090328 Malaysia Meet #2: Success!

i’m very happy to say that Malaysia Meet #2 was a great success w/ a huge turnout for this “picnic”
here’s ATHIRAH checking in w/ the details (sorry it took a while for me to put things up… finished midterms today)

if you missed this one, be sure to check out Malaysia Meet #3 here!

“B to the I to the G! B to the A.N.G!”

Hello I-VIPS^^ anyeonghaseyo ATHIRAH imnidaaa~
wow. finally i have a successful meet under my belt. as planned , meet was held at KLCC park on 28th March 2009.
Best of MVIPS showed up and really they are the heartbeats the meet!

MVIPS line ups


“I wanna rock with you dance with you do everything with you”

Every meet has to start with a ‘bang’. that was exactly what we did. each of us introduced ourselves ; from our names to why Big Bang is the love of our lives and everything else in between!


VIPS gotta eat!
sushi , vip-made potato and egg salad , hotdogs filled us up! food’s certainly good but it seems like all we cared about is talking^^

roll on DIBIDIBIDIP mvips version^^ goofy poses indeed, but we had the best time cheering on and laughing our asses off at each other!

“She can’t get enough”

talking to other VIPS was about the best thing we got to do. amazing how Big Bang bonded us strangers together! Words were flowing in and mvips showed no sign of stopping. so we decided to refresh ourselves^^ off we went to the second venue inside Suria KLCC. None other than the food court.

“Say goodbye bye”

It’s always hard to part T__T i had the worst time having to live em earlier. though we know we can never forget this meet, MVIPs grabbed this chance to swap gifts with other vips as tokens of the memories we had. it was brief , but nevertheless unforgettable.

[from mahirah : lolli lolli lollipop oh lolli pop pop^^]

[from huny to syiqa and syiqa to huny^^]

[from zaty to fairus and fairus to zaty^^]

other gifts from mvips>> [no pic~didn’t manage to capture 1]
yuri who left earlier made mvips origami shirts with Big Bang calendars on it!
she opened her file and shove it in front of us and we went crazy over it lol

kumawayo yuri^^

there might be some other gifts from the rest of MVIPs but since i had to live early , i don’t have any photos of ’em!

“saranghae cingu nae”

just one simple line to my newly made cingus >
daeumme tto bwahyo.

geddit?? ;p

here’s a final shout out to the boys i love with all my heart^^
because of u guys i became a ‘v.i.p’
when u guys sang ‘she can’t get enough’
damn u got that right!
u guys got me going ‘la la la’ day and night
‘with you’ i went through my days from
when the sun rises to when the ‘sunset glows’
‘a fool’s tears’ was what i teared when u
mingled with hyori onni
‘But i love you’ so what the hell
i wish u guys would ‘look only at me’
but that’s okay cos even if you don’t ,
i know i am still your ‘Number 1’

[FROM MELLY] wow. this was a great meet. thanks to athirah for setting this amazing meet up! so proud of the vipz around the world! please keep spreading that VIP love around. you’ll definitely make life-long friends from something so simple as this. ONE-LOVE


~ by gdluvzmc on May 1, 2009.

49 Responses to “090328 Malaysia Meet #2: Success!”

  1. yay…it’s finally up…
    gosh i really missed everyone…
    guys let’s hang out again…

  2. lol i’m so sorry for the lateness. there was so many pix. i wanted to reupload, but i wanted to put this up asap. so hopefully bandwith doesn’t exceed!
    looks like you guys had so much fun! i’m so happy 🙂

  3. ya we did…
    though we all met 4 d first time we really had a blast.
    d food was totally forgotten (well…only for d first few hours)
    lots of BB spazzing,n dibidibidip game…LOL…cant get enough…
    ppl around must thought we were a bunch of crazy people…
    very LOUD..

  4. how’s malaysia doing??
    i wished i was there
    i totally missed the first greet&meet cause i went to my fren’s hse for raya open house wtf
    and i wasn’t in malaysia anymore during the #2 meet
    wish i was there to spazz with u guys
    sigh it’s okay
    seems like u guys had a blast!!
    that’s great!!
    but there are still more MVIPS that i know!
    where are they?
    and last question..
    who is his favourite BB member?!!

  5. where are the Chinese ?!

  6. Oh Cool! looks like a lot of fun! Is there going to be a Minnesota meet???

  7. wah…
    It’s so fun..lol

  8. @dixxon, we only had one chinese

    => ice

  9. somebody doit at penang plezzz!!!!
    im dying to join you guys

  10. can somebody doing this thing in penang plez!!!!
    im dying to join…
    i cant be a leader to this thing cuz im to young…
    somebody who is older,doit in penanag plezzzz…

  11. liked the “‘a fool’s tears’ was what i teared when u
    mingled with hyori onni” !

    looks like they had a laat of fun …Jealous !!!

  13. yay finally it’s up!!! ^_________^
    athirah u really did a great job!!!
    i wish i din left ealier so that i can spazzing more wif u guyz…~~
    & thx 4 remembering d calendar…& wanna know what, me either doesn’t have any single pic of it!LOL completely 4got about it,& i only made 5 of them…need to make another to keep it myself…hehehe even i din have it so,i’m so sorry who din got it…i thought peoples won’t b that much that day…huhuhu
    really miss u guyz,hope we can meet again soon…^^

    p/s : @ jiyanz
    i guess he likes G-Dragon…rite rudy? =P

  14. Awesome! Go VIPs~ ^^

    Wow… lots of sushi. LOL. =D

    Aww. Love the shoutout! C:

  15. yuri

    to rudy:
    ooo gimme five rudy!!
    hahaha i respect you!! for being a guy fan of the boys ❤
    u’ve got awesome taste!! xD
    yeah..actually i was wondering where are all the chinese??
    i mean..i know quite alot of chinese vips in the forum
    hope i’m gonna see all of u together during the next meet!!

  16. u guys had fun!


  17. @ jiyanz

    i guess d next meet we’ll have more chinese VIPz since it was organize by a BB- Malaysia VIPz forum??
    i missed d 1st meeting wif u guyz last year, hope i can join d next meet on 31st anyway…^^

  18. i wanna go for the next meet and greet. i missed that day’s one. D: but later i’ll be the youngest one there? TT

  19. how old r u celine??
    we dun matter how younger r u,as long as u r BIG BANG’s fan!!!!!!^^
    but d most important is, ur parents allow u to join us, that’s lucky enuf already…LOL
    we’ll treat d MVIPz all d same…rite MVIPz????
    come & join us yeah…^_________^

  20. this time i will go! yeay my finals finish on 20th! yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  21. yay, im in bb fansite! hahaha, glad i met u vips last time, hopefully ill come for the 3rd meet!!

  22. waaa.
    hope i can meet u guyz.

  23. hope i can meet you guys!!! it looks so awesome and the food are YUM! i want some T_T …

    HWAITING!!! 😀

  24. WAH! It looked fun!
    NO!!! I couldn’t go!!
    Nvm..next time when I’m older I will definately find for you guys~
    Haha..and if I were there I think I would be the youngest xP

  25. Omg it looks fun I wanna go to
    there is some muslime girls jut like me thats make
    me more exctited ^^
    but my clothes is a little bit diffrent ^^

  26. long time no comment.. that meet was a total great one.. i heard they’ll make 1 more meet..but i can’t go..huhuhu

  27. em…
    wanna join it but im not in malaysia right now…
    so sad..
    u guys look very enjoy talk about BIG BANG !!!
    dont forget to tell me if u guys plan to meet again ok!!
    big bang is VIP

  28. next meet comin up end of this month! any of u goin???

    thanks for ur comments! be it has something to do with me or not ,
    it counts!

    true from my soul^^

  29. oooo looks nice and way fun.
    Too bad nothing like this happens in London :/

  30. ermmm… i just read your blog.. nice info and good tips..

  31. okay..envy is all swelling out of me!!
    aigoo…syiqa is my cousin there~
    unfortunately i dont have the chance to join her to meet up with you guys~
    *sigh* pity me!!

    really hope to join u guys in the next meeting!

  32. yeah we all had a blast…
    now Rudy into Taeyang..thanx to me~~ 😀
    he event try to cut his hair like him..
    omg but unfortunately..
    his mom doesn’t like it..
    and end up being bold wakakaka…

    aw~~i can’t join 4 da next meet n greet..
    i hav class on dat day..
    too bad..hav fun guys..
    really wanna join da meeting..

    >gtema:hahaha promote cuzen plak..XD

  33. Good information, it seems pretty cool 🙂 This blogpost is just awesome! Thanks for the info!

  34. […] MALAYSIA MEET – Atira & Zay @ atiragigle@gmail.com * (See THIRD MEET) * (See FIFTH MEET) […]

  35. harika ya

  36. god i mis those times.

    when’s the next meet? xp

  37. hello athirah. i really2 want join this meeting.since 2008.but i still finding more VIP outhrs. …
    hopefully u can give more detail bout next meeting…sendng da details to:
    hopefully can join u guys and be one of da VIP@malaysia

  38. hello. my name is munyee. can i know how u all meet together? cos im bigbang fan’s also,but i dont no how to get into bigbang VIP fan club. can u reply my msg to my email?

  39. im bigbang s fan too… can i join your group!! rply me via my email k!! i hope so…

  40. dis my fon no.. 0 1 3 4 3 5 0 7 0 6,,, plezz adding me as your vip fan.. im really love bigbang music style.. n im teacher s trainer.. im study at ipbmm kl

  41. hey ,im really into BB too ,
    this webstite looks like a lot of fun ,
    can i join too ? ;pp
    pretty please ????? ❤

  42. bl nk wat gathering lg..nk join…

  43. luv big bang so much..when they will come to malaysia?

  44. please come to malaysia1!!! i love you guys so much.

  45. OMG!…
    i m really love BigBang..
    actually..i’m lost here…in ur pages..

    *gara-gara mencari t shirt BigBang…huwaaaa!!!..
    where i can get their t shirt??!!!!! T_T

  46. annyeong everyone..
    i’m also a VIP from malaysia..
    we’re trying to bring big bang to malysia..
    so, we have this fb group to see how many ppl want big bang come to malysia..
    pliz join n spread our love to them..

    we’re also have this group to set up the fan meet..

    u guys are most welcome =)

  47. wah….
    i’m from Malaysia 2..
    i’s so jelous right now.. waaa…
    plez.. i really wanna join u all..!!

  48. seriously.. can i join this???????????????????????????????

  49. Hai Guys *_*..

    Well I just found out about this BIGBANG Fan Club.. Can anyone tell me how to join this club? I am so interested to join all of you.. BIG BANG is the best!!!!All the songs are great..domo2 chua hae…especially A fool of tears…wauuuu…greattt!….They All Superbb!

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