coz before this, previous projects handled by me, i said i didnt want anyone to include mailing address coz i thought it was unnecesary to do. but then still there are a few who still did it. so now, no limitation.

  157. do you think BB really reads the letters…??

  158. @corina; gotta have faith!

  159. haha decided to do this D: and mine will be in korean so they gotta read it!!! well… i don’t think they’ll just snub us completely and at least acknowledge it.

  160. you have YG mailing address?

  161. i was just wondering how many letters have you gotten so far. i’m still working on mine

  162. Haha yeah, i second Cindy. Wondering how many have you gotten so far? I’m still deciding what to write.

  163. i sent the mail (:

  164. i have received 50 letters for now

  165. wow thats a decent number but i think there would be more after finals that why i started late lol but i’ll send my mine in when i get down

  166. haha.. my friend really crushed me when she said they don’t read them.
    Have you done anything like this before?
    Like.. sending them letters and stuff : /

  167. @ corina:

    well yeah its kinda vague to know if bb will ever read ur letter or not. but safest way to say that they would eventually. not on time as always, but yeah they will.

    I have sent projects from bbfansite to Yg ent office myself when i went to Korea last year. and even got my dear friend to send the Valentine Collage to one of the staff. and she’s the one who told me that there were so many gifts for BB on the floor, table and even on the couch. So yeah.

    the thing is we just do this coz we want to and not because we want them so bad to read our stuff. Yes thats a bonus if they do, but its pretty hard to know unless they reply ur letters.

    So just keep an open mind and have fun. Whats the POINT of having fans or fanclubs if we’re too Skeptical whether they’ll read the letter or not.

  168. thanks momovip, you’ve helped so much.
    I guess I just needed a reminder as to why I’m doing this… maybe I’m just reading too many fanfics lately and my hopes went up too high..

    but yea, it would be soooo amazing if they actually replied, can’t wait!

    Did you set a deadline yet? πŸ™‚

  169. @ corina :

    Nope, i havent set the deadline yet. But once i have i will be sure to post it up.

  170. Lol about the photo, what dimensions should it be? because i kinda want to use photoshop a bit on it to make it more “stamp”-ish looking and don’t want something cropped out by accident ^^;;

  171. can fans outside korea also send their letters? ;p

  172. momovip do you get my pict???

  173. @ GDLuv this is intended for iVips to participate in. meaning people everywhere other than korea πŸ˜›

  174. @ Karu: not too sure about it either. just email me the pic and see how it goes. cool u made a stamp like pic.

    @ rubybigbang : nope

    @ GDluv: as what Karu mentioned, IVIP to join!

  175. ???
    i sent already..
    never mind.. i sent another one..

  176. I was just thinking.. when do you think there will be a Deadline? :3 it’s so much fine by me, that there isn’t one yet, but just so I know a little bit about when I should begin the letter? :3

  177. what program should we use to write it? like word 2007 or 2004?

    thanks so much for this great opportunity, so happy~

  178. do i have to be a VIP becuase am not but i want to but i dont know how soo please help me i really want to send them a thank you litter

  179. oh i forgot this is my email so please help me

  180. @ BigBangDependent : pretty hard to say. as am busy with my deadlines and other stuff. so maybe, i’ll be putting this one for 2 months or so. Or, i’ll come out with the deadline by end of this month. Will post the updates.

    @ MC : either one

    @ cutechan; anyone can join. this is a FREE Fansite. No need to sign up

  181. how cool?! I’m so glad I visited the site!
    I’m lovin this site already!

  182. Hope they understand the letters written in English ^3^
    I was planning on writing a hand written letter & mailing it to them using the address that was features in a OLDDDDD post, but my dream to learn Korea is uhm.. still in progress ~

  183. PS: THIS WAS AGREAT IDEA ! THANKS SO MUCH ~~~~ This will truly connect BIGBANG with some of their International fans ~ ^^
    <33 AMMMMY

  184. thanx momo πŸ™‚ im very happy im going to start right now
    ihave another Q: can i send a present too ?

  185. i am definetly doing this. I love Big Bang. They came to my state Hawaii. They also came to my island Oahu. I saw DaeSung and T.O.P.’s back. Awesome right?

  186. i am totally going to do this! πŸ™‚

  187. OMG!! YAAAYY!
    Thankssss <3333

  188. my handwriting is ugly..
    i mite just type..
    i love bb!!!

  189. hey momo..when sending pictures,you do mean send them virtually to you right??
    there’s no posting. all email right?
    and you’ll do whatever you have to for the envelope??

    this is a great idea. thank you so much for thinking up this idea. See how the world can get connected so easily through love and music. haha. BigBang has done wonders!!

    I’ll get started on my letter!! Not much time left!

  190. Is it possible to not fold the letter? I’m thinking about doing something and I don’t know if it’d look as good folded. x]

  191. YAY ! i did minee(: Im happy ;D

  192. How can join iVip? I didn’t see any “Register” links T_T . I would like to send a letter but my love was totally for GD. Is it alright momo? πŸ˜€

  193. How can I join iVip? I didn’t see any “Register” Links T_T. Is it okay if I write this fan letter especially for GD? πŸ˜€

  194. Yeah yeah.
    I’m join in. I already sent it to you guys.

  195. NICE IDEA!
    dude! how much i wanted to connect to BIGBANG.
    atlast.. im gonna make one for sure!

  196. Hi, was wondering, how do we address them? Like, would it be weird if i’d just do a “Hi JiYong oppa!” (for example) as an introduction? And can i only address my letter to jiyong?

  197. Oh, and if i’m sending it to you as a picture, does it have to be A4 size? Cause i’m afraid that if it isn’t then it won’t look good. Sorry but this is first thing that i’m doing for bigbang/jiyong so i want it to look good

  198. @ anisahmalaysia: yes everything via email.

    @ Mel: am using ur pic to function as a stamp for the envelope. Yes u can.

    @ Sienz : preferably as a group but yeah sure

  199. How do i know if you have my letter.?
    cusz i think i sent it to you but idk if you got it.

  200. Ok thanks! (:
    Sorry, what i meant by sending it to you as a picture was, if i designed the letter, i’ll have to send the letter to you in the form of a picture right? So does it have to be like A4 size?

  201. @Mel: either way..can also

    @trina: i will reply back

  202. Momo is 7 paragraph was too long?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  203. Letter sent. Tell me if u got it. Tried my best. Maybe not good but thats what I got. Thanks a lot momo.

  204. Oh my gosh! I just discovered this site! Awesome, bb-lover πŸ˜€
    Shout out from Sweden^^ I’m so writing this letter to Big Bang! OMG πŸ˜€ Haha, freaking out about the possibility of THEM actually reading our fan letters :P!
    Wow, I’m nervous, I don’t know what to write to make it unique and my English isn’t really “A-class” -.- Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts^^

  205. OMSGH! thats awesome ! i think im actually going to do this ><"

    whats everyone else doing?

  206. i dont know if i sent my letter for sure..i might have sent more than one…sorry..*dumb*

  207. i dont think i can send it.
    please let me know.

  208. ok..
    i sent it..
    but theres no pic bcuz my mom wouldnt let me..
    so embarrassing mann..

  209. momo are you a malaysian?

  210. @Alyssa Vang: i have replied ur email

    @rubybigbang: yes i am

  211. i’m still confused on this thing..
    so we can write a letter to one specific member?

  212. Hey do we have to be a registered member of this site to participate??

  213. @rosebud: no you don’t just email her to give her your message.

  214. i got sumthing to ask here..
    do i hv to type it use the microsoft word?
    or juz use hand writing?
    & about the pic..do i hv to include it in the letter too or not?
    & also how short should my message should be?cant really understand dis one..hehe
    should i write it one page or not?

  215. heii

    hmm i’m from germany and my english isn’t perfect .. soo i have some questions, because i don’t want to missunderstand anything!!

    the picture of me i should put in the letter and my name and country of origin seperated in the e-mail?? is that right?

  216. @taeyangluvzcathyv: better to all members

    @hanyuki: Microsoft Word. if its hand written, you need to scan it and email it to me. You can include the pic if u want to. A page should be ok

    @Karina : you can email me the letter and pic separately if u want or u can include the pic in ur letter as well

  217. momo do you from malaysia?? (just asking)

  218. hello! i was just wondering, my friend and I want to this letter together? as in, two person but one letter? so…can we? just asking. =)

  219. @myun: can


  221. yay! i wanna join~
    wahh! i hope they read mine. and if they do, i hope they understand. lol.

  222. Momo: “I wont design your letter this time. I’ll print what’s given to me by email.”

    Does that mean we can use photoshop or something to make it “fancy” or just keep it plain?

  223. @chovanee : yes, u can design ur letter

  224. wew, i’m so excited!!!

    i’m telling my friends! XD

  225. oh, in forgot something!
    what size does the letter should be? i mean, the paper size…

  226. helllooo, this sounds really cool, and i plan on doing it!!

    but i’d also like to write a fan letter to g dragon himself. can you give me the mailing address so i can send this separately and not mix it in with my big bang thank you letter? thanks!

  227. oops, forgot to leave my email address:

    thank you!

  228. Yay!!! im so excited i’ll get to participate
    in something like this for BIG BANG!!!!!!
    thanks so much for helping us all do this!!

  229. how many stamps?

  230. is it possible to just write to GD? or do i have to write to the whole group? because either way is okay but just asking. thanks!! [:

  231. Hi Group I am from Saudi Arabia . and am 19 old & After five months am go to 20 . And I am impressed. I like the songs,All songs B.B , and i Love So SO So much Gd . U So Cute
    so sweet. And You Celebrity In the Arab States so so so .
    and Popular In the Arab States . We LOVE U SO Much .And we appreciate fatigue Group , Thank you very much . The greatest group . very greatest , fighting b.i.g Bang . yeeey . Honthony Honthony << Turned Japan . hahahahahaha . am so Baaaka huh
    K7 K7 .. Okye Yes, I know I speak Japanese language, but a mean . 2nd Korea umm Kumasmeda hahahaha . Just i wanted to Tell u Group this Comment . I want to communicate with you in any way .
    OK c.u Later Another time bye bye My Best Group . and bye bye GD ^^

  232. how many pages can i write?

  233. Hello Big bang im roby im from saudi arabi im old 17
    You are beautiful by the Task Force I love very, very, very
    Ilike SeungRI<<<This my looooooooooooove Aouh
    You are the best
    You are the best
    You are the best
    Ypu are the best
    You are the best
    Aooooooooooooooooooooooooooh BIGBANG
    Iloveeeeeeeeeeeeyou BIG BANG so much
    I want that I communicate with you please
    I want to tell you how much I admire complementary Awoh
    Please any one knows something about the band of the e-mail subscription or as the book please tell me

  234. what’s up?I don’t know

  235. if i can write a short letter.I just want to say thank 4 everthing they did,do and ‘ll do.Keep ur health.And i hope u all can come to vietnam,malaysia or other countries.More than Japan and Thailand.
    I or someone else right here can be chosen.It’s not a problem.I know u all understand how we love u all.
    Once more time.Thank 4 everything.

  236. @cutechan: maybe a page or so…

    @jonk : u can but preferable as a whole grp

    @sheivon: u dont have to think about the stamps. only me

    @Jade: the address is stated here at side bar under Contact Big Bang

    @chovanee: like ur writing a letter…a4 size

  237. I did it.lol.I love BB! T.O.P. ftw!<3

  238. Hey after we send our mail, will you auto reply or? Cos i just sent mine but i havent received your msg saying you’ve received it.
    πŸ˜€ Thanks.

  239. @Trina: its Katrina..as per ur email ID right?

    @ Jeni: i did reply and sent this morning

  240. i relaly love this idea. but ive had it done but i just popped up some questions. the picture can be any size ?. and what do you mean by names ?. i live in america so should i put down the state and everything ?.

  241. @kimmay: pic size i’ll reduce it for you..therefore i dont have any specifi requirement.. you can put down the state as well..up to you

  242. Oh thanks so much!

  243. Oh, this is so cool!
    Will definately join >.<
    Quite new so i just found out =)
    But thanks for having this brilliant idea!

  244. Mine was short, but every word I wrote, I really meant. I’m glad you are doing this project. I’m happy with all the projects you’ve been coming up with. They’re fun creative ways for Big Bang to know we love and appreciate them and their music! πŸ™‚


  245. I was wondering, is it ok to tell one of the members you like them…because well i know how this is for the whole group and it’s a thank you letter. but i really want to say something to TOP. and also where do we write the name and origin in the letter too?

  246. about what time is bigbang going to get these letters???

  247. @sumin: time? thats very subjective. it depends at wat time the DHL korea receives them

    @brendaaa1329: email it to me.

  248. well time as in the date or the month. just an estimated time…

  249. OMG I just see your project now >.<
    I hope I will have time to send you my letter by mail !
    btw is there French already or i am the only one ?

  250. agh, I forgot it!! I hope I will have time to send you my letter by mail ! [2]

  251. I’ve send you an email. Hopefully you received it! Please do reply me if you did! πŸ™‚

  252. i cant send you my pic cuz am not aloowed to so can i end my littel sis pic ?

  253. and i have already end you the letter didi you get it?

  254. only one day left and i sent it today ^^
    did you get it?? o.O

  255. u are awesome for doing this thanks soo much =) glad to see my name on there haha thanks again

    big bang ❀

  256. MoMo!!!
    Sorry to bother you again, but my last name isnt Wang, its Wong, just kinda bothered me sorry >.<

  257. Thank you!! πŸ˜€

  258. yeay!! saw my name!! am thankful!! love big bang!!!
    number 115!! Right there!!

  259. I saw my name too, 123 >.<

  260. yey! i got in in time πŸ˜€

  261. Hi momo! I sent you the letter with my pic last 24 july 2009 but I didn’t receive any reply. Now I don’t see my name on the list. I even post a comment here but was not commented back. I wonder why. I really want to join since I participated on other projects and had no problems before. Thank you

  262. Wow, I’m sad :/ I think I did something wrong.. because I didn’t make it in time. Uhm.. I guess I have you guys to say thank you to BigBang. Wow, I’m really sad XD

  263. Hi! Isent to you the letter yesterday, but I don’t see my name on the list._.

  264. yay!!
    im number 40!

  265. i sent my letter on the 25th……and my name isnt on there. haha i know it must be a lot of tedious work, and i applaud u fordoing all of this but..im just wondering, about my letter

  266. @pwnageazngr: whats ur full name pls? and ur email id?

  267. yeeey am in am # 132?
    but whos the other huda # 24 i really want 2 know

  268. will you post the pic of our letters in the site,?

  269. thank youso much for your hard work..~~~

  270. no.44 yay me…~~~~~~~`

  271. I was wondering if you were still posting names? I got an e-mail saying my letter was received but didn’t see my name on the list yet (Victoria S) Sorry if you’re busy, but just making sure ^^

  272. i am Alexa S. and my email is alexorous500@yahoo

  273. Just wanna thank momo for everything. saw my name now. Happiness!!!!

  274. Yay!! I made the list!! Thank you Momo!!

  275. thanks for everything ;]<3

  276. momo… thanks so much for the idea πŸ™‚

    yeah ~ there are many gifts for BIG BANG. I’ve already sent my SCRAPBOOK to them and my scrapbook would be in the pile of gifts. LOL ~ and I dunno they’ll see it or not. I just having my times as VIP. HAHAHA πŸ˜€

  277. Cool I’m number 73 XD I LOVE YOU T.O.P! I frickin have a picture of you in my wallet!Ok to make this clear.
    !!!!!!!I LOVE YOU T.O.P!!!!!!!

  278. Ahhhh what im to late

  279. Lol.T.O.P<3


  281. heeyyy
    just wanted to know the updates on the project
    did they get sent yet?

  282. how can I join club?? It’s so difficult

  283. hi minh la choonhyang rat vui dc lam wen
    minh ham mo bb lam lam nhat la anh seungri rat vui lam wen
    nick chat cua minh la choonhyang_thoihiendai lam wen nh

  284. Letter??.. I also want to send Seungri hyung a letter.. I wrote it long time ago.. But I can’t send him… Can you help me?

  285. omfg!!!…tae yangie my babe!!…gosh!..y do have to be sooo fawin hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  286. my gawd..i love Big Bang..vey much. at the 1st time..i like korean artist.the song very good ilike it very much..so now i want to search a album big bang that i’m missed.chua he Big Bang!!

  287. well how should i start …
    I really love the bing bang crew but moreTAE yang!!
    Everytime after school I go on YouTube look at corigraphie of tae yang and then I show it in front of my friend my dream is to be able to dancer with tae yang or to go has its concert tae yang minspire many because he is Zen !1

    ( REALLY SORRY I’M NOT THAT GOOD IN ENGLISH lol) THX alot for reading

  288. happy birthday choi seung hyun a.k.a TOP !
    sorry for the lateness .
    i should wish him yesterday but i was busy .

  289. I hope … BIGBANG happy forever :X:X:X

  290. g i love you biang bang hansome to you g_dragon

  291. big bang…g-dragon i β™₯ u

  292. you guys are Awesome.
    so encouraging to me.. on day i will sing with you;)
    love all ya<3

  293. and also, love your song GD..heartbreaker..<3

  294. hey…. umm.. well this is my first time on here, but i just wanted to say that i fell in love with you guys’s music…. im from hawaii…. and yeah. LOLz im still hoping you guys would visit down here someday…. OAHU.. LOLz but yeah, i listen to your songs everyday. And i just started taking korean language classes because im thinking of coming to korea after i graduate. well.. anyway im really happy that i found this website ;P

  295. our prince g dragon our chresmatic guy top our who has a killer smile daesong our hot boy taeyang and our youngest prince seungri we love you so much we are from ethiopia u guys are amazing i hope i see u before i die love u guys please realase new album

  296. how do u send message to them??my firs time

  297. when can u send them message first time dont noe what to do HELP

  298. luv u guys bigbang fighting !! OH late happy birthdAY taeyang.

  299. you have to be a ivip to sent message to bigbang if your not one then no i tryed it!!

  300. when is the letter thank you going to open !! Come on people whats to swent letters to them..

  301. hey for the audition for singers and produce and actors do u have to speak korean to audition???

  302. it closed but why is the line getting bigger? I met the letter reciveing or it just me?

  303. I can’t wait to see the finished product !! πŸ™‚

  304. may I join?

  305. anybody could join this but you just have to wait till the mail things open then u sent it. If u dont know how to contact them look at the bottom and look for BLOGROLL and click on (contacting bigbang)..
    just want to help!!

  306. taeyang λ‚œ 항상 당신을 μ§€μ›ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€

  307. Ψ΄ΩƒΨ±Ψ§



  308. i don’t know english=>not express but i think i love them,past,today,future and forever.i don’t know they have know think of me.i hope you know it and receiving me!!!!1

  309. BB<3<3<3

  310. Plss!!BB rock my dreams,my dogs and my home…<3_<

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