Complete Stories

Complete Stories


2 Men + 1 Women = 1 Baby

A Heart Full of Sorrow

A High School Drama

A Player

Ah..Shit…My bad.

A New Life

Best Friends Don’t Tell Each Other Everything

Big Bang Heaven


captured [R]

chocolate fondue


Dance Off

Don’t Think I’ll Love You

He’s the Devil

His Heart Is My Favorite Song

Hip-Hop Princess

I Got You~

(sequel to best friends don’t tell each other everything)

I Knew You

I Want You

(I Knew You Sequel)

In Love With A Gangster

Insane [one-shot]


Impact [R]

Just Another Korean Drama

Just Say You Love Me

Key to My Heart

Lack of Inspiration

Look At Only Me

Love Between Mr.HOT guy & Ms.QueenBee

Love Me The Way I Am

Love & Pain

Loveless (for now….)

Loving The Jerk

Music Brought Us Together

My Boyfriend is a dork!

My Lady

(part 2 of In Love With A Gangster)

My Regret (one-shot)

My Road to Love

One Kiss Can Change Everything

Oon Myeong 운명


So Dense!

Sorry, But I Love You

Take A Chance

The [ l i m e l i g h t ]

The Pain of One-sided Love

The Thug in My Life

THIS LOVE [one-shot]


Two Different Worlds

Two Different Worlds II (sequel)



Vogue (behind the scene)

What More Can I Lose?

When Two Worlds Collide

When We Were Young

Who Will I Be

You Are My Destiny

You Know You Love Me

You Know You Love Me Sequel

You STILL Love Me

(Loveless (for now…) Sequel)

You’re Famous? So?
















47 Responses to “Complete Stories”

  1. uhm .. wheres the i knew you sequels? and the other parts of it. thnx

  2. ^
    it’s right below the “i knew you” one, the title is “i want you”.
    do you found it now? 🙂

  3. Love the stories.
    Widh i was creative enough to write stories like u guys

  4. *wish*
    srry typo

  5. loving the stories.
    im starting one..but dont think i should post it up.
    if u guys want to try to read it..juxx come and ask me..and ill be happy enough to send you a sampiling of it.

  6. heres my fanfic ;

  7. just finished 2 men plus one woman equals one baby. it’s good. but gd’s father makes me so mad. =p

  8. i will finish all of these!!!!!!!! haha! i love fanfic! so i will make soon…^_^

  9. Omg his heart is my favourite song is sad. I cried lol how could u do that to gd but it’s very good lol.

  10. Hello…
    nice Story…
    can i ask something?
    i like the story cover(Photo)
    It’s Unique!
    where do you edit the photo?

    (if you want to tell me…)
    thnks b4!!!
    Fighting BIG BANG!!!

  11. @Leon^^
    um, do you mean the posters? if so, usually they make poster with photoshop or corel..

    i always edit the PHOTO by photoshop n’ Corel…
    but i can’t make better….

  13. I LOVE “2Men+1Woman=1Baby”Story!!!!

  14. Loved “2 Men+1 Woman=1 Baby”!! It was great. “You Are My Destiny” was good too. I’m still on “Don’t Think I’ll Love You”,Good so far!

  15. the stories are good .
    love me for who i am was beautiful
    & greattt ! when we were youngg was
    is good too . you are my destiny was ok
    but i still loved it all (=

  16. I liked ‘you are my destiny’ :] That was really good.

  17. This Love [R-Yaoi] is complete here is the link thank you

  18. Oh, can I have my story in here too? 😀

    [One-Shot] Catching the Rain in a Drought

    (Completed and features Kwon Ji Yong) 🙂

  19. I have another completed one-shot too. It features Big Bang.

    [One-Shot] The Last Star

  20. i have one too




  21. 😦 i want to read but it cannot open!!! T_T can someone send me the fanfic?

    the one called “A New Life”. k thx!!!

  22. i really like reading all the fanfics.. so addicting…i already read some.. remember is so dramatic.. i love a new life it is really good…

  23. my gosh!!!love all this stories specially his heartbeat is my favorite song…

  24. @syaz
    it works for me ^^ pls try again

  25. it’s very good!!! my favorite is Two different Worlds…

  26. gosh the author of these stories r really great..i have enjoyed reading them.. im really impressed with you are my destiny. i really like the topics discussed in tht story.. i recomend anyone to read the one.. ive also read 2men plus 1 woman equal one baby, his heart is my favorite song, in love with a gangster and its seqel my lady, and last but not least big bang heaven… i think they’re all good reads

  27. lol.

  28. can’t wait for the server switch.. maybe then they’ll start a new fan fic challenge : )

  29. aww none of the stories will open on my computer… 😦 I wanted to read the stories too.

  30. lol…some of the stories are …um awkward……….like high school drama thing, there are alot of things bigbang wouldnt do in real life…but ah well loool its funny………lol when would taeyang ever have sex actually?????

  31. @ChibiOrange
    um, it loads on my comp though. can I help you?

  32. A Boys Obsession



  33. can somebody make a fanfic of hyo yeon of snsd and YB…… yeah “HYOYANG”

  34. D; None will load in my computer.

  35. just read love & pain!!!
    must admit!! great story whoever made itacc i can’t write out da name of the writer, too hard!!!!
    made me cry!!!!
    thank u !!

  36. Just read New Life. It was really good. I can recommend it to everyone.

  37. I wanna read a fan fiction with Taeyang as the main character … what should I read ?please someone tell me

  38. i can’t open any of these fanfic,,, what do i do?

  39. just read 2 men and 1 woman = 1 baby… i like it.. but it was so dramatic at times…

  40. Hi guys!!! im writing a fanfiction about Big Bang and i want to post in but i’m having trouble creating an account so please support me and read my story on this link:

  41. I really liked this one called “I’d Die For You” on winglin =) it’s good for those who love fanfics with A LOT of sexual tension XD

  42. I really loved a new life…dance off… love with a jerk…..and just finished music brought us together really awsome fics and keys to my heart is nice lol

  43. two thumps up for 2 men + 1 woman = 1 baby ^_^

  44. I want to read “His Heartbeat Is My Favorite Song” but the link seems to be broken. somebody help pls?

  45. I read 2 fanfics and both of them had GD be a player/jerk but in real life he’s said to be the nicest one of bigbang to girls. :/

  46. Can someone please write another Daesung’s fanfic TT.TT

  47. Have you g-ri stories?

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