Fan-Made Wallpapers

LAST UPDATE: 07.08.08

Due to the success of the Care To Share? post & the Care To Share? Pt. 2 post, & also due to other VIPz’ request, this page is dedicated to you hardcore VIPz’ brilliant PS skillz in making BAMF DESKTOP BACKGROUNDS. (hehe BAMF. don’t ask)

for starters, you can post up ur brilliant artwork & i’ll give each of you sections. i would suggest a MAXIMUM of 3 entries at first, until i get everything organized, & if i can give u more room, u can continue to keep uploading links & i shall try to post as many of em up as possible.

be brilliant, be unique! design your own BIG BANG-related background, & if you don’t mind, telling me what each consists of, (i.e. is it BIG BANG GROUP? / GD / TOP / YB / DS / SR?) so i can organize em into different sections. also, please provide your real name so i can credit you.

have fun!
**PS: if you are going to use &/or distribute, please credit when taking. we worked really hard on em! thanks!



MADE BY: melly // gdluvzmc
i will be putting up more, eventually xD


MADE BY: Queenie


MADE BY: Linda


MADE BY: Paradizekids


MADE BY: Ranjitha


MADE BY: alekshiyus


MADE BY: Rebecca


MADE BY: Masuda


MADE BY: janie


MADE BY: KayKay&WhyBee


MADE BY: Palm→


MADE BY: tam


MADE BY: Chi-Cita



211 Responses to “Fan-Made Wallpapers”

  1. BAMF! LOL. i’ll post mine up soon! just wanted to be the first to comment it x]

  2. yay
    hih i bet ill love this part of bbkorean word press really soon
    some of those background look sooo original n sooo cute
    and i finally got a chance to use it too
    but anyway here’s mine
    not sooo much stuff but it about my one and only GD

  3. sweet.
    i wanna try posting one up :]

  4. ahh i wnt to make more.. but maybe later ^-^
    Hop ya like~ <–BIG BANG!

  5. ahh i wanted to make more.. but maybe later ^-^ <–BIG BANG!

  6. wow~~ New page XD
    If you love BB on colorful take it to your desktop hahaha 😉

    BANG !!!

  7. G.Dragon WALLIES!

    and ALL CRAZED!

    Top candIES
    [ i just made tons of different ver. of this, too much love on TOP! ]
    [DIFF Resolutions]

    [if you LOVE him , and want me to customize it for ya’ , i’m free !
    its TOP , i can make time! ]

  8. omg , so thats what they meant by duplicate comment!
    kyaa~~ i’m sorry

    @Paradizekids , thats POP art with BB! nice!!
    @Queenie , kyaa~~ GD looks so cute! , wonder who did those animations!!
    @Linda, wow that looks so good! you expanded their faces on your screen!!, you must be die’in to on your computer everyday! Well i will! [x , they look so silky! haha

  9. WOW. This is kewl~ :] I made a Wallpaper before and it’s up for grab since I changed it. 8D



  10. omg x] *inspired by moi* :] hehe jkjk.
    aaahhh im at school again >< i’ll post mine up FIRST THING when i get home 😀 yaaaay! now i’m excited ❤ w00t :]
    can’t wait to see everyone else’s wallpaper 😀

  11. big bang!

    i’ll upload more later 😀

  12. Can we just give in links of our pics? cause i don’t know where to upload my ones 🙂 btw the ones up there are looking very hot i can’t wait to post up my ones and see what you guys think

  13. @masuda
    uhmmm yea…. that’s basically what the links are… links to your pix. cuz if you have links to em… most likely, you have already uploaded them…

  14. no cause i had it on facebook and everybody else had it on imageshack or any other site that you can upload your photo to so i thought facebook wouldn’t work anyway thanks and here it is 🙂

  15. oh and the one i gave in consists of big bang all of the members


    i hav wallpapers in the wallpapers section ^_____^

  17. Omg just made this morning 🙂

  18. @ annie, sorry but w/ all the editing i have to do, it’d be great if u made it easier for me & just linked some of the ones u want to share & post up. that’d help me a lot!

  19. @ masuda, uhmm facebook won’t be able to work, cuz they shrink your pictures. it wouldn’t be a nice background if it wasn’t original sized. so it’d be better if u uploaded elsewhere, to get the original size.


  20. Oooh ok so will photobucket work?

    cause if so here it is :3

  21. ohhh kk

  22. LOL posted it twice but didnt work o.O

  23. Made this one just this morning yet again :3 it consists of TOP
    Credit: juhjuh@soompi

    Credit: iluxxx@soompi


    credit: Bang em.BigRoom@VIPZ

    credit: 디지뱅★.BigRoom@VIPZ

    credit: S.BigRoom@VIPZ ll BBFLow

  24. lets try to not post other people’s work up here… thanks.

  25. @ Gdluvzmc umm that’s not their work its mine but where i got the pics from it said for me to give out credits for it so i did

  26. puuuurdy wallpapers.
    ❤ Masuda’s one is the best ^_^

  27. @ masuda, if they are urs, there’s no need to credit where they come from, just give me ur original pix.

  28. i luv masudas top wallpaper

  29. (: @ gdluvzmc ok i’ll do that thanks

    and umm @ Maziie thanks alot i worked really hard on it and i glad you like it

  30. @Jenny – Aww thanks 🙂

  31. here’s mine…it’s of BIG BANG!!!

    btw…the korean writings are the lyrics to “until whenever”
    i know it’s hard to read cause the font is like korean cursive or something. hahaha…but i used it cause it looked more elegant to me.
    hope everyone enjoys.

    credit to JANIE or jaenieART i already put my tag on it…so yeah as long as people don’t clone it off i’m cool with people sharing my work. ^^

  32. This consists of all members of Big Bang :))

  33. umm may i ask you something Gdluvzmc can i upload another wallpaper of mine?

  34. @ masuda
    sure, you can give me more.
    i’ll do my best to update whenever i can.

  35. JANiE
    OMG yur BB picture of until wenever mustve taken yu a long tym
    its so gud

  36. @Gdluvzmc thanks 🙂


  38. @ maziie
    yeah it took long…but mainly cause i had to type in all the lyrics myself. hahahha.

  39. thank you very much. I love all these wall papers. Please up load more.

  40. consists of G-dragon

  41. consists of Tae Yang 🙂

  42. masuda
    yu have the best wallpprs 😀
    yur so TALENTED

  43. fuck masusuda sucks

  44. O_O umm @ epik high no need to be rude

  45. no. fuck you.
    Posting comments that are unnecessary is just being stupid. I don’t see you posting up any of your creations, so stop bashing.

    i like everybody’s layouts :]

  46. This consists of Shinee and Big Bang Clash

  47. consists of Top

  48. made a new GD wallpaper

    Bigbang Wallpaper

  49. @alekshiyus

    Love yours!
    especially the Baskin robbins!
    so very unforgettable!

    Ahh Gd looks good!
    nice work [:

  50. @ alekshiyus

    omg… your so talented 😀

  51. here’s one for TEAM TOP

  52. @Janie omg that is wayyy too cuteee 🙂 great job

  53. OMG uguys are the best..:D iloveeeeeeeee all of the wallpaper..:D plus my beau [taeyang] looks soo hott. and the whole group too..:D iloveeeee it. 😉

  54. TOP WP (i fixed it…cause the one i recently posted had a misspelled word)

  55. these are soo awesomee <33

  56. Consists of Big Bang / Ft. Island

  57. wow
    seriously love all these wallpapers!!!!

  58. @ Janie
    TOP looks so serene!

    very nice!

  59. Me Too!!
    Wallpaper for BIGBANG ^^

    BIGBANG Ver.Cartoon


    2008 NII BIGBANG

  60. @Palm

    oh !
    i saw yours before!
    you posted it at that wallpaper site
    love yours alot [=
    seriously, nice work.

    i did one on YB!
    there were too many piccus of him
    to hard to resist!

    i think i’ll make one more!

  61. Masuda…
    r u like commenting on ur own wallpapers!? its kinda obvious…
    its just weird and all u know
    and that simon was you right? well i don’t know

    anyway janie
    luv ur effort on the wordz! very cool!and nice!
    everyones wallpapers r so good! i wish i could edit like that ,what u all use!?

    PALM thats AMAZIN
    u guyz r so cool!!

  62. >.< @ Biyan BABO

    why would i be commenting on my own wallpapers? i mean really. i’ve never even thought about that and i don’t really care what you think anyway

  63. @ Palm

    you know those layouts did you upload them onto show wallpaper also? cause i’ve seen them there

  64. yea
    thats it, show wallpaper!
    i saw one more person
    did great wallpaper of big bang!
    it was amazing!

    and Palm,
    the cartoon ver. is FREAKIN’ cute!
    hope e’ other big bang wallie
    makes at show wallpaper
    come and shares it here!

    anyway hope you guys are voting!

  65. @ Masuda
    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. (: Seung Ri / Jong Hyun

    ^ The Negative of the one above

  67. janie?
    is it okay if i use your wallpaper for a myspace layout?

  68. ooh this is cool! mine are veryvery simple =.=



    if using, please credit: tam @ soompi
    enjoy! 😀

  69. oh and credit for stock:, flyhigh, paintpops .. i think thats it xP i hope i didn’t miss anything!

    masudaaa you made 38402849 wps! i love them!

    palm you are crazy creative~~~~

    annie your simpleness totally had me saving everything 😀

    yayy janieee!!<33

    heyy, mady should stop by here. her wps are AMAZING. xP

  70. Thanks @Tam 🙂

    Consists Of Big Bang

  71. Consists of Big Bang

  72. @Tam

    Oh dear god. Your Layouts may be simple but they’re soo damn AMAZING! – no jokes-
    do you use photoshop?

  73. masudaa wahh your two new ones are so creative! the nii and br pics never get old 😀 yup, i use photoshop. you?

  74. (: thanks tam and hmm no i use MDE microsoft Digital Editor. its alright but its a very old program i’m gonna d/l the free trial of photoshop soon

    This wallpaper consists of Big Bang 🙂

  75. btw @gdluvzmc thanks for uploading all my wallpapers 🙂 i know i’ve been piling a lot on you but i just love making wallpapers for them.

  76. Consists of Dae Sung

  77. @Masuda
    ohh your these two are not bad!
    you use mircosoft digital editor?
    i use macromedia fireworks [x

    i love simplicity . [=
    and you did great on it.

  78. @ Ranjitha thanks i just feel sometimes that if i had photoshop i can do a whole lot better.
    marcromedia fireworks? wow i haven’t heard about that i bet it reals good since you’re layouts a pretty awesome 🙂

  79. @ jennifer: yes of course you can use it. as long as you don’t clone off my name tagging on the WP. kekekkeke.

  80. @ TAM: love your GD one…the “until whenever” one. so cute! i love that color on him.

  81. oh my gosh love all the wallpapers
    so cute and hot
    love them who ever made it
    and love BiGbAnG RoCkS!!!!!!

  82. oh my gosh love all the wallpapers
    so cute and hot
    love them who ever made it
    and love BiGbAnG RoCkS!!!!!!

  83. wow these wallpapers are so cool =D
    you peaople are rally good at this…
    spessially like those of G Dragon xD love U JiYong..<3
    Big bang ❤ always..<3

  84. Hi all…
    I just wanna share this:

    And this:

    Sorry if there are some mistakes for my writing technical.

  85. @ PALM

    do u have a bigger resolution of ur wallpapers?? i love them!!! 🙂

  86. all links to wallpapers have been updated ^^

    thanks for your work guyz!

  87. Yo! I love all the wallpapers on here
    T^T but im sad dat there isnt any seung ri ones. so ima share my seung ri one 😉

    sorry if it isnt big enough. idk how~

  88. right now i’m doing avatars and signatures
    and i just finished some of it and i want to share it
    but where do i post it ?!!

    so if u can do another page for Avatars and Signatures it would nice ^^

    cuz i want to post my works XD


  89. Heres a wallpaper I made of Bigbang (:
    Contact me anytime yeah?

  90. omGD Masuda you made a SHINee+Big Bang bg XDDDD that’s awesome.
    if i use anything from here, i’ll surely Credit! 😀
    well i don’t have PS sadly, instead i use Photofiltre =] the only BB-related thing i ever made are these banners:

    they’re very simple though. noob-ish, hehe =]P

  91. Hi! my name is Haidi and im 18 years old..U all have very good songs and dance moves…im your BIG BIG FAN ever…i want 2 meet ya but im not lycky girl..coz im from in viet nam and i live in finland … : ( but my first wish is i can go to Korea and meet ya all… : ) if u r friendly so u all can add my e-mail : ) >< come to finland and sing at Hartwall Arena u all have many fan in ffinland coz my friend and everybody is your big fan 2…u can go to and check my pistures…nick is |-|3iDi or go to myspace and nick is N-Heidi…ouh yeah or and write N-Heidi – Thankful for meeting you…coz im singing : )

  92. I think that you guys are one of the hotties bangs that i have heard and seen in a long time, even your dance moves are good! mines aren’t i cannot even dance. lol. but i really cann’t. wow, you guys are all so young and you guys started at a young age too!! but the best part is that you guys made it to the big times and that the best part, becasue as a group you guys are hot!! but i also love your group, because you guys all have different personilatiy (sorry if my spelling is bad i’m not a good speller. lol.) but that what i notice and i like that about you guys!! but, i would love to go to one of your concerts one day and come to korea and visit there, because i always wanted to come there ever since i was little. lol. but keep up the great work and stay strong. i am a girl. lol.

  93. OMG Masuda has mad skills =O

  94. 😀 im a new one here XD, i couldnt help but want to make a wallpaper, took me…forever to think of a design and inthe end came up with a really simple one here it is : 😀

    its of G-Drag but hopefully ill start on making wallpapers of other members/ whoel group wallpapers

  95. i love these wallpapers <33

  96. i loves the wallpapers<3
    everybody did a good job on it
    so i though i’ll try to make one too

    hope you guys like them

  97. can anyone tell me the font of the Big Bang word in this pix??

    im just borrowin this pic to sho those who can help me
    just email me @

  98. wow the wallpapers are very nice and cool but how do you make the wallpapers i want to know badly someone please tell me just email me at
    Big Bang Saranghee I love you

  99. this is so awesome

  100. GD craze!! this is more like a collage of photos of him so here it is:

    hope ya’ll like it 😀

  101. ^^ GDYB love right thereee<3
    used pictures from the esquire shoot(:

  102. you guys know that circle thing on bigbang’s logo? it a brush or a shape?..where do you get it?..please tell me.. just add my email thanks..^^

  103. mine’s consists of all
    and I go by xherodbskx real name is Angela

  104. WOW!
    tHANKS ALOT for the Wallpaperrrss ^^

  105. can i also distribute some of my wallies here?
    am i allowed to do so?
    cuz i’ve made some wallies
    n been wondering if i’m allowed to post it here?

  106. wow I really like the 2nd 1 made by melly
    it’s soo cute!


  107. Wow. How do you guys make all of these pictures. Can you teach or if there’s a website, can I get it? I wanted to make some cool pics toos. =] These are really nice pics u guys made.

  108. ^Uh, i can show you if you’d like Lilaya.

    ^ Consists of T.O.P. for his birthday wallpaper. I didn’t get to make him a rap so i made this instead. x)

  109. i love bb so much

  110. thank you !!! good job !!! I LOVE BIG BANG SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first of all T.O.P

  111. Thanks! I mean like I tried to just use the ‘set as background’ when you right click a picture but dude the quality sucks but this. it just made my life! :]

  112. how do u all make the background?i hope i can make one and share it with all vips.Oya,those backgrounds were great!!!continue 2 work hard…

  113. Thx for sharing~~~
    I love all of photos very much!!!!
    Make more~~~~>.<

  114. They’re really gorgeous! (:

    -bigbangifies desktop-

  115. I love them !!
    they’re really sexy ||

  116. They are all great! Love them. ;D
    Thanks to everyone for posting them up! XDD

  117. hey guys i love you so i from mongolia. in here many girl and boys listen your songs. wallpapers great. good lucky.

  118. i really like the 1st one by Palm and the last one. I lurve the cartoon-y-ness of the members! Go BB!

  119. i loveee it !!
    is ok if i grab some ??

  120. Ooh this makes me wanna go make some wallpapers of them. 8DD <333

  121. sick yo i got a wallpaper myself that a made

  122. I’m from Mongolia. I love TaeYang. Young Bae is better singer in Asia. BigBang is better group in Asia

  123. i love u senny Ri

  124. wow ❤

    & masuda! you made so manyyy!
    love them 😀

  125. love have nice site! all the pix are great. thanks 4 sharing this pix keep on sharing more. thanks

  126. i love big bang

  127. loveChi-Cita wall paper of the boys ehhe very creative!!!

  128. thnx MASUDA for the super hot t.o.p black n red wallpaper..
    ermm,u dont want to make other for the rest of the member?
    hehe…juz asking..

  129. @Aki…I actually made some for our five members but…o_o they don’t look so hot. I mean, not the big bang members but my wallpaper. It just looks bad so i kinda didn’t want to upload it. T___T

  130. Group shot (:


  131. oh, and i also made some big bang layouts. although i guess they’re not really wallpapers ^__^;;

  132. i would like to know how do you guys make these wallpapers.
    they are all sooo nice :]

  133. haha i would like to create one some day.

  134. I LoVe BiG BanG!!! @_@

  135. Hi I made these a while ago. They’re all SeungRi themed. >.<ll My name is Sarah. Well, hope you like them:

  136. I haven’t made a Big Bang wallpaper yet [ crazy I know. xP ] but then I saw their Premium photos which were SO perfect for this. 8D <33

  137. hope you can put this up, its GD, my love ;D

    what a beautiful quote by a beautiful gdragon ❤

  138. whoops my name is Kim by the way

  139. hope you like it and will put it up(:
    and my name is Kimberly

  140. Ohhhhhhhhhh
    They’re so beutiful
    Thanks a lot

  141. Happy Birth day Kang Dae Sung
    I like U and I love Bigbang very much


  142. janie, i’m using your wallpaper
    it’s so pretty
    the one with just TOP in it
    thank you

  143. oh i really really want lots and lots of pictures of tae yang!!!!! so please make lots and lots of pictures containing TAE YANG.

  144. Dear all!
    I’ve just created a group called Big Bang Fanart on Flickr.
    So if you do have a Flickr Account and wanna share your artworks with others, join us at
    We really appreciate you joining and promoting the group!

  145. Thanks a lot!! This is great. Thanks for sharing.

  146. awww the ones by janie and tam were really nice! thanks for sharing!

  147. HAHA , i basiclly got ALL these wallpapers (:
    so in love with them , lol .

  148. how do ou make posters??FAN MADE POSTERS?????

  149. where do you guys go to make these wallpapers cuz they are soo AWESOMEE!!!
    wowwww can u tell me i wanna make onee
    and thankss for posting these up

  150. i love you gays

  151. nice works…

  152. WOW~!!
    Good job everybody =D
    I love this site (L)!
    Please upload more ;3

  153. thanks for the wallpapers ^^

  154. I love daesung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. can someone tell me how i can add some of the wallpapers that i have made…^^..
    pls help…

  156. hey umm i have manage to know now how i can post my wallpaper i lokked a round..
    here are my links…
    Big bang wallpapers only.. (Created By me: Alyssa) hope u like it

    i shall try and make more…

  157. here is another wallpaper that i made.. although some of these pictures are not mine i just felt like making them…

  158. iforgot to say that its a Bong wallie

  159. big bang were the bast at all time!!!
    luv them all..
    the song were great,
    the video were stunning..
    it blew me away!!

  160. TOP – I will wait for you

    Wallpaper from Let Me Hear You MV

    By Anna

  161. hope this one works cos the one above didnt

    By Anna

  162. TOP i will wait for you

    by Anna

  163. I am very like “TOP” ager ager fighting

  164. Heres a wallpaper I made :3

  165. ohh all wallpapers are cute^^

  166. oh thank you
    it so beauty
    i really like

  167. Thank for your hard work.
    i loving it. <33333

  168. here are 3 wallpaper i made :D! ❤

    i hope u guys like them!

  169. I love all the wallpaper! Thank you!~~~

  170. Linda’S wallpaper was the best 😀

    Guys please , can you make a Bigbang’s TOP wallpaper size 1920×1080 ?
    because thats my exact pc size 😦

  171. hi gdluvzmc. all your wallies are good but the one i like most is the one at the very top ; your one with all 5 of them sitting down. could you make the wallpaper size larger with more pixels so i can use it? tyvm

  172. nice wallpaper

  173. gd always come out cool

  174. g-dragOn i love you .. your so cute you act like a child xD

  175. ai ya~ can someone tells me where to buy these >.< so koolio
    i want it for my friend's birthday, she's a super big bang fan!
    THX CHU~

  176. i love all the wallpapers 🙂
    thanks for the hard work:)

  177. i love bigbang!!thanks for the pictures!!!!

  178. hi bigbang i”m your no 1 fan

  179. the pictures are so stupid. horribly made by everyone

  180. i love taeyang’s wallpaper

  181. i love GD

  182. very nice walllpaper


  183. heh, big bang ftw! TOP! ❤

  184. Hi

  185. could anyone make one ? :0
    well i made one mines plain -___- but i like it 😀

  186. ^^ oh yeah i forgot to tell you who it is , its top picture ;]

  187. it is top pciture

  188. Woa~ thank all 🙂 Pic are very good ^O^ try~
    i love pics 😀 LOL 😀

  189. muuuzztt>.<

  190. when will i meet with them if the distance separating… i love bigbang

  191. bigbang i love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. Wooooooooooow it’s realy nice
    I love him
    Thaaaaaaaaank you :)))))

  193. Plz add BIG BANG VIP in facebook ….Thank You.!!

  194. Warmly welcome to BIG BANG VIP at facebook..
    if u r BIG BANG FAN ,u can join this group…
    thank you !!!

  195. i like it it’s so awsome 🙂

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    Рекомендую от всей души.

  197. olas

  198. like you ♥XP

  199. You can definitely see your skills in the paintings you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  200. love seung_ri ..

  201. Generally I do not learn article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, quite great post.

  202. i love top n other bigbang member so mch…..

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  204. […] Fan-Made Wallpapers | BIG BANG Fansite – 209 Responses to “Fan-Made Wallpapers” BAMF! LOL. i’ll post mine up soon! just wanted to be the first to comment it x] KayKay&WhyBee said this on May 6, 2008 at …… […]

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