GDragon Solo Album ‘HEARTBREAKER’ Track list Released!!

I was expecting something similar to this for his cover, he’s always seems to be so interested in black and white stripes, mime, and the whole mask jabbawockeez business, with a little emo tears goes a long way. 11 new songs… pure Bong… can you believe it?? It’s gonna so mind blowing for sure.

『Pre-Order on YesAsia』

Price: $12.99
Release Date: August 20th, 2009

US & Canada Orders | International Orders

Track list

1. 소년이여 ( A Boy)
2. Heartbreaker
[Title song]
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
8. What’s up (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. Hollow
11. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)
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~ by Vicky on August 11, 2009.

101 Responses to “GDragon Solo Album ‘HEARTBREAKER’ Track list Released!!”

  1. WOOO!!!

  2. COOL! XP
    Cant wait!!

  3. looking forward to the collabo with TAEYANG! =]

  4. Who is Jin Jung? o.o

  5. Wow totally unexpected cover…… Such a deep n sad meaning

  6. I thought the title of the song he collaborated w/ CL and Teddy is “the leader”??? and who is kim gun mo and jin jung???

    anyways IM SOOO EXCITED!!! CANT WAIT!!! 8/18 COME FAST PLEASE!!! 😀

  7. i can’t believe it. PHEWWW!!
    butterfly is gonna be so awesome
    and ohhh ‘the leader’ turned out to be what’s up!
    i’m looking forward to that song as well
    she’s gone sounds like a ballad lol
    it’s probably a slow song
    and festuring DARA??
    and KIM GUN MO…i heard that he can sing really well
    that cover, is PLAIN AWESOME
    and mind blowing!!

  8. Oh my gosh! Wow, hell yeah it’s gonna be mind blowing.
    1week left! wasn’t expecting the Album name to be
    HEARTBREAKER but i like it anyways! Lols i yeah i was
    imagining somethingg similar to this cover.
    I see YG people! aww Minji & Park Bom isn’t on there from 2NE1.
    Yay it’s an album! i SOO cannot wait for it.


  10. Can’t wait to hear those songs! That album’s gonna be AWESOME!!!

  11. I.
    G D r a g o n Until Whenever ❤

  12. GAH!this album needs to be in my hands, like now. lol XP

  13. I love ft YongBae

  14. Does anyone know where to buy the album online??????? Thanks ahead of time =)


  16. OMFG. Excitement to the max!
    Love the cover.

    And I second Sophie’s question.
    I want to purchase this album online
    as soon as it’s released…
    but have no idea where. :-\

    I’m particularly interested in track #7.
    Nice title. lol.

  17. O-M-G I’m so excited for this!!! I can’t wait!!! What’s Up is bound to be an epic, hot track!!!

  18. I’m so going to pre-order this album. GDYB ❤ My dream comes true

  19. wow finally i get to see the cover!!!! thanks so much for this considered a full album then??? cause usually mini albums are like 6 songs…i wish he wins the album of the year award…this is aweeeeesoooome

  20. I knew it! That synthetic apple was his “blood.” hehehe.

    I hate you Bong. Huhuhu. why do you have to tempt me so much? I need to study for my midterms and yet you release your damn awesome track list!!! Arrrrg.

    GDYB. pure love. I hope Baebae has the 2nd part in his album. That would be just pure love.

    I love it that he collaborated with many artists. This will be an epic album!

    So…where can I preorder? =)

  21. I thought the one w/ CL & Teddy was gonna be an intro. Now that it’s a full song its sure to be awesomer! lol

  22. hahaha i love that cover..
    ..where’s “The Leader”? the one with CL and Teddy?

  23. Why isn’t this listed on YesAsia already? Blah It needs to be posted so i can preorder it already!

  24. [dori]

    they changed the title to ‘What’s Up’

  25. AW i am excited cant wait GD must be more excited than us

  26. Can’t wait for this….. I haven’t heard the teassers n i don’t wanna. So you better surprise me GD, show me what you got bro XD

  27. AND OMO
    number 7 korean dream FT TAE YANG!

  28. Ah-mazing!!!!
    I’m soooooo getting this album

  29. This looks like a full album. Definitely looking forward to it. I’m curious about “Korean Dream”. Hmm :)GDYB, YES!

  30. I need this album, right now. I am sooooo in love with GD right now it’s crazy.

    GDYB ❤

  31. KIN GUN MO?!?!! wow hahahahha
    omg i cant wait for this~~~
    it’s going to be big 😀

  32. Ahhh I wish I had more money to get all of their albums! I want this one super badly, as well! Heartbreaker sounds amazing along with the other previews so I am really interested in this…
    Wahh~ A collab with Taeyang? That just sounds epic in itself.
    I’m so excited! Why, Bong, must you be so talented and awesome?! Huh? HUH?!

  33. I looked it up on Yesasia and…
    OMG we can already pre-order it!! 😀
    But for some reason it says that the release date is on the 20th and not the 18th :/

  34. Probably just for YesAsia’s release but Korea will have it the 18th.
    GAAHH I gotta preorder!!! ^_^

  35. AHHH!! Can’t wait!!!
    i wanna hear the Tae Yang collabo right now!! lol.

  36. [jiyongislove]

    YesAsia always have their release date a bit late because they’re an international branch

  37. i just pre-ordered my copy at yesasia, i’m so excited, i also got 2ne1’s album and sg wannabe’s jejeje to get free shipping and also i was waiting for gd’s album to buy them all together…i can’t wait…hmmm i don’t know if i should post this here, if it is not allowed i’m sorry…i’m planning on downloading gd’s album the day it comes out in korea, usually at they post it that same day, i won’t feel bad doing it cause i’m actually buying the album :P, i just can’t wait until it arrives

  38. hahaa.. jabbawockeez XD

  39. awww~CANT WAIT!!!!!!~~~
    signnn…didn’t it’s too many featuring with others?~
    actually i want heat jiyong oppa sing more~TT
    but still can’t wait for it!!!~~~

  40. who is jin jung anyway?

  41. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!! how to make the pre-order? i just visited yesasia then i saw Bong’s album and the pre-order button then i clicked it then…..blank………….. nothing happened next!!! what did i do wrong? or all i have to do is click that button and i’ve already had my beloved Bong’s album? that’s simple? i thought i need to give them my address or at lest my email but…they ask nothing!!!! weird!!!!

  42. I’m glad Hearbreaker is gonna be the title song.

    and yes, Jabbawockeez!! ABDC season 1 winners!!

  43. @ kbig: The page probably didn’t load correctly … Try it again … You need to make an account at yesasia to buy it ..

  44. I can’t waaaait. YAAAAY :). I think I’m gonnne preorder it.

  45. I definitely HAVE to pre-ORDER! 😀 😀 😀

  46. does anyone know how much shipping usually is? I live in the USA. And want to order this but want to know how much shipping is. Let me know PLEASE.

  47. oh god i get excited again, oh cant wait…..’what’s up’ erm i though the leader that gd mention at big bang tv..

  48. it’s unfortunate that ever since the jabbawockeez went on the show america’s best dance crew or what not. the mask now refers to jabbawockeez. THEY WERENT THE CREATORS OF THIS IDEA(not yelling just bolding). its a blank mask of no expression/emotion. expression crew from korea used them a lot for their shows to show that the emotion of the dance isnt expressed through the face, but through the motions of their bodies.

    but thats besides the point. i cant wait for G-dragon’s solo album, and to think it has 11 songs as well! im in anticipation.


  50. all the vip cant wait gd album….time to slow rite now..i dun no y..

  51. anticipating* xP

  52. erm

  53. this is guranteed to be awesome.

  54. G-dragon 사랑해요♥ 5201314 fighting !!!!!
    LOVE his new songs =)

  55. OMO. I will surely pre-order this.
    I’ve waited for this, since last year.
    And now is the time ;D
    YAY ❤

    Kwon Leadah FTW!

  56. ahh cant wait, epspecially the one ft. taeyang XD the cover is so GD

  57. I’m so excited for this album, it’s insane. I’ve never been so excited for an album before in my lifeeee! LOL. All the previews have been really hot so far, especially “What’s Up”. I think the best part about this album, other then that it’s all about GD, is that you can tell he kept his iVIPs in mind. There’s a lot of American music influence in the preivews I heard so far. Can’t waittttt<3

  58. I thought it was gonna be called the Leader?

  59. OHGAHHHD; i want it so bad!

  60. wait… why aug 20th? i thought it was the 18th?? 😦

  61. must buy! or i wil die

  62. G Dragon 4 ever ….
    I really can’t wait !!!!!
    the title of the song seems intersting ^_^

  63. haha..i love taeyang!!!..the cover has a sad meaning to it…but i like it…

  64. @kaikai
    when you recieve it…it will be on the 20th cuz shipping internationly takes a couple days

  65. omg omg ❤ i want the CD

  66. 11 Tracks!!!! <3333 waiting 18/08!

  67. OHMYYY, what a bold album cover in my opinion LOL.
    that’s a little creepy for me if i had it in my drawer somewhere AHAAH but totally understandable since it’s bong, guys ;D
    dang..this is going to be one hell of an album just by the look of it. can’t wait to hear some of the tracks :D<33

  68. @ftislandbby!
    thanks for the upload, “the leader (what’s up)” sounds so good, i like their voices and i love how gd is dancing to the song …and the interaction between the 3 leaders is so nice…glad to see them all together

  69. i PRE-ORDERED two of them so one goes into the player & one goes into my treasured box like the most priced possession of mine, hehe^^.
    ah~~~~~~~pure happiness just thinking of GD & his songs<3333

  70. just in case people want his CD, you can put ur order at it priced at $12.99 + s&h.

  71. I just pre ordered mine! I can’t wait!!! GDragon fighting!

  72. Preordered. ❤

  73. omg im so excited can wait!

  74. this might be a stupid question but uhm…
    …if i buy at yesasia will the sales be counted for his album getting a high rank? uhm i guess my question is confusing…sorry i’m not relly got at English..what i’m trying to say is for his album to be considered as among the top or #1 selling album do i have to buy it only in korea or will the sales in yesasia count?

    thank you ^^

    Get GD’s solo album Heartbreaker @ @ $22. Whatever you buy counts in the charts as I import from korea! Do check us out. Thank you!

  76. Yay!!! already pre-ordered!!!!!
    i cant wait for his music video!!!! apple!!!

  77. OMFG!!
    I just pre-ordered mines
    caaant wait to hear all of the songs

  78. Heartbreaker = right round ??

  79. happy birthday yong yo
    you are the best

  80. mwoya…..

  81. ji yong oppa happy birthday….from your no 1 fan…..


  83. i love gd!! can’t wait to listen to his complete cd, and buy it too! ahah i think he’s so creative, with a knack for composing, singing, and rapping, along with his interesting sense of style haha but it’s his originality that makes him a terrific artist! happy birthdayy jiyongg =D

  84. woah.. im loving his album already and i have heard 2 song still.
    woah.. really really love having his album..
    and GD is still handsome as ever..
    saranghaeyo GDragon!!!!

  85. tracklist on the cd is way different.

  86. It’s great~ A Boy is amazing~ Electric sound of “Breathe” makes me crazy

  87. I love gd


  89. love this album! actually my sis does more. but anyway… so good!

  90. okay, i love a boy. heartbreaker. breathe. 🙂 love GD.

  91. hollow got cut from the album since it’s too explicit D:

  92. I love u so much GD…!!!

  93. i love kwon ji yong so much!!

  94. the songs tittle has been change and unreleased ” Hollow “

  95. wohoow i love the song of this love ❤ ❤ ❤

  96. Heartbreaker is the best song out of his album, i love dancing to Heartbreaker and Breathe, Flo-Rida can suck it.

  97. Heartbreaker is the best song out of his album, i love dancing to Heartbreaker and Breathe.

  98. Do you know where still sells the album ? if do ,tell me please ,thank you so much !!!

  99. WHERE CAN I BUY IT HERE IN PHILIPPINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I love you big bang..
    Iam V.I.P Yes????
    make some noise And let’s fly..
    High high!!!!!

    V.i_T.O.P_S.O.L_D.Lite and of course G.D,..
    WOWWW!!!! fantastic baby

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