[NEW] The GD Dictionary

it’s about time this was done. we all have those GDmoments… time to utilize our noggins & be creative to make up our own words to fill up this GD Dictionary!

time for a Melly-Momo tag-team!

– a dictionary comprised of newly-made words you CAN’T find in other dictionaries, but only here. WHY? cuz these words are made up by VIPz, & only VIPz use it in their everyday language.

– any kinds of words – nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs… they obviously need to have GD in it to be in the GD DICTIONARY.

1) leave a comment with your proposed word.
2) the word should have GD in it somewhere; make it clever
3) make up a definition for it
4) it’s preferred that you add the type of word it is (is it a noun? a verb? adverb? adjective? etc.)
5) provide an example. use it in a sentence
6) provide a pronunciation guide in italics lol
7) no spelling errors. dictionaries should never have errors in them

& that’s it! have fun making up your own GDWORDS & using them in your everyday conversation. hopefully yours will appear on our dictionary!


NOUN: a subject
VERB: an action
ADVERB: modifies the verb (SLOWLY ran)
ADJECTIVE: modifies the noun (BIG house)

GDDAMNITgee.dee.dam.it (adv/adj) a retort used when one is very angry
Ex: “GDDAMNIT JIYONG, why are you so GDDAMN SEXY?!?!?”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Used by: gdluvzmc

GDBIAS gee.dee.bi.es (n/v) being impartial to Kwon Jiyong
Ex: “My GDBIAS prevents me from dating other boys cuz no one can compare to my Jiyongie.”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Felt by: All
Number of boyfriends had b/c of it: None

GDMOMENTgee.dee.mo.ment (n) a moment in which one personally has a moment with G-DRAGON; a moment which describes a typical G-DRAGON experience
Ex: “After being entranced by GD’s voice & beginning to daydream while listening to “We Belong Together” the English version, her GDMOMENT was killed when her phone rang & the boyfriend called. -_- ”
Made by: gdluvzmc

GDRANDOMNESSgee.dee.ran.dom.nes (n) when you’re feeling a bit out of the blue
Ex: “Pardon me for my GDRANDOMNESS. I’ve been staring off into space all day.”
Made by: momovip

GDPEOPLEgee.dee.pee.pul (v) trying to socialize more; friendly
Ex: “I’m trying to share my experiences with you. I feel a bit GDPEOPLE today.”
Made by: momovip

GDNIGHT gee.dee.nite (n) an expression used when wishing others (esp VIPz) a good night
Ex: “I’m heading to bed you guyz, GDNIGHT!
Inspired by: Gyang

OHMYGD / OMGD oh.my.gee.dee / oh.em.gee.dee (n) an expression used when in exclamation of one’s excitement, shock, etc.
Ex: “OHMYGD… he just flashed his abs! x]”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Used by: numerous VIPz

GDHEAVEN gee.dee.heh.ven (n) a special place where VIPz go when they metaphorically “died;” an expression used when fangirls get killed by cute GD moments
Ex: “AHH! His smile! OMGD I just died, & went to GDHEAVEN. *faints*”
Inspired by: BBFTW
Number of visitors: too many to count

GDADDICT gee.dee.add.ikt (n) a person who is addicted to, or has a slight obsession for G-Dragon
Made by: gdluvzmc
Applicable to: All of TEAM GD (hehe)

GDTASTIC gee.dee.tas.tik (adj) when you’re feeling happy/excited
Ex: “Big Bang’s coming to Southeast Asia, I’m feeling ultra-GDTASTIC!”
Inspired by: emryisvip

GDREASON gee.dee.ree.zun (n) your knowledge/wiseness that pertains/is similar to that of G-Dragon
Ex: “My GDREASON tells me that he must not be in a good mood today & wants to be left alone. 😦 ”
Inspired by: momovip

GDHIGH gee.dee.hi (n) the peculiar sensations one feels when seeing, hearing, or thinking about G-Dragon
Ex: “Just the thought or slightest mention of Kwon Jiyong makes me crazy GDHIGH.”
Inspired by: fOreverGD

GDLOVE gee.dee.luv (n) the sensations of feeling very excited/besotted when seeing, experiencing, hearing, or thinking of the love G-Dragon emits to others
Ex: “Uwahh, how cute! Aaahhhh, the GDLOVE gets me every time!!!”
Inspired by: vipreirei

GDORK gee.dork (n) a complete dork, but ridiculously adorable while being one, especially when doing things reminiscent of G-Dragon
Ex: “Aww- she bought a lightsaber just like G-Dragon’s. She’s a complete GDORK.”
Inspired by: kVIPple
Number of boys who are GDORKS: very few

GDAZED gee.dayzed (adj) to be totally hypnotized by everything that is G-Dragon
Ex: “Man, I was so GDAZED as I watched G-Dragon spanking that imaginary pony in that photoshoot!”
Inspired by: dkjfhajkdfhoi
Experienced by: Many

GDOVERLOAD gee.dee.oh.vur.lode (n) when one is completely overwhelmed – physically and mentally – by images, videos, and/or audio clips of G-Dragon
Ex: “OMGD! That was too much for me to handle… GDOVERLOAD! >.<”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Experienced by: Many

GDSPAM gee.dee.spam (n/v) being attacked by numerous images, videos, and/or audio clips of G-Dragon; to spam attack others with numerous clips of G-Dragon
Ex: “Today, I totally GDSPAMMED Simon, & he didn’t like it at all.”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Number of victims: numerous non-BB fans, especially boys.

GDATTACKgee.dee.uh.tak (n) an uncomfortable, yet pleasurable sensation felt by those who just had an overwhelming amount of mixed feelings rushed into them all at once due to G-Dragon
Ex: “Holy crud, don’t talk to me right now, i’m having a GDATTACK…”
Made by: gdluvzmc
Number of VIPz sent to GDHEAVEN b/c of it: too many to count.

GDGASM – gee.dee.ga.zum (n) a form of GDATTACK, but more geared towards the sexual sensations felt due to G-Dragon
Ex: “After being shown numerous hot pictures of G-Dragon, she proceeded to have GDGASMs for the rest of the night.”
Inspired by: Jessica
Number of GDGASMs had: this shouldn’t be a number proudly shown off to others…

GDKISS – gee.dee.kiss (n) the kiss most notably accredited to G-Dragon, where the index & middle finger come together, pressed against the lips, & out into the audience for all to see
Ex: “Plant that GDKISS on your puffy lips baby~”
Inspired by: Sandy
See Haru Haru performances

GD-FIED – gee.dee.fied (v) pertaining to one’s style & way of living; to bling up your clothes & style to match the fashionable, glamorous lifestyle of G-Dragon
Ex: “Fitted hat, fresh kicks, and the emo eyeliner – you definitely GD-FIED your style.”
Inspired by: emieroker
Amount of money spent trying to GD-fy your closet: too freaking much

GDSTYLE – gee.dee.style (n) pertaining to the style, his way of living, & the mantras of G-Dragon
Ex: “I’ma show you how to do it real quick, GDSTYLE (you should write it down).”
Inspired by: GD himself
Listen to “Hello” by G-Dragon

GDHOLIC gee.dee.hol.lik (n) synonym for GDADDICT (see above)
Ex: “I became a GDHOLIC when I first saw GDragon. Now I’m a GDADDICT in rehab.”
Inspired by: VictoryxLove
Applicable to: All of TEAM GD

GDELICIOUSgee.dee.lish.us (adv) describing anything that G-Dragon does, flaunts, & so much more
Ex: “It’s so GDELICIOUS when he wipes imaginary snot from his nose… SIGH”
Inspired by: Many
When applicable to GD: all the time!

GDODgee.dee.oh.dee (n) what a GDADDICT has before going to GDHEAVEN; abbreviation for GDOVERDOSE
Ex: “I saw GD’s performance today and had a GDOD!”
Inspired by: Sheena
Remedies to prevent GDOD: none =[

GDictionary last updated: 11.01.09


139 Responses to “[NEW] The GD Dictionary”

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  2. aw, seriously how cute. I’ll think of a word and come back!

  3. haa!! so clever. i totally have GDBIAS.
    haha oh what about “OMGGD?”
    wait no..it doesnt have the GD in front. lol

  4. ROFL. WTF?! xDD A lot of peopl tell me GDnight.

  5. correction. anywhere in the word is fine lol
    nice gyang.

  6. gyang, same thing here! my friend says this to me every night:D I really think that this one should be in GD Dictionary 😀 with a description:
    GDNight: wishing GDvip dreams about Jiyongie like “Ok, see you tmrw, GDnite dear.”
    awesomeness! I definetely have GDBIAS =_=


  8. wonderful!
    i’m going to come back and propose one if i can come up with one. ^^

  9. haha someone add this one!
    GDheaven! haha~

  10. LOL!

    Hilarious. I love it. 😀

  11. that is SO random. ^_^’

  12. LMAO!!!
    all of them are sooo cute and the examples are hilarious
    they sound so real it makes me wonder why this words weren’t listed in the dictionary 😛

  13. lol i love your dictionary that reminds me how i use some of their names like that kekekek love it!!!

  14. You mean GDRandomness, SeungRiLovee? lol ^_^

    Love these words I totally used, I think, 2 of those!
    And yes the GDbias is w/ me as well lol.

  15. gdbias mellyy??? hey i thought i was original when i said that >.< i guess not! haha. love this page~

  16. GDelicious?:P

  17. HEH, i go OMGD?!
    what do i have to say? oh my gd. ❤

  18. Hhahahaha yush I love it XD
    OMGD XD that’s a good one, I’ve been doing that to random people at school, OH MY [name] and they’re like ‘will you stop including me in your little freak outs?’ ^^;;;;

  19. GDhigh: (n) to describe one’s state of mind in total GD fandom; (cause and effect)
    Ex: Just the thought or slightest mention of Kwon Jiyong makes me crazy GDhigh.

    lolll i just made that up right now (: your example sentences made me LOL. so cute~~~ hahaa

  20. GDiction:(n) an addiction or an obssession for GD
    Ex: Damn, that girl is straight up GDiction!

    hope you like it =]

  21. you can correct the EXAMPLE if its wrong.

  22. gyang! i use GDnight too! HAHAHA!
    high five to all the people who uses that XD

    aw i love all the suggestions for the GD Dictionary! XD

  23. Ahaha omg cool! =]

  24. hehe “OMGD I just died and went to GDheaven” is now my favortie quote. 🙂

  25. GDASTIC: (adj) When you’re feeling happy/excited.
    Eg: Big Bang’s coming to South East Asia, I’m feeling ultra GDASTIC!!

    Haha, filled with GDRANDOMNESS.

  26. that’s cool^__^

  27. JUST ADDED! pronunciation guide! for those who were wondering how to correctly pronounce these AWESOME WORDS! xD

  28. GDlove – gee.dee.laa.vu (adv/adj) a word used when one is feeling very excited/besotted.
    Ex: “Uwahh, how cute! Aaahhhh, the GDlove gets me every time!!!”
    Made By: vipreirei.

    You can change it if it’s needed. (:

  29. Oooh! I finally found it! My buddy’s been ravin about the GD Dictionary for a while now… I have to say, GDelicious sent me rollin’ in a fit of GDGIGGLES! (LOL? …No? Ok.)

    GDGenius -(gee.dee.gee.nee.us (n/adj) a compliment for when someone comes up with an awesome idea that no one else would have thought of.
    Ex: “That B-day project is amazing! You’re a GDGENIUS!”

    -My friend came up with that one. She’s a GDgenius 4 that. Here’s mine:

    GD-UP – gee.dee.up (verb) preparing to look extra fly/fine/hot/sexy (especially for GD).
    Ex: “The Big Bang concert’s tonight! I have to go GD-up!”

  30. Ooo-ooo! And:

    GDDORK – (noun) someone who is being such a complete dork, but is RIDICULOUSLY adorable while being one.
    Ex: “Aww-she bought a lightsaber just like G-Dragon’s. She’s a complete GDdork.” ^_^

  31. goosh!!!!
    theese girls are insane

  32. thats funny dont have one yet but u should start sumthing for the possible meanings of T.O.P i have one.. Top of the Pack too bad his initialls aren T.D.S for TO DAMN SEXY!

  33. haha u can put OMGD xD it loooks like ohmygod but itslike….oh my gee dee xD
    funny..=] i am TOTALLY a GDADDICT!!

  34. ow this so awesome girls…..
    i’ll use these words,,ya…^_______^
    even thought ppl around against it,,hahahahah

    oh ya,,this word comes straight in my mind just now
    so sorry if you girls have done this before…

    GDMOOD : ^ji di mud^
    mean : in a very good mood/situation/really excited

  35. i got one!
    GDazed (adj)-to be totaly hypnotized by g-dragons hotness.
    I was so GDazed as I watched Big Bang videos!

  36. shouldn’t GDGenius be GDnius? (that’s how i described haru haru when it came out xP)

    i like GDork x3

  37. GDypnotized gee.dip.no.tyzed (adj)- to be in a totally complete different world where everything is Gdragon.

    “Ha ha, sorry i didn’t respond for a while, i was GDypnotized…”

  38. wait a sec— shouldn’t this be the, ‘Gdictionary’? lawl.

  39. lol
    i just LOVE this column
    i sooo use them in my conversation

  40. what the hell is this post suppose to be?

    This is super funny and funn,I swear!
    This cheers me up!

  42. very creative hahaha. how about these:

    GDBANGIN – gee.dee.bang.in (adj) to describe something as awesome
    Ex: Big Bang concert is so GDBANGIN

    GDGEOUS – gee.dee.geous (adj) to describe someone as a goodlooking or great
    EX: GD look so GDGEOUS with that outfit

  43. woa..
    u guys r clever…
    i cant make any..
    i, love these words,,
    i’ll use it,,

    by the way,,
    BIG BANG iS VIP!!!
    TOP, saranghae,,

  44. GDIMPACT-Gee.dee.im.pakt(n) jiyong’s effect to VIP’z of being cute, hot/sexy and being funny


    NOTE: sorry i dont know how to italized words hehe,,,

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  46. updated!

  47. XD i am so gdbiased its not even funny

  48. haha..thats 2tally cOOl!!! Im nOt in GD team but hes my 2nd husband sO is it okay if I join in this?,..cuz I used some of the words in there 2!!! haha..btw i’ll come up w/ my own and come back later!!! ^_^

  49. OH i gOt 1!!! I just come Up w/ it while I was listening 2 his “This Love” song!!! i just dont know if its noun verb adj. or whatnot,,^_^

    GDLife : when someones life is affected by GD

    EX: “man the sOng is SOOO gOOd, I’m settled for GDLife!!!”

    correct me if wrote something wrong,,Im just nOt gOOd in eng. hehe^_^

    I hope that counts!!! thanks!!!

  50. GDASM: an intense feeling of happiness/pleasure at the mere mentionings/sights of GD.

    “omg, I just had a GDASM when I heard his voice in ‘Come Be My Lady’.”

  51. cat
    hahaha i was actually thinking of that word lol great minds think alike =p

  52. wait a sec– it sez the things called ‘gd dictionary’ but it sed that the ‘gdictionary’ was updated two days ago….

    hmm… did (___, maybe melly) use my idea? hmmmmmmmmm *thinking really hard…*

  53. OH I got another 1!!!

    GDay: a day w/ GD Love. or a GD question(?)

    Ex: “How’s ur GDay?” or “OMGD, he just made my GDay again!”

    again correct me if I wrote something wrong!!! tnx!!!

  54. GDICIAL: Making GD LAWS (v)
    Ex: “We need a GDICIAL to control these GDADDICTS”

  55. oww i cant see any word that can compare of when i jealous a girl that near Kwonie…T_T
    umm can be “GDLous” ?
    ex: “Oww That Girl Send Me To Be GDLous !!! I Wanna Kill Her Right Now !!!”

    or anyone find a word like this because i need that so bad X3

  56. OMYGD u guys are brilliant!! 🙂
    lov ur site, i bookmarked it already LOL
    and i totallee love ur GDicttionary..

  57. omg! so cool! love the GDictionary!
    i have one word for top though!
    it’s kinda random i knw>.<

  58. GDSPEED : when you complete something hella fast. Like how Gd was able to write and release 3 CDs wthin 3 months. Only he could do that with his genius self.

  59. GDDRAINED: when you’re so tired you feel like your gonna faint, like almost all BB members have done. Poor things, they need a break!

  60. lols my favortie word.. well i was kinda skimming…
    but anways… its OMGD lols i like da sentence and everything but gd is my second fav ;]
    top is my number one<3

  61. GDATTACK is so funny.
    i’m one of those people sent to GDHEAVEN.

  62. Lmao I check this thing for new GDslang!! U guys are just too awesome for doing this. I didn’t know but, do we really have to be on Team GD to do this? This is just too much fun–I’ll even cheat and do this while on Team DS bc its just too cool for words… I liked GDrained and GDicial made me rotfl. I’ve definitely come up with some more, tho. Its cool if this doesn’t make–its just that I’ve actually been USING it in everyday conversation, so I felt I should put it up here just in case other VIPZ wanna use it…For all those ppl (like me) who don’t say Oh my God–but rather Oh my Jesus–

    GDJesus-gee.dee.gee.zus (n) an exclamation when being exposed to something shocking- like GD’s Numero magazine photos!

    Ex: “Oh look-there’s new pics up… Oh my GDJesus!! Only G-Dragon could pull THAT outfit off!” ^.^

  63. GDistinguished , use when talking about GD’s fame and awesome status

  64. gdammble
    daaaaa…lurv big bang 4eva!!!!!!!!!

  65. gdlurve……..
    luv syura..i wanna marry u………
    gd, u r so sexy…….

  66. gdammble means ji yong is a humble personzz…..

  67. i hope u wil exits top dictionary too

  68. LOL umm, i hope my word isnt taken yet but…

    GDlicious- Gee.dee.lit.sh.ous (adj)- very sexy, so sexy that one cannot handle themselves but to jump like a crazy fan-girl.
    How Used: When one is about to die from GD’s sexiness.
    ex: “OMG, BIGBANG!!! They’re so GDlicious!!!”

  69. GDiculous- Gee.dee.kyu.lous (adj)- something that doesn’t really makes sense, but you think its cute anyway.

    Ex.- “OMGD… did you see GD wear those plaid capris??? SO GDiculously awesome.”

  70. in chemistry, on the periodic table, atomic number 64 is Gd.!
    so i love [symbol for atomic # 64]!

  71. GDize ; Gee-Dee-eyes : as in to make into GD related .
    LOL &&&
    GDeezy ; Gee-Dee-Zee : ‘slang’ed into ; for example Lil Wayne turns to Lil Weezy .

  72. I got another 1

    although Im not in TEAM GD, I think this is really fun and I actually use some of the words in here in my daily conversation..haha..the people i talk 2 especially my friends think im an alien wen I talk 2 them cuz they couldn’t understand words w/ GD in it…HAHAHA…

    nweiz here’s d word [idk if its already in here but I’ll share it anyways]

    GDenius: when one’s done something incredible/genius!^_^

    example: “OMGD, thats GDenius”


  73. The GDKiss.
    Bring bother your index finger and middle finger to your lips, plant a small kiss and hold them out for all too see.

    That’s the GDKiss.

    We’ve all seen it. Now we have to spread the love. =)

  74. Umm I thought of one. BUT its probably not that good >_<))

  75. GDefinitely.

    When used: When one is completely set on something and will never change their decision just like they wont change their everlasting fangirlness of GD.(i.e, going to a big bang concert and spending their whole life’s savings buying big bang related stuff).
    Ex. OMGD!! I’m GDefinitely going to that Big Bang concert and buying all that stuff that is GDiculous but I’ll get it anyway because I’m a GDADDICT and I have a GDREASON to go GDHIGH when i buy these =D

  76. good job . . . .

  77. What about GDfy:to spaz ur clothes or ur lifestyle to match G Dragon’s.

  78. I meant t say spaz up..he!he!Eg:I have to GDfy my wardobe to be GDliciously rockin this winter.(gee.dee.fi)verb.

  79. what about: GDAZZLING?

  80. Hahahahahahahahha~! after finished read this GDDictionary,
    u gave me a GDAtttack (heart attack)~~!!! [rolling]
    almost died~!!i can’t see for a moment because tears keep coming down~!!
    really fun&funny~!

  81. LOL. This is great!~~ hahaha. Can I request for a TOP Dictionary? ahihi~~ PLEASE!! >.<

  82. agree with Paula

  83. I love this GDictionary! It was GDestined to be created haha.I agree we shoould definately make a TOP dictionary, it would be TOPtastic 😛

  84. the GDDictionary is cute^^
    Oh My GDness it is Amazing!!!^^
    GooDness my GD is GoDness GooD^^^
    oh my this is fun X_X
    haha sry XD


  85. LOL
    GDreaming: gee-jree-ming. to fantasize obsessively about someone. Preferrably Kwon Ji Yong.
    Ex: I use GDreaming about Ji Yong yesterday.
    Haha, I say GDreaming all the time and I just discovered this GDictionary. Ji Yong totally deserves his own dictionary.

  86. GDStyle?? maybee…
    cos his style is fabulous


  88. how about

    GDlicious gee.dee.li.cious
    Something or someone that a is kinda hot and make it look just so OMGD!

    EG: G.Dragon is soo GDlicious!

  89. ^^ one of my friend had a conversation a few days ago with a friend to wish her a happy birthday and said*I’ll try to translate it, we’re from Quebec, so it’s french in the beginning^^*

    ”I wish you lots of GDhappiness and GDgifts and GDchance” *she’s a GD addict…*

    ”Well, you’re kind of GDesperate, aren’t you?!”

    anyways… it probably sounds better in french than in english^^

  90. hmm..


    will come back to update!
    written down just in case i forget ;D

  91. GDemented
    inGDnious (instead of indigenious)
    GDdaze (or is GDaze better?)

  92. i like this column.

    So cool words hahaha

  93. GDholic – gee.dee.hawl.ic n. a person who is addicted to GDragon like someone who is an alcoholic and can’t stop drinking.
    ex: I became a GDholic when I first saw GDragon. Now I’m a GDaddict in rehab.
    Made by: VictoryxLove

  94. These are all so cuute, I`mma try & fit some of these into
    my evveryday vocab ^___^

    Cuz he is so “delicious” xD
    Random thought (x

  96. GDolce!!
    The tatoo onhis arm says Vita Dolce. (Sweet life)
    GD is sweeeeeeeet

  97. haha, my Personal Message on MSN
    is now:
    GDnight GDiotic GDarlin’!!GDolce GDreams!!Gawsh, needa GDfy my clothes!! His style is just GDenius, I gatta hav it & with GDspeed

    Coz the GD Dictionary has my hooked with GD words!! haha

  98. haha, GDamned
    like God damned

  99. lol
    this whole column is so gdgenius. 😀
    so luv gd cuz he’s so fly
    and so totally love the gdkiss
    LOL i fell for him so hard when i saw him do that >w<
    so freaking GDORABLE~!!! ooh add that!!!!
    used when describing how uniquely and unbelievably, uncomparably adorable GD is…in a way that only he can be that freaking adorable
    ex: OMGD!!! Did you freaking see BIG BANG’S newest concert!?!?! GDRAGON WAS SO GDORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH *faints* ;D

    sorry ya’ll. im such a GDADDICT
    and i have major GDBIAS
    i have a BF, but he’s still nuthing compared to my Jiyongie oppa~<3 😀

  100. GDelicious! That’s how GD looks all the time anyway. =P

  101. GDS (Gdragon Deficiency Syndrome): A mental sickness caused by the lack of Gdragon.

    example sentence: My doctor prescribed me with GDS and provided me with a surplus of gd every morning, noon, and night.

  102. Love these<3

  103. GDFULL (gee.dee.full)
    like: that is so GDFULL (wonderfull / amazing / cute / etc.)


  104. GDOD (gee.dee.oh.dee)
    Meaning: having a GD overdose
    ex: I saw GD’s performance today and had a GDOD!

  105. GDGASM (gee.dee.gah.sem)
    Meaning: an overload of being extremely ecstatic/happy when exposed to JiYong, like an orgasm of happiness.
    Ex: OMFG G-DRAGONNNN!! He’s sooo beautiful ~~~ :gdgasm: >u<

  106. Amazing!! These are great! I can’t wait to share this to a friend of mine whose sooo loving him. XDD.

  107. very cool and funny
    GDrious.gee.dee.r.ous(verb).when you see some thing very fuuny and Hilarious.
    EX: OMGD. GD and BB are sooo GDriours in this video

  108. i use GDNESS gee dee ness
    a lot for when their is something that i saw someone else do that reminds me of GD or something that is VERY similar to GD like his styles his moves his bust-a-rhymes (flow) his talk his walk his everything

  109. loool

    GDidea hhh >>GooD idea

    GDPOWELL >> it means GD powerfull lool =)

  110. GDrunkness gee.drunkness
    a moment were notting is clear to you except GD; also can be use to express how addicted you are to GD.
    I have GDrunkness, GDamnit I cant get my head clear of GD images!!

  111. GDCRAZED gee.dee.cra.zed (n)
    – the result after being mesmerized by G-Dragon’s killer smile.
    Ex: Shannon was watching BigBang’s video and out came G-Dragon, she was totally GDCRAZED.
    update please! 😀

  112. GDose Gee.Doss: Having a little amount of Gdragon that can make you go crazy

    Ex: I need at 2 hours of GDose everyday before i can go on!!!!!!

  113. GDictionary.
    Gee.Dic.shun.ary (However you wanna pronounce that,,)
    It’s the list of GDragon Vocabulary

  114. *noun
    *Used when wanting to bring up the list of words of Gd vocab.

  115. [Sorry for al the comments xD]
    *EX : “Just take a look in the GDictionary for more ways to bring Gd into your everyday vocabulary.”

    Haha, Right now I find that extremely cheesy,,
    Probably lame from lack of sleep

  116. GDORKABLE: adj. to describe someone as being as dorky, yet adorable as GD. 😀

  117. Oh yeah, speaking of GD…his bday is coming up and he’s growing up too fast!! Anyone miss the old GD?? When he was boyish and GDorkable?

  118. 1) GDimension
    2) GD… it’s there! ^^
    3) A dimension in which, as long as one possesses affectionate feelings for G-Dragon of Big Bang, one has a place in said dimension; a dimension created from the birth of G-Dragon’s existence in which many fans are found; GD heaven
    4) noun
    5) “If it were up to me, I’d live in GDimension forever.” *sigh~*
    6) WHAT IS THIS? I don’t know how to do italics!! xD
    Pronounced gee.duh.men.shunned
    7) I’m confident my grammar is better than most people’s. ❤ ^^

  119. ya his bday just a soon…and he also give us the something special at his bday…his solo album..that so awesome..yg said gd song make swep this summer coz they hear gd song everyday n its so awesome..even gd do that by himself..just himself lonely but can do the awesome thing,GDAWESOME( ji yong so awesome in this world)…my jiyong hwaiting………love gd….

  120. i got a word -well kinda a phrase-!! you know how spoild girls would say: “it’s all about me!” ?
    our ver. would be: “it’s all about G”, you use it when a stuation like this happen: you talkin w/ your friend/sis or whatever about BB or G and then that person would cut you off with let’s say for an ex. she talks about hero or sumthin so you get annoyed and you would say: “it’s ALL about G!!!”… hehe 😀 i don’t know what is it calssified as, and you have to be a GD fan to use it just like me 😀

  121. GDMOOD – gee.dee.mood (n) when your in the mood for images, videos, and/or audio clips of G-Dragon
    Ex: “I’m in the GDMOOD, I want to go to GDHEAVEN!!! Aawww…so CUTE”(^_^)

  122. GDFROST – gee.dee.fur.ost (verb) to return to normal temperature after getting a GDATTACK.
    Ex: “Help GDFROST me, I don’t think I can move now!!!”

  123. I GOTZ A NEW ONE!!!

    GDADDY!!! For GD being such a good daddy to Gaho!! 😀 😀

    GDADDY (gee.da.dee)-n. exceptionally good daddy’s to puppies!! (or just an exceptionally caring person in general)

  124. this is so cute i love it how about this one:
    GDPOWER:\’gee-dee-pau-er\noun:force or energy obtainded from all of gdragon’s characteristics.
    /After I glanced at a picture of Big Bang, I recieved Gdpower to finih my homework so I can adore the picture of Big Bang once more./

  125. GDeeee- gee.deeeeeeeee (noun) what fan girls say when they drift of into the happy dreamed up world of GD
    ex: “GDeeee,” she sighed as she shut her eyes during math class.

  126. I’m a total GDaddict! XD

  127. GDSEXY- gee.dee.se.xay (adv/adj) when you call someone that they aren’t as sexy as GD.
    ex:why does all the guys at our school so ugly? why cant someone by GDSEXY

  128. GDsuffocation – gee.dee.su.fo.kay.shion (noun) the result fan girls get after being GDoverloaded w/ hot and heart-malting pics/videos of GD.

    ex. “After hours of watching GD’s hot performances and some breathtaking pictures, she had a GDsuffocation.”

  129. I’ve GDfied my closet but only 1/4 of it. 😦 haha…when I get a shopping spree from my mom this december, I’m gonna totally GDfy my closet!!!! 😉

  130. GDworld (n) gee.dee.weh.ru
    A world that is ruled by G-Dragon and everything related to him, where the truly fanatic GDfans or GDaddicts belong. Similar to GDheaven but on a higher level.

    Example: DCGD members are so lucky! They are already in GDworld.

  131. Hey There 🙂 I noticed You Are Also A Gdragon Fan I am Too And My site is gdragonbigbangfansite.wordpress.com please enjoy my site

  132. GDDynamic-GD.DYE.NEH.(MIC)-pronounce as the object used for singing….

    A word that is used to send our love to gd by using it everyday of our life wen goin out singing…..Cuz he can sing!!!

    Example:I have a GDDynamicful day at the karaoke club!!!

  133. GDrific-g.d.ri.fic. (to express our day whenever we are happy to see a big bang concert)
    Eg. I had a gdrific day today when i saw g-dragon on stage!!

  134. GD-ing gee.dee.ing (an action to express that the person is currently indulging herself in GD)
    Ex: “I’m currently busy GD-ing. Please call back later.”
    or: “I was GD-ing whole day yesterday~”

  135. GDology (gee-dee-aw-low-gee)- the study of all things GD or GD like.
    *EX: “That girl really knows her GDology.”

  136. GDelusional (gee-dee-lu-shawn-all)–the state of needing to see, hear G-Dragon everywhere; a form of hallucination caused by a lack of G- Dragon common is GDADDICTs

  137. scrumGDeelumptious_ means extremely tasty EX: our jiyongie oppa is very scrumGDeelumptious.hehe
    i love yew jiyongie oppa.pleasssseee come to america

  138. GD-ness

  139. GDLIKE-gee.dee.like(adj) to describe how great,fantistic,hot,anything positive a person is.Ex:GDDAMN he is soooo GDLIKE.OH WAIT is that GD?Ahhhh!I see GDHEAVEN.

    GDCRAVE-gee.dee.cref(v)when you are craving for gd.Ex:I am currently GDCRAVING.Actually,I always have a GDCRAVE 😛

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