AA-Chan’s ‘Heartbreaker’ Giveaway

one of my awesome twitter followers has put up this great giveaway for those who are unable to get their hands on their own copy of GD’s sexy album.

from aa-chan:

I am holding a competition with a free copy of the album for four lucky winners. There will be four categories for entry – IMAGE, WRITTEN, VIDEO and RUNNING MAN.

4 Copies of ‘Heartbreaker’ to be Won and 1 Copy of 2NE1’s Album to the Best Runner Up!

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker Album

Check the details under the cut! —————–>

Competition Details

  • The competition closes at 00:01AM on October 1st Korean Standard Time
  • The prizes are official G-Dragon ‘Heartbreaker’ albums [No posters]
  • Anyone can enter – there are no exceptions
  • There will be 4 categories – image, writing, video and running man
  • Each person can enter once per category
  • Only one prize per person
  • Entries will be judged between October 1st – October 3rd
  • Winners will be announced on October 4th
  • Winners will be contacted and prizes sent out October 5th – October 9th
  • All entries must be related to GD and Heartbreaker in some way

Category Details

There will be four categories of entry for the competition and they are explained in detail below:

Category 01 – IMAGE

I’m sure you’ll have seen G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker concept through his released photos or the music video.

  • Hand drawn – Entrants can draw fanart by hand in the style of Heartbreaker.
  • Computer art – Entrants can use a computer to create fanart in the Heartbreaker style. Any images of G-Dragon maybe be used, but the overall theme must be that of Heartbreaker.
  • Image imitation – Entrants can attempt to imitate G-Dragon’s style from Heartbreaker in a photo of themselves.

Please keep images under 2MB in size and keep the theme that of the ‘Heartbreaker’ music video.

Category 02 – WRITING

Another option for entrants is the option to write some fan lyrics for one of the songs on the album. The lyrics can be either part of the song, or full lyrics to the entire song. I can’t say that judging won’t be weighted towards longer lyrics, but it’s important to keep in mind that the quality of the lyrics is the most important. They have to feel like they were made for the song.

  • Full / part lyrics – Entrants can write lyrics to the full song, or a selected part.
  • Parody lyrics – Entrants may wish to write lyrics to parody one of the songs from the album.

Please write all lyrics in English.

Category 03 – VIDEO

I’m constantly amazed by the talents that fans have, so I want to give them the opportunity to show off some of that in a video.

  • Choreography – Entrants can perform the choreography to one of the songs from the album.
  • Singing – Entrants may wish to show their vocal abilities and sing to one of the songs from the album. We want to see you in the video, but a still image is acceptable if you’re uncomfortable.
  • Parody – Entrants can parody the Heartbreaker music video.

There isn’t really a limit on videos, but make them user and YouTube friendly. HD is nice.

Category 04 – RUNNING MAN

I hope everyone else finds G-Dragon’sRunning Man‘ impression during the chorus as funny as I do. This category is a bit of a wild card in that I’m giving you free reign to produce something awesome. Suggestions below.

  • GIFs – Entrants can make GIFs from the Heartbreaker music video
  • . GIFs should be under 300px and 1MB.

  • You doing the ‘running man’ – Entrants may wish to video themselves doing as GD does in the music video.
  • An image capture – Entrants could take the best image capture of GD in the pose and then edit it up.

Have fun with this one.

How Do I Enter?

Easy. Please send an e-mail to me in the style marked out below:


Please include the file, or a link to it below:


I will send a reply to every applicant as soon as I can and will try and update the post with the number of overall applicants each week. Have fun and spread the word!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

How Will the Entries be Judged?

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker Album2NE1 - The First Mini Album
There will be a group of 15-20 judges whom will each choose their first and second favorites for each category. The entries with the most votes for each category will win the First Prize of a Heartbreaker CD.

The Runners Up will then be put together in a poll which the public will vote in. Whomever receives the most votes from this poll, will win a copy of 2NE1’s First Mini Album.




~ by gdluvzmc on August 26, 2009.

61 Responses to “AA-Chan’s ‘Heartbreaker’ Giveaway”


  2. Woah. Hmm. I think I want to enter =O. But no posters ? 😦

  3. Woah! This sounds REALLY awesome.
    esp. running man! that’s going to be fun ^_^

  4. i dont rea;;t understand on how to submite the link. 😀

  5. Maybe you should put something in MASSIVE captial letters saying that if there are any questions, they should leave a comment at the post rather than here, or you’re going to be very busy xD

    Also, do you think the rules are easy to understand? I get a lot of questions regarding the simple rules and it makes me think that they’re unclear?

  6. Argh…this would be sooo amazing….since I live in Europe and I can’t find anything BB related here! I am totally entering the “Image” competition!

  7. Dude this is sooo cool!

  8. For the choreography, how long does it have to be? the whole song or just 30 sec?

  9. I have a question..

    Can I enter all of the categories or do I only have to choose one?

  10. Location? U mean address?

    gosh, i want his album!!! it’s so unique!!!

  11. for location do we put
    the address?!

  12. For the ‘Location’ part where you send it off, do you include your full address or just the country or what..?

  13. wow~~~ its so interesting seeing this kind of giveaway….
    i must said that aa-chan is really GENEROUS…^_^

  14. very generous and all but Oct. 4 seems kinda late.. I think people would want to get their album before then. TaeYang’s album will prob be coming up soon by then. I’m not tryin to sound mean, that just happened to come to my attention =/

  15. Name: kim doroshi
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Category: Image

    juss im case u didnt get the email :]

  16. Man I’ma do this & WINNNNNNNNNNN 😀

  17. @aa_chan the rules are definitely easy to understand, you put a lot of thought into it cuz i’d be back & forth editing lol. it’s expected of kids to not read -_-

    @suitestaboo: it all depends on you. & if the judges like the length of it or not.

    @syaz: the details answer your question, which is yes, you can enter once per category. but u only win one prize.
    & address is either or. i suppose if u win, they’ll ask for mailing address.

    @axelaTDK: contests like these aren’t really for people who have the ability to obtain their own copy.
    it’s more in the spirit for people who can’t get their own copy, anywhere all over the world.
    so think about what you’re commenting on before you suggest your opinion.

  18. im going to enter

  19. im going to enter this contest. yay!!!!!!!!!!

  20. http://www.youtube.com/ygbigbang

    is this legit?

  21. im enteringggg!
    i want the album soooo bad! D:

  22. Uhmm, for the ‘writing’ portion of the contest, do we have to sing it too?

  23. I bought his album yesterday,
    but if I hadn’t I would’ve entered
    because this sounds really fun and cool! O.O
    Well, good luck to all the participants out there! ^^

  24. I WANA JOIN!!!
    i want a cd really bad.

  25. so gonna do this~

  26. can anyone explain to me a little bit about this??
    i understand but can any one explain to me Category 01..
    i cannot really understand..

  27. So sad I cant do anything of those things so well.Grr but ill st ill try anyways.

  28. I have no talent D:
    I’ll think and try to find something I could do well, haha.


  30. AH!! I’m not sure if I can win but I pray I do ><
    M'sia is hard to find anything involved with big bang..
    So..ya I'll try entering 😀
    AH!! I can only draw~
    The rest of the categories is kinda hard for me cause I don't really have compture skills!
    I don't mind getting GD's album or 2NE1's album cause its worth the shot xD

  31. For category 2, are we suppose to write lyrics as a homage to one of the songs in Heartbreaker or write based on the song? I understand what you want for it, but not sure how it should be implemented.

  32. kyaaaaaaaah i want to participate toooo maybe for images contest 😀
    everybody can participate?? from everywhere??

  33. what is the running man impression? and for the singing thingy do i have to sing all the parts?

  34. aaahhhhhh GD send me a copy to kuwait please T.T
    Q: can i win without participate? …

  35. i’m waiting?????

  36. ohh…i really want GD’s new album….

    1 question ^^
    Do u hav to do all 4 category or u can do only 1?

    anyway thank very much aa-chan!!!

  37. ohhh cool! i want to enter!!

  38. Can two people enter together as one registration?

  39. OOOH,still onemonth-ish before deadline….
    time to do some sketching >//< "

    Thanks for posting this up ~ I saw a tweet about this a while back but I lost the link ^^

  40. I want the Albumm !!!!!!!1

  41. Wow.
    I wonder what category I should choose?
    Maybe lyrics?
    Or drawings?

  42. Omo. Hmm, >< man here goes everything for lyrics XD I'll try hard, I want that album 🙂

  43. Its hard to decide if I should write or do another catergory.Grr….

  44. Oh yay, I’m so excited.

    Thank you for doing this XD

    Good Luck to Everyone 🙂

  45. omg!!ill try this one..wiih!!!!!so excited

  46. can we do many ?

  47. For the hand drawing, is is that we need to draw GD in any way? either cartoon or life like??? and add some details like the theme for heatrbreaker?

  48. i’m so sad that Singapore didn’t sell GD CD…. T_T

  49. g-dragon 加油 加油. 我永遠支持你, 你的歌很好聴啊, 我希望你們出更新的砍給我們聴. 燕燕.

  50. send the file?
    er…which file?

  51. i don’t really want to get his album but i’d give it to my friend if i get it 🙂

  52. can two people enter for one registration??

  53. i have the same question as ‘Questioned?’!”For category 2, are we suppose to write lyrics as a homage to one of the songs in Heartbreaker or write based on the song? I understand what you want for it, but not sure how it should be implemented.”

  54. @Ms.Kwon.: read the instructions!only one category will do! -sigh-

  55. i want his album!i want it to make my friends jealous :] hehe…my friends and I love big bang!big bang forever! 😀 ♥♥♥

  56. I love g-dragon!!!he is verry coll,lively.he verry cute

  57. gaa~i wnt to join!.i really want GD’s cd so bad~!.and here in my place they aren’t selling it~!-_- umm.can i join in more than one category?.o_0.

  58. wait i want to enter but where the email? i dont know the email address how can i send the email?! someone help me!!!!

  59. If you live in Australia can you still enter

  60. im planning to go to korea in the summer next year.
    can i get an update for Big Bang concert for next year.
    email me: tamiusmar@yahoo.ca

  61. Name: rai hamid
    Location: Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
    Category: Image

    uhhmm..just in case if you didnt recieve the mail.:D

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