Contacting Big Bang

Hi to all fans, I found this address that you can send Big Bang fanmail to:

서울시 마포구 상수동 349-10 호성빌딩 4층 (주)YG 엔터테인먼트
우편번호 121-829

Seoul-si, Mapogu Sangsudong 349-10
Ho-sung building 4th floor
YG Entertainment
postal code 121-829

~ by b1gb4ng1rl on October 30, 2007.

148 Responses to “Contacting Big Bang”

    Youre the best.

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure if it works though…I hope there’s a way to contact via the internet. (How long is it gonna take to send snail mail to Korea?)

    BUT I really think that someone should let Big Bang know that they have fans from all over the world!!

    Cos after watching the ”30th Oct 07 Arirang TV interview [SUBBED]” vid, I think THEY think they only have fans in Korea and Japan! Aww…they are so wrong…

  3. Ya you’re rite.I’m from Spore n i don’t think Big Bang knows
    that they have fans even in the smallest country in the globe!!!
    Btw i’m still gonna sent them a mail.thanks for the add btw.

  4. Omg, thank you so much *_*!

    Yeah, that’s right.
    Here in germany are many Big Bang fans, too x333.

  5. @ mimie: Yeah, no probs…i just came across them, I was glad to find it myself!
    You are gonna send them a mail ! Oh…good luck ! Hmm, S`pore is a -bit- closer than Aust. …

    @ Marico: hehe, Germany!? Whoaa! Thats awesome…!!! 🙂

    <333 Big Bang Fighting! xP~

  6. Thanks you very MUCH !!!
    you’re the BEST ! 🙂

    I’m French and I hope Big Bang will read my letter ^^

  7. That’s ok. I hope it works! But I don’t know how -we- would know if they received it or not? 😦

  8. Whether they recieve it or not, I mailed my letter about 2 days ago (:
    I hope they respond but I know that they will have some problems when the letter is written fully in English.

  9. @Jem: good luck!! I bet they understand english. or maybe they have a translator?

  10. Don’t worry, apparently they translate all their English fanmail.

  11. i heard they have this fly mail?at ufo town or something like that where fans leave them a message..but the site is in korean though..T_T

  12. THANK YOU omg it’d b hilarious if i rote in korean and gave it 2 my teacher cuz itz for hw i can mail anything i want so i picked big bang cuz they rox ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  13. oh my gosh im gunna mail them too XD
    im from england and there is much love for these guys over here too
    i wish they would do a world tour or somthing….
    would it be okay to write then english address on the envolope?
    and does anyone know how many staamps im gunna need, ive never sent anything this far before?
    email me if you can find out for me
    …thankyou for this address im going to try and write it in korean but it might end up in english…

  14. is there a way to email them?

  15. wowieeeee. i’m from the US, and I think big bang is the best hip hop group. it’s even better than all the other american crap here. heheh. i only wish they had an email. then it would be cheaper than sending fan letters. heheh.

  16. heyy im from australiaa and i friken love big bang :]
    only problem i cant contact them ><
    if only they came to australia hahaha
    sarang haeyoo

  17. Im really happy that you found it.
    so thank you. but i dont know if it will work. so im so scared.
    but where did you find it?

    and also how about if we write it in english?
    could you please tell me what the korean address is?

  18. hey… i wasn’t really sure about the address… like is it the korean stuff (sorry i can’t read korean) or the …english part? sorry >.< it just doesn’t look like how i normally send mails (the address). thanks (:

  19. ohh i will send them a letter too! especially for tae yang !

    I am from germany n i got sooo much love for them! I hope, they will come to germany one day ! i would be soo happy if they do !

    big bang V.I.P. !



  22. will they really receive it? I want to make them a letter and send it to them but i don’t know how. I had never snail mailed before. Does anyone knows how to contact them through internet? If you do please please do tell me. Here’s my e-add: thank you very much:)

    BIGBANG~ fighting!

  23. hahas. I too would like to know whether they will actually receive. Anyone send them mails yet? And actually got something back? Should I write in English ? Hmm , I am still a little confuse on the address part. So on our package/letter do we just write for the postal code thing. -postal code 121-829- ?

  24. have some of you new pics from dae sung…???

    i looking for some

    I hope they will receive it =3
    I love them so much ❤
    =] it will cost me some money to send it to korea but I dont fuking care =D dudeee its big bang!


  26. I love you!!
    I’m from England, and I love Big Bang ^_^ Esp. TOP ❤
    I will probably have to send a letter in English, as my Korean is crap :/

  27. wah…!!!!thankyou so much..i want send a letter 2 them n i hope them can read my letter..becoze my english its not so from malaysia..n i hope 1 day big bang come 2 malaysia..n i hope big bang know them have a fans at all over the big bang..if somebody know them email plz tell me.. or at the facebook..(fuji sakura)

  28. I just found out this band like couple days ago! as for I am not korean or live in korea cause I am chinese located in CANADA sooo a little far…….. this group ROCKS MY SOCKS!
    but definately will try to mail them a letter and maybe send them some GOOD canadian cigarettes =p

  29. I’m will find a way to send them an e-mail or so, because I think that they should know that they have some fans in Belgium too! D:

  30. Thank you so much! It’s G-Dragon’s birthday today and I wanted to send him a letter. (even though it WOULD be late)

  31. Hey ^____^

    I wanted to know if there’s a posibility to get an autograph of Big Bang with this adress?
    I live in Germany and I don’t know, what to do, if it’s possible to get one.
    Maybe someone can help?
    Thank you.
    Nina. ❤

  32. hey, thank you for the address, but how do we write the address on the box? just the way that its there? is the format the same as american mail? xDD thank youu so much! and also, do you know where we can buy big bang CDS?

  33. You’re right … I am from Poland and they have over thousand fans here…. I have also some friends in Sweden that are fans of Big Bang…

  34. hi…
    I’m from Brazil, and you can be sure there are many big bang’s fans around here…
    you know, i’m from a small city, and even though i know many people that love them…imagine how many people are there in the whole country…xD
    I think it would be really cool if they knew the world loves them!!!!!
    wish they visit brazil; junsu (dbsk), BoA, tabloo once came here…i got really happy, although they were already gone when i knew it…T-T
    and as everybody knows…
    BIG BANG IS V.I.P!!!!!!!!!!!!! \o/

  35. Can you send gift present to that address?

  36. I’ll make a gift collection for the Big Bang after I know the address of Big Bang

  37. but now ! I know this address ! I’ll send a gift for the members in Big Bang

  38. im from the us, what stamps do i need lol.

  39. so how do i send it, im so lost i dont know how to send by mail can someone teach me how ? D=

  40. I wonder if they ever do write back to fans. It would be really awesome if they actually do.

  41. Haii, thanks for putting that upp. (;
    But i was wondering, do we just write it just the way it is?
    How do we write it?…
    Thank you. (:

  42. if only they’d do a world tour. I’m going to try this XD

  43. im from brunei smallest country, singapore is bigger than our country, i love bigbang. i really wanted to see them. oh my god. i wanna cry.. 😦 bigbang saranghae. 😀

  44. Writing loads and loads, think they’ll have time to read it? Love you BIGBANG from the UK. ❤ ❤ ❤

  45. I would really like to send a message but I think I will try to find a way to send a message online..does anybody know where to do that?

    I just recently discovered Big Bang..I can’t understand their lyrics reallt but I love them!

    I don’t think they ever will come here in Holland but I hope to see them live sometime

  46. Will they reply our mail , if we write our address there and ask for reply ?

  47. thx lovelove i hope they respond

  48. anh taeyang a,em co 1 nguoi chi xinh hon chi YURI do!neu anh muon xem mat thi ca nhom Big Bang hay ve Viet Nam 1 lan nua! O day ho rat than o Viet Nam ho rat mong nhom Big Bang cac anh do! Neu vao thoi gian gan day thi cac anh hay tim toi Viet Nam,Hai phong,so nha 396 Tran Thanh Ngo.Hoac bat taxi cung duoc.em de gioi thieu chi em cho anh TAEYANG xem mat.:D

  49. Has the address changed though? I’ve seen another version of the address here:

    Which is the real one?

    I really want to write them a letter. )’;

  50. Oh dearest, i’m such a big fan…huge…almost like all the other fan girls. I’d probably DIE if they we’re to ever LOOK in my direction…I really wish i lived in a place where they actually SOLD big bang merchandise, or big bang would come here. O-O Anyways, I really want to send them a letter, but y’know…that would cost considering i’m from the US. OnO
    So, i was wondering if someone would do me a HUGE favor and help me find the contact email? I tried the UFO thing, but i can’t read korean, unfortunately…. :C

  51. Hai hai ^^~
    Thanx for posting this address! I wonder if they know that they have many, many fans in Canada? hmm? Anyways, I’m going to try to send a letter, and maybe some small gifts… but doews anyone know what stamps would I need, and do we write the korean part as well?
    Thanx ^^~
    btw, should I write it in English, French or Japanese…? What do you guys think? All three maybe? ^^~

  52. Has anyone tried this yet? Do any of you know that they actually receive the letter? And it works? ^.^ -Thanks

  53. So mant Americans fans that love BIgBang…come to america

  54. Bigbang.
    if you get thiz plz mail me. 🙂



  56. I wonder is it still the same address…? It’s 2011 already… o.o Answer please~~

  57. wOW.. cOOl. :)) I cans end giFts NOw

  58. I love BIGBANG!!

  59. you are awesome, I actually plan on sending them some gifts with a little letter of how much I think they are amazing!!! xD

  60. should I just write like this
    Seoul-si, Mapogu Sangsudong 349-10
    Ho-sung building 4th floor
    YG Entertainment
    postal code 121-829


    Seoul-si, Mapogu Sangsudong 349-10
    Ho-sung building 4th floor
    YG Entertainment
    postal code 121-829

    which one ?

  61. thank u so much for the adress ❤ i was looking that hours but now i found it =) i will send a letter to top :'D and i think they have over hundred million fans 😀 im from finland :p and sry about my bad english ;D

  62. I wish they would come to Australia >.< ❤

  63. Here in Belgium are LOTS of fans too !!
    Hey guys, shouldn’t they come do a tour in Europe? ^o^

  64. ohhh!! i love top and g-dragon!!

  65. Is there any email addresses? Because I saw in a video in YouTube that they reply to emails.

  66. hey GD i think just you’re weirdo cuz when you’re acting just like some pervert flirting with girls and you too ummm… i forgot the name umm…oh yeah taeyang right right you always flirt with girls i mean there are so many girls like you both you’re thinking why am i sending this message because my friend is fan of yours she always listening your music and now she is sick because you’re the one who hurt her not your own hand just i want to tell you this YOU PERVERT ALWAYS FLIRTING WITH GIRLS AREN’T YOU? BAKA AHO STUPID JERK BLEH 😛 baka bleh

  67. JU CAC 0PpA NHA` MJK` 5′

  68. nha` mjk` rak? thj` comments ch0 cac’ 0pPa naz cac’ 0pPa nha` mjk` wa’ tv0*j` dug’ h0k? nam nay la` nam tuj? 0f 0pPa GD uj` ju 5’5′

  69. They have lots of fans in here, Finland, too ! :’D

  70. I would love to write a letter to Bigbang, to the above address that was provided….but i will wait til someone above that has sent and received something back, confirming that their mail/letter has been read and responded back from the Bigbang members. Then i will write them a letter. So to anyone that has sent a letter to Bigbang and did receive something back from them, please notify everyone else on here that is still wondering if their letter is ever really gonna get read by them. So please do let us know that it does really it read and reply back. But thank you b1gb4ng1rl for going thru the trouble to get the address for the international fans. i really appreciate it!

  71. omg i love big bang soooo much :3 please let me know if they have a fan email 😀

  72. i fancy taeyang

  73. Dang…i guess we are stuck with mail. Has anyone received a response from them on the mail?

  74. Where are we send the mail?

  75. big bang~~ur guys are soo cool 😀 luv u alll ❤ keep HWATING :DD especially T.O.P n Seungri~~ love both of uu so much

    THX A LOT…

  77. Kyaaaaa~~~ i want to send my fan mail now for GD!! Is there an email instead for easy sending?? Thanks.. =)


  79. Is BigBang Will Reply our mail by themselves ???

  80. YES big bang has fans in HAWAII(:

  81. In Indonesia too 😉

  82. It’s true that you will come to morocco?please come to morocco

  83. what about this↓
    【Seoul-si, Mapogu HabJungDong 371-26
    DukYang Building: BIG BANG
    ZIP: 121-829

  84. I wish there was a way we could email them, I’ve been looking and from what I can tell, no one knows where they can email them instead of mailing. And even then I’m not seeing anyone say they got replies from the mail.

    It would be nice, but I guess for now I’ll just have to get over not being able to send email.

  85. I am gonna send them a well written letter thanx:) do uvknow of a way i could translate it in to korean? I am not good at writting in korean? and do u know of any other way of contacting them? please email me if u do thanx 🙂

  86. BigBang is the FIRST & LAST K-POP GROUP that I love~
    BigBang is ONE OF A KIND!!!!! ❤

  87. BigBang fighting!! saranghaeyo.. love vip..

  88. i really like Bigbang most of all is G-dragon
    i wish you will reply BigBang!

  89. I would love to come to Chile could bigbang

  90. Anyeong,!! Top!! I’m from Malaysia…

  91. I love BigBang!! Everyone else should too!!!
    It is true that they have fans from all over the world!!
    I am from the Faroe Islands. Here live about 47.000 people. I only know about 10 other people who are kpop and BigBang fans. I just think it is sad for people who don’t know kpop ;( so sad to miss all the great groups and songs in kpop!!!

    BigBang Hwaiting!!!

  92. It is that is really can send the letter to big bang ????
    I’m so excited for this ,dont no they can reply the letter ???i wish that can reply me……I LOVE BIG BANG!!!!

  93. how do you do it?? i dont get it..? please anyone helps me?? do i contact them???

  94. i mean how do i contact them??

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