Big Bang’s New Japan Albums Info.

They’re releasing 2 albums, both on August 19th, the day after Bong will be releasing his solo debut album. Out of those 2 albums, one is a ‘BEST OF’ compiled of Big Bang’s hits, and the other is their 2nd full Japan album titled ‘BIGBANG’ consist of 5 new never before heard tracks. Excited!!


2.Gara Gara GO!!
3.Bringing You Love
6.Top Of The World
7.Follow Me
8.Baby Baby -Japanese Version-
10.Love Club
11.Always -Japanese Version-

ASIA BEST 2006-2009

1.Haru Haru
2.Make Love [English Version]
3.Lie [Korean Version]
4.Number 1
5.Lollipop (2NE1)
6.So Beautiful
8.La La La [Korean Version]
9.Remember [Korean Version]
10.We Belong Together [Korean Version]
11.Together ForeverImage and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 4, 2009.

41 Responses to “Big Bang’s New Japan Albums Info.”

  1. YAY!!!!!! Go Big Bang!!

  2. πŸ™‚ i cant wait!

  3. Big bang is going to make me broke. I’m all for the second japanese album but im sorry guys. Bongie’s solo cd is my first priority to obtain. I love him too much and he is first! Then I’ll get around to these. Thank god my brithday is on the 10th.


  5. They make me ‘broke’ but they make me happy!
    GD’s album is a must!

  6. omgd i cant wait 4 it..but the important thing is gd solo album it must so awesome..coz YG so confident that gd album would bang the whole chart..whatever i just want gd album and gd work lonoly for his album…gd so awesome…u go u so much…gotta gotta go…GARA GARA GO…

  7. can’t wait.
    hope i can buy it!! πŸ˜€

  8. omg!!! 2 albums + GD’s solo πŸ˜€ can’t wait

  9. aw~~~~~~~~~~ i can’t wait for this!!!!! hahahaa….
    big grin πŸ˜€

  10. GD’s album is a must buy! That’s fo sho hahahaha.
    Anyway, this is making me all excited and I’m counting down to our boy GD’s birthday~~~~
    Melly posted about these albums quite some time ago and she said that it’s “nothing big”. I’m really sorry but I can’t agree with her at all.

  11. omg i gotta make my way to the city and get myself GDs solo album [which im 100% guranteed to like] as well as the other two albums…and if they hav the concert dvd i gotta get that too… oh my god im gonna b broke again.

  12. Can’t wait!! πŸ˜€
    I do kinda hope that they will come up with a Korean album soon though.

  13. aaaaaah i cant wait!

  14. GD’s solo album is my priority right now…i can’t wait until i can preorder it and i hope it comes with something extra…a poster would be nice hehehe…japanese albums are so expensive, i might have to wait a little before buying the japanese album, but i’m dying to hear the new songs..i think i read somewhere that bringing you love was written by GD…OMG he’s so talented..

  15. OH YEH! i cant wait!

  16. OMG!!!!!
    I’m soooo gonna buy both of them
    caaaant wait to see them again

  17. that’s a terrible tracklist for a ‘best of’ album. i mean seriously… stylish?

  18. wow i cant believe that last farewell isnt in the asia best album

  19. oooh i’m excited! however, i am a little surprised at a few of the songs on the “best” album.

  20. WTF?? Why isn’t ‘Until Whenever’ in one of these? still hella waiting for the official CD Quality version.

  21. i’m so gonna be broke
    will be buying this with bong’s solo and big show!!
    i will need to continue to work my lungs out T__T

  22. ugh D: i would buy these kind of things but i’d never be able to Dx<<

  23. When is this gonna be available on YesAsia?

  24. what ASIA BEST just 11 songs only i think its not enough coz 2006 – 2009, majimak insa,heaven, ALWAYS and anther song must be in the list of asia best..sigh…

  25. ITS ON YES ASIA PEOPLE ! its up for pre-order. Type “Big bang” into the search bar and when u scroll down you should see it. Its on the first page but it doesnt have a display picture yet. Its going to be released on the 19th august 09. Same as above. I can;t wait and especially for my lover’s solo album. πŸ™‚

  26. do you know if big bang will ever come to Norway?

  27. hmm maybe, if they further promte their music internationally. But i want them to come to Sydney Australia !! I know heaps of people that would go to their concert. I would so go to see my lover even if the concert was like $500 and don’t forget the merchandize !

  28. me to ! if they ever came to norway or a country near by…

  29. @ GDmyLOVER

    exactly..come to Sydney!! ❀

  30. Aight! The release will be on my sweet sixteen birthday.
    Nice, i know what i’ll be asking as presents. ^^

  31. Just wondering with the Asia Best album, do they mean english version of Unknown Number and A Fool’s Only Tears?

  32. i really cant wait for their albums…
    freaking like their album covers.. it gives me a futuristic feeling… lol

  33. @ GDmyLOVER nd jiyanz.
    omg totally they hav to come to sydney. ill do anything to go. id even sneek out somehow.
    totally cannot wait for the albums. [though i just realised how sml their asia best is. shuld b way bigger]
    so hyped

  34. yay. Big Bang (:
    Aww only in Japan though. But still….
    G-Dragon’s album then Japanese Big Bang album.
    whoa busy, busy.

  35. @jiyanz & @mary
    If they came to Sydney , it would be sold out in like 5 seconds haha ! I knowww the asias best should be bigger 😦

    but i heard that they r not making their comeback in korea. is that true?! so sadd!! omo 😦
    bigbang FIGHTING!!!

  37. i love g-dragon

  38. δ½ εœ¨ζˆ‘ηœΌδΈ­. 你是ε₯½ζ£’ε•Š. ζˆ‘ζ”―ζŒδ½ . big bang

  39. wow big bang i love u so much.i will buy all ur album.Gooooooo Big Bang is VIP.

  40. I have it already! I thought it’s just theire ordinary album but it’s theire japanese album!

  41. i love big bang can’t wait to buy there new album πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀

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