BBFansite Presents: ‘VIP Video Messages to BB’ Project

Ria aka mooncake@ygbb gave me an awesome project idea, & i’ve decided to make it happen.


if you have something amazing to say/show BIG BANG, then this is the project for you to join!



– fill out the application form and repost it on this topic.


1) A webcam or video recording device
2) Own some BB Merchandise
3) A creative mind


Those who are chosen will receive an email from me by the first week of December & further details & instructions will be given to you + a follow-up post

1) RECORD a short video of yourself. Your ENTIRE CLIP LENGTH CAN ONLY BE 1 MINUTE OR LESS
2) Things to consider mentioning:
– when you became a VIP & WHY
– what TEAM you represent
– show off your BB merchandise
– show off any BB skills you got
– give them HWAITING messages of encouragement & support ❤

– record your message via audio clip
– send in a pic of yourself & all the BB merchandise you own


ENGLISH ONLY! the video will be subbed in korean for the boys. we will take your speech draft & translate it to hangul for them
if you speak KOREAN, then you saved us loads of time translating! thank you! (but don’t attempt to if you can’t lol)

– i expect many entries, & there is no limit to how many we will choose. it all depends on how many creative applications we receive & the amount of time we think we can translate, encode, & format into a dvd.
YOUR APPLICATION IS ESSENTIAL, so i suggest you spend a good amount of time figuring out what exactly you want to say.
CREATIVE MINDS. to increase your chance of being selected, you should say things that you think other VIPz wouldn’t say. BE ORIGINAL. it’s not fun to see the same things over & over again.
– you could save some video time by making cute fan signs for the boys to read & that could knock out some things you would WANT to say.
FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T CHOSEN: don’t be disappointed, we will have another one depending on how successful this one is.
– My friend RIA will be going to KOREA & will help us drop off this gift to BB @ YG Entertainment in January.
– SUBBING will be brought to you by VIPtranslators ^_^

Project Leader / Project Editor: melly / gdluvzmc
Board Judges:
Video Editor: jt aka bbfan13
Main translator: jeska
Special Board Judge: momovip

& THAT’S IT FOR NOW! hop to it my fellow VIPz!




Fansite SN:

Real Name:

I am a member of TEAM: (Team GD? TOP? DS? YB? SR?)
How often do you visit BBFansite: (be honest. i have a sense of who i see often. it helps that you know me or any of the board members personally. the reason for this question is we want to give dedicated members preference)
Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: (it would be very wise to show off your merchandise to BB & make them proud of how much you love them)
The message you will say: (Remember to be clear & concise. this is the draft we will be subbing & encoding to your video clip. Be creative on what you say, this is where you stand out from the rest. REMEMBER TO KEEP IT WITHIN 1 MINUTE!)


~ by gdluvzmc on November 11, 2008.

142 Responses to “BBFansite Presents: ‘VIP Video Messages to BB’ Project”

  1. OMO OMO!

  2. this is an interesting project that i suggest all should try out. It test your creativity and whatnot. And you know me, im just sucker for creativitiness. So show it to us…

    And dont forget, have fun while ur at it 🙂

  3. […] (post taken out of BBFansite CLICK HERE TO APPLY) […]

  4. 우아!!! This sounds fun!! I would like to join….but im super shy..
    it will take me forever to figure out what to say to them lolhahaha!
    I hope we can see the finished product! And hopefully theres another
    project like this in the future! ^^

  5. should we do it individually?
    or can we just do it with the other fangirl friends?
    cause i have some other 4 fangirl friends so there’s lyk the 5 of us
    and we like different members~~ so one fangirl for each member 🙂

  6. awww i wanna take a video, too! i would reaallly like to join!
    i’ll be as creative as i can!

  7. Humm I want to join this, but I’m afraid to competite with other VIPs that maybe more crowded than me..
    Fyi , I’m Indonesian and no one of BB fans can be find here in my city.. Also,there’s no BB merchandises that be sold here.. But i’ll try my best. Should I make it myself? Ok,i’ll try!

    Oh yeah,Could I say some ‘hello’ for other VIP in here ? ^^
    I’m the only one Indonesian here.. T_T

  8. creativity is key.

  9. i dont get it T_T we will do that in one vid right??

  10. i think the directions are straight-forward.

    there is an application & selection process.

    once you are chosen, you make your video & we will sub & edit it

    once the entire thing is done, we will send it over to BB.

  11. oww thats mean we say that what we have on our mind to you and if you like it then we make a vid …

  12. oww thats mean we say that what we have on our mind to you and if you like it then we make a vid …

  13. to : Yuni Indo
    excuse me miss,but actually i’m from Indonesia and is not only you that Indonesian but there are many indonesian ppl tht also VIPs! just so you know.

  14. Hello??
    May an Indonesian allowed to join ?
    I wanna.. T.T

  15. Ah!
    Thx 4 ur info!
    I told it before,There’s no BB fans I ever met In My City.
    I lived in small city T_T
    just forgive me,miss ?

  16. @ Yuni indoVIP

    i’m an indonesia here too!!!
    you’re not alone!!
    apparently ichaisVIP is one of my besties LOL
    where do you live btw??

    soo, can someone answer my question? if we can actually do the video in group??
    cause ichaisVIP and i planned to make the video together with the rest of our VIP besties

  17. Whoa !! Amazin’ !
    Yay,I’m not alone XD
    I lived in Jambi. How bored. TT how ’bout u?

    well, I think it’s still okay for make the group video,not individual.
    The point of this project is to show how much you love BB,right?
    Just ask the project leader.
    Or try it,gals.
    It must be crowded,isn’t it ?
    Whoa~ i wanna join!
    There’s no my friends who be the VIP too.

  18. omgsh! i want to do this, kyahh ❤
    i’ll send in my application after school. i already have an idea in mind~ kyah, excited!

    even though i don’t have any merch from this site.
    but i do have the hot issue CD.
    so oh well 😀

    SO EXCITED haha!

    I Don’t have any merch though DD:
    OH WELL : ))))
    where do we send the applications tooo?? ^^

  21. @ purple.princess:

    My friends and I plan on doing a group thing too, so you’re not alone. Hopefully thats okay. I kinda assumed that it would be based on the fact that it feels pretty weird to dance to a BB video, knowing theres actually five of them dancing and only one you imitating. Plus it’s hard/impossible to be doingall their parts @ once since they often do different dances @ the same time… ^_^

  22. Oh no! I’m so sad!!
    I don’t have any BB Merchandise!!

    I only have pictures and BB art projects.. =(

  23. are lots of VIPz gonna be chosen? or just one.

  24. OMG i’m soo excited. Where can we send the application? thank you for alwayz making exciting things for BB fans.

  25. you can do the video in a group, but you will only get the 1 minute time limit.
    you still need to fill out the application (include everyone’s names)

    it isn’t only 1 person, it’s a collection of video messages, so many ppl will be chosen.

    you just post the application via commenting.

    anyone can join. the message must be in english.

  26. Fansite SN: seungriismine
    Real Name: Tony Pang
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: SR!!
    How often do you visit BBFansite: It’s my homepage! =D I always want to check out what’s new with Big Bang and I don’t feel like typing in the url all the time so I made it the first thing I see ^^ I don’t comment on the updates all the time though… =[
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: SeungRi’s Japan poster, a big bang shirt that I customized in honor of Big Bang and SeungRi, another shirt I customized in honor of SeungRi – it’s all blue and black-colored and says “seungri- my antidrug” styled on it. =D the big bang photobook with the silver briefcase and all =D, most of their albums (though my cousin’s borrowed them! D<)
    The message you will say: Big Bang! How are you? I hope you’re not too tired from all the work you’ve been doing. I really admire you guys for your dancing and singing skills. You’ve really inspired me to learn to dance myself. You guys are really great; I don’t know if you fully understand how much us VIPs love you all. I’d like to give my special hello to SeungRi, too. Being my favorite member, I think you’re a really great dancer and just a confident guy that will never give up that I can look up to. Good luck to you and the other Big Bang members as well – I hope you guys will continue lead long, happy lives as Big Bang. I can’t wait until you guys come to the US! Big Bang, HWAITING!

  27. * purple plastic case; sorry was thinking about the other photobook ^^

  28. Fansite SN: TOMO
    Real Name: Mai Thao
    Age: 18
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: Team TOP
    How often do you visit BBFansite: Everytime I log on the computer. The first site I check. If I stay on for a while then I check every 15 minutes. LOL…I love to see new NEWS
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: BB Puzzle, Real Concert Posters That’s all.
    The message you will say: Hello BigBang, I’m Mai Thao aka TOMO from USA and I’m 18 years old. I’m sitting here in my small room, dominate by you guys. As you can see I have your poster and puzzle. Printed pictures and this cube I made with 5 oraganmi crane in there. The drawings I drew of you guys. Hope that I can give these to you one day. Moving on, I appreciate the music you guys make. I wonder how the world would be like without BigBang. All you guys are hard workers and I will a VIP forever. No doubt. Well I hope to meet BigGang soon. Here’s a little something to leave you with. (I’m gonna rap TOP and GD’s part from Always). Good Bye and BigBang FIGTHING!

  29. uhm…i wanna join…but i don’t any merchandise!
    can i still join?

  30. hm, i’m kinda confused. so can we speak korean if we are fluent?

  31. fill out an applicatgion.

    you can speak korean if you are fluent.

  32. Fansite SN:
    Real Name:
    Vannary Bin
    I am a member of TEAM:
    I am currently not in a team, but can’t I just cheer for all of them?
    How often do you visit BBFansite:
    Sigh, I visit this site every chance i get. Before & After school. Before & After work. If I don’t do anything over the weekend..I check it constantly. I know I do not leave comments, but I really do appreciate all the news that’s given out on here. Thank you, hard BBFansite staff members. :]
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own:
    I’m sorry, I do not own that much BB Merchandise. I do own Taeyang’s Album, Stand Up Album, Big Bang first single album, and hoping to receive my Number 1 & Remember Albums soon. I do spend so much ink printing their pictures. I even printed out the 2008 calender a fan made last year. It’s beautiful, they did a wonderful job. Uh, also in graphics class I made a license plate cartoon character of them. I guess that’s all I own.
    The message you will say:
    BIG BANG. Thank you. I’m sorry, I haven’t done as much as you have done for me. Everytime I’m down all I need to do is listen to your music, watch your videos, & hope one day I could meet you. All I can do is watch from the sidelines, but even that makes me happy. I appreciate all of your hard work together. Don’t work yourselves too hard. Take care. BIG BANG FIGHTING!!

  33. i’m surprised at how differently everyone (thus far) is approaching the message part.

    this is gonna be interesting.

  34. it is interesting isn’t it? haha. but seriously you really all do work hard on this site. i can tell your love for big bang is great by doing all these projects.

  35. thank you ^_^

    kind remarks make me smile even on a bad day.

  36. you’re welcome. i hope your day gets more better than. :]

  37. Fansite SN: GD`S_WiFEYY
    Real Name: Loan
    Age: 14
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: GD
    How often do you visit BBFansite: It’s my homepage, so basically everyday I log onto the computer XD
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Big Bang Calendar, Secret Photo Set, Bandanna, G.R.E.A.T DVD + Postcard Book, G.R.E.A.T Poster, Stickers, History Photobook, Cell Charm.. all I can think of XD
    The message you will say: HI BIG BANG! I’m Loan from the USA. I just wanted to say that you guys are my love<3 hehe Also, without you guys, I wouldn’t be the fangirl that I am now. Please continue your hard work, but don’t work too hard, unless if you want us VIPz to be sad ]: Anyway, BIG BANG HWAITING! I LOVE YOU!

    ^ i think i might add something else to that, & replace some words, but that’s what imma say summed up =D

  38. Fansite SN: Aprilvip
    Real Name: April
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: DAESUNG
    How often do you visit BBFansite: EVERY SINGLE DAY.
    The message you will say: Hi Big Bang! I’m April from USA. I became a Big Bang VIP in 2006 a few months after you guys debuted. The first song I fell in love with was “Goodbye Baby.” I fell in love with the songs, styles, and smiles. I am on Team Daesung! Daesung, I absolutely adore your personality, smile, and voice! You can always make me smile and it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in! But, all five of you guys are my inspiration for everything I do. I have never seen such a hardworking group as you guys. (SHOW MY ITEMS) I can’t wait until you guys come to America. I will always support all five of you! I want Big Bang forever! Forever a VIP! Big Bang hwaiting!

    ^^Hope that’s good enough[: Melly! Your awesome, very smart idea!!!

  39. ^^ sorry, I also own both of the DVD’S (GREAT & REAL)

  40. Real Name: Samaher Abuzahriyeh or just Sam
    Age: 16
    Country: USA
    I am a member of Team : I love all big bang members but the team I would choose is Tae Yang he is my favorite
    How often do you visit BBFansite: Its bookmarked on my computer even though i am not a member(I dont know how to register) I come to this site every day to check out big bang news and updates !
    Name all (or most) of the BB merchandise you own : I really dont own any big bang merchandise but i do print out pictures of them , i have all their songs on my ipod, and I pictures of them on my ipod and their videos
    The message you will say: Hi Big Bang ! I have been your fangirl for two years and I love your music. I listen to korean music because of you guys even though I dont understand korean and I love your english songs alot ! I listen to your songs the most on my ipod . I love you guys and I wish I could meet you guys because I am a true VIP that loves your music . Thank you for being big bang and for your hard work . I appreciate you guys and keep up the hard work. Big Bang saranghaeyo forever and fighting! 🙂
    email me at if I get chosen (i hope I do )
    thanks for this project its great for all BB fans


    i figured i could get your email from your comment details but sometimes you all put random emails. so if you have an email you check often, comment with that email.

  42. great project….=( i have 1) and 3) but no 2)merchandising T.T sighs*

  43. ^ you can still apply mariale ^_^



  45. my email;

  46. Fansite SN: Maryam
    Real Name: Maryam
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: I love them all but I’d have to choose TOP.
    How often do you visit BBFansite: I accidentally set it as one of my homepage tabs and I never took it off, so everyday. =]
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: No merch since my mom doesn’t let me order things online BUT I have chibi BB sketches hanging on my wall.
    The message you will say: Hey, guys! I’m Maryam, from the USA and I’ve been a Big Bang fan for about a year now. I think you’re really awesome, which, I hope you can tell from my drawings. And Doraemon that I take everywhere with me – that’s for you Daesung. Listening to Big Bang made me realize that music truly transcends all boundaries. I don’t understand a word of Korean – actually, I know a few phrases but that’s beside the point. You guys are my favorite and I think it’s great that I can enjoy your music without knowing anything except that it makes me feel good. I admire the fact that you all are extremely dedicated to what you do and I can only strive to be as hardworking one day. I hope you guys come to Atlanta soon. I’ll be there even if no one else is. I appreciate all the love you have for the fans. Stay safe, stay happy. I love you guys.

  47. Fansite SN: I unfortunately don’t know how to do this. Can I still qualify?
    Real Name:Karenn Lee
    Country: CANADA
    I am a member of TEAM: … a tie between TOP and GD:)
    How often do you visit BBFansite: I check as often as I can, when I found out about them, I checked this site CONSTANTLY. This really is a great site for those who live outside of korea who want Big Bang news and pictures – so thank you!
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: I unfortunately.. don’t own any merchandise. Only because my parent’s are a bit strict and would never let me spend money on anything that they don’t agree with. I hope I can still make a video? But no doubt, I love Big Bang and I don’t think you need to own the merchandise to be a fan:)
    The message you will say: – I korean. so i think i’d be speaking korean? –
    Hey, my name is Karen Lee, I’m korean and I immigrated to Canada when I was in gr.3. I’ve been a Big Bang fan for about a year. I don’t listen to a lot of korean music mainly because I don’t like it, and I actually listen to a whole different genre. But Big Bang is such an exception because your music is just the type of music that makes you feel happy and just giddy all over (specially your new album). The lyrics are very original and I thank you for making many of my days. I honestly believe that you are the one musical group that really tries their hardest and result with deserving awards.
    I loveee you and I hope you come to Canada (Ontairo! specifically) soon, and I hope to meet you all in the future:)

  48. Can we email you our application? Ehehe.. don’t want to overwhelm you with comments. :3

  49. OMG!
    Can we do this with a friend? :OO

  50. damn…can i add to my message…that i’m introducing myself? haha. duh, i was totally not thinking about who i was. but i want them to know who i am. so i want to state my name…haha. that’s if i get chosen.

    btw, my email is

  51. Fansite SN: MariahJanine
    Real Name: Mariah
    Age: 16
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: BIG BANG. Sorri i can’t choose >.
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: BigBang scarf/bandana, The Great Concert DvD, poster, &Postcard book, Stand Up album, Taeyang’s album, big bang phonestrap/keychain, and lots of pictures of em.
    The message you will say: *a Really short clip of before&after i met big bang* Hi big bang! My name is Mariah and I’m from the U.S. I remember wen i 1st saw a vid of u guyz performing ‘LaLaLa’ in youtube on August 19 last year, yup exactly 1 yr after u guyz debuted& i was immediately captured.Since then, I became a certified vip dork! Enways, I juz want u guyz 2 know how awesome,talented&inspiring u guyz r. I even influenced my frends&family 2 also become VIPz *another really short clips of my friends&family showing der luv for bigbang* Wel yea, I wish u all d best of luck&good health.I also hope 2 meet u guyz soon.Take care always! Big Bang fighting!
    ^^I hope diz could fit in 1 min. But still, i might change some of it but yea hope diz is good enough! =>

  52. I want to enter but the deadline is too soon and I have no time to do this because I have exams very VERY soon.


  53. i can’t find it so i wanna ask.. is there a way to register here or is it that anyone just posts things..? and i wanna do this project but im gona need some prolly gona do this instead of studying haha ^^

  54. this is a blog, not a forum. it is open to everyone. you don’t have to register. you just have to be active.

    the DEADLINE APPLIES TO THE APPLICATION. NOV 27th is the LAST DAY to TURN IN YOUR APPLICATION. it DOES NOT mean you have to finish your VIDEO by then.

    you will know by DECEMBER if you are chosen. then, you have about another 2 weeks or so to make your video.

    so technically, you have a whole month to plan your video out.

    don’t stress.

  55. allright.
    here’s my application form .

    FANSITE SN : Yuni InodoVIP
    REAL NAME : Yuni
    AGE : 15 yo
    COUNTRY : Indonesia

    Can I choose TEAM BIG BANG ? Honestly I’ll say I can’t if I must choose one of them. They’re really mean a lot for me. If there’s no one of them, there’s no Big Bang, right? =)

    How often do you visit BBFansite:
    Honestly, everyday. But I’m only a guest. Not leave some comments, I think this blog may register at first. I regret it. I’m really sorry. ='(

    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own:
    Oh my, poor me, I’ve no one of BB merchandises. There’s no BB merchandises that be sold here. :”( I want to make it myself, still on working time. =)

    The message you will say :

    Hi BB, the VIPs of my heart. I’m Yuni, your admirer from Indonesia. Well, I’ve something to tell you. You know, I influenced almost of people in my school to listen your music and showed them your MVs, they loved it a lot! I’m happy because I’m not the one and only fans in my city anymore. There are more and more fans, and it will make chances for you all to introduce your own music to the world! Yay, gotta rock, Big Bang!
    I decided to support you here, from this far country, and be a faithful VIP. You know why? Because you teached me the joy and the love of music, and I thank you a lot! Now I like Korean music, and sometimes sing it ! (in Korean language of course even I don’t understand it, and you can imagine, how freak if Indonesian like me tried to use Korean language ==”).
    However, honestly I say, I always pray for you all everytime I could pray. For your success and happiness. Thanks for coloured my life to be like a rainbow. It’s really beautiful. =)


  56. Fansite SN: MERIEZU
    Real Name:Mariez
    Age: 21
    Country: Philippines
    EMAIL ADDRESS: mariez)
    I am a member of TEAM: GD
    How often do you visit BBFansite:i visit whenever i got the time,, but every time i open the net, this is the first place i would go to,, to check for updates about the guys!
    i’m not always OL on the BB chatroom, but I’ve known some people there already~
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: to tell you the truth i have none, coz, here in the phils. they don’t sell kpop CD’s (darn it!) i really wanted to buy one but i don’t know where.. i see lots from the net but mu mother won’t let me. she’ll just say its a spam of something..but it have a BB landyard i bought lately..(it’s like an ID lace).
    The message you will say: hi BIG BANG.. my name is mariez and I’m from the philippines. I’ve been a BB fan for almost a year now,. from the moment i heard your songs particularly “lie” i was like wow! they’re great, and from then on I’ve been searching for you guys from the net, since we don’t have any korean channel here in the philippines only arirang.. i love everything about Big Bang!! even my friends and family thinks i’m crazy coz i’m always singing korean song! but who cares, what matters is that i love you guys!!!
    you guys we’re so amazing! i love you’re songs, the way you rap, GD and TOP. the sweet and sexy voice of TEAYANG, SEUNGRI & DAESUNG… wow!!! but what made me more amazed is that you guys can speak and sing in english too.. it was so cool~ i hail you guys! i just want to say keep up the good work! we’ll always support you all the way!!! I’ll ALWAYS and forever will be VIP!!! bbye~ take care ya’ll and God Bless!

    (hope this would be good for 1 min. hehe)

  57. oopps.. my email add is wrongly typed..
    here’s the correct one:
    (sorry bout that)

  58. eps, I got wrong while writing FANSITE SN *sigh*
    it must be ‘Yuni indoVIP’ forgive me 😥

  59. Wow! this is a different and really great project 😀
    i want to participate but…i don’t really have any BB merchandise X_X how disapointing TT^TT so i guess i can’t join 😦
    but hopefully there’ll be another video project later that i can join =]

    well, good luck and Fighting! to all the participants and project staff ^_^

  60. question: does having BB songs on your mp3 count as merchandise? like what if you buy some of them from itunes (from the japan album)? Unless if you just mean physical objects of merchandise.
    maybe showing off BB “inspired” items/stuff w/BB on them?
    or not :/ just wondering.

  61. actually, i’ll fill out a form later, when my mind is clear on what to say in the message, putting some good time into it 😀

  62. Fansite SN: Yui´loves´YB
    Real Name: Nicole
    Age: 19
    Country: Germany
    I am a member of TEAM: YB !

    How often do you visit BBFansite: i visit it so many times a day, but i dont cmt on all threads. i try to meet the VIP´s in chatroom but its kinda different cuz of time difference! but i kinda know some of u!

    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: i have a collage in my room made by myself n i got the Number 1 album, Always album, stand up album n both of their live DVD’s!

    The message you will say: Heyy guyyz! This is Nicole from Germany! I became a VIP a year ago when i heard Lie n from that on i just looove u! Ur music lights up ma life every day!
    >>> then i wanna show them my special BB skill <<<
    I hope u had fun watching me and please don’t overwork and be careful with your bodies! I hope u will come to Germany one day!

  63. aww i forgot a line. SRY!
    it has to be: Ur music lights up ma life every day! I know that i cant give u back what u gave me but i wanna make u laugh, so i will show u my special BB skill!

  64. i got another question. DO i have to mention what i wanna show BB as ma special skill? cuz i kinda wanted it to be a suprise!
    n i bet u will laugh, too, if u see it !

  65. it is not required to have BB merchandise, but it would be a nice plus to have something in the background while you are talking.

    you don’t have to mention your ‘bb skillz’ of course surprises are nice!

  66. Fansite SN: feyfey
    Real Name: Fey Saeteurn
    Age: 11/05/1988 so that makes me 20 =]
    Country: USA
    EMAIL Addie:
    I am a member of TEAM: Do i have to be on a team? I hope not because all the guys are incredible eyecandy for me. But if I have to, then..GD is the man for me!
    How often do you visit BBFansite? I may not comment much, but everytime I open up Mozilla, this is the first page I visit. And it’s the 1st bookmarked site. Who doesn’t enjoy reading Big Bang news? It’s waaayyy betta than your average regula news.
    Name all (or most) of the BB merchandise you own: I don’t have much, but I have fan made banners and uchiwas along with a Big Bang phone strap, Global Warning Tour bag, and a few CDs.
    The message you will say: [I will be doing this with 2 other girls] B to the I to the Bang Bang. B to the I to the Bang Bang. About VIP. Hello Sengri, Dae Sung, GD, Young Bae, and Mr. T.O.P. We are Feyfey, Sammie, and Lizze from California. We love dancing to your music and bumpin it in my car. Hopefully one day we can bump it together? ::smiles and winks:: We hope you guys are eating well and maintaining a great healthy lifestyle. Seeing you guys on stage performing and all hyped up is amazing. You guys have lots of funk and your style is iconic! Keep it up, and we look forward to your future works. Big Bang HWAiTiNG!!!~

    We’ll add some more and make it as original as we are. =]

  67. HOWW do i become a member??
    please help me outtt!

  68. Fansite SN: Kat-Chan/WildSevenGirl
    Real Name: Kathy Tang
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: TOP~! <333
    How often do you visit BBFansite: OMGAWSH. I visit the BBSite almost everyday since I first came across it. D: I rarely post comments, however, ’cause I’m more of the silent reader type [and also, I’m not keen to get in any fandom fights. xD]. Thanks for the hard work on keeping us updated with our guys! _>; Idk what happened, but I’m searching high and low for ’em!]. I also got the Big Bang Photobook recently as well. As for more merchandise, I’m planning to go to Korea Way soon to raid the store for their BB stuff. x3. [Oh and do custom wallpapers on the computer count? :D~]
    The message you will say: Aigo, Big Bang! How’ve you guys been? I know you guys are extreeeemely tired from all you’ve been doing, and I hope you get a LOTS of rest and reward from your work. I’m actually not a big fan of hiphop, since I’m a major rock and screamo freak, but you guys are my gateway for new music. Without you, I wouldn’t be [attempting] to flow with the beats. I love you guys lots <3. And I hope you know how much your VIPs love you too. And I’d like to give my special shoutout to my favorite member, TOPpa! You got great style, voice, and sense of humor. I love you!~ Good luck to the rest of you–Jiyong, DaeSung, TaeYang and Seungri-Ebalso [HEHE.]! I hope you’ll stay the ownage group you are forever and ever. I can’t wait until you guys come to the US [Of course, make that stop to NY, yeah? :D]! 2 years in the making and counting! Big Bang, FIGHTING!~

  69. Fansite SN: Kristie
    Real Name: Kristie xD
    Age: 16
    Country: Canada
    I am a member of TEAM: TOPPPP
    How often do you visit BBFansite: not gonna lie, atleast once a day since I came across this site xDD ITS MY FAV : DD
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Big Bang Stickers, Hot Topic c.d ^^ Its particulary hard to buy merch here, and we can only buy it online DD: BUT, as soon as I go to korean, im going to come back with a suitcase full of everything Big Bang ^^
    The message you will say: BASICALLY, me and my friends want to re-do the With U music video, so were going to dress up as them, and go to a parking garage and be insane xDDD and then were all going to say our messages, how long weve liked them, why we like them, tell them about ALL of there greatt work and to get lots rest. Also that alot of people in Canada really do love there music. Basically just showing our love for them ^^

  70. Question: Is the video to be raw footage? Or are we allowed to edit it ourselves?


    Fansite SN: PH4T
    Real Name: Michelle Hong
    Age: 18 (1990)
    Country: Canada
    I am a member of TEAM: Team SEUNG RI
    How often do you visit BBFansite: Because of school, I cannot visit as often as I’d like to or used to. I normally check for updates every Friday so I can keep up with the VIPs 😀
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Poster, GREAT Concert DVD, Postcards and Photo Album.
    The message you will say: (Starts off singing a verse from ‘With U’) HEY YOU! (Stand Up Intro in the background) B-I-G B-A-N-GEEEE! Hello! (in Korean) It’s Michelle, your VIP and Team SEUNG RI supporter from Canada! And I’ve been your VIP since September 2007. I think what first attracted me was your individuality. All of you have something to offer, whether you are a writer, rapper, dancer, comedian or actor. I admire you guys for your hard work and you inspire me by just being who you are. You’ve proven to me that you can do basically anything and still come out strong! Keep doing what you love for YOU, not us because we are here whatever happens in the future. Don’t ever forget that! Sleep well, eat well and SING WELL! I love you! BIG BANG HWAITING!

  71. awww so cute~
    too bad i’ve just started coming to this website
    i probably won’t be picked =3=
    but i love this site!!!
    i wish i knew about it earlier 😀
    big bang AJA FIGHTING

  72. o yea
    how do you become an official VIP?
    i’ve been dying to find out since like forever
    i never knew there was a formal way to enter
    i just thought all fans were VIPS =3=


  74. once again, there is no such registration to be a “vip”

    at least not at this site.

    official fanclubs are only extended to kvipz.

    a foreign fanclub is not in existence yet, though i have plans to push for one…

  75. if im gona say things in korean do i type it here in korean or english? im thinking of mixing both (:

  76. what if i’ve never posted a comment before…but i visit every day!! >< i wasn’t sure how to do comments =_= …can i still enter?

  77. Fansite SN: duhcky
    Real Name: Linda Ly
    Age: 18
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: GD
    How often do you visit BBFansite: I’ve been a guest for awhile and I just created a username for this. But I love and appreciate all that you have done on this site and I’ve been checking back probably 3-4 times a week since the beginning of this fall.
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: I only own and NEED one thing: my 48″ blown up picture of GD hugging the white teddy bear 🙂
    The message you will say: My friend, Steph and I are like butt cheeks, we both need each other to be able to stand. We even have nicknames for each other, I call her booty and she calls my pooty. Since the beginning of this year our friendship has grown so much stronger because we both share an interest in Big Bang. Not to sound like crazy hyped up fangirls but we both talk to each other about their music, their pictures, their clothes, their music videos, and just silly but cute videos of them on youtube. Once they have something new out, I would call her or text her in the middle of the night or in the morning and she would do the same. In the past 2 weeks Steph and I watched them on Come to Play which we watched IN CLASS and also Daesung and GD on Family Outing (and we’re still waiting for the next episode to be translated). In the episode of F.O. that we did watch, I saw how GD leaned against Daesung and they looked like they were really close which reminded me of Steph and myself. In fact, Steph was the one who gave me the 48″ blown up vinyl of GD and the white teddy bear. We were both talking about how we want to go to Korea one day and hopefully get to meet BB because we’re both going to different colleges and everything will be different. Seeing all of them on Come to Play also makes me realize how much of a strong bond I want to keep with Steph.

  78. uhmm…im still confused!

    i can still join, right?

  79. what an amazing idea!
    i hope a lot of people join.^^

  80. @ candysweetz, you can just type it in hangul

    @ felisha: you just typed a comment.

    @ lala: anyone can join this project.

  81. OUUU! I want to join! Will we be penalized if we don’t have any Big Bang Merchandises? :[ :[ I really hope that isn’t the case.. I only have pictures of them and my own man-made posters ^_^.
    If that’s okay, then I’ll apply soon ^_^

  82. OUUU! I want to join! Will we be penalized if we don’t have any Big Bang Merchandises? :[ :[ I really hope that isn’t the case.. I only have pictures of them and my own man-made posters ^_^.
    If that’s okay, then I’ll apply soon ^_^

  83. Fan site SN: JENYGD13 OR JENYLUVBB
    Real Name: Vonglatsamy, nickname’s TOP thanks ma mom dad so happy to be the same as TOP
    Age: 20
    Country: LAOS
    I am a member of team: GD
    How often do you visit BB Fan site: when I have a chance this is my website too ! , let’s me know what’s big bang doing now, update their news and get best pics from here sometime I have leave comment when I saw their pics and read their news that make my heart beating & speechless<>
    Name all (or most ) of the BB: I don’t have any BB’s CD &DVD bcoz in my country doesn’t have the shop that sell BB’s CD &DVD just only the older Rain ,Seven ,Boa album sells here when you want to buy you should go to Thailand but when I go unfortunately bigbang always sold out its make me sad=( or preorder on internet but I don’t have credit card that’s why I have only their posters and pics that I printed from my computer and the most are BB Videos that I downloaded from Youtube .
    The message you will say: HI! Big Bang!!! Bang The World .i’m Top your honey, your Babe, your girlfriend, your wife or your fan girl it’s up to you to call me ha ha ha I will be the only one beside you 4ever and the only girl who luv you so much from LAOS ,your music make me wanna dance beside you like your dancer and make me happy when I had bad time . I dream of you, think of you every time that I breathe and when I listening to your songs .Oh! Boys! You are the NUMBER1 in the world and in my heart, my world! Wait me there I will go to meet you in Korea and wait you here in LAOS come to me my babe please^__^ always support love love love to you here !
    All the best come to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I finally realize that I’m nothing without you
    Oh, my boyz, I cry, cry
    You’re my all, say goodbye, bye
    Oh, my love ,don’t live so far…….
    You’re my heart, say goodbye !!!!!!!!!!

  84. Fansite SN: yumyumSUSHI
    Real Name: Melissa Sardinia
    Age: 18
    Country: Australia
    I am a member of TEAM: havent joined a team here, but lets say i repping teamTOP LOL !
    How often do you visit BBFansite: bloody heck ! every freaking day ! Even if i go out to the shops, i go on the computers there and quickly check out the site to see if there is any updates . no joke, my friends think im crazy LOL luckily its only $2 for 20 minutes to use the internet =)=) except i’ve probably only commented on some entries a couple of times .
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: okay, all i own RIGHT now is a shirt i made LOL australia is kind of a hard place to be when it comes to buying anything korean, i usually just find all the more older stuff like rain, boA SUJU, DBSK etc . but LUCKILY i have discovered a koreatown near me (if you call 30 min train ride near LOL) and i can tell you … im gonna be broke =)=)
    The message you will say:
    ANNYEONG HASEYO ! Because of you guys, i’ve been learning how to speak Korean ! its not much, but its a start.
    I have been a fan of you guys for 2 years and i can honestly tell you that i will be a fan till the very end ! The first song i heard was ‘we belong together’ and instantly, i fell in love ! Seeing your hard work, determination and commitment to everything you do has inspired me to work so much harder in whatever i do! And because of that … i actually got accepted into my nursing course! so really, i should thank you guys! When im sad or down all i have to do is listen to one of your songs or watch a video of you guys and all my troubles just instantly disappear. You guys have made such an impact on my life, and thats no joke or lie! I also want to say a small message to TOP … “TOP ! SARANG SARANG SARANG HAEYO !!!!~”
    To big bang … stick together, be healthy, stay happy and safe but most of all stay strong and stay true ! GD HWAITING ! DAE SUNG HAWAITING ! TAE YANG HWAITING ! SEUNG RI HWAITING ! TOP HWAITING ! BIG BANG HWAITING ! I hope you can come down to Sydney, Australia one day … even for just a vacation and i, personally would be more than HONOURED to give you a tour of my home town =)=) ! LOVE you guys! BIG BANG FOREVER !!!

    *i’ll be holding signs and stuff … just a little visual idea LOL . dont worry, im gonna show my BB love =)=)*

  85. umm~ big bang merchandise(?) thats means their album too? 🙂

  86. A question, do you really have to show yourself? Lol. I know you say pictures, but that is still the same thing, lol.

    I think I could create a cool video for about 1 minute with stuff I have of theirs, things I have created for them and what not, while using my voice in the background, without showing my face, lol.

    I mean it’s not like no, no one can see my face, lol, I’m just very cautioned about what I put into stuff. More like paranoid, lol.

    Also, how are we sending you the video if we get chosen? By email?

  87. *A question

  88. ^ if you really don’t want to show your face, then fill out the application & see if you will be chosen to create your video.

  89. how can i send my application?
    do we just have to POST IT HERE ??


    Fansite SN: IchaisVIP, Purple.princess. ~Boldstripes, Tasia-is-vip, Mort2512
    Real Name: Icha, Pinka, Claudya, Tasia, Ananda
    Age: 16
    Country: Indonesia
    Email: (Pinka’s)
    I am a member of TEAM: ALL
    How often do you visit BBFansite:
    We opened up BBFansite almost every day, cause it’s our only source about our boys and keep us updated with the boys
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own:
    If we gathered all of our BB Merchandise, we’ve got the BANC hoodie ( the one that GD and SR use), the white ultraman colonized hoodie like SR is wearing with his moustache, VIP scarf, GD & TOP socks, BANG ring like GD’s wearing when they introducing themselves, Hot Issue, Stand Up, The GREAT, The REAL, Number 1 (soon) and Remember (soon) album, taeyang’s solo album HOT, Bag with Big Bang pictures, Posters, printed pictures, and TOP’s glasses ( Kanye West white stripe glasses)
    The message you will say:
    [SUNSET GLOW playing as music background (from minute 1.20-ish) ]
    All:“ANNYEONG HASEYO! We’re VIP from Indonesia!
    Pinka: We’re MAD ABOUT YOU since one year ago?
    Tasia: NOO!
    Icha: It’s been 2 years ago, REMEMBER?
    *Everyone laughs*
    Claudya: since the first time we saw you perform GOH JI MAL & LA LA LA, you’ve charmed us.
    Ananda: We ALWAYS listen to your song, HARU-HARU… WE CAN’T GET ENOUGH of you…
    Icha: I DON’T UNDERSTAND, but your music brighten up our sorrow days in school.
    Tasia: Its WONDERFUL that now we love Korean culture and cuisine.
    Pinka: Buut our DIRTY CASH are spent to buy this, this and this [Showing merchendises in fast motion]. We’re brokeee~
    *Everyone laughs*
    Pinka: We’re kidding guys!! We REALLY LOVE ALL OF THESE STUFFS, because it’s our only way to show THIS LOVE [showing more merchendise]
    Claudya: We really hope that you can keep on producing good music, we will always wait for it~
    Ananda:[“Ananda 아난다” written on screen]”Nal Bwa Nal Bwa, Dae Sung (Sings while dancing a little)” Oppa, take care of your health and I’ll be supporting you ALWAYS. Sarangheyo, Fighting!”
    Tasia:[“Tasia 타시아 “ written on screen] Jiyong oppa, you’re NUMBER 1 and I love you MORE MORE!
    Icha: [“Icha이차 “written on screen] Hey sexy, you’re STRONG BABY! Seungri oppa SARANG HAEYO & Happy Birthday! We’re going to Korea on june – july~ hope we can meet there! Fighting!
    Claudya: [“Claudya클라우댜“ written on screen] TOP oppa, you’re my NUMBER 1 that’s fo’ sho!, it’d be like HEAVEN if we meet someday, I wish you good luck in EVERYTHING you do, Big bang TOP Fighting!
    Pinka: [“Pinka핀카“written on screen] Young bae oppa, please stays healthy~ don’t make me worry okay? SARANG HAEYO! I look at you only
    CLOSING: (SUNSET GLOW louder at minute 2.06) we will end this video by imitating Big Bang moves in the performance of Sunset Glow song
    (Imitating the Ah-ah-ah part)
    [At minute 2.13-ish, SUNSET GLOW fades]

  91. omg this i amazing!!!

  92. Aww I wish I could do this but I can’t. My MOM would kill me if I did =(

  93. Fansite SN: xLadyTOP & LadyJiYong
    Real Name: Kristy & Hang
    Age: 14
    Country: USA
    I am a member of TEAM: Kristy: TOP! Hang: GD
    How often do you visit BBFansite: Everytime we get a chance too! We like to keep in touch of what’s happenning to the boys. (: Even though we do not leave comments we still check in everyday to see what’s going on. We are very thankful that we have this site to help us keep in touch with what’s going on over there.
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Bandana ): sorry we do not have much because we arent allowed to buy much from the internet.
    The message you will say: Hi Big Bang! We are some of you’re many fans in the US! How are you? We really hope you visit the US more often. I hope you guys continue to make more songs and we’ll be supporting you all the way. Just don’t over work your self because we get worried for you. We hope you all stay healthy and don’t make us worry. Hang loves JiYong oppa alot!:]I am a VERY VERY big fan of GDoppa!;] && Saranghaeeeyoo GD! And i Kristy loves TOP! 😀 Are you feeling better? You really scared me when i heard you were in the hospital. We cant wait till you guys come to America! Hope to see you soon! Take care! We love you Oppas! Saranghaeyo~

  94. will the boys really be able to see it?
    or is this kind of a just for fun thing?
    😮 jw!

  95. Fansite SN: luvpandaeyes
    Real Name: Sade
    Age: 15
    Country: United States
    I am a member of TEAM: waiting to see if i’m allowed to be in SR
    How often do you visit BBFansite: It’s my homepage, since I would hate to miss any BB news. Even though I don’t usually post comments, I still come here allot and blab to my sister about what’s going on!
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: I’ve been broke for a long time and my mum isn’t all for online buying. But now I have a big bang scarf, bang ring, and remember poster….hoping to get allot more once I start working
    The message you will say: Hello Big Bang! I became a VIP when I saw your LaLaLaLa music video and I’m still a VIP because of all the things you guys do, you work hard on performances even if they are 3 minutes long. And when you perform I cheer as loud as I can hoping that you’ll hear me thru the TV screen. When you’re nervous about an award I’m nervous also and when you win I cry, when you work too hard and become sick or hurt I worry so much. I hope that one day I can meet all of you and become good friends. You are all very special to me and no matter what I’ll always support and love you guys till the end. Big Bang Hwaiting!!!!

  96. Fansite SN: bigbangluv
    Real Name:Hanna Kim
    I am a member of TEAM: all
    How often do you visit BBFansite: seriously everyday….i always check up for updates and stuff
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: bigbang bandana,stand up cd, hot issue cd, all their songs on my ipod
    The message you will say: it will be in korean but heres what im gonna say: Hey bigbang! i’ve always really been proud of all of you oppas. i wish i could actually meet you and support you or buy more of your stuff but i cant since i live in america. i hope you can tour near my place someday, but all i could do right now is to help you online. my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. i know that you probably wouldnt find time to call anyone but i think i should just let you know in case you have time. there are many bigbang fans at my place so if you have a chance to come by, i hope you can visit. i live near detroit. thank you for listening and finding the time to watch this video. love hanna

  97. hi,i would like to join in the project but i dun really own their merchandise bcos my parents dun allow me 2 spend money on that.i was wondering if i could join.

  98. I know that i posted one week ago or somethin like that but i thought bout it n recognized that i missed so many things i wanna say >.< So i wanna ask if i could post again! If not, just take ma first post:

    Fansite SN: Yui´loves´YB
    Real Name: Nicole
    Age: 19
    Country: Germany
    I am a member of TEAM: YB!

    How often do you visit BBFansite: I visit it mostly 2 or 3 times a day checkin for updates! n i try to comment on every post but sometimes i don’t have time to ! N i visit the chat a lot but its kinda difficult to meet some cuz of time difference!

    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: I made a BB collage by maself, i got the remember album/hot issue/Always/Stand up n the GREAT concert DVD. n all their albums on ma pc, fosho. n other stuff made by myself

    The message you will say: HI BIG BANG!! This is Nicole from Germany, how r u? U have to know that u got soo many fans in germany! I’ve been a VIP for 1 year now n i just wanna say , that i luuuv ur music!! U r so unique n u do so many special things so noone know what will come next ! I just wanna thank u for giving me so much cuz ur music lights up ma live every day ! so i thought about “is there anything i can give u back?” n so i wanna show u ma special Big bang skill ! Watch out!!

    ~ then i’ll show them ma special skill ~

    That’s it, Big bang ! I hope u liked it n laughed a lot! Please don’t overwork n take care of ur bodies! We’ll support u forever!
    But i have to ask Tae a special question: Can i hug u?… one day?

    ~ then i will start “Sunset Glow” n do the “i love u gurl” part but i’ll say ” I LUV U GUYZ!!!” ~

    Thank u for watching my video msg to u, have a wonderful day !!

    Byeee Big Banng !! Saranghaee !

    [ It would be really nice if u could use this post as ma idea. This is my final edition n i hope its ok that i post twice n changed it ]

  99. aw, this is such a cute idea, its odd because i was thinking about suggesting an encouragement quilt/blanket, but since you guys are already planning on doing this. this totally kicks the quilt/blankets butt. 😦 i’m going to think of something awesome, and fill out an application if i can think of something..

  100. Fansite SN: godivaluvzgd

    Real Name: Munkhgerel

    Age: 17

    Country: Mongolia

    Email Address:

    I Am A Member Of TEAM: G-Dragon

    How Often Do You vVisit BBFansite: I don’t visit often because once i visit this site i can’t get off you know what i mean. And i wait for a week or two and after that there are a bunch of new interesting news so it takes me a while to read all of it. So i think it’s better for me to “save” many information and then read it all at one time.

    Name All Of The BB Merchandise You Own: i have BB desk calendar (2008-2010 years), Big Bang 2008 2nd Concert Live Album – GREAT, cell phone charm (picture of Always MV) and socks with BB picture on it and it’s still new lol.

    The Message You Will Say: Everytime i watch BB videos i just realize that how much you can do in one year or in one month. They work so hard to show all the fans the best i think it works really well. So i want to wish them to keep up the good work and whatever happens VIP’s will be in your side always and all the time. Thanks to GD for making my day >_< I adore them being so optimistic because sometimes they look sooo tired but they still keep the good work and make us happy everyday. But try to get some rest and don’t overwork please. Thank you so much for making such a great songs. After i knew that the international star center named the stars after BB and whenever i see to the sky at the night i feel really near to my heart.
    I hope one day i can meet all of you. But first i wish you will come to Mongolia or Taiwan to perform. That will be soooo crazy ^____^
    Thank you for your time. Wish you all the best in the future. BB is always NUMBER ONE in our heart. Thank you. Have a nice day and GOOOOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  101. even though this project is my idea…I wanna join too..hahaha^^”
    I’ll post my application too xD (hope it’s good enough!)

    Fansite SN: mooncake

    Real Name: Ria Abanico

    Country: Vienna, Austria (soon in Seoul)
    I am a member of TEAM: TOP

    How often do you visit BBFansite: depends how much time I have due to study and work,but sure to be online 1-3 times a week to check out new stuffs.

Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Albums: Stand Up, Number 1, Remember (which I’m really proud of,cuz it was my price as 2nd place for doing the birthday video for TOP’S 21st birthday),Big Bang Scarf and a few chinese magazine’s where they are featured in (cuz we only have a chinese bookstore here,so I have no choice then just to look at the pictures,since I don’t understand chinese -.-“).

The message you will say: Hi Big Bang! (I’ll do my intro in korean). You guys are a very very BIG inspiration for me. Ever since I watched your documentary,how you all worked hard to pursue your dreams. It opened my eyes never to give up on my lifetime dream being on stage someday as a dancer. There is no day where I won’t be listening to your songs or even watching out for new news about you guys. Everytime I go to my dance classes,I always use one of your songs as my warm up dance. You guys are all awesome and keep up the good work! I hope you all will stay healthy and may you all show us,VIP’S, around the world many more superb performances! (I’ll be rapping TOP’s and GD’s part from Make Love) BIG BANG FIGHTING!

  102. for the curious-minded:

    this is a legit project that we are working on.

    these clips, what you say, what you show & do, they will get to BB
    & somehow, they will see it.

  103. Fansite SN: teefannie
    Real Name: Tiffany
    Age: 14
    Country: Canada
    I am a member of TEAM: TEAM JIYONGIE!?! xD
    How often do you visit BBFansite: I’m on every single day! 😀
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Remember, Stand Up
    The message you will say:
    Hi! My name is Tiffany and I’m a VIP from Canada! When I grow up, I want to be JiYong’s wife. A five or six year difference is nothing!? Meh, I know it won’t happen, but I can dream…. *shows fingers(it says BIG BANG on my fingers)* I wanted to get a tattoo like this, but my mom wouldn’t let me, so I write it on every morning with a permanent marker. I am very obsessed with Big Bang. Anyways, you guys are awesome!? Big Bang makes me very happy~ I love it when you guys are happy and smile. But when you guys frown, well, you look very cool and sexy! Big Bang is what made me start to learn Korean. You guys are actually very popular at school. I’ll start off singing “I’m so sorry” and random people beside me will sing “But I love da geojismar” Sometimes, I’ll just picture meeting you guys in real life, and start giggling. I scare people when I do that, I hope I’m not scaring you guys. Heh… So thank you for being such a special group, you’re not like those other bands, Big Bang is very unique and has it’s own style. Thank you for giving us such amazing music. Thank you for trying your very best~ Stay healthy! I hope that someday I will be able to see you guys at a concert! I love you all very very much! Bye!

    QUESTION: Do we have to say exactly what we’ve typed?! O__o

  104. lol wow id love to but i aint got big bang merchandise cause its hard for me to get ._.

  105. Fansite SN: Felisha
    Real Name: Felisha (lol yeah, how original am i? XD)
    Age: 16
    Country: US of A
    Email Address:
    I am a member of TEAM: Seung Ri!!!
    How often do you visit the BBFansite: I visit every day, lol, i just don’t comment a lot XD the first website i check is this one, where i can see what’s happening with the boys lol because they’re first in my life XD
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: Stand Up minialbum, a BB scarf, Remember album, Number 1 album…… pictures and music on your phone count to? Lol because i have a LOT of those XD
    The message you will say: Somehow, in my head, I see you guys as a really amazing dream come true. I mean, really, how many other groups out there have so many people who love them and support them? How many other people are out there that can be so incredible and dorky and sexy and intense and just plain awesome, all at the same time? I can only think of one, and that’s Big Bang. You guys work so hard and it shows, and everyone knows it. Each one of you is unique and special and bring something different to the group. That’s part of why you guys are so awesome. I could list all the things I like about you guys specifically, but that would take too long. So all I can say is, don’t forget that no matter what, you got your VIPs at your back. You’ve changed our lives in a good way, (mine in particular). You’ll always be in our hearts, and forever in mine. We love you guys. Keep fighting! XD

  106. Fansite SN: sann-ee
    Real Name: Sovanny
    Age: 17
    Country: Sweden
    I am a member of TEAM: G-Dragon
    How often do you visit BBFansite: At least once a day!
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: All of the CDs (minus the live albums). Teayang’s album. The DVDs. 8 posters. Notebook. Phonestraps. Scarf. Photo set. Calendars.
    The message you will say: [This looks more like a script xD. Since it’s a video, gotta use the advantages of filming and editing |D! Oh and my friend’ll act reporter, since we’re doing it like an interview. Cuz BB do them all the time xD]


    Reporter: We are now witnessing a very rare sight; There’s a Big Bang fangirl! In Sweden!!

    *zooms in on me, alone in the middle of the snow covered cropland, screaming/singing/dancing to a BB song*

    Reporter: *shouts* Hey you! Come over here please!

    *fast forwards video so I can come over*

    Reporter: Hello what’s your name?
    Me: Sanni! ( idk if i’ll use my real name or not)
    Reporter: You’re a BB fan right?
    Me: That’s right! Lemme show you my room!

    *goes inside, and oh, passing by the living room where a con dvd is randomly playing*

    Me: Aren’t they great 8D? *points at posters*
    Reporter: What’s so great about them?
    Me: Everything! They inspire me so much! My will to work hard, my sense of fashion..
    Reporter: And who’s your favorite member?
    Me: No other than Mr. Kwon JiYong, Awesomeness himself!
    Reporter: You know, they’re watching you right now!
    Me: WHAT?! *faints on the floor*
    –end– (end screen’ll probably say sth like “bb hwaiting!” or “omo, you killed her” or sth funny!)

  107. Fansite SN: babybear
    Real Name: Westine
    Age: 15
    Country: America
    Email Address:
    I am a member of TEAM: G-Dragon/ Ji Yong ❤
    How often do you visit the BBFansite: every time I log on and my parents aren’t around…so they can’t see me squeal and drool 😉
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: bandana, Stand Up minialbum, phone charm, lots of pictures and music XP
    The message you will say: Anyoung! Just wanna let you guys know that your music inspires me. Not just me but also my friends who continue to look up to you guys. Big Bang’s music touches people’s hearts. I myself pull out strength every time I hear GD’s powerful voice that helps me stay strong day by day. My friend Haneul gets courage to ignore other people who make her cry, every time Top’s voice carresses her ears which continue to listen even if the song is in a different language. And not to forget my friend Yong, who always looks forward to seeing Seung Ri’s happy smile and hearing his voice. It makes her day even when everything gets to be too much. Tae Yang and Dae Sung inspire my friends Byeol and Nunmul because of their powerful vocals. To make our story short, me and my friends terribly admire the whole group. We love you guys and even from a distance. Thanks cos you guys are our inspirations. And please continue to inspire us but feel free to rest and don’t work too hard. We love you. Big Bang is love. ❤ kamsa hamneeda

  108. Fansite SN: KATisBAK
    Real Name: Katrina
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    Email Address:
    I am a member of TEAM: TOP ftw XD
    How often do you visit the BBFansite: whenever I log on and have internet access
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: phone charm, music, Stand Up minialbum, Number One album, Remember album, bandana, lots of pictures
    The message you will say: BIG BANG YOU ARE ALL UNIQUE!!!! Like there is something in each and every one of your singing and rapping that makes your music just amazing! I can listen to any kind of music by anyone, but I can really relate to you guys’ in particular. I can relate to the lyrics and just be able to release all my emotions I keep inside. TOP!! I love how you whisper in Sparkling and how you rap just makes you even more sexier 😉 just hearing your voice makes my day! Seung Ri, you can really sing sexy songs! How you say “hey sexy” in Strong Baby and how you have that cute accent really makes my friend Felisha giggle like crazy XD G-Dragon is “fo sho” forever leader! A hard working man working for the fans, my friend Westine really loves how your voice is empowering. 🙂 Tae Yang, you are so built that my friend Kayla hangs a picture of you on her wall and drools over your body every time she looks at you (even though she has a boyfriend) XD Dae Sung, you really remind me of my friend Lily, how you always make everyone smile and laugh when they’re down =P you are all so perfect in your own way! You all will always be in our hearts and we hope that we the fans will be in yours too! Don’t work too hard please, but do keep up the great work and have fun creating music! Remember, be on top of the world!

  109. Fansite SN: yongyong
    Real Name: Jeje
    Age: 15
    Country: USA
    Email Address:
    I am a member of TEAM: Seung Ri hwaiting!
    How often do you visit the BBFansite: every single day, every single morning and then again after school and again before i go to sleep XD
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: VIP scarf, phone charm, all the albums, concert DVDs, photobook, pictures
    The message you will say: How am I supposed to say “I love you guys” in a different way from everyone else? *laughs* You guys are so amazing and full of potential. Your music and performances that you work so hard to make speak to something deep inside me. All of you bring something special and unique to the group. GD, the forever leader, who has the strength to bring out the best in everyone…dude, our maknae loves you and gets so hyper and giggly just from listening to you. TOP, the rapper, my buddy Kat is in love with you and your different sides. Dae Sung, who’s always smiling and making everyone laugh which people need to do more often. Tae Yang, the one who deals with the more serious side of things. Seung Ri, I don’t even know how to describe how I see you cuz it would be a biased description…you’re the strong baby who adds to the total awesomness. Big Bang is a glorious, amazing dream that will always keep on living in the hearts of your VIPs and forever in mine. We love you guys. Keep fighting!

  110. Fansite SN: christineknockout

    Real Name: Christine Ko

    Age: 16

    Country: USA


    I am a member of TEAM: Team Seungri! My friend is team TOP.

    How often do you visit BBFansite: I visit the BBFansite everyday! I know I don’t leave posts all the time, but I do check for recent news and performances EVERY chance I get.

    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: BB posters (especially of Seungri), their CDs of course, BB calendar, and a shirt I made that says, “VI” in rhinestones.

    The message you will say: I’m planning on doing this with a friend and we’re going to dress up like BigBang and do a short skit or sing/dance to one of their songs. Then we will thank them and wish them the best. However, if the video with the friend doesn’t work out, I will be doing a video by myself and it will say in Korean: (I will be playing the intro to ‘Haru Haru’ on the piano for about 15 seconds.) Hello, BigBang! My name is Christine. I was born in the states, but your international success has reached me too and I am a huge fan of yours. You guys are truly talented, and I appreciate all the hard work you put in for your fans. You push me to excel in dance and everything I do. Don’t over work too much, and Seungri, make sure to eat your broccoli even though I think your dark circles are cute! Thank you for producing amazing music for us and I hope to see you guys perform in the U.S.! (Sing the chorus to ‘Sunset Glow’) I love you guys. Hwaiting BigBang!

  111. Fansite SN: loveeannnaa
    Real Name: anna
    Age: 14
    Country: united states
    I am a member of TEAM: OMG GD GD GD GD<33333
    How often do you visit BBFansite: i come everyday to check on new videos and pics and stuff. i dont comment often tho =x
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: um i dont rlly have any. i have a t-shirt that i made my friend help me make that says “too fast to live, to young to die” in the back =)) um i ordered a wall calendar but it doesnt come out until dec.7 so i dont have it yet. i have a couple of big bang pics and thats about it.
    The message you will say: HIIIII BIG BANGGG =) i love your music soo much and ive only heard about you guys about a year ago and ive fallen in love. you have true talent and so original. you have fans ALL OVER THE WORLD, no doubt. im rlly looking forward to when you guys are coming to u.s, hopefully you’ll hold concerts =) my main goal in life right now is to meet big bangg<333 hehehe. every one of the members are different, and unique and special in their own way and i think thats why you guys are so talented together as a group. the solo’s are great, but i really love group songs =) YOU GUYS ARE SOOO HOTSEXYBANGINNN” HWAITINGG! <33

    (todays the deadline, so im just quickly typing up some of the quick thoughts ’cause i just found out u can still do the video even if u dont have big bang merchandise, so if i do get selected ill come up with more ideas on the video =))))

  112. Fansite SN:seunghyuns2saerom
    Real Name:caroline
    Country: U$A
    I am a member of TEAM: TEAM T TO THE O TO THE P all the waaay!
    How often do you visit BBFansite: well it all began way back in the summer of 08 and my obsession over big bang was growin that i found this site and it was the best fansite that i ever saw with my eyeballs mang! (not trying to kiss up or anythang) haha but i found this site to be the most informative and kept up the big bang spirit=) i go on the comp mostly everday and i AAAALWAYS ALWAYS go to the site. i go to it spiritually and religiouslyC= once i open up a window i catch myself typing bigbangk…so basically i come to this site every time i use the computer BTW you guys are doing a grrrreat! job
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: yeeeeah dont got too much merch. i havent been to k-town lately but i did go to a local korean cd store and reserved a poster of big bang stand up. (they only have posters that they use as ads and they’re not allowed to sell it until they take them down at a certain date which is in january) i have their mini album STAND UP and i even saved the plastic wrap it came in. tehehe i have a few drawings of big bang that i worked on to replace the absence of my posters but not half as good as the real deal=)
    The message you will say: (Remember to be clear & concise. this is the draft we will be subbing & encoding to your video clip. Be creative on what you say, this is where you stand out from the rest. REMEMBER TO KEEP IT WITHIN 1 MINUTE!) i made the video w/ my fellow big bang lover and bff karenn and we already have it ready to go cause i thought the video was due today. its nothing deep but its from our hearts and we just wanted to show how much love we have for big bang.
    in the beginning we een-sah soundin like unco same’s korean history channel hehehe and then we have an intro goin like we are big. BAANG. then we dance-along to sunset glow to the parts of gdragon’s “side to side hand move” then the chorus dance=) than moving onto number1 we dance +lipsync to the beginnning. than we show off the album and the drawings i drew real quick and i say we love youuu…especially TOP.then we end it w/ the end of sunset glow & we have a guest star of a really cute doggy named boots dancing to it with us=)
    pick us!!! for a real juicy and fun videeoooo

  113. Fansite SN:milkydonut, ehh not sure about her sn right now D:!srry
    Real Name:Megan, Tiffany
    Age: 13, 13[tiff will be 14 on dec.3 veryy close!]
    Country: USA, baby.
    EMAIL ADDRESS: please send to
    I am a member of TEAM: SEUNG RI?!?!? :]!!
    How often do you visit BBFansite: like every freaking day?!?! i’m speaking the truth here i love big bang a lot lol. they are my DISTRACTION from homework EVERYDAY. no kidding :D!<3 big bang news is very important to me ;D and your site is in my opinion the best source for it! plus very creative haha ok i’m going to stop now.
    Name all (or most) of the BB Merchandise you own: i’m actually a pretty new VIP since sep/oct? so unfortunately none as of now D: but i’m DEFINITELY DEFINITELY hoping to get all their albums by next yr cause of x-mas. [ordering the ‘remember’ album now tho]
    The message you will say:
    -first our intro [possibly a clip of lip syncing to a specific big bang song (last day for application so we’re still deciding which song, srry xO!) with our popsicle sticks of each member of big bang xD if we have time]

    the song we lip sync to will probably be the background music as well to the whole vid for a minute!

    -def. our small segment of fansigns/dancing [tiff will be holding the fansign in front sitting down while me and our camera girl(my friend)do our small performance in the background (maybe with other fansigns?) fansigns are going to be in korean so i’m saying this :] i hope korean is okay for the fansigns?

    -our shortened messsage to big bang :D!
    tiff: i’m tiffany
    me: i’m megan
    both: and we love BIG BANGGG~
    me: [as fast as i can] so, big bang is actually my first and ONLY obsession. your style, music, looks, personality, EVERYTHING we think is beyond awesome and inspires us, you’re probably the most talented people we’ve ever seen in our lives. each member has so much talent and originality not to mention SUPER CUTE. also the most perfect guys to us -laugh- i even dream about your music videos cause they’re awesome. whenever i’m feeling bad i just think of you guys and it helps me A LOT! also want to congratulate you guys on SUNSET GLOW! we can’t even truly express how much we love big bang and everything about them but here’s a little [we’ll have our ‘finale’ trying to eat a WHOLE banana loll while saying either we love big bang/sarang hae]

    the vid idea is this right now but we’re not going to know what the outcome will be because of the time limit. but we’ll try our hardest to make it like that ^^ ;D!!<3

    and just wanted to say thank you so much for making a project like this it’s so creative and i’m sure all big bang fans will appreciate this THANKS!! even if we don’t get picked i’ll look forward to your other projects in the future loll.

  114. lol you guys are all awesome on this site, working hard and planning such fun projects and giving us news about our boys XD thanks so much =D

  115. ooo, umm just a little above in my application ^^^
    tiffany’s sn is SQUISHYYYTOMATO hehe.

  116. AHH, one more note somewhere in there i might add to our msg the total youtube vids i’ve watched of them are over 250 xP

    if that’s okay?
    soorryyy D: such a last minute thing.

  117. ohmygosh D: i just read something up above:

    this is a blog, not a forum. it is open to everyone. you don’t have to register. you just have to be active.

    the DEADLINE APPLIES TO THE APPLICATION. NOV 27th is the LAST DAY to TURN IN YOUR APPLICATION. it DOES NOT mean you have to finish your VIDEO by then.

    you will know by DECEMBER if you are chosen. then, you have about another 2 weeks or so to make your video.

    so technically, you have a whole month to plan your video out.

    don’t stress.

    BUT. i actually thought BY 28th? because that’s what i read. doesn’t that mean it can be sometime on the 28th? D;
    ahhh, i reallyy truly thought so. this is SO IMPORTANT to me. special request to consider our application???? i made many plans for this ;[

    i’m so very sorry i didn’t understand.

    i’m very sorry because by 28th i really thought it meant sometime on the 28th. since 28th is a friday and i always thought of it that way! Dx

    SORRY, PLEASEE CONSIDER OUR APPLICATION??? :[ we’re working very hard, and we’ll definitely promise a great vid!!

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  119. oh no!!!!
    can i still join???
    we coincidentally made a Haru Haru parody for them.

    Email me, please! Thanks. :]

  120. WOW this is a really good idea guys! BIG BANG HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM!

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  123. Nooo D:
    I missed it >.<

    Maybe have another one next time? ;D
    Please..? o_o

  124. WAIT.Did I miss o_o

  125. AW! I totally forgot about this..and no one answered my question. Oh shucks…I hope we will have another project like this! big bang needs to know that they’re loved in hawai’i toooo! :]

  126. HEY!
    how’s this doing?
    any updates?

    -Karen and staceyy:)

    great idea btw!

  127. I wanna join this really bad:/ But I cant I live in Alaska barely no one come here for a concert.

  128. Any updates???

  129. i love bigbang. i love TOP
    only TOP

  130. i would’ve done this if
    i knew about it. =(
    but shout out to BB.
    i will always love them

  131. i would’ve done this if
    i knew about it. =(
    but shout out to BB.
    i will always love them

  132. T.T
    I have no merchandise. I would have done it if I had a camera. x(
    Oh wellll… I will one day buy all Big bang stuff. >:]

  133. this seems to be over already right?*CRY* i wish i could had knownt them earlier

  134. yay

  135. Aw, sad that I discovered this site just now :/
    Hm.. did it go successfully? Then maybe you’re gonna do another one? 😀

  136. Bigbang Band no 1 you are singer no 1, I love bigbang ^_^! . Maybe have another one next time?

  137. goshhhh!! m kinda late..& m not dat creative either!! i cant sing..i cant dance..but i can act i tink ^^ but i want to join!! is there any other way?

  138. Real Name: yelfira wahyuni (ayu)
    Age: 19
    Country: Indonesia – (West sumatra)
    I am a member of TEAM: Team TOP

  139. hey dude
    Great stuff! i got a lot of inspiration from this post
    it is very interesting ….
    i went through this page two times
    am learning for social work


  140. How can i contact them?

  141. find before der at thailand whith soua xiong at thailand bavinai refuge camp

  142. Thanks for the great post – Greetings from Germany

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