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Hi everyone. It’s me BBfan13 aka JT from the chat room. This is my first post. Thank you Loonz for letting me post on the fansite.

This page is for anyone who has made a web site, a web page, or anything like it that is dedicated to this fansite. If you want to add a link of your own, post it in the comments and I will add it as soon as I can. Please try to keep all the websites G-rated. Leave the link, ur name, the creator’s name, and a message describing what is on the site. Thank you.

*EDIT: we will not be endorsing sites that offer downloads to big bang albums. sorry.


  • if you would like to affiliate with BB FANSITE:
    – leave us the name of your site + URL
    – a brief description of what you guys do
    – affiliate banner (small size)
  • you have to affiliate us first before we affiliate you. thanks.



Created by: JT aka BBFan13
This is the Facebook group for the fansite. You need to be a member to view it though.



Created by: Melly aka gdluvzmc
By popular demand, here is the MySpace page for the fansite.



Created by: LavÏesVÏP
This is a friendster page for Big Bang. There are also pages for each member.


Big Bang YG – An English Fanbase
[closed] (on hiatus)

Created by: Ashley
This is a fansite created for Big Bang. It has news and downloads (including the documentary).


Hi-5 Group

Created by: Balloonz
This is the Hi-5 page for the fansite. You need to become a member to view it though.



Created by: the7REAL.@soompi/ygbb
The 1st International Forum dedicated to Taeyang! He’s hot, hot HOT! come join us @ TYC (click the banner)



Created by: liliabloom@lj
An LiveJournal Community for LJ users! Where uploaders gather & bring to you all Big Bang-related media readily available for you to Download! all you gotta do is join our community! ^^ (click the banner)


Big Bang Indonesia

Indonesia’s Big Bang forum



46 Responses to “Fansite Branches”

  1. There is this website called:
    and it’s about bigbang. I don’t own it tho…

  2. YAY!!!!!! TY for all who are soo dedicated to BB & VIPz/iVIPz!
    Khamsimnidahl!!!!!!!! HWAITING!!!!! **!!

  3. Thanks for share

  4. hey can i ask one thing?!
    ermm..can you all make a hi5 aswell ballonz?
    its just like facebook..

  5. hello im Kaycee peters please my friendster in fans profile is singer please please you promise me please im waiting now

  6. this my friendster amail address

    please please

  7. my big bang i love you!!!
    G-dragon and Dae sung are the best, dae sung has a gread body
    i wanna tought him 😛 GD are so cute, i want you kiss and from Dae sung 😛
    when you guys come to holland XD
    i love all your song, evryday i listen to your songs, i like the
    song Always so nice song, big bang go go go !!!

    iiiii llooooovvveee yyooouuu !!!! aaaaaaaa 0.o XD


  8. Big Bang Philippines
    Created By Mish
    Site Description Big Bang Philippines or BBPH is Big Bang’s unofficial fan club in the Philippines~! ^^ If you’re a Filipino fan, and would like to meet other BB fans, join us<33

  9. MY BIG BANG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dang, i been your BIGGEST FAN ever since ya’ll first came out!!!
    i love TY and all them!!!!

    dang, i cant WAIT to come see you guys PERFROM!!! im from da USA!!!

    MUCH LOVE!!!!

  10. add meh n m gonna say vything

  11. Could you add me on too? My site is also on big bang but about big bang’s everything. From old to new.

  12. forget that one on the top of this comment.
    I just deleted it so try this on with pics.

    Indonesia’s BB forum x))

  14. not like much people check here? i’d like to have mine added anyways :D.

    name: kimmy lee
    creator: kimmy lee o_o
    summary: an organized big bang fansite with each member’s bios, photos and contains free audio and video downloads.


  15. boohoo, blinkie code won’t show up :(.
    it’s on here >>
    thanks !

  16. thanx! but i thought there were more….alhtough not all ofthem are helpful
    big bang wordpress is my fave site though! :F i find it really helpful

  17. please tell me how to be a VIP cuz i love BigBang and i want to join in fans club thx

  18. Hey, pls link my latest DAESUNG wordpress!
    For the banner:


  19. i love big bang………….

  20. I ❤ BIG BANG !!!!

    Look at BIG BANG’s new video for Goodbye Baby

    There some other asian artist on the new MTV Iggy site


  21. this is a bigbang fan youtube channel!!!
    please subscribe to it and enjoy!!!
    it has a bunch of bigbang music videos!!!

  22. I love Big Bang.. you are my drug! so addictive!!!

  23. […] go to our FANSITE BRANCHES PAGE & provide us […]

  24. URL:
    Name of Site: Tae Yang’s Fansite
    Details: More Updates and News about Tae Yang, Guestbooks and Forums…..
    Created by: Sarah Alejandrino (Philippines)

  25. URL:
    Name of Site: Always TaeYang
    Details: Updates on Tae Yang’s group work and solo album, along with BB news, picture gallery, fan art, music etc..
    Created by: Kay

  26. Url:
    Name of Site: Taeyang Heaven
    Details: It’s a fan site for every Taeyang angels out there. We
    decided to create a heaven for the addicts where the Sol can touch
    everyone Heart [:
    Created by: Kicks

  27. URl:
    Name of Site: Daesung Cafe
    Details: We decided to make an official international Daesung
    fan club. We want to express and admire the smiling angel. We
    just started so we want to expand and reach out to all the
    smiling angels out there
    created by: NerdD

  28. URL:
    Name of Site: Big Bang Canada
    Details: The whole point is to have FUN and to promote Big Bang in Canada.
    I know the banner is big >.< Could you maybe resize it
    Created by: Vera

  29. URL:
    Name of Site: BBSK Forums
    Details: A forum dedicated to two of Korea’s top idol groups – Big Bang and DBSK. Tee wanted to make a place where VICassies can come together to show love and not animosity.
    Created by: Tee

  30. tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS WEBSITES! you are my only source to get moar news from BB!
    Thank you. I ❤ you

  31. i’d like to apply here again since the album downloads was a problem.
    name: kimmy lee
    creator: kimmy lee
    summary: a big bang fansite for vips. spread the big bang love!

  32. “Female Big Bang” Fansite for upcoming female group from YG Entertainment
    Group members: Park Bom,CL(Chae Rin),Sandara Park,Gong Minji and mysterious girl
    Name of site: “Female Big Bang” Fansite (For now till they debut)
    Creator: tasha n fatin
    Aff. Button:

    We will also have a shopping section to buy korean goods esp the girls albums

    Thank You


  33. Name: “21” Fansite
    Group members: CL(leader),Park Bom,Sandara Park and Gong Minji

  34. sorry..missed out
    Creators: Tasha n Fatin

  35. Name: Sarang Arabia
    description: we are arab fans of kpop, and our blog is about korean entertainment, Culture and LifeStyle news

    Here’s our page for the affiliate:

    The Banner:

    Thanks ;D

  36. YeAH im big bANg PH hahahaha

  37. Hi, G-dragon !
    I wonder why you still don’t have mustache and beard and now you’re about 22 years old.
    Next one is you always change your hair style and I just want to recommed you to try to have a bald head. I think you’ll have a new idea of different bald head not like other blad heads.
    Don’t get me wrong, plz. Bye!

  38. link:
    name: The Lollidella_롤리델라
    creator: Jolene Wong
    summary: A GDspam fansite dedicated to Kwon Leader and nobody else!

  39. hey =D
    my name’s fisayo. i’ve made a fan site for T.O.P and i’d be majorly grateful if you could check it out and affiliate me on here. i’ve already affiliated you guys and i always come to this site for BIGBANG updates. at the moment, i’m the only one working on this site but i hope to get new members soon 🙂

    also this website is just for basically knowing stuff there is to know about T.O.P i don’t file recent news or gossip about him (i don’t know where to look lol) just pictures, videos, odd snippets of information and a blog ^.^

    so please check it out x

    p.s – i don’t have a website banner.

  40. please add my fansite ^^

    its for all iVIPs 🙂

  41. Site de moda corena

    “Korean Fashion World”

  42. add the facebook app to see Big Bang’s full profile + other k-pop stars >.< it's the firssst official celebrity portal on fb! you can also go to the link

  43. vote for bigbang song on let’s help them be number 1 vote friday to sunday 9am-11pm KST

  44. follow this, @Bigbang_IndoFAN this is all about bigbang or link , thanks 🙂

  45. << check this out guys 🙂

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