Daesung in Car Accident

//UPDATED: for those who care… images of the accident under the cut. our daesungie survived this wreck. how the hell did the driving get out of hand.
WARNING: the weak-hearted should not view….
ALSO: updates on DAESUNG’s STATUS under the cut.

‘Traffic Accident’ Daesung, Nose Fractures, Injuries and Displaced Four Weeks .. Other Passengers Maybe in Critical Condition


Source: Star News
Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIP Translators
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Big Bang’s Daesung got into accident and sent to hospital on 11th. According to diagnostic result, Daesung fractured his nose and got small bruises on his face and arms as well. Thus, doctors required him for over 4 weeks of treatments.

YG Entertainment later said, “We first thought it was a car accident, but found out that the car that Daesung was in hit the guard rail itself,” on the same day of an accident to Money Today Star News.

According to YG, the car was driving around Pyung-Taek City, Kyoung-Gi Province, under rainy conditions and hit the guard rail around 4pm after having finished shooting SBS ‘Family Outing.’

Also, according to company, Daesung was sent to the closest emergency room right after accident. After an hour of close examination, he suffered a fractured pleurapophysis and nose. YG said, “Hospital said pleurapophysis will heal naturally if he rests for about four weeks. We are planning to send him to a hospital in Seoul and get treatments.”

Also, manager who drove the car got leg injuries.

YG said that the stylist who was sitting in the back seat got severe injuries and bled a lot, so they are worrying about her health a lot at this moment. The stylist was sent to the nearest hospital, but hospital recommended to send her to a bigger hospital in Seoul, and is currently waiting for surgery.

There’s a big possibility that Daesung will not be attending his new musical ‘Shouting’ press conference on the 12th because of this accident. YG said, “‘Shouting’ press conference will go on as planned, but we don’t think Daesung will be able to attend. We will focus on his rest and put him back on good condition.”

YG also added, “We are sorry to many fans who are worried throughout this incident.”


** NOTE: pleurapophysis is a big word,  but you can google it & search more in-depth or take my interpretation of it as a fractured rib.

it was tough for me to write a lil bit here cuz i hate to be the bearer of bad news. our daesungie will be fine. he’s a strong one.

let’s all pray for a speedy recovery.


source: http://www.bobaedream.co.kr

  • it has been confirmed that Daesung will not be part of SHOUTING MUSICAL; he will use the time to rest up & heal.
  • more diagnosis found an injury to the eye, which will now require 8 weeks minimum rest.
  • SR performed 1st show w/o Daesung, & actor Kang InYoung to take Daesung’s place.

~ by gdluvzmc on August 11, 2009.

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  1. 😦 I really hope he gets better soon! He’s the mood maker of the team 😀

  2. Daesung Get well soon ❤ big bang fighting !!! =)

  3. 0: i hope hes okk, thts too bad really wanted to see him sing in shouting):

  4. I had heard about this but I was praying it wasnt true
    thankfully there were minor injuries
    hope he gets well soon
    Daesung fighting!!!!!

  5. awww man…
    i’ll pray for him. darn, hope hes okayy.

  6. oh no, I hope he gets well soon, poor baby.

  7. awwww D: i’ll pray for him! get well soon dae ❤

  8. We’ll pray all for him! Daesungie, we love you! ❤

  9. OMG! Get well soon!!!

  10. OMG. I was scared when I first saw the news … DAESUNG! I hope he gets well soon. Wish the best for him ❤

  11. OMG when i found out i had tears in my eyes!!!
    I hope he get better.

  12. I’ll pray everyday..
    Untill he gets better..

  13. I hope he rests for as long as necessary. We VIPs won’t hold it against him. We all want him to be better. Dae Sung fighting!!<3

  14. I wanna cry :(((..dae plz get well soon 😥

  15. Awww I hope the stylist, manager, Daesung, and everyone else in the car is okay. =O

  16. OMG why are there so many car accidents in Korea? Dae I hope you get better soon =/ and especially to the YG stylist and manager hyung!

  17. damn “SBS family Outing” with that “grisly girl(lee)”.
    our smiley man is bearin’ pain now….my sweat heart daeeeee….I’m so nervous n sad.
    i heard that his nose fractured of the same area in the olden days.what will happen for his nose?
    dae pls get well soon .

  18. OMO
    DAE DAE! poor thing
    i hope he gets better soon even though it was just yestarday for US people
    dae please get better i feel so sad for him
    *cry* i also hope the stylist and manager will be okay too
    dae must be so scared
    i wonder how the other members are taking it too
    they must be worried

  19. omona >< I hope him, the stylist and his manager will be okay and get better =D

  20. awww daesung!! We’ll all be rooting on for you for super duper speedy recovery!!!

  21. The article appearance is so scary! Dae surrounded in black w/ the red round…..eery
    Dae HAS t be fine!

  22. *hyperventiating*

    daesungie, plzzzzzz get better soon, you’ll be in my prayers.

  23. O.O
    Dae Sung get better, please.

  24. hey, just thinking,

    why don’t one of the runner/owner of the site start a new project, “get better daesung”?


  25. Oh poor DaeSungie 😦
    I wish him a complete and full recovery.
    He will be in my prayers and thought.

  26. Even though I found out this morning,
    I am still sad. ;[[[[[[[[

  27. ommmg poor Daesungie. 😦 On allkpop, they didnt seem to make it a big deal. But this is serious. A fractured nose? Bruises? Ohmy. Get better. We’ll alll hope for the best.

  28. awww. poor daesung. hope he gets better soon

  29. awww I feel so sad. Aww Daesungie he must be in so much pain. I hope he gets better ❤ Oppa hwaiting!

  30. OMOMO~! my poor Dae Sung! T^T when i saw this i cried ;-; i hope you get better soon! send love so you get better! love him so much! yeah..a “get better Dae Sung” project would be cool. send him cards and flowers 😦 get better D:

  31. lets all hope and pray that Daesung gets well. He just has to! We love you daesung! feel better! ❤

  32. aww hope daesung gets better…along with everyone else in the accident…especially the stylist…sounds like she’s really badly injured…get better soon

  33. I want to spread this news to other VIP, Can I take it to outside…I will give your credit and all credit too, thanks

  34. ahhhhhhhh!
    i am so worry

  35. awww that so Terrible!!!
    I hope he gets well SOON!!
    Poor Dae!

    Daesungie is hurt ! Dx

    Feel better very sooon ! ❤

  37. oh my god oh my god oh my god Dx
    i’m sure dae will be okay later at least right? ><;;; how unfortunate :{

  38. wtheck?!?!?! i wrote like a paragraph and there’s 2 sentences up there ^^
    lol whatever T_T”

  39. YG doesn’t need to be sorry for us
    we need is that Dae Sung is alright ^^

  40. i really hope Daesung will be ok. and his stylist and manager…sooo sad i was brimming with tears 😦

  41. i was so worried last night that i can’t do anything at all
    luckily he’s not in any serious condition, thank God!
    this is the worst news ever that i’ve hearf of BB
    sigh, i’ll pray for Dae
    he’s a strong one yeah
    i have faith, in both him and bong
    they’ll all be fine

  42. omg i was literally gunna run to the airport and fly to daesung D:
    GET BETTER !!!!!!!!

  43. Poor DS! Hope that they will get better soon!

  44. poor dae dae
    i was so worried yesterday when i heard the news
    i hope dae, the manager and the stylist recover soon.

  45. …Dae, please get well. It’s hard to read news like this when they are not that really active in Korea. Then again Dae really hasn’t taken a break because of his Family Outing commitment (not that I am complaining though, but you know, he also needs some rest).

    I hope the stylist and the rest injured recovers well…huhu…

  46. omg! I read this last night, right after I listened to GD’s “heartbreaker” song. I was very happy about GD’s song and then suddenly Daesungs accident, it made SO SO SO sad. all my excitement just went away. I really hope he gets better SOON. and the rest that are injured. DAESUNG OPPA GET WELL SOON!!!

  47. Daesung get well soon! We’ll be praying for you! ❤

  48. Heal quickly, Dae-oppa~!! Maybe now he can get some much needed rest while recovering c: But still, the poor thing! I hope he heals well c:

  49. ohh no
    my dae sung shi

  50. Awwwww poor Dae Dae and your right Chrissy it does look scary. I had a fractured ankle and it hurt like crazy. Can you imagine all that pain on your nose? I couldn’t think straight because this was running through my mind all day!

  51. I just saw these pictures of the vehicle Dae was in
    my eyeballs almost popped out of my socket
    that is insane.
    the fact that he survived is already amazing enough

  52. nah vicky, i mean JERRY. i pray those ain’t real. don’t want to scare ppl… gonna do some updating right now =\

  53. oh no…my beloved dlite….i hope he’ll fine…he bring the bright of my life…in fact i’m crying when i read about this…i hope he’s ok…

  54. oh daedae get well soon i wirried about u….i almost cry….

  55. i mean worried…sorry…

  56. omg. i’m praying for the stylist.
    /recover soon twinnie ❤

  57. 😥 daesung? the moodmaker? I WILL PRAY FOR YOU EVERY DAY AND NIGHT TO GET BETTER!

  58. 😦 please 😦 be ok!!!!

  59. ohhhhhhh….thank u god….it’s kind of god that he didn’t hurt .the car!!!!!it pressed.i can’t believe it..anyway thanks.
    poor stylish…i pray for her …it must be hard to them.

  60. the car is totally out of shape.
    daesung must’ve hurt way worse than the news described..
    please be okay..

  61. yup~
    all da members gathered at da h0spital 2day..
    jut read it on a blog..
    stiil, bigbang hwaiting!!!
    h0pe bong won’t b w0rried 2 much n
    just relax n f0cus..
    he’s g0nna shine f0 sh0..

  62. just let you know for those of you wondering why there are a lot of accidents in korea….
    it’s raining season during summer in korea like some other countries and a lot of areas tend to rain more towards south side compare to seoul area…
    anyways. when i was translating this, i found out that it was raining a day before accident or on that day (don’t remember too much), so road was very slippery.. and some roads in korea aren’t so straight, so i am assuming manager lost control while he was trying to go back to seoul fast.

    but yeah. please pray for daesung, manager, and stylist’s recovery (especially stylist since she bled a lot…i hope she’s okay. sigh.) and i am sure he will get back on track soon.. i would rather see him in hospital more than 2 months so he can catch up all those sleeps that he couldn’t have for a while… health comes first.

    whoever has a car and live in a country where it has raining season now please be careful.

  63. deasung hope…you be ok… and get well soon

  64. crying~~ T_T
    i hope he’s oky..

  65. i really hope he will be ok, and the others too. especially the stylist.

  66. Daesungie ;___;
    Hope you’ll get better soon, also for the manager and stylist. Be strong, hwaiting!

  67. Get well soon, Dae sung.. =( we will support u till the core of the heart no matter wad..u are strong, i know u are.. fighting!!

  68. i found out last night but omg poor daesung and his stylist and manager too.
    get well soon. i swear its horrible as it is but it has to be the worst friggin timing too.
    get well soon.

  69. ohMG… Dae? please rest some more! 😦

  70. It’s so over whelming that a lot of Big Bang fans are praying for his recovery. I know he will get through this in a breeze especially with so many of us supporting him, giving him encouragement and most of all love. Daesung, GET WELL SOON!

  71. i am praying for him and will miss him a lot when he is recovering.
    keep smiling daesungie !!

  72. ouch..i’m tearing as i saw the picture..
    the car is in a really bad condition, i can’t just imagine about the people inside..
    but feel so relieved that dae sung will be just fine..and praying for the others whose also in the same car..

  73. Wow its amazing that he got outta that one
    Geeze! Half the car is smashed.
    Well I hope Daesung, his manager, and stylist get well soon.

  74. I was really shocked when I saw this news..
    Never expect this could happen..
    Hope you’ll be okay, DaeSung oppa..

  75. Hurry and get better DaeSung
    we are waiting for you

  76. wow i’m glad they are still alive this car is totally destroy!

  77. the pic looks like as if it’s impossible to survive because the back was all gone! 😦

    I wish daesung & the stylist is ok!

  78. We should make him a get well card!!

  79. oh my god!!! Dae Sung ah, get better soon! My eyes are all teary now. TT Dae Sung oppa fighting! ❤

  80. omg o_o;
    dae sung oppa fighting<3

  81. i was totally shocked when i see the crashed car.
    half of the car has been smacked really hard
    it was a terrible accident..
    luckily all of them survive.
    hope they get well soon!!

  82. after hearing daesung’s ok am less worried! :> Hope the stylist gets well soon! :> go daesung! Get well soon ❤


  83. Oh my god .
    I was reading this at GDluvsMC twitter .
    I was so shocked and trembled when I was about to click this post .
    Dae Sung , please get well sonn .
    Seeing the pictures made me shocked because it’s quite impossible to survive .
    OMG .
    I also wish that his stylist and manager will be okay .
    His stylist condition is worse I guess .
    Dae Sung oppa , Manager oppa , Stylist unnie ! Get well soon

    BB Fansite , thank you for translating & pictures .
    This the only place where I can get updates on Big Bang .
    Thank You .

  84. oh goodness, i hope theyll be alright :S get well soon to the stylist as well as Dae Sung

  85. OMG! those pictures show a big accident! :S
    thanks god nobody was seriously hurt..
    Daesung and stylist fighting!

  86. Szeeretüünk Daesuung.. Sacíínagyoonszeret éés én is gyógyulj meeg….(L) nagyon megrémülteem amikor olvastaam..:(:'(:(

  87. i’m so sad and worried. i hope daesung will recover well!!

  88. ohmygosh; that seems horrible.

  89. Oh my god how do you wreck lke that?!
    I cant tell where the car ends!

  90. aww . ;( poor dae& the other people . D: ! ~ hope dae recovers . 🙂 well&fast.

  91. holy shit O.O thank you god that everyone survived. Thank you god for keeping our Daesungie and other passengers under his care and not taking them away from us.
    Manager-hyung I hope that you recover fully and completely from this accident. Stylist-noona I hope that you recover quickly and safely. Daesungie, dont worry about Big Bang and focus on your health. I wish all three of them a fast recovery.

  92. dae sung plis be strong! we’ll pray for u and the rest !

  93. Omo;O thank god everyone survived!..Be strogn everyone! Fighting

  94. oh my goahadsjfkl
    that looks terrifying! that car… how…??!?
    im so glad that he only has minor injuries >.<

  95. oh my GOODNESSSS!
    my poor poor daesung!:(
    that car is SO jacked up, thank god he wasnt critically injured!

    i will be praying for him for a wonderful and quick recovery! oh my poor dae!

  96. OH MY GOD>
    i hope he’s okay..

  97. i really hope they’re ok now..
    get some rest dae..
    get well soon..

  98. ahh this is so bad :[[ that car got totally WRECKED o.o how?? i mean the railing is inside the back of the car!
    DAESUNG GET WELL SOON! and dont feel down. smile! oh no i hope the stylist’s surgery went well. i wonder if it was ji eun.. 😦
    manager get better too!

  99. Daesungie fighting! Get well soon!
    I hope he’ll be okay, I just know he will be :]

  100. ohh..
    poor DAESUNG..hope u get better sone!!
    LUV U!!

  101. did the railing just attack the car?!
    how’d the car get that totalled?

    at least daesungie doesn’t need any surgery.

  102. ohhh.
    get well soon daesung.

  103. ohhh.
    get well soon daesung.
    daesungie FIGHTING

  104. Oh no!!!!! He was so excited for the musical, too!

  105. poor Dae i hope he recover soon =(

  106. -Crying-
    Oppa I hope ur ok, n recovery soon!
    Fighting Dae Sung!
    Rest well, rest well!
    I love our smiliing angel! ❤
    Luv u Dae Sung!

    Also plz let His stylist and manager be ok!
    Hope they recover well too!
    Rest well everyone!!! I wish you all a speedy recovery!
    Love you all and everything chu do!
    Dae Sung ❤

  107. i feel so bad for oppa 😦 he must be so sad to be left out of the musical. i bet his hyungs and SR are as worried as we are too.

  108. Thank you Jesus!! His Angel was with him at that moment~.~
    Praying for his speedy recovery & also praying for his parents & YG family…of course BB members who must be in some kind of a shock.
    Let’s just think that God is telling Daesung to have some resting time, he’s been running around everywhere with so many schedules lately!! But for sure now he’ll come back to us in a full force, soon. Love you, Kang Dae Sung, our DELITE^^.

  109. Thank God Daesung, the manager and the stylist survived the accident. The car is almost destroyed. I hope they all recover soon and that they don’t have any serious injuries. Big Bang members must be so worried as well as YG family.

  110. Get well soon Dae Sung, Manager, & Stylist! ><

  111. That…how the hell did that car manage to get like that?

  112. praying that poor dae-sung will get well fast…i’m so worried about u dae! pls. be okay… 😦

  113. ommggg hopefully dae sungie recovers soon!
    dae sung FIGHTING! luv ya!

  114. ahhhhh! now eye also injured dy…..I prayed 20 times yesterday and 10 more times today. now i’m gonna have to pray more. DAE SUNG AH! GET WELL SOME! ALL YOUR FANS AND WORRIED! AJA AJA FIGHTING! ❤

  115. get well soon*

  116. OMGOSH!

    the car look so bad..
    I got into a car accident once, a minor one compare to this but my famile and i got hurt what more to say DS’s car accident??

    may he and the stylist rest well and recover soon..

  117. OMG!! 😦 DAESUNG! get well soon.

  118. OMG ..
    look at the carr .. this is sad ..
    i hope he gets well , ahha , and im pretty sure he can still crack jokes even though hes in the hospital . 😀 get well soon !

  119. OMG OMG
    the car pic made my heart drop….
    I hope he gets better too…haaa so sad T_T
    He’s a strong one,probably is smiling and telling everyone not to worry …

  120. 😐
    How could he live through that?!
    It’s called fans love protecting them. :]
    Wow, No wonder I felt weird yesterday.

    Lets hope for the best. 😐

  121. aawwwww get well Daedung!! 😦 😦 Aja!!!

  122. ohmygosh,that crash looked pretty bad.
    im glad that all the passengers are alive.
    Daesung oppa, get well soon, as well as the other ppl involved in the crash.

  123. i’m so happy he survived … like look at those pictures !
    it could have been so much worse … i pray for daesung, get well.
    no matter how much us VIPs wanted to see you in that musical live or not, your health is more treasured to us. i hope to see you smiling again soon … and also the others who were in the same car in the crash.

  124. this depressed me a little, and made me cry a little. if it wasn’t for the upbeat music of Big Bang in the background when i was reading this news, i would’ve bawled. i’m so thankful to GOD for keeping him safe and alive, though. Ar could’ve been right, the accident could’ve damaged him worse. well, dae sungie oppa get well soon! we want to see your sweet smile again =]

  125. i trust BIG BANG members are strongest persons.
    so don’t be too worry about the surgery.
    Dae sung must be better after 8weeks.
    wish for all the funs and BIG BANG(esp:dae sung)

  126. Seems like people in korea drives really fast because of many highways. Last year Lee Eon [ Min Yeop from Coffee Prince] died when his motorcycle bumped on the guard rails.
    The car that Dae Sung was bumped on the guard rails too. So sad… Please people drive better!!!

    Dae Sung FIGHTING!!!

  127. l love T.O.P<<<<<<333

    Dae Sung kan bare sove på sykehuset til den tiden jeg dør:D

  128. aww..(i missed being here promise..)

    daesungie..to tell you the truth..i was actually tearing whil reading this…fnid me insane..but yah..T.T

    my gosh…i think his solo promotions too will be postponed..then big bang’s japanese activities…

    honestly..this is the very first hard time for big bangT.T

    not able to be with one member is really hard (i felt that during wonder girls debut daysT.T)

    but…let’s forget about those first although it is the truth..and yeah although we fans may wait for a long time..

    BUT~! the most important right now is for hijm to recoverT.T….please daesungieT.T

    i wanna stop right here..i really can’t take control on my tears..T.T

    wew~! God bless Daesung oppa

  129. i can;t beleive my baby is in the hospital! he’s our smiling angel! i hope the rest of the big bang members help him feel better soon. this is hard for me to write because i have injuries in my fingers and this is soemotional for me!!! T-T T-T daesungie, our smiling angel, FIGHTING!!!!

  130. Not sure if these pics are real… they all should be dead. Someone was looking out for them. I hope they all get better very fast.

  131. “Not sure if these pics are real… they all should be dead. Someone was looking out for them. I hope they all get better very fast.”
    real or not it’s really a wonderfull mthing that he is ALIVE!!!!!
    heal quick DAE DAE !!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!

  132. My poor babies ❤ Take care!

  133. O MY GOD!!!
    i love u and hope u heal fast
    i pray for u
    if he died i would have sooo much pain

  134. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I wasn’t expecting the pictures to be THAT BAD. I’m so glad that Daesung and everyone in the car are still alive! Thank you Jesus! I hope they will recover fully.

  135. get well soon, sweet.
    thank god he was alright.
    as in..,
    he was alive :B

  136. holy shiiiiiii….
    omg , daesung is my favorite in big bang
    cant believe this happened
    he wont be able to film familyouting or sing for like 1 or 2 months
    i hope he’s okayy . and heal faster

  137. OMG the car accident pics looks really serious :O:O:O:O
    rather having that than being in an critical condition 😀

  138. Oh My Gosh.I hope they will all get better.The pictures look REALLY serious.Poor Dae Sung.He has to dissapoint his fans.

  139. omfg, that was a big crash. i thought it was a bump and get hurt, but omg, thats BIG. its as if the rail just crushed them in half by it self. wow.


  141. nooooooooooooo…
    kang dae sung..plz be alright..

  142. Oh my god. Thank god he is okay. The car is totally wrecked. I am so happy that he survived with a fractured nose and some bruises.

  143. oh my god. i wish u ok…wish the god take care u.M so pity u. good luck my dae sung M ur fan

  144. in the G-dragon bithday i hope that i wish come true

  145. Dae Dae, I know you’ll be just fine, you’re strong and brave! Please take all the time you need to recover. I’ll wait however long it takes for you to get well, so please, take your time! I’ll be waiting for you to come back better than ever! I wish you the best, and I’ll wish you nothing less. It doesn’t matter what happens, I’ll still be a loyal fan! You’ll be fine, I know it for a fact, so don’t think anything bad alright? You’re strong! You can make it through anything!!! Dae Dae never give up ever!!! Daesung fighting!!!!

  146. ahh!! poor DS!!!!!

  147. HOLY JESUS!!!!
    How could he survive that?!
    At least he did.
    Even though he’s my favorite I can’t even imagine Big Bang without him 😥

  148. dont understand how it happened.. the back hit the guard rail?

  149. I know that Dae is alright cause he had his surgery and stuff but does anyone know about the other people that were in the accident? I mean like, are they alright and all?

  150. daesungie,recover well ya!
    we all pray for u..

  151. OOoh god…i never thought tis is happening..
    but i hope daesungie will recover soon..>.<
    Daesung~~aa get well soon…!

  152. T.T NOOOO!!!!

    i was just on the fan site to see and new albulms but when i saw the word ACCIDENT i was freaked out and the n i read it.after that i was so worried T.T

  153. nooooooooo it cant be happening!!!!!!poor daesung,(sob)i hope he got better!:(

  154. Hope he gets well!

  155. WOW the car is in a total disaster i’m glad that daesung was alright and i hope that he will recover quickly, rest alot !! WE LOVE YOU AND HOPE TO SEE YOU IN GOOD SHAPE ! DAESUNG HWAITING !! hope to see ur bright smile again =]

  156. aww daesung oppa.. get better soon! i miss seeing you on family outing

  157. Ouch! That accident looked nasty. I’m so glad that Daesung is alright. I love listening to k-pop and i love watching Korean dramas, so I am a huge fan. I’m always praying for his fast recovery.

    ZooeyBack Injury Car Accident

  158. get well soon, daesung!

  159. omg i feel so bad hope u get bettr soon daesung

  160. dear god take a good care of dea sung oppa and bless him get well soon.


  162. omg
    daesung take care of urself!
    i hope u get better real soon! ^^

  163. Get well DaeSungie ❤
    We love you!

  164. Can’t wait till he’s better to see his great smile. );

  165. Ahahahaha Asiannoobrawrs is so right:]
    Eh, kinda late about the Daesung comment
    just found out about this yesterday:/

  166. Holy ****, the back of that car is completely destroyed; and the stylist was in the back.

  167. 😦
    Hope you get better 😦

  168. Hik hik…..i just know it today….Dae sung we love you..please get well soon….We all support you, Big bang and 2NE1.

  169. tack you’re salf
    Dae Sung

  170. Daesung makes everyone laugh in family

  171. wow i hope that Daesung is feeling better now

  172. always praying for big bang…………..
    hope u got better daesung oppa!!!!

  173. daeesungg TT

  174. kinda long time ago, but still heartbreaking T_T
    hope daesung oppa is felling better by now!

    (and by the way pleurapophysis are the sorta spike- or rib-ish things on vertebrae/back bones)

  175. i thought he was hospitalize because of somethings else
    i was shock to know that he had an accident
    poor deasung
    i hope that he had a total recovery right now

  176. OMG……..SO SAD 😦 ……HOPE HE IS FINE!!!
    I LOVE HIM!!!
    WHO CARES I STILL HOPE HE IS FINE!! 😀 😛 (^^^) ^_^

  177. please get well soon dearie Kang Dae-Sung..
    really hope to see u perform again..
    we’ll always pray for u..
    LOVE U MUCH..~~

  178. get well soon…

    i hope to see you singing again with your lovely voice…

    much of love from big bang fan-adik,,


  179. […] leave a comment » //UPDATED: for those who care… images of the accident under the cut. our daesungie survived this wreck. how the hell did the driving get out of hand. WARNING: the weak-hearted should not view…. ALSO: updates on DAESUNG's STATUS under the cut. 'Traffic Accident' Daesung, Nose Fractures, Injuries and Displaced Four Weeks .. Other Passengers Maybe in Critical Condition Source: Star News Translated by: jeska + gdluvzmc @VIP Translators *do not ad … Read More […]

  180. omg!!! i hope daesung will be alright n he will be fine… daesung dont worry coz vip always be with u 4 ever… n we hope u’ll always smile… 🙂 daesung remember this.. VIP ALWAYS BE WITH YOU…

  181. i’m so sorry! i hope he recovers soon…!!greetings from romania!!!:x

  182. Awwww man! D: Poor Daesung! My prayers are with him! ❤ Get well soon!

    Fighting! ❤

  183. look at here guys, http://kpopjunction.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/big-bang-dae-sungs-traffic-accident-the-police-have-analysed-the-cctv/
    i hope dae sung isnt responsible for this fatal crash..

  184. Okay. I’m confused. Was Daesung the driver of his car or not? Because if he was not the driver, Daesung should not be at fault! If he was the driver, Daesung will be partially at fault. I feel terrible for what happened. It just so happened that it HAD to be Daesung who crashed into the motorcylcist. I can’t imagine how Daesung is feeling right now and what he is thinking about. He has such a king and soft soul. He’s such a happy and joyful person. I wish him all the best of luck and let’s pray he will be good. VIP FOREVER~ BIG BANG ❤ DAESUNG FIGHTING~!

  185. ii really hope dat Daesunq doesn’t go to jaiil…):
    ii wiish dat diis never happen

  186. Daesung you are in my prayers, and you have all of your fans support!

  187. It hurts me to see this, it makes me cry to know this 😥 oppa please cheer up, dont hurt your self. stay stronge for the ones that love you with all their heart ❤

  188. […] Daesung in Car Accident | BIG BANG Fansite – Aug 11, 2009  · 187 Responses to “Daesung in Car Accident”:(I really hope he gets better soon! He’s the mood maker of the team :D. Carrie said this on August 11 … […]

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