GDragon poses with couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk

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Looks like Bong attended a friend’s wedding, look at his hair, isn’t it a ‘NO NO’ thing for the guest to look better than the groom? haha Bong might have broken that law.

Thanks to SooKyeong for the translation

Photos of Big Bang member GDragon posing with couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk were revealed online recently. As many has known, model Lee Soo Hyuk is one of the close friends to GDragon.

And the photos have been the hot topic amongst netizens.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Read further to see netizens’ responses and more photos

Other photos of GDragon with good friends Lee Soo Hyuk, Yang Seung Ho, Lee Jung Hyun and others

Netizens say:

  • “Korea’s best fashionistas come together!”
  • “That’s a sushi sitting on the left”
    • “I saw the bad comments and there was the comment on ’sushi’, I kept looking at it and it took me a while to understand”
    • “LOL sushi..”
    • Yang Seung Ho is <3″
    • “Sushi… DaeBak! (Big hit)” “
  • GDragon shines amongst the crowd of them”
  • “This is really like the gathering of people with individuality, I especially respects Lee Soo Hyuk
  • “I’ll see what happens to these guys when they enter for military service”

~ by Vicky on May 31, 2009.

56 Responses to “GDragon poses with couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk”

  1. Aww, he’s soo cute~

  2. lol, first comment too ❤ =P

  3. What does “sushi” mean? I still don’t get it ^^;;

  4. Uhmm…Is it…The green thingy on the corner of the table in the first picture??? xD

  5. wow. i agree that he looks super good, and with the hair and all =DDD

  6. I think its a play on one of the members names

  7. cute friends 🙂

  8. Haha yeahh it is against to look hotter then the groom.
    aww he looks cute!
    Ahaha what? why are the netizens talking about sushi?
    Yeah i want to see them after they get out of military.
    G-Dragon does shine! he looks good!

  9. so cutee!
    was this before his hair was long or after?
    his hair makes his face stand out like that!

  10. D-DAMNNN that boy is FLY no matter what. Even the bad pictures it always adorble. But awww i miss seeing him on the stage :[

  11. i love his hair in the wedding pics again.! lol
    i didn’t like it before. but i love it now.! i hope he keeps it like that.! even if he still sexy no matter what.! lol
    and i see he has beers and stuffneses lol. wait he still 20
    not old enough yet.! lol but it’sz okay.

  12. ahh my god
    so cute♥ !!
    gosh i love that last pic
    those luscious lips
    nd the one b4 the last one
    so silly but i love!!

  13. just letting u guys know 2ne1s 2nd stage performance is now out.

  14. okay who is the groom? o__O
    gahh you probably have no idea how happy i am to see my bong’s hair back to normal!!
    i love his bangs…and the colour! =))))))))))))))
    bong ah, u made me happy ^__^
    and yeah he definitely looks hot in those pics!
    they are a bunch of crazy and hot guys
    i wonder how would they be when they enter the military too lol
    but it’s still early to even think about it now

  15. lol cute yeh jiyong cut his hair even though i liked his long haor too but i think this suits him best! YEH

    bong doess stand out from the crowd ;D<333

  17. his hair is way too amazin!!!!! soooooo hot 😀

  18. wow my gd really nice really cute i love gd

  19. I can’t believe his hair….

    he makes me melt..
    ouuuu those attitude lips and bawlin hair

    (L)<3 definitely miss it

  20. h1es so adorable! hes gonna be my groom someday…

  21. YANG SEUNGHO!!!! freaking hotness!!

  22. gaaaaah!
    two BIG crimes were committed here
    1.for Bong to look that sexy
    lawrd his hair and the suit SEXYYYYYYYY
    2.For Lee Soo Hyuk to be gettin married
    he is such a cutie ;____;
    will be missed
    were was my man when all of this happened >.<
    oh yeah maybe he and the rest were invited
    lol my bad ;P

  23. oh this is his SEXIEST! hair after that spike phase he was going through. i assume this was pre-japan my heaven mv, yes?? it was during the caffe latte and lotte duty free times when he was growing it out i think. ah he’s just sexy no matter what. and those pouty lips of his… god i just wanna bite them! >w< aishhh…!!!

    jiyongie saranghae!!<33

  24. His hair is somewhat back to normal xD
    His fingers look so short in the second picture, haha.

  25. i see beer and cigarettes. lets hope gd didnt take part in the cigarettes. i dont mind beer, everyone drinks at least once a while. but no smoking. hes not like that tho… hm. probably his friend. gd lives above the influence 😀

  26. Cute BOng….. love him kyao..

  27. Love the hair!!!


  29. LOL…sushi..haha
    does it apply to GD’s friend hair.?=D
    the one sitting beside the green shirt(?) guy..
    n OMG!!seing GD’s pic is like i found a pot of gold.
    definitely make me excited n its oh sooooo precious!!!XD

  30. GD looks so handsome ^^

  31. omfg ~ !
    yeah, i think this was during cafe latte too.
    or if it isn’t ahhh ~! i love GD’s hair now!
    So effing cute! And his smile aaah
    this made my day ;D
    looove yuu GD

  32. god i missed this hair its so hawt!
    bahaha that blow fish just makes me wanna hug him.
    yes its a sin to look hawter then the groom. he’s almost prettier then the bride. lol ><" jks jks. very handsome jiyongie.

    uwahh NO! i dnt wanna see any of these guys go to the army. itll just be weird and ill be sad if GD left for 3 yrs.

  33. GD was sooo cute there the hair style was hot!!!


  35. Awww GD is looking so Cute =]
    Loving his hair the most.
    I love you GD

  36. Aww GD looks so cute!
    I am loving the hair =]
    I love you GD

  37. awwwwwww Jiyong looks good =] his hair looks good too….I’m happy to see Jiyong smiling and having fun in the pictures….he totally stand out on the picture haha my eyes totally goes toward him the moment I see the pictures….

  38. I hope these pic’s aren’t old..XD..I hope it…for his HAIR ahha~..okok…..but he looks so WOW in those wedding pics..oh god………xD

  39. Ohmygoddd ; Jiyong looks so good, better than the couple.
    Hahaha x) no lies.

  40. GD~~~~~~~~~.~!
    never fail to amazes me, that beautiful dude^*^.
    he looks happy with his friends there.
    lovelovelovelove……….GD, always!!

  41. jiyong can pass as a girl in the last pic LOL!
    not that its a bad thingggg

  42. So GD’s hair CAN become normal…o.O

  43. SEXY! i loveee his hair like that. they should style his long hair that way more often *_*

  44. it was held at d Seoul Hotel…i remember d view
    surely GD want 2 find his mate….just like his buddy
    lol the pictures (coz of GD ^_^)

  45. hey it looks like the place where shinae had her wedding
    well its def the same place

  46. omg ! to be honest , GD looks much hotter (:
    wasnt his hair long ? did he cut his hair already ??:D


  48. i think gd and all of his friends are good looking. you know what they say, good looking people hangs out with good looking people.
    i wish i could be a friend cause damn, they sure know how to have fun. i like seeing gd with his friends cause he doesn’t look all emo, just a regular person that’s enjoying himself, that’s how i like him.
    ahh~ these pics are LOVE~

  49. i think the sushi is addressed to his friend’s hair 🙂 hahaha

  50. if i’ll be the bride, i don’t want jiyong to attned my wedding, i’d probably say no to my groom and run with jiyong…wahhh!

  51. Gosh~
    GD is so cute~
    He smile like a prince…>oo<"

  52. GD was so cute on that hair..
    love it..

  53. oooh i like the new hair…well. not new. differently styled?
    hopefully he’s cut it. i don’t like long hair on my boys 😦

  54. This looks like it was taken somewhere around the lotte duty free advertisement period, cause his hair looks somewhat similar. Anyway… GD LOOKS FREAKIN HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! SARANGHAE 😀

  55. omg i wanna kidnap him an his sexy adorablenessss
    aww… he looks.. so happy :]

  56. OMG

    My Yong Yong


    So Kute


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