this is seriously long overdue, but sharing with everyone what fans do around the world is what it’s all about!

here was the meet done a few months ago (lol). the girls put together a lovely scrapbook!

you gotta admit, seeing vipz get together in all ends of the earth – that is something. it’s just a great feeling to see random people meet up & have fun, all in the name of BIGBANG.

big thanks to the hosts, Adrienne & Ain. you guys overdid it with your lovely scrapbook!

now time to follow along…

Once upon a time, not too long ago (13th June 2009 to be exact), 24 VIPs came together to celebrate the awesomeness that is BIG BANG.

more under the cut! ——————>

The awesome items in the goodie bag:
– Diploma of Invitation
– BB bookmark
– BB wooden clip
– Noisemaker
– Post-its & pencil
– Lollipop!

Mind you…Adrienne’s a little shy… XD

The invite designed by moi. 😀

The first few VIPs we met @ Somerset MRT station

Giving it all for the camera @ the door. Not forgetting the entry password: BIG BANG FIGHTING!

(Hmmm…we have very cute VIPs, no? Big Bang is so lucky! :P)

All the VIPs present…cramped in a tiny room @ e2max Level 9.

Part ONE: Stand up (And Intro Yourself)

Part ONE: Stand up (And Intro Yourself). remix

Part TWO: Dance-Off…but VIPs are so shy. 😛

In the end…we had one VICTORIOUS WINNER. Give it up for VIP E’zzati! *claps & whistles*

VICTORY. Ready to blow. His stage. His show. His moves. His flow. Presenting the VIP with the “moves” & “flow”, dancing her ass off to ‘Strong Baby’. Hell yeah, E’zzati! XD


VIPs share their thoughts on BIG BANG & even other bands! (2NE1 rocks our socks!)

SG VIPS love~

Pic 1: VIPs cam-whoring XD
Pic 2: Sharing on the “research” done on BIG BANG (rofl)

Part FOUR: The Great DVD watching time!

Everybody SCREAAAAMMMM!!! (And then the blardy security guards will knock on the door. Like, 50 freakin’ times…)

We like the real shit…but if we can’t have them, their posters will do! 😛

Pic 1: Our only Dae fan! (And one of the maknaes) 🙂
Pic 2: “Go get your own! Taeyang’s MINE! mwahahahaha…” (One of TWO male VIPS there) 🙂

VIP Ain + Jeni show some love for T.O.P & G-D respectively…

Group Photo #01

Group Photo #02

“Eh! Eh! Take one more! One more!” XD

Colour-coordinated VIPs: sweet as LOLLIPOP 😀

At the end of three (very short) hours, it was time to say goodbye. *sniff sniff* Like our boy’s album title, this was something that all of us would REMEMBER. Barring the imperfect moments (damn the security guards & their frequent demands for us to “SHUT UP!”), it was a special time for the SG VIPs to bond over the greatest thing since sliced bread… BIG BANG.

THE END. (Or is it? :P)

AWESOMELY MADE! i’m so blown away by all the activities you guys had, & i liked how there were boys there 😀
PLUS, i’m envious of the pretty scrapbook & the writing & decoration – it’s very nice!

hopefully this will inspire more people out there to have meets, so you guys can meet OTHER AWESOME VIPz!


~ by gdluvzmc on October 2, 2009.

43 Responses to “090613 SINGAPORE MEET: SUCCESS!”

  1. gaa~so cool!.and the scrapbook looks cute..^^

  2. Wow looks so cool (:
    I love the scrapbook, period.
    So designed & cool-looking.

  3. cools.

  4. one word.. AWESOME! 😉

  5. Wow whoever made the scrapbook is very talented! Amazing job and looks like so much fun!!

  6. nice! the scrapbooking is amazing! 🙂

  7. wow. it was nicely put together. looks awesome. love it!

    I really wished I had went for the Malaysia Meet 2009.
    Haha~ I wouldbe the youngest 😛
    Hope the next meet I will be older and I could even drive a car thr!
    So I don’t need to ask my parents to send me thr ><

  9. the scrapbook looks so PROOOOOOOO .
    looked like fun!

  10. scrapbook ftw
    mind joining my business?

  11. hmm.maybe i should have went!
    looked so fun.

  12. I missed it toos ): Anymore upcoming meeting? 😀 really looks fun, hahahs.

  13. wow, the scrapbook looks amazing!!!!

  14. Well made!!!
    it looks amazing!!
    aaah hope I can have a meeting with BIGBANG (VIP’s) too someday!
    greetings from The Netherlands!!

  15. omg thanks for the love vips!! we had an had AMAZINGLY AWESOME time!! and i’m glad you enjoyed the scrapbook album – took me almost a month to complete (gah!), but the final product worth it. XD adrienne and i are planning a december meet for vips. all are welcome!

  16. wow… very nice xDD

  17. OMFG!The pics from this is soo frickin AWSOME!But I haven’t gotten any request or any comments for the Bay Ares 2009 meet yet.DON’T WORRY PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED.My email is TOPiLOVEu4EVE@yahoo.com.Email me if you live near the Bay Area!Im also in the Meet And Greet contact list look me up.I WANNA get enough peopl so we can celebrate T.O.P<3 bday by NOVEMBER soo plz contact me if you LOVE T.O.P or just wanna be part of this.XD Hop to hear from you guys soon!

  18. that looks so fun >.<

  19. Omg that scrapbook looks so freaking awesome! Wow, I wanna make one now…Lol, but I dont have a real reason to.

    Hope you guys had fun! Looks like it. ^_^

  20. luv the scrapbook!! i was only paying attention to the designs and had to reread the whole thing again. lol.
    it’s great to hear you guys had fun, and there were guys too!! yay~

  21. the scrapbook is so cool! the meet looks so fun. liked it that there are people of different ages there & also guys! bigbang fighting~

  22. wow~this awesome stuff~~~i misses it man…wad fun i missed..hope to join next time!! more SG VIPS come!!!

  23. Hello. I’m adrienne from the Singapore meet 😀
    There’d be another one around december or november, so PLEASE look out for it ~

  24. Hey, you guys don’t do any Singapore meets anymore? ):

  25. woah..u guys are so cool..can i join too for Singapore meets?..it looks so interesting..n i love those stuff n scrapbooks

  26. had a great time definitely. and ain did such a fantabulous job with e scrapbook ^^ hope to make it for e dec meet up next!

  27. hehe cool nov or dec meet up.
    hope i wont miss it this time 🙂

  28. wow..cool..i wish i was there too.. *sighs* but i’m way too far away!! haha.. cool scrapie!!

  29. Awwwh~i wish that big bang could come to toronto ontario canada i reallyREAALLY want to see them perform live ):

  30. I LOVE YOUR SCRAPBOOKING!!! How’d you do some of those? So cool! You guys are CUTE! =D

  31. […] SINGAPORE MEET – Adrienne @ dreamsterthegreat@gmail.com (See SIXTH MEET) […]

  32. […] another meet is in the works for the winter! hopefully you can join this time. click here & search for the singapore details & contact info click here to check out singapore’s previous meet set up by our vips […]

  33. Aw…I wanna go too…can email me when there is another?? =D

  34. omg,this looks awesome!!! can have a another gathering soon? please? (:

  35. Dont worry! there’s more than one DAE fan in singapore! ♥♥♥
    count me in if there’s another meet 🙂

  36. Very cute ♥

  37. anymore gathering ??

  38. gathering!!! heh. (:

  39. omg i didnt know there was a gathering! 😀 count me in for the next one okay!!

  40. waaaaaa~!!!

  41. привет всем!!! я очень люблю группу big bang!!! Wedding Dress Very cute ♥

  42. wow lovely! and i’m not even a big bang fan! i think they’d be really impressed by allt he effort that went in it! WONERFUL JOB!! 😀

  43. question when are they coming back here in singapore

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