Big Bang: GARA GARA GO!! (ガラガラ GO!!) Official MV Released!


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Another dance MV, the purple-ness in the beginning already had me happy, since it ‘s my fave color, but when I saw Bong in that tall hat…. sitting on that chair… WHOO! Now that is just sexy in a Willy Wonka delicious way. DAE’S NEW HAIR IS TOO DANG SEXY!!! Please Dae… keep it.. PLEASE! And then Baby come into the picture… leaning to the side… with that expression on his face… he wants to murder us or something, that is too much to handle. Bae’s shades has never been shinier… I would love to be that chair… ^_^ haha

This song have such a different vibe to it, it’s definately not what I’m use to with Big Bang, but I am loving it. And I’m also loving Tabi’s tall hair in a red suit and also Bong who is so “freshly dressed” The end where they put all the colorful stage lights together with the dancers and outfits.. freaking hot.

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~ by Vicky on June 30, 2009.

88 Responses to “Big Bang: GARA GARA GO!! (ガラガラ GO!!) Official MV Released!”

  1. The mv is kind of cute.

  2. I really like Seungri’s hair in this.

  3. Totally have to agree with you on all points. I’m loving the sound of this track same with Emotion. I am UBER excited to hear the full album. I’ve probably already listened to this track about 100 times. Gyah….can they get any better? If they do I might have to get a heart specialist ’cause I don’t know how much more my little heart can take.

  4. love d song, d mv, lovin seungri’s hair n bae’s shades 😀

  5. LOL. I said the same thing to my friend when we watch it. I want to be that chair.

    I EFFIN LOVE THIS MV. Dunno why but I really, really love it! I love how the MV looks, the choreo, our boys….waaaaaaaa.

    Baby Ri brought his Strong Baby side here.
    Dae, ahhh that hair, I thought at first he was Bong, but daaannng he’s sexy.
    Baebae….waaaa… I love his moves. so sexy, especially in the 2nd verse.
    Tabi….wooohooo! Check out 3:08. yeah. dork and sexy! =)
    Bong weeeeeeeee. I love his solo in the car. So smooth.

    BTW. props to Shaun for the awesome choreo!
    I’m looking for Aimee in the vid, but because of the sunglasses, hats etc I can’t see the girls’ faces. dang.

    Hope this tops the Oricon!

    okay i’ll stop
    and um
    right when the thing hits 2:10
    top makes
    the most hilarious face

  7. loving the mv
    the colors are just so colorful!
    they all look awesome too!
    ahah, overall, a pretty good song(:

  8. XD i’m loving it

    TOP&GD are looking hot&sexy 8D
    i’m loving Dae’s hair
    ri’s green jacket :]
    bae’s dancing 😛

  9. WOAH! thats HOTT. omg im loving bongs long hair and DAE’S LOOKING SEXY. They all look amazing and TaeYang’s dancing is forever sexy xD

  10. holy crap!!! I am loving this song. The vid is just amazing and im happy its something new and fresh instead of a remake. All the pretty colors. lol people shouldnt watch it if they get seizures. But ok i totally agree that bongie is rocking the hot in a very very sexy willy wonka way. and i love it. His solo with the car is just amazing and freaking smooth as hell. Totally on key with it and everything.
    Baebae hot damn with them moves. God I love to watch this man dance. The way he moves is just like campbells soup. its mmmmmhmmmm good XD.
    Dae. HOLY CRAP I AM LOVING HIS HAIR!!!!!!!! Whoever did that i love them cause i never have my eyes glued to him and now i couldnt take my eyes off him.
    Seungri. Oh maknae if only you knew how hot you looked. His voice just gave me the shivers, it was that amazing. and the look is just hot. thats all i can say is hot.
    TOP loving his verse. Just like my bongie got it down and sounded amazing while doing so.
    All in all i freaking love this!!!

  11. OMFG I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!!!!!
    Ahhh* fandom right now. DAESUNG! your hair is different.
    ahaha so i see G-Dragon is back with that kind of hat.
    WOW I LOVE IT! i mean yeah it’s a different vibe.
    LOLS hell yeah! “Big Bang Rocks Tonight”
    Awww Seungri is so cute! ahahaha G-Dragon i love his outfit
    change. kind of looks like a girl though. Oh yeahhh that
    is so a YG move. moving from the left to the right.
    Damnnn TOPie i miss that hair style. i love his cool parts.
    ahahaha no-way! G-Dragon your hair is like that too.
    wow it’s alright. OMFG G-DRAGON IS THAT SANDRAR’S PANTS?
    just kidding but omfg i love it. i love how G-Dragon’s hair
    changes in every scene!

  12. OH MY JESUS!
    that was just the hottest mv!!!!
    there’s no words to explain how spazzed I am right now
    they look beyond seeexay!
    Dae’s arms and his hair
    Bae’s voice and moves
    Bong’s hair
    Baby’s voice
    Tabi’s hair,voice,stare,clothes

  13. Thakn you (: You can also watch it here
    Anyone has the hangul lyrics, english translation, or the romanization? Please email me at if you do have it (:

    LOLL! Dae sung is looking as hot as always! ❤

    i mean that’s the music they started off with right?? that’s what got them soo popular right?? why change now??
    i hope they r jus doin this for Japan..
    the only reason i listened to BB was because of their Hip Hop/R&B music =[…and now they go straight techno/pop *sigh*

    well i still love them! and i will always support them!

  15. I love this song.
    i do miss their old music…but i can get use to this
    they change their music all the time im sure their music will be
    great in the future too. keep it up guys. im so proud to call you my favorite band.
    I hope they come to the united states soon ill go to their concert for sure!
    much love ♥♥♥

  16. go big bang! big bang rocks everynite! ^_^
    baby loooking hotttt in here :D:D

  17. OHMYDANG; lovee it! Haha, lots of light ; &
    cute boys! Haha, hottttttt ;]

  18. I am addicted to this song already ! Just heard it once n i keep replaying it over n over again. I do miss their old music as well, but i got to admit their new songs are pretty sick too! :] I just melt hearing Taeyang’s voice at 0:34. TOP didnt have much of a part in the vid but he always ended up sexier than ever :3 Is it just me or did i just see TOP with a drill in that vid? This song had a techno vibe to it! Big Bangs bringing retro music back! ahha. LOVED the dance. Amazed me. Big Bang never lets me down with their music. Well overall i loved the vid. BIG BANG LOVE YOU FTW !

  19. WOW! That was such an awesome song!! I totally love how they went “B-B-Big BANG!” in the beginning and their all so coolly dressed in this vid! Daesung’s hair is so suave and sexy. 😀

    LoL, I want GD’s hat. That is a freakin’ awesome hat. Another great video! I can’t wait to see what else they’ve got coming out. 😀

  20. speechless ~ i totally love the beat of the music . song is hella addicting . can’t stop listening to it . their voices … AWESOME . like the outfits especially at the end . makes it look hella hot . <3BIGBANG !!!

  21. OMG! this MV is so cool
    and first i miss Bigbang so much haha

    i like the beat of the song
    by now i could already remember it
    love the part when they sing say B-I-G to the Bang or something?

    Daesung is soooooooo good looking now
    with his smexy new hair ? hahaa

    i really like how TOP & GD rap in this
    especially when they rap in english


  22. hehee.. the pics seems like its screaming “G-Ri over HUURRRRRRRRRRRR ~ xD” heheee…;;

  23. OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! its not the BIG BANG im used to as well but still love it. no genre, just music^^

    thanks VI 😀

  24. what does “gara” mean? o-o

  25. I really like it! The MV and the song are great! Doesn’t hurt that they look super fine too! haha

    im not loving it that much Dx i cant even really tell what it is -.-
    is it shaved on the other side or something?? xD
    love this song<3
    not as much as emotion tho xd

  27. that was soooooooo amazingly cool…that is a number 1 i can tell…oh dae was too sexy but bae brought the moves…sighs soo hot.

  28. wow…!yeah…the mv kinda have some ‘number 1 mv’ influenced…! but the song,is so new and fresh…!!! yeah…they dun have this kind of music before…! something new from bigbang..!!! love it…but love emotion more…!!!

  29. man i want autotune to die…

    can’t deny this mv is hella good though. i like it a bunch cuz it features dae and seungri evenly with the others if not more.

  30. OMGGGG, Bae with his moves !
    I’ve realized that Dae is getting hotter now days, anyone agree?

  31. isn’t emotion and gara gara go the same song? i’m confused.. (*.*)

  32. ohmy! 😀
    it’s soo fresh and HOTT !
    love love the song xD
    they all look FLYYY ! =]
    Big Bang DEFINATELY rocks tonight !

  33. my dae so gorgeous! I hope he keeps his hair like that. the song is cool.

  34. OMG Seungris hair looks really really good here at the end when hes wearing the yellow jacket or something like its swept over to the side :] ❤

  35. this song is freaking addictive!!!
    you can’t help but to move your body when listening to this song..
    the mv is so cool. i can even see the lights dancing along to the song hahah
    Big Bang definitely is the best group in the world! at least for me XD

  36. I LOVE it!! im feeling the heat from these boys..
    its cool its fresh just like big bang!!
    BB FTW!!

  37. taeyang’s voice is undeniably good.

  38. Heard the boys are 3rd on the Oricon chart? true/false? cuz that was damn fast!! BIG BANG FTW!! HWAITING!

  39. Fosho we love it!
    Hot man!

  40. Damn, I was too busy spazzing over 2NE1’s new song, I forgot about our boys (I know, I suck). YG didn’t even tell us that he was gonna release the MV today!

    Anyways, I don’t like the song…but GD’s rap is HOTTT. And I like the beat right after GD’s rap where they go into that dance break. Taeyang looks sexy.

  41. anione noe where i can download tis song ?? cause i reallly damn love it !:D

  42. I love the song so much! I got goosebumps when I first saw and listened to it :b The colourful musicvideo, and the great sound it’s just that type of music I’m most into in the moment, and then my favourite band over all bands make it, oh that’s great 😀 and they do it 1000000 times better then no one else!
    And GD’s rap is so hot hot! His attitude, I will always love it, and in this video, you can really tell his the leader, you can almost hear it in his voice xb. And TOP’s rap is amazing like always. I noticed that around 2:00 the way he stand looks really familiar with “lollipop” d:

  43. awww~i love it!!!!!~~~~XD
    GD is SO HOT!!!!~~~i totally melting away~~~~XD
    dae’s hair is freaking sexyyyyyyyy~~~~
    awww~baby getting cute and cute~he just CUTE~~~XD
    i love bae dance~love his scene sitting there~HOT!
    top expression is hilarious at 2.10~XD
    just LOVE them!!!~~~BIGBANG FTW!!!~~~

  44. gosh i love the song
    bae is looking sooo SEXY i would LOVE to be in that chair WITH him ^^
    dae is also getting sexier by the min
    when i saw GD in the hat i was like..o its GD nothing new
    then i saw him WITHOUT the hat and i was like..who’s that girl she’s super pretty…
    wait…where is GD??
    then it dawned on me…
    that girl IS GD O_o
    they all look GREAT

  45. i tottaly love this!!
    big bang da best!!
    big bang rock tonight n forever!!

  46. Ahhh!! I’m so glad There Back!!


  48. it sounds like my baby said “although ya horny” at 1:28…

    I know.. all for him..

  49. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITT!! i wanna know the romanization so ill wait for that lOL



  51. damnnn!!! I MISS THE BOYS SO SO MUCH!!!
    dae looked extremely smexy in that hairdo
    i just can’t get my eyes off him..and also his awesome voice!
    baby sounds good too
    and baee looked so effing hot sitting there with that damn shades
    and his voice..just blew me off WTF
    and do i need to even mention how many hairstyles bong had in this mv??
    ohhh mai gad…SORRY…I JUST GOTTA LOVE HIM
    no matter how he dressed himself up or CL’s hairstyle or whatever
    he rocks everything T__T~
    love the colour and all the settings
    damn…this song is so freaking catchy!!!
    but not annoying
    you know..sometimes catchy songs can get really annoying
    i’m so freaking unstable that i can’t type properly hahaha
    and loving tabi and bong’s rap!!
    just so TIGHT.
    glad that it’s not just another ordinary song
    ohhh my boys let’s make it big in japan!!

  52. omg the mv is so idk how to say it…. i loved it… everyone look good i love TOP part and of ofcourse GD rap!!!!!!

  53. OMG GD looks so hot in that first outfit
    Love the choreography for this MV
    love the song
    can’t wait to see the making of for this MV

  54. idk if im right. but the GARA GARA isn’t that korean for GO GO? if it is, isn’t the song called GO GO GO?

  55. What are U guys talking about? Im not really feelin’ Dae’s hair, it’s alright but I liked it better before.

    And did You notice during one dance sequence GD’s hair goes from being up to down? lol little edit mistake I guess.
    And please stop wearing So Much makeup GD! I like GD the man, hehe.
    Other than that I really did like the vid/song.
    And you notice that all their japanese videos seem to have a car? ^_^

  56. Wait hold up is this song from the My Heaven album? -.- I’m sooo lostttt

  57. i like tae yangs part
    so smooth

  58. Somethin’ fresh
    Wooow this exciting!!!….
    K…i like that they’re taking care of keepin’ it fun & funky ajaaaa butttttt….
    problem iiiiis that even if the beat is catchy n stuff this is not exactly focusing in bringing music 4 the fans….
    i mean…u really can’t lose yourself thinkin’ about how GD & the boys “CAN TURN IT OUT 4 SHOOOOOO”….cuz u’d have to be a BB member to actually feel that right?….



    FIGHTING!!!!…hahah or whatever goes best…

  60. I like this song a lot better than Emotions. OMG!!! I love Dae’s hair. So hot. Everybody just looks plain hot and sexy in this mv. 😉 TAEYANG!!!!!

  61. AHH THE DANCING! i looove it!

  62. Wow I actually liked this…I don’t know why I was expecting it to suck, I shouldn’t doubt, it’s BB they always deliver!
    GD looks FINE, but uh….why does he keep dressing like CL? (Her hair in FIRE street version) Are they a couple maybe? Meh…leader + leader = no. But, whatever, maybe it’s a coincidence, hehheh.
    BB ❤

  63. Even since this video’s been up I can’t stop watching it. I absolutely LOVE this song and video.
    Dae when I first saw him I was like OMG! I love the hair! For the first time I think he looks hot.
    Baby has matured so well. He brought the sexiness from Strong Baby to this video.
    Bae looks soo good sitting in the chair with his shades.
    GD love his solo although at first I didn’t like his hair in that pony but that’s GD for you.
    TOP made me melt as usual XD I think I was going to pass out when I first saw him. He is damn sexy and yummy and he is the only one that could make holding a drill hot.

    I can’t wait for this album! I’m sooo excited!

  64. LMAO
    GD has like 4 diffrent hairstyle in this MV
    BUT YO I REALLY like the song =D
    TOP was just so HOT
    Woooooo Ri, Bae, Dae they were awesome <333
    but TOP was so sexii
    i wont lie ….
    GD….nehh his hair D:

  65. HOLYYY effffing COW.

    That was so freakin good. But man, Baby keeps blowing me away. *sigh*, I love it. It’s hellla catchy and FUN. Just like the old days. Gosh, I LOVE BIG BANG<3 😀

  66. That’s the word I thought, “fun”.

  67. I loooved this mv!

    The song is not so original, but it’s cool and it does have a diferent vibe, but I’m liking it too!

    I have no words to describe!

    And found Jiyong’s hair similar to CL’s haha!

    Go Big Bang! ❤

  68. Totallyin love with the GD here, although his style in japan changes a bit, it’s still so g dragon-ish, trying out different styles, god, I miss them!! And he looks soop much healthier 😀 which really pleases me heehee ^^ and I have to admit babys voice is growing in me, I used to be spool in love wiv gd and top rap, but I must say babys voiced sounds soo gooood these days, even the chorus in emotion is superb!! He mustve improved a lotttt! this song is fabbbb, lovely beat, big bang sure rocks the nite!! Fighting fighting!!

  69. OHMYGYAAAAAAA!!!!! >/////////< MY DAE LOOKS JUST SOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *inhale* *exhale* ♥////♥ like seriously..wooooooh!~ and i really love this song ♥ ♥ ♥ GO BIG BANG!!!!

  70. This song is pretty clean and so is the choreography! But the vocoder got to go.

  71. SeungRi is to awesome.
    I can’t help replaying his part over and over again.
    This song is super addictive. :DD
    SeungRi is put me on overload.


    this song is so hottt :):):)


  74. totally love the song ,
    and totally love big bang !
    hwaiting !:D

  75. Anybody notice that taeyang’s hurt on his face…..around 1:33??

  76. I have to agree with just jenny up there….WAYYYYYYY up there.
    Big Bang as a hip hop group to me was the best!
    Dont get me wrong…them like colorful and creative and it shows off their seperate talents…butthey’ve changed soooo much. its hard to say..which one wins…colorful and happy or hip hop and totally sexy!
    well…as long as they do both they’ll keep stealing my heart =D

  77. first time i see this vid i was speechless b/c it take me by surprise 😀 the video style is very different from what they usually do but i like it ^^ spe. Top’s rap ♥ love everything on this video!

  78. YB YB YB YB he look so good in sunglasses sexxi oppa he voice is always amazing!!! Victor is sooo grown!!

  79. […] ALLKPOP @ BIG BANG Fansite @ K-BITES When I first heard the track, I wasn’t all that impressed. Mainly because it was in […]

  80. ahhh im so behind im annowed at myself ><"
    i just listened to it. so friggin good!
    and FUCK! im gonna die of a heart attack. they are ALL looking so friggin hawt its driving me nuts. [fangirlins good for da soul]
    DaeDae and TOP have THE hottest hair.
    loving ALL the outfits they wear to death too.
    their song itself is different but its totally loveable.
    each persons solo is amazing.
    kay ill stop i can go on forever bout these guys especially with a wk hiatus frm the any BB news.
    thnx for uploading it

  81. LOVE LOVE LOVE BAE in his 2nd verse…WOW……….

  82. cute is not enough. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeesome!!!

  83. wahhhhhh!!!!!! the MV was totally awesome…and i like how the setting looks…oh so colorful =] and Bong still have his long locks of hair i see haha….Bae look so freaking hot~and Dae hair looks totally awesome…im also crossing my finger that he’ll keep it like that…Baby look so mature in here haha…and TOP with his hair and the red suit is to die for lolz….

  84. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWW THEY ARE SO FCK SEXY!!!!!!


  85. ` GDRAGON, go get a bleeping hair cut. 🙂 annd catchy song! taeyangs voice is absolutely captivating.

  86. daesung you look different in this video
    you look more matured
    I LOVE YOU DEASUNG!!!!!!!!!

  87. […] remake, w/ new track “emotion” (bleh), their 2ND SINGLE, which features “GARA GARA GO!” & another new track “TOP OF THE WORLD” was released on july […]

  88. Just to let you know your site appears a little bit strange in Firefox on my pc with Linux .

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