BIGBANG 2010 Calendar + Diary


1. 2010 BIGBANG OFFICIAL 캘린더 Type A (탁상용): 13,000원 (desktop calendar)

Goldilocks forever imprinted in your 2010 year. >_<

sleek new look

more under the cut —————–>

*right click to see full size*

2. 2010 BIGBANG OFFICIAL 캘린더 Type B (벽걸이용): 15,000원 (wall calendar)

3. 2010 BIGBANG OFFICIAL 캘린더 Type C (소장용): 15,000원

it’s called mix & match! rofl oh man, i’d have way too much fun with this. damn punks >_<

YB in cat ears FTW!

4. 2010 BIGBANG OFFICIAL 다이어리: 17,000원 (diary)

i hate how awesome the BB merch designs are. i want everything!

damn the puffball on his head -_-

he must be double jointed in his legs & arms.

perhaps my fave pic of the bunch. of the puffball i mean.

5. 2010 BIGBANG OFFICIAL 스케줄러: 15,000원 (scheduler)


“ahhhhhh~~~” TOPhyunggggg, you dork <333333333

6. 2010 BIGBANG OFFICIAL 카드 5종 SET: 13,000원 (5 card set)

kinda like ornaments….

credit: lees music + gdluvzmc for reupload


~ by gdluvzmc on November 19, 2009.

72 Responses to “BIGBANG 2010 Calendar + Diary”

  1. ooh lala~ ? LOL

  2. eeeehhhh???
    hahaha that killed me
    you know i would totally get this except i really dont like gdragons hair sorry

  3. @ Jojo

    I completely have to agree! Ahahaha T.T

  4. LOL you too, huh? xD

  5. occay!
    im so in love with it.
    i want it.
    i want it.
    i want it.
    like crazy.

  6. where can i get one????

  7. Why GD…Whyyyy? Change bakkkkk pleasee!!!

  8. OMFG! i want it sooo badly!
    and yeah GD look like girl in that hairstyle o_O

  9. Waaaa~
    SO CUUTE!! I want to have one!
    The calenders over there in Korea are soo cool and creative…Here in Canada it’s so PLAIN that i don’t even use it!
    LOL@ the picture with Taeyang-Top’s eyes!

  10. i have BB’s 2009 desk calendar & i so want all of these for sure^^. GD’s my fav<333

  11. <33

  12. lol I already preoredered mine!! YAY!!!!

  13. Where cano get one and how much?
    I. Need. It.

    … 😦 but I like GDs puffball… It make me happy inside (:

  14. i want everything 0.0

  15. gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~ so cool!
    damn i want this stuff!
    why cant we have it available here?!?! T^T

  16. omg those pictures had me dying of laugher hahah especially top under the gorilla thing

  17. Really unique :] Heehee.

  18. So cute!~
    I wanna get it!

  19. I want this pictures!!!!! where can I download????? please answerme!

  20. lol what’s the concept
    I just loooove the pics TOP and a huge gorilla lol
    it’s such a cute photoshoot hopefully I can get the calendar

  21. Cool Man ?????

  22. Cool Man ???

  23. top with a ponytail. cannot. resist.

  24. GAHHHH!!! This is great!! i need this callendar!!! SARAGHAE TO MY BOYS!!!

  25. i bet yah the gorilla above TOP is one of his dolls! lols

  26. TOP hyung so cutee :]

  27. wah! T.O.P, very charming… I like!!

  28. i so want the whole set ! they rock !

  29. Love it, it’s so wonderful

  30. nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how can i get the calendar???

    please TELL ME…..

    but I am from the Philippines….

    help me…

    i am a super bi fan of bigbang…..


  32. uhhh love the merch T.T criessss***!!!

  33. can i just say how much i want these. *SQUEAL!!!!*
    omg BigBang merchandise is friggin awesome. i just have no idea how to get them. and im too broke atm ><" i want though

  34. for everyone wondering where to buy:
    check out yesasia. it’s pretty pricey, but if you want it, you can buy it there.

  35. Do they sell this in Yesasia? I wanna buy >.< at least the diary and scheduler and the desktop calendar. hehe.

  36. And now I just read melly’s comment. thanks girl. =)

  37. ohmy. I want EVERYTHING !!!! i’m going insane. Going insane through my Head!
    The pictures are to Die for. & The Sillyness of Top, Dae, & Ji ❤

    ayyyeee, I got no Money. T____T
    I'm damn mad about that. Its sooo tempting ❤

  38. omg where can i buy this ?

  39. Guys, can tell where can i get this Calander & Diary .. I WANT IT!!!!

  40. ok i really dun like gd’s and top’s hair! i like it when they hv spikey hair.. they look hot btw :DDD i wnat tht calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. So freakin’ sexy!
    I want it!
    But i don’t really know how to get it here.. 😦

    And, I’m wondering, it’ll be more more more more sweeter with Gaho, Boss, and Charlie on that calendar…

    Love them!

  42. ohh my god.

    Top looks soo hot with that hair!

  43. uwa uwa!
    oh my gawd, I really really love it !


  45. wohooo! my brother preordered all of them for my christmas presents!!! WOOT for older brothers XD…but that means i have to wait till christmas -.- i dont know if i have it in me to do so

  46. Omg, I would sooo love one of their calendars!
    And where can we get them, I’m getting excited just thinkin gabout getting one for Christmas =D

  47. how to get this calender!!! i want it!!!

  48. you guys can get them either at or dvdheaven. Both the links are in the sidebar on the right under merchandise

  49. i want it badly !!!

  50. how can i get the type C ?

  51. we all need those. is there an easier way to get this? fat hope in meeting Big bang & my seungri 😦 getting this would be the bomb for me.

    email me ?

  52. I love it!
    donde lo puedo comprar? :333

    adorable :3

  53. omg~, i cn’t stop dreaming of them them :(. they drive me crazy and become crazier :X. oh big bang~

  54. Wow.GD’s hair keeps chaning.And sorry T.O.P Im in LOVE wif you and all but you know.I really don’t like it when u tie ur hair like that.Sorry.But you guys still look fine 😉

  55. how can i join this site?^^

  56. I WANT ALL OF them~~

  57. aww i like the calendar i want it *_________*

  58. It is very nice

  59. how i can get this calender??

  60. I’m going to Korea on Dec.. besides YGeshop where can I get BigBang stuff? Is there any YG Shop somewhere in Korea?

  61. wow bigbang so cute

  62. haha cute one

  63. omg i love this!!!!!!!!!!
    do u have bigger versions of these pictures tho??
    i would love to use them as my desktop wallpapers ❤

  64. where. do. you. get. it?!?

  65. i want to get the calender soooo damnnnn baddddddddd!!!!!!!!!

  66. where i can get it….??? tell me…

  67. Yea I think I might just get the Poster calendar .

    If you wanna buy it , try
    Here’s the link ::

    Think the cost about 30 bucks for the Wall Calendar
    20 bucks for the desk calendar
    25 bucks for a small wall calendar .
    &for the poster one , it ‘s bout 11 bucks
    +Shipping &Handling

  68. is the diary still available? I want to purchase one but im from philippines, please email me if you know someone selling thanks 🙂 my email ad is

  69. i want to buy the diary! how do I pay for it and how will i recieve it? thanks

  70. OMFG I WANT THIS! WHERE I CAN FIND THIS IN INDONESIA AAAAHHH! but sorry, for gd’s hair? errr

  71. omo!Love BB !!You is cool plus!

  72. BB forever idol of VietNamese !!

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